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    16th November 2015

    Greenville, South Carolina

    Bon Secours Wellness Arena

    A video package plays of last week's events on Raw before the camera cuts to the Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville! The fans are hyped for the show as we go over to Michael Cole, JBL & Byron Saxton on commentary. Cole says that tonight is the final Raw before Survivor Series as we've got a huge show tonight! We will have THREE tag team matches as we will see The New Day in action, we will see Prime Time Players take on The Ascension- and a tag team main event is lined as up The Miz teams up with Fandango to take on Alberto Del Rio & Dolph Ziggler! Saxton says not only that, we've got a contract signing tonight for the Divas Championship- and Michael Cole will be having two sit-down interviews, as we have a interview with Kevin Owens on his own- as another interview between Seth Rollins & Cesaro to close the show. Tonight's Raw is going to be amazing!

    The camera cuts to Renee Young standing in the ring with a mic. There is a table set up in the centre of the ring as Renee speaks.

    We kick tonight's Raw off with a contract signing for the Divas Championship Match which will take place this Sunday at Survivor Series!

    The fans cheer.

    Introducing first... the challenger! From Norwich, England... she is the Diva of Tomorrow...



    Greenville erupts with cheers as the music of The Diva of Tomorrow hits! Paige comes out, looking very serious as she makes her way to the ring. She gets into the ring as she doesn't look happy. Renee speaks.

    Introducing second... the champion! From The Queen City... she is the current Divas Champion...



    The fans boo very loudly as our Divas Champion is here! Charlotte stands on the stage, putting her arms out- screaming 'I am greatness' into the camera before making her way to the ring. She stands on one side- as Paige is standing on the opposite, and the two divas have their eyes locked on each other. They are eventually both given mics as Renee speaks.

    The Divas Championship match at Survivor Series is expected to be a thrilling bout between two of the best wrestlers in this Divas Division.
    A match fueled on betrayal and revenge. Paige, let's hear from you. What are your thoughts heading into Survivor Series?

    But as Paige is about to speak- Charlotte is quick to intervene.

    Paige, don't even think about speaking.

    The fans boo as Paige looks angry.

    The first diva to speak in this contract signing, should be me because I am the Divas Champion.

    More boos from the crowd- but Paige interrupts.

    Listen Charlotte... I think that I, Renee & the WWE Universe have heard enough BS from your mouth over the last few weeks!

    Cheers from Greenville as Charlotte doesn't look fazed. Paige continues to speak.

    Renee asked me the question first, so I'm going to answer it first. What exactly are my thoughts heading into Survivor Series? Hmmmm... where do I start?

    Let's begin with how you smashed that Divas Championship across my head!

    Paige looks into the eyes of Charlotte with fire.

    You put me out of action. I had to sit at home for several weeks to recover, and while doing so- I've had to watch your smug face on tv parading about how you've put me down. I don't know what the hell happened to you on the night after Survivor Series... but for you to throw away a friendship and stab not only me, but Becky in the back?

    You absolutely disgust me.

    The fans cheer as Paige continues.

    And don't get me started on why you attacked me- because I apparently thought I was bigger than Team PCB? Give me a break. NEVER did I once think that I was above you or Becky. I said it from the start that PCB were equal. So screw all the lies and excuses that you have come up with... let's get started on why you REALLY betrayed us.

    Because that Divas Championship went straight to your head.

    The crowd cheers loudly as Charlotte looks annoyed- and Paige points at the title.

    THAT is the reason why your ego inflated. It wasn't me that thought she was something special- it was YOU. You're the one that became a selfish, self-obsessed, egotistical bitch.

    Greenville goes crazy with cheers in agreement as Paige speaks with passion in her voice- and signs the contract... but Charlotte has clearly had enough.

    I'm self-obsessed? I'm egotistical? Take a look at yourself Paige! How dare you stand there and lie to everyone? You're coming out here, and twisting my words just to make yourself look innocent... but let's face it Paige. You've got a history for turning on other divas... does AJ Lee ring a bell? Or how about Alicia Fox?

    I did what I had to do. I will stand here in the ring, and gladly take claim to DESTROYING you because that's what you deserved! If it hadn't been for me dissolving Team PCB?

    You would've just done it yourself.

    Charlotte seems adamant in her words but the fans don't seem convinced as they boo loudly.

    But at the end of the day? It doesn't matter about what I did, because I have something that everybody wants...

    The Divas Championship.

    Charlotte raises the title.

    And that automatically makes me better than you, Becky Lynch, and every other diva that has ever stepped foot into the WWE. I'm the only diva that took the ball of the Divas Revolution- and actually ran with it. The fact of the matter is...

    I AM the Divas Revolution.

    The Divas Revolution begun with me... and you're damn right that it will end with me too.

    Charlotte puts the mic down before signing her contract as the fans boo loudly. On the other hand, Paige has a confused look on her face as she speaks.

    Wait a second? You? Did you really just say that the Divas Revolution begun with you? Well guess what Charlotte... I've got the answer to that statement.

    HELL NO!

    Fans cheer.

    The Divas Revolution began on the 27th February 2014 on NXT Arrival when I went one on one with Emma with the NXT Womens Championship on the line.. and we stole the show. We tore the house down. We put womens wrestling on the map again. If it wasn't for the likes of me & Emma...

    You wouldn't be standing in here on Raw today little girl.

    Fans cheer loudly as Charlotte shrugs.

    This match at Survivor Series? It's not just a match to me... this is as personal as it gets. You turned on not just me- but the WWE Universe as well...

    And it's about time you paid for it.

    I'm going to walk into Survivor Series with my head held high, and I'm going to put an END to your championship reign when I become the NEW Divas Champion.

    Paige drops the mic as the fans cheer loudly. Charlotte clearly doesn't agree with Paige's words- as she & Paige look each other stone cold in the eyes- as the two divas are clearly ready heading into Survivor Series. However, Renee speaks.

    Thank you for your time! Now that contract signing is over, we continue tonight's Raw with a Divas Match as Paige goes one on one with Summer Rae!

