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    A recap of last week's Raw is shown as it shows the highlights, such as The Usos & The Ascension's tag team match being made for Survivor Series with twists and turns, Sami Zayn & Adrian Neville making the save for Team WWE, AJ Lee & Stephanie McMahon agreeing to face each other at Survivor Series in a dream match- as well as the final segment of last week, which shows Triple H wanting to speak to Bray Wyatt.

    The cameras cut to the arena, as the fireworks explode! Michael Cole introduces us to Raw as he's sat with JBL & Booker T- and we've got a huge night in store for us! Triple H will call out Bray Wyatt tonight as he looks to recruit members for Team Authority- and we'll see what goes down. But also tonight- we will see a contract signing between two of WWE's biggest women, as AJ Lee & Stephanie McMahon look to put ink on the contract that will make their highly anticipated, dream match at Survivor Series official!

    The fans look all hyped up, as it's time for our first match of tonight. The Usos come out, and do their traditional Siva Tau before their music kicks in! The fans pop loudly as they chant Uso, with the Tag Team Champions sliding into the ring. The lights go out, and Luke Harper & Erick Rowan's music hit- as we can see flashlights coming on. Harper & Rowan make their way to the ring for this next match, without their leader.

    Match 1. Luke Harper & Erick Rowan vs. The Usos

    Finish: We've had 8 minutes of great action between both teams, as both pairs look set out to show who's the best. The Usos have been as energetic as always- whereas The Wyatts have been the dominant powerhouses. Back to the action- Harper & Jey Uso are the legal men. Harper goes for a Discus Clothesline- but Jey ducks, and strikes with a Superkick! Rowan charges at Jey, but Jimmy gets involved- and the brothers lay him out with a Double Superkick. Jey goes up the top rope, but from out of nowhere- The Ascension appear, and knock Jey off the top rope for the DQ!

    Konnor & Viktor slide into the ring, and they begin to assault Jey Uso. Jimmy goes to nail Konnor with a Superkick, but Konnor sees it coming- and he grabs Jimmy's foot, drops it to the ground-and nails Jimmy with a Clothesline! The Ascension continue their vicious beatdown, but Naomi comes out- as she sprints to the ring! She checks on Jimmy Uso, and she begins to plead with The Ascension- for them not to do anything, but they look at her- and laugh. Naomi begs with her hands, as Konnor & Viktor look like they're having a change of heart. The two men look at each other, and Konnor points at Naomi- before nodding in approval, as Viktor agrees. The crowd boo loudly. Konnor grabs Naomi by the hair- but Jey Uso manages to intervene as he hits Viktor with a Superkick! Konnor notices this, as Jey Uso nails Konnor with a Superkick too! Jey Uso help his sister in-law and his brother up, as Naomi is still panicking- however The Wyatts slide into the ring.

    Harper & Rowan begin to staredown The Usos- but the Tag Team Champions leave the ring with Naomi- and their belts, as Harper & Rowan grab mics.

    Harper: A message needs to be sent to The Authority.

    Harper passes the mic over to Rowan.

    Rowan: Triple H.. you said that you wanted to speak with Bray Wyatt.. and he will be here tonight..

    The crowd pop.

    Harper: But be warned Triple H.. because The Wyatt Family don't play nice.

    Both men drop their mics as the two men raise their hands in the ring with the crowd replying with mixed feelings as usual.


    We're back, as Booker talks about how the anticipation continues as Bray Wyatt WILL be here tonight to talk to Triple H! Cole says that's something he's looking forward to, and the fans look like they are as well.

    Sami Zayn's music hits as he comes out to a light pop from the crowd. He makes his way to the ring as he looks fired up. Adrian Neville's music hits- as Neville also comes out to a light pop from the crowd. Neville joins Sami in the ring, and Sami has a mic in his hand.

    Sami: OLE!

    The fans begin to chant Ole very loudly as Sami & Neville smile.

    Sami: For the last couple of weeks- we've had John Cena, Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns searching for partners to team up with them ahead of their huge match at Survivor Series against The Authority. And well, after the events of last week? It's clear as to who those final two men are for Team WWE, because you're looking at them!

    The crowd cheer.

    Sami: I can tell by the looks on some of your faces, where exactly are Cena, Ambrose & Reigns? Well, they are out here tonight- but the only reason why we didn't come out with them, was because they felt it was best if we addressed our reasonings for joining them on our own. Me & Neville are the best of friends, but we've got different reasons as you would expect.

    The Authority put superstars through so much grief each week, and for what? Clearly it's because they lack heart. They don't care about anybody but themselves. I was sick of watching The Authority target Daniel Bryan because of his size, and the way he was. I was sick of them targetting Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns because they didn't want to be The Authority's henchmen. But most importantly? I'm just plain sick of seeing The Authority treat their entire roster badly- and it's about time it stops, because I'm standing up to The Authority at Survivor Series!

    The crowd go nuts with cheers. Sami passes the mic to Neville.

    Neville: Thank you Sami. You see, being the NXT Champion is a huge deal for me- and I've been putting in all my hard work and dedication into my matches to retain that belt. Myself & Sami have been making names for ourselves over on NXT, and we've been doing the same on the main roster. Everybody has praised us, and billed us as the future- but along with those praises, we've even had our doubters. And those doubters have been the same group of people that we'll be facing next week.

    The Authority.

    You guys have told me that if I don't step up, then I will never be a star. But during my time over here, and NXT- I've done more than step up. I'm the NXT Champion, and I might not have been on the main roster for long- but I've proven that I can hang with the big guys. Look at Rusev! He's on a reign of terror at the moment, but I have been able to hang with him- and keep up with him. If I can keep up with him? I can keep up with you guys at Survivor Series!

    The crowd go nuts with cheers- but Seth Rollins' music hits. Rollins comes out to huge boos from the crowd, and he's out here with Kane, as well as J&J Security. The crowd begin to chant You Sold Out as Rollins laughs it off.

    Rollins: First of all, I'd like to say one thing. For those who don't watch Smackdown- last week, we saw the return of Sheamus as he came back from his suspension! Well Sheamus is representing The Authority for Smackdown, and he'll be facing Dolph Ziggler & The Miz for the World Heavyweight Championship. Good luck Sheamus, and it's great to have you here in The Authority!

    Crowd boo.

    Rollins: As for you two in the ring? I really don't know what to say guys, other than the fact that I'm just disappointed in you two. When you two made the decision to join Cena, and the other guys- what were you thinking? I've known you two for very long, and it would've been better if you joined US- but you simply just wanted to make things harder for yourselves, didn't you?

    I mean, let's face it. Everybody knows, that if it wasn't Triple H- there wouldn't be Sami Zayn & Adrian Neville. Hunter, being the kind man that he is- has put so much effort into NXT, and the reason why NXT is as big as it is today- is all down to him. And you guys come out here, disrespect him- even though HE is the man responsible for all your glory? You don't get more selfish than that.

    Crowd boo.

