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    On episode one we've talk about your favorite characters and how important were for EWNCW. One guy who was on the rise to become the top user in EWNCW was Torphy. But something happened during Bear's reign as a writer and that frustration from Torphy became a departure. I remember it was kinda a big thing back then when he left. What really happened?

    Tommy: I'll be honest, I probably don't know the full story on this, but I can try and explain what happened best I can based on what I know of the situation.

    At the time, bear was on board at EWNCW as the head writer of Inferno. Torphy was portraying a character called Arthur Lansdale.
    Now, just to clear something up, I was trying to distance myself from being a control freak. I was worried that I was gaining a reputation akin to that of Kash or Vince McMahon or whatever in terms of wanting to control everything and doing everything 'my way or the high way' type deal. So, I was trying to have as little as possible to do with the booking of Inferno. Firstly, because my character was on Inferno at the time, and secondly to try and ward off this reputation that I thought I was getting.

    So anyway, despite that, I was still obviously aware of what was going on on Inferno and knew what storylines were ongoing and I always read up on what the Inferno team had discussed in terms of what to do with characters, mapping out storylines, and so on.
    So as far as Arthur Lansdale goes, the team, mainly bear, had mapped out this pretty elongated storyline which did end up with Lansdale winning the world title. I did at the time express concern that it seemed like a pretty long winded way about things as this was an arc that was to be played out over several ppv's if my memory serves.
    During this storyline Lansdale would come close to winning the title several times, always coming up short or being screwed over time and time again.

    Long story short, I guess Torphy was getting pissed off and got tired of waiting for his character to get the world title that he felt he deserved. Despite his usually calm demeanor, Torphy did have a hot-headed side to him, and I don't think patience was one of his strong suits. On the other hand, you can also argue that the storyline was poorly booked and handled, and that it was a little too long winded, and that Lansdale should have won the title sooner.

    I'm not sure if there was another issue between the two, but there could have been I guess. In any case, I think this was a combination of Torphy getting pissed off at waiting to 'get his due' and bear being a Slowpoke about giving him his due. As far as who was in the right? I'm of the opinion that there was some fault at both ends.

    The plan of making Lansdale World Cahmpion never happened. I'm sure there are a lot storylines ,feuds, ideas or bookings that were good on paper but never happened. Can you share a few of those with us?

    Tommy: Damn, let me think! These aren't all necessarily good ideas, some are bad ones and others are just damn right crazy! But I'll just throw some unused ideas down here.

    Well Lansdale becoming world champion was one. I was pretty annoyed that that didn't happen since Torphy's work deserved it.

    There was a pretty big story storyline happening on Rage (which we may get to see played out in my EWNCW BTB). It was basically a power struggle of sorts where an announcement had been made that EWNCW would merge both Rage and Inferno into one 'supershow'. At the main event of the ppv (I forget the name) the new unified world title would be on the line (vacant) and both respective GM's of Rage and Inferno were to choose a representative to win the title. The winner won the unified title and gained control of the EWNCW supershow for his GM. Nathan Staples was the GM of Inferno and he picked Mike Hawk to represent him. John Cleverly was a power hungry Eric Bischoff type GM of Rage and had been running roughshot on Rage. He had Shaz represent him. The EWNCW owner (who had been making all the announcements autonomously until then) also revealed himself to be multi-milionaire media mogul Les Grosman (character from the film Tropic Thunder) to try and put a stop to Cleverly, and he entered himself int o the match with Kyojin representing him. Shaz won the match becoming the EWNCw World Champion and gaining control of the show for John Cleverly. The storyline would then continue where we'd see Grosman taking on Cleverly with this whole power struggle deal. I hadn't planned far enough ahead to see where it ended, but as I mentioned, we may get to play that storyline out in my BTB thread which continues from where the last EWNCW show ended.

