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    WWE.COM Exclusive

    Current U.S Champion John Cena & his wife Nikki Bella have announced that they will be taking a leave of absence after tonight's Hell in the Cell PPV which has made

    fans ask the question what will happen with the U.S Championship
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    WWE Hell in a Cell 2015

    Pre Show Sasha Banks beat Tamina with Naomi via The Bank Statement

    After the match

    Naomi laid out Banks & Tamina and said she was going into business for herself

    Cut the cord by Shinedown plays

    Jerry the King Lawler, Michael Cole, JBL & Bryon Saxton welcome the fans to the show

    M1 The Cosmic Wasteland (Stardust, Viktor & Konnor) beat Neville & The Lucha Dragons (Sin Cara & Kalisto)


    Sin Cara via The Fall of Man by Viktor & Konnor

    Viktor by Neville via Reverse 450 Splash

    Konnor by Kalisto via Salida Del Sol

    Bad News Barrett came down to ringside

    BNB nodded at Neville and for the first time Neville nodded back

    Kalisto went to tag in Neville but he just jumped off the apron and shook hands with BNB and headed to the back

    Kalisto by Stardust via Queen’s Crossbow


    Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens cut the following promo

    He said that he has been Intercontinental Champion since Night of Champions and that was only a few weeks ago and he isn’t going to be losing the belt tonight or anytime soon.

    He said that it doesn’t matter if he has to face “The Big Guy” or a “One man rock band or even a Bulgarian Brute he would knock them all of them out if or when they stepped into the ring with him.

    He goes to walk off but Rusev walks up and they have a stare down

    Back to the ring

    M2 Mitb case on the line The “Demon” Kane beat Sheamus – Hell in a Cell

    Match Highlights

    Sheamus nailed a High Cross into the wall of the Cell

    Kane chokeslammed Sheamus on the steel steps

    Sheamus put Kane up against one of the ring posts and nailed a Brogue Kick to him

    Sheamus tried for a second Brogue but Kane moved and caught Sheamus and nailed a chokeslam on the floor.

    Kane threw Sheamus back into the ring

    Kane got back in but Sheamus nailed a Brogue Kick

    Kane sat up

    Sheamus nailed a second Brogue Kick

    Kane sat up and got up

    Kane grabbed Sheamus and nailed a Tombstone Piledriver onto the steel steps


    The Big Guy Ryback cut the following promo

    He said despite the history between him and Heath Slater from their days in Nexus if Slater gets in his way tonight on his way to reclaim the Intercontinental Championship he will leave him Shellshocked.

    Back to the ring

    M3 Intercontinental Championship Kevin Owens beat Ryback & Heath Slater

    Match Highlights

    Ryback nailed a clothesline on Owens sending them both out of the ring

    Slater nailed a springboard corkscrew plancha onto Ryback because Owens got out of the way.

    Slater rolled Ryback in and tried to pin him but Owens pulled him out

    Owens nailed an apron powerbomb on Slater

    Owens went back into the ring and got hit witha Meathook clothesline by Ryback

    Ryback went for the pin but only got a 2

    Slater slowly made his way back into the ring

    Ryback picked up Slater and attempted the Shellshock but Owens kicked him in the gut and Slater fell of his shoulders

    Owens threw Ryback out of the ring and pinned Slater with a hand full of tights.

    After the match

    Owens said that he is the greatest intercontinental champion he headed to the back


    Paige cut the following promo

    She said that she was the only women in a world being drowned by divas and she’s had enough she is going to take the Diva’s Championship tonight and once and for all bring back the real championship.

    Back to the ring

    M4 Diva’s Championship Charlotte with Becky Lynch beat Nikki Bella with Brie & Alicia Fox and Paige via the Figure 8 on Nikki

    After the match

    Paige attacked Charlotte and took the Diva’s championship and when Lynch tried to stop her she hit her with the belt.