    Rollins: I'm not going to deny it though, yes- maybe we have told you some things that you didn't want to here- but as developmental stars, you should've used it to fuel your fire. Instead, you choose it to begin something that you won't be able to finish. It's okay though, you guys have made your bed- and at Survivor Series, it will be time for you two to sleep in it. However, the journey for Survivor Series won't be comfortable, not for you Sami, Adrian, Cena, or the other two that I made. I'll hand the mic over to our Director of Operations, because he'll announce the three matches that were made tonight by Triple H & Stephanie.

    Rollins hands Kane the mic as the fans boo.

    As Director of Operations.. I'd like to announce that later tonight- Roman Reigns will be in action against R-Truth!

    The crowd boo.

    Kane: But as for you two? Well you've got two big matches ahead of you. Adrian Neville, let's see how you fare tonight- when you face one of your partners at Survivor Series, 'The Lunatic Fringe' Dean Ambrose in the main event tonight!

    The crowd boo loudly, as Sami looks annoyed.

    Kane: And as for you Sami? Well your match is up next. And you will face one man.. The Demon.. ME!

    Because that's what is best for business.

    The crowd boo as Sami looks ready for a fight. Kane makes his way down to the ring, as we head to commercial.


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    We're back, as it's time for action between Sami Zayn & Kane.

    Match 2. Sami Zayn vs. Kane

    Finish: The two men go back and forth in a great match so far. Kane has been the angry powerhouse, and he's showed Sami no remorse- as Sami has put up a good fight, being the underdog that he is. Back to the action- Kane beats down Sami on the ropes, and the referee has to stop him. Kane waits for Sami to turn around, which he does so- and he goes for a Big Boot but Sami ducks, and he rolls Kane up.. and he gets the pinfall as the fans go nuts!

    The crowd cheer loudly as Sami's music hits- with Sami celebrating his huge win over Kane! The referee raises Sami's hand up- but from out of nowhere, Seth Rollins rushes into the ring- and he knocks Sami out with a Flying Clothesline! Kane joins in the beatdown, as Rollins & Kane gang up on Sami.

    But Adrian Neville rushes into the ring to make the save for his friend! Neville jumps off the springboard, and he hits Kane with a Dropkick! He turns to Rollins but Rollins slides out of the ring as Mr. MITB pulls Kane out of the ring too. The two men head up the ramp, as Neville helps Sami up.

    We head to the announcers booth- as Cole talks about how clearly The Authority aren't going to make things easy for neither Sami or Neville. JBL says that they deserve everything they get though, because they're the ones who decided to oppose The Authority- and they'll pay for it.


    The cameras immediately go backstage as we see Randy Orton, who recieves a mixed reaction from the crowd- with mostly cheers. He seems to be minding his own business, until he's interrupted by an angry pair in Seth Rollins & Kane.

    Rollins: Well look who decided to show up! Where the hell were you? It's up to The Authority to put Sami Zayn & Adrian Neville in their places- and you're still apart of this group- so what makes you so different from us, that you didn't have to come out there and help us give Zayn & Neville a taste of their own medicine?!

    An angry Rollins gets in Orton's face, but Orton laughs.

    Orton: What makes me different? Maybe it's the fact that I'm a Viper, not a bitch.

    The crowd pop. Orton & Rollins go face to face until Kane gets involved.

    Kane: Randy, you really are crossing the line here! You better buck up your ideas, or there won't be a place for you in The Authority!

    Orton: I need to buck up my ideas?! You're the one who got PINNED by Sami Zayn. You're supposed to be The Demon Kane, and you Rollins? You're supposed to be the future.. but yet you two got your ass handed to you by two guys who came out of NXT not too long ago.

    Now what does that say about you two?

    Kane looks like he's going to flip- but Rollins stops him from doing so.

    Orton: What, why don't you hit me Mr. Director of Operations? I mean, what the hell even is that?! Is that even a thing?

    And on another note- what the hell is the point in Sheamus joining The Authority- and why wasn't I told about this? I'm supposed to be a member of The Authority, but it sure doesn't feel like it. And then you guys complain when I act different- the fact is, this is all just pissing me off.

    Orton walks off as Kane & Rollins look on.

    We head to the commenatators booth as JBL talks about the growing tension between Orton & The Authority- and Sheamus joining The Authority seems to have ruffled Orton's feathers. Booker talks about how Orton clearly has been acting different, because he feels like he isn't part of The Authority anymore despite how much they say he is. Cole says that he agrees with both men. And right now? It's time for Divas action.

    Emma's music hits, as she dances her way to the ring. The BFF's music hit- as The BFF's come out for this next match, with Summer Rae being in action.

    Match 3. Summer Rae vs. Emma

    Finish: This match has had 7 minutes of action, and the two divas have gone back and forth. Emma has tried to connect with the crowd, but in each attempt with her dancing- she's recieved no reaction. The finish comes where Emma has Summer locked in the Emma-Lution, and she's close to making Summer tap- but Sasha intervenes as she gets up behind the apron. Emma breaks the hold, and knocks Sasha off the apron! Emma turns around.. Spinning Heel Kick! Summer goes for the cover, and gets the win.

    After the match, The BFF's celebrate their win- but The Bellas' music hit! Nikki Bella & Brie Bella rush down the ring, but The BFF's escape before heading to the ramp. Nikki grabs a mic as Emma rolls out of the ring.

    Nikki: Well last week, you two got what you wanted! You made your statements loud and clear, but you did it at the expense of us! We've all got our title shots, but this rivalry between The BFF's & The Bellas needs to be put to rest!

    Nikki passes Brie the mic as Brie speaks.

    Brie: You've faced us once, you've won. We faced you in a Lumberjill match, and we won. We've got one more match to determine who's better- so this week, Friday Night Smackdown- The Bellas go one on one against The BFF's one last time! Now what do you two say about that?

    The Bellas wait for an answer, as The BFF's scream 'you're on' loudly.

    Brie: And it's official- The BFF's vs. The Bella Twins! Good luck, because you're gonna need it!

    Brie drops the mic, as The Bellas' music hit. Both teams begin to trash talk from their position as their match is made official.


    Michael Cole talks about how this Friday on Smackdown, The Bellas will take on The BFF's- and it should be very physical! Booker says that this rivalry has been going on for quite some time, and there's finally going to be a conclusion to it. JBL says that the feud has been entertaining, and it's good for the build-up to the big 6 Pack Divas Match at Survivor Series, which has NOW been turned into an Elimination match. But moving on, it's time for what everybody's been waiting for. It's time for Triple H to call out Bray Wyatt!

    Triple H's music hits- as the crowd begin to boo. He makes his way to the ring with a mic, on his own- without any members of The Authority. He slides into the ring, and he looks set to speak.

    Triple H: Well, it's pretty evident as to why I'm out here tonight. It's been hyped all week, and it's been confirmed that I have been wanting to speak to 'The Eater of Worlds' Bray Wyatt about joining Team Authority at Survivor Series. You see, we're set on making our team as destructable as ever. The team of Cena, Reigns & Ambrose have been set out on bringing superstars with heart into their team- which is why they've aquired Sami Zayn & Adrian Neville- but sometimes? It's not about heart, because everybody has passion for this business. Most of the time, it's just about being dominant- and hurting people. And Bray Wyatt is an animal who shows no remorse, so Bray Wyatt- come out here right now, so I can speak with you.

