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    Ring Of Honor BTB OMB Style

    This is something a months in the making edited it a few times and there is probably some typos so please just take it as a fun easy read.

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    ROH World Champion
    Kenny Omega

    ROH TV Champion
    Dalton Castle

    ROH Tag Team Champions
    Alex Shelly & Chris Sabin
    Motor City Machine Guns

    PPV Schedule

    All Out War

    Supercard Of Honor

    ​Best In The World

    International Incident

    ROH Proving Ground

    Death before dishonor

    ROH Special

    Global Wars ( NJPW vs ROH)

    ROH Last Rites

    All Stars Extravaganza

    ROH Trail by Fire

    Final Battle
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    ROH EP 1

    ROH opens up live from Sams Town, Nevada . Nigel McGuinness the ROH commissioner walks out he is here to discuss that he has found a number 1 contender for Jay Lethal's ROH World Title. He is about to name who when Lethal and the House of Truth walk out ( Lethal, Hendrix, Dijack, and Truth) walk to the ring.

    Truth says Jay is the greatest first generational wrestler of all time and his title reign as ROH champion is as great. He states that there is no one left for him to beat. He has beaten the best ROH has to offer and there is no one that can beat him. They say if Nigel knows whats good for him he will take his title match idea and nix it because he has nothing left to offer them so please get out of the ring.

    Bullet... Bullet... Bullet club... Out walks Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks as the crowd erputs. Omega walks to the ring and says that Lethal looks a little worried. He says dont worry these guys aren't here to fight. He says that hes out here because Jay Lethal has something that Kenny and the club wants his ROH title. Kenny says if Lethal doesnt want to give it to him that he has a invite for him to the Superkick Party. Truth says how dare they threaten the world champ does he not know where he stands. He stands in greateness. He says that they dont need to face him and go to leave ring.


    Chris Hero walks out to a huge pop and returns to ROH. His music plays as both Stables look on in shock. Chris hero walks into the ring and the streamers fly in showing the respect he has earned. The one half former KoW , now is staring at Lethal. He says he wasnt planning on coming out here but Lethal and the house of truth just got under his skin and he says that lethal and him they go back to the indies that they been through the ups and the downs that the big boys thought they were to small and now they are standing on the shoulders of giants. Lethal intrupts and says he is the greatest giants can not touch him and neither can Hero or Omega. Omega buts in says yea the thing is you may be the greatest but I am a god and hes gonna smite them down. 3 men stare at each other.

    Nigel says hes had one man in mind to face Lethal instead tonight hes giving them both a chance as Hero & Kenny will face Lethal & Dijack in a match if Lethal wins he gets night off if not Hero & Kenny will face Lethal in a 3 way dance in 3 weeks time at ppv.

    Segment ends

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    Back from break and Cheeseburger is in the ring to the pop of the crowd. He is waiting to his opponent .

    Match 1: Micheal Elgin vs Cheeseburger

    End: Cheeseburger tries to get some offense but it's not working. Elgin just squashs him.

    Winner: Elgin Via Powerbomb

    Steve Cornio goes to interview Elgin in the ring. Elgin is upset that he isnt the number one contender that everyone gets there shot but him. He says ROH and the wrestlers in the back are Scum. He says that they are the paper he uses to clean his ass and Corino says isnt that a bit harsh. Elgin looks at him and says who the hell are you to say anything as you are the biggest Scum of all and that if hes got anything he wants to say then say it. Corino says Elgin has it all but one thing that is to get the silver spoon out of his ass and earn his shot. Elgin looks at him enraged grabs Steve and lifts him up for a powerbomb.

    When out of the back runs out Colby Corino with a kendo stick in hand and strikes down Elgin before clearing the ring. Corinos stand in the ring and Colby says his dad is right that Elgin has a silver spoon up his ass however he can take it and he will shove this Kendo stick up it he says no one disrespects his father or ROH he says he may not be the biggest dog in the fight he may die trying but he challanges Micheal Elgin to a match at All Out War . Elgin accepts but tells them that the better start digging graves one for each of them.

    End segment
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    Match #2 War Machine vs ACH and Reborn Matt Sydal

    End of match: Its been back and forth as both tesms are intent on winning the match and ACH and Sydal want a non title victory . Rowe throws ACH into the turnbuckle which ACH flips outside but on way out Sydal tags in and hits a springboard crossbody before running into the ropes and hitting a dropkick. Then ACH comes in the ring and they both line up and strike rowe who turns around and hits double chokeslam tosses ACH out of ring and tags Hanson they hit there finish and its over.

    Winner: Via pinfall War Machine

    End segment

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    Back from break and out walks BJ Whitmer. He says that Adam Page... needs to come out here right now. Adam Page walks to the ring and stares down not even looking at Whitmer. BJ says Page cost him his shot at the ROH TV title when he didnt have his back. He says that he took Page from Waterboy to bring him under his ring but now... now he sees he wasted years on him and that is time he will never get back. Page is still looking at the ground.

