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    Megaslam Wrestling

    Okay, so I've never done one of these before so I'm not 100% sure of the format but over time that will change with your feedback! I do have a very limited roster as I am basing this on a real company with real workers, but I am more than happy to take characters that are given to me and work them into the shows. As I am basing this on a real company here in the UK, there will not be weekly shows (e.g. Raw, SD!) but there will be events that are monthly (they will likely be uploaded weekly, therefore it won't follow a real timescale, Book To The Future if you like!) I apologise for the horrific pun. Anyway, if you have any feedback, I'd love to hear it, and any character suggestions, just PM me! Now I think that covers everything, here goes:


    El Ligero
    'Hilbilly' Butch Brown
    Jack Dynamo
    James Mason
    Josh Alden
    Robbie Mckenzie
    Super Porky
    Terry Isit

    Alexander Croft
    Bully Boy Carter
    Josh Anderson
    Max Fury
    Paul Malen
    Peter Pumpkin
    Prince Ameen


    Lana Austin
    Sarah King
    Toni Storm
    Xia Brookside

    Kay Lee Ray
    Saraya Knight

    Authority Figures
    Brad Flash - Ring Announcer, GM

    Megaslam Wrestling Champion: James Mason (29/04/15-) d. Bully Boy Carter @ Mayhem

    Megaslam Wrestling Women’s Champion: Saraya Knight (25/09/14-) d. Alpha Female @ Battle Royal

    Megaslam Wrestling International Champion: Max Fury (30/05/15-) d. Josh Alden @ War on the Shore

    Battle Lines
    Cruel Intentions
    War on the Shore
    Rule Breakers
    Guilty Conscience
    Battle Royal
    Legend's Evening
    End of the Road

    Mayhem Quick Results:
    1) Paul Malen d. Jack Dynamo (8:47) Pinfall via. Running Knee
    2) MSW International Championship – Josh Alden d. Max Fury (c) (13:12) Pinfall via. Dapper Driver – NEW CHAMPION
    3) MSW Championship – Bully Boy Carter (c) d. Terry Isit (11:58) Pinfall via. Roll-up
    4) James Mason d. Jonny Storm (18:37) Pinfall via. Springboard Crossbody
    5) MSW Women’s Championship – Saraya Knight (c) d. Toni Storm (7:28) Pinfall via. DDT
    6) James Mason won a Battle Royal to win a shot at the MSW Championship anytime, anywhere.
    7) MSW Championship – James Mason d. Bully Boy Carter (c) (0:04) Pinfall via. Roll-up – NEW

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    Megaslam Wrestling - War on the Shore (30/05/15)

    Brad Flash welcomes us to The Spa in Bridlington and says that we have a great night of action in store, but before he can continue any further, Paul Malen’s music hits.Malen makes his way to the ring through a chorus of boos.

    Malen: Hello and welcome to The Spa in Bridlington! Let me tell you that this is my very favourite venue to wrestle in. Honestly there is no better place to wrestle than here. *light cheers* Except for one thing. You. *pointing at all the fans in attendance* Don’t boo me! You’re the ones that continue to boo me and piss me off and I haven’t even done anything wrong! Yes I attacked Terry Isit but I had my reasons which I have already explained to each and every one of you ingrates sat out there. Plus, I don’t have to justify myself to you little runts anymore! I am Paul Malen, this is ‘the Paul Malen Show’! I am the longest reigning champion in Megaslam history and nobody can take that away from me! I am the greatest wrestler to ever grace the Megaslam ring and to prove my dominance I am giving anyone in the back an opportunity to come out here and face greatness, but it will not be pretty, and it will not be the result you are all hoping for.*Robbie McKenzie’s music hits, as Malen takes off his jacket in the ring, signalling for McKenzie to get in the ring*

    Match #1: Paul Malen vs. Robbie McKenzie

    Finish: After around 8 minutes of pure dominance and arrogance from Malen, McKenzie starts to fight out of a rear naked choke! Shots to the stomach and McKenzie has broken free! Dropkick, Arm Drag, Arm Drag, Malen throws a clothesline, McKenzie catches and spins under! Neckbreaker! Malen is down now, McKenzie standing in the corner signalling that this is the end! What a huge upset this would be if McKenzie could topple the giant! McKenzie attempts the RKO, but Malen pushes him away, Running Knee! 1-2-3! Malen wins.

