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    EWNCW Official roster thread

    If you wish to join EWNCW, please fill out the following, exactly as it's laid out below. If it's not as it is below, then we'll kindly ask you to edit it accordingly.
    Feel free to edit this as you please as time goes on if you want to add/take away stuff/change things about your character, but remember to inform a member of creative for any changes you do make.

    Nicknames (if applicable):
    Billed from:
    Wrestling style:
    Real wrestlers similar to yours:
    Finisher(s) (no more than 3):
    Signatures (no more than 6):
    Other general moves:
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    Name: Chris Divine
    Nicknames (if applicable): So Fine
    Billed from: Hollywood, CA
    Height: 6'0
    Weight: 235 lbs
    Wrestling style: High Flyer/Grappler.
    Real wrestlers similar to yours: Mix of Randy Orton/Sami Zayn
    Finisher(s) (no more than 3): Divine Intervention(RKO), Divine Grace(Corkscrew Shooting Star Press)
    Signatures (no more than 6): Brainbuster, Suicide Dive, Pele Kick(AJ Styles one)
    Other general moves: Mixture of grappler moves, german suplex, belly to belly suplexs, snap suplexs, ect, and high flying moves

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    Name: Severus*

    Nickname: Sinister Freak

    from : the devils carnival

    Height : 6'3

    Weight : 185

    Bio: Severus is apart of the devils carny. He does all the different unique things over at it and is the ringmaster. The man of man talents his wrestling style itself is quite unique. He is often very demented and off his rocker yet there is a plan to this madness. He has come to EWNCW to show the world the devils carny. He also has this attraction to him as if he memorized you.

    Signature moves: *Side Show Attraction ( running corkscrew shooting star press)

    Devils Pendulum ( Cesero Swing)

    Freak Accident ( springboard front dropkick into turnbuckle followed by a cannonball senton)

    Finisher : The Final Act ( reverse DDT backstabber)

    Submission finisher: Moonlight Festival ( Tilt a whirl crossface)

    Alignment - Heel

    Wrestles like - Willow, Kizary, Vampiro, Sting,*

    Theme- Evil circus music

    Etc - He wears a willow like mask with long black hair. He wears a suit too. When he wrestles it's in black jeans that are worn out with the words devils Carny on the legs.

    In this mask
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    Name: Mark Dimension

    Nicknames (if applicable): G.O.D. , The Original MD

    Billed from: The Past, Present and Future

    Height: 6'5

    Weight: 290


    Wrestling style: technical, strong style, power techniques, brawl

    Real wrestlers similar to yours: stone cold Steve Austin , triple h, undertaker

    Finisher(s) (no more than 3): Next Dimension (stone cold stunner), The Portal (Texas cloverleaf), All Stars Down (5star frog splash)

    Signatures (no more than 6):Cesaro uppercut, running power bomb,off top rope batista bomb, faarooq spine buster, clothesline from hell, spike pile driver

    Other general moves: kitchen sink, HHH face buster, titl a whirl, power slams, military press

    Bio: The Toughest , Roughest ever, period. Can outlast any pain and punishment and give it back triple as much.
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    6.28. 2012-6.28.2012
    6.29. 2012-6.29.2012

    0-1,787 at wrestlevania

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    Name: Grind Bastard
    Nicknames (if applicable): The Monster of EWNCW
    Billed from: Arkham Asylum
    Height: 6'8"
    Weight: 290 lb
    Wrestling style: Agile Powerhouse
    Real wrestlers similar to yours: Kane, Abyss, a touch of Kevin Steen/Sean O'Haire high flying.
    Finisher(s) (no more than 3): Skullkrusher (Package Piledriver), Ultrakrusher(Package Piledriver from the Top Rope), Sharpshooter
    Signatures (no more than 6): Rear-Nakedchoke (Coquina Clutch), Raven Effect DDT, Chokeslam, Swanton Bomb, AA Spinebuster.
    Other general moves: Widowmaker,SideWalk Slam (Like Kane), Jacknife Powerbomb, Vertical Suplex,German Suplex, Sting Splash, Back Body Drop, BigBoot, Uppercut, Cobra Clutch, Flying Clothesline, Apron GuillotineLegdrop:,Repeatedforearm shots, Rear chin lock, Snake Eyes with bigboot:,Torturerack.
    Bio: Will add later.

