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    Raw: 9th November 2015 Review:

    Firstly, good too see you back in the booker section bro and posting another show. I'll have to get familiar with the feuds again but I'm looking forward to reading along and seeing what you come up with going forward.

    Here we go!

    Good show introduction and cool to see it's live from the UK. Some big matches and having the Brothers of Destruction there as well should be awesome.

    Good intense opening promo to start the show. Cesaro not backing down and there was even a hint that the "King of Wrestling" could go one on one with the "King of Kings" that would be sick. Cesaro will run the gauntlet tonight and it will be interesting to see who he faces.

    Foxy picking up the first win of the night but as expected- Nikki Bella get's involved and it's soon a 2 on 1 situation. Fox will face Nikki at Survivor Series though and I wonder if she will have some back up? Guess we will see.

    It's a New Day, yes it is.. Out come the trio of Kofi, Woods and Big E and they have their say. Promo seemed a little off to me- I don't know, was missing something a little. Personally, I found it hard to write promo's for the New Day when I was doing my WWE Booker and this came across as the same.

    New Day pick up the big win thanks to some help from the deranged Stardust who would distract Sin Cara and ultimately cost the Lucha Dragons the win. I liked the promo from Stardust- especially the mention that everyone knows Cody, but Cody Rhodes is weak unlike his alter ego. Good job.

    WE.. THE PEOPLE! Nice little promo. Wouldn't mind seeing Swagger win the US title and have a good run.

    Good to see the Dudleyz win! Good match.

    Great promo exchange from Charlotte and Becky. Perhaps the promo of the night for me. I think you nailed both parts of the promo and even with the crowd chanting for Paige and then just having her come down- I could picture it in my head. Good job.

    Interesting choice to go with the double count out but it works well with the announcement from Steph to have a triple threat match at Survivor Series. Fine with me.

    Promo from Wyatt followed- teasing another addition to the Wyatt Family. I assume this might be Braun? I can't remember if he's debuted in your "BTB" yet but would be cool to get someone completely different. In fact- I'm not sure if it's your booker or someone else's- but didn't they get Adam Rose? If so, could be Kruger.

    Good back and forth match between Dolph and Del Rio. No contest as Wade and Sheamus continue there allegiance and attack both men. Wonder what will happen with this now? Not sure.

    Well- didn't have to wait long! Hunter announces that Dolph and Del Rio will team to face Sheamus and Barrett. Makes sense and I liked that Wade and Sheamus questioned Hunters choice and how Triple H followed that up by announcing that DZ and Del Rio are not going to be able to team together and stay on the same page.

    Typical Kevin Owens Haha! Great segment all round. I liked how Axel got a strong showing and how the match was said to be match of the night. The promo's from KO was good and Neville coming down at the end was cool as well. All worked well.

    Good segment between the Brothers of Destruction and the Ascension. I'm excited too see how this plays out. Los Matadores coming down was a cool touch that you could easily see the WWE doing to make the crowd happy and it worked well here too.

    So Tyler Breeze will be at Survivor Series. Cool with me. Interested to see how how you use him.

    Great way to end the show man! Really good Main Event and Cesaro came so, so close! It was always going to happen that Barrett and Sheamus wouldn't let him get the victory in the end. Seth coming down while Cesaro was already beaten was fitting as well. That's something he would do for sure. Dolph and Del Rio though come out and even out the numbers and all hell broke loose. Great ending.

    Overall- Good show, it felt important with it being a UK show as well. I'd say I enjoyed the promo exchange from Charlotte and Becky Lynch most- I think you nailed that. I liked the use of the Red coloring as well- highlighted the importance of such moments and made them stand out.

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    Promo of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.

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    Firstly- with The New Day. I do find them very hard to write for, and in my opinion- I don't think I've booked them well. I do have an idea that will hopefully solve that in the future which should sick heading into Wrestlemania season.

    Strowman is already in the Survivor Series match- but there is still a 5th man yet to be revealed. We will find out who it is on this week's Smackdown haha!