    The lights go out, as the flashlights begin to come on. Bray Wyatt appears on the TitanTron, and he lights up a lamp.

    I'm here.

    He blows the matchstick out, and his music hits. Wyatt comes out, and makes his way to the ring on his own, as the fans reply with mixed reactions. He slides into the ring, and the lights immediately turn back on. Wyatt is on one side, and Hunter is on the other. The crowd begin to cheer, as Wyatt has a mic.

    Wyatt: I can see it Hunter.. I see what you think of me. You say that I'm an animal who shows no remorse, and you couldn't be more right. But everything I do? I do it for a reason. There's always an explanation behind my actions, and I could see the reasons for you wanting me because you want your opponents to feel pain.. but I struggle to find reasons to as to why I should join the machine. So unless there's something in it for me.. or my family?

    You can forget about me joining your team.

    The crowd pop loudly as Hunter begins to get agitated.

    Hunter: I don't need to give you anything.

    There's things you just don't do in life Bray.. and you don't talk to me like that. Do you even understand who you're dealing with? I'm Triple H. I'm the King of Kings. When Harper & Rowan said that The Family don't place, I thought fair enough- because me, and my team can relate. The Authority don't play nice at all- but the fact is, I need the biggest, baddest men in my team- so you better take my offer, and you better join my team at Survivor Series..

    Or I'll make you.

    The fans go 'oooohhhh' as Hunter is annoyed- but Wyatt takes a couple steps closer to Hunter.

    Wyatt: You don't tell me what to do.

    The two men begin to stare off, as the fans are absolutely loving it! They erupt with a huge 'Wyatt' chant as you can feel the intensity between the two egos. Hunter takes a step back, and he puts his hand over his head- clearly not knowing what to do. However, he isn't giving up.

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    Hunter: What do you want?

    Wyatt begins to laugh as Hunter looks on- clearly desperate for partners.

    Wyatt: That's more like it Hunter... you see there's a lot of things I want. I want to erase all of the liars from this world.. I want this world to understand who their hero really is.. but you don't have the power to help me make that happen. There are TWO things you can help me with.. the main thing I want to do is to take my family to heights that they've never been to before. Haha.. Family. That's the most important thing to me. So what do you think about that?

    Hunter, in a stern voice says...

    Hunter: I'm listening.

    Wyatt: Do you know what the worst thing is for Harper & Rowan? Every night.. they have to wake up knowing that nobody was there for them. It if wasn't for me.. imagine where they would be. Roaming around.. in the middle of nowhere. I've made them into something.. and it was because I was tough on them. I made them WORK for everything they have.. Harper & Rowan have been destroying tag teams and earning victory after victory.. they've been working hard.. so from the way I see things..

    They deserve a shot at the tag team titles.

    Hunter goes to speak.

    Hunter: If they want title shots- consider it done. But they're going to have to wait. The tag team champions are already booked for Survivor Series in a match against The Usos.

    Wyatt: I like the sound of that.. haha.. and the last thing I want? At Survivor Series? You haven't got one place left.. no you've got two- and I need them both.

    Wyatt looks at Hunter, but Hunter looks confused.

    Hunter: Do you know how important this match is to me? This is about proving these fickle fans wrong. This is about showing- who the FUTURE of my company is. And you're telling me, that you want two spots all for yourself? Hell, The Family only has three members. How are you going to choose another partner- without the other feeling left out? I'm..

    Wyatt: That's right Hunter.. but it's all going to change man. The Wyatt Family will be as strong as ever.. because not only will I have Erick Rowan.. Luke Harper.. but I will also have one other man.

    Wyatt pauses before staring Hunter in the eye..

    Wyatt: Leo Kruger.

    Pops can be heard as some members of the crowd know exactly who Leo Kruger is.

    Wyatt: For those that don't know who Leo Kruger is.. he's the man behind this Adam Rose facade! He is the real dangerous one.. the real monster. If you thought that I was bad? You don't know what this guy is capable of. This match at Survivor Series will be big.. I can feel it- and this match is the perfect platform for me to introduce my new brother to the world.

    Hunter looks confused, and he looks set to panic. He looks very unsure right now as Wyatt looks on.

    Hunter: What makes you so sure.. that Adam Rose.. Leo Kruger.. or whatever his name is.. will be the monster that you claim to be? Because I need to know what I'm signing up for. I need evidence of Kruger's level of intensity if I'm going to put him on my team, because I'm not looking to give a precious spot on my team away to someone I don't know.

    Wyatt begins to laugh.

    Wyatt: Are you doubting me Hunter? Because that's the last thing you should be doing.. look at the terror I've caused in the WWE so far! I've demolished giants.. I've led Luke Harper & Erick Rowan to the right path. Look at those two.. they're destructable men.. and it's all because of me. I WILL do the same to Kruger.. but he needs to be thrown into the deep end to realize who he is.. You get two monsters for the price of one so what do you say man?

    Wyatt waits for Hunter's answer, as Hunter isn't quite sure what to make of this. Hunter thinks to himself for a while, before finally speaking.

    Hunter: You better be right Wyatt, Leo Kruger better be the man that you claim he is- because you've got it. You & Leo Kruger will join my team at Survivor Series, and you guys better prove me wrong- because this is gonna be a war!

    Hunter finally gives in, and he drops the mic before giving Wyatt an extremely cold look in the face. He slides out of the ring and heads to the back, but Wyatt isn't finished as he begins to laugh in the ring.

    Oh Hunter.. Hunter man.. believe me when I say...

    Wyatt pauses, but Hunter turns around as he looks back at the ring.

    That they WILL follow the buzzards.

    Wyatt drops the mic, as his music hits- with Hunter nodding in approval, despite having a sour look on his face.


    The cameras show the commentators booth, as Cole talks about how that was huge! Both teams are set for Survivor Series, and it's looking to be a deadly match. Booker says that you've got a mix of the future and the present- and it's going to be amazing. JBL says that his favorites going into this match, have to be without a doubt; Team Authority.

    Roman Reigns' music hits- as Reigns comes out to a good pop from the crowd. He does his usual entrance as he's set for action. R-Truth's music hits, and he raps his way to the ring telling the fans that they suck like usual.

    Match 4. Roman Reigns vs. R-Truth

    Finish: This match has been what you would expect. Reigns has been set out on absolutely destroying Truth, but Truth has survived with his sneaky ways. Truth has also pandered to the crowd a lot, trying to get under their skin. The finish comes where Truth hits Reigns with a kick to the gut- before going for an Axe Kick- but Reigns moves out of the way! Truth slowly gets up, but he's nailed with a Superman Punch! Reigns sets him up for his finisher.. Spear! He hits it. He goes for the cover, and Reigns gets the win!

    After the match, Reigns celebrates his victory before heading to the back- as Booker talks about how Reigns continues his momentum heading into Survivor Series- and things are looking good for his team so far. We head to the ring- as Truth is on his own. He gets up to his feet, not looking too happy.. but Ryback's music hits!

    The fans reply with cheers, and Truth looks set for a fight- but Ryback is nowhere to be seen! Truth begins to look around him, and he's clearly paranoid. Ryback's music hits again- as Truth focuses on the stage one more time, but there's still no Ryback. Truth quickly grabs a mic.