    Winner: Paul Malen

    After the match: Paul Malen is continuing the assault on McKenzie, stomping and striking, Rude Awakening! Paul Malen is destroying the young 17 year old upstart! Here comes the brand new Megaslam Champion James Mason running out to the ring! Lou Thesz press and Mason is beating the holy hell out of Paul Malen! The two are jostling for position rolling around on the mat, throwing wild strikes, with Mason coming out on top 99% of the time. Both men are separated by referees and are standing at opposite sides of the ring, until a sly smile comes across the face of Paul Malen. Bully Boy Carter from behind on Mason with a chair! Mason clutches the back of his head, blood pouring out and through his hands, the beatdown doesn’t stop there, as Carter continues to pound on Mason as referees are desperately trying to get this under control. McKenzie with a chair shot of his own! He takes down both Malen and Carter with huge chair shots to the head! Carter and Malen retreat as Brad Flash himself gets into the ring with a microphone.

    Brad Flash: Carter! Malen! Considering you want to fight, try this one on for size! I have just had confirmation from Megaslam management that you two will take on the team of James Mason and Robbie McKenzie at our next special event: Rule Breakers! *large pop from the crowd* Bully Boy, you were set to face James Mason in the main event tonight for your title rematch, but Mason is now unable to compete. But don’t you worry, you’ll have an opponent, but you won’t be finding out who it is until they are on their way down to the ring to knock your head off of your shoulders! *Carter flips out on the outside of the ring amidst cheers from the crowd* It doesn’t end there Bully Boy! If you lose this match, you lose your rematch clause, and your opponent will become the #1 contender to the Megaslam Wrestling Championship! *Huge pop from the crowd* Oh, and one more thing, Paul Malen is banned from ringside, now get your arses out of here! *Carter and Malen go ape as the crowd pops loud for this announcement*

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    *Video package airs showing the detailed rivalry between Max Fury and Josh Alden, including Alden’s emphatic title win from Mayhem last month*

    Brad Flash: This is match number two of War on the Shore and it is for the International Championship!!

    Match #2: Josh Alden (c) vs Max Fury – International Championship

    Finish: After 15 minutes of a gruelling back and forth contest, it looks as if Max Fury is going to regain the title, as he drags Alden up to his feet by his hair, DAPPER DRIVER OUT OF NOWHERE!! 1-2- How did Fury kick out of that?! Alden looks up at the referee in disbelief as Fury is trying to get his bearings at the turnbuckles but wait, what is Fury doing? He just pulled some brass knuckles out of his trunks! The crowd are going wild! Alden, still unaware, drags Fury to his feet and places him on the second rope, he’s looking for a top rope Dapper Driver!! Alden gets into position but Fury catches him with a left hook with the brass knuckles!! The referee’s vision was obscured!! Diving Headbutt to Alden!! 1-2-3! Fury wins! The crowd goes crazy with boos as Fury throws the knucks away and has his hand raised! Alden has been robbed of his championship only a month after capturing it!!


    But wait, Alden is up to his feet and has found the brass knuckles! Fury turns around into a huge right hook from Alden with the knucks! A HUGE DAPPER DRIVER!! Alden gets a mic as Fury rolls out of the ring.

    Alden: You wanna play dirty Max? That’s fine by me, how about me and you, one last time, for that title at Rule Breakers?! No countout, no disqualification, Extreme f*****g rules!!!

    Brad Flash: You don’t need confirmation from him, its official! Max Fury, Josh Alden, International Championship, Extreme Rules!!
    *Alden smiles as the crowd erupt in cheers*

    Match #3: Lana Austin vs. Nightshade

    After 4 minutes of domination from Nightshade, she hits the Diva Killer for the quick 1-2-3, becoming one step closer to the Megaslam Women’s Championship. Monster heat for Nightshade.

