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    Madison Square Garden: Live Special!

    Match 1. Neville def. Stardust via pinfall after a Red Arrow

    After the match, The Ascension helped Stardust up. Stardust grabbed a mic, and announced that The Cosmic Wasteland were going their seperate ways.

    Match 2. The Dudley Boyz & Lucha Dragons def. Los Matadores & The New Day via pinfall as Bubba Ray pinned Diego following a Dudley Death Drop from The Dudleyz to Diego

    Match 3. Randy Orton & Dolph Ziggler & Ryback def. Sheamus & Rusev & Kevin Owens via pinfall as Ziggler rolled up Rusev for the win

    Match 4. Cesaro def. Chris Jericho via pinfall after an Alphamare Waterslide

    The two men shook hands afterwards as Jericho raised Cesaro's hand.

    Match 5. Team PCB def. Team Bella & Team BAD via pinfall as Charlotte pinned Brie Bella

    Match 6. Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show


    Big Show attempted to walk away at the beginning of this match- but Cesaro came out to a pop. Cesaro distracted Big Show long enough for Brock Lesnar to get Big Show from behind- and hit him with a Suplex on the ramp.

    Lesnar & Cesaro stared each other from their positions, but Cesaro walked off to leave Lesnar & Show to it.

    Show hit Lesnar with 3 Chokeslams

    Lesnar hit Show with 3 German Suplexes

    Lesnar hit an F5

    The match wasn't a squash at all- but it came an end when Lesnar hit a fourth Suplex and a second F5 on Show before covering him to get the win.

    Match 7. John Cena (c) def. Seth Rollins in a Steel Cage Match to retain the US Championship via pinfall after Ziggler came out and distracted Rollins.

    After the match, Ziggler & Cena began to stare each other down intensely. They left, as Rollins was on his own. Kane's music hit, as Kane came out. He hit Rollins with a Chokeslam before standing tall to end the event.
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    News & Rumours

    Management are glad at how the Madison Square Garden Live Special went, as the WWE Universe seemed to enjoy it. The newest recruit for management felt as if he didn't have enough time to help build up to the show, but it's been told he tried his best to make a positive out of the situation.

    A match that got positive reviews from everybody was Cesaro vs. Chris Jericho. Most people backstage felt as if that was a match that stole the show, and MSG were up on their feet throughout that entire match. Cesaro getting involved in the Lesnar/Show match was another bold decision from creative, but that also got good feedback.

    Rumours have been floating around backstage there may be a change in the main event match at No Mercy. There isn't any word on what that change might be, but with the way Raw ended- it seems that may be play a big part in this change.

    The appearance of NXT's Elias Sampson on Smackdown two weeks ago had a lot of people baffled as they weren't sure if his appearance was him being called up. But word going around backstage is that management have decided to make a habit of using more local talent and jobbers from NXT to be squashed by superstars to make them look good- without damaging any superstars or divas currently on the main roster.

    And finally, it seems that long term plans are being placed for Wrestlemania 32. There aren't any rumoured matches that have leaked out, but creative have begun planning already as they look to make this show a blockbuster. It also appears that some matches have already been locked in.
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    MSG Event Review

    So Neville wins the feud but the Wasteland is done?

    Neville winning I agree with I am not a fan of the Wasteland being over they were together for a short time and I just hope the Ascension
    & Stardust aren't lost in the shuffle

    8 man tag action with the faces coming out on top I hope you push your tag teams because all avenues of wrestling are important in either making or breaking a good btb

    Basically the same card as the real one is good to work with for events like this but I know you’re better than this

    I like multi men matches but two in a row is a snooze fest for me

    King of Swing over Y2J is big I like that you’re pushing Cesaro

    Nice showing from the Diva’s division but again another multi person match that is 3 in a row

    Lesnar over Show like it should be I liked the tease at a future paring/feud between Lesnar & Cesaro I want to see that match

    Cena keeps the U.S belt over Rollins good decision

    Not a fan of seeing Rollins be left laying by Kane

    Basic show I agree with it because its a live event not a RAW or PPV

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    Quote Originally Posted by rya666 View Post
    MSG Event Review

    So Neville wins the feud but the Wasteland is done?