    Truth: RYBACK! Where the hell are you?!

    Truth continues to get paranoid.

    Truth: You suck with your mind games! You SUCK! Get out here right now!

    Truth is clearly panicking- as Ryback plays mind games with him. We head to the parking lot to see Alberto Del Rio with Ricardo Rodriguez- as Del Rio has his US Championship around his shoulder. Del Rio is speaking with Ricardo as Ricardo cleans his title.

    Del Rio: You don't get more unfair than this. Not only do I have to face The Big Show at Survivor Series, but I also have to face Rusev! That is two men right there, that do not deserve a shot at my title.

    Del Rio nods in disapproval.

    Ricardo: But Alberto.. you did interfere in their match last week.

    Ricardo speaks with confidence as he's cleaning Del Rio's title- but Del Rio grabs his hand, and pushes it away, before pushing Ricardo.

    Del Rio: WHAT?! Listen you pero, did I ever ask for your opinion?! You're not here to speak, you're here to do whatever I want. You do what I say. Nothing else. THIS is what I pay you for. Tonight, I will walk into my match with Zack Ryder- and I will beat him. At Survivor Series, I will walk into my match against Rusev & Big Show, and I will beat them. I'm not scared of either of them.

    And if it comes to a point where I have to between YOU and my title? You're damn certain I'll choose my title. So shut your mouth, and get back to cleaning, estupido!

    Ricardo continues to clean Del Rio's title, as the fans can be heard booing loudly.

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    We're back from another break, as Ricardo Rodriguez comes out- and introduces Alberto Del Rio to boos from the crowd. Del Rio's music hits- as the US Champion comes out in his latest car looking as flashy as ever. He makes his way to the ring. Zack Ryder's music hits- as Ryder comes out with Heath Slater for this next match.

    Match 5. Zack Ryder vs. Alberto Del Rio

    This match hasn't been a squash, as Ryder has looked like a threat to Del Rio throughout it's entirety. Del Rio has been the aggressor, and Ryder has been intense. There have been various times where Del Rio has screamed 'You're a joke!' to Ryder & Slater. The finish comes where Ryder has Del Rio set up for the Rough Ryder, he motions for the move- but Ricardo tries to get involved. He begs Ryder not to hit Del Rio- but Slater intervenes, and throws Ricardo over the top rope. He gets up on the turnbuckle.. Missile Dropkick to Ricardo! In the ring, Ryder goes for the Rough Ryder- but Del Rio pushes him.. Enzugiri! Del Rio goes for the cover, and he gets the win.

    After the match, Del Rio celebrates as he's given his title- but he's not done just yet. Del Rio grabs Ryder, and begins to beat down on him- as the US Champion shows no sympathy. He continues his attack, but Slater goes into make the save! Slater grabs Del Rio, and the two men trade shots- but Ricardo jumps on Slater's back. This leads to Del Rio nailing Slater with a normal Superkick to the face! Del Rio begins to beatdown on Slater, but Big Show's music hits!

    Big Show rushes down the ramp, and slides into the ring- but as soon as he hits the ring, Del Rio grabs his title, and he gets away. He leaves Ricardo on his own, but Ricardo rolls out of the ring with ease. Big Show screams 'Why don't you pick on me?!' at Del Rio from the ring as we head to the announcers booth.

    Lawler talks about how Big Show wasn't too impressed with Del Rio's beatdown on both Heath Slater & Zack Ryder, and this should fuel his fire more for Survivor Series. JBL says that Big Show had no right to get involved. Booker says that he wants to know where Rusev & Lana were- as they clearly didn't get involved.

    A video clip plays, hyping up Stephanie McMahon & AJ Lee's contract signing- which will be later on tonight!


    We head backstage to see Rusev & Lana speaking to each other, as Renee Young walks into the scene. Renee asks Lana why Rusev decided to stay in the back tonight?

    Lana: What does it matter to you Renee? You see, Rusev is a brute- and he does whatever he wants. He didn't need to make the save for Zack Ryder or Heath Slater- because they are both weak individuals. He didn't need to team up with Del Rio to take on Big Show, because Rusev teams up with nobody. And finally? He didn't need to attack Big Show, because.. well he's simply better than him.

    Lana laughs.

    Rusev: At Survivor Series- I will TAKE the US Championship. But tonight was about me WATCHING! I see the weaknesses in Alberto Del Rio! I see the weaknesses in Big Show! Next Sunday, I will EXPOSE THEM! RUSEV PUTRIA, RUSEV MACHKA!

    Lana begins to appluad Rusev, as Renee thanks them for her time. The cameras head to the ring, as it's time for the final match for tonight.

    Dean Ambrose's music hits- as The Lunatic Fringe comes out to a huge pop from the crowd. He makes his way to the ring, wasting no time. Adrian Neville's music hits- as Neville slides into the ring. The two men shake hands before the bell rings, as Booker says that they're making one thing clear- they're not letting The Authority bring tension into the team.

    Match 6. Dean Ambrose vs. Adrian Neville

    Finish: A fantastic main event between the two men, as you wouldn't expect no different. Neville has been athletic as usual, using his high flying abilities to try and take Ambrose down- whereas Ambrose has been his technical self. Back to the action- Ambrose goes for a Clothesline but Neville ducks- and he does a couple flips as the crowd are amazed. This is followed up with a Dropkick from Neville as he sends Ambrose to the crowd. He goes up top to motion for a Red Arrow- but Ambrose is up, and Ambrose grabs Neville- before hitting a Powerbomb into the ring! Ambrose picks Neville up, and finishes him off with Dirty Deeds! He goes for the cover, and gets the win.

    After the match, Ambrose has his hands raised by the referee- but Ambrose focuses back on Neville as he helps him up. Ambrose hugs Neville as the two men aren't at each other's throats. Cena, Sami Zayn & Reigns come out- to join Ambrose & Neville in the ring, but Triple H appears on the TitanTron.

    Triple H: I see that smug look on all your faces. What? Do you really think that this was the last obstacle I was going to throw in your way in the journey to Survivor Series? Oh no. You see, we have a team of John Cena, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Sami Zayn & Adrian Neville! One man who has established himself as a main event player. Two men who are just one moment away from making themselves huge. And another two men, who will be here to lead the WWE into the future. But you five need to remember, that I am the man that can take all of that away from you. With five men full of honor and respect? There are egos. You guys aren't walking into Survivor Series, without a captain. However, I'm not going to choose a captain. You guys must decide amongst yourselves.

    Because that is what's best for business.

    Hunter laughs as the TitanTron goes off- back to the ring, we see Cena, Reigns, Ambrose, Sami & Neville arguing amongst each other. JBL talks about how Triple H might have just caused a problem for this team as they need to choose a captain, however up next- we will have the Stephanie McMahon/AJ Lee contract signing- so don't miss it!


  5. #265
    We're back from the final commercial of the night, as it's time for our final segment. The ring is all set up with two chairs, and a table with a contract on it. Stephanie McMahon's music hits- as she comes out to a negative reaction from the crowd. She makes her way to the ring, not caring about the fans think.

