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    Welcome to the newest edition of EWN's talk show, Tete-A-Tete. How can anyone forget how awesome was WF's Inside The Tights. In order to to get a bit more activity on the forums i decided to revive the old series with a new name and new host. I'm sure down the road you'll get to read some interesting stuff from you favorite users and efed characters in EWN.

    In our first episode is my pleasure to announce that my first guest is non other than THE HEARTBREAK KID, everyone's favorite amigo. THBK thank for being my first guest.

    So we are all aware the crisis that took place in the forums a few months ago and that led to the end of all efeds and many loyal members left from this place. You though, you are still here and now along with Shaz you are the co-owner of PWR. What was the reason that made you to stay in EWN and start a new efed?

    Thanks Magg's, appreciate that introduction and thanks for having me on the show. Before I get too the question's.. Shout out to Wrestling Fan for his original idea and too those who used the idea down the line, like Bear and Zero, miss those guys. Back to this show though, I'm excited too see what you can do with this and to read some new interviews from people down the line- Wish you all the best mate, I'm sure you will be a great host. I'm honored to be your first guest.

    Now, question one and a great question by the way, I like that. Ermm, what made me stay and start a new Efed? Hmm, I guess it was passion and a mix of people who still stayed around- People I like and in some cases, call friends. Though many went, some remained and I guess that made me feel like staying too. I'm not sure, I've always been loyal by nature and I guess I felt like showing loyalty to the forum I've enjoyed many hours and years with- though that sounds strange and slightly geeky to say Ha! :P People like Shaz, Ashley, Eddie, Jman. Others I enjoyed conversations with like Tommy, OMB, EHC, Wade, Zero and so on, they stayed at the time and had they not, I would have gone too.

    The Fed came about because as it happened, a lot of who stayed, were fedders- I think despite what outsiders to the feds think- Fedders have always been a big part of this forum and without it- there would be no reason to stay for most people, including me, so the fact that some fedders stayed, I guess I had hope that fedding could still survive somehow, that someone would eventually go for it and bring back a fed when fedding looked like it was dead. I just didn't think it would be me, Shaz and Zero Ha! It came about simply because the three of us would often talk about fedding- It was a passion and something we had all enjoyed and done well at in most cases. We all missed it and the more we got talking, I guess we all missed it that much more.

    I remember me and Shaz then speaking about it and about the idea of bringing a fed back and he was up for it.. We then approached Zero and he was well up for it as well and so it happened. We took a big risk because too many, fedding was gone and not coming back.. We didn't check with people if there would be interest, we just laid down our plans, promised that we had the passion to bring it back and if people felt the same, we could all do it together and make it work- As it turns out, it's happened and I'm delighted and proud at that, I think everyone involved should be too. So yeah, passion for wrestling/fedding and friends is why I stayed Maggs Also, It's great too see you back too dude, really is, miss many from around here so it's good seeing you return- gives me hope of seeing others again Ha!

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    I'm sure you guys will keep up the great job. But you didn't achieve all these without some problems, your most recent is losing Luizero. What happened?

    Oh man.. That's the one negative and it is a negative. Truth is, I liked Zero.. Honest guy and has a good heart, if he can help, he will. The problem was, it just didn't work out- Me and Zero often clashed and did so pretty much right away to be honest with you. I'm quite strong in my opinion and I'll always express my idea's and views on a certain situation but at the same time, If I think someone else is correct- I'll back them. Here's an example- Zero instantly picked out Grind as the first Champion, he was fully behind him- Said he would do well and could be the Champ. Me and Shaz didn't see it right away and we wanted to keep our eyes open and stay neutral to the end, where we could all pick the best and correct person.

    It turned out that Zero was correct- Torture/Grind was the best option and had done great, still is doing great too by the way and we backed Zero with the choice. However there were other times where Zero was not so correct- I think he wanted to pretty much write Cricket/Israel Pamich off from the moment he joined. I don't know if they had problems before or what ever, but it came across that Zero was not a fan- I wanted to keep an open mind, as did Shaz and it was moments like that, that caused me and Zero to clash and then it became all rather petty and a real shame. Often the three of us would talk over idea's and what normally happened was me and Shaz agreed and Zero didn't- that was pretty much the norm. Towards the end I think Zero just felt like we were trying to cancel him out- It was not the truth, it was just he clearly seen things different to us and in most cases, vastly different too us. In some instances we would all talk about plans, write them down in a final script and before we were ready to send out assignments, Zero would then want to change or ask why this was happening and stuff like that.. After a while it just makes things difficult to work together.

    Me and Shaz then both started to feel Zero was not caring as much.. He had talked about "retiring" and often, it seemed like he was done- we felt some of his work got sloppy and if we mentioned it- it seemed like he would take it as a personal knock. Bottom line, it just didn't work out- Me and Shaz seen things too differently to Zero and I'm not going to lie, there was times where I likely came across as difficult or a dick.. I want to say though, it was nothing more then "business" and though me and Zero lost our friendship over something so petty like this.. I have no issue with him, I've reached out too him since and would very much like to at least establish a talking relationship again with him, so, if anyone can maybe reach out too him and help me out.. That would be great. If Zero has moved on and cares not to speak with me again- Okay that's fine. However I'll take the chance now to thank Zero for all that he did here, for us and for me, he was great for me in the WWE Fed and will remain one of my favorite people from this site.