    **SO COOL!**

    Paige's opponent comes out tonight to her old music from NXT as Summer Rae is here! Summer makes her way to the ring as Charlotte joins Cole, JBL & Saxton on commentary for our first match of the night!

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    Match 1. Summer Rae vs. Paige

    Finish: The first match of tonight was very back and forth as Summer Rae & Paige put on a great match. Summer Rae worked on Paige's head throughout this match as she looked to defeat The Diva of Tomorrow. The finish comes when Summer Rae goes for a Spinning Wheel Kick to deliver a final blow to Paige's head- but Paige manages to move out of the way as Summer misses! The two divas turn around as Paige nails Summer in the face with a Side Kick! This leads to Paige locking Summer in the PTO- as Summer has nowhere to go! Paige increases the pressure, and it's just too much for Summer as she taps out!

    After the match, Summer slides out of the ring as the referee raises Paige's hand in victory! Charlotte also decides that she has seen enough, as she removes her headset and gets out of her seat. She grabs her title, and joins Paige in the ring as the two divas stare each other down.

    Charlotte raises the Divas Championship in Paige's face- before screaming 'You will never take this away from me!' as Paige nods in disapproval. Charlotte begins to provoke Paige even more by shouting 'You're nothing!' before poking her several times. She pokes Paige once again...



    The fans ERUPT as Paige has snapped! She unloads on Charlotte with shots to the head as Charlotte counters back with shots of her own to the ribs! The two divas are all over each other as they're not going to wait until Survivor Series!

    Charlotte has the upper hand- as she continues her flurry of shots to the face before eventually getting up. She begins to kick Paige down before grabbing her by the hair- and HURLING her out of the ring. Charlotte screams 'I'M the Divas Champion' before exiting the ring with her title..

    But she isn't finished yet as she means business! She walks over to Paige, and slaps her face in the face before she takes advantage by pulling Paige's leg- and lifting her up onto the steel steps. Charlotte deviously walks back, and lines her up to finish her off...

    "You're not gonna walk into Survivor Series!"

    Charlotte charges at Paige with a Spear...


    The fans cheer as Charlotte has hit the barricade herself- and Paige moves away from Charlotte to recover. But Paige looks at a fallen Charlotte, before looking around at the fans in attendance tonight...


    The crowd cheers as a rampant Paige charges at Charlotte...


    There is nothing but absolute excitement from the crowd as Paige demolishes Charlotte tonight with a Spear of her own! The fans begin to chant 'PAIGE!' as loudly as possible as Paige grabs the Divas Championship- and raises it in the air. Cole ponders whether this is the sight we will see at Survivor Series as we head backstage!


    We see Triple H & Stephanie McMahon watching the tv monitor as the fans begin to boo loudly. Stephanie begins to speak.

    I can't believe that brawl Charlotte & Paige just had! What a way to kick things off tonight as the Divas Revolution continues to get more explosive!

    Hunter nods in agreement as he speaks.

    Yeah... it was great to see- but I wasn't too impressed that the two divas touched each other tonight. Sometimes, people need to save their conflict for the bigger picture- which is Survivor Series... which is why I'm making this clear.

    In tonight's sit-down interview backstage with Michael Cole, neither Cesaro nor Rollins can touch each other. And if they do?

    There won't be a match at Survivor Series.

    Hunter has made his words clear with Stephanie nodding in approval- as we head to another break.

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    The cameras cut backstage as we see Heath Slater. The fans respond with a light but mixed reaction for him. Slater looks up- as he sees two men.

    The Miz & Fandango!

    The Miz speaks.

    We've got a bone to pick with you!

    Miz & Fandango get in Heath's face as Heath gets worried.

    What on EARTH were you doing in our match on Smackdown? Our Main Event?

    Miz gets angry.

    Did someone put you up to this? Or are you just naturally deluded? Why would you come out, and interfere in a match which had absolutely nothing to do with you. You're not worthy of being in the same ring as the superstars in that match, you're not worthy of joining A-List Enterprises.

    There is absolutely nothing about you that screams A-List.

    Slater continues to look worried as he speaks.

    I didn't go out there to cost you two the match... that wasn't my intention. I simply just wanted to prove myself to you guys- because I really do think that I can thrive in A-List Enterprises.

    Slater speaks with passion as Miz & Fandango look at each other.

    The fact of the matter is this- I need to get my career back on track, and I think being a member of A-List Enterprises would be the best thing for me. I know that I would learn a hell lot from a man who has main evented Wrestlemania and a former world champion.

    Fandango interrupts.

    Oooohhhhh Heath, did The Miz just not make himself clear? You're not an A-Lister...

    Hell- you're not even a C-Lister.

    Damn. Slater nods as Fandango continues.

    We don't give a crap about your sympathy story, how are you going to fix something that was broken from the start? You were never gonna be anything.

    Are you really that desperate that you have to beg to join A-List Enterprises?

    Slater speaks.

    Look man... I wasn't begging.

    Miz cuts in.

    Enough! Slater, we've heard enough from you. We've got another main event match tonight against Alberto Del Rio & Dolph Ziggler- so we need to prepare for that. But as for you Slater?

    Miz gets in Slater's face.

    Stay away from us.

    We don't have time to associate ourselves with trash.

    Ouch. Fandango begins to chuckle as he walks off with The Miz- with Slater pondering The Miz's words.

    We head to the commentators- minus Michael Cole. Saxton talks about how he feels sorry for Heath Slater- as The Miz & Fandango's words are clearly getting to him. They also hype up a match for Survivor Series as Charlotte defends her Divas Championship against Paige! What a match that is going to be. But up next? We've got some action.

    The cameras cut to the ring to see NXT's Kenneth Crawford warming up for the next match.


    Neville's music hits as Greenville cheers loudly for the #1 contender to the Intercontinental Championship! Neville makes his way to the ring for the next match as he looks set to wrestle.

    Match 2. Nevile vs. Kenneth Crawford

    Finish: A simple match based on Neville absolutely dominating and showing off his his move-set. Crawford did get some offense in- but it wasn't enough as the match ended with Neville nailing Crawford with a Red Arrow and covering him for the win.