    BJ angered slaps Page who still looking down and slaps him again and again until Page grabs his arm and grabs the mic from BJ hands . A wild crazy look comes out and Page unloads on Whitmer until security comes out and Page stops and they go to Whitmer but as soon as they leave page hes climbing the top rop and dives off taking them all out. He goes over to BJ and hit left and rights till they pull Page off and you hear him say time is up the end of the decade is here.

    End segment

    Match # 3 Matt Taven vs Alex Shelly

    End of match: Both men have been showing great athleticism in the ring as Taven seems to be set on proving that he is the real deal and a fierce fighter. Shelly goes for a superkick but misses and Taven hits one of his own before hitting another then grabs Shelly lifting him in the air and hitting a sick Brainbuster before covering him 1,2,3.

    Winner: Matt Taven via pinfall

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    After the match Corino and Kelly say that the brainbuster is called the Fall From Grace.

    Taven grabs the mic and says just like his new move his former kingdom brother has had a fall from grace 2 times he tried to win the ROH world title instead he ended up with a dosage of Lethal Injection. Now he says Cole can come out here and get on the graces of the new kingdom and its new king and all he has to do is bow out his feet. Cole's music hits and is fuming .

    He says Matt Taven no one even knew who he was before he was in the kingdom he was a loss little boy being circled by lions and was going to be slaughtered like lambs. He said that the kingdom made him and it will destroy him. He says he had no problem with Taven taking Kingdom reigns had no problem of kicking Cole out he gets it but to come out here and except him to fall to his knees and bow down . No way I am Adam Cole.

    Taven says yeah, your right which is way I like to introduce his new kingdom

    First what does a King need but royal generals one who will help start a reign of Taven start...

    The Addiction Daniels & Kaz out come Daniels and Kaz they walk to Taven and stand by his side .

    Next what does a king need?

    He needs not a boy, not a man, but a warrior no, a punisher ...

    The 2016 prospect entry Punisher Martinez. He stands hovering over everyone and stands in front of Taven and just looks on dead eyes locked on Cole.

    Cole asks if they are looking for a fight cause no mircale or first lady can save them out walks ReDragon and rhey side with cole theres only 3 of you and 4 of us

    Cole goes to speak but is cut off by Nigel who says that he wants to see these guys go at it but its gonna have to wait because a All Out War it will be a elimination tornado tag match. Nigel says Cole and ReDragon got 3 weeks to find a 4th partner and they will face them but next we are gonna see Bobby Fish vs Kaz so get to the back because that match is now.
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    Match # 4 Bobby Fish vs Kaz

    End of match: Fish has been working on the arm of Kaz he has been applying armbars over and over and kicks with intent on breaking arm . However Kaz is fighting through it but is also very loosely holding on to the rules . Kaz goes for the fade to black but Fish reverses it and kicks him in the head. He puts Kaz in a Crossface and locks it tight kaz arm is shot and. Hes trying to get to the rope but he cant hes about to tap when he rolls to side and the ref slides and out of his view Kaz grabs ropes and 1,2,3 its over.

    Winner: Kaz Via Pinfall

    Fish goes to explain to the ref his arm was on the ropes when Kaz attacks Fish goes for Fade to black but O' Riley and Cole are here to protect him and then Taven's kingdom attacks the 3 as we go to break.

    End segment

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    Next is the Main Event

    Main Event : Kenny Omega and Chris Hero vs. Lethal and Dijack

    Before they even hit the music. Nigel says House of Truth & Young Bucks are banned from ringside. Omega comes to the ring his broom out singing to his theme he is all crazy and as soon as he is in the ring the crowd rains down streamers which Omega cleans out ring with broom. Out walks Chris Hero to a massive pop he walks his way down it rains down more streamers and Omega uses broom again to the laughs of crowd. Omega & Hero expression changes when Lethal and Dijack come out. The ROH Champ stands proud and the crowd seem to still like him as streamers fly but he throws it back at them and looks Hero & Omega in the eyes and says bring it.

    Lethal & Omega to start. Lethal though tags in Dijack and sits outside as the two men go toe to toe.

    End of match: Dijack been in whole time except for few times where Lethal thought he get the pinfall. Hero hasn't wrestled yet. Omega is been taking beating but gains upper hand. He gets the hot tag leading to Chris Hero cleaning house. Chris is setting up Dijack for a elbow however Dijack reverses sending him into the ref. Omega & Lethal go at it as Hero & Dijack are. The faces send the heels out and go for a suicide dive but Lethal grabs title and hits Hero with it . He tells Dijack to throw him in ring he does and lethal tags in and goes for lethal injection but is hit with elbow which sends him flying Dijack tags himself in and its a elbow.


    Winners: Hero & Omega via pinfall

    Omega & Hero celebrate win. Chris Hero goes to turnbuckle climbs it and poses. He jumps down but runs into a superkick by The Young Bucks who have ran in from crowd. Omega laughs as they do the too sweet pose and then Omega looks at Lethal who is yelling greatest first generational wrestler as we end ROH.

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    Hey man I like what you have done so far
    A little info for you War Machine's finisher is - Fallout
    Michael Elgin's finisher is called the Elgin Bomb


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