    So yeah, that's one personal negative about this whole situation but hopefully we can work something out in the end and I'm sure if Shaz ever does one of these- He can have his say because the poor guy was often in the middle Ha! Sorry about that Shaz.

    Interesting, very interesting indeed. With PWR being the only efed and you being the co-owner how hard is to write for your characters and book them in the same time?

    That was a hard one to speak about so I'm pleased to move on for sure. I find it very hard- in fact, I don't like it at all really. The only positive about having characters here, i can use them to make others look good as well as hopefully contribute to the show like I do with Lamar, hopefully. I really enjoy the Andre Lamar character and he's fun too promo with, but it's almost not real in a weird way because It's not about me. I remember when the fed first started, a few people would praise my work with Lamar and though it was great to hear that.. I felt at that point in time, I needed to rain him in and just allow others to shine a little more. End of the day, that's the goal here.. I want to book the show, not be the star of it and I know Shaz feels the same.

    Akira is a little different- Here's why.. I remember Eddie talking about Retaliation and he mentioned how he knows me, so it's unlikely Akira wins the match and becomes the first ever PWR Women's Champion and when I read that.. I smiled. Reason being is because Eddie does know me, so well, and he was right.. 9 times out of 10, I would never allow my character to win that match. However it was a rare occasion where the other female characters, were perhaps not ready- had not had the right amount of time to get there gimmicks across and it was showing in the reviews from people. So me and Shaz made the choice to have Akira win because we felt that she was the leading women who was ready and that by doing so, it would allow Juno to return, without taking away the shine from anyone else which it would have done. Had someone else won and then Juno returned- I don't think it would have been fair to anyone else but too me.. It was fine. I liked knowing that despite my character winning- It wouldn't be about me and so we decided to go down that route. It will not happen again though with any other title, I can almost say that with 100% certainty. However now that Akira is Champ, I'm going enjoy it, have fun with it and make it seem like the most important title in the world- if I can and then when we feel somebody is ready, they will take the title from me.

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    Akira, Lamar but someone is missing. Carlos Alberto Ramon. Now we all know how much you love that character and that is your top guy. But with you not wanting to put over your characters in your efed, how much do you miss writing for him and is it possible to see him again even if that is going to be for one night only thing?

    Haha! I knew this question was coming mate I do miss him, very much so but at the same time, I think I've managed to evolve without him and almost put that part of my "fedding history" to one side and focus on a new side of my "fedding career" so to speak lol My thing with Ramon.. If he ever came back, I would want too be competitive with him, to have the chance to continue to achieve with him and I don't think that's possible in a fed, which I help run or co-own with Shaz. So the chances of him coming back are very unlikely at best bro. I did actually once think about bringing him back and maybe using him as a manager or on-screen personal but I decided against that idea in the end for fears of maybe too much exposure. As a one night only though? I don't know, maybe it could happen- for the right story line or moment perhaps.

    Never say never, right? That's what they say Ha!

    Many guys in the past, including me, said that Carlos Alberto Ramon is the most underrated character and the best character that never won a world title. Do you agree with them and do you believe that you could have been a good world champ?

    Awww.. Now you are making me blush Haha! I don't know man, I feel like it would big headed for me to say, but people have told me that and I appreciate it immensely, it means a lot and I'm quite proud of what I did and achieved with CAR and others along the way.

    Okay, so let's think about this.. I would say there's very few people, if any, who have "won" what I have and never had a World Title- I mean.. To win Champion of the year, with a midcard title, I guess that's quite impressive and so maybe I am one of the best characters to never have a World title. I don't know about underrated, I think people who I respected, knew I was good/decent.. I don't know, it would be up too others too say if I was underrated. I would say towards the end of IWA I started to feel a little underrated and like I had hit a class ceiling after the feud with Van and with CAR having turned face. Eddie knows I trust him like no other when it comes too booking.. but I felt like there was not an end goal with the face turn, but maybe there was.. I'm not sure. I just know towards the back end, I felt like I could have been used further up perhaps.. I mean there last PPv show, I didn't even have a match and I know it was because who my opponent was meant to be, actually left without notice- I know that didn't help but it furthered my worries about reaching the glass ceiling and not going any further. That said, at that time, I lost my Grandfather and I was not in a good space mentally so maybe it could have been me, worrying and feeling insecure.

    Could I have been a good World Champ- I think so, Yes. I mean.. Once you knew I was in your fed, I was not going anywhere else, I think that could have been cool to have as your world champion- Knowing he's exclusive too you and he's not going anywhere. I think in truth though, that maybe held me back a little in regards to not winning more- had I wanted too. The fact that I was so loyal.. I have no doubt that had I been involved in more feds, I would have achieved more and won world titles. In fact, I've said before that when I first joined IWA.. Bear offered me a Rumble win and a World title, he said that would be certain. I turned him down. Why, because I didn't want to walk in and be certain of anything.. I wanted to earn it and the chance to team with Van, was more special too me. So to sum it all up... I'm not going to lie- I would have loved to have won one World Title, especially in IWA... It would have meant the world too me but it does not define me and I was always the kind of guy that favored stories and feuds over personal gain and so I'm happy with what I have been able to achieve and thankful to everyone who helped me along the way.

    Let's talk about THBK the writer now. PWR is having some great efedders in the roster. I would love to know who are the three users/characters you like the most in PWR, at the moment and why?