    After the match, Neville celebrates with the fans for a while. Neville heads to the back as the cameras cut to the announcers table. Saxton says that it was a big win for Neville as he looks ready for Survivor Series! He says that Kevin Owens vs. Neville is going to be amazing.

    JBL says talking of Kevin Owens, Michael Cole has gone backstage because he will be interviewing Owens shortly. He says that on Smackdown- we will also see Cole interview Neville backstage so we hear from both competitors by the end of the week.

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    We head backstage as we see Michael Cole sitting down in the interview room as he begins to talk.

    We are live backstage as I will be interviewing the Intercontinental Champion as we get closer to a big title match this Sunday on Survivor Series. My guest at this time, Kevin Owens!

    The camera zooms out as we see Kevin Owens, and Greenville erupts with a mixed reaction with mostly boos.

    Ever since you debuted on the main roster, you have made quite the impact- and at No Mercy, you became the Intercontinental Champion after defeating Ryback. How do you feel your run as champion has been so far?

    Owens begins to laugh.

    You know what Cole, I'm not even going to sit there and lie. That was the worst question you could've ever asked me. How do I feel about my reign as champion? Have you not been watching Raw & Smackdown recently?

    I haven't just been making an impact... no... I've been unleashing a reign of terror on the WWE roster. From me smashing Neville with a Pop-Up Powerbomb in the middle of the ring... to me blasting Curtis Axel with a Pop-Up Powerbomb onto the steel steps? Those weren't the actions of a villian, they were actions of a fighter.

    Because that's what I came here to do. I didn't come here to kiss ass, or shake hands, or any crap like that. I came here to fight. Fight Owens Fight. That's what I live by. I'm a Prizefighter, therefore I deserve the best challengers for PPV event...

    And the fact that I'm facing Neville at Survivor Series is absolutely sickening.

    Cole looks at Owens in confusion.

    Speaking of Neville, I don't see what is sick in him competing for the Intercontinental Championship. He has been on a good run lately, and he's gained a lot of momentum- enough to show that he could beat you at Survivor Series.

    Do you feel threatened by Neville?

    Owens begins to laugh loudly, almost looking shocked.

    Threatened? Hahahahaha. Are you kidding me? Why would I feel threatened by a pesky little rat who is in the way of my path of destruction? Neville is the hero for all the fans. He's here to avenge something that happened over in NXT when I took him out and injured him. Neville is pathetic. He doesn't have dominance in him.

    If you look at this match on paper, what do you see? Kevin Owens, the Intercontinental Champion- weighing at 6ft and 266 pounds. And as for Neville?

    A 4ft midget with elf ears.

    Neville is the clear underdog in this match- and he clearly doesn't match to someone as destructive as me.

    Owens speaks with confidence as Cole continues.

    You have been with Neville all around the world, you've teamed up with him, you've faced him in matches before... the fact that you two know so much about each other- how will this come into play at Survivor Series?

    Owens speaks.

    Yeah you're right Cole... I have traveled with Neville all around the world. And the funny thing is, he's always been below me. We didn't team up much- but even when we did, I've hurt my back so much from carrying him in tag team matches. When I've competed against him, the match has either ended with me defeating him- or me completely decimating him.

    It doesn't matter what I know about Neville, or what he knows about me- he was mediocre then, and he's mediocre now.

    Ratatouille doesn't have stand a chance of winning this match at Survivor Series.

    Owens smirks as Cole doesn't look too impressed.

    So as we get closer and closer to Survivor Series... you talk about how you've defeated Neville. You talk about how you've decimated him- out of those two things, what do you plan to do to Neville at Survivor Series?

    The Intercontinental Champion thinks to himself as a smile appears on his face.

    I plan to do both.

    A sadistic laugh from Owens as you can see Cole looking very uneasy.

    And from the way I see things? Neville has simply bitten off more than he can chew. Survivor Series is going to be a difficult task for Neville because I'm walking into that ring as not just the Intercontinental Champion, but a confident man as well, willing to do whatever it takes to still be champion and do what's best for my family.

    And if that means putting Neville's life in danger?

    Then that is no problem for me.

    Cole goes to continue speaking but Owens interrupts again.

    Enough from you, point the camera in my way!

    The cameras appear on just Owens as his eyes go cold.

    So Neville? The Man that Gravity Forget? I hope you're careful with what you wish for because everything's about to change for you. While you might be content in making people smile, there is only one thing on my mind.

    To finish you at Survivor Series.

    And that's exactly what I will do when I destroy you.

    Owens looks at the camera with fire before getting up from his seat, and walks off with his title as the interview ends.

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    The cameras cut to the commentators as we see Cole sitting with JBL & Saxton again. Cole talks about how things got very tense in the interview room as Kevin Owens made his intentions very clear- but he still feels that Owens is underestimating Neville. Saxton agrees- but JBL disagrees. JBL moves on, and says that it's time for one of our tag team matches for tonight!


    Prime Time Players' music hit as Titus O'Neil & Darren Young come out to a light pop from the fans. They make their way to the ring for the next match.


    The fans erupt with boos for the music of The Ascension! Konnor & Viktor come out, as the entire arena is dark and gloomy. The destructive duo walk down the ramp, and get into the ring for this match.

    Match 3. The Ascension vs. Prime Time Players

    Finish: The first tag team match tonight is very competitive. The Ascension's offense throughout the match has proven just how dominant they can be- whereas PTP are having lots of comebacks to no avail. Some frustration was seen in the eyes of both Titus & Darren Young. The finish of this match comes when The Ascension hit Titus with a Fall of Man. Viktor covers Titus to get the win!

    After the match, The Ascension celebrate their victory as they do their signature Rise pose. Cole talks about how The Ascension have been getting a huge string of wins as they look very devious. Back to the ring- The Ascension continue to celebrate, until Viktor looks down at a fallen Titus.

    Viktor stares back at Konnor- as Konnor begins to nod in approval.