    Neville winning I agree with I am not a fan of the Wasteland being over they were together for a short time and I just hope the Ascension
    & Stardust aren't lost in the shuffle

    8 man tag action with the faces coming out on top I hope you push your tag teams because all avenues of wrestling are important in either making or breaking a good btb

    Basically the same card as the real one is good to work with for events like this but I know you’re better than this

    I like multi men matches but two in a row is a snooze fest for me

    King of Swing over Y2J is big I like that you’re pushing Cesaro

    Nice showing from the Diva’s division but again another multi person match that is 3 in a row

    Lesnar over Show like it should be I liked the tease at a future paring/feud between Lesnar & Cesaro I want to see that match

    Cena keeps the U.S belt over Rollins good decision

    Not a fan of seeing Rollins be left laying by Kane

    Basic show I agree with it because its a live event not a RAW or PPV
    Yeah, the Wasteland are done. They won't be an official stable, but they will be back up for Stardust when he needs it.

    It was better to do multi-man matches instead of having Ziggler/Rusev & Orton/Sheamus for the millionth time. Now that would've been a snooze fest.

    Kane needed to return sooner rather than later, and I couldn't have him return and not come for Rollins. I know Lesnar's the one who took him out, but Kane/Lesnar doesn't appeal to me.

    Cheers for the review man.

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    Updated No Mercy Card

    John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Seth Rollins (c)- WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match

    Nikki Bella vs. Charlotte (c)- WWE Divas Championship Match

    Kevin Owens vs. Ryback (c)- WWE Intercontinental Championship Match- Rusev is Special Guest Referee

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    Raw: 5th October 2015

    A recap of the MSG Live Special is shown before the camera to the arena as the fans are going wild! Cole, Booker T & JBL are on the commentary booth, as they say MSG was a great night. They talk about how Cesaro & Chris Jericho stole the show with their amazing match, Brock Lesnar took Big Show all the way to Suplex City- and Kane made his return by coming for Seth Rollins! All this should lead to an exciting Raw for tonight, as we continue the build to No Mercy!


    Dolph Ziggler's music hits as the fans explode with cheers! He makes his way to the ring with a mic. He stands in the ring, as the crowd continue to cheer. He thanks them for giving him such a warm welcome. He says that he's not going to come out, and ramble on like Seth Rollins does- but he's here to address something. Something that happened last week on Raw. He tells the technicians to roll the footage.

    *Footage is shown of John Cena accidentally hitting Ziggler with a Clothesline during their tag team match against Sheamus & Seth Rollins leading to their loss.*

    The fans boo as they show their displeasure for John Cena. Ziggler tells the fans that he's not angry at Cena- because he knows that Clothesline was an accident. He respects John Cena a lot, but it was that move that made him realize something.. that Cena's got the US Championship, and he should be focusing on that instead of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The fans scream ooohhhh. Ziggler says that he needed to get that off his chest, and he didn't want to hide it.

    **MY TIME IS NOW!**

    But John Cena's music hits as the fans reply with a mixed reaction, even in his hometown! Cena comes out with a mic, as he slides into the ring- and looks at Ziggler. Cena says that it feels great to be back in his great hometown of Boston! Cena says that he appreciates the fact that Ziggler spoke his mind, and he's entitled to his own opinion. He says that Ziggler's got a point, maybe he should be focusing on the US Championship- but here's the thing. He's defeated Rollins enough times to entitled to more titles matches because when you beat the champion in a non-title match, that automatically puts you at the top to contend for the title. He says that there is no obstacle that can stop him from claiming his 16th world title! And as much as he respects Ziggler, he's clearly another obstacle for Cena- and as he said, Ziggler won't be able to stop Cena. The two men stare off...


