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    PWR: Pro Wrestling Rebellion

    Hey guys!

    With IWA & EWNCW both officially coming to an end- people must think that efedding is dead. Pfft. You must be crazy if you think that's going to happen!

    So here's the deal- this is going to be the beginning of a new project! There are three users who are in on this. Myself, Luizero & THE HEARTBREAK KID. Myself, Luizero & THBK will be the co-head bookers. The fact is, we love efedding too much to let it go to sleep- and we're going to try and do everything we can to bring it back to life. So here we are- bringing to you...

    Pro Wrestling Rebellion!

    However, this isn't your usual efed as we've decided that we'll be starting off as a small efed. We might not be IWA, and we might not be the WWE Fantasy Fed- but we are three people who have passion to make the best damn show possible. So instead of going with the usual format- we're cooking up an NXT style efed.

    The 3 of us have worked hard on thinking of fresh ideas that would be different in this efed. We could've easily replicated successful formats that have been used by IWA & EWNCW- but we feel that it's time for a change. We want to put our own spin on things, and make things different. Here is a list of the details on this efed:

    1. Format

    As this isn't going to be a huge efed- we're going to try our hardest to make it easier for ourselves, and make this show as short as possible. Obviously, we're not going to make it so short that it will limit users' chances to be creative. There will of course be promos, and segments to showcase your promo writing ability.

    We're introducing the BTB style finish for our matches. This has been done before in the WWE Fantasy Fed- and we want to bring this back in because it's a unique concept. It will make things easier for not only us, but it'll be easier for users to read.

    For those who don't know what a "BTB style finish" is- look at the threads on the Be The Booker section. If you click on some of those threads, and read some of the shows- you'll get a gist of what the BTB finish is.

    As for the amount of matches & segments- we will be having 3/4 matches on each show. The main event of every single show will be written normally using videos. There will be segments to split the matches apart. As for the PPV's- there will be 6 matches. Those matches will be written out using the regular format, and as usual- you've got to earn your place on the PPV.

    2. Realism

    We really want to bring the feds back to their origins- back to when it was simple and enjoyable. And for those reasons- we want to bring realism back to the feds.

    For example, the fighting styles. The styles have to be believable- so if you have a superstar who is like Shawn Michaels, Undertaker & Rey Mysterio combined- that's not believable at all. If you have a superstar like that, we will struggle when writing matches because we won't be sure how your superstar meshes with another. Giving your superstar a simple fighting style will bring in a more realistic product when writing full matches, and it will be much easier for us writers.

    We have provided everybody with a template for a bio. The bio template is a must to join. We need bios that have detail because it will help us understand what your superstar is all about. It will also give us more material for writing matches, and for doing commentary. Here is the template for the bio:

    Picture: (Can be anything, wrestler or otherwise that best resembles your characters look and appearance. Note: Once a picture has been chosen by someone else, it cannot be used again.)

    Full Name(s):






    Billed From:

    Background Story/Gimmick:

    Alignment: (Heel, Face or Tweener. Note: leave blank if you are open to allowing creative too choose)

    Fighting Style: (Note: Be realistic. You can't be the Undertaker, HBK and Rey Mysterio combined.)

    Signature Moves:

    Finishing Moves: (Max Three)

    Entrance Music:

    Entrance Description: (Note: Only needed if special entrance is wanted. Example - Del Rio's car entrance or Undertaker's Motorbike entrance.)

    Added Information: (Note: This is anything you would like creative to be aware off, about your character. Examples - Tattoos, Scars, Previous Injurys.)

    3. Drama

    The drama around the efed section might entertain some- but for most people it's a complete pain in the backside. We're going to be firm but fair with our rules here. We want people to enjoy their experience in PWR, not regret it. For that reason- we'll be introducing penalties for the drama.

    If you cause trouble in the thread- or do anything else ridiculous, you'll be given one strike. That strike will be a warning.

    If you continue to cause anarchy around here- you'll be handed a second strike. That strike will include a suspension. We'll decide the limit for the suspension, depending on the situation.

    And finally- if you keep ignoring us, and keep being a complete clown- you'll be handed a third strike which means you get kicked out of the fed. We all think this is the best way to approach these situations, and to ensure that the efed section is drama free.

