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    (To have face paints during big matches and PPVs as Finn does)

    Full Name(s): Corwin Bane

    Nickname(s): “The Son of Abaddon”

    Age(s): 26

    Height: 6’1

    Weight: 225 lbs.

    Hometown: Sheffield, South Yorkshire

    Billed From: The 9th Circle

    Background Story/Gimmick: On 15 April 1989, Bane’s parents left him home alone, just under the age of 2 years, to watch the Liverpool – Nottingham Forest football match. The two died in the Hillsborough Disaster, and Corwin was left for dead, until a man came in and rescued them the following morning after hearing cries of agony. The man, known only as “Abaddon,” raised him as his own, and taught him to treat the world as his parents treated him, and to overcome all in his path. With this mindset, along with his unparalleled athleticism, Bane decided to become a wrestler, desiring to put his father’s teachings to the test and to become the most decorated wrestler in history, no matter what would be in his way.

    Alignment: Open for Creative’s decision

    Fighting Style: High-flying mat technician

    Signature Moves: Japanese arm drag, running uppercut to opponent in the corner (a la Cesaro), Inverted stomp facebreaker

    Finishing Moves: The Descent (Double Moonsault), Toxin (wrist-clutch tiger suplex)

    Entrance Music:

    Entrance Description: The lights go out, and when the initial riff ends, the lights return, albeit dim, and smoke appears as Bane appears on stage, pointing his index finger into the air and mouthing “it isn’t Him” as he walks slowly down to the ring.

    Added Information: Bane bears a scar across his upper body, from just under his left armpit reaching all the way to his right hip; how he obtained this scar is unknown to anyone but him.

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    Full Name(s): Alixx Gates

    Height: 5’10

    Weight: 187lbs

    Hometown: Kansas City

    Billed From: Kansas City

    Background Story/Gimmick: Gates hails from Kansas City, raises by free thinkers he was given free will as a child to whatever he pleased. With this kind of upbringing Gates was quite reckless, getting into his fair share of trouble. At the ripe age of 17 he joined a wrestling school in KC but quickly went into the indies. He now looks to make a name on a bigger stage. Gates is a rocker and it shows in his wrestling, from his entrance style and music, to the way he fights. He is reckless and carefree and has a devil may care attitude that allows for him to take bigger risks without much worry.


    Fighting Style: High-Flyer style similar to Sami Zayn

    Signature Moves: Diving Crossbody, Helluva Kick, Reverse Hurricanrana (used on occasion), Low Dropkick, Sleeper Hold, Surfboard, Blue Thunder Bomb, STF

    Finishing Moves: Southern Constellations (Boma Ye); A Hero Loses Everyday (Zigzag)

    Entrance Music: Pierce The Veil Feat Kellin Quinn: King For a Day

    Added Information: Gates has a long scar on his left arm that goes from his shoulder to just below his elbow, this is from getting caught on a fence when he was young. He has several tattoos including the crest of courage on his left wrist, the phrase “Hold on Till May” on his ribs, the Hylian Bird in his neck, and Nightwing emblem on his right forearm.


    Full Name(s): Emma Sage; Emma Sage-Gates

    Age(s): 20

    Height: 4’11

    Weight: 101lbs

    Hometown: Santa Monica, California

    Billed From: Santa Monica

    Background Story/Gimmick: Emma is a Cali girl at heart, but spent a great deal of her later life in Kansas City, living with a drunk for a father, who used her at will; she ought an outlet for the pain she felt at home. This resulted with her experimenting with drugs and self-harm, but that changed when she was introduced to Alixx Gates, a boy 3 years older than her, she met him during her sophomore year in high school, and he changed her outlook on life, helping her to better herself. He introduced her to music and wrestling and gave her the tools to express her pain in a more natural way. He also helped to get her away from her father. Soon, Emma was traveling on the weekends with Alixx, as he would work small indy shows she would train in the hopes of joining him in the ring. In 2013, Emma and Alixx were married and she competed in her first match on their wedding night. She now follows him to PWR to see what lies ahead.


    Fighting Style: AJ Lee meets Becky Lynch

    Signature Moves: Lou Thez Press, Moonsault, Diving Crossbody, Chick Kick, Vertical Suplex, Helluva Kick

    Finishing Moves: Pierce The Ring (Shining Wizard), Fast Times at Rebellion High (Double Arm DDT)

    Entrance Music: Pierce The Veil: Bulls in The Bronx

    Added Information: She has a “Hold on Till May” in the same spot on her ribs that Alixx does (Lower left side), she has several scars on her wrist from cutting along with a razor blade tattoo and the phrase “It gets better” She has the crest of love tattooed on her left wrist.

