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    Global Force Wrestling how I would do it.

    Jeff Jarrett who had recently left TNA has decided to start up his own company again this time calling it Global Force Wrestling. He has annouced that there will be 3 championships the GFW World Championship, GFW Knockout's Championship and the GFW Tag Championships.

    There will be more details to follow

    GFW President Jeff Jarrett
    Commentary Jim Ross & Don West
    Backstage Interviewers Veda Scott
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    GFW President Jeff Jarrett has announced that the company will feature wrestlings and knockouts from all over the world.

    First PPV New Beginings in 3 weeks

    Weekly show Global Force T.V
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    GFW President Jeff Jarrett has announced that there will be a fourth championship the GFW No Limits Championship

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    Global Force Wrestling

    Global Force T.V EP 1

    GFW President Jeff Jarrett comes out to the ring and is handed a microphone he gets in the ring.

    In the ring

    Jarrett: Welcome to the first T.V taping.
    Tonight we will see the beginnings of 2 tournaments to crown the World & Tag champions and we will also see the other two championships the Knockout’s and the No Limits crowned tonight.
    The Knockout’s Champion will be crowned in a 12 knockout over the top battle royal.
    The No Limits Champion will be crowned in a 20 man gauntlet match.
    The other matches tonight will be qualifying matches for the World and Tag Team Tournaments.

    Enjoy the show

    Commercial Break

    Commentators Don West and Jim Ross comment on what Double J said before the commercial

    Match 1 GFW No Limits Championship Gauntlet match

    Participants: DJ Z, Doug Williams, Petey Williams, Sanada, Trent?, Homicide, Davari, Jody Fleisch, Low Ki, Amazing Red, TJ Perkins, Sonjay Dutt, Nosawa, Tigre Uno, Matt Sydal, Rey Mysterio, Chavo Guerrero, Tyson Dux, Jack Evans, Tyson Kidd and Teddy Hart

    DJZ & Matt Sydal start the match
    Both men lock up with DJ Z getting control of Sydal following a rake to the eyes. DJ tries to throw Sydal over and gets him onto the apron but when he goes to hit Sydal he hits him with a shoulder to the gut and suplex’s DJ onto the apron as well and jumps back into the ring.
    Trent? Is the next entrant
    He jumps into the ring and goes to try and push DJ off the apron but he rakes Trent’s eyes and then hits a spinning DDT through the middle and bottom ropes laying Trent? Out in the ring
    DJ gets back in the ring and stomps on Trent? And then brawls with Sydal.
    Sanada is the next entrant
    He gets up on the apron and springboards in hitting Sydal and DJ with a double chop to the head he then picks up Trent and tries to eliminate him but he fights him off. Trent gets up but Sanada whips him into one of the corners and goes after him.
    Davari is the next entrant
    He gets in the ring and brawls with Sydal and DJ as Sanada runs at Trent who is in the corner but he gets his knee up and then climbs the ropes and grabs Sanada and hits a Dudebuster DDT. Trent picks Sanada up and throws him out.
    Sanada is eliminated by Trent?