    Oh that's a tough question- Hard choice to narrow it down to three, but I'll try lol. So firstly, I'm going to start with Cricket as Israel Pamich. Reason being.. I didn't expect the performances he's currently giving us. For those who don't know, Crick missed his first promo in the company and as I explained with Zero earlier, there was then doubts around him. I was the one that messaged him, warned him and hand him his first strike. After I did so, I'll be honest in saying that I thought Crick would be pissed off and would likely take a while to bounce back, if at all. However, massively to his credit- He bounced back right away, took everything we said on board and has delivered week in, week out. He's impressed us (Me & Shaz) and has done well.. I respect Crick for the way he responded.

    Next? Hmm.. I'm going with Grind/Torture. This one is obvious, he's the Champion and with good reason. Aside from Shaz, he's been the most consistent person from the start to now. Has never let us down and when ever he's had any issues like when he was in the middle of moving- He told us with plenty of time ahead and still managed to do his promo, impressive. It's what every fed wants in there Champion- Consistent and professional. It's been a pleasure having Grind in our fed thus far, really has.

    Lastly, I'm going to go with a joint choice.. Sorry, couldn't split them! It's between Hayden/Samders & Nolan/Chunky. Why, because as much as I love having Tommy Thunder, Kyojin, Jman and the names.. It's great too have guys that were not so famous or known and helping them build, to become some bodys, you know, to become stars.. I love how people see N now, it makes me proud knowing that we have helped Chunky perhaps have one of his best runs in fedding and it's just getting started- hopefully there's a lot more too come! Samders is just a cool guy, when ever I spoke with him, he's so polite and well mannered and just wants to impress and have fun, I really like that about him.. and shout out too OMB too! He's very much the same, as others are, obviously. But.. yeah.. Samders, he has this interesting character with Hayden that's like no other and thus far it's been a blast to book him. What I enjoyed most that when he first debuted- people were not keen and believed in the red herring that we used- We had it all planned and it's pleasing to say that thus far, it's gone down even better then we hoped. So yeah, all these guys above are some of my favorites right now. I think all have a lot more too come as well, which is cool.

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    After the feuds you had and the guys you teamed. Who's the best guy you ever worked with as writer and in character?

    Ohhh.. Another good one. Hmm, that's very hard because there's many to be honest with you. I think though, I'll say the same guy for both- That's Eddie. Without him- I don't think I am where I am today, in terms of this.. Not counting real life, obviously But.. Back to the question. He's the one I have learned so much from, as a writer, booker and as a character, He's my mentor for sure and he's done a lot for me. It goes without saying he's the best for me, personally- I think he can do it all and does so with ease at times. So yeah, I'm going with Eddie- not much else needs to be said really, I guess- I think he stands above everyone else, at least in my mind he does. Even when booking his characters, you just know he's going to deliver for you, even if he don't like the idea.. He does it and does it well. Eddie is like security too me, he's a safety net and someone I can rely upon every time.

    I'm going to throw someone else in the mix- Torphy. Man, that guy was awesome! My favorite feud in fedding was me as the Rock and him as Ambrose- such a fun time and we worked so well together, it all just flowed week after week and it came together perfectly, each time. However, who's idea was that feud? Eddies, off course. Shout out to Des though, the little genius took over from Eddie and ran Nitro like a boss. Destruction used to blow me away at how good he was.. If Eddie was the genius, this was his understudy to being the next guy for sure. Oh and I can't leave out my #Clique friends, it was a blast working with all of them and the people we feuded with during our time in HWA- Good times.

    Man.. Just when I think I've finished, someone else pops in my head. Tommy was another one, man, booking him in the WWE Fed was such good fun as Jericho. It was like having the real Jericho- He nailed the character and delivered all the time. I've never seen a bad promo from Tommy Thunder.

    Closing the WWE fed must have been a very difficult decision to made. During its days we saw some of the most interesting feuds and shows there, while it was very different from the other efeds. It was a joy to read and probably one of the best efeds in EWN. Do you think you could still go on with WWE efed if all those forum problems never happened?

    Thanks man, glad you liked it. Yeah it's the hardest decision to date and one that too this day, I wish could have been avoided and it likely could have been, had certain people told me and gave me a heads up that they were going to leave. See the problem was nothing from creative.. I think it was at a time when a lot of people were down on the forum, some, maybe most were sick of it and it not changing or seeing any issues get fixed and I can understand that. IWA had pretty much said they were closing and I think because that was perhaps THE fed at the time, we had a knock on effect of people who just kind of gave up and it just happened that a lot of those people- Bear, Torphy, K2Jelly and more, were massive parts of the WWE Fed and the plans going forward.

    So sadly, we didn't really have a chance to survive without almost starting again and I didn't want that.. at all. It would have been sad to start again pretty much. So yeah, it was a shame because there were so many plans, so many cool moments to come and a couple of people who had deserved there moment- was going to get it. One being Zero who would have won the Rumble as Tyler Black- Teased that he would have feuded with on screen friend Cody Rhodes (Eddie) for the WWE Title, but would have eventually faced Dean Ambrose (Torphy) and beat him at Wrestlemania for the World Heavyweight Title! Rhodes would have then retained his WWE Title at Mania and both Cody and Tyler Black would have celebrated with an Eddie and Benoit Mania moment of there own- I think it would have been cool. However, there was more.. Jericho (Tommy) would have then cashed in before Mania went off the air on Cody Rhodes, becoming the new WWE Champion. But yeah.. Was not too be sadly, but it was a great run. To answer your question though bro, Yes.. It could have and would have continued on fine.