    AJ Lee's music hits- as the fans go nuts! AJ Lee skips her way down the ramp, and she begins to skip around the ring- before sliding in. Both divas have mics- as they both stand on seperate sides. The two women glare at each other coldly, as the fans cheers very loudly.

    Stephanie: Before we begin to sign the contracts, I have something that I want to get off my chest. I agreed to face you in a match for Survivor Series, despite the fact that I'm not a wrestler. I gave you what you want- but where's the appreciation? You still have yet to thank me, for awarding you a match against ME.

    AJ, I don't think you understand how big of a deal this is. This is a DREAM match. A match that the WWE Universe have been wanting for so long, and it was because of me that it was able to happen. So before we sign this contract, I need to hear two words from you- that are not hard to say at all.

    I want to hear you thank me.

    Crowd boo loudly as Steph waits for AJ to thank her. AJ rolls her eyes, before speaking on the mic.

    AJ: You want me to show appreciation for you agreeing to the match? How about we save the appreciation for after Survivor Series, when you appreciate the fact that I kicked your ass?

    The crowd go nuts for AJ as Steph looks annoyed.

    AJ: After everything you have tried to put me through, me thanking you is the last thing that should be done. You've tried to put divas in my path to take me out- but I was the one who stood tall after every fight. You've brought my personal life into this, and that's something I will never forget.

    But I will. Thank you Stephanie. Thank you for opening your eyes- and making this match official. Thank you for being a self centred, selfish, conniving piece of crap who throws her weight about.

    This rivalry between you and me? It's not based on us being friends. This is personal. This is based on me being the face of this division- and just because you're the boss- you think that you have the power to take that away from me, but the truth is? You don't. The only people that have the power are the WWE Universe.

    AJ points at the crowd as the fans cheer for AJ once again.

    AJ: And if you want to dispute that, then you can go ahead- because there are many examples to prove my statement is true. They backed my husband after his famous Pipebomb, and what happened? He became the WWE Champion.

    Steph: What? The same husband who's sitting at home because he's a quitter?

    Crowd boo, and begin a CM Punk chant.

    Steph: At Survivor Series- you're going to wish that you took the same road as your husband when I'm done with you. It doesn't matter how many pretty speeches you give, it doesn't matter how loud the WWE Universe cheer for you- because their cheers, and their backing will not help the way you perform against me.

    You're underestimating me AJ, and that's the last thing you should be doing. You've even said it yourself, that I'm the boss. Honestly- I should have fired you a long time ago, but I don't want to do that- because I want to destroy everything that you have built for yourself first.

    And I will do exactly that.

    Crowd boo loudly, and begin an AJ chant as AJ speaks.

    AJ: You wanted to fire me? How many times have I heard that before? Let's face it Steph, as much as you would LOVE to fire me- it just wouldn't happen because you wouldn't benefit from it. You WOULD pull the trigger because you can- but what would you gain? Nothing, because I AM the diva who generates the most money for your Divas division. I sell the most merchandise, and everybody loves me. Without me- who would you have chosen to run this division? Eva Marie?

    If it wasn't for me, you would have the likes of Eva Marie holding this title due to cheap tactics just because she's a pretty girl. I'M the one who knows what is best for this division- and that's why I gave the future a chance to shine. You see Paige? SHE is the future. Hell, she's the current Divas Champion- and she is dominating because she is one of the best wrestlers of this division. Just like I am.

    But you never would've gave Paige a chance. I had to give her a chance when I issued an open challenge to her. It just goes to show- the lengths of how much you abuse your power when the two divas that have made names for ourselves recently- are me & Paige. The way you treat this Divas division is disgusting, and you do it to make yourself look superior to us when the reality of it is- nobody actually cares about you. Apart from your group of lackeys of course.

    You've insulted me enough times for being unstable, but you seem to forget what an unstable Diva can be capable of- and I'm capable of making Stephanie McMahon the past! So let's make this official.

    AJ grabs a pen, before signing her signature inside the contract with Steph looking on in anger. AJ throws the contract to Steph, and the pen- as Steph does the same thing- and things are official! However, Steph grabs the mic again.

    Steph: You want to make Stephanie McMahon the past? Well why doesn't that surprise me? You need to start being honest with yourself AJ, because you don't want to be messing with me. And that's why at Survivor Series?

    You're going to be my BITCH.

    The crowd boo loudly as Steph begins to laugh.

    Steph: And you know what they say AJ- it doesn't end well in a contract signing either!

    Steph drops the mic, and she SLAPS AJ Lee in the face with a vicious right hander as the fans boo! The anger in Steph's eyes slowly turns into laughter, as she begins to crack up seeing AJ with her hand on her face. However, AJ doesn't seem to be backing down. She looks Steph right in the face with devious looking eyes, and she walks around the table..

    LOU THESZ PRESS! AJ begins to pound on Steph with repeated shots to the head as the fans are going nuts! AJ is screaming loudly as she's fuming, and Steph does her best to try and avoid getting hit in the face. Steph grabs a handful of AJ's hair- and she begins to pull it as AJ stops the shots. AJ picks herself up, as does Steph- who is still pulling AJ's hair.

    She lets go off AJ's hair, and kicks her in the gut! She sets AJ up for a Pedigree, but AJ breaks out of it! She grabs Steph's hand, and locks her in a Black Widow! She tries to make Steph tap, but AJ breaks the move herself. She takes a step back, Spinning Heel Kick! AJ hits Steph, as Steph lands on the table. AJ sets Stephanie up on the table properly as both women are on there- and AJ hits a DDT...

    AND STEPHANIE HAS GONE THROUGH THE TABLE!! The fans are going absolutely mental as AJ Lee is in pain, but she doesn't seem to care because she has put the BOSS through a table. AJ gets up, and she raises her hands as the fans begin to chant AJ Lee! AJ has a serious look on her face, and the fans are going nuts for her as Raw closes!

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    WWE Smackdown

    A recap of last week's Smackdown is shown as it shows the highlights, with Sheamus being announced as the new number one contender for the world title- and for being the new member of The Authority as he represents the Smackdown side of things- along with The Miz inserting himself into the world title match at Survivor Series with his rematch clause. We also see clips of Jack Swagger rejecting Cesaro's offer to join Team Cesaro, along with The Rhodes Brothers aligning themselves with Cesaro.

    The cameras cut to the arena, as the pyros go off! Jerry Lawler introduces us to Smackdown as he's sat with Alex Riley & Byron Saxton. He talks about how Dolph Ziggler will be here as he will address recent events- along with two big matches as The BFF's will take on The Bella Twins in a final showdown- in a match that will see Paige be the special guest referee! In addition to that, Jack Swagger will also take on Mark Henry later tonight.

    Dolph Ziggler's music hits as the fans erupt for The Show-Off! The World Heavyweight Champion makes his way to the ring, as he wasn't here last week- and he looks chuffed to be here tonight. He slides into the ring before he's given a mic as he's set to speak.

    Ziggler: I might not have been here last week, but it's awesome to be here tonight!

    Crowd cheer.

    Ziggler: Everybody knows that I'm not the type to sit at home, never have been- and I never will.. but last week- I had to. When I suffered a devastating White Noise at the hands of Sheamus, it was brutal. It was the most vicious White Noise I've recieved from him, and I have to say that Sheamus has returned- and he's more devious than ever.