    Oh shit. The Ascension look down on PTP- and the evil look on their face suggests that they are not finished. Viktor & Konnor walk over to Titus, and begin to kick him down as the fans begin to boo...

    But Darren Young goes to make the save! Young begins to trade shots with Viktor- but the numbers game strikes as Konnor drops Young to the floor with a lethal Clothesline. Konnor begins to kick down Young as Viktor kicks Titus out of the ring. Viktor turns around, and helps Konnor do the same to Titus- before Viktor grabs a mic.

    This... this was just a taste of what is to come at Survivor Series. What we... The Ascension just did to the Prime Time Players was just a little dose of what we're going to do to the Brothers of Destruction this Sunday.

    Fans boo loudly as Viktor passes the mic to Konnor.

    Kane... The Undertaker... they both think they're so smart. You thought did the right thing by challenging The Ascension to a match.. but we're going to prove exactly why the old generation doesn't come anything close to the new breed.

    And that makes us...


    The lights go out as Greenville erupts- and they know what's coming...


    The Brothers of Destruction come out- as The Ascension look on from the ring. The look on the faces of Kane & The Undertaker suggests that they are not leaving the arena tonight without a fight. The Ascension begin to motion for The BoD to come at them as they too look ready for a fight.

    And The BoD begin to walk down the ramp- and the fans cheer as we may have yet another brawl tonight with two of the most destructive tag teams! The BoD make it to just outside the ring- as the two teams begin to stare each other down.




    The Prime Time Players have clearly recovered from the attack- as they unload on The Ascension to cheers from the crowd! JBL questions whether this is a smart move- but Darren Young comes at Konnor with an elbow but Konnor ducks it- and Viktor turns away from Titus- before running at Young with Konnor...


    The fans boo as The BoD look on at the carnage from outside the ring. Young goes down leaving Titus on his own. Titus goes for a Big Boot to the face of Viktor but Viktor dodges it! As Titus turns around, The Ascension get in position to finish him off...


    Wasted. The Prime Time Players surely can't get up from this- as The Ascension have just destroyed them both. Meanwhile, The Ascension look back at their opponents for Survivor Series... which leads to The BoD getting into the ring as the fans cheer.

    The BoD & The Ascension engage in a huge staredown, and the fans chant 'This is Awesome!' as they are expecting the two teams to kill each other. Kane has a mic in his hand as he begins to speak.

    Don't run this time.

    The fans pop as Kane drops the mic- and The BoD are ready...

    But The Ascension walk away from The BoD yet AGAIN!

    Woah. Greenville are going absolutely crazy with boos as The Ascension back down from another fight. The BoD don't look surprised nor happy as The Undertaker picks up the mic.

    At Survivor Series? There will be no place to run...

    Or no place to hide.

    We get you all to ourselves...

    And The Ascension will REST IN PEACE!

    The Undertaker drops the mic in fury as The BoD do their signature poses towards The Ascension from the ring to cheers from the crowd. Konnor & Viktor don't look too amused, as they respond with the 'Rise' signature pose. Cole questions whether this is fear from The Ascension? But JBL says that The Ascension just destroyed Prime Time Players. What have they got to prove? They are biding their time, and waiting for Survivor Series- the 25th anniversary of The Undertaker, where the match really matters.

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    OOOHHHHH Greenville, South Carolinaaaaaaaaaaa...

    The fans respond with a mixed reaction.

    Don't you DARE be sour!

    Clap for your former Tag Team Champions...

    And feeeeeeeeeeel the POWWWAHHHHHHH!!


    The fans continue their mixed reaction as Xavier Woods, Big E & Kofi Kingston dance their way to the ring. Some fans can be heard chanting 'New Day Sucks!' at the former tag team champions, but neither of them look bothered as they continue to dance.

    The camera cuts to the ring as we see Sylvester Lefort & Marcus Louis from NXT ready for action as they take on The New Day!

    Match 4. The New Day vs. Sylvester Lefort & Marcus Louis

    Finish: While Lefort & Louis did get some offense in- this match was strictly a showcase for The New Day as Kofi Kingston & Big E looked very strong in this match. And as usual, there was a lot of 'New Day Sucks' chants The finish comes when The New Day blast Lefort with The Midnight Hour! Big E goes for the cover, and gets the win for the team.

    After the match, The New Day celebrate their win as Xavier Woods joins BIg E & Kofi in the ring. All three men have mics as Woods begins to speak.

    We are 6 days away from Survivor Series- where The New Day take on The Dudleyz in a match of The Dudleyz' choosing as we look to regain our...

    The New Day begin to shake their asses.

    W... W... E.... World.... Tag... Team... CHAAAAAAAMPIONS.

    Mixed reactions for the trio as Woods continues to speak.

    And we want to make something crystal clear... it doesn't matter stipulation The Dudleyz pick at Survivor Series because The New Day are going to defeat the champions anyway!

    Boos from the crowd as Kofi looks confused, and he speaks.

    I don't understand why y'all don't agree? Why are y'all rooting for the Grandads of this Tag Team division?

    The New Day laugh to themselves as Kofi continues.

    The Dudleyz are nothing but reckless savages! They made their big return to the WWE- and everybody in this arena... at home.. and in the back... all sung their praises. The Dudleyz this... The Dudleyz that... and as if that wasn't enough? They committed the worse crime of them all...

    They STOLE our Tag Team Championships!

    Big E & Woods are shocked, and they put their hands on the heads almost as if someone an actual crime has been committed.

    And yet The Dudleyz are STILL treated like they're something sacred when really...


    Kofi gets very irritated speaking about The Dudleyz- as Big E calms him down.

    Power of positivity man... that's all you need to think about. Because that's what The New Day have done from the very start! May I
    remind everybody here in attendance tonight that when we debuted... we did it with a smile- and y'all were hating on us by saying we suck.

    The fans chant 'New Day Sucks!' as Big E laughs.

    See what I mean? And when we won the Tag Team Championships... we did that with a smile as well. But where's OUR credit for being good people? We haven't done anything wrong here! We are the ones that are trying to protect y'all from negativity...