    Bear came up with some crazy idea that we didn't use. Shin wanted to leave e-fedding so he came up with this idea of him winning the title, then retiring the next night or something, but after his retirement speech, he'd have one last match defending the title against Mass Dinero. The match was to end with either Shin winning, and then the next show we'd see the GM give the title to Mass, only for him to lose it straight away to someone, or Mass won and then again, he'd lose it straight away to his next challenger.
    It didn't make much sense to me really but it never saw the light of day anyway, probably for the best.

    There was a storyline which Glamour Girl proposed a long while back (December 2012 to be precise):

    "I came up with an idea for a character for your fed that I'd have fun with and she was inspired by Eve's role in the WWE fed. I was thinking of maybe a storyline in which the fed was purchased by someone or half of it was or maybe the owner and his wife got divorced and she now owns half lol, but anyway it would give me the chance to play an important authority figure type character who'd affect many characters in the long run. What do u think?"

    It was a bold proposition from someone who was pretty new to e-fedding on EWN at the time. We decided not to go with it since we felt that it was too big of a responsibility to put on one person, especially one so new.
    It was an attempt form GG to try and become a relevant figure n EWNCW, despite the lack of a womens division. She wanted to be involved and wanted to make an impression and lave a mark, which I fully understand and appreciate. We tried numerous times to start up a womens division in EWNCW but we never managed it. We did get one started in our 'developmental' brand RTE, and the next step was of course to filter that up to the main shows too. It never came to fruition though, which is one of my biggest regrets and failings while running the fed.

    Ah, another one I've come across int he Batcave, and this is an interesting one actually, is that CGBigman had proposed bringing Gillz back under a mask and with a new identity as The Hardcore King! Her'es what he proposed:

    "Gillz would return under a sort of mask, kinda like what Shao Kahn from Mortal Kombat wears only covering all of his face, ideally he would attack someone at the end of a show and begin a promo declaring himself as the Hardcore King since the beatdown would involve weapons, if i could he could have minions that would basically be one larger guy and one smaller x division like wrestler, he would explain he was in ewncw before and that hes back to claim his throne as champion and he will do anything he wants and claim EWNCW as his kingdom"

    So there you have it! CG had wanted to do that idea in EWNCW before PWR! I think the main reason we didn't go with it was because we had a few stables going on at the time. In hindsight however, it was a poor decision from us, especially given how well CG's executed this stable in PWR.

    Another huge idea that never came to fruition was this.
    B-Mac (who's a massive fucking cunt, btw) had been trolling in the EWNCW thread saying that things were going shit basically. He messaged me privately with a bold suggestion. After ripping into me saying that I needed to step aside and all this crap (little did he know that I had been trying to step aside long before he suggested this), he said that he wanted to take over the fed. Iup. So I thought, fuck it. Let's do this. so basically, what he was suggesting was that I step down (on a temporary basis, which we weren't gong to reveal to people) and then he would run things. Seriously. I would still be involved behind the scenes (again, unknown to everyone else), but I basically had to go along with everything B-Mac suggested as he attempted to 'make EWNCW great again'. Well anyway, I left him to get on with Bear (who was in charge of Inferno) to get on with planning shit, but as you can imagine, Bear (who is himself someone who has his set ways of doing things and likes his set idea) dindn't get along at all with B-Mac.

    So basically this idea imploded when B-Mac just had one of his temper tantrums and basically had a hissy fit over Bear and his set ways and how he couldn't deal with it. So in conclusion, thank fuck for Bear, because I think had this idea gone through and happened it would have been right up there with my biggest regrets in e-fedding, right alongside doing the whole EWNCW vs JBW thing. I must have been drunk, or high, or both when I agreed to go along with B-Mac on that. But thank fuck it didn't end up happening.

    Those are just some ideas that we had that never saw the light of day.

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    You said that EWNCW wanted to finally create a women's division but that plan never came to fruition, one of your biggest regrets. Why this never happened? I want you to explain us why, because the women's division was/is very successful to other efeds.