    A video showing the history of the Reigns/Ambrose/Orton/Jericho V The Wyatt Family feud is shown

    Back to the ring

    M5 The Wyatt Family beat Reigns/Ambrose/Orton/Jericho – Hell in a Cell

    Match Highlights

    Bray nailed an Ura-nage on Ambrose through a table

    Reigns nailed a superman punch on Harper

    Strowman threw Jericho face first into the cell

    Orton nailed one of the masked members with an RKO on the outside

    He tried to take the mask off but the other masked member came into the cell and stopped him

    The two masked men beat Orton down and then dragged him out of the cell

    Ambrose nailed Harper with Dirty Deeds onto the steel steps

    Reigns nailed a spear on Wyatt

    Jericho tried to go for the Codebreaker on Strowman but he stopped it and threw Jericho to Harper who nailed a Discus Clothesline

    Reigns brawled with Bray until Harper & Strowman beat him down

    Orton tried to get back into the cell but the masked members beat him down and then nailed the Tilt a whirl flapjack/Jawbreaker combo

    They throw Reigns to Bray who nailed Sister Abigail into the cell wall and covered him for the pin.


    A video airs showing the feud between the Dudley’s & The New Day

    M6 Tag Championship Handicap Tables match The Dudley Boy’s (Bubba Ray & D-Von) beat the New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods)

    Match Highlights

    Xavier Woods was put through a table by The Dudley Boys via the 3D

    D-Von was put through a table after Big E & Kingston via the Midnight Hour

    Big E was put through a table by table via a Bubba Bomb by Bubba Ray

    Kingston was put through a table by Bubba Ray with a powerbomb off the top rope after reversing an attempted super hurricrana


    U.S Champion John Cena cut the following promo

    He said that everyone knows that he is taking some time off after tonight but that doesn’t mean he isn’t going to give it his all in his match tonight.

    He said that he doesn’t know who will be his opponent it could be anyone from the current NxT Champion Finn Balor or a returning superstar or someone from the main roster and that is the beauty of the open challenge and he can’t wait to face whoever accepts the challenge and he will see them out there

    He walks off

    Back to the ring

    M7 U.S Championship Open Sami Zayn beat John Cena via Helluva Kick

    After the match

    Cena showed respect to Zayn and raised his hand

    He then said that after his back he will want his rematch


    Kane says he sent Sheamus to hell tonight and tomorrow night on RAW one by one the Authority will be dragged down.

    M8 The Undertaker beat Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman – Hell in a Cell

    Match Highlights

    Taker nailed a chokeslam through a table

    Lesnar powerbombed Taker into the cell door causing it to break

    Taker threw Lesnar into the outside of the cell

    Lesnar threw Taker into the outside of the cell

    Lesnar threw Taker into the ring and got a chair

    Lesnar beat Taker with the chair

    Taker low blowed Lesnar and nailed a DDT onto the chair

    Heyman got involved

    Taker nailed a chokeslam on Heyman

    Lesnar nailed multiple German suplexs

    Taker kicked out

    Taker nailed a chokeslam

    Lesnar kicked out

    Taker attempted a Tombstone

    Lesnar fought out of it and nailed a F5

    Taker kicked out

    Taker nailed a Tombstone

    Taker nailed a second Tombstone

    Lesnar kicked out

    Taker locked in Hells gate

    Lesnar fought out of it and powerbombed Taker

    Lesnar went for another
    Taker fought out of it and nailed another Tombstone

    After the match

    Lesnar & Taker shake hands

    Lesnar leaves

    The lights go out and when they come back on The Wyatt Family has surrounded the ring

    Taker fights but its 5 on 1

    Bray nails Sister Abigail and the four other members pick Taker up and carry him out of the arena
    The show ends
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    WWE.COM Exclusive

    At a house show recently WWE/WH Champion Seth Rollins was in a match defending his championship when disaster struck and he suffered a torn ACL & MCL and a injured meniscus and will be out for the foreseeable future

    WWE & The Authority wish him a speedy recovery and will announce how they will move forward on this coming RAW stay tuned
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    The Night by CFO$ plays

    Michael Cole, JBL & Bryon Saxton welcome the fans to the show

    A video recap of last night’s Hell in a Cell PPV is shown

    Kane made his way out to the ring and was about to say something when the following happened

    The lights went out and when they came back on

    The Wyatt Family surrounded the ring with Bray sitting in his chair on the ramp

    Bray motioned for the other members to attack

    In the ring

    Kane tried to fight but it’s 4 on 1 and they laid him out and Bray made his way into the ring

    Strowman & Harper picked up Kane and put him in position for Bray to nail Sister Abigail

    Bray then cut the following promo

    He said that the war between him and Roman Reigns will continue on another day but it has been put on hold for bigger and better things.