    We've even tried to protect your precious tables!

    So at Survivor Series... we're-

    But The New Day are interrupted as the TitanTron goes live backstage, and Greenville pops loudly for the two men responsible...


    Bubba Ray Dudley & D-Von Dudley both look into the cameras with their titles around their shoulder. Bubba speaks.

    You guys say you don't care about the stipulation we're going to choose for this Sunday? You guys say that you're going to defeat us at Survivor Series? Man- do we feel sorry for the fans here in Greenville tonight that have to listen to this garbage!

    The fans cheer for Bubba Ray.

    And it's not just the fans, it's everyone! Everybody has to put up with three pink unicorns that like to walk and talk.

    D-Von speaks.

    You can stand there in that ring- and beat as many tag teams as you want. You can talk all you want- but if you wanna know why these fans root for us? It's because we're real. We're the baddest tag team on this planet- and we've won 26 World Tag Team Championships in our career to prove that.

    We didn't come to the WWE to just lurk around and talk- we came back here for our throne- and you're damn right that we fought and took our throne back when we defeated YOU!

    The fans cheer as Bubba speaks.

    But do you know what? You guys are right when you say this... that The Dudleyz are reckless savages. Everybody knows what we've done in our careers... we've proven that we're dangerous. We're walking into this Sunday as champions for a reason... but this match isn't just about us. It's about The New Day as well...

    So let's talk about the stipulation for our match!

    The New Day look on as the fans begin a 'We Want Tables' chant but Bubba continues.

    Kofi... Big E... Xavier... you guys have already proven how funny you can be. But the time has come for you to prove how dangerous y'all really are... because at Survivor Series? The Dudleyz are defending the WWE World Tag Team Championships against The New Day in...


    The fans erupt as REAL worry appears on the faces of The New Day- but The Dudleyz aren't done yet as Bubba speaks.

    It's time to see how The New Day fare at OUR game...

    D-Von cuts in.

    Oh my brother...


    The TitanTron cuts off as The New Day stand in the ring- clearly not looking too happy about the choice of stipulation. However, the three men all look at each other in the ring- with a serious look, as Cole makes it clear that they have a tough task ahead of them at Survivor

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    The camera cuts to the ring as we see Liv Morgan from NXT warming up for the next match.


    The music of The Bellas hits as Greenville begins to boo loudly. Both of The Bella Twins come out- but it's Nikki Bella who is set for action as she makes her way to the ring with her sister Brie behind her.

    Match 5. Nikki Bella vs. Liv Morgan

    Finish: While Liv Morgan did get some offense in- this match is clearly there to make Nikki Bella strong as she dominates. The match comes to an end when Nikki hits Liv with a Bella Buster- before covering her for the win!

    After the match, Brie joins Nikki in the ring as the two divas celebrate. The referee raises Nikki's hand...


    But the music of ALICIA FOX sends Greenville into a frenzy of cheers as Nikki & Brie turn to the stage! An angry Alicia Fox comes out- as Cole states that an angry Alicia is not good for any diva! Alicia stands on the stage, clearly ready for a fight!

    However, Nikki can be heard screaming to Brie to take care of Alicia! Brie is reluctant to, but eventually she slides out of the ring. Brie & Alicia Fox begin to charge at each other, as the two divas begin to trade shots!

    The fans cheer as Brie goes for another shot, but she misses! Alicia grabs Brie, and spins her around before kicking her in the mid-section...


    Alicia takes care of Brie- and turns to the ring where Nikki stands. Oh oh. The look on Nikki's face suggests that she doesn't have a clue what she's got herself into. Alicia makes her way to the ring- and gets in as she doesn't want to wait until Survivor Series...

    But Nikki leaves the ring!

    A cowardly decision, says Cole- as Nikki keeps her eye on Alicia but walks over to Brie as she helps her sister up. The Bellas back up to the ramp as Alicia is full of fire- and Foxy screams and shouts at The Bellas as she makes her intentions for Survivor Series very clear.


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    The music of Alberto Del Rio blasts as Del Rio comes out to the stage to a great reaction from the Greenville crowd. He makes his way to the ring with a mic as Cole hypes up how he will be in the main event match along with Dolph Ziggler as they team up to take on Wade Barrett & Sheamus. Del Rio enters the ring- and stands in the centre as he begins to speak- with many 'Si!' chants tonight.

    Greenville, what's going on?!

    The fans pop as Del Rio continues.

    At No Mercy- I made my return to the WWE, and I made my return to the big leagues for one reason, and one reason only.

    To win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

    The fans cheer.

    And while I didn't get my shot straight away... I'm more than happy with that- because I'm not like some of the other guys in the back. I'm a man who loves competition, and if I have to earn my spot to be at the top again? Then I'm happy with proving myself around here.

    BUT- the truth of the matter is, the Raw after No Mercy was a night where I was set out to prove myself. I was put into the battle royal to become number one contender for the world title- but before that match even begun, I was attacked by two cowards from behind that go by the names of Wade Barrett & Sheamus.

    Boos from the crowd.

    I've had people asking me if I'm angry... and yes- I'm very angry. I'm absolutely livid.. but I want to take this time, to personally thank Barrett & Sheamus for what they did. You guys may have attacked me- but at the same time?

    You lit a spark inside me that I have never had before in a WWE ring.

    Cheers from the crowd.

    But that's not why I'm out here tonight. You see- at Survivor Series, I will be teaming up with a man that I have my differences with...

    'The Show-Off' Dolph Ziggler!

    The crowd cheers for the mention of Ziggler.

    And let's just say... Ziggler hasn't exactly been so welcoming- but I don't blame him. We have a past- we've put each other through hell, and none of us are going to forget that. BUT... I'm simply out here tonight to clear the air. I don't have a problem with you anymore Ziggler.. my problem is the question that is on everybody's mind.

    Will Dolph Ziggler & Alberto Del Rio be able to co-exist at Survivor Series?