    Tommy: As I said man, we wanted to do it and we tried to do it. Several times we reached out through posting in the thread telling people that if they wanted to bring in female characters then they should PM us, but we barely got any response. We did manage to get a womens division going RTE, and the plan was to filter it up to the main roster, but we closed before getting the chance to do that.

    Why was there a lack of interest when we tried asking people? I think it could have been something to do with the fact that there was a successful womens division elsewhere. Perhaps because of that fact people didn't want to do it in EWNCW to. Kind of "well there's a successful womens division here, I can't be bothered to do it at this fed too?", or "What's the point doing it here if there's a great womens division here?" kind of attitude.

    It's a shame we never got to do it, but alas, there was a great womens division at IWA for example so I don't think it was a huge crime that there wasn't one at EWNCW. It's just a shame that we weren't able to crack that area of e-fedding aside from what we did in RTE.

    The efeds started to struggle and if that wasn't enough the forum problems started. Many couldn't post for days some they couldn't even log in. Some even tried to contact the admins but they turned their attention to the front page. The users had enough almost everyone left. And the forum was almost dead. Along with the forum efeds died as well. EWNCW was forced to shut down. Tell us a how hard were those days for EWNCW and the effedding community? How hard was for you to shut down EWNCW?

    Tommy: What happened to the forums, and the treatment that we as (what was then) a large, thriving community of people were given by the admins of the site was nothing short of a joke and a disgrace. I know that using such words to describe something like an internet forum, something that isn't going to affect my life, seems drastic, but let's be honest, it was a joke. Coming online to a forum to discuss matters, be that sports, music, politics, books, whatever with like-minded people is a hobby that so many people around the world enjoy. This website was at one time providing a fantastic service. This forum used to be a brilliant wrestling forum as well as a place where people could come and chat about other things too, such as other sports, movies, music, or just general chit chat. I know that there's plenty of other wrestling forums out there, and I've tried one or two of them, but none of them stack up to how this place was at it's peak.
    I don't get why the admins decided that they didn't want this place to continue, it really does puzzle me. Why cast away so many members like that?

    Anyway, between the issues with the forums getting buggy, and people getting disgruntled with the lack of action being taken by the admins, as you say, near enough 80% of the users, maybe even more, left. This pretty much collapsed e-fedding o here and that was a pretty big blow to those who had enjoyed e-fedding on this site. Because as a side-note, while e-fedding does exist on other forums, it does not exist in the form it does here elsewhere from what I've seen. E-fedding on other forums is very, very different to the way it's done here on EWN. But that was part of the appeal I feel. I've taken a look at how it's done elsewhere and it doesn't appeal to me as much as the format we use here.

    Anyway, as you say in the end EWNCW had to be shut down. We were the last standing 'old school' or 'old era' e-fed, which is amazing given that we were also the first on this site. EWNCW started way back in 2008 and it survived, through a hell of a lot, right up until 2014. That's a hell of a run for an e-fed in this kind of format. We outlasted some stiff competition; JBW (which I never considered competition personally, since it was such a different product), AWF, HWA, ICW, IWA, while all these feds came and went, EWNCW remained the one constant. I'm very proud of that feat. Not only proud of myself of course, but proud of everyone who helped make that possible, from the huge list of writers that we've had throughout our tenure to everyone who participated in the fed.

    But yes, by the end, it was tough going for us all. I'd been writing for EWNCW for most of the time it had been going, started back in 2009 and remained until the end. I think that's probably the longest writing stint that anyone's done in any e-fed on EWN too. By the end though I was ready to finish. I'd been saying for a while that if anyone wanted to take the fed off my hands, I'd be happy to move aside, but each time someone came along who I thought would be an ideal person to take the reigns, they'd shy away from it citing that they didn't want the responsibility. I think I broached the idea to Bear (risky given his history of flaking out and as it turns out it was a good job I didn't push that through) and I think Eddie too if my memory serves. I may have approached Broc at one point to, can't remember. Grind is the only other person I'd have trusted with running the fed but Grind doesn't like pressure and he doesn't deal well with stress so I never approached him as I didn't want to be unfair on him. There were plenty of other great writers out there that may have been able to take the job on, TJB perhaps is one name off the top of my head.