    But it really does make me sick. The way he just came back to the WWE, and waltzed his way back into the title picture just because he's representing The Authority on Smackdown. It's a slap in the face for the likes of me- because I've worked hard for everything that I've won. As for Sheamus? He's had everything handed to him, and the fact that he won a WWE title so soon in his career- just proves that. He's been kissing Triple H's ass since the beginning, just like Seth Rollins has, just like Kane has, just like Randy Orton has.

    Crowd cheer in agreement.

    Ziggler: And let me make something clear.. yes- I'm talking to you Hunter. I heard what you said.. that apparently I'm a C Plus player. That's real original from you isn't it? I mean, you used to call Daniel Bryan a B Plus Player- and he went onto become a world champion.

    If that's what you want to think though- then that's fine by me because I know that I can prove you wrong. I'm not here to impress you, I'm only here to impress these fans. But how about this.. how about I face you in a match one day- and then we'll see who the C Plus player is when I pin you in the middle of this ring.

    Crowd cheer.

    Ziggler: And as for The Miz? Well- he's entitled to a rematch clause- but I beat him at Hell in a Cell- and I've got no problem in doing it again! I've worked too hard to win this title- and at Survivor Series, when I walk into that match? You're damn right I'm going to work hard to keep it around my waist!

    The crowd pop loudly for Ziggler- but he is interrupted by the music of Sheamus as The Celtic Warrior comes out to huge jeers from the crowd. Sheamus comes out with a mic in hand as he makes his way to the ring- but he stops as soon as he's on the ramp.

    Sheamus: There he is! Good ol' Ziggler. How you doin' man? You see, it's funny that you say that I'm an arse kisser- but the truth is, I'm far from it. A lot of people don't know, that me and Triple H developed a good amount of respect for each other after the days of our rivalry. I joined The Authority because they were the only people who I trusted to treat me right.

    Look at William Regal- did he treat me right? My arse he did! He suspended me for attacking a referee- which was an injustice! Do you know what else is an injustice? The Miz being able to invoke his rematch clause at Survivor Series! That world title shot should have been just mine.. but he decided to get himself involved. Miz, that was a bad decision on your side- 'cause things arn't going to end well for you.

    Back to you Ziggler! I feel sorry for you, I really do. These fans have caused you to believe something that isn't true.. you think that just because you hold that title- you're suddenly the best in Smackdown. On paper, that would be true- but in reality? It's not- because you're truly a C plus player.

    Crowd boo loudly.

    Sheamus: You consider yourself The Show-Off, but at Survivor Series- you won't have anything to show off about. I'm going to put an end to your title reign, and I'm going to turn all these happy faces into disappointment- and then the Era of Sheamus will truly begin!

    Sheamus says that line with anger and determination as the fans boo loudly- but William Regal's music hits as Regal stands on the ramp, with a mic.

    Regal: First of all, it's great to have you back Ziggler. And as for you Sheamus? Let me tell you this, your suspension wasn't an injustice- and neither is the fact that The Miz is facing you and Ziggler at Survivor Series with the world title on the line. He has a rematch clause, and he's obliged to use it whenever he wants.

    But the reason why I came out here- was to announce tonight's main event. Now, I get it. You two dislike each other, and I can feel the tension- but I'm not for having you two brawl over the arena because I would rather you two take your frustrations out on each other in a match. At Survivor Series.

    So tonight in the main event? We will see Dolph Ziggler team up with Sheamus.

    The crowd reply with mixed reactions as Ziggler & Sheamus both look annoyed.

    To face The Entourage in a handicap match!

    Mixed reactions again.

    The numbers disadvantage is there for you two to get on for tonight. And please, no trouble from either of you in this match- otherwise I'll be stepping in.

    Regal heads to the back as Sheamus & Ziggler are visibly annoyed, but that doesn't stop them from turning to each other as they begin to trash talk from the ramp & ring respectively.


    Riley says that we've got a huge match tonight as Dolph Ziggler teams up with Sheamus in what will be a dysfunctional team to take on The Entourage in a handicap match! He also hypes up another match as Mark Henry will take on Jack Swagger as Swagger looks to get revenge for Henry's attack last week.

    Justin Gabriel's music hits- as Gabriel comes out to a light pop from the crowd. Diego & Fernando come out- and do their usual entrance with El Torito to light boos from the crowd. Los Matadores make their way to the ring- as it's Diego in action.

    Match 1. Justin Gabriel vs. Diego

    Finish: This has been a great high flying match. Diego has threw every single thing he could at Gabriel- but he just hasn't been able to get the win. Back to the action- Diego goes for a Flying Clothesline, but Gabriel manages to hit Diego with a Dropkick! Gabriel goes for a 450 Splash- Gabriel goes for the cover, and he gets the win!

    After the match, Gabriel celebrates- as Fernando checks on Diego. The two men seem to look very frustrated- and Fernando helps Diego up. The two men watch Gabriel celebrate, as soon as Gabriel turns around- they nail him with a Double Clothesline! The two men begin an attack for a second week, as they're not backing down..

    But The Lucha Dragons' music hit and the fans cheer! Kalisto & Sin Cara rush the ramp, as Los Matadores notice. Los Matadores are quick to run away, as soon as Kalisto & Sin Cara hit the ring. Kalisto & Sin Cara scream at Los Matadores from the ramp, as Los Matadores begin to trash talk. The Luchas' music hit- as Kalisto & Sin Cara do the Lucha chants along with the fans.

    The cameras cut backstage as we see Christian warming up- he's interrupted by the 'King of Swing' Cesaro as the fans pop.

    Cesaro: There he is! Captian Charisma, how's it going?

    Christian: I'm good man.

    Cesaro walks closer to Christian.

    As you must know, at Survivor Series? I'm facing the team that the asshole Paul Heyman has put up against me. Heyman's team is complete- but I've still got two spaces to fill. I've only got The Rhodes Brothers.

    I look up to you a lot. Back in the indy days- I used to be a tag team specialist. They used to call me one of the Kings of Wrestling. I took a lot of inspiration from you & Edge- and that has made me the superstar I am today. So that's why I want YOU in my team for Survivor Series.

    Cesaro drops the question, as Christian thinks for a couple seconds.

    Thanks for kind words, I appreciate it. Clearly you need a bit of help- and the more I think about it, the more it sickens me as to what Paul Heyman did to you. So at Survivor Series? I WILL be on Team Cesaro.

    Christian & Cesaro shake hands.

    Thank you man.

    Cesaro goes to walk off..

    Wait, Cesaro?

    Cesaro turns around.

    Christian: If I've got to be honest- King of Wrestling is a much better nickname than King of Swing. Just saying.

    Cesaro nods in approval as we go to another break.


  7. #267
    We head over to the commentary booth. Lawler talks about how Los Matadores' losing streak continues as Diego suffered another loss, but their atittudes have still gone to a new level as the attacked Gabriel- only for The Lucha Dragons to make the save! Riley says that The Luchas didn't look too happy- and it's only a matter of time before we see the two teams fight. Saxton talks about how Cesaro has managed to seal the deal for Christian to join his team- and that's another man for Team Cesaro! Saxton says that he's gotta agree with Christian- when he says that King of Wrestling sounds better than King of Swing- because when it comes to that ring? Cesaro is up there with the best. But right now? It's time for some Divas action!