    Last night my family and I attacked the man known by many monikers: The Phenom, The Deadman, The Demon of Death Valley and one of the all time greats of this business The Undertaker and in doing that we declared war on him and his kin.

    And in two nights we have destroyed two demons the one of Death Valley & The devil’s favourite.

    Because I am the new face of fear and because it is the time of the Wyatt’s not the time of the Brothers of destruction.

    Bray says it’s time and the two masked members remove their masks

    It’s Adam Rose & Bo Dallas but they look drastically different Bo has a beard and Rose has his hair loose both look deranged

    Commercial Break

    Triple H & Stephanie McMahon make their way out to the ring and cut the following promo

    In the ring

    They praised the former WWE/WH Champion Seth Rollins and wished him a speedy recovery and announced a tournament to crown a new WWE/WH Champion and also announced the first round matches and when they would take place.

    First Round matches

    Roman Reigns V Stardust

    Kevin Owens V Big Show

    Bubba Ray V Kofi Kingston

    Dolph Ziggler V Big E

    Cesaro V Sheamus

    Dean Ambrose V Rusev

    Neville V Kalisto

    Sami Zayn V Bad News Barrett

    Commercial Break

    M1 Tournament First Round Roman Reigns beat Stardust with Konnor & Viktor via the spear

    Reigns advances

    Backstage Renee Young interviewed the new U.S Champion Sami Zayn

    He said that he is so ecstatic to be back ahead of schedule and that in his first match back in a WWE ring he won the U.S Championship and now he has been announced as one of the 16 men in WWE/WH Championship tournament.

    Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens interrupted and said that Zayn better stay clear of him in this tournament or he will do what he did in NxT again and this time he will make sure he will end his career permanently

    They stared down

    Back to the ring

    M2 Tournament First Round Neville with Bad News Barrett beat Kalisto with Sin Cara via outside distraction from BNB which lead to a super kick and then the Red Arrow

    Neville advances

    After the match

    Neville & Barrett say that being from the UK they will reign supreme

    Backstage Rusev said that he would crush anyone and everyone in the tournament and become the new WWE/WH Champion

    Back to the ring

    Paige came out to the ring and cut the following promo

    In the ring

    I would & should be celebrating my championship victory and I demand a one on one rematch at Survivor Series now that the Barbie doll (Nikki Bella) had her rematch and lost like I knew she would.

    The time for diva’s is over I am a woman not a diva and it’s only a matter of time until I have the belt back around my waist.

    Sasha Banks makes her way out to the ring and cut the following promo

    Back in the ring

    Banks said that Paige has had chance after chance at reclaiming the gold and she has failed every time. It’s time for Paige to back off and let someone who is deserving of being Diva’s Champion represent the division and that is me (Banks)

    WWE Diva’s Champion Charlotte & Becky Lynch come down to the ring

    Back in the ring

    Charlotte said that she would fight any diva who wanted to step into the ring with her.

    Stephanie McMahon appeared on the titantron

    On the titantron

    Stephanie said that Paige will face Sasha Banks & Becky Lynch in a triple threat match to decide who will face Charlotte at Survivor Series.

    Commercial Break

    M3 Number One Contender’s Sasha Banks beat Paige & Becky Lynch via Lynch having the Dis-Arm-Her locked in on Paige on for Banks to break it up and manage to pin both Lynch & Paige

    After the match

    Banks & Charlotte stared down


    The King of Swing Cesaro introduced his new manager Natalya and said that he would win the tournament for his injured friend Tyson Kidd.