    Extremely happy that you liked the Lynch/Charlotte segment in particular- I thought Lynch's character at the moment was perfect for Charlotte to exploit.

    Thanks for the review brother! Really glad that you enjoyed most of it, I tried to make it big as it was a show in Manchester- and I feel like I pulled it off!

    Smackdown will be going up later guys! It will be a big one.

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    Smackdown: 12th November 2015

    Manchester, England - The Manchester Arena

    The show begins with Team Roman Reigns standing in the ring as Smackdown kicked off in Manchester, England! Each member was announced, as Dean Ambrose, The Usos & Randy Orton were mentioned to cheers- apart from the captain of this team in Roman Reigns, who received a huge negative reaction from the crowd.

    Roman says that he's glad to be in Manchester as well!

    The fans respond with a 'Roman Sucks' chant, as there is also a light 'Let's Go Roman' chant as well.

    Reigns says that we're getting closer to Survivor Series which means we're getting closer to 10 men going to war at Survivor Series. The word 'war' has been repeated a million times by everyone in this match.. but that's just the perfect word for this rivalry. He said that this match is personal... and he vows that they will win this war.

    And it doesn't matter who comes out victorious or who the final member of The Wyatt Family is for Survivor Series.. but people are gonna be put in stretchers. People are gonna get injured.. and you're damn right that someone's gonna get their ass kicked in that squared circle at Survivor Series!

    The fans respond with a mixed reaction as The Usos step in.

    Jey Uso says that The Wyatts have took food of not only his family's table.. but the family of his brothers' table as well. And it's not even just them... it's Orton's family too. Jimmy Uso says that The Wyatts think they can do whatever they want around here.. and Bray Wyatt seems to have his family on his puppet-strings. The Wyatts are fighting a war simply just for Bray himself- but Team Roman Reigns are fighting with each other and for each other...

    And it's gonna get Oh So Crazy in this war baby!

    The fans cheer The Usos as they look determined. The Viper cuts in.

    Orton says that Bray Wyatt is many, many things. He's the Eater of Worlds... The New Face of Fear... but as far as he's concerned? Wyatt messed with The Viper... and at Survivor Series?

    There's gonna be an RKO heading in every member of his Family's way.

    The fans cheer and begin an 'RKO' chant as Orton is hyped.

    He said that who knows.. maybe one member of The Wyatts doesn't get an RKO. What if... and he means this, he isn't messing about... what if one member of The Wyatt got a Punt Kick instead?

    Manchester explodes as Orton delievers that line with anger.

    Orton says that he's gonna take them out just like they took him out, and The Wyatts aren't gonna leave Survivor Series!

    The fans cheer yet again as they are clearly behind Orton tonight. Dean Ambrose begins to talk.

    He says that he's faced Bray Wyatt before.. and it's safe to say that he isn't a normal guy. Hell... Ambrose isn't even a normal guy himself. He's the Lunatic Fringe.. he's the man that likes snapping spines and breaking bones.. and he promises that he's ready for each and every single son of a bitch in The Wyatt Family!

    Manchester erupts with cheers.

    Ambrose says that by the way- he did just call Sister Abigail a bitch... Whatcha gonna do Bray?

    Manchester replies with 'oooohhh' as Ambrose mocks Bray Wyatt and Sister Abigail.

    Ambrose says that as for the final member of The Wyatts? Well, it could be anyone. But...

    And Manchester explodes with loud boos as The Miz' music hits! Ambrose is visibly pissed off as The Miz comes out with Fandango as he has recently become the second member of A List Enterprises. The fans then begin to sing Cha-Cha-La-La which is Fandango's theme- even though it didn't hit.

    The Miz says really? Really? Really? He says that Team Roman Reigns come out here.. and talk about what they're going to do with The Wyatts at Survivor Series- but he needs to remind them of something.

    Survivor Series is next week, not this week.

    It's not tonight.

    Why on earth would Survivor Series be held in an awful town like Manchester?

    The fans boo loudly as The Miz & Fandango laugh.