    Triple H's music blasts as Cena & Ziggler both turn around. Hunter comes out with a mic, and says that the original plan was for a Triple Threat Match at No Mercy for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship- but clearly Cena & Ziggler have other things on their mind. He says that he agrees with both men. Beating the champion, even if it is a fluke, does put you at the front of the line- but Cena constantly gets chances. So tonight? We will have ourselves a singles match between Cena & Ziggler.. and the winner will face Seth Rollins at No Mercy! The fans cheer loudly as Cena & Ziggler nod in approval, before staring back at each other intensely as the main event is set for tonight!


    We get a recap of the opening segment as a graphic appears of Cena/Ziggler being the main event for tonight. The commentators talk about how Kevin Owens is in action up next- and how he's looking to prove himself with a title win. We also get a recap of last week's segment on Raw, when Rusev was announced as the special guest referee of a Owens/Ryback rematch!


    Kevin Owens' music hits as the fans reply with a mixed reaction. Owens makes his way to the ring with a mic for this next bout. He talks about how he will go one on one with Ryback at No Mercy- and rightfully so. But the truth is, there is bound to be some controversy in their match because Rusev is the special guest referee. He says that he plans on destroying Ryback to a pulp, and Rusev even thinks about screwing him again- he will destroy Rusev too. The fans cheer but Owens screams shut up, I didn't tell you to cheer for me! Owens says that he's a prizefighter, and at No Mercy? He's walking out with the Intercontinental Championship around his waist.

    Heath Slater's music hits as Slater comes out for this next match.

    Match 1. Kevin Owens vs. Heath Slater

    Finish: This match is very back and forth between the two men with Slater being the underdog- and Owens being his usual dominant self. The match comes to an end when Owens hits Slater with a Pop-Up Powerbomb! He goes for the cover, and gets the win.

    After the match, Owens celebrates but he doesn't look too impressed. He looks down at Slater in the ring, and a smirk begins to appear on his face. Owens grabs Slater by the hair, and irish whips him to the ropes. And as soon as Slater rebounds off the ropes...


    The fans boo as Owens begins to laugh loudly- and we head backstage. We see Hunter watching Owens winning, and a smile appears on his face. He turns around to see Seth Rollins behind him. Rollins says that he can't be dealing with all this! He's the World Heavyweight Champion, he shouldn't be having all this pressure on him. What are they going to do about Kane?! Hunter tells him that this is his chance to finish Kane off. Rollins says that Kane doesn't deserve to face him.

    Hunter says that he's got an idea- as Sheamus walks in. Rollins looked annoyed as Hunter tells Sheamus that he's got a job for him- but Rollins quickly cuts in. He tells Hunter that he doesn't need Sheamus sorting his problems out for him. Hunter says if that's the case, this Friday on Smackdown- Kane will go one on one with Rollins! Rollins nods in approval as he walks off, with Sheamus looking annoyed.


    A graphic appears of Kane vs. Seth Rollins as it will take place this Thursday on Smackdown!


    The fans cheer loudly as Natalya is BACK! She makes her way to the ring slapping the hands of the crowd. She grabs a mic as she begins to talk. She's baaaaaaack! The crowd cheer as Nattie smiles. She says that she has not been in action for a long time because she had been looking after her husband, Tyson Kidd who suffered a brutal neck injury. She says that she knows he is watching, so from herself- and the WWE Universe- get well soon! The fans chant 'Get Well Soon.' Nattie says that this Divas Revolution has took the world by storm, but she wasn't apart of it. She says that she does feel like she was left out, but there was no chance she was going to sit at home and cry about it! She is one of the best wrestling technicians that WWE has to offer- and she'll prove it to whoever her opponent is. Nattie drops the mic as she waits for her opponent.


    The fans reply with a mixed reaction as Team BAD's music hits! Naomi, Tamina & Sasha Banks come out, and make their way to ringside as it's Tamina who is in action. Tamina slides into the ring.