    Name: William Carlin.
    Nicknames (if applicable): The Superior Technician, The Quintessence of Submission
    Billed from: Toledo, Ohio.
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 200 lb
    Wrestling style: Technical
    Real wrestlers similar to yours: Daniel Bryan, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko.
    Finisher(s) (no more than 3): ChaosTheory Suplex, Cattle Mutilation
    Signatures (no more than 6): DragonScrew neck whip, Steenalizer, Regal Stretch, Muta Lock, Double Underhook DDT.
    Other general moves: Armdrag, Cubito Aequet (Elbow with theatricals), Standing Moonsault,Back body drop, German/Belly to belly/Belly to back suplex, DoubleUnderhook moves (Powerbomb/Suplex), Triangle choke, Roundhouse kick,rolling fireman's carry slam, european uppercut, crossfacechickenwing, Inverted Atomic Drop, Standing/Missile dropkick,tilt-a-whirl backbraker, fireman's carry gutbuster, somersaultlegdrop, kokina clutch, Space Rolling Elbow with facebuster (see at1:00 here
    Bio: To be added.

    Join the Best e-fed, EWNCW!! Send a PM to Tommy Thunder, Kingstrem, TheJosephBanks, S.E.Zero, TTC or me filling the form you'll find in the Inferno Thread.

    Find all the EWNCW links here.

    The Jesting Madness: Last EWNCW Tag Team Champions (6/3/12-5-5-12), first ever EWNCW Blacklist Champions (5-5-12/11-12)

    Also check TWE!!

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    Name: Andy Cannon

    Billed from: Greensboro, NC

    Height: 6'2

    Weight: 245


    Wrestling style: Good technical wrestler with brawling tendencies

    Real wrestlers similar to yours: Chris Benoit, Triple H

    Finisher(s) (no more than 3): Cradle Shock, Boston Crab (seldom used)

    Signatures (no more than 6): Spinning spinebuster, belly-to-belly suplex, german suplex, hotshot, impaler DDT, double-underhook backbreaker

    Other general moves: Clotheslines, punch flurries, stomps

    Bio: Cannon grew up a huge wrestling fan in Greensboro, NC where he attended many NWA events as a kid. At the age of 16 he began training to be a pro wrestler & started his career at the age of 17. After 13 years on the indy circuit & two stints in Japan, the journeyman made his way to EWNCW. He was taken captive by the Collective, but finally escaped & got out on his own where he had a 6 & a half month reign as Inferno Ignition champion.

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    Name: Matthew Black

    Nicknames (if applicable): The Seattle Superstar

    Billed from: *gasp in surprise... * Seattle,Washington

    Height: 6'1"

    Weight: 210 pounds


    Wrestling style: Highflying technician... Not afraid to put his body on the line but also would like to make you tap out.

    Real wrestlers similar to yours: Daniel Bryan, Chris Jericho, Seth Rollins

    Finisher(s) (no more than 3): The Humbler (Super RKO), Sharpshooter, *NEW!* The BlackOut (Rear Naked Choke)

    Signatures (no more than 6): Slice Of Life(Clothesline from hell), Frogsplash

    Other general moves: Pumphandle Slam, Hanging DDT, lionsault, summersault plancha, tons of kicks, swinging neckbreaker, german suplex, belly to belly suplex, diving headbutt, dropkick, Russian leg sweep, figure four leg lock, crossarm breaker, STF... Other moves that someone who was a highflyer and a technician would use... lol

    Bio:Growing up in Seattle Matthew saw a ton of crime. Matt decided that he would be better off hitting the books which lead to him being picked on as a child all the way through his teenage years. Matt finally started to defend himself as he entered high school and college and realized that he had a deep love for fighting so after finishing his college career he enrolled at a wrestling school and decided to give a wrestling career a shot. Though he quickly learned that there are a ton of bad guys in the wrestling career so he constantly tries to beat them to humble them and to show the world that being a dick isn't the way to go.