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    Thought I'd post my bio here in case anyone may want to reference something form it in a promo or whatever in the future

    Full name: Tommy Thunder


    Nicknames: 'The Storm'/The Best in the World at What he does'/The Division 1 Superstar/The Must See MVP

    Age: 31

    Height: 6'1"

    Weight: 227lbs

    Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado

    Billed from: Colorado Springs, Colorado

    Background Story: Tommy Thunder grew up as a wrestling fan all his life. Despite always wanting to eventually become a professional wrestler, it wasn't until after he'd graduated from university at the age of 21 that he decided to really start training. Having previously trained in the States during his study years and partaking in amateur collegiate wrestling, with moderate success, he then decided to travel to Japan, where he joined a renown wrestling school and trained hard for several years.

    After 4 hard years, at the age of 25, Thunder was now ready to take up the challenge of becoming a professional wrestler, and he was head hunted and signed by EWNCW. Thunder spent 6 years at the promotion, and in this time became the company's first ever champion at their first ever ppv when he won the EWNCW Forum Championship (later known as the Ignition Championship). During his time at the company he also went on to become International Champion, World Heavyweight Champion and the company's longest reigning EWNCW Champion, which also made him one of only a handful of multi-time world champions in the company's history.

    During his time in EWNCW, he also spent a lengthy stint in HWA where he became a 2 time world champion, making him a 4 time world champion in total. Thunder also made special one off appearances in other companies during his time in EWNCW, including ICW and IWA.

    With all companies now closed, Thunder is looking for a fresh challenge and is determined to rise to the top of yet another company, with one goal on his mind; to win.

    Alignment: Open to whatever.

    Wrestling Style: Hybrid technical wrestler, combining mat based grappling, submission with some high flying.

    Finishers: Shinning Wizzard, Anaconda Vice

    Signatures: Eye of the Storm (Eye of the Hurricane), Storm Effect (Side Effect), Diving Elbow Drop, sitout facebuster (sometimes from the top rope)

    Other moves: key lock, dragon sleeper, surfboard, multiple kick variations (shoot, back, roundhouse), enziguri, missile/standing dropkick, knife-edge chop, diving leg drop, asai moonsault from apron to man/men on the outside, corner clothesline/bulldog combo (like Matt Hardy), DDT/inverted DDT, arm trap swinging neckbreaker, snap suplex, tiger suplex (sometimes bridged into a pin), northern lights suplex (sometimes bridged into a pin), snap scoop powerslam (sometimes as a counter to an oncoming opponent).

    Entrance music:

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    Mike Muir April Snow dressed up

    April Snow
    Heel/Tweener5' 9" foot130 lbsApearence- think Dafney formally of TNA/WCW.

    In interviews she either is dressed proffesionaly, or at other times in motorcycle clothing

    Finishing moves- DDT, Bodyslam, Top rope drop kick, frog splash

    Promotions worked for (EFeds): JBW, TWE, EWATitles in EFeds held: noneValet and wife to Mike MuirBio: Former stripper from New York, very hot, 26 yrs old- has wrestled in Mexico and Japan only- wanted to break through in Europe and America wrestling for EWA and then JBW. She does not mess around in the ring- a serious wrestler. Has also wrestled for TWE. She also is married to Mike Muir, coming to the ring with him at all times- just as he always comes to the ring for her matches. They were also very good friends with Sasha Panzer and are looking to help her once again, forming a tight groupApril Snow theme

    moveset- bull dog, DDT, running knee, a high flyer. wrestling style- Gail Kim with a bit of a Japanese stiff wrestling style
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    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young

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    Mike Muir and April Snow

    Mike Muir

    Height: 6 ft 5in

    Weight: 225lbs

    Age 26

    From: Jackson, Mississippi

    Entrance Theme:

    Muir walks down arm in arm with his wife April Snow- weather its his match or
    hers. And he always holds the ropes open for her

    Ring style: A cross between HBK, Jericho, Punk, AJ Styles and Bobby Roode. Mixed in is some Japanese stiff style of wrestling

    Finisher(s): Superkick, Styles Clash- called Redneck Ride

    Signature Move(s): Top rope drop kick, Missle drop kick, neckbreaker, backbreaker, Razors edge, Kick to the nuts(called Nut Cracker)

    Alignment: Heel/tweener

    Promotions worked for (EFeds): EWA, TWE, EWNCW, JBW

    Titles in EFeds held: TWE Team Combat championship with Zack Silver. EWA PAIN! Heavyweight Champion