    Before the match begins, we get a Bayley/Sasha Banks video package for NXT Takeover: Respect as that match takes place this week. We head back to ringside, as Sasha does hand gestures with her Boss rings, and Boston fans cheer as a We Want Sasha chant breaks out.

    Match 2. Natalya vs. Tamina

    Finish: This match has had the fans chanting We Want Sasha as Nattie has encouraged it. The match ends when Tamina goes for a Superkick but Nattie manages to reverse it into a Sharpshooter! Nattie keeps the move locked in...


    Nattie ends up winning via disqualification as the match is cut short as Naomi & Sasha Banks intervene! They attack Nattie from behind, before repeatedly kicking her while she's down. Naomi locks Nattie in a Spider Twist as Nattie is screaming in pain before eventually letting go, and after this- Sasha locks her in the Bank Statement as the fans reply with mixed reactions. Team BAD stand tall in the ring as the fans boo.

    We head backstage to see Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns. Ambrose asks Reigns if he's sure about this? This leads to Orton walking in. Orton says sure about what? Ambrose says that Reigns is going out there and calling The Wyatts out on his own. Orton asks why they didn't discuss with him as Ambrose gets annoyed, and the two men begin to argue as Reigns tells them to calm down. Orton asks if that's really a good idea, as Reigns says that it's his idea. Ambrose says that they've got his back if they need him.


    The camera cuts to Rusev backstage as he's with Renee Young. Renee asks him how it feels knowing he's the referee for the Intercontinental Championship match at No Mercy? A huge grin appears on Rusev's face. He says that the amount of options there are make him happy. Maybe Ryback should walk into the match as champion, and get robbed out of his title? Maybe the Prizefighter in Kevin Owens should lose his chance to become champion? So many options, but we'll see. Rusev walks off as we head to the announcers booth.
    The commentators recap everything that's happened tonight- but right now, Damien Sandow is in action up next!


    Sandow's music hits as Sandow comes out to cheers from the crowd. He makes his way to the ring for action.


    Los Matadores' music hits- as Fernando comes out for this match with Diego. The two men make their way to the ring from a minuscule negative reaction from the crowd.
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    Match 3. Damien Sandow vs. Fernando

    Finish: Diego has attempted to get involved in this match in many occasions- which led to him being sent to the back. The match came to an end when Sandow hit Fernando with a You're Welcome before covering him for the win.

    After the match, Sandow celebrates his win...

    **I CAME TO PLAY!**

    The Miz' music hits to Sandow's dismay. The Miz comes out with a mic, and slides into the ring as Sandow looks annoyed. The Miz says that he understands why Sandow is looking at him like that, so he's going to cut to the chase. Why doesn't Sandow become his stunt double again? The crowd boo. Miz tells Sandow to face the facts. Sandow is facing guys that have no future here- guys like Fandango, and Los Matadores. But when he was with The Miz? He won his first ever set of titles. He tells Sandow to not listen to the pathetic excuses for fans. They boo louder. He tells Sandow that this might be hard to take in, so he'll give him till Thursday on Smackdown to decide his fat. He knows that Sandow will make the right decision. The Miz walks to the back as Sandow looks on, but Sandow is clearly thinking about
    The Miz' proposal.


    The cameras cut backstage as we see PCB with Paige giving Charlotte & Becky Lynch a pep talk. She says that our next match is going to be another way to prove that PCB are the best. Charlotte is already the Divas Champion, she is the face of this division, and Becky Lynch is the lass kicker- and that makes them the best divas that this division has to offer. She wishes Becky luck in her match against Summer Rae, and tells Becky that she'll get the job done.

    The commentators recap how The Miz gave Sandow an interesting proposal to reunite and become Sandow's stunt double, and Sandow must give his answer this week on Smackdown. They also hype up how Summer Rae takes on Becky Lynch, and that match is up next!

