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    I'm a tna fan, but damn tna is going to die. Dixie Carter is an idiot plain and simple. Tna just have nothing going right for them. They just dropped that Hogan dvd as well. I'll be there for the funeral though. Just like I did for wcw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chunkkynutzzz View Post
    Because TNA are run by monkeys slapping Keyboards
    Don't insult the monkeys.

    This is just lame. Was never a fan of overrated Bully Ray, and he should have never been brought back in the first place. Might as well start a gofundme campaign for TNA's funeral. Given the circumstances, they probably don't have enough to cover the cost.

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    They seem to be cutting costs by letting many talent go from their contracts then using them for certain tapings when needed (if available) not sure how this feeds into long term booking plans?

    Listening to Jeff Jarrett and Magnus on Jericho's podcast, I'm not too sure if a GFW invasion angle is a thing. It seems to me that Jeff is just setting up working relationships with lots of different Feds to do talent exchanges and get the GFW name out there.

    It's really all up in the air until September rolls round and we find out if the DA rumours are true or not. The stories I'm hearing is not even the talent themselves know and that doesn't point to good news for me.


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