    Paige's music hits- as the Divas Champion comes out wearing the referee gear. She makes her way to the ring to a mixed reaction from the crowd. The Bellas' music hit- as Brie & Nikki make their way to the ring, slapping the hands of members of the crowd. They slide into the ring, and they eye Paige up. The BFF's music hit- as Summer Rae & Sasha Banks come out. Both divas slide into the ring. The two teams stare off before Paige splits them apart, and Paige calls for the bell.

    Match 2. The Bellas vs. The BFF's- Paige is Special Guest Referee

    Finish: Back and forth Divas actions- as both teams have looked great. Back to the action- Summer & Brie are the legal divas. Brie hits Summer with a Roundhouse Kick, before going for the cover- but Sasha is quick to break up the pinfall! Hell breaks loose, as Nikki gets into the ring- and she knocks Banks over the top rope with a Clothesline. Summer slowly gets up- as she charges at Nikki, but Nikki knocks her over the top rope too! This leads to Brie getting up, and she flies as she nails The BFF's with Suicide Dives outside the ring as the fans go nuts. Paige begins to count- as Brie slowly gets back up. She picks up Summer, and puts her back into the ring. However- Paige has to force Nikki to leave the ring- which leads to Summer low blowing Brie behind Paige's back! Summer goes for the cover, and picks up the win.

    After the match, Summer slides out of the ring- and The BFF's celebrate. The Bellas are absolutely furious, as they argue with Paige- but Paige claims that she didn't see anything. Paige wants her Divas title back- as she's eventually given it by the cameraman- but as she looks away, The BFF's begin to attack The Bellas! Paige turns around, and notices this.

    Paige walks up to The BFF's, and asks them what they are doing- as she tells them that they won. Summer laughs in Paige's face, before grabbing the Divas title out of Paige's hand- which leads to the crowd going 'oohhh.' Paige looks like she's going to flip- and she grabs her title back. Paige argues with The BFF's- but Sasha makes the first move when she grabs Paige by the hair and drops her to the ground. The BFF's begin the attack, until...

    Natalya's music hits! Nattie makes her way to the ring, and she makes the save. Summer charges at Nattie, but Nattie hits her with a Clothesline. Sasha charges at Nattie- another Clothesline! Nattie stands tall in the ring, as she looks down at Paige & the Divas title. Nattie grabs a mic- as Paige slowly gets up. Paige gives Nattie a cold stare.

    At Hell in a Cell, my husband distracted me- which led to you taking advantage- but I don't blame you for doing so. I would've done the same thing- but I do respect you for giving me one hell of a fight. At Survivor Series- you will be facing The Bellas, and The BFF's in a 6 Pack Elimination Challenge Match- and from what I see? There's one spot left. I want another chance to win the title- and after having words with William Regal, I WILL be the final diva in the match.

    Nattie drops the mic, and she puts her hand out. Paige looks at it and shakes Nattie's hand- but she looks Nattie straight in the eye coldly as the two divas stare off with the blantant respect they have for each other.

    We head backstage to see The Rhodes Brothers with Renee Young. Renee asks them why they decided to join Team Cesaro?

    Cody Rhodes:
    We joined for two simple reasons. The Intellects beat us once, and they were finished with us- but we weren't finished with them. They joined Team Heyman- and they wanted to move on, but we're not ready to move on, not until we beat The Intellects. They need to be a taught a lesson, and we're going to be the ones who teach them that lesson.

    Goldust: And as for the second reason? Well Cesaro needed back up- and The Intellects were on the opposition, so it's a win-win for everybody. Cesaro gets an extra two pairs of hands- and we get our hands on The Intellects while helping him out.

    Renee thanks The Rhodes Brothers for their time.


    We head to the commentators as Saxton talks about how the reasoning for The Rhodes Brothers joining Team Cesaro is fair and understandable. Riley talks about how we just had a great Divas match- along with some post match shenanigions leading to Natalya coming back after a two week hiatus! She's going to be the final diva in the 6 Pack Elimination Match- and it's going to be huge. He also talks about how she developed respect for Paige, and it seems that Paige shares that respect- but she didn't seem to want to admit it. Up next, the Intercontinental Champion is in action!

    Tyson Kidd's music hits- as the Intercontinental Champion makes his way to the ring. Fandango's music hits- as it's time for the next match.

    Match 3. Fandango vs. Tyson Kidd (c)- Non Title Match

    Finish: Both men have displayed quality action as neither superstars have looked weak. Fandango has been putting up a good fight as has the Intercontinental Champion. The finish comes where Fandango nails Kidd with a Sitout Suplex Slam before going up the top rope for a Diving Leg Drop- he goes for it but Kidd rolls out of the way. Kidd slowly gets up, and picks Fandango up before hitting him with The Fact Breaker (Swinging Fisherman's Neckbreaker)! Kidd goes for the cover, and gets the win!

    After the match, Kidd is given his title as he celebrates in the ring- but Curtis Axel's music hits. Axel walks down the ramp with a mic in hand, and he slides into the ring- joining Kidd. Both men go face to face as Axel speaks.

    Congratulations on your win against Fandango- very well deserved. But that doesn't change the fact that the other night on Smackdown, after you confronted me- something has been bugging me for an entire week now.

    The fact that you said that I was boring.

    Axel takes a step back, and thinks about it for a moment.

    Axel: I'm a former Intercontinental Champion- and I know how it feels to hold that belt. I can still remember the honor I felt when I defended that belt back in 2013. And when I face you? I promise you Tyson, I WILL get my career back on track- and I WILL take that title away from you.

    And let me tell you this; at Survivor Series? What happens to you definitely will NOT be boring.

    Kidd snatches the mic off Axel as the crowd reply with boos.

    Kidd: You might be good in the ring- but you have no personality, fact!

    Axel begins to get more annoyed as Kidd winds him up.

    Kidd: You lack charisma, fact!

    A smirk appears on Kidd's face.

    Kidd: So overall- you're boring, fact!

    Kidd drops the mic- as Axel looks like he's going to flip. Kidd begins to laugh at Axel, before he delivers a huge slap to the face of Axel! Axel pushes Kidd, and goes for a Clothesline but Kidd ducks- and slides out of the ring as he walks to the stage. He turns back around as soon as he's on the stage, and he does a sleeping taunt- aimed at Axel.

    Axel begins to explode in the ring, as he punches the ropes. He turns around, and notices Fandango getting up. He picks him up, and nails him with an Axe-Hole! He begins to scream 'I'm not boring!' in a fit of rage.


  8. #268
    We immediately head backstage as we see Tyson Kidd listening to music with his Dre beats headphones- just after his match. He's casually chilling, but the crowd erupt when Natalya appears behind him.

    Nattie: Tyson?

    She calls him, but he doesn't answer- so instead of waiting, she grabs his headphones- and throws them to the floor as she captures Kidd's attention.

    What the he- wait, Nattie! Where have you been? You haven't been in contact with me since Hell in a Cell!