    Fandango says that Reigns & Ambrose are soooooo obsessed with The Wyatt Family... that they have seemed to forgot that they're in the main event of Smackdown tonight..

    They're facing The Most Awesome Man in the WWE... The Miz

    Fans boo.

    And they're also facing the most beautiful Ballroom Brawler in the world... Fan...Dan...Go.

    The fans respond by singing to Cha-Cha-La-La as they are clearly having fun.

    He asks how dare they ignore two of WWE's most beautiful superstars? He says that The Miz has the Money Maker face... whereas Fandango has The Ballroom Blitz which makes them unique.

    And not ONCE did Reigns or Ambrose mention the two of us..

    What an ugly mistake.

    Ambrose cuts in.

    A furious Ambrose tells Fandango to shut his mouth or he'll come over there and smash both of Fandango's AND The Miz's heads on that stage with Dirty Deeds.

    Huge pop from Manchester.

    He says that if Fandango & The Miz wanna be noticed so bad with this whole A-List Enterprises crap... then why don't they step into this ring- and fight him & Reigns right now?

    Why wait till the main event?

    Ambrose drops his mic- and takes off his vest as he's ready for action. Reigns steps in- and he too is ready as Orton & The Usos look on.

    Fandango begins to cough, as The Miz attends to him. It's clear that this is simply a ruse, and The Miz begins to speak.

    The Miz says no can do.. our tag team match has been booked as the main event.. and right now? It looks as if Fandango is ill. The Miz sarcastically asks Fandango if he's okay?

    Fandango begins to cough again, before pretending to sneeze on the mic- which pisses Reigns & Ambrose off.

    Fandango begins to speak- as he says that he doesn't feel well... but he's sure that he will be better right before the main event.

    The fans boo loudly as Miz interrupts. Team Roman Reigns aren't surprised at all by the excuses.

    The Miz says that it's clear he must take Fandango to the back- but as for Reigns.. and Ambrose? You better be prepared for The A-List Enterprises to show you up tonight.

    The Miz drops the mic before helping Fandango up- as the two men have clearly cooked up an excuse to avoid a fight right now. Reigns & Ambrose look on from the ring- as the fans boo the actions of Miz & Fandango.


    A recap of the previous segment is shown- as the main event is hyped up as Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose vs. The Miz & Fandango!

    Match 1. Stardust def. Sin Cara via submission after making Sin Cara tap out to the Astral Armbar.

    Post-Match Notes: Sin Cara came out with Kalisto. The build-up of this match was highlighted by commentary as Stardust tried to break Kalisto's arm which led to Sin Cara making the save for his partner, much to Stardust's disapproval. This match was very back and forth, as Sin Cara displayed great skill and athleticism. However, Stardust dominated the match as he looks stronger heading into the US Championship Tournament Finals. After the match, Stardust teased breaking Sin Cara's arm again- but Kalisto pulled Sin Cara out of the ring as quickly as he could. The crowd was behind Sin Cara in this match- and there was a mixed response for Stardust with mostly 'Cody' chants.


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    Ryback is backstage on the TitanTron as the Manchester crowd began a 'Feed Me More' chant.

    Ryback says that last week, he got outsmarted by Rusev & Lana- but he should've seen that coming. He says that Lana might be pretty... but she's pretty stupid as well for getting back with that bastard.


    He asked Lana how it felt knowing that Rusev chose Summer Rae over her?

    Manchester replies with 'oooohhhh.'

    Or the fact that he called you a fish?

    Another pop from Manchester.

    He said Lana & Rusev are bad as each other... but he understands why they are back together.

    Because Rusev needs her.

    Ryback looks on in anger.

    Rusev has always needed Lana- throughout his time as being undefeated, he had Lana on his side. He had her the moment he stepped into the WWE. But that's not a disadvantage- together, Lana & Rusev dominated the WWE on Rusev's way to becoming the US Champion, and his title reign himself. They are a dangerous couple.

    But he's not going to let that affect him. As dangerous as they can be- it's not gonna change the fact that he wants to cave Rusev's skull.