    Back to the ring

    M4 Tournament First Round Dean Ambrose beat Rusev via Dirty Deeds

    Ambrose advances

    After the match

    Rusev attacked Ambrose and laid him out with a kick and put him in the Accolade until refs broke the hold

    Rusev yelled he would be champion again


    A promo highlighting the history of Survivor Series is shown

    Back to the ring

    M5 Tournament First Round Cesaro with Natalya beat Sheamus via The Cesaro Swing transitioned into the Sharpshooter

    Cesaro advances

    The Show ends with a video highlighting Seth Rollins title reign
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    Hell in a Cell Review

    I'm not against having divas on the pre-show at all, though some people might not like that idea. Any screen time is good screen time haha. Good job having Sasha get the win over Tamina. An attack from Naomi obviously continues the feud, but it should've been on just Sasha- and not Tamina. I don't see the appeal in having Naomi & Tamina beef, they're better off as allies.

    The Cosmic Wasteland winning was the best decision, makes them look strong.

    Good promo from Kevin Owens.

    So Kane wins the MITB briefcase from Sheamus? Not sure how I feel about that, but it's a bold and risky move, that's for sure. I just don't see how the briefcase will be useful to Kane. But if anyone needed the win, it was Sheamus.

    Ryback should've had something to say about Owens, as well as Heath Slater.

    Good decision having Owens retain his title, but handful of tights over Slater? I think Owens should've won clean.

    Good promo from Paige.

    Charlotte retaining, and Paige's attack were good choices.

    The Wyatt Family winning the HIAC match was another good choice- they needed the win more than Reigns, Ambrose, Jericho & Orton did. The masked members continue to be a pain in the ass. It's obvious who they are, so when you reveal them- I think they should be done separately.

    Good win for The Dudley Boyz.

    Cena's promos are always cheesy, that one you did was decent. I liked how he made the US Open Challenge look really important. It ends up being answered by...

    Sami Zayn! That shocked me big time. And Zayn gets the fucking win too?!?! Jesus! That's HUGE! Clearly you've given Zayn a megapush, and that's not a bad thing. The post-match stuff makes me think Cena's coming back for the title, so him & Zayn having a feud will be cool to see. I'm intrigued to see how you book Zayn after this win though, I hope he doesn't lose his momentum because a win over Cena is huge!

    Not too sure about Kane wanting to bring The Authority down. He isn't the right person to do it- should be someone who needs it.

    Great win from Lesnar- and The Wyatts come out, as shit's gonna go down! They take away Undertaker. Same ending as the real WWE, but I'm intrigued to see how you put your own spin on things.

    It was a decent show man, quite a lot of improvements to be made- but give it more time, and I think this will be a great series. I'll review Raw tomorrow hopefully.

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    WWE.COM Exclusive

    NxT General Manager has announced the following matches for this week's edition of NxT

    Co winners of the Number One Contender's battle royal Prince Pretty Tyler Breeze & The Submission Specialist Samoa Joe will face off against each other to determined who will face Finn Balor at NxT TakeOver England for the NxT Championship

    Asuka beat Dana Brooke at NxT TakeOver and this week she will go one on one with Emma

    Also last week Rhyno & Baron Corbin attacked The NxT Tag Champions The Vaudevillians and the Realest Guys in the Room (Enzo & Big Cass) made the save how will this unfold?

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    Same with Shazzes show, I'm off today and so I'll drop a couple of reviews

    WWE Hell in a Cell 2015 - Review:

    I'm not keen on seeing the Divas on the Pre-Show. I think with a show heavily based on Male wrestling as expected- it's seems harsh to have the Women's match on the Pre-Show but that's my personal taste. Cool too see Banks get the win but surprised too see Naomi turn on both and go it alone. Interested too see how that's followed up.

    Needed win for Stardust and the Ascension and I'm going to assume after this win- they will be here to stay as a group? If so, I think you made the right call having them win.

    Basic promo from Owen's but it works for me.