    Also- if we see any racism, sexism, cyber bullying, or anything serious in those natures- you'll be kicked out straight away as we won't tolerate actions like that which are out of order.

    Another thing, any failure to notify a more than 2 week absence will be considered abandoning of the fed- and that will result in an immediate 2 strikes. We institute this rule given past history of users leaving us without reason or warning or and we have grown to hate those actions. We simply ask that if you find that you're not interested, find yourself in any family or medical emergency and need time away to study or work or any other reason, let us know.

    We know there may be times your internet service may not be working and we can redact the strikes if that is the case but this a one time only option as repeated use of the "I had no Internet." excuse will not be tolerated. If your service is that poor, we advice you change your service.

    4. Basics

    As we want to be different to all the other efeds- one of the things we will be doing is introducing is the 6 six sided ring. We want to shake things up, and that will be one of the many things that we have in store for you guys.

    We'll also be introducing a character limit as we want everybody to get a fair shot in this efed. The limit will see one user being able to have two singles superstars, one tag team, and one Diva so we balance things out.

    Obviously- we've got to have a name for our show! Myself, THBK & Luizero thought hard about this- and despite a couple of roadblocks, we finally came to a decision that the show will be called...


    The thinking behind this name was very simple- we just needed a show name that would suit the name of our efed. We wanted to focus on the "Rebellion" aspect of the name, therefore we came up with disORDER. We thought that this was a decent name, and the way it is spelt makes it stand out.

    We also focused on the "Rebellion" element with the theme as well- and we found the perfect theme song:

    Linkin Park - Rebellion (ft. Daron Malakian)

    We didn't just choose this song because of the name, but we also chose it because it was fast paced- and it seemed like a song that would get people pumped up for the show! You can't begin a show without hype, therefore this song should help provide that hype.

    Finally, last but definitely not least, there's one thing you have to do- and that's simply have FUN! There's no point in doing this if you're not going to enjoy yourself. We're guaranteeing you that with the right attitude, it will be one hell of a ride for you.

    And that wraps it up! If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to approach myself, THBK & Luizero by private messaging us. We are willing to giving you a hand on anything- and we're also open to not only hearing ideas for your characters- but other ideas to help this fed too.
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    PWR disORDER


    General Manager - Dave Ryan
    Play-by-Play Commentator - Nikki Foster
    Color Commentator - James Pope
    Announcer - Olivia Curtis
    Interviewer - Gavin Williams
    Referees - Zak Castillo and Brian Anderson.


    Single Wrestlers

    Alixx Gates - Krysys
    Israel Pamich - CricketTragic
    Jack Phoenix - CGBigMan
    Jman - Jman
    Kyojin - No_1eddiefan
    Mike Muir - EHC

    Tommy Thunder - Tommy Thunder
    Usain Kingston - Shaz
    Vince Omega - OMB

    Shaz - Shaz

    Andre Lamar - THBK
    Antonyo Angelo - Magglis
    Darius - Vandarius
    Hayden Coel - Samders
    Mike Hawk - WF
    Mr. Torture - Grind_Bastard

    Nate Washington - Tai Knight
    N Swisher - Chunky

    The Hardcore King - CGBigMan

    Ken Brandon
    Scott Nash

    Amanda Flynn
    Freya Rayne

    Tag Teams/Factions

    Extremely Lethal (Carbon & Venemous) - G.G.G
    Two of a Kind (Kid Wonder & Paul Conrad) - CricketTragic

    Carnage (Ano Doom, Graves & Freya Rayne) - SB, OMB & AshleyPunk
    The Knights (The Hardcore King, Jason Cade & Cable) - CGBigMan
    The Empire (Nate Washington, TJ Bell & Clay) - Tai Knight

    World Class Club (N, Ken Brandon & Scott Nash) - Chunky


    Akira Tajiri - THBK
    April Snow - EHC
    Emma Gates - Krysys
    Lileth - OMB
    Sasha Panzer - EHC

    Eden Sky - Glamour Girl
    Juno Mercury - AshleyPunk
    Rain - Tai Knight
    Te'Yanna - Shaz

    Mike Hawk - Unknown
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    Previous PPV's

    No Escape

    PWR's first ever Women's Match!
    Akira Tajiri def. Skylar Knox

    Open Challenge Match
    Vince Omega def. Graves

    Six Sides of Steel Cage Match
    The Empire (TJ & Clay) def. The Knights (Jason Cade & Cable)

    N' Swisher "World Class Talent" Invitational Match
    No Contest: Tommy Thunder debuts!