    Nosawa is the next entrant
    Nosawa gets in
    All three heels beat on Sydal and Trent and whip both of them into one of the corners. Nosawa charges first but Trent and Sydal move and Nosawa hits the turnbuckles. Davari charges and they trip him up so that he spears Nosawa in the corner.
    Rey Mysterio is the next entrant
    Mysterio gets in and brawls with DJ and the faces triple team him with Trent hitting him with a Gobstopper (Running Knee) then Sydal tripping DJ up and making him fall into the ropes and Mysterio hitting a 619.
    DJ roles out of the ring
    Jody Fleisch is the next entrant
    Fleisch gets on the apron and waits for Davari who gets out of the corner and then he nails him with the 720 DDT and throws him out.
    Davari is eliminated by Jody Fleisch
    Nosawa runs at Fleisch but he back body drops him and Nosawa goes out to the floor.
    Nosawa is eliminated by himself
    Currently in the ring DJ Z, Jody Fleisch, Rey Mysterio, Trent and Matt Sydal
    Doug Williams is the next entrant
    All men brawl with Williams grounding everyone with technical wrestling
    Commercial Break
    Chavo Guerrero is the next entrant
    Tyson Dux is the next entrant
    All of them brawl
    Homicide is the next entrant
    Homicide brawls with Mysterio
    DJ brawls with Fleisch
    Trent brawls with Dux
    Sydal brawls with Williams
    Eventually all of the men end up in one corner and a tower of doom happens with Williams getting the worst of it.
    Sonjay Dutt is the next entrant
    Dutt climbs to the one of the top turnbuckles and goes for and hits a Moonsault double stomp on Williams. He picks Williams up and throws him out.
    Doug Williams is eliminated by Sonjay Dutt
    Low Ki is the next entrant
    Not much happens except Ki dominates
    TJ Perkins is the next entrant
    Dux grabs Perkins as soon as he gets in the ring and goes to throw him out but Perkins catches himself between the top and middle ropes. Dux goes to attack him but he moves and Dux ends up on the apron.
    Sonjay Dutt leaps over Perkins and nails Dux with a Dropkick which sends him to the floor.
    Tyson Dux is eliminated by Sonjay Dutt
    Tyson Kidd is the next entrant
    Teddy Hart is the next entrant
    Petey Williams is the next entrant

    Commercial Break

    Currently in the ring DJ Z, Trent, Rey Mysterio, Chavo Guerrero, Tyson Kidd, Teddy Hart, Petey Williams, Sonjay Dutt, Matt Sydal, Low Ki, TJ Perkins, Homicide and Jody Fleisch

    Hart, Kidd and Williams triple team Sydal with an assisted Canadian Destroyer then they throw him out.

    Matt Sydal is eliminated by Tyson Kidd, Teddy Hart and Petey Williams
    Tigre Uno is the next entrant
    Amazing Red is the last entrant
    Trent brawls with DJ
    Mysterio, Guerrero and Uno brawl with Kidd, Hart and Williams
    Fleisch climbs to the top but is hit with a spinning heel kick which knocks him off the turnbuckle and down to the floor.
    Jody Fleisch is eliminated by Low Ki
    Trent brawls with Perkins but Homicide comes from behind and eliminates both men
    Trent and TJ Perkins are eliminated by Homicide
    Homicide, Rey Mysterio, Tigre Uno, Chavo Guerrero & DJ Z all stop fighting each other team up and eliminate Tyson Kidd, Teddy Hart & Petey Williams
    All 5 men beat down the other 3 and throw them out to the floor
    Teddy Hart, Tyson Kidd & Petey Williams are eliminated by Homicide, Guerrero, Mysterio, Uno & DJ Z
    They then team up and beat down Amazing Red & Low Ki
    Low Ki & Amazing Red try to fight but are overwhelmed and eliminated by Homicide, Guerrero, Mysterio, Uno & DJ Z
    Now it’s 5 against 1 and Guerrero, Mysterio, DJZ & Uno beat down Dutt
    Homicide then lays him out with a Cop Killer
    Homicide throws him out
    Sonjay Dutt is eliminated by Homicide
    Mysterio, Guerrero, Uno & DJZ look at each other then climb out of the ring

    Homicide is GFW No Limits Champion

    He poses with the belt and the 4 men

    Don West & Jim Ross comment on what just happened and what does this mean.

    Backstage GFW President is talking to someone on the phone and we hear the end of the conversation.
    Jarrett: Alright good see you next week
    Backstage Interviewer Veda Scott comes up and asks Jarrett what that was about and he says that they will have to wait for next week.
    He walks off

    Commercial Break

    Match 2 GFW Tag Team Championship Qualifying Match The Fighting Taylor Boys (Brian Cage & Ryan Taylor) with The Kentucky Gentleman Chuck Taylor V Londrick (Paul London & Brian Kendrick)

    Finish: Ryan and Kendrick are the legal men in the ring and Chuck gets on the apron and distracts both the ref and London as Ryan hits a low blow on Kendrick and tags in Cage.
    Ryan grabs Kendrick and nails a Roundhouse Kick which Cage follows up with a Discus Lariat and covers him for the pin as Ryan knocks London off the apron.