    Lately we've seen Jman, an efed original returning to the efeds can we expect more to come?

    Yes and I'm delighted too see him return too! That one has been in the pipeline for a little while and had original plans not gone wrong- He would have joined sooner, however the moment was cool and it's exciting to finally have him officially on the roster with so many potential matches too happen.

    Can you expect more? Hmm.. Veterans? Or, do you mean Re-debuts? The answer to both is Yes. Anyone and everyone is welcome to message us and we can work something out. Anyone and everyone is more then welcome- I think we have shown that we are very much wiping the slate clean with a lot of people who may have been trouble or what ever and giving them a fresh start- how they then deal with it.. Is there call but we are remaining fair and would not be against anyone looking to join- if they are joining for the right reasons.

    I guess I'll just finish this question off by saying- Stayed tuned!
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    THBK its been a pleasure to have you as my guest. At last i want to ask you what we can expect from you in the future as writer and from PWR?

    Ah honestly man, the pleasure is all mine. Sorry folks, hope I didn't go on too much and got people sleeping Ha! I wanted to give the best open and honest interview I could, hope I've done that.

    What can you guys expect? Hmm.. I guess just more of what good is happening at the moment in PWR- I think me and Shaz are doing well. I feel like the roster is doing well and it's growing all the time. I know there's more too come and with me and Shaz, it's a passion and as long as people are committed to us, we are committed to them all the way, and hopefully it's appreciated which I'm sure it is. As a writer I'm just going to keep trying to do my best, keeping trying to think of new idea's, try and do things that's not be done before, hopefully cause a few good shocks on the way and so on- not much more to say really bro This has been fun though, thanks again mate and good luck with your future interviews, I look forward too reading them.

    Thank you THBK. So this show has come to an end, but what a fantastic interview from THBK. Next week we will be back with another show so stay tuned and you might be the next one having a Tete-A-Tete interview with me.

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    Tete-A-Tete Ep.2

    Welcome to the second episode of Tete-A-Tete. Last time THBK gave us the chance to read some interesting stuff surrounding the efed world. Today we another exceptional guest and is the man behind the PWR World Champion Mr. Torture. Boys G-Bas is in da house!

    Grind Bastard thank you for joining me. I gotta say when i came back and read some of the shows i was kinda surprised to see Mr Torture there as champ and no Carlin at all. What led you to join as Mr Torture and not as Carlin?

    Grind: First of all, thanks to you for reviving the e-fed interviews, and thanks for having me. You are giving me a chance to do something my GF says I love to do: talking or writing about myself, lol.

    Let's revive the context where PWR started. EWNCW and IWA had folded, were supposed to be merged after a final show of each fed separate, but that plan never happened. The only thing we had was that final PPV. On IWA's Last Resort, Mr. Torture was scheduled in a Fatal Four Way for the BlackOut belt, which he finally won. On EWNCW Last Call, Carlin was stripped of the belt and not able to regain it, due to storyline. Rage GM John Cleverly wanted his own man to fight for the belt and was having a feud with Carlin for that. I was able to do something I wanted to be done, having Grind and Carlin face off, without a rivalry of former friends now bitter enemies. Just a clash of two different styles, with respect before and after, but no mercy during the match. I wrote that match, even if I wasn't part of creative at the moment, but TT asked me to help and I did.

    Since it was EWNCW's last PPV, I made it the most epic encounter I could muster. It has the aura of a farewell into the sunset for both men. Grind won, as I wanted to vindicate him: he never won a singles title and wanted to prove he could beat a champion. In the previous promo, Grind considered Carlin the legit champion, as he didn't lose the belt in the ring. On the other hand, Mr. Torture was on the rise. He was on his way of becoming the most hated heel in IWA after he punched Benny the Ball and stole the BlackOut belt. He won it, but his progression was cut short by IWA folding.

    Enter PWR. A new company, a new start. I felt that putting Carlin in he would have come as a main eventer, straight ahead for the title chase, and had his options to become champion. It was a "marquee name", so to speak. Also, I felt that after the match he'd just had against Grind, using him so soon would dilute the feeling I wanted to create with that match. It would have been better to let Carlin be out of the spotlight, as if that match meant retirement. I also didn't want to start fresh with a new character. I didn't have any ideas nor the motivation to do so. Mr. Torture was the perfect choice. He was ripe, a name people were familiar with, but not one of the top dogs in the business. He was on the rise, as I said, and PWR seemed the perfect environment for him to keep rising. I thought he could make a solid mid card champion, or even an upper mid card, near the big names and having the occasional title shot to test if he was ready.

    What I didn't expect is him winning the first ever PWR World Heavyweight Championship match. It came as a shock to me. I made some predictions before No Escape and labeled him as a potential dark horse. He came into the Chamber with three wins and one loss in a Fatal Four Way in which he didn't get pinned or submitted, therefore he could use that as "I'm undefeated" in his promos. I felt that meant he had the confidence of creative, but not to be the champ, not with Shaz, Hawk and even Slayde in the picture. I didn't expect that at all, and I'm thankful they gave me the chance to get the ball and run with it. I feel like I'm returning the hopes deposited in me, but I'm not the one to say so. I'm trying to do my best in every promo I'm requested. The result has to be judged by others, but I have to say I'm having a lot of fun, and I believe I'm doing good with those promos.