    Six Sides of Steel Cage Match
    Usain Kingston def. Andre Lamar: Usain is fired by Dave Ryan!

    Elimination Chamber Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
    Mr Torture def. Shaz, Mike Hawk, Orion Slayde, KJ Punk & Darius to become World Heavyweight Champion!


    Trios Elimination Match
    The Hardcore King & The Knights def. The Empire: THK is the sole survivor!

    Battle Royal for the PWR Womens Championship
    Akira Tajiri def. Te'Yanna, Emma Gates, Rain, Lileth, Sasha Panzer, April Snow & Skyler Knox to win PWR Womens Championship: Juno Mercury Debuts!

    Grudge Match
    Hayden Coel def. Vince Omega

    PWR Breakout Championship Match
    Israel Pamich def. Andre Lamar & Jack Phoenix to win PWR Breakout Championship: Usain Kingston returns!

    Texas Bull Rope Match
    N def. Tommy Thunder

    Dream Match
    Kyojin def. Darius

    PWR World Heavyweight Championship Match
    Mr. Torture (c) def. Shaz

    PWR PPV Schedule

    Addicted to Chaos
    No Escape - Elimination Chamber (Big Four)
    Stars & Stripes - The Great American Bash (Big Four)
    Day of Reckoning
    Depths of Hell
    War of Supremacy - Royal Rumble (Big Four)
    Final Fate - Wrestlemania (Big Four)

    Next PPV

    Scars & Stripes

    PWR Womens Championship Match
    Juno Mercury vs. Akira Tajiri (c)

    Triple Threat Tag Team Match
    Carnage vs. Extremely Lethal vs. Two of a Kind

    Hardcore Match
    The Hardcore King vs. Nate Washington

    PWR Breakout Championship Match
    Jack Phoenix vs. Israel Pamich (c)

    N' Swisher "World Class Talent" Invitational Match for $1m

    Loser Leaves PWR
    Usain Kingston vs. Andre Lamar

    Dream Match: Chapter II
    Kyojin vs. Darius

    Return of a Legend
    Shaz vs. Jman

    PWR World Heavyweight Championship Match
    Tommy Thunder vs. Mr. Torture (c)
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    PWR World Heavyweight Champion
    Mr. Torture (28/1/15 - Present)

    PWR Breakout Champion

    Israel Pamich (10/6/15 - Present)

    PWR Womens Champion

    Akira Tajiri (10/6/15 - Present)

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    Memorable Moments

    Legends Contract for Kyojin!

    On the 5th December 2014- Pro Wrestling Rebellion was shaken up to it's core as they signed their first ever superstar under the Legends Contract: Kyojin! The Master of True Wrestling is highly rated, and he is known to be one of the superstars that lead the future into what it is today.
    Be sure of the fact that this man will make an impact!

    A 'Storm' hits PWR!

    In PWR's first ever PPV called No Escape which took place on the 28th January 2015- the N Swisher 'World Class Talent' Invitational Match was being held! Throughout the weeks building up to No Escape, N Swisher was defeating local superstars from all around the world as he labelled them 'World Class Talent.' However at No Escape- the huge twist that nobody saw coming: Tommy Thunder answered N's Invitational Match! However- that match didn't get started as N left before the bell could ring. Thunder made it clear afterwards that he was here to stay!

    Triumph for Torture!

    A tournament called Road to Rebellion was announced- where 6 men with the most points would be put inside the Elimination Chamber at No Escape to determine the first ever PWR World Heavyweight Champion. And despite all the obstacles, 6 men did indeed qualify as Shaz, Orion Slayde, Mr. Torture, Mike Hawk, The Hardcore King & Darius took each other to their limits! However it was one of the dark horses of the Chamber, Mr. Torture that defied all the odds, and became the first ever PWR World Champion!

    Shaz goes Flying!