    The Fighting Taylor Boys advance

    Backstage Veda Scott tries to interview Homicide and his stable but he just shouts that he is the champion and they are El Violento Homicidios and they walk off.

    Commercial Break

    Match 3 GFW Knockout’s Championship over the top rope battle royal
    Participants: Mercedes Martinez, MsChif, Mickie James, Awesome Kong, Mia Yim, Maria Kanellis, Velvet Sky, Angelina Valentine, Rebecca Knox, Candice LeRae, Winter, Britani Knight


    The knockout’s team up and try to eliminate Kong but she powers out of it. She grabs Sky and Valentine and slams them together and throws them both out of the ring to the floor.
    Angelina Valentine & Velvet Sky are eliminated by Awesome Kong

    Mia Yim fights with Winter
    Britani Knight fights with Maria Kanellis
    Awesome Kong throws MsChif in the corner and goes to splash her but she spits green mist into Kong’s face and everyone else gangs up and they eliminate Kong.
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    Awesome Kong is eliminated by everyone via green mist from MsCif
    Mickie James eliminates Winter and Mia Yim by tipping both over when they are trying to eliminate each other.
    Winter & Mia Yim are eliminated by Mickie James
    Mercedes brawls with Britani Knight
    MsCif spits green mist into Rebecca Knox’s face and then lays her out with desecrator.
    Candice LeRae eliminates Mickie James by throwing her on the apron and then spearing her through the ropes to the floor.
    Mickie James is eliminated by Candice LeRae
    Britani Knight eliminates Rebecca Knox after picking her up and pushing her over the top rope.
    Rebecca Knox is eliminated by Britani Knight
    Britani Knight eliminates Maria Kanellis by pulling the ropes down as Maria runs at her.
    Kanellis is eliminated by Britani Knight
    Left in the match: Candice LeRae, MsChif, Mercedes Martinez and Britani Knight
    MsChif brawls with Britani Knight and Candice LeRae brawls with Mercedes Martinez
    Knight and Martinez try to whip the other two into each other but they reverse it.
    MsChif brawls with LeRae
    Britani Knight eliminates Mercedes Martinez via hitting her with a Cradle DDT and then throwing her out.
    Mercedes Martinez is eliminated by Britani Knight
    Candice LeRae and Britani Knight try to double suplex MsChif but she reverses it into the double DDT.
    MsChif grabs LeRae and ties her up in the ropes and then grabs Knight and throws her into LeRae which is
    enough to send them both over and out to the floor.
    Candice LeRae & Britani Knight are eliminated by MsChif

    MsChif is the GFW Knockout’s Champion

    Commercial Break

    Backstage Sonjay Dutt has something to say

    Dutt: El Violento Homicidios all of you cost me my chance to make history and I will get my revenge it might not be today or tomorrow but I will get my revenge. Right now I am outnumbered but that doesn’t matter to me I am going to make all of your lives a living hell and I will fight to my last breath and I am the GFW No Limits Champion.

    Back to the ring

    Before the match
    Adam Cole comes out to the ring and grabs a microphone

    In the ring
    Cole: I am entering myself into this match and that’s that because I am Adam Cole Bay Bay. So whoever is in this match guess what I am your opponent.
    GFW President Jeff Jarrett comes out onto the stage with microphone in hand.

    On the stage

    Jarrett: I don’t know who you think you are Cole but in GFW everyone earns their place so if you want to be in this tournament you will have to earn it. You just stay in that ring and I am sure we can find you an opponent.
    Cole: I don’t care who it is I will beat anyone you pick.
    Jarrett: I know the perfect person this man

    Shipping up to Boston by Dropkick Murphy’s starts to play and out comes Adam Cole’s Futureshock former partner Kyle O’Reilly comes running down.