    Del Rio pauses for a while, thinks to himself, before speaking again.

    Which is why I want to call you out Ziggler. I think it's time that we need to clear the air because we're grown men- and I want to make sure that there won't be any problems for Survivor Series. So Dolph Ziggler?

    Please join me in this ring so we can talk.

    Del Rio waits in the ring...


    Another pop from Greenville as the music of The Show-Off hits! Dolph Ziggler comes out, as Ziggler also has a mic in hand. He walks down the ramp- and he doesn't take his eyes off Del Rio as he enters the ring. But just as Ziggler is about to speak...


    The music of Sheamus hits as a sigh appears on the face of Ziggler as wel as Del Rio. Sheamus comes out with Wade Barrett- as the two men both have mics in their hand. Ziggler & Del Rio turn to the stage as Sheamus & Barrett begin to walk down the ramp whilst talking. Sheamus speaks first.

    Well... look who we 'ave here! Ya see, me & Barrett woulda never thought that we'd see Alberto Del Rio attempt to mend his relationship with Dolph Ziggler- because as Del Rio says... it's clear that the two men have had their differences.

    I mean.. who can forget the 7th April 2013. Monday Night Raw. That was a very monumental night for one man in the ring.. isn't that right Ziggler? That's the very same that night that Ziggler cashed in the Money in the Bank briefcase to become the new World Heavyweight Champion.

    And funnily enough... who was the champion at the time?

    Sheamus thinks to himself.

    Oh wait... it was Mr. El Patron himself- Alberto Del Rio!

    Ziggler looks towards the stage in fury as Sheamus & Barrett begin to laugh. They are standing outside the ring as Del Rio & Ziggler motion for them to enter- with Ziggler more annoyed due to the fact that he hasn't spoken yet. Barrett speaks as the fans chant 'You Look Stupid' at Sheamus.


    Fans boo Barrett as he speaks.

    How exactly did you get that victory over Del Rio, Ziggler? What condition was Alberto Del Rio in? Let's not forget that Del Rio had JUST finished a match after defeating Jack Swagger... Del Rio was worn down. He was tired. He had a bad leg after the match... and what did Ziggler do? He took advantage of the bad leg...

    How could you do something so cowardly Ziggler?

    Barrett mocks both men in the ring as he continues to laugh with Sheamus. Barrett continues to speak as Ziggler & Del Rio shout at the two men from the ring.

    And as if that wasn't enough... how about the 16th June 2013. WWE Payback. That was a huge night for you Alberto Del Rio- wasn't it?

    You were on a mission to regain the World Heavyweight Championship- a belt that Ziggler stole from you...

    But what did you do Del Rio? You became the World Heavyweight Champion that night.. but you did it in a way that can be classed as very, very despicable! Ziggler, I'm not too sure if you remember this very well.. due to your medical history with the amount of concussions you have had.

    The same concussions that Del Rio tried to take advantage of by kicking the crap out of your head.

    The fans boo as Sheamus & Barrett attempt to create more tension between Del Rio & Ziggler.

    Del Rio... how could you?!

    Barrett & Sheamus walk over to the commentary booth as they aren't done yet. Sheamus goes to speak.

    Whilst you guys might be teaming up at Survivor Series... you can't stand there- and act as if everything's okay. The team of Alberto Del Rio & Dolph Ziggler is like chalk and cheese... it just doesn't click. It's simply a-

    Del Rio interrupts.


    The fans erupt before chanting 'Si!' as Del Rio looks at Barrett & Sheamus in anger.

    You two might think you have the upper hand at Survivor Series... but it's not going to happen because we ARE going to co-exist together. And you're right... the team of The Show-Off & The El Patron of the WWE might be like chalk & cheese.. but we have a common enemy...

    And that means we're going to kick your asses at Survivor Series.

    Cheers from the crowd- as Ziggler begins to speak. He looks at Del Rio in the eye.

    Listen Del Rio.. you're right. We have had our differences.. and what you just said in the ring? It's EXACTLY why we don't get on. Let me make something crystal clear to you Mr. El Patron...

    Not you... not ANYBODY speaks for Dolph Ziggler.

    Mixed reaction from the crowd- as Del Rio nods in disapproval.

    But you're also right when you say we have a common enemy.

    Ziggler turns to Sheamus & Barrett.

    Like Del Rio, you guys attacked me and took me out backstage- but Del Rio managed to still compete in the Battle Royal. As if I wasn't at my lowest already after losing to Seth Rollins at No Mercy... I had one more chance. One more shot at being number one contender.. and it got flushed away because of you assholes!

    Barrett & Sheamus begin to trash talk as Ziggler continues.

    So at Survivor Series? The question that everybody has on their mind will be answered. Will Ziggler & Del Rio co-exist at Survivor Series? The answer to that is...


    The fans cheer loudly- and begin a 'Si!' chant as Del Rio nods in approval. But Ziggler isn't done.

    But don't get too friendly Del Rio... I didn't accept your offer to co-exist because you asked me to. This doesn't make us friends at all. I'm agreeing to do this for one reason.. because getting my hands on Sheamus & Wade Barrett?

    Is what's best for Dolph Ziggler.

    Ziggler drops the mic as he says that final line with fire- as Del Rio is clearly content with Ziggler's words. Barrett & Sheamus laugh- as they clearly don't think the team of Del Rio & Ziggler is going to work...
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    **I CAME TO PLAY!**

    The boos can be heard in Greenville as we hear the music of WWE's very own- The Miz! The Miz comes out with Fandango, as the two men have mics in their hand. And it's safe to say... they don't look too happy. Miz begins to speak.

    Really? Really?



    The Miz is very angry.

    Alberto Del Rio... Dolph Ziggler... how dare you? How dare you guys come out here and talk about your match at Survivor Series? Have you forgotten about the two men that you're going to be competing against tonight? In the main event of Monday Night Raw? Because it seems to us...

    That you are IGNORING A-List Enterprises!

    The fans boo as Del Rio & Ziggler look on. Fandango begins to speak.