    Bio: Born and raised in Mississippi, was on both the football team and wrestling team at Ole Miss, winning many awards. After graduation, he decided to get into pro wrestling. Spent two years in local indy feds before decided to leave the Mississippi area to broaded his horizens. Wrestled for EWA for most of the year battling the giant Raden Blain, Tobias Alexander and Ryan Wells- Was always a face but towards the end of his EWA tenure he developed a bit of an edge in his fued with Wells- has one more match to wrestle in EWA on their final show where he will recieve a shot at the EWA PAIN! Heavyweight Belt- which he won. Also wrestled in Alpha Rev/TWE holding the TEAM Combat Championship with
    partner Zack Silver before being called up to EWNCW. Wrestled for the rebooted JBW until it closed. While him and his wife April are not true heels- they will do what they have to do to win a match, cheating if they have to. Very good friends with Sasha Panzer

    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young

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    Sasha Panzer

    5 ft 6

    110 lbs

    From: Berlin, Germany

    wrestling style: kicks, screams, hair pulling but also can wrestle a high flying stlye.

    Finishers: Chick Kick is her finisher. She wears a glove on her right hand which she loads with an object at times- she calls it Lil WMD

    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young

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    Sasha Panzer continued

    bio: youngest family member of the Panzer family. Does not get along with her sister Barbie, nor her brother Oli. The only member in her family that ever gave her attention was her brother Karl. She briefly dated Hanz Gruber who turns out was only using her while dating her sister Barbie. In EWA she made friends with April Snow, Mike Muir and Faith Leflur, staying friends with them when the all went to JBW until she made friends with Ano Doom. When she hooked up with Ano, Muir, Snow and Leflur let her go her own way. The past few months, Sasha was left to her own, no more Ano, no friends, no family. a chance meeting with April and Mike after Sasha rushed from a building hosting a wrestling show- April and Mike nursed her back to health- she was brutalized at the show backstage. Sasha is very loyal to her friends and is a big Tommy Thunder fan

    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young

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    Full Name(s): Mr. Peter Pumpkin.

    Nickname(s): 'The Goodwill Ambassador of the Masses'

    Age(s): 20

    Height: 5'9"

    Weight: 180 lbs.

    Hometown: Sheffield, England.

    Billed From: London, England

    Background Story/Gimmick: Born and raised in Kensington, London, by wealthy parents, Peter went on to Oxford University to study law. With his law degree in hand, Mr. Pumpkin received a job at Sheffield Council, in South Yorkshire, a far cry from the upper class wealth that he was surrounded by at home. Throughout his time there, he noticed many aspects of social life that he wanted to fix. This led to Mr. Pumpkin getting into one of the scummiest, dirtiest sports he could think of, professional wrestling, to try and fix various social ills such as: fat peple, ugly people, poor people, and most of all, benefit scroungers. Pumpkin is hated in every town he goes to, due to his direct approach to fixing the problems he has with today's society, which leads to a lot of screaming, a lot of shouting, and most of all, lots and lots of booing. An absolutely hateful character with a face you would love to punch.

    Alignment: Cowardly heel.

    Fighting Style: Chris Jericho (Wrestling-wise), Heel Rockstar Spud (Character-wise).

    Signature Moves: Running Bulldog, Running Bulldog into turnbuckles (Sometimes exposed), Enzuigiri, Bronco Buster, Superkick, Disaster Kick, Elbow Drop, Jumping DDT.

    Finishing Moves: Pumkpin Pie (Slicebread), The Educator (Armtrap Neckbreaker), Top Rope Legdrop

    Entrance Music:

    Added Information: Uses braces to choke opponents, severe fear of water, enters with a briefcase that is often used as a weapon.

    Side note: This is a character that actually exists, I am an independant professional wrestler and have been for the past 2 and a half years, this is my heel character! Check out: (Shameless plug!)
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    Full Name(s): Ano Doom

    Nickname(s): "The Career Killer"

    Age(s): Unknown.

    Height: 6 ft 6 inches

    Weight: 330 lbs.

    Hometown: ~

    Billed from: The Netherworld.

    Background Story/Gimmick: Not much is known of Ano Doom, other than the fact he sees every match and everyone as simply another opportunity to feed his endless, unquenchable appetite for destruction, carnage, and chaos. Bloodlust is like breathing to him: he knows nothing else and it is similar to neccesity-there is no other way. Many even say that as the "battle" goes on (He refers to the ring as "his battlefield" because everytime he steps in , he is prepared for full war), and the more damage he does, he almost seems to "feed" off of it. Possessing ridiculous strength and power, he oozes intensity constantly. Several that have crossed paths with him also say "he isn't a man. ", and "there's nothing human about that killing machine. " Ruthless, vicious, and completely devoid of any regards for human life or wellbeing, the savage has returned to the world of wrestling-always in search of his "next kill".

    Alignment: Monster heel.

