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    New WWE2K15 "What If" My Career Mode

    Hey folks,

    You've probably seen guys on YouTube, creating custom wrestlers and telling their story through WWE2K15's My Career Mode. But what if instead of creating a custom wrestler, we reached back in time and took a legened, and brought him here to present day WWE. Could that legend make it in today's WWE? Our first legend that we are focusing on is "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels. We took a created 1992 version of The Heartbreak Kid and started him in WWE2K15's My Career Mode. Come and join us, and see if Shawn Michaels could succeed in today's WWE.

    Episode 1 to release tomorrow (April 3rd) at approximately 4 PM PST.

    Hope you guys stop on over at my YouTube page which can be found by clicking the following.

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