    **RUSH OF POWER!**

    Summer Rae's music hits, as Summer comes out to a fair amount of boos from the crowd. She makes her way to the ring as she waits for her opponent.


    The fans go nuts with cheer as Becky Lynch comes out with Paige & Charlotte. Becky makes her way to the ring for this next match as her team-mates fully support her.

    Match 4. Becky Lynch vs. Summer Rae

    This has been a great match, with a decent amount of time. Becky has the momentum, and she nails Summer with an Exploder Suplex before hyping the crowd up- as PCB cheer her on. But trouble comes calling, as The Bellas' music blasts! The Bellas come out as Becky looks on, as do the rest of PCB.

    Nikki Bella is on the mic. She says that when The Bellas are here- it's time for everybody to shut their mouths, and pay attention. The fans boo. Nikki says that she saw something interesting earlier, and that was the backstage segment between PCB. Haha, did Paige really call herself the face of this division? She asks Charlotte how badly she took that off-camera? She says that basically, what Paige is trying to say is, she's better than Charlotte AND Becky Lynch- even though Charlotte is the Divas Champion. She says that's all- as The Bellas walk to the back. Becky looks very annoyed, but Summer grabs her and hits her with a Summer Crush! She covers Becky, and gets the win!

    After the match, all members of PCB join together in the ring as Summer heads to the back. All three members look annoyed, as they all look at each other with a bit on tension brewing between all three members...


    We head backstage as we see Renee Young with Cesaro! The fans cheer loudly for The King of Swing who is rocking a suit right now. Renee says that Cesaro comes off a huge win over Chris Jericho at the MSG Live Special, but what's next between himself and Big Show after Cesaro got involved in his match against Brock Lesnar? Cesaro says that firstly, he wants to thank Chris Jericho for giving him a fantastic match. People are saying that they put on a classic, well you're damn right they did. Cesaro says that as for Big Show? Well he tried to escape his match against Brock Lesnar, and he deserved everything that came to him. But he's not stopping until he beats Big Show in a match. He talks about how Show isn't here tonight after his match against Lesnar, but he still holds a position in the WWE that solidifies him as WWE's best giant at the moment- but he wants that position. He challenges Big Show to a match at No Mercy- so that the entire Cesaro Section can witness him taking Big Show's position. Cesaro winks at Renee before heading off.

    The camera cuts back to the announcers table, as they recap what has went down regarding the Divas division, and how there's clearly tension within PCB following the words of Team Bella. They also talk about how Cesaro is on a roll, and it was a bold move from him to challenge Big Show to a match. They also hype up the main event for later tonight as Dolph Ziggler takes on John Cena to see who is going to No Mercy- but Roman Reigns will also call out Bray Wyatt!

    We cut to the ring as we see local talent in there as they warm up.


    The Dudleyz music hits as the fans go nuts! They make their way to the ring for this next match.

    Match 5. The Dudleyz vs. Local Talents

    This match is a simple squash as The Dudleyz' nail one of the local talents with a Dudley Death Drop before D-Von Dudley picks up the win via pinfall.

    After the match, The Dudleyz grab mics. Bubba Ray says that last week, the WWE Universe saw the return of The Dudleyz in Madison
    Square Garden- and they tore the roof apart. And let's not forget what went down, when they defeated The New Day & Los Matadores as he managed to pin Xavier Woods! And if people want to know what pinning the champion means? That's right, an immediate title shot. So it's time they confirm this, at No Mercy- The New Day will go one on one with The Dudleyz for the first time with the Tag Team
    Championships on the line! The fans cheer loudly as The Dudleyz' raise their hands...


    The New Day come out of nowhere to beatdown on The Dudleyz! Kofi Kingston attacks D-Von, where as Xavier Woods attacks Bubba Ray. Big E is outside the ring, bringing two tables into the ring before getting into the ring himself. Big E grabs a mic. He asks The Dudleyz if they can feel it? He tells Boston not to be so sour, CLAP for your two time Tag Team Champions of the world.. and feel the power! He looks down at The Dudleyz as the attack continues. He tells them that it's time for The Dudleyz' to feel the power of positivity! Big E drops the mic, and The New Day set one table up. They put Bubba Ray onto one, and Kofi is on the turnbuckle...