    Big call with having Kane win the MITB from Sheamus. Not sure how I feel about it either man.. A part of me is quite excited too see how it turns out and what happens with Kane while the other part of me thinks Sheamus should have retained. I like seeing difference in shows to real life though so I'm cool with it. Only thing I will say, because of your style- it should have come across a little more important in my opinion because it's a big, big moment.

    Promo was a little too generic from the Big guy to matter in my opinion but I guess it did the job.

    Pleased to see Owen's win the IC title, right call for me. Hand full of tights though, over Slater? Not sure about that one. Over Ryback with the handful of tights would have made more sense in my opinion bro.

    Small promo from Paige but loved the idea of her bringing back the "real" Championship. I liked the segment that followed too with Paige laying out Becky after the title shot and I'm interested too see what happens next.

    Massive win for Bray and his family. Good detail on the match highlights too, sounded good and I could picture the moments in my head. Good stuff man.

    Really enjoyed the next match too! Team 3-D back as Champions!

    Dayyuummmm, Sami Zayn?! Didn't expect that man! Massive, massive moment for Zayn. Again, maybe a little more detail needed to make it seem more special but it was a cool moment. Nice show of respect from Cena too and a potential rematch down the line, I'm cool with that man.

    I feel like the old Kane is back, just the way you had him win the briefcase and then the warning to the Authority- I really like it. Hope it turns out as well I hope it will.

    Taker wins! Big match and victory and a nice touch of respect with a handshake between both future Hall of Famers. The lights are out and uhh-ohhh, here comes the Wyatt family! Interested too see how you play out that ending on Raw and in your future shows, hope it's done differently to how the WWE did it.

    .................................................. .............................................

    So I see you have acknowledged the Rollins injury and now I'm assuming some sort of tournament will follow too? Interested to see how you go about it- again, hope it's different too how it played out in real life.

    .................................................. ..............................................

    WWE RAW - Review:

    Wow, what a start to Raw! Haha! Admittedly, I thought when I seen Kane and then the appearance from Bray and the family, you were to go down the same route however, I can see you have changed it and have added the extra of Bo and Rose as new members of the Wyatt Family, pretty cool.. I'm wondering where this will lead now, I'm generally intrigued.

    Next up and as I thought, it's a tournament that's going to take place and I can see you've put on some difference immediately with the different superstars that are going to compete. Neville vs Kalisto, that sounds like it could be special. Hoping for one or two surprises in this tournament but we will see.

    First match up and Reigns wins his as expected. Fine with that.

    Really cool segment between Zayn and Owens that followed. Will be a hell of a match should there paths cross in this title tournament.

    Neville with some bad news for Kalisto as he beats him and sends him out of the tournament.

    Cool promo from Paige. Sounds like she's about to start her own Women's Revolution. Sasha and Charlotte then follow up with there own words but it's Steph that steals the moment with the announcement of a Triple Threat Match, with the winner facing Charlotte at Survivor Series. Cool.

    Cesaro and Nattie? Hmm, potential jealousy storyline down the line perhaps.

    Ambrose advances with Dirty Deeds but Rusev has the final words with an attack on the lunatic fringe, laying him out in the ring after the Accolade.

    Pleased Cesaro got the win!

    Overall it was decent man but not sure- felt like it was missing something for a Raw. Kind of started well and then tailed off a little- needed a big moment to end the show for me.

    1x Tag Team Champion - Ramon/Infection.
    IWA & EWN Tag Team of the Year 2013 - Ramon/Infection.

    1x Adrenaline Champion - Ramon.
    HWA & EWN Champion of the Year 2012 - Ramon.
    Feud of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique
    Shocking Moment of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique

    Feud of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.
    Promo of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.