    He says that Rusev can't stop running away from him..

    And he will tear the so called Super Athlete apart when he sees him.

    Feed. Me. More.

    The fans cheer Ryback on as the TitanTron cuts off.

    A recap of Stardust defeating Sin Cara is shown before the camera cuts to show a graphic of Ryback vs. Rusev in a Grudge Match for Survivor Series.

    Bo Dallas' music hits as Bo comes out to a mixed reaction from Manchester with a mic.

    Bo says that he feels absolutely honored to be in the Semi Finals of the US Championship Tournament. His opponent tonight is Damien Sandow... a man that was able to break away from The Miz and be his own. The Intellectual Savior of the WWE is ready to break out and become US Champion...

    But the problem for Sandow is...

    It's Bo Dallas' time.

    He says that he's not waiting anymore. He started over at NXT- and he was the reason why NXT was a huge success! His reign as the NXT Champion stole the hearts of many people.. and it showed- that dreams CAN come true guys!

    Manchester laughs as a mixed reaction is given for Dallas.

    Dallas says that he Bo-lieved in himself when others didn't... and in NXT he defeated the likes of Cesaro!

    Fans cheer.

    Sami Zayn!

    More cheers from the crowd.

    And he put those guys to shame because they doubted him.

    Fans boo before chanting 'Ole!' loudly. Some fans even lift up a Cesaro Section sign.

    And tonight? He will put Damien Sandow to shame, and defeat him to move closer to pursuing another dream which he will achieve...

    Winning the US Championship.

    The crowd boos Dallas as Dallas smiles obliviously- thinking the Manchester crowd is behind him. Damien Sandow's music hits- as Manchester erupts for his music! Sandow has a mic in his hand as Manchester are behind him.

    Sandow says that before Dallas said it was his time.. he actually agreed with everything Dallas had to say. He's right... Sandow did break out on his own. He is ready to become US Champion- and he understands Dallas' desire to become champion too.. but Dallas is too oblivious to the fact that he WON'T become champion.

    The fans cheer as Dallas simply grins. Sandow slides into the ring as he eyes up Dallas.

    Sandow says that Dallas is also oblivious to the fact...

    That he simply sucks.

    More cheers.

    He says that he has done what it's took. He's defeated The Miz- and conquered him. He got rid of the dead fight- but now? It's time for a new challenge...

    Which is holding his first ever singles title in the WWE.

    Cheers from Manchester again.

    And to get to the finals of this tournament... he has to wrestle Dallas to get through to the finals.

    He says that Dallas has plenty of experience from NXT- and there's no denying that he dominated over there as champion. But tonight's Dallas' dream will be just that...

    A dream.

    It will be a dream, a fantasy- because he promises that he's gonna beat the crap out of Dallas tonight, and defeat him to advance to the finals.

    You're welcome.

    Sandow drops the mic as Manchester pop but Dallas' smile turns to anger as he gets ready to attack Sandow- but the referee is quick to intervene before Dallas can do anything. The referee manages to split them up- and he calls for the bell to be rung.

    Match 2. Damien Sandow def. Bo Dallas via pinfall after hitting Dallas to with You're Welcome before pinning him to advance in the US Championship Tournament Finals.

    Post-Match Notes: Sandow & Dallas's aggression matched as both superstars put their all in to try and advance into the tournament. Dallas' heel antics brought the best out of Sandow as Manchester rooted for Sandow to win this match, with Dallas getting good heat too. After the match, Sandow pointed at the US Championship to motion he was going to win it.

    After the match, the cameras cut backstage to show that Jack Swagger & Zeb Colter were watching Sandow's win. The camera cut to another section backstage where Stardust looked on- and The Prince of Dark Matter began to laugh at Sandow getting the win.


    Lana & Rusev were backstage on the TitanTron as Manchester responded with boos. Lana was about to speak, but the fans began to chant 'We Want Lana' as Lana smiled.

    Lana said that everybody wants me, but The Bulgarian Brute in Rusev is the only MAN that can have me!

    The fans began to boo again.