    They set D-Von up on the second table- leading to Xavier Woods jumping off the turnbuckle to strike with a...


    The fans boo as left in the ring are scattered tables, fallen Dudleyz- but most shockingly, The New Day who are standing tall in the ring as they've just shown that there's more to them that meets the eye.

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    We immediately head backstage to see Renee Young with Ryback as the fans cheer! Young asks Ryback how he feels about having Rusev as special guest referee of his match at No Mercy? Ryback says that Rusev being the referee is a recipe for disaster. He agrees with Owens, and says that Rusev will cause trouble- but if anyone's going to get to him first, it'll be Ryback, and not Owens. He also heard that Owens said he would destroy Ryback, well he had the chance to do it once- but he failed. At No Mercy? With Rusev in the mix, it'll be hard- but he will find a way to retain his title.

    We head to the announcers table as we get a recap of everything that has went down in the show. They hype up Roman Reigns calling out Bray Wyatt later tonight, but for now? It's time for the main event!


    The crowd boo loudly as Seth Rollins comes out to join the commentary booth.


    Dolph Ziggler's music hits as Ziggler comes out to a huge pop from the crowd! He makes his way to the ring as he looks ready.

    **MY TIME IS NOW!**

    John Cena's music hits to a huge mixed reaction as the US Champion makes his way to the ring for this next match. The announcers play up how this match is to see who is going to face Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at No Mercy!

    Match 6. Dolph Ziggler vs. John Cena- Winner faces Seth Rollins at No Mercy

    Finish: This match is very back and forth, and it's been amazing as you would expect. Back the action, Cena is at the corner and Ziggler goes for a Stinger Splash but when Ziggler goes to strike- Cena moves out of the way leading to Ziggler hitting the turnbuckle! A dizzy Ziggler turns around, and Cena hits him with a Dropkick as Ziggler is on the ground. Cena then nails Ziggler with a 5 Knuckle Shuffle- before picking Ziggler up, and going for an Attitude Adjustment- but Ziggler manages to break out of it, as Cena lets go. Cena charges at Ziggler with a Clothesline but Ziggler hits Cena with a Superkick! Ziggler goes for the cover, but Cena kicks out at 2! Ziggler can't believe but he wastes no time. He picks Cena up- but Cena grabs him for an AA- and he goes to hit it but Ziggler reverses it into a roll up... AND ZIGGLER GETS THE WIN!

    The entire arena erupts as everybody is shocked- Ziggler has done it! Ziggler is going to No Mercy to face Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Champion! Ziggler celebrates as the fans repeatedly chant 'Zigg-Ler!' over and over again as the atmosphere is unreal! Seth Rollins gets up, and stands on the announcers table as the music cuts. Ziggler turns around, and looks at Rollins straight in the eye with Rollins raising his title in the air. Ziggler vs. Rollins is official for No Mercy! The commentators say that we're going to another commercial, but don't go anywhere- because up next, Roman Reigns will call out Bray Wyatt!


    We're back from our final commercial of the night as we get a recap of Ziggler defeating John Cena to face Seth Rollins at No Mercy for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship! But now? It's time for Roman Reigns to call out Bray Wyatt!


    Roman Reigns' music hits as The Juggernaut comes out to a huge pop from the crowd. Reigns makes his way to the ring, and asks for a mic as soon as he's there. He says that he's not out here to play games, so he's going to cut to the chase. Bray Wyatt- you get your ass out here right now! Reigns waits patiently, as the fans anticipate Wyatt's presence...