    1x Women's Champion - Akira Tajiri
    Female of the Year 2015 - Akira Tajiri

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    Thread Update

    Thanks for the reviews
    I am continuing this thread even though I am a tad behind lol

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    Corey Graves, Renee Young, Jason Albert welcome the fans to the show

    Prince Pretty Tyler Breeze cut a promo saying that he should already be champion and that he is better than Joe & everyone else including Regal

    This led to Joe coming out

    They brawled until security broke it up

    Commercial Break

    Backstage Segment from Rhino & Baron Corbin saying that they are coming for the tag championships

    Nia Jax beat Billie Kay via a Bear Hug

    Backstage Segment from

    The Realest Guys in the Room Enzo Amore & Big Cass with Carmella saying that they are coming for Corbin & Rhino and the tag team championships

    A promo hyped the debut of the next generation caveman Trevor Lee next week

    Non title Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson beat The Vaudevillians (Aiden English & Simon Gotch) via Shatter Machine on Gotch

    Post Match

    Corbin & Rhino attacked the champs and Dawson & Wilder joined in until Enzo & Big Cass came out

    This lead to a 4 way brawl until NxT GM William Regal appeared on the titantron and announced that NxT TakeOver London the

    Vaudevillians will defend their gold in a Fatal 4 Way elimination match

    All the teams stared down

    Commercial Break

    Asuka beat Emma via DQ when Dana Brooke interfered

    Post match

    Emma & Brooke beat Asuka down but she fought them off and challenged them to a handicap match at NxT TakeOver London which they accepted but Asuka just smiled at them

    NxT Women’s Champion Bayley cut a in ring promo stating that she wants Alexis Bliss in the ring at NxT TakeOver London

    BAM (Blake, Alexis Bliss & Murphy) made their way out to the ring

    Bliss accepted and the three of them surrounded Bayley but she said that she had some back up of her own.

    Tommaso Cimpa & Johnny Gargano ran out and cleared the ring of Blake & Murphy

    Bayley nailed the Belly to Bayley on Bliss

    The crowd cheered.

    Commercial Break

    Main Event Samoa Joe beat Tyler Breeze via the Muscle Buster

    Post match

    Joe stared down with NxT Champion Finn Balor who was on the stage and raised his belt high
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    Black & Blue plays

    Booker T, Jerry “the king” Lawler & Rich Brennan welcome the fans to the show

    The Authority (Triple H & Stephanie McMahon) cut an in ring promo saying that Kane got what he deserved and declared the Mitb case vacant and praised the superstars who moved on and wished the ones in tonight’s matches luck.

    Tournament Match U.S Champion Sami Zayn beat Bad News Barrett with Neville via distraction from the Lucha Dragons which lead to a Helluva Kick

    Zayn advances

    Post Match

    Kalisto challenged Neville & BNB to a traditional survivor series match at the PPV

    Backstage Segment from Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens saying he is going to K.O anyone in his way to becoming WWE/WH Champion

    Commercial Break

    Backstage Segment from The Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose who said that he isn’t intimidated by Rusev he has faced bullies all his life and he will focus on winning the tournament and beating Rusev up.

    Rusev came up and they brawled but Ambrose got the advantage and laid Rusev out with Dirty Deeds

    Commercial Break

    Tournament Match Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens beat Big Show via a huge Pop up powerbomb

    Post match

    U.S Champion Sami Zayn congratulated Owens but said that he will take him out if/when they meet in the tournament

    Owens just laughed

    Owens advances

    Backstage Segment from Dolph Ziggler who said that he will Show off in this tournament and become the new WWE/WH Champion

    The New day came up and laughed and then said Big E will use the power of positivity to beat Ziggler and Kofi said that he will beat Bubba Ray

    The Dudley Boys came up and said that they are 10 time tag champions and Bubba would beat Kofi

    The new day said that D-Von will always be in Bubba Ray’s shadow

    But D-Von said that they shouldn't be making promises they can't keep because The Dudley’s will send them back to Dudleyville

    Commercial Break

    Tournament Match Dolph Ziggler beat Big E via reversing the Big Ending into the Zig Zag

    Ziggler advances

    Backstage promo from Neville/BNB and Sheamus which leads them agreeing to be partners and Sheamus said that he has a few ideas who could be their partners

    Commercial Break

    Tournament Match Kofi Kingston beat Bubba Ray via distraction from Big E & Xavier Woods which lead to a roll up

    The New Day announced that they will face the Dudley’s at Survivor Series for the gold


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