    Speaking of Mr. Torture's promos they seemed to be different in these days. We even saw him joking around lately. How hard was for you to change his style of promos?

    Grind: Not much, really. It came pretty natural. Since the very beginning, Torture wanted people to think he is a normal person, like everybody else, except he likes BDSM. But I was consistently making a mistake by portraying him like an ├╝ber-creepy, ultra-sexualized type of character. It was somehow working, but it wasn't going to go far. He needed something more, it needed to show his human side without losing the dark and sexual edge.

    He had accepted himself, but he needed a shield against mockery and disdain. He needed to realize that he still be called crazy and all that, something it would affect him psychologically. Giving him a sense of humor helps him to accept those kind of criticisms and dismiss them as something irrelevant. His train of thought is like: "you call me crazy, I am, and it's funny, that doesn't affect me anymore". That helps you in real life too, being able to laugh at yourself helps handling criticism.

    So, he needed to have some sense of humor. He needed to look slightly more normal in his weirdness. And since I have a strange sense of humor, he adopted mine. I like absurd humor, I laugh at things that are stupid, and sometimes things that aren't that funny make me laugh like mad. I think it suited him perfectly. I reduced the absurd as much as possible (although the Lonely Wolfie thing was a bit absurd. And ridiculous), and introduced elements that would make me laugh. The "Surprise Muthafucka" bit worked because it was unexpected, same as it is in Dexter and the parodies. Then it came to me that the "I'm not crazy, my mom got me tested" was too good not to be used. And it worked because nobody expected him to go that route. It also allowed him to shield from Shaz's accusations of just being a madman. It reinforced Torture's stand for his saneness and provided an unexpected chuckle.

    The use of humor has to be pretty careful, though. I don't want to turn him a comedy character, and the abuse affects the element of surprise. I want people not to expect him making a joke. I don't want people start reading a promo hoping to find the funny side. I want people to be interested in reading and enjoying without knowing what are they exactly going to find: the merry Torture or the creepy one? And if I make them smile or laugh with a joke or comment, that's a plus, but not an obligation.

    I think the feud with Kaige Chamberlain was the key for change. When TJB and I made the "Torture-Kaige have to live each other's life or be fired by Smokey's orders" in the build up to Destined for Immortality that I realized Torture had the potential to be funny, or at least involved in funny situations. It was all TJB, I had to admit. Having Torture to go to a boutique to get himself a fancy suit, no matter how much mortified he could be, making him invent a real name to pretend he's a normal guy in front of Chmaberlain's friends (he doesn't have a real name, I chose Adrian Dickinson as a homage to Iron Maiden's Adrian Smith and Bruce Dickinson), and especially the final scene TBJ made, when T started spanking a woman with a tray in the middle of a fancy party made me realize that the character could be funny or be involved in funny situations. I have to thank TJB for that.
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    Most of the guys who joined the efeds had some difficulties to separate real life from the efed world and that let to see them burned out. That includes me also. You though, you proved to be one of the most consistent guys in this forum. You almost never late with your promos and i can't remember seeing you involved in efed drama. How do you manage to keep yourself out of trouble and being consistent all those years?

    Grind: I'm going to make an assumption here based of what I know from some of the efedders. It may not be one hundred per cent accurate, so I'm sorry if I'm wrong.

    I know many of the efedders are quite young. This is probably their first experience in an internet forum and they take even the slightest commentary like a personal offense/attack and start making a fuss about everything. Time teaches you a lesson: is not worthy at all. You get pretty annoyed for things you would shrug off in real life.

    I learned that the hard way. I first joined an internet forum in 2003. I was going to be nineteen later on that year. I've had the same style of drama in other different places more times that I'd like to admit. I'm (still) thirty now. I have a different approach. But I've had screwed pretty bad. Around the time I joined the efeds (July 2011) I had a big quarrel in a different game, for pretty stupid reasons. I even had trouble sleeping one night. Seriously. Then I realized how moronic that was. Losing sleep for an online fight? FUCK THAT BIG PIECE OF FUCKING SHIT. Can't say it with different words, sorry. I was losing my mind for an online game. Then I realized the key word. A game. A place to have fun. Nothing more, nothing else. The feds are not strictly speaking a game, meaning it's not a website dedicated to playing, like Travian or Clash of Clans can be, but works exactly the same. I promised myself not to lose my head for something meant to be fun.

    Therefore, I tried to have a non confrontational attitude. Take things easy. And I tried to be honest. I've praised whoever I thought deserved it, and I criticized what I dislike in a constructive manner. I've tried to offer help instead of merely berating people. And I managed to stay out of trouble in general, except when I dissed The Clique back in the day. I didn't express myself correctly and people got hurt. I had the chance to expand my thoughts, to listen what other had to say, realized I was wrong and apologize. And life goes on. I remember the following year (2013) didn't win any of the Best of the Year awards, and instead of making a fuss (which I could, since it seems I was pretty drunk), I said congrats and moved on, even though I didn't remember posting that congrats message.