    Lana said that Ryback is so petty bringing up the past, but herself & Rusev are happily engaged so it's not about the past. It's about the
    future- and next week, we have Survivor Series.

    Lana smiles.

    She has spoken with The Authority- and they have made a Grudge match official for the ppv event in Atlanta, Georgia. She says that Rusev will go one on one with Ryback.

    Cheers from the crowd.

    Ryback seems to acknowledge that herself & Rusev are a dangerous couple- but he doesn't seem to be scared of us. She says that Rusev doesn't need to be scared of Lana, because it's Rusev going into that ring at Survivor Series. She says that Rusev is as hungry as either, and he's ready to build himself back up again. And at Survivor Series- we will see who the real wrecking ball is.

    Rusev steps in.

    He says that Ryback wants to bring up the past- well he's going to make sure that Ryback IS THE PAST at Survivor Series. Rusev says that at Survivor Series... he will CRUSH Ryback and there will be no more of The Big Guy!

    Rusev begins to speak in Bulgarian before finishing off with...


    Rusev gestures in anger that he's going to crush Ryback as Lana looks at him in the eye- and smiles as two are reunited.

    Match 3. Wade Barrett def. Heath Slater via pinfall after knocking Slater out with the Bullhammer

    Post-Match Notes:
    This match was unexpected as many didn't expect the two of them to go at it in a physical match. Slater fought a lot harder, and he played the underdog- whereas Barrett was the aggressive heel. Sheamus was at ringside, and Manchester erupted for Barrett when he came out, but they hated Sheamus too. Both men were over in this match.


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    Match 4. Team BAD def. Peyton Royce, Liv Morgan & Billie Kay via submission after Sasha Banks made Liv Morgan tap out to the Bank Statement.

    Post-Match Notes:
    Nattie came out for commentary- and it was hyped up that Team BAD would reveal their team for Survivor Series. Team BAD were made to look very strong in this match as they dominated. Manchester responded with We Want Sasha chants every time Tamina & Naomi were in the ring. Banks got a hot tag in, and locked Morgan in the Bank Statement as Morgan tapped. Nattie spoke highly of Sasha Banks, and said Sasha was the future- but she doesn't like her attitude.

    After the match, Team BAD celebrate as Naomi grabbed a mic. She looks over to Nattie..

    Naomi asks Nattie what you looking at?

    The fans boo as Nattie trash talks back.

    Naomi says that at Survivor Series- it will be Team BAD vs. Nattie & a partner of her choice.

    And last week, Nattie demanded that Team BAD reveal which two divas that Nattie would face at Survivor Series. She says that Nattie wants to focus on the bad girls- because she doesn't want to think about finding a partner. But she understands why though...

    Nattie simply ain't got no friends.

    The fans boo as Nattie looks on angrily.

    Naomi says that she has already spoke with The Authority about which divas from Team BAD would be teaming up at Survivor Series for the match.

    Naomi goes to continue speaking- but the camera shows Sasha Banks & Tamina looking at Naomi in confusion as they don't seem to recall the conversation.

    Naomi says that at Survivor Series- the two divas representing Team BAD to face and defeat Natalya and a partner of her choice will be...



    And TAMINA!

    Woah. As soon as Naomi drops that line, Sasha Banks' face goes from confused to just pure anger. The camera cuts to Nattie- as Nattie looks shocked with that decision. Sasha can't believe it either- as Tamina turns around, and grins in her face. Manchester begins to chant 'We Want Sasha' in a response to that decision.

    Naomi speaks, and looks at Sasha...

    Maybe next time.

    Naomi & Tamina walk off as the fans boo loudly. Sasha is standing in the ring- with Naomi & Tamina waiting for her, and Sasha eventually follows them to the back as The Boss is clearly gutted. Nattie talks about how this isn't like The Boss at all- the real Sasha Banks would've never just followed Tamina & Naomi like that. Sasha deserved a spot in that tag team match at Survivor Series- as that PPV event is one of the big 4's. She reckons that Sasha doesn't need Team BAD.