    Nattie: I've been staying at my mom's house- but do you blame me for not being in contact?

    Kidd: Look baby- I've told you many times, what I did was an accident, fact. But one thing I have to ask- do you really want to compete for the title at Survivor Series? Especially after what happened last time? I only came out there because I forgot to wish you luck- but you still lost at the end of the day. I don't think it's such a good idea for you to be heading back into the title picture, fact.

    Nattie sighs.

    Nattie: I honestly can't tell if you're lying or not- but let me make something clear. You know I love you, and I always will- but the real FACT is- you cost me out of the Divas Championship- and I don't care if it was for good intentions or not, but at Survivor Series- you're not doing it again.

    The cameras cut to the announcers as Lawler talks about how that was big of Nattie- as she stood up for herself after Tyson Kidd costed her out of the Divas Championship at Hell in a Cell. Saxton says that clearly she isn't taking any crap from Tyson, and that's good to see. Riley talks about how last week, Jack Swagger was attacked by Mark Henry. This next clip from last week will show an explanation behind Henry's actions.

    We see Mark Henry walking backstage as he was approached by Byron Saxton. Saxton asked him why he attacked Jack Swagger?

    Because that's what I do! The Hall of Pain has being getting cold for a while now. What better way to give it some heat again- by takin' out a man that Cesaro has been tryin' to persue for his team? It's as simple as that, now get outta my way.

    Henry walked off as we head back to the announcers table. Saxton talks about how Henry is vicious- and up next, we have Henry taking on Jack Swagger.

    Mark Henry's music hits- as he comes out on his own without anybody. He slides into the ring for this next match. Jack Swagger's music hits- as Swagger makes his way to the ring with Zeb Colter by his side as he looks to get some payback. Swagger is taped up from Henry's attack last week.

    Match 4. Mark Henry vs. Jack Swagger

    Finish: Both men have proved exactly why they are powerhouses as they've gone all out on each other- showing no care for either man's condition- especially Mark Henry who's focused on Swagger's ribs & back. Back to the action, Swagger currently has Henry locked in the Patriot Lock. He keeps the move locked in, but Paul Heyman comes out. Heyman stands on the ramp as Swagger looks on- but Colter isn't having it. Colter walks up to Heyman- and the two men go face to face, but that's until Heyman is joined by The Intellects & Bo! Back to the action- Swagger notices this, and he immediately breaks the hold as he slides out of the ring- joining Colter, and he motions for the four men to come at him. But the referee has no choice but to count- and eventually, Swagger is counted out.

    Swagger can't believe it as Henry has got the win- and Swagger rushes into the ring as he isn't letting Henry go. He screams at Henry- telling him to get up, but The Intellects & Bo Dallas make their way to the ring as they follow Heyman. Swagger is screwed, and he knows it as he's surrounded by the five men.

    But that all changes when Cesaro, The Rhodes Brothers & Christian come out! They all join Swagger in the middle of the ring- to even the odds. Both teams stand on seperate sides, as the fans can feel the intensity as the two teams begin to staredown- however, Heyman orders his team to leave from the outside. The Intellects & Bo do so as the fans boo, but Mark Henry stays! Henry is set for a fight- but Heyman can be heard saying 'Wait until the PPV!' as Henry eventually gives in. Team Heyman walk to the stage as Cesaro grabs a mic.

    Cesaro: What's wrong guys? Why are you running away for? I'm disappointed in you Mark Henry in particular, since when did you become Paul Heyman's bitch?

    Crowd cheer loudly as Henry is about to flip- but Heyman stops him from doing so, as do the rest of The Intellects. Team Heyman heads to the back as Cesaro nods in disapproval. Cesaro turns around and faces Swagger.

    Cesaro: We've still got one more spot in Team Cesaro.

    Cesaro puts his hand out as Swagger looks at it. Swagger looks at Colter- and Colter is motioning for Swagger to do what he wants. Swagger looks back at Cesaro- and snatches the mic away from Cesaro's hands. He kicks Cesaro's hand away as the fans boo.

    This doesn't mean we're friends.

    Because I'm in!

    Swagger drops the mic before leaving the ring as his music hits- meanwhile Cesaro, The Rhodes Brothers & Christian look on as they have finally gotten a 5th member for Team Cesaro at Survivor Series!


    We're back from commercial- as Lawler hypes up how the Smackdown Traditional 5-5 match at Survivor Series is going to be huge as Team Cesaro has captured Jack Swagger! Saxton says that he's looking forward to this match so much- but this next match is something else everybody's been looking forward to. Dolph Ziggler & Sheamus will team up to face The Entourage in a Handicap Match!

    The Miz' music hits- as The Entourage come out with him. Damien Mizdow copies him- whereas Tyler Breeze is taking pictures of the team as usual. Miz holds Maryse's hand- and they make their way to the ring for this main event.

    Sheamus' music hits- as the fans reply with boos! He doesn't look too happy, and he looks at the camera screaming 'This is ridiculous!' before making his way to the ring. And finally- Dolph Ziggler's music hits as the fans go wild! The World Heavyweight Champion doesn't look too happy either, but he still slaps the hands of the fans as he's ready for this match.

    Match 5. Sheamus & Dolph Ziggler vs. The Entourage - Two on Three Handicap Match

    Finish: This has been an excellent match with various moments. We've seen the obvious tension between Ziggler & Sheamus as the two men have tried to one-up each other- and we've also seen more tension between Miz & Mizdow as Miz has taunted Mizdow various times- and even refused to tag him in when the hot tag was there. Currently- the legal men are currently Miz & Ziggler! Breeze & Mizdow are on the ropes, whereas Ziggler accidentally hit Sheamus with a Superkick when Miz ducked- knocking Sheamus out of the ring.

    Back to the ring- the two men go at it with shots to the face, The Miz goes for another one but Ziggler ducks.. Ziggler hits Miz with a Zig Zag! Ziggler is about to go for the cover- but Miz is crawling over to the ropes. He gets closer and closer as Ziggler is trying to catch up- and Miz goes to tag in Tyler Breeze who has his hand out- but instead, Mizdow slaps Miz' hand as the fans go nuts! Mizdow slides into the ring- as The Miz is pissed off! Mizdow waits for Ziggler to get up- but Breeze tags himself in! Breeze slides into the ring as Mizdow is annoyed- Breeze begins to taunt Mizdow- but Ziggler nails Breeze with a Zig Zag! Ziggler goes for the cover- and he gets the win!

    Ziggler's music begins to hit as The Entourage can't believe it! Ziggler celebrates his win as The Entourage's egos got the better of each of them. Ziggler is given his title- however- Sheamus slides into the ring as things are bound to go down! Ziggler isn't aware of him- and Sheamus goes for a Brogue Kick...

    But Ziggler sees it coming as he ducks.. Zig Zag! The fans are going nuts as Ziggler is on an absolute streak at the moment. Ziggler holds his title up high as he has momentum- but that momentum is disrupted as soon as The Entourage regroup as they attack Ziggler from behind! The Miz picks Ziggler up, and nails him with an SKF! Miz picks up the world title, and screams 'This will come back home!' as Smackdown closes.

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