    About consistency, I think it's probably because I love writing. It's probably the best thing I do in this life, aside of drinking, and even I bitch and moan a lot (much less these days) about how hard it sometimes is, I enjoy it a lot. I'm not tired of doing it, and I'm even trying to earn a living out of it, which probably won't happen, but I keep trying. It's true that I don't usually miss promos, but it's also a well known fact that shows got delayed because I wasn't in the mood of writing and one of my matches was missing. Hell, once we had to alter a storyline because I picked to write a match to do something different for a change, then I forgot I was writing that match and wrote the tag team match, as usual. I have to say that I've had pretty bad personal times during these years, and I allowed them to affect my efed writing a lot. That, combined with me putting the weight of the world in my shoulders when I was in creative, adding more stress into my life has make me a pain in the ass sometimes, even if most was kept behind the scenes. I know Tommy has kept up with me because I always delivered, but leaving creative EWNCW was the best decision for my life. Now, I'm pretty with just focusing on writing promos on a more relaxed schedule. Can't say I'm shining more than I did back then, but it's really much better for my life outside EWN.

    Grind recently you found out that Mr. Torture's next opponent is Tommy Thunder, a friend of yours, a guy you never had the chance to feud for the world title and one of the best writers in this forum. What we can expect from you guys and is there something you want to prove from this feud?

    Grind: I'm going to be more precise. We did clash for the World Title once, when Tommy was EWNCW champion on Inferno and Grind was voted to face him at Threat of the Net. To be honest with you, I really recalled this right before I started writing this answer. I was pretty sure we've never clashed before, then realized we haven't. But that means something: is not a feud we particularly remember. I recall having a pretty hard match which he won, then Grind moved to the Battle of the Monsters, and soon Tommy started his heel turn, not immediately but pretty close.

    It is well known that Tommy and I have worked together as part of EWNCW creative for a long time, and we've also been partners in crime with The Sexiest Alpha Males, although he finally got bored of playing T-Thunda. I was still having fun writing for Tenorio, but I can understand him. But as I said, we've only had that chance to work against each other and is not one of the most remembered. The question is we both have the talent to make a great feud when we give our 100%, now it is the time to show the world.

    It is also a good thing that we are facing as Thunder and Mr. Torture. The face/heel dynamic adds to the building of the match. Had Tommy faced Carlin, it would have had a different vibe, since both are faces and both would have been presented as legends. Here we have the face legend in Tommy and the heel up and comer in Mr. Torture. It's a much interesting feud than Thunder/Carlin at this point in time. That should have happened around 2013, either with Carlin as up and coming heel or Tommy as heel against Carlin as face and champion. Now, don't get me wrong, I'd still love to see that one happening, but as I said, the vibe would be much different, unless one of them has previously turned or act heelish. The constant show of respect of two legends is good, but can be a bit too repetitive.

    There's also an element Tommy pointed out in the PWR thread: he has to figure out how to tackle Mr. Torture's gimmick. Which is good: he has to rack his brains to make a killer promo, which would lead to me racking my own to make another killer promo. A win-win situation, right?

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    I personally think we all win from this feud. Grind in my eyes i consider you one of the best tag team writers in EWN. The Jesting Madness is without a doubt one of the best tag teams I've seen. Grind with your experience as a tag team writer i would love to know your thoughts about PWR's current tag team division.

    Grind: Thanks for the compliment, man.

    Regarding the tag team situation, it's quite tricky. As it is now, it has two household names like Two of a Kind and Extremely Lethal. It is great having those two around, but I still miss a couple more of those big names. Fortunately, the scenario has changed with the addition of Graves and Doom. Also, we have three stables at the moment which can contribute to the tag division if those writing for them are willing to, whenever their storylines are over. With The Knights, The Empire and World Class Club we could make a decent tag team division.

    But I'm afraid I've got some bad news (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). The way I see it, there's a lack of interest in tag teaming at the moment. Notice the users that are currently signed with PWR and the tag teams they had back in the day but have not signed them into the company. Shaz has The Wrecking Crew, but he's part of creative and writes for Shaz and Te'Yanna. I myself could have brought Jesting Madness, but chose not to, as I already stated I'm comfortable with the amount of writing I have to do at the moment. If WF hadn't had his internet issues, he controlled Mixed Emotions. Chunky had the New Assault Program, but honestly, he's currently killing it with N, and I'd rather see him focused on that. Cricks has already brought TOAK and is doing great with Pamich, but also had Domination. I'm not going to ask him for more than he's already doing. Hell, now that you and Benny are around, why not a Hostile Takeover reunion? Angelo and Smyth rocked! And let's not forget we could always revive the SAM (unlikely) or since EHC is back, we could throw Gluttony and Sloth as a short of advance party for the Seven Deadly Sins (highly unlikely. I think the only other member remaining is Krysys, and he's not managing four other characters on his own. Remember I also wrote Lust). Pick a couple of names from the lot, and the division would be thriving.

    It's a shame that many others have left. Asher comes to mind first. Man, Black Blooded were the absolute shit. Amazing team. Jelly had KayFabulous. Torphs is a big loss for efedding in general, but narrowing in the tag teams... Malcolm Adonis!!! and since Kyo is here... Hot Fucking Wasabi!!!! Those two were a total laugh, their chemistry was amazing. I think Destruction had Damaged Goods, if I remember correctly. We don't have DenDen around, so no more Sons of Holy Divinity. And had Van been around and THBK agreeing... Who wouldn't have liked some Infection???? Sure, I'm missing many more, but you get the gist.

    I had already said it, but I'll repeat myself: currently, the tag team division in PWR is not exciting. Probably the one that is suffering most to take off. However, steps have been taken in the right direction, and who knows if there are surprises on the way. It needs time to develop properly, and I'm more than willing to give them time to improve. Hope it takes off.

    Well do you think the tag team division often gets overlooked by most users?