    The cameras cut backstage as we see The Miz & Fandango speaking to each other. The fans began to boo- but Miz & Fandango turn around to see an unhappy superstar behind them...

    Heath Slater!

    Miz & Fandango begin to laugh.

    Miz asks Slater what he wants? The directions? You've been here for 5 years and you still can't find your way?

    Slater continues to look upset.

    Miz says that it's okay though.. no need to look upset. Your career hasn't exactly gone as planned, has it now? I mean, loss after loss after loss, it just gets... tiring doesn't it?

    Miz continues to laugh as Slater speaks.

    Slater says that The Miz is right... Fandango is right.. everybody right is to just laugh at him. But he's sick of it. He's sick of constantly losing each match he's in. He's sick of being the laughing stock around here. He needs an opportunity.. something that will put him back on the scene.

    Miz & Fandango look intrigued.

    Slater says that he knows about the A-List Enterprises.. and he thinks that it has huge potential to be something huge. He says that The Miz brought Fandango in- and Fandango looks more solid as ever.

    And he wants to suggest someone that would make A-List Enterprises even more bigger.


    Heath Slater baby!

    The Miz & Fandango begin to whisper to each other. The two men turn back to Slater.

    Miz says do you want to know what... maybe.. maybe that isn't such a bad idea?

    Miz turns to Fandango- as Fandango speaks.

    Fandango says that's the WORST idea he's ever heard!

    Miz & Fandango begin to laugh again as Slater looks on, even more depressed than before.

    The Miz says that he saved Fandango because he knows Fandango has potential. But as for you? You don't have any potential at all.

    You're just pathetic.

    The devastating words hit Slater as Miz continues.

    Miz says that he went out there against Wade Barrett- and he fought like a wimp. He doesn't have a single reason to include Slater in The A-List Enterprises... and you said it yourself.

    You're a laughing stock.

    The fans can be heard booing loudly.

    So if you don't mind, we have a match to be heading to...



    So get out of our way.

    Slater is as upset as he has ever looked as The Miz & Fandango walk off- with the two men being set to be in the main event for tonight.

    Match 5. Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose def. The Miz & Fandango via pinfall after Ambrose hit The Miz with Dirty Deeds to get the win.

    Post-Match Notes:
    Throughout this match, Manchester began to boo everytime Reigns entered the ring- but cheered whenever Ambrose entered. The match came to an end when Heath Slater came out- clearly looking to prove himself as he made his way down to the ring. The Miz had Ambrose in control- but The Miz put his focus on Slater, screaming at Slater to get out. Slater screamed 'I'm on your team!' as he was set on helping The Miz- only to get hit by a Superman Punch by Reigns! This led to Ambrose hitting Miz with Dirty Deeds, and getting the win. Slater got a mixed reaction from Manchester.

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    After the match, Reigns & Ambrose celebrate their win as they look stronger heading into Survivor Series. The Usos & Randy Orton came out to join the team as Team Roman Reigns stood in the ring.

    The light goes out. The TitanTron begins to get fuzzy as a graphic of The Wyatt Family plays. It then cuts to Bray Wyatt with a lamp...


    We're here.

    Jheeze. This is by far the loudest pop of the night for Bray Wyatt despite being villains as Manchester erupts. The Wyatt Family's music begins to play as the fans put their torches on.

    Bray Wyatt comes out as he can be seen with the lamp, and the fans cheer yet again!

    Wyatt stands on the stage- eyes on Team Roman Reigns, and he bursts into a fit of laughter. The lights cut back on.

    And we see Braun Strowman, Luke Harper & Erick Rowan standing behind Wyatt.

    The fans begin to sing 'He's Got The Whole World In His Hands' in chorus with each other as the atmosphere is incredible. The faces in the ring stare at The Wyatts in anger.

    Wyatt has a mic in his hand, and The Eater of Worlds begins to speak.

    Look at you... look at every single one of you false prophets standing in that ring. None of you fools know what's gonna hit you at Survivor Series. You want to act as if you're ready for this war? Just because you're all aligned with each other.. it doesn't mean you're prepared for this.