    We are fed up of not being noticed.. we aren't going to have it anymore. We had our first match together in tag team action against Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns on last week's Smackdown... and our big opportunity got RUINED by one stupid individual...

    Heath Slater.

    The fans reply with a mixed reaction- as some 'Slater' chants can be heard.

    We lost that match... but tonight? The result is not going to be the same. Tonight- that piece of trash isn't going to be anywhere near the ring tonight. The A-List Enterprises... we're here to make a statement. This alliance has been responsible for MY resurgence... and we're going to put ourselves on notice.

    The Miz speaks.

    And it begins tonight... when we will defeat the bipolar pair of Alberto Del Rio & Dolph Ziggler. You guys want to claim that you will co-exist at Survivor Series? Well let's put that to the test tonight... but we want to give a spoiler alert... because it's myself & Fandango who are walking out of Raw tonight with the victory...

    Because we are A-List Enterprises...


    The Miz & Fandango drop their mics- as they walk down the ramp, and make their way to the ring. The two tag teams in tonight's main event stand in separate sides of the ring. On the other hand- Sheamus & Barrett join Cole, Saxton & JBL on commentary.


    Main Event: A List Enterprises vs. Alberto Del Rio & Dolph Ziggler

    Finish: This has been a superb back and forth tag team match. Del Rio & Ziggler have worked very well so far- with no issues seeming to be interrupting the relationship of the odd duo. On the other hand- The Miz & Fandango have been excellent at gaining heat from Greenville. Miz & Fandango have tried to avoid getting hit in the faces several times. As for Sheamus & Barrett on commentary, they have played down the idea of Ziggler & Del Rio being able to team up at Survivor Series.

    Back to the action- we have Del Rio & The Miz as the legal men. Miz charges at Del Rio with a Clothesline full of force.. but as soon as he's about to connect, Del Rio grabs Miz' arm before going for an Arm Wringer as Miz is in pain. Del Rio has hold of Miz' arm as Miz is
    now on the floor, and he bashes Miz' arm onto the canvas.

    Del Rio gets back up- as Miz is kneeling in the middle of the ring. Del Rio goes for a Low Superkick to the face of Miz.. but Miz is quick to move out of the way as Del Rio misses. A sneaky look appears on the face of Miz as he spins Del Rio around- and goes for an SKF...

    But Del Rio manages to twist out of it before pushing Miz with strength...

    Del Rio goes to get his forearm out to hit Miz in the face but Miz is quick to react...


    The two men go down as Del Rio has also landed on his back- and Ziggler begins to kick the canvas in rhythm as the fans begin to chant
    for Ziggler. Del Rio goes to crawl over to his partner as he looks set to tag him in- but he is unable to do so as a dizzy Miz grabs hold of Del Rio's legs.

    Miz slowly picks himself back up, and grabs Del Rio to the centre of the ring before working on his legs as he looks to brutalize Del Rio's leg- reminiscent of how Ziggler worked on Del Rio's leg on the Raw after Wrestlemania 29. Miz continues to kick Del Rio's leg as Miz then responds with a crying motion- clearly trying to wind Del Rio up.

    Miz doesn't stop working on Del Rio's leg- until turning to his face. He slaps Del Rio, and he slaps him yet again... but Del Rio grabs The
    Miz' arm...


    Del Rio locks Miz in his submission hold as he increases the pressure with Miz screaming in pain! The look on Miz' face suggests that he wants to tap out as Del Rio just keeps on pressing, but Miz attempts to crawl closer to the ropes whilst in pain. Del Rio continues to press... but Miz grabs hold of the ropes as Del Rio is forced to break the hold.

    The two men are shattered, as they look to crawl over to the partners. The fans begin a Ziggler chant again as Del Rio crawls to his partner... The Miz is crawling over to Fandango as he also wants to be tagged in...

    Fandango is tagged in...

    But Greenville POPS when Ziggler is tagged in!!

    The two men enter the ring- as Fandango charges at Ziggler with a shot to the face but Ziggler ducks. Ziggler bounces off the ropes- and turns back to Fandango before exploding with shots to the face of Fandango... Ziggler lines Fandango up...


    Fandango crashes to the canvas as Ziggler isn't finished yet. The fans are going nuts for Ziggler as he begins to get hyped. He begins to motion for Fandango to get up as he lines him up to finish him off... Fandango is eventually up...


    Greenville erupts with a pop as it must be over now! Ziggler goes for the cover...





    What? The fans react with boos as it seems like Heath Slater has refused to take The Miz & Fandango's advice from earlier on in the night. Slater comes out- with the fans responding negatively as the referee has stopped counting to turn his attention to Ziggler.

    Slater walks outside the ring- and gets up on the apron as he attempts to distract the referee. Miz begins to scream at Slater from the other side of the ring- telling him to get out as the referee says the same to Slater. An angry Ziggler gets up- and tries to get the referee to send the clumsy Slater to the back, but Slater isn't moving as he attempts to help Miz & Fandango yet again.

    Meanwhile, Del Rio jumps out of the ring to turn his attention to Slater- as Miz does the same. But just as it looks like Miz is going to get hold of Slater... instead he sneakily goes up to Del Rio- and spins him around from behind...



    Del Rio's face smashes onto the ground as neither Ziggler, Slater or the referee notice. Miz heads back to his position as Ziggler has had enough of Slater. With Slater refusing to move, Ziggler begins to take multiple steps back to the other side of the ring before charging at Slater...


    Greenville cheers as they could hear the connection of that Superkick- and Slater is knocked out of the ring! Fandango is slowly getting back up to his feet as Ziggler turns back around...


    The fans boo as Ziggler was distracted long enough for Fandango to take advantage! Fandango quickly gets back up to his feet, and walks to the corner before getting up on the top rope. Fandango looks down on Ziggler before launching off the air...


    Fandango goes for the cover as the referee begins to count.




    The A-List Enterprises have done it- much to the displeasure of the crowd due to the way they won. The Miz helps Fandango out of the ring- as Barrett & Sheamus begin to mock Del Rio & Ziggler for not winning.

