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    Quote Originally Posted by Wade Barrett 1979 View Post
    If he is contracted to 31 dates per year (I assume dated from Mania to Mania in relation to his return) he has had two appearances so far. They could have him do 2 before SS, then SS brings that amount to 5. I'm sure they could use 26 further dates easily to have him as Champ for that long and still do appearances, 5 for the PPV's including Mania leaves 21 for other appearances. Not saying it's ideal but it's more than feasible.
    I don't know, it didn't really work for people when they did it with the Rock, so I'm presuming that the same feeling of "he should be on tv more if he's champ" will be there again if they do it with Brock.
    I would very much like to see Brock as champ though.

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    This sounds like a job for...



    Quote Originally Posted by Dennis View Post
    Hey Bear...Rehmix called... He wants his everything back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wade Barrett 1979 View Post
    I would still rather have a strong heel champion get the title in a more legitimate way than a cheap MITB cash in. This has been Cena's problem in recent years, no strong heels. .
    I agree, a heel that actually wins clean would be good, he isn't on top because he cheats he's just better than everyone rarely happens, the good guys have to be the best don't they

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    I have a feeling we have a few Heel Turns in Store within the next week (Extreme Rules and the Raw Following). We could have a War Games match in the future if they merge the Kane/Evolution storylines with the Shield and Daniel bryanThat leaves, realistically no Heels currently in title challenging Territory. You could Argue Bray Wyatt could be in the mix if he beats Cena at Extreme Rules...but Bryan and Bray already had a fued earlier this year, and Bray Wyatt's Charecter isn't the type to value titles. Cesaro is a Money in the Bank/royal Rumble winner type, he is fresh to the scene. they will turn him Baby Face before he challenges for the title.

    You could turn Sheamus Heel...but would he be a WWE champion Contender...I don't think he has that much don't go from Fueding with Titus O'Niel on the Raw before Extreme Rules and off the PPV to fighting for the WWE WHC...

    If Cena Turned Heel (after Wrestlemania we know nothing is sacred and anything is possible right now), you could easily see him vy for the title against Daniel Bryan. He could fued through Payback and Money in the Bank...then you have Battleground and Summerslam. If Battleground has a 'War Games' style Match, then that leaves Bryan up for grabs against brock Lesnar at Summerslam, which would be epic.


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