    Fighting Style: Mix of Ryback, Brock Lesnar, and original heel Sheamus, and a dash of Oldschool masked Kane: ridiculous awe-inspiring strength and power, that can come from anywhere at a moment's notice, mixed with legitimate wrestling takedowns and suplexs, along with constant hard hitting smashmouth style, with a touch of classic monster.

    Signature moves: Ryback Style Gigantic Spinebuster, Devil's Flame (Military Press dropped into KO punch mid-air.) The Destroyer(Meat hook Clothesline) Spinning Double Leg Takedown (Swagger) Shoulder Switch Powerslam (Ryback) Deadlift Powerbomb, Military Press variants (Powerslam, Horizontal Powerslam, F5 SPUN AND DROPPED directly from the Military Press) Suplex Variants (Mostly Snap, German, and Stalling)

    Finishing Moves: Cold-Blooded Murder (Shellshocked)

    Kick Of The Ancient Curse (Randy Orton running punt kick to the head)

    The Obliterater (Inverted Military Press Knee Backkbreaker-JUST LIKE Bane from Dark Knight Rises.)

    The Desicrater( Vicious sick Jacknife Powerbomb dropped directly over one knee-the opponent then flips over forward from the impact)

    Other Moves: One hand (only) mid-air choke, Cesaro Swing, "Heartless" (Sets a dazed opponent upon the sitting on the top rope, than viciously suddenly shoves them off with a hand around the neck, sending them violently crashing down to the floor below. ) Takedown into punches and elbow strikes, Standing on neck of opponent, Repeated right hands to the throat of an opponent in the corner, Sideslam upon the barricade outside the ring, Turnbuckle Powerbomb (Head and neck first) Pop up Belly to Belly Suplex off top rope (Throws opponent straight up like Cesaro, catches them and Belly to Bellies from after mid-air catching) Top Rope Fall Away Slam (Standing straight up from the top)

    Entrance Music: Nymphetamine-By Cradle of Filth.

    Entrance Description: Darkness falls , Lighting strikes the stage, then a large fireball flares up, and from through it walks Ano Doom, like Ryback's old one, silent, shaking, and sweating.

    Added Information: Covered in every visible area in combination Randy Orton/Undertaker tattoos, including the one half of his face which is visible. One solid white eye, one with a red pupil. Announcers from time to time correct each other when discussing him-"Look at this man-" "This is NO MAN! " , wears a bloody white hockey mask which covers one side of his face. Entrance piece is a steel dog chain around his neck with a silver fist clutching a skull, which is used as a weapon to choke, drag by the neck, and hit opponents. Other than that, short black gloves, armbands, kneepads, boots, and trunks.[/QUOTE]
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    Name(s): Alex Wright & Brooks Heaven

    Tag Team Name: The Gamers

    Age(s): Alex: 22, Brooks: 24

    Height/Weight: Alex 5'9/168, Brooks 5'11/188

    Hometown: Baltimore, MD

    Billed From: The Mushroom Kingdom

    Background/Gimmick: Two lazy ass gamer who was made to get off of the couch and do something with their lives. They tried many different things but failed horribly until they came upon a Backyard Wrestling Federation. To everyone surprise they was actually pretty good at it and eventually caught the eye of an up in coming major wrestling company, PWR.

    Alignment: Heel or Face, depending on what is needed.

    Fighting Style(s): Alex is close to a John Morrison and Kofi Kingston mix. A lot of kicks and awe like moves. Very agile and quick but lack power. Hit and run tactics is his main thing. Brooks is more of a Kevin Owens, AJ Style type wrestler. He's not really a power house but is consider one out of the two. More of a savage fight with moves that are design to punish opponents with a few high-flying moves here and there.

    Signature Moves: Alex: Spinning heel kick, round house kick, different variations of dropkicks, rolling thunder, peele kick.
    Brooks: Spinning clothesline(of the top ropes sometimes), Power Up Power bomb(PPB), springboard moonsault, tilt a whirl backbreaker

    Finisher: Alex: PK Flash (Running Double Knee), Brooks: Hyrule has Fallen (Chaos Theory), Tag Team: Three Rings of Death (Slingshot into a double running Knee) Sometimes preform from the top of the ropes or a backbreaker into a diving double knee from the top. Hence why it's called the Three Rings of Death.

    Picture: Alex:

    Entrance Song:

    Entrance Description: Both men appear from warp pipes on opposite sides of the stage. They come out to meet each other in the middle before giving each other a fist bump.
    Tai "Greatness" Knight
    A EWNCW Original
    EWNCW World Tag Team Championships: The Force of Greatness (3/18/11 - 6/16/11)

    PWR: The Empire: Nate Washington, TJ Bell and Clay Law

    PWR: The Gamers: Alex Wright & Brooks Heaven
    PWR: Myandra Rain


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