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    As wrestling fans, do you find it hard to be optimistic?

    Let me explain what I mean. The wrestling business itself is very complex business. You got many things that go into it in order for it be successful. One important factor is the audience that attends wrestling shows. I guess you can try to separate independent companies from the big, mainstream ones. But I think it all comes down to the wrestlers and how crowds react to them.

    My question is based on how you watch the progress of a particular favorite wrestler of yours. You want them to do well and be successful but do you find it difficult at times do to how, with online dirt sheets, the business can be at times?

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    I don't find it that hard to be optimistic personally. I'm a WWE fan first and foremost, and I can see that the company is (for the large part) building towards a very bright looking future. Several young stars have been promoted to the main roster from their developmental farm in recent times and most of them are featured quite prominently on the main shows now.
    You have 28 year old Seth Rollins as the world champion, Daniel Bryan (himself a former multi-time world champion and one of the most popular guys on the roster) as the intercontinental champion, Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, Luke Harper, Bray Wyatt all featured heavily, John Cena (the seemingly only guy they've been investing in for the past 10 years) moved out of the main spotlight as United States Champion (which brings some much needed credibility to a title that has been dead for so long), the tag team scene flourishing with some exciting tag teams joining the Usos. Plenty of positives there.

    You also off course have NXT. Where to begin? A bucket load of the world's top wrestling talents have joined the company and gone through developmental since the re-branding of NXT. Hideo Itami, Finn Balor, Sami Zayn, Cesaro, Neville, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Kalisto, Luke Harper, Kevin Owens, Xavier Woods and so on were all well known, successful international stars in their own right before joining WWE, but now they're going to be performing on the top stage after being rounded off and polished up.
    The fact that the Shield trio, The Wyatt Family, Kalisto, Neville, Cesaro and so on have transitioned successfully to the main roster shows that NXT works too.
    On top of this, WWE have found and developed unknown talents into successful and promising looking talents (guys like Tyler Breeze, Baron Corbin, Hunico/Sin Cara, Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy, Alex Riley etc.

    Watching WWE, I'm very optimistic of in what they're doing. I know that sometimes they do still do questionable things in terms of booking decisions and so on, but there's always going to be things that people don't agree with happening. For the larger part however, I am certainly optimistic in what they're doing.

    I do watch some TNA and I have to say, despite the seemingly positive changes they've made, I'm less optimistic about their outlook (I'm not being biased there, as I think they have several excellent talents on their roster). I know that there's a lot of enthusiasm and optimism in the comments that are coming from the talents, but that's natural given that they've just made a lot of changes (the switching of the channel, shaking things up in terms of personnel, switching focus on various things and so on). I still think that it's a million miles behind WWE in terms of what they serve up, and they'll likely never compete with WWE as a company (though given the WWE's size, nothing will compete I don't think). I think relying on Kurt Angle as champion is a bad move (I think he was probably made champ just to get him to re-sign), their tag division is virtually non-existent and consists of mainly just The Wolves and The Hardys, Their KO division isn't what it used to be, and I actually think that WWE's Divas division is quickly catching up with them in terms of what they're serving up, the X division isn't utilized to the best of it's ability, the lack of a true mid card title is a slight downer for me, and I simply despise the use of the 6 sided ring. Wrestling belongs inside 4 sides.

    I am excited to see what Jeff Jarrett does with GFW and I'm excited that Tommy Dreamer's House of Hardcore has had a tv deal this week. I'm also hearing great things about other comapnies such as Lucha Underground and NJPW.

    All in all, there's plenty of things to be positive about going on and I'm certainly optimistic.

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    It's sad but NXT clearly is better then raw and smackdown and ROH is becoming great vince should be scared of LU because the guys backing that can throw tons of money and rival his bussiness with Robert Rodrigiez and Mark B ( survior, the voice, big brother) clearlyvince end is in sight

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    Owens is terrible imo what do you guys see in him?

    Enzo and Colin and even carmilla who looks like iggy azala r great


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