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    Disgruntled Superstars looking for Payback?

    There have been many reports over the internet that there would be a stable of at least 3 members- working a gimmick of disgruntled superstars who are angry about the way they've been treated in the company. While the likes of Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, and Damien Sandow have come to mind- they aren't even close to what WWE have got planned.

    It has been confirmed that the man who will lead this stable- is none other than The Great Khali. His reasons for being angry are because of various things, such as being criticized by the WWE Universe, and management itself for his lack of in-ring abilities, for being limited in speaking English- but most importantly, walking like a tortoise.

    We can also confirm that the midgets that will be in the stable, led by Khali- will be none other than El Torito & Hornswoggle. They're annoyed with management for not giving them a fair chance on the main PPV shows- and always putting them on the pre-shows, especially after they stole the show at Extreme Rules in the WeeLC match.

    The stable is most likely to form at the Payback PPV- as 3 superstars look for redemption. Torito & Hornswoggle were caught together in an Instagram picture- secretly scheming, so it's possible that they were planning to look for ways to turn on 3MB & Los Matadores. As El Torito faces Hornswoggle in the pre-show, in a Mask vs. Hair match- the most likely situation will see 3MB & Los Matadores brawling outside the ring, which will give Torito & Hornswoggle the opportunity to strike with a move off the springboard- taking them all down.

    The angle that creative are most likely to run with will possibly take place during the Stephanie McMahon & Daniel Bryan segment- as Bryan will have to choose between his titles, or his wife, Brie Bella's career. He won't have the opportunity to make a decision, as he'll be attacked from nowhere by The Great Khali, Torito & Hornswoggle. This will allow Bryan to take some time off to heal his injuries- as it also paves the way for Khali to take over as the face of WWE.

    However, one thing that hasn't been decided is if the disgruntled superstars will be joining forces with The Authority or not. If they are- the situation will most likely see Stephanie using them, knowing that they'll explode on anyone she wishes as they'll take advantage of any chance that is in their way. If they don't align with The Authority- they will probably take their frustrations out on The Authority as well as Daniel Bryan. Either way, Khali is set to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship- as El Torito & Hornswoggle will eventually win the tag team titles down the line.

    If this angle does turn out to be successful- a feud with The Shield will be on the cards after Summerslam. As Triple H vs. Roman Reigns is penciled in for Summer's biggest event, the bout will be used to put Reigns over- which will make him a big enough superstar to challenge for the big one. Reigns is also penciled into win the Royal Rumble match- which will obviously create the "dream" match that everybody has been craving for.

    Roman Reigns vs. Khali for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 31. Now tell us, who wouldn't want to watch that?

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    I am down for this lol


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