    At No Escape, in a move that defied gravity in the Elimination Chamber match to determine our first PWR World Champion- Shaz leaped off a pod in the Chamber match with a Shooting Star Press that left Mike Hawk out cold! This move sent the entire PWR Universe, as well as social media into a frenzy- and it also allowed Shaz to challenge for the PWR World Championship at the following PPV in Retaliation.

    Akira Tajiri achieves her dream before The Rapture emerges!

    The birth of the Womens division in PWR was always going to happen- but it was just a matter of when. And when we crowd our first PWR Womens Champion in Akira Tajiri, it was a moment that made everyone emotional as Akira went through thick and thin to achieve her dream. But one moment followed another, as Juno Mercury made her debut straight afterwards- and she vowed she was coming for the title! We all know where the REAL Womens Revolution is.

    Hometown Hero is Here!

    After Shaz & Mr. Torture stole the show at Retaliation in a match that Shaz lost, the question was.. what's next for Shaz? The following night, Shaz issues an open challenge to anyone in Philadelphia- and the man who answered it just so happened to be The Legend in Jman! Jman had his hometown going absolutely nuts as he stood toe to toe with Shaz- but as Shaz was up for a fight, he decided to walk out instead to boos from an angry New York crowd.

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    Just quickly reserving all these posts!

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    Scars and Stripes Predictions

    PWR Womens Championship Match
    Juno Mercury vs. Akira Tajiri (c)

    This match has a clear cut winner for me, and it has the champ retaining. I've just not been blown away by Mercury like I expected to be. I've seen some good promos mixed in with some meh ones. I'd hear about Mercury from the IWA days and seen some say that she was setting the bar for womens wrestling in the e-feds and constantly raising it. I haven't seen anything in PWR to suggest that. Maybe I'm being a bit too harsh? But when it comes down to Mercury vs Tajiri, Tajiri's won this one hands down.

    Winner: Akira Tajiri.

    Triple Threat Tag Team Match
    Carnage vs. Extremely Lethal vs. Two of a Kind
    This is a tough one to call. I'm going to eliminate TOAK simply based on the fact that I don't expect to see CT holding two titles at once. I will say though, if he had done enough to warrant winning here then I'd want to see it happening, as I don't think he should be discounted from the equation based on the fact that one of his other characters is a champion. If someone's done enough to win then they should, and being a a champ with another character shouldn't be preventing that from happening. Perhaps that isn't fair on the rest of the roster but to me, the best person should win if he deserves to. I think that's fair, unbiased and you're calling it straight down the middle that way.
    But alas, I don't think TOAK will be winning this one anyway. I still think that Carnage have more room to grow as a team and I don't think that they've done enough to get the win here. Extremely Lethal are old hands at this game and I think they have been the team that have been the better team over the past few weeks, so I see them winning this one and becoming PWR's first ever tag team champions. As I said in my review; there's a place for someone in the history books of EWN e-fedding here. I may revise this decision after seeing the open debate that we've got scheduled between the three teams on, so watch this space! But right now, there's one team with their noses ahead for me.

    Winners: Extremely Lethal

    Hardcore Match
    The Hardcore King vs. Nate Washington
    The next chapter in the feud is upon us, a feud that's served as a very entertaining undercard feud I have to say. Both leaders of each respective group have been in good form with their promos, great job by CG and Tai. It's really tough to call a winner here. The Roundtable won last time, and THK was the sole survivor in the match. I think I see Nate Washington pulling this one out of the bag. But I do think that there's legs in this feud to go on one more ppv.

    Winner: Nate Washington

    PWR Breakout Championship Match
    Jack Phoenix vs. Israel Pamich (c)

    This has been a decent feud with decent buildup. As I mentioned in my review, i think we're inevitably going to get a heel turn here as I see Pamich turning on Phoenix and going into heel mode. Or... are we about to be swerved and we're going o get a Phoneix heel turn?! I doubt it, but I think the way the buildup has gone it would be very anti-climatic for something not to happen here in terms of one person turning heel, and I think all the smart money is on Pamich turning. I also think he's going to bee retaining as I feel he's been just ahead of Phoenix overall in the promo department. Just though, I think Phoenix was close to getting the better of him.