    Cole: Hahahaha this guy was the Jarnetty of Futureshock

    O’Reilly slaps Cole in the face

    GFW World Championship Qualifier Adam Cole V Kyle O’Reilly
    Finish: Cole kicks O’Reilly in the knee and then goes for a superkick but O’Reilly grabs the leg and changes it into a dragon screw leg whip. Cole rolls out of the ring and backs up the ramp but O’Reilly rebounds off the ropes and dives through the top and middle ropes but Cole catches him mid air with a Superkick.
    Cole roles in and the ref starts to count and gets up to 8 but O’Reilly gets in.
    Cole goes to pin O’Reilly but he reverses it into a Triangle Choke and Cole starts to fade. But Cole brings O’Reilly up off the mat and goes to powerbomb him but he turns his choke into a Front Necklock submission and Cole taps.

    After the match
    Cole rolls out of the ring as O’Reilly celebrates
    Cole grabs a chair from ringside and gets in the ring and levels O’Reilly with a shot to the back and then hits his left leg a couple of times.
    We go off the air as refs and medical personnel check on O’Reilly and the commentators talk about what just happened

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    Global Force EP1 Review:

    Great start to the show with Jarrett coming out and making those huge announcements! Some great choices with the Knockout Battle Royal and the 20 man Gauntlet which sounds awesome.

    Love that you went with Jim Ross on the commentary table, again, great choice. I'm not too familiar or keen on Don West but as long as Ross is there, I'm happy.

    First match up! Great participants. Good detail in the match, well done. As for the ending, Wow! Did not expect something like that. Seems like we are about to get a Latino Faction. LWO maybe? Either way, I'm excited to see what happens and it's a huge win for Homicide who wins the strap.

    I like the tease with Jarrett on the phone, seemingly signing someone else up. Who will it be? No idea.

    Sadly, I have no idea who the fighting Taylor Bro's are, outside of the WWE/TNA, my present wrestling knowledge is limited. However, I'm going to enjoy discovering these new characters within your BTB. Was pulling for London & Kendrick to get the win, not to be and we move on!

    So, the stable is as good as confirmed. The Violent Homicides? Hmm, interesting.

    Match Three and again, some nice choices of participants. I'm going to pull for Kong! Not to be but, the match was pretty cool. I liked some of the eliminations a lot and it's MsChif that picks up the win, cool.

    Interesting promo from Dutt who is obviously annoyed. Strong words but with the obvious number game disadvantage, he's going to need help.

    Again, I'm not familiar with either Cole or O'Reilly but I loved how you gave some detail that there were former partners, immediately building a picture in the head of the viewer of the situation unfolding. Good job. Big win for O'Reilly but I doubt this over, especially after the attack from Cole. Nice end to the show.

    Overall.. I like it man! I think it's good and as I told you, I really like the pure wrestling look of things with using a lot of indie guys and even those who are known, you are using there more unknown names which is cool. As for the presentation, I would say a little more is needed. It needs to be a little more eye friendly to the reader. So maybe don't bold everything and save that for the match headlines and stuff. Basically, have a little look at the recent BTB's that people are doing and take a few idea's from the presentation. No harm in inspiration That said, it's only my opinion and I will carry on viewing either way. Nice start.

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    IWA & EWN Tag Team of the Year 2013 - Ramon/Infection.

    1x Adrenaline Champion - Ramon.
    HWA & EWN Champion of the Year 2012 - Ramon.
    Feud of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique
    Shocking Moment of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique

    Feud of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.
    Promo of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.

    1x Women's Champion - Akira Tajiri
    Female of the Year 2015 - Akira Tajiri

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    Thanks man awesome review

    Homicide's group means the Thug Homicides but Violent Homicides sounds better so thanks for that as well.

    The second show should be up soon just been really busy

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    GFW World Championship Tournament
    Kyle O'Reilly has qualified but he might not be able to compete due to the attack by Adam Cole

    GFW Tag Championship Tournament
    The Fighting Taylor Boy's (Ryan Taylor & Brian Cage) have qualified
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    Hey veiwers after some personal and account problems I am back and the 2nd episode will be up ASAP

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    Global Force Wrestling
    Global Force T.V EP 2

    GFW President Jeff Jarrett comes out to the ring and is handed a microphone he gets in the ring.