    Matthew has had a bit of success in efedding as kind of the perpetual good guy, a third person speaking super face. The fans find it endearing that he really views himself as nothing more than any of them and he kind of constantly plays with the forth wall while rarely crossing it. He tends to be annoyed with superstars with huge egos or gimmicks which allows him to be able to fight gimmicky faces with little problem. He is from a large family with multiple brothers and sisters.
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    Cause I'm too lazy to post all the details, so here we go cause I never have changes anything I didn't like from my bio:

    A STAR WAS BORN!!!! #ThankYouBrock

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    Name: Gillz
    Nicknames (if applicable): The Hardcore King (rarely)
    Billed from: Glasgow, Scotland
    Height: 6ft 1
    Weight: 221lbs
    Theme: <span style="color: rgb(51, 51, 51); background-color: rgb(250, 250, 250);">
    Wrestling style: Highflying/Technician
    Real wrestlers similar to yours: AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan, Austin Aries
    Finisher(s) (no more than 3): G-Bomb(Spinning Sitdown Powerbomb), G-Lock(Triangle Choke)
    Signatures (no more than 6): Dead Memories Drop (Double-Arm DDT), Whisper in the Wind, Springboard 450 Splash
    Other general moves: Varying sets of kicks and suplexes as well as submission holds for larger opponents.
    Bio: Growing up some sort of an outcast he usually took fights onto the streets untill run ins with the law, eventually when of age he channeled what he saw in his youth and joined a wrestling school, honing his craft untill he joined small indy feds from his native land, after some time he moved to America in search of his dream again through various indy feds untill he got the call from EWNCW, now a 2 year veteran of the company winning and so far the only man to win both main World Championships, and he will make it known he intends to do so again.
    EWNCW - Gillz:
    Superstar of the Year (2011)
    World Heavyweight Champion Aug 29th (11) - Oct 30th (11)
    EWNCW Champion Nov 28th (11) - Apr 16th (12)
    BWA Undisputed World Tag Champions Feb 19th (12) - March 18th (12) (With Ryan Wells)

    PWR: Jack Pheonix - The Hardcore King/Knights

    No Daniel, We're grateful, Thankyou Daniel Bryan.

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    Name: King Strem
    Nicknames (if applicable): The King
    Billed from: Spring Grove, Pennsylvania
    Weight: 265
    Wrestling style: Brute strength and athletic ability
    Real wrestlers similar to yours: Mixture of Cesaro and Brock Lesnar
    Finisher(s) (no more than 3): Powerbomb into dominator/facebuster (That is called "Thy Kingdom Come" it is when i pick the guy up like a powerbomb but it comes down like a dominator slam but the guy lands on his face), Instant Killquick (torture rack pickup f-5 spin to a backwards ddt), Torture Chamber (DDT into guillotine)
    Signatures (no more than 6): Spear, elbow drop, body splash off the ropes, clothesline, big german suplex
    Growing up, Strem was always a gifted athlete in any sport he played, winning many awards and trophies. He began to be called King in high school from an announcer during a football game quoting "Strem being the King the way he rules that field." The nick name stuck with Strem even when he went to college to play. After college, Strem took up wrestling, and has been continue to claim his dominance in EWNCW

    "Ship Is It"

    "Bow down to your god, and ALL HAIL THE KING"

    EWNCW- "The Unholy King" King Strem:
    -EWNCW International champion since March 6th, 2012- May 27, 2013


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