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    Summer Slam Revenge Tour Thread (BTB-looking for partner)

    Summer Slam Heat Revenge Tour

    This thread can be a back to back if anyone is interested in co-writing a show of any brand. We will have the entire roster of a show at our disposal but with the twist of once there are storylines for certain wrestlers, than they are off limits or you get the writer's consent in using them.

    This thread will start off by me and/or anyone can make a randomized Summer Slam card, 50/50. And write out/results of their own matches(in any style) by this sunday for posting our matches before the actual SS PPV.

    Msg me or reply here if you're interested and we will smooth out a simple and functional system and whatever questions you may have.

    Also has to utilize the current roster and make our own stories, if you're looking for such a creative outlet for free non-current wwe writing of storylines or whatever you wanna do. Lemme know.

    Thanks for reading.


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