    Winner: Nightshade

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    Brad Flash: Ladies and Gentlemen, this next competitor has informed me to tell you that he would like absolute silence, your 100% undivided attention and for all of you to rise, as I introduce you to the self-proclaimed Goodwill Ambassador of the Masses, The Councillor, Mr. Peter Pumpkin! *The crowd degenerate into a rabble of boos and ‘Die, Pumpkin Die’ chants*

    Peter Pumpkin: My name is Mr. Peter Pumpkin, and I am here to finally bring a little bit of class and finesse to the Megaslam ring. I am also here on a personal venture, to correct all social ills that plague the rabble that we all like to refer to as the British public. People like you! *points at a member of the audience* You look like you have consumed more calories than The Rock on a cheat day! Honestly, did you pay for two seats to the show today because by god you need them don’t you?! *the crowd boos intensely* You, you are everything that’s wrong with the people of this country. Grotesquely overweight, spending wrongly claimed benefit money so you can have a lovely night out at the wrestling with your family that are ashamed to be seen in public with such a morbidly obese mess! You, just like- *Pumpkin is cut off by the music of El Ligero, the crowd go crazy as they recognise the music of the hugely popular luchador* Ligero storms the ring and hits Pumpkin with a huge clothesline and it looks like this one is underway!

    Match #4: Peter Pumpkin vs. El Ligero

    Finish: El Ligero has been dominating the action for the past 10 minutes, and is ascending to the top rope looking for a moonsault! Pumpkin hits the ropes and crotches him though! Backstabber!! Pumpkin goes for the cover! 1-2- Ligero powers out! Pumpkin goes mad at the referee claiming that it was a 3 count, but as he turns his attention back to the horned superstar, he walks right into a huge superkick! Ligero gives a huge ‘ARIBA!’ to the crowd, as he slowly heads to the top rope for his patented splash, but Pumpkin is up! He goes to throw Ligero from the top rope but he manages to front flip and land on his feet! Pumpkin wildly missing with a clothesline, C4L!!! 1-2-3!! Ligero wins!

    Winner: El Ligero

    Match #5: Saraya Knight (c) vs. Xia Brookside – Women’s Championship

    Finish: After only 3 minutes of Knight dominating young 16 year old Brookside, she hits a vicious DDT to pick up the win and retain her championship. When will Saraya Knight’s reign of terror end?

    Winner and STILL WOMEN’S CHAMPION: Saraya Knight

    Brad Flash: It is now time for our Main Event of the evening. This match is set for one fall, and it is for the number one contendership to the Megaslam Wrestling Championship. Introducing first, Bully Boy Carter! *Carter slowly makes his
    way to the ring looking pissed to a chorus of boos*

    And his opponent- *there is a long pause until the music of Terry Isit hits* TERRY ISIT!!

    Match #6: Terry Isit vs. Bully Boy Carter - #1 Contendership to Megaslam Championship

    Finish: 20 minutes into this gruelling contest and Carter is sat in the corner asking for a timeout! Isit declines, as he reaches for Carter, but it looks like Carter was playing possum, as he powers him up and hits the Rolling Senton! 1-2-NO! Isit stays alive as Carter argues with the referee. Carter regains his composure and tries to lock in his infamous submission hold, the Crooked Spire. Isit rolls through and kicks Carter away, both men to their feet now, as Carter is met with a huge kick to the gut and writhes in pain on his knees, Isit spits on his boot and hits his patented kick to the head, much to the delight of the Bridlington crowd! 1-2-OH MY LORD BULLY BOY KICKED OUT! NOBODY HAS EVER KICKED OUT OF THAT MANOEVRE! Isit looks at the referee in complete disbelief, as the crowd goes nuts! Isit sets Carter up for the package DDT, but Bully Boy spins out and hits his huge Discus Clothesline! Carter goes for the pin! Wait a minute, Carter has just broken his own pin! A sadistic smile creeps onto the face of Bully Boy Carter, as he reaches down and locks Isit in the Crooked Spire! Isit is crawling towards the ropes but Carter drags him back into the centre of the ring! Isit is fading! Isit looks completely out of this one, the referee then drags Carter off of Isit and throws this one out.

    Winner by Referee Stoppage and still #1 Contender: Bully Boy Carter

    The show ends with referees tending to Terry Isit and Carter in the centre of the ring, laughing sadistically.


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