    Fandango & The Miz begin to celebrate- but they look at Slater who is slowly getting up to his feet. Fandango & Miz are almost in shock, as they even they know that if it wasn't for Slater- they might not have got the win here tonight.

    The two men help Slater back up to his feet- and it's evident that they're treating the clumsy Slater as if he's some sort of god as they celebrate as if they've become champions. Slater clearly doesn't even have a clue as to what's just happened- but The Miz & Fandango head to the back along with Slater as Cole questions whether Miz & Fandango have finally accepted Slater's offer to join A-List Enterprises?

    We cut back to the ring as we see Ziggler who is in shock. Del Rio enters the ring- and tries to talk to an upset Ziggler but Ziggler clearly isn't having any of it. Del Rio goes to put his hand out to Ziggler- as Ziggler looks at the hand...

    But Ziggler walks away!

    Ziggler turns around, and exits the ring as Del Rio nods in disapproval. Ziggler heads to the back, clearly feeling sour over the loss to Fandango & The Miz leaving just Del Rio in the ring. Del Rio can't believe it- and he turns around to see Barrett & Sheamus mocking him. Del Rio points to Barrett & Sheamus- motioning that they will be defeated at Survivor Series.

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    We head to the announcers table as we see Saxton with JBL- minus Cole again. JBL talks about it's time for the final segment of the night- as Cole heads backstage again for another sit-down interview, but this time- it will be between the two superstars who will compete in the main event for Survivor Series!

    The camera cuts backstage to Michael Cole as we have Cole sitting in the interview room for our final segment of the night. The camera zooms out to reveal Cesaro & Seth Rollins sitting down on each other as Cole speaks.

    Welcome to our final interview of the night. I am sat down with Cesaro, and the WWE World Heavyweight Champion in Seth Rollins- will be competing in the main event of Survivor Series with the title on the line.

    So Cesaro, let's begin with you.

    It's no denying you've been on a roll for the last couple of months, so on a scale of 1 to 10- how confident do you feel heading into Survivor Series?

    Cesaro speaks.

    On a scale of 1 to 10- I'd have to say 11.

    Cole chuckles.

    You said it yourself Cole, I've been on a roll for the last couple of weeks. I haven't been this hot since I won the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle at Wrestlemania 30. There's no denying that this match at Survivor Series? It's the biggest match of not just my career, but my life.

    It's my first ever singles opportunity for the World Heavyweight Championship, but it's also my first ever chance to main event a PPV.

    I feel like I've come a long way- and there's a reason why I call myself the King of Wrestling. I've been in this business for 15 years, and
    all this hard work is paying off- and it all comes down to this moment at Survivor Series. I've been training hard, and I'm more motivated than ever, and with the support of the Cesaro Section?

    I'm confident that I will win the title this Sunday.

    Rollins simply rolls his eyes as Cesaro looks on. Cole turns to Rollins.

    Now to you Seth. Much like Cesaro, you have also been on a roll since Wrestlemania 31 when you cashed in the Money in the Bank briefcase to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

    What exactly is your mindset heading into Survivor Series?

    Rollins speaks.

    What is my mindset for Survivor Series? Well Michael...

    This match is going to be a walk in the park for me.

    Cesaro begins to chuckle himself as Rollins looks on.

    Don't even think about laughing at me Cesaro- you might have been on a roll for a few minutes, but I've been on the top of the world for last 6 months. I've defeated everybody that's been put in front of me. I've beat Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose. I've defeated Randy Orton who is a 13 time world champion.

    I've defeated John Cena who is a 15 time world champion- which, by the way, is the same man that you stepped up to twice and you STILL couldn't get the job done. I've defeated The Icon himself, The Vigilante in Sting. And the fact of the matter is?

    You don't even come close to those men.

    Cesaro sighs.

    You're simply just another contender for the title... another man for me to beat.. another tally for the chart. And the fact that you call yourself The King of Wrestling is a slap in the face to somebody like me... it makes my skin crawl...

    Just like I made the skin on your head crawl when I blasted you with a Pedigree onto my belt.

    An annoyed look appears on the face of Cesaro as it's now Rollins who chuckles to himself. Cole continues to speak as Cesaro remains calm.

    Back to Cesaro- speaking of the Pedigree onto the championship, it's clear you have minor injuries on your head as we can see from the bandage. Are you 100% heading into this match?

    Cesaro speaks.

    Cole- I feel more than 100%. I've gone through worse injuries before, Rollins tried to knock me down- but I'm still here aren't I?

    But back to you Rollins- I'm not going to sit here and play down what you've done around here. You have defeated some of the best superstars that WWE has to offer... but in most of those matches...

    You've had help from The Authority.

    The Authority have held your hand ever since you joined them, and the worst thing is- that I know for a fact you could've done everything you have accomplished without their help. I've wrestled you all over the world, I know what you're capable of- but it's still a shame that
    you let The Authority control you.

    My quest to win the WWE-

    Rollins cuts in.

    Nobody gives a damn about your quest!

    Cesaro doesn't look pleased with Rollins' interruption.

    You need to watch your mouth Cesaro. You think you know what I'm capable of, but this isn't the indies anymore. This is the big leagues.

    Unlike you- I managed to evolve around here. You're messing with a whole different man at Survivor Series. Everybody talks about what you did to The Big Show at No Mercy- and yeah, sure, you might have made him tap out. You might have put him through an announcers table with a Neutralizer...

    But that is nothing compared to what I've done around here.

    Both men have serious looks on their faces as the tension builds.

    I'm the same man that broke John Cena's nose. I'm the same man that hit Randy Orton with a Curb Stomp into steel steps. Do you remember the time when Dean Ambrose got Curb stomped into cinder blocks? I did that. I took those men out of action, and took years off their careers.

    And I plan to do the same to you at Survivor Series. Don't get me wrong Cesaro, you're one hell of an athlete- but it's a known fact around here that the only place you thrive in is the tag team division. You're a tag team specialist. But as for you being in the main event scene?

    You're simply not cut out for it.
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