    But anyway, seeing as nobody was stepping up to the plate to keep things going, the decision was made to close the door. We had our last show; EWNCW Last Call, and we left things open ended at the end instead of going with the closure angle, mainly because I did want to try my hand at doing a BTB thread, and nobody had ever done a CAW BTB before on EWN so thought it would be a cool idea to do (I need to get on with the next show of that actually lol).

    Was it a tough decision, or a hard decision to close EWNCW? In all honesty, no, it wasn't. As I mentioned, I was ready to finish and take a break from writing. I was at this point barely writing anything for EWNCW myself. I was literally doing the bare minimum. I was enjoying the planning process of it all still but when it came to doing the writing, I had very little motivation or time to do much. I tried my best to stick to the promo only segments or the backstage interview segments since I felt I was good at those. I never considered myself to be very good at writing matches anyway, and when lacking motivation and time on top of that, then any match I did produce tended to be lackluster, so I tried my best to avoid doing them in fear of disappointing those involved in said matches. I was good at doing the backstage interviewed, coming up with questions and such (it was me and Rich Cranium who pioneered doing that on EWN in the first place with the EWNCW news team schtick) and I was good at writing commentary (which I've always viewed as being a vitally important part of a god show). But as far as writing matches, I never considered myself to be very good.
    But yes, i'm getting off topic. It wasn't that hard a decision. Was it tough to see it end? sure, it would have been great if we would have been able to go on and on and on, but all good things come to an end. And with the forum as it was at the time, it just wasn't viable to keep it going unfortunately and the hard decision had to be made.

    Besides, with EWNCW closing, it led to PWR being created which has turned out to be a pretty great little fed so far, even if it's had it's rough patch. But that was to be expected. With activity on the forum nowhere near what it used to be, the slightest dip will seem worse than what it would have been before, so it's just about getting some consistency going. But, EWNCW went through some really rough patches ourselves and we always ended up coming back stronger and better. But here I am going off topic again haha!

    In conclusion, it was of course a tough decision to close EWNCW, but it was the right call I think, certainly for myself seeing as I needed the break which made it less of a tough call for me personally. In an ideal world however someone else would have taken over the reigns of running the operation from myself while I took a break and then I'd have been able to come back on board at a later date. Alas, that wasn't to be.

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    EWNCW Last Call was the last EWNCW show. I'm sure you got help from others who are the guys who helped you and how was planned? Also on a personal note are you happy with the outcome of the show?

    Tommy: Damn, where do I start?! As far as who planned that show goes, As far as I can see it was Grind, Tai, AirBourne, Crick and myself who planned it. If I've missed someone there it's not on purpose, it's just I can't remember, and going back looking at the Batcave, those are the people I have commenting in the threads regarding the show. Bear may have been involved too, I'm not sure...

    As far as who helped write it goes? The list is long. The main people to thank are Grind, Vand, Tai, and EHC. I could be wrong, but perhaps Eddie wrote a match? I can't remember, but the main people to thank for the show (aside from myself) are Grind, Vand, Tai and EHC. Without them the show would never have been done.

    The show was planned quite simple. We vacated all titles and asked everyone to state that they wanted to be part of the show. We announced that Rage and Inferno was ending and that we would merge into one roster on one show, that being Inferno. We would then have new champions crowned on the ppv in order to move on. Of course, we didn't announce that this was the final EWNCW show officially, though I think most expected that to be the case, but the plan always was to keep the end of the show open ended so that it was possible to continue it if we wanted to, or so that I could carry it on from that point in my BTB of the fed. We could have gone with the old fashion closure deal but we didn't do that. We did have some dream matches on the card of course, such as Shuriken Blade vs TDA in a HIAC match, Jman vs Tommy Thunder, William Carlin vs Grind Bastard, but the rest of the card was booked as a normal supershow/ppv type thing. I think we did a good job of having everyone who signed up on the show and provide a pretty awesome card I think.