    **LIVE IN FEAR!*

    The Wyatts' music hits as the fans go nuts with mixed reactions all over the place. Bray Wyatt comes out as the lights are already out, as he has his usual lamp in hand- with his Family clearly behind him as he makes his way to the ring. But as soon as he's outside the ring, he blows out the light in the lamp- with the arena lights coming back on. Bray Wyatt stands, with Braun Strowmen & Luke Harper behind him. Reigns looks annoyed- and says that he told Bray Wyatt to come out, not his bitches. The fans go 'ooohhh' as Wyatt laughs. Wyatt gets a mic. He says that you can't have everything you want in life. Wyatt slides into the ring on his own- as the two men get face to face.
    Wyatt says that when he looks into Roman's eyes- he doesn't see the Juggernaut who had a heart of a lion. He doesn't see the man that did anything to fight for the fans. Instead, he sees frustration. Because Roman is frustrated at the thought of not being able to overcome his obstacles. Firstly, his WWE World Heavyweight Championship dreams. He had his second chance to make things right by winning the briefcase, but it was always going to be anybody but you that won that briefcase Roman. Secondly, The Wyatt Family. You can't stop The Wyatts- and you know it. He says that Roman blames everybody who is trying to help him in this war. It might not be visible, but deep down instead- Roman is an animal waiting to erupt because he's not getting that help despite the numbers being equal. The way he treated Ambrose & Orton and told them to stay in the back, that was disrespectful. That wasn't the actions of a good man. But I'm not going to judge. I've changed you Roman! Because I am a man of change! He says that one day, Roman will get to the top. But it will happen when Roman fights for himself! And when Roman does finally stop, trying to pander to people who don't give a damn about him?

    He'll have the whole world in his hands.

    The fans begin to sing 'He's got the whole world in his hands!' as Roman looks on in- clearly annoyed at Wyatt's words. He says...

    Bray Wyatt vs. Roman Reigns.

    No Mercy.

    The fans cheer loudly as Wyatt smiles. Wyatt says good luck Roman, because I won't have any mercy towards what I do to you. Wyatt begins to laugh and he raises his hands out to the side, as Braun Strowmen & Luke Harper crowd the ring...


    The entire arena goes absolutely nuts as Roman Reigns hits Wyatt with a Spear! And as expected, this leads to the rest of the Family getting involved as Luke Harper & Braun Strowmen immediately get hold of Roman. They pick him up, and put him into the corner as they
    beat him down...


    Dean Ambrose's music hits as the fans cheer- and this leads to Ambrose & Orton running down the ramp, and sliding into the ring! Ambrose & Orton grab hold of Luke Harper, as the two men exchange blows on Harper- and the two men manage to throw him over the top rope! However, as the two men check on Reigns- they've forgotten about the beast behind him. Ambrose & Orton turn around, as the three men watch Braun Strowmen staring a hole straight through them as this is serious. Ambrose & Orton both charge at Braun, and the two men begin to throw shots to the face of Braun...


    The fans go crazy yet again as Reigns delivers another Spear to Braun Strowmen this time! Ambrose & Orton help Reigns up, as they look down at Strowmen- clearly looking as if they're not finished, but Bray Wyatt, who is outside the ring, drags Strowmen out of the ring by his legs as The Family make their way to the back. They stand on the ramp, as the trio in the ring look on- with Wyatt screaming'I'M GOING TO FINISH YOU ROMAN!' with Raw coming to an end!

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    NXT Takeover: Respect

    Match 1: Finn Balor & Samoa Joe def. The Mechanics via pinfall

    Match 2: Baron Corbin & Rhyno def. Jason Jordan & Chad Gable via pinfall

    Match 3. Asuka def. Dana Brooke via submission

    Match 4. Apollo Crews def. Tyler Breeze via pinfall

    Match 5. Finn Balor & Samoa Joe def. Baron Corbin & Rhyno via pinfall

    After the match, The Rhodes Family come to the ring to present the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic trophy to Balor & Joe.

