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    A Stoner Wrestling Fan Reviews...

    Hey all, its me CGBigMan, that once loveable 16 who did nothing wrong and watched wrestling all the time and stayed indoors to eat pizza and play various Call of Duties untill near completion and my eyes near going blind, ofcourse time have changed, and neary 5 years older and managed to find a job, regardless I still love wrestling and I still love video games its just now the inbetween has been filled by people me age who like to employ Bob Marleys favourite passtime and smoke some weed, so I do to, and its hella fun...aslong as it doesnt end with me feeling like a statue and puking ovr myself, which only happened once, but I digress since im bored Ive decided ill try to do a few reviews of video games when I can, dont expect these to be amazing or anything, its essentially just me rambling on about what I do and dont like in a game, if its not for you then youre wasting your time reading buddy, so now that thats explained, onto the first game.

    FIFA 16.

    Okay so why did I pick this first? because I just spent half of my last payment from the government to buy this thing so why the hell not.

    Anyways every year all the sports that are allowed to have there own game franchise will release a new installment in there series, promising it will be much better and all the fanboys will piss there pants when they see how detailed Messi's member flows on the field, but wait, if your complaining why did you buy it? someone in my head asks.

    Well my good friend im not really complaining because im the same fanboy that buys the game, just minus the fixation on graphics, because aslong as I can see what im doing then its a-ok,

    For those of you who have been hiding in the Anne Frank museum for a few years, FIFA is a game about football, or soccer as yanks say, you have a ball, your aim is to put it in the others teams goal, simple, well yes if you look at it like that.

    FIFAs primary gameplay modes are now devolved to Ultimate Team, which is placed above all else in FIFA developers minds I assume, aswell as online seasons and friendly seasons for people who have friends, for lonely buggers your modes are mostly limited to playing Career Mode which can be as your own 1 player or as the manager of all the players, and the mildly entertaining Skill Games that kill as much time as the games on your iPhone do, and by the way, those were the same last year.

    The differing mode comes within Ultimate Team mode or FIFAs biggest cash cow that there still milking even though its getting on quite a bit, but I do see the appeal, a combination of Yu Gi Oh and Football, a way to collect players and the like without seeming like a nerdy buttweasel. The new part of this is Draft Mode, in which for 15.000 coins (Ingame currency you acquire after every match) or 300 FIFA Points (Ingame currency you acquire with your mothers credit card) you pick 1 formation, then for each position you get a list of 5 players have have to pick one, and to be fair the idea is solid, it allows the poor people to play with the god list players like Messi and Ronaldo without spending to much, although i still find 15.000 coins rather steep, especially since after I used my free try at draft im yet to try again because building a good team also happens to cost me coins, so untill im happy with my team I wont be sniffing the draft again.

    So what else has changed?, asks a timid child who isnt sure what the spend the 45 quid they saved up over a year for a the game after the last came out, and well not much, because the game itself can only ever be so different, untill football in the real world decides to employ rocket boosters and green shells for players FIFA isnt going to either, theres just the same minor changes we always have, better graphics, a new mode or addition to the existing modes and thats about it, one thing I can say though the actual gameplay is different....sorta.

    What I mean that is for the last five years FIFAs online modes have been plagued by the assholes whose only prime directive is to win, even if he has no fun doing so, this resulted in them finding the simplest ways to score, and because the gameplay in those years was faster, more akin to allowing players to go for huge runs to the goal line then tap the ball across for a goal that Stephen Hawking could score with a power surge, however for once this year its actually different, the gameplay on the field is slower, more akin to allowing passing moves with crisp through balls and actual strategy involved in the thing, see before I could literaly do the same thing every game on 15, run down the line, cut inside the box, and all was needed was a precision shot or a good pass and I was in the goals again, but alas this time It requires far more effort and skill, you take a wrong touch? well then the ball sure as hell isnt going where you want? a bit to much power on your pass, well the guy infront of you that you wanted to pass to is gonna need to be Usain Bolt to catch the piledriver you just sent into the stands for a throw in.

    Indeed for once I can say that even though im finding it much harder to be successfull on the game im actually enjoying myself when I do win and do score, hell when I was 2-1 down in the 85th min of the first online tournament final I had played, and then managed to score the sexiest freekick ever to equalise and send it to extra time which made me so happy I actually shouted so loud that the next door neighbour seemed really confused when I looked out my window, and then shouted again when I scored the winner on 105 mins, yes for once I feel happy to score and win games, but there is the sneaking part of me that believes ill get bored of it soon enough, but I get bored of everything anyways.

    regardless this year I can say that for a FIFA fan who actually enjoys fun this is the FIFA for you, but if youre one of those win at all costs kinda special arsehole then I hope I find you online and beat you so much you quit the game so scum like you can piss off and stop trying to change the game back to what it was, that being to easy to be an arsehole at.

    So to summarise, better than last years but if youre looking for innovation you picked the worst genre of games to find it in and I suggest you go somewhere else, goodbye for now, imma go to a friends and smoke a bong. peace.
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