    So am I happy with the outcome of the show?
    I think it's a given that it could have been better, it wasn't the greatest show ever, and I would never claim it to be. But, given the time it took to write and complete, and the effort put into it and the state of the forums at the time, then yeah, I'm pretty happy with the outcome. We did it in a long, BTB style and it worked out pretty damn good I feel. I think that the show played out really well and it would have been great if we had been able to carry on from that point where we left off. However, if that was to be the last EWNCW show, then it was a good note to end on, and the readers seemed to agree too.

    Now you've made EWNCW a BTB thread something you wanted to do when the efed was closing. What we can expect from that shows and why this BTB thread deserves our attention?

    Tommy: Well I won't claim that it deserves attention from anyone, as it's up to the readers if they want to read it or not. However, I would be very grateful if anyone who was part of EWNCW, was interested in it, or just anyone who's got an interest in e-feds in general would give it a read. At the end of the day it's just something extra for people to read. This place struggles for activity as it is, so giving people another reason to come here is surely a good thing, right?
    It would also be cool if people who have BTB experience would read it and give some feedback. I'm completely new to the BTB world so any tips and pointers would be greatly appreciated.

    As far as what to expect, I'm trying to make it as interesting and exciting as possible. I'm basically carrying on from where the last EWNCW show finished and then seeing where things go if it was just me dong the booking all by myself, just to see how things play out. Of course, I'm booking the characters now based on how good they are as opposed to based on promos, but that's just a different take on it. That's the only way to do a BTB of course, so it'll be interesting to see which characters I push and if that's any different to who would be pushed normally.

    There's a lot of possibilities with it and I'm looking forward to continue that. the great thing with it too is that I can literally do it as and when I have time. There's no rush or deadlines or nothing. With me joining the PWR creative team my time's a bit more limited, but I'll carry on plodding along with it

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    Its good to see EWNCW back as BTB but is it possible to see the efed returning in the future. If yes do you still want to run it, be part of it?

    You know what they say in this business; never say never, and anything's possible.

    However, looking at how busy my life is right now and how I'm not likely to have enough time on my hands to run an e-fed possibly ever again, then I would say chances are it's not going to happen. Would I still want to run it if it was to return? I think I'd have to. I can't see anyone else going "You know what? I want to revive EWNCW". Don't see that happening, and even if that was to happen, I would wish and expect to be consulted about it out of courtesy and respect. But lets be honest, there's PWR here now, and as long as that's the case there will never be need for another e-fed on EWN, since the forum isn't active enough to sustain more than one fed right now. We've got just enough to sustain one e-fed so adding another isn't an option worth giving even the slightest thought to right now.

    Would I want to be part of it? As a character you mean? Sure. On the provision that I was booked correctly. I felt that Tommy Thunder was booked as the 'John Cena' of EWNCW at certain times, which I hated. I never wanted my character to be portrayed in that manner and it killed it for me which is why I pulled all of my characters out because I'd got so sick of it. But if my character was to be booked properly how I wanted the character portrayed, then sure.
    Would I want to be part of it without running it? Again, sure. If someone was to come along and want to run it and ask if I'd be on board to help then I'd of course be on board to do that too.

    For the time being however, my focus is on helping PWR be the best it can. I think we've recently started to get the ball rolling and get things back on track with that fed, so all focus is on that now.

    And with that we concluded this episode of Tete-A-Tete. This was just a taste of what EWNCW was for our efed community and some "backstage" stuff, we the readers never got the chance to know about. I believe that everyone associated with EWNCW, as writer or as a user, is proud of being part of that efed. I know I'm. A big thank you for TT and Grind for this Interview that finally ended and massive respect to both guys for what they shared with us and what they did for our Efed community. Finally we've returned back in action with an interview. I promise that i will do my best to bring to you more interviews with you guys in the future. Until then have fun posting in the forums!


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