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    few notes from war of the worlds

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    Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Kevin Steen in a non-title match in 12:15.
    The fans chanted "Thank you, Kevin" to Steen after the match as he stood in the ring. Steen said he had to make his comments quick because he thought his jaw was dislocated. "It's really going to hinder the post match meal," he cracked. Steen said he's been with ROH a long time and he believes one of the things that people like about him is that he's honest.
    Steen said he would be lying if he said he was always happy in Ring of Honor because he was not. He put over the Hammerstein. Steen heard a fan say something. Steen told the fan to come say it to his face. The fans chanted asshole at the fan. Steen said that's probably the biggest compliment that the fan has ever received.

    Steen said he didn't feel like he belonged in Ring of Honor for the last year. He said his loss to Adam Cole last week and now to Nakamura confirmed it. Steen said he has a family at home that he has to take care of. "The bottom line is that I think it's time for me to step away for a little bit," he said. The fans chanted "no." Steen said it's a great catchphrase and it won't change his mind. Steen started to thank New York City when he was interrupted by entrance music.
    Silas Young made his entrance. He said he agrees with the fans chanting no. He said ROH has a champion who looks like a "lady boy." He said the tag champs look like a couple of kids, and the TV champion runs around "with a fruit." He said Steen is the only man in the company other than him. He asked Steen if he was going to be a pussy and told him that the fans don't care about him because they'll move onto the next flavor of the month.

    Young told Steen to go ahead and quit and his son will grow up to be a quitter just like him. Steen was about to leave the ring, but he turned and attacked Young. Steen and Young traded punches. Security ran out and quickly intervened. Kelly said they were scheduled for intermission and this was probably the ideal time to do it. Steen ended up performing a flip off the top rope onto the mob of security. However, a smirking Young walked away unscathed...

    [steen heading to florida?]

    A.J. Styles defeated Michael Elgin and Okada to retain the IWGP Heavyweight Championship

    Christopher Daniels was shown seated at a bar. He looked into the camera and said he was coming home. Another man showed up and his t-shirt was censored. "You didn't think I was coming alone, did you?" Daniels asked. He said two of the best in the business were coming to Best in the World

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    -I just finish watch the ppv,during The Briscoes vs Gallows/Anderson brawling outside the ring Corino/Kelly talks about japanese photographers trained better than american photographers catching wrestlers,that made me crack...and the match was fun too especially Mark Briscoes kung fu shenanigans.
    -I didn't realize there was Steen vs Nakamura singles match,I like when Corino talks about Nakamura not a money draw during his rookie years,those little known fact you know.Post match Silas try to pick a fight with Steen? Silas was pretty much match opener wrestler and now he gets a push? I dont know,it feels weird to see Silas of all people try to fire up Steen.
    -Redragon vs Young Bucks was superkick town all day,it was awesome.
    -Liger definitely doesn't move like a 49 years old,I'm a fan of Liger since 1998,how time flies.
    -As for the main event,I'm not a fan of triple threat especially in a big title match but it was a good match nonetheless.


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