    Grind: I'm not sure if I'll go that far. I think the interests has its ups and downs. It all depends on having compelling characters, good storylines, and great matches. For example, EWNCW had a good tag team division when I joined, with Force of Greatness and GodMoney, but for a series of circumstances people left, and we were booking an all bot division for a while. Like you read it, folks. How can you have a good division if the teams involved were controlled by creative, who merely made fill in promos? That changed with the arrival of Domination, SAM, Freak Inc and later on Jesting Madness. On the other hand, you had BWA thriving, something that in the end was for the benefit of EWNCW when BWA and EWNCW merged. Those were the times for tag teaming. It doesn't mean there were good divisions later on. EWNCW had Mixed Emotions, Black Blooded, J-Jammin, Mexican Nightmares... IWA had The Infection, Black Blooded, Extremely Lethal, The Sons of the Holy Divinity... That can create interest if you book them well.

    A little digression: I always speak of EWNCW and IWA because they are the ones I know most, not disrespect to other feds.

    Back on track. Last night I was re-reading the Team Ego thingy and I found a perfect example of what I'm saying, even if I'm referring to a different division. Benny said the most over character in IWA was Juno Mercury. Hands down. Benny the Ball was insanely over too, but Juno was really over before BTB started his own popularity. How did they manage that? They had probably the best female character in the company, Juno. Probably Vivica was the only one who could shadow her, although others were close. Juno was the perfect champion for the division, but kept losing. People were outraged, and the more vocal they were, the more creative pissed them by making those "Oh, so close" matches Juno lost. Finally, there was an epic match at DFI II and Juno won it. People loved that. You had great characters around, you had other hot as hell storylines and matches, like Van vs. Ramon, but the one people loved most was Juno finally making it. Or at least it was in the top three most loved moments.

    There's also a factor to consider. Tag Teams are harder to manage. You have to create two separate characters and make them work together. It's easier to handle a singles superstar. Either that or you join another user and the promos take longer to be done, depending on the availability/willingness of each team member. As I said, Tommy was getting tired of writing for SAM, so many times his promos were just a couple of lines, and most of the work was Tenorio. Later on he picked up a bit, but it was not making him happy. But I understand were he came from, and I respect that. I was having fun with Tenorio, he wasn't. I think for him it was more workload on his plate that he didn't care for.

    On the other hand, you had Hot Wasabi, with both members making a great effort to make an incredibly funny team. Having to feud with them was unfair if you were managing a tag team on your own, as you had two of the best minds in the biz (Torphs and Eddie) against one brain only. You can't beat them, no matter how hard you try. I had the feeling they were always ahead of me in the JM/HW feud. It couldn't have been otherwise, no matter how good I was. No resentment, though. Plain truth.

    So, with all that in mind, do people overlook the tag team division? Not necessarily, but the spark is pretty lost at the moment. Let's see what happens in the future.

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    Are you open to see a potential face turn in the future for Mr Torture? And how hard it will be for you to write for a character, with that background as a face?

    Grind: I don't know. I'm pretty much enjoying writing for Mr. Torture as a heel at the moment, so I don't even envision it as a future possibility. I am concentrated in the present, so I don't even bother.

    But who knows? At first I wasn't too keen on turning Carlin face, but in the end I did. It was pretty good too. So, who can't say we'll see a Mr. Torture face turn? But it has to make sense, there has to be a good storyline and a solid reason behind to make the turn. I even outlined a storyline to do it (even if I'm not interested, it just came to me), where the Roses were displeased with having Torture as a champion because he is not "family friendly" and handpick their own corporate champion, who finally defeats T (with controversy), thus leading the owners to turn heel and Torture become face as a fighter for freedom. Maybe too close to the Authority/Ambrose storyline, but a reasonable way to do it.

    It can be really hard to write for him as a face. It has to drop down his whole gimmick or at least tone it down enough for people to buy it. And I'm not sure how to do that, to be honest. I don't want him to apologize for what he is to make amends with the audience, and the freedom fighter thing puts him too close to Carlin, unless he takes the Stone Cold route. And I already stated that I refuse to make him a comedy character. He has his own sense of humor, yes, but I don't want him to be a goofy sideshow. No, thank you, that chance is closed and sorry, but it doesn't admit any rethinking, or "don't be unreasonable" comments. It's a no, end of discussion.

    As you can see, it's quite tricky. It all would depend of the type of storyline that leads to the turn. Besides, I'm not too sure of my skills as writing faces. While I did some good ones with Carlin, in others I was thinking: "Goddamn, that sounds so Cena-esque!" But I have to admit it's quite a challenge, and it would be interesting to see if I'm able to pull it. But not right now.

    I must say PWR is on the rise to become something special and its very possible to see a few more re-debuts and a few returns in the efeds. Who's the guy(s) you want to see back and why?

    Grind: Man, that's a tough question. I have to bear in mind who has left for good, and who could actually be reading the forums but not writing in the efed section. I have to say I have already mentioned some tag teams above that could make an awesome return, so people just have to scroll upwards to see some names, especially those mentioned with praise.

    So, who else I'd like to see returning, even if their creators are no longer interested? I'd like to see Ronaldo Romulus. He was a great heel, someone so easy to be against, and someone that could make a great face turn. Jelly has the ability to make it happen, and it would be a total shocker.

