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    Stop start pushes

    With next week's Raw coming up I'm wondering if we're going to get the reignition of a push that the E' stopped very suddenly and the man in question has not been seen in a WWE ring since. That's right, will there be a follow up on Hugh Jackman's push, last time he KO'd Dolph and then the E' failed to capitalise on this and put him in the title picture. There's a serious injustice going on.

    On a serious note is there a reason that creative feels that their performers are so inferior to people from mainstream media that they have to make them look so week each time. Every time a celebrity is announced I cringe a little, not because I don't like celebs, but because I know they will get a pop at someone elses expense, achieving the opposite effect that their fame should be doing for the money they get paid for the one off appearance.

    Am I the only one that feels this way?

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    It may put a few extra eyeballs on WWE, it may put a few extra eyeballs on what the celeb is shilling. Most probably won't remember it within a month. As long as they're not doing something utterly ridonkulous like costing someone a title, I can live with it.

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    This time Hugh needed Dolph to help him put down Sandow, he's been de-pushed, I knew it would happen.

    They need to bring prestige back to the celebrity guests, and Hugh's character has become stale

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    Next time, Hugh will need Sandow's help to put down Kozlov's brother......

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    Hugh will never win the title now, he might as well sign with TNA

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    I don't think there's anything wrong with it. In the case of Hugh Jackman, he's a lifelong wrestling fan and you could see that he really enjoyed the appearance, he had fun with it and more importantly the fans had fun with it, contrary to most of the celebrity guest appearances WWE have had in recent times. Sure, it was at the expense of a guy who many are a fan of; Damien Sandow, but on the other hand, would Sandow (or indeed Ziggler) have been on Raw otherwise? Most likely not. And judging from the segment, they both had fun with it too.


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