    In the ring
    Tonight I have some great matches and news for all of you here in the arena and watching at home.
    A newly signed wrestler will debut tonight and will have the chance of a lifetime when he competes to qualify for championship gold.

    We will also see our Knockout’s in action when the last two competitors from the battle royal last week in a number one contender’s match with Candice LeRae goes against Britani Knight.
    Plus two more qualifying matches for the GFW Tag Tournament.
    We will also have an update on Kyle O’Reilly regarding the World Tournament.

    Commercial Break

    Don West and Jim Ross comment on what Jeff Jarrett just announced.

    Shipping up to Boston starts to play and Kyle O’Reilly comes out on crutches to the ring and is handed a microphone.

    In the ring

    O’Reilly: Unfortunately I have some bad news for you fans and myself last week I defeated that coward Adam Cole to qualify for the chance to become the first ever GFW World Champion but after I was attacked with a steel chair last week I have been told by the doctors that while the damage isn’t to serious I should not compete for at least 3 to 6 weeks to make sure of no further injury.

    Adam Cole comes out to the stage with microphone in hand.

    On the stage

    Cole: I am not a coward I attacked you because you don’t deserve to be in the tournament and since you can’t compete I am going to take your spot and win the whole tournament. You can’t stop Adam Cole bay bay!

    GFW President Double J Jeff Jarrett appears on the titron

    On the Titron
    Jarrett: Unfortunately for you Cole seeing as you caused O’Reilly to not be able to compete. You will have to earn a chance into the tournament because no one gets anything for free in GFW. You will be in a 6 man mayhem match.

    On the Stage
    Cole looks pissed

    Cole: I will win the match and the tournament

    In the Ring

    O’Reilly: Cole if that happens the first man you will face will be me.

    They stare down.

    Commercial Break

    Match 1 Number 1 Contender’s match Candice LeRae V Britani Knight
    GFW Knockout’s Champion MsChif comes out to watch the match
    Finish: LeRae and Knight are brawling when Awesome Kong comes out and gets in the ring.
    She wipes out both LeRae and Knight with a double clothesline causing a DQ.

    After the match

    Kong lays out LeRae with an Implant Buster
    Kong lays out Britani Knight with another Implant Buster
    She points to MsChif and signals she wants the belt

    MsChif gets in the ring and brawls with Kong

    LeRae & Knight who have recovered get up and now all four are brawling before refs separate them.

    Backstage Sonjay Dutt is talking with Jay Lethal and he agrees to help Dutt with El Violento Homicidios but they need a few more guys they shake hands and walk off.

    Back to the ring

    Match 2 GFW Tag Team Championship Qualifying Match El Violento Homicidios (Rey Mysterio & Chavo Guerrero) V The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelly & Chris Sabin)
    Finish: Shelly & Mysterio are the legal men and Shelly knocks him down then drags him to one of the corners. Shelly climbs up to the top rope and is about to go for a frogsplash but the rest of El Violento Homicidios comes down to ringside and distracts the ref.

    Guerrero who is on the ring apron crotches Shelly on the top turnbuckle and Mysterio who has recovered jumps up and hits a super frankensteiner and tags in Guerrero who climbs to the top rope and nails a Frogsplash of his own as Mysterio takes care of Sabin allowing Guerrero to get the pin.

    El Violento Homicidios celebrate as now the advance. The leader GFW No Limits Champion Homicide shouts

    El Homicidios Violentos desatará un nuevo nivel de violencia y capturar todos los campeonatos en GFW.

    Y Sonjay Dutt y cualquier otra persona que se interponga en su camino serán eliminados.

    English Translation: The Violent Homicides unleash a new level of violence and capture all the championships in GFW.
    And Sonjay Dutt and anyone else who gets in their way will be eliminated.

    Commercial Break

    Backstage We see a limo pull up and a man gets out and it’s John Morrison he shakes hands with GFW President Jeff Jarrett who welcomes him to the company.

    Back to the ring
    Jim Ross and Don West comment on John Morrison joining GFW and what it could mean.

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