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    Updated NxT TakeOver London Card

    NxT Championship Finn Balor V Samoa Joe

    Nxt Women's Championship Bayley with Tomasso Cimpa & Johnny Gargano V Alexis Bliss with Blake & Murphy

    Nxt Tag Championship Elimination Rules The Vaudevillians V Rhino & Baron Corbin V The Realest Guys in the Room V Dash & Dawson

    2 on 1 handicap match Asuka V Dana Brooke & Emma

    Updated WWE Survivor Series Card

    WWE/WH Championship tournament Semi & Final matches

    Traditional Match Sin Cara, Kalisto and others V Neville & BNB and others

    Diva's Championship Charlotte V Sasha Banks

    Tag Team Championship The Dudley's (Bubba Ray & D-Von) V The New Day (Xavier Woods & Big E)
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    WWE/WH Tournament Updated Standing s

    Second Round matches

    Sami Zayn V Kofi Kingston

    Cesaro V Roman Reigns

    Dean Ambrose V Neville

    Kevin Owen's V Dolph Ziggler
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    Quote Originally Posted by THE HEARTBREAK KID View Post
    Same with Shazzes show, I'm off today and so I'll drop a couple of reviews

    WWE Hell in a Cell 2015 - Review:

    I'm not keen on seeing the Divas on the Pre-Show. I think with a show heavily based on Male wrestling as expected- it's seems harsh to have the Women's match on the Pre-Show but that's my personal taste. Cool too see Banks get the win but surprised too see Naomi turn on both and go it alone. Interested too see how that's followed up.

    Needed win for Stardust and the Ascension and I'm going to assume after this win- they will be here to stay as a group? If so, I think you made the right call having them win.

    Basic promo from Owen's but it works for me.

    Big call with having Kane win the MITB from Sheamus. Not sure how I feel about it either man.. A part of me is quite excited too see how it turns out and what happens with Kane while the other part of me thinks Sheamus should have retained. I like seeing difference in shows to real life though so I'm cool with it. Only thing I will say, because of your style- it should have come across a little more important in my opinion because it's a big, big moment.

    Promo was a little too generic from the Big guy to matter in my opinion but I guess it did the job.

    Pleased to see Owen's win the IC title, right call for me. Hand full of tights though, over Slater? Not sure about that one. Over Ryback with the handful of tights would have made more sense in my opinion bro.

    Small promo from Paige but loved the idea of her bringing back the "real" Championship. I liked the segment that followed too with Paige laying out Becky after the title shot and I'm interested too see what happens next.

    Massive win for Bray and his family. Good detail on the match highlights too, sounded good and I could picture the moments in my head. Good stuff man.

    Really enjoyed the next match too! Team 3-D back as Champions!

    Dayyuummmm, Sami Zayn?! Didn't expect that man! Massive, massive moment for Zayn. Again, maybe a little more detail needed to make it seem more special but it was a cool moment. Nice show of respect from Cena too and a potential rematch down the line, I'm cool with that man.

    I feel like the old Kane is back, just the way you had him win the briefcase and then the warning to the Authority- I really like it. Hope it turns out as well I hope it will.

    Taker wins! Big match and victory and a nice touch of respect with a handshake between both future Hall of Famers. The lights are out and uhh-ohhh, here comes the Wyatt family! Interested too see how you play out that ending on Raw and in your future shows, hope it's done differently to how the WWE did it.

    .................................................. .............................................

    So I see you have acknowledged the Rollins injury and now I'm assuming some sort of tournament will follow too? Interested to see how you go about it- again, hope it's different too how it played out in real life.

    .................................................. ..............................................

    WWE RAW - Review:

    Wow, what a start to Raw! Haha! Admittedly, I thought when I seen Kane and then the appearance from Bray and the family, you were to go down the same route however, I can see you have changed it and have added the extra of Bo and Rose as new members of the Wyatt Family, pretty cool.. I'm wondering where this will lead now, I'm generally intrigued.

    Next up and as I thought, it's a tournament that's going to take place and I can see you've put on some difference immediately with the different superstars that are going to compete. Neville vs Kalisto, that sounds like it could be special. Hoping for one or two surprises in this tournament but we will see.

    First match up and Reigns wins his as expected. Fine with that.

    Really cool segment between Zayn and Owens that followed. Will be a hell of a match should there paths cross in this title tournament.

    Neville with some bad news for Kalisto as he beats him and sends him out of the tournament.

    Cool promo from Paige. Sounds like she's about to start her own Women's Revolution. Sasha and Charlotte then follow up with there own words but it's Steph that steals the moment with the announcement of a Triple Threat Match, with the winner facing Charlotte at Survivor Series. Cool.

    Cesaro and Nattie? Hmm, potential jealousy storyline down the line perhaps.

    Ambrose advances with Dirty Deeds but Rusev has the final words with an attack on the lunatic fringe, laying him out in the ring after the Accolade.

    Pleased Cesaro got the win!

    Overall it was decent man but not sure- felt like it was missing something for a Raw. Kind of started well and then tailed off a little- needed a big moment to end the show for me.
    Just to clarify, you thought this was me being "harsh"? I generally think it was a fair review and as explained- there were some parts I really, really liked as I said.

    Anyways.. Not to worry, wish you luck with this newest one you are doing and I'll leave you too do your own thing

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