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    The Diamond Studd

    So, in light of Razor Ramon being inducted into the WWE HoF, I'd like to look at the embryonic stage of the Razor character - The Diamond Studd. Kind of a cross between Ramon and Rick Rude's WWF gimmick, The Diamond Studd was fairly short lived but shows an interesting time in Hall's career.

    I guess it hadn't occurred to me much about Hall and Page's former connection like this. I just figured, well they were both in WCW at the same time, they were friends.

    As far as I know, it was during the Diamond Studd period that Hall first teamed with Kevin Nash as Vinnie Vegas.

    Have a look at some of his stuff here -

    And may I just add, Hall was freaking HUGE early on. I am glad the Bad Guy seems to be back on track.


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