    Because war is OUR game!

    Wyatt laughs.

    Standing behind me.. we have The New Face of Desolation... Luke Harper.

    Wyatt points to Harper as fans reply with cheers and boos.

    The New Face of Vengeance... Erick Rowan.

    Wyatt points at Rowan as the fans boo.

    And The New Face of Destruction... Braun Strowman.

    Wyatt points at Strowman, as Manchester erupts for the monster.

    Take a look at them... take a look at my family! We aren't humans.. we aren't superstars... we're monsters. We're invincible. The Wyatt Family is big.. it's bad...

    And it's about to get a whole lot badder with the 5th monster.

    The babyfaces in the ring look on- as they clearly want to know who the 5th man is for Survivor Series.

    Wyatt says that the truth is.. this monster is a whole different breed.

    He used to be a Hunter.

    Some members in the audience cheer as they know what's coming.

    Wyatt says that this man went from someone that used to hunt for prey- to a man that became a Party Animal.

    Therefore... he turned weak.


    He used to be called Adam Rose.

    The fans erupt as soon as Wyatt drops that name, but Wyatt continues to speak. The faces look on in disgust.

    But now? He isn't Adam Rose anymore. The Wyatt Family have done everything they can to bring back the hunter inside him... and this man is officially a hunter again. He's officially a monster again.

    The final man of The Wyatt Family at Survivor Series will be...


    The lights go off as Manchester erupts with a 'Holy Shit' chant- and Leo Kruger's music hits to a HUGE ovation from Manchester!

    Kruger comes out, as Team Roman Reigns are completely shocked. The spotlight goes onto Kruger- as the Kruger from NXT is back- and Adam Rose is clearly no more! The lights go back on again.

    Kruger stands with the wolf-pack as he stands side by side with Strowman, Harper & Rowan. Wyatt stands in the centre of the four monsters- before kneeling down- and putting his hands out in the air. The fans begin to sing He's Got The Whole World In His Hands again as Team Roman Reigns can't believe it with Smackdown ending!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaz11 View Post
    Firstly- with The New Day. I do find them very hard to write for, and in my opinion- I don't think I've booked them well. I do have an idea that will hopefully solve that in the future which should sick heading into Wrestlemania season.

    Strowman is already in the Survivor Series match- but there is still a 5th man yet to be revealed. We will find out who it is on this week's Smackdown haha!

    Extremely happy that you liked the Lynch/Charlotte segment in particular- I thought Lynch's character at the moment was perfect for Charlotte to exploit.

    Thanks for the review brother! Really glad that you enjoyed most of it, I tried to make it big as it was a show in Manchester- and I feel like I pulled it off!

    Smackdown will be going up later guys! It will be a big one.
    You're welcome bro! =) I enjoyed it all man- good show.

    That's cool mate, I'll give Smackdown a read soon.

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    Feud of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique
    Shocking Moment of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique

    Feud of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.
    Promo of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.

    1x Women's Champion - Akira Tajiri
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    WWE Survivor Series Card

    Pre-Show Matches

    Alicia Fox vs. Nikki Bella

    Ryback vs. Rusev

    Main Show Matches

    Cesaro vs. Seth Rollins (c)- WWE World Heavyweight Championship

    The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan, Braun Strowman & Leo Kruger) vs. Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Randy Orton & The Usos- 5 on 5 Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match

    Damien Sandow vs. Stardust vs. Jack Swagger- US Championship Tournament Finals

    Neville vs. Kevin Owens (c)- WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

    Paige vs. Charlotte (c)- WWE Divas Championship Match

    The New Day vs. The Dudleyz (c)- WWE Tag Team Championship Match- Stipulation (TBD)

    Team BAD (Naomi & Tamina) vs. Natalya & ?

    Wade Barrett & Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio & Dolph Ziggler

    The Ascension vs. The Brothers of Destruction

    Tyler Breeze makes his WWE debut

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    Raw will going up soon!

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    Get this one last filler out of the way.


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