    Winner: Israel Pamich

    N' Swisher "World Class Talent" Invitational Match for $
    I wonder who we're going to get this time? There's money on the line this time, which was a bit out of the blue, so I wonder if that's an clue as to who this will be? I can't think of anyone off the top of my head, but I have a sneaky suspicion that we're going to see N's streak come to an end here.

    Winner: ?????.

    Loser Leaves PWR
    Usain Kingston vs. Andre Lamar

    I've never been a fan of Usain Kingston, as I mentioned in my review. Just never got the hype. I know the predictable end to this is that Kingston gets his job back but I dont' want to see Lemar leaving, and to be honest, I don't think he will. Lemar has been on top with the promos all the way since the beginning of this feud and he's the one who deserves to win. I think Andre Lemar has a lot of potential in PWr and I think having him leave in order to keep Kingston around would be a waste. But I don't think that will happen as I see Lemar winning this one and it'll be the last we see of Kingston.

    Winner: Andre Lemar.

    Dream Match: Chapter II
    Kyojin vs. Darius

    This may surprise some but I think there's a clear cut winner to this match. Kyo won the first round, and there could yet be another round after this second, and perhaps there's even more beyond that, who knows. But at Scars and Stripes, I see Darius getting the win. Vand has stepped it up a gear to match and at times (like on the latest show) surpass Eddie. I think he deserves to get the win based on that and I think Darius will get it done here.

    Winner: Darius.

    Return of a Legend

    Shaz vs. Jman

    Jman was a welcome addition tot he PWR roster when he returned. Going up against Shaz as his first feud back? He couldn't have asked for a harder draw. IMO Shaz has been the #1 best promo guy since PWR opened. A quick turn from face to heel could have been viewed as rushed and could have thrown many off, but not this man, he's kept that ball rolling and he's still top of the pile for me. J has only upped his game to rival Shaz on the latest show for me, I think it's taken him up to then to get back int he groove, which is understandable. But because of that I can't argue against Shaz winning here.

    Winner: Shaz

    PWR World Heavyweight Championship Match

    Tommy Thunder vs. Mr. Torture (c)

    Working with Grind has been a great experience, I've always wanted to work with him and to have done so in a world title feud has been excellent. Working with Mr Torture on the other hand has been an interesting and difficult task! that's not because I don't like the character or the gimmick (which I don't, as I've stated before but hat's besides the point), but because Grind has the character nailed down to a T. There's elements of himself int he character and he's really got it down and perfected. He portrays Mr Torture so well that it's really, really difficult at times to know how to combat and counter him. I don't think that I've done the best I can in this feud, in fact, I think the work I've done in the feud vs Torture so far has been some of the worst of my 'career' which is a shame. I've just not been able to get into it. I do think that Thunder was put against Torture though so that Torture can beat another credible opponent to give him another big win, and I still think it's too early to take the title off him, never mind the fact that Torture has been on top in the promo department throughout this feud and deserves to win anyway. I don't think we can talk about Thunder taking the title off Torture here as I don't see it happening, and I also don't see this feud continuing past this ppv. I think Torture's next feud and opponent/opponents will be when we can start considering whether or not he'll drop the title.

    Winner: Mr Torture

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    Also, the front pages have been update for this thread. Check out both if you want.

    1x Tag Team Champion - Ramon/Infection.
    IWA & EWN Tag Team of the Year 2013 - Ramon/Infection.

    1x Adrenaline Champion - Ramon.
    HWA & EWN Champion of the Year 2012 - Ramon.
    Feud of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique
    Shocking Moment of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique

    Feud of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.
    Promo of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.

    1x Women's Champion - Akira Tajiri
    Female of the Year 2015 - Akira Tajiri

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    Assignments have gone out for PWR.Com Episode #3

    If there's a problem- message me or a member of creative, okay?

    1x Tag Team Champion - Ramon/Infection.
    IWA & EWN Tag Team of the Year 2013 - Ramon/Infection.

    1x Adrenaline Champion - Ramon.
    HWA & EWN Champion of the Year 2012 - Ramon.
    Feud of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique
    Shocking Moment of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique

    Feud of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.
    Promo of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.

    1x Women's Champion - Akira Tajiri
    Female of the Year 2015 - Akira Tajiri

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    Just be careful with your punctuation bro, use more full stops, its easier to read. Everything else is great

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