    Match 6. Bayley (c) def. Sasha Banks in an Ironman Match to retain NXT Womens Championship (3-2)

    After the match, Bayley & Sasha Banks were presented with flowers by Stephanie McMahon & Triple H to close the show in an emotional segment.


    Pretty much the same results as the real PPV- I didn't really have much to change so I didn't think there was any point in writing it out.

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    So I'm off today and thought I would look to catch up with your shows man. I've been reading along but thought I had been reviewing too which clearly is not the case Ha! So, here goes!

    Firstly, It's cool too see people using different ideas and such and it's cool too see you using the "Rumors & News" roundup's that I did with my ECW booker first time around- fits in well. I'm going to just review from your last show.

    .................................................. .................................................. ............

    Raw: 5th October 2015 - Review:

    I always like a recap before the show and it's good too see you started with one on this show, aimed at recapping the MSG live event which was basic, but did the job. I really like how so much of the emphasis went on the Cesaro/Jericho match and the performance of both men. I'm eager to see how you go about the Kane/Rollins situation too.

    One thing is always 100% sure in your bookers mate- Ziggs get's a decent push! Nice to start to the show with his promo, addressing what went down last week and the small shot he took at John Cena regarding the US title.

    I didn't like the Cena reply promo, but.. I think it was typical John Cena Ha! It's something that he would come out and say pretty much every Raw.

    Nice announcement from Triple H and I like it! I'm going to assume that Dolph will win and Cena will continue on his path to defending the US Champ which I think is the right thing to do if that's the path you choose.

    Good promo from KO, spot on with what he would say too. Here's to hoping he does walk out of No Mercy with the IC title but I'm intrigued too see how the Rusev referee situation goes down. As expected, Owen's wins and I like the added extra of the second pop-up Powerbomb. Owen's making a statement.

    Nice segment between Triple H and Rollins. Worked well. Big match set for Smackdown.

    Enjoyed the promo from Nattie- that's something I would have liked to have seen happen in real life. Not keen on Nattie encouraging the "We want Sasha" chants. I don't get that whole thing in real life either to be honest. The Boss and Team B.A.D make a big statement on Nattie, laying her out and standing tall.

    Many options for Rusev, will he make any of them happen? We will see!

    Basic match that followed next but the segment from Sandow and Miz was quite cool. I wonder what Sandow will do? I'm interested and I'm split on which option I would like too see Sandow choose to be honest.

    Promo was a little generic from PCB that followed but I think it will lead to something cool down the line.

    Hmm interesting situation that followed. Tension between PCB and a cool Nikki Bella promo hammering home some points of why she and the Bella's are on top.

    Cool promo from Cesaro, I liked it. Seems like the Swiss-Superman is ready to grab the Brass ring, hope so!

    3D! DUDLEY DEATH DROP! Win from the Dudley Boyz followed by a promo suggesting they want a title shot and I'm with them! New Day with the attack and damn! They've completely laid out the Dudley's through tables too. Huge from the New Day and let's see how Bubba and D-Von respond.

    Simple promo from the Ryback but it worked for me.

    Yes! As I hoped, Ziggler wins and he will face Rollins at No Mercy! Huge for Ziggs, can he go on and win the title? Maybe, we will see.

    Great ending to Raw! Really dug' the Wyatt promo, I could picture it in my head. There seems some truth to what he was saying too, pretty cool and then the whole brawl at the ending- it made a good ending to Raw for sure.

    .................................................. .................................................. .....

    I agree with what you said about the NXT respect show but I think you should have maybe made some changes bro. Personally, I'm going to with mine but that's me. I agree with if you didn't think anything should have been changed- there was no point making a big show out of it so that was fine. Just personally- I'd have liked to have seen some changes, however small.

    1x Tag Team Champion - Ramon/Infection.
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    1x Adrenaline Champion - Ramon.
    HWA & EWN Champion of the Year 2012 - Ramon.
    Feud of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique
    Shocking Moment of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique

    Feud of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.
    Promo of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.

    1x Women's Champion - Akira Tajiri
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