    Any character Torphy had. I had to admit I always had a soft spot for the Torphs. When he first brought in Arthur Lansdale I started ICing with him for shits and giggles, and called him (can't remember why) Ms. Rottenmeier, a character from the 70's anime Heidi, Girl of the Alps, which was very successful here in Spain, but he had no clue of who I was talking about. I managed to find in Youtube the film they made about it, and showed him who I was referring to. Now I found a subtitled version of the anime, you can see Ms. Rottenmeier in the 3:51 minute of this video: He started to laugh and told me that was how he envisioned Lansdale, but as a male. I suggested him giving good ol' Artie a female valet, and not much longer afterwards, Rebecca Ravensdell was born. She was a much younger and prettier version of Sarah Palin, he nailed it from the very beginning. He was a very creative fella. Erebus was killing it before IWA folded. hell he could even bring Captain Amazing from death so we could have a laugh.

    Van Hooligan X wrote one of the most easily hateable heels in the business. And if he came back, there's always the chance of seeing Ramon around, even if it is for a one night only reunion of The infection.

    Rehmix had Malcolm Cage and "Primetime" AJ Dixon, and although Cage was good, he was not as good as Primetime ever was. I think a feud between him and N would be awesome, trying to be cockier and more cool than the other. Battle of the egos!

    Mike Hawk could be back if WF has solved his connection issues. He already started in PWR and I'd like to see more of him, considering the past he has with T in IWA and PWR.

    Oscar Layman would be awesome. PWR doesn't have a funny character (until Usain Kingston is back) and a lot of dark ones, so I think Layman would be a great addition. Everybody loved Des's work with him. If I'm not mistaken, I've never seen him being Grind Laytard, William Carlay or Mr. Layture. That would be awesome. And if Des is reading, he can interpret that as me throwing the gauntlet.

    Another funny character would be K-Jammin'. Brass and cocky as a heel, he was bordering ridicule when he was a face, but in the good sense. Face K-Jam would be a touch of fresh air.

    Add some of the above names (Black Blooded, Hot Wasabi, GodMoney, Force of Greatness, The Sons, Damaged Goods, Mixed Emotions, Hostile Takeover) and you have plenty to choose from. I'm probably forgetting many more, but the interview would be unbearable to read.

    And BTB and his Teddy. I sense he still has something to say about The Man in Latex, but that's just me.

    Haha BTB always has something so say. Grind you are part of the efeds for along time and you have many accomplishments. Doing this all those year have you ever thought about retirement and if so you do you want to face in your last match/promo?

    Grind: I remember back in the day the question arose, I believe it was regarding the Buried Alive match that Chris Divine and TDA had, TDA saw that as a sort of retiring match. By the way, an epic encounter written by yours truly in which, to follow the "I'm burying Darius" joke TJB had at the time, I actually made both TDA and Divine accidentally hit Darius, who was backstage, just for the sake of laughs. Bear in mind that I already had a sort of retirement match (more of a farewell one) with the Carlin/Grind at Last Call.

    I remember I picked matches for my different characters, but the only one I'm totally sure of was Carlin vs. Tommy Thunder in a one hour Iron Man match, but thinking about it, I'll add the falls count anywhere rule.

    Jesting Madness were involved in a 6 team Elimination Chamber match. I'm not totally sure of which other teams there were, so I pick GodMoney, Force of Greatness, Black Blooded, Shadows of Madness and I'm not pretty sure of the final team, maybe the Sons, or Extremely Lethal, or Mixed Emotions. Or maybe a "fans vote the final team", hoping it's not too outrageous. I'll add a rule, stipulating that each team would bring a weapon with them (same for each member, each team have to pick a different one, meaning that, for example, JM would pick the barb wired baseball bat, and Grind and Carlin would have one each, therefore there would be two barb wired bats in the match).

    Grind would probably retire in the most brutal match possible, and that would be Gates of Hell. There are several possible opponents, so it would be a clusterfuck including Ano Doom, Erebus, Abel, TDA and Mark Dimension. All levels of brutality would be reach, broken and expanded.

    The choice for the SAM is pretty obvious: Hot Wasabi. The prize would be the Ultimate Womanizer Team of the Efeds. And for a change, it would be a regular match. No, scrap that, it has to be a Tuxedo match. Remember the TLC Tuxedo match JM and Hot Wasabi had in EWNCW? It happened because the chosen stipulations for the Threat of the Net PPV included both matches, and after people casted their votes there was a tie (TOTN was like WWE's Cyber Sunday). Therefore, creative had to decide. At the moment of making the decision, only Tommy, TJB (I'm quite sure it was him) and me were on the Bat Cave, so I was defeated 2-1 for a Tuxedo match. I called shenaningans, because other members of creative hadn't been consulted. I was pretty vocal at the time, with Grind blatantly refusing to be involved in a Tuxedo match, no matter what. In the end, Zero, who I'm 99% sure wrote the match, chose to make the TLC Tuxedo match. I don't know how but he made it work, no matter how absurd that sounds.

    I'm actually racking my brains about who I'd like Mr. Torture to have a final match with, and I can't make my mind. Hawk? There's history between the two. Erebus? A darker than hell character, and a real tough challenge for a much smaller man. Same with Grind. I don't know, I can't probably decide because I'm not contemplating the possibility of Torture retiring. I mean, he's the champ, right? And I hope he'll be for a long time.

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    That's what we have for this show ladies and gents. I want to thank Grind again for joinig me on the show and for his great responses. I leave you with some of this.


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