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    TNA by eboy

    Hey aswell as my rebooking of WWE which i will continue with I will also be posting my rebooking of TNA starting post Lockdown

    heres the currant state

    LockDown results
    * Max Buck won the 8 man Xscape Match
    * Ink inc def The British Invasion, Steiner & Crimson & OJ & EY
    * TNA Knockouts Title- Mickie James def Madison Rayne
    * Samoa Joe def "The Pope" D'angelo Dinero
    * Matt Morgan def Hernandez
    * Kurt Angle def Jeff Jarrett to end their Fued
    * TNA WHC- Mr Anderson def RVD & Sting to Capture the belt
    * Lethal Lockdown Fortune def Immortal
    * Styles Retuned

    Bear with me its gonna take a litle while to get from currant storyline to where i want to be

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    Impact 1

    *Hogan opens the show with a Huge announcement TNA is no more Immortal are changing the name to WBW Worlds Best Wrestling and Sacrifice will be the last event Promoted under the name TNA fortune come out and AJ says “That's going to happen over his dead body TNA was built by Styles Beer Money Daniels and it looks like its going to have to be saved by fortune” Hogan “AJ I love the whole hero attitude, I really do but if there's one thing I've learnt is being a hero always ends in failure so AJ there's nothing you can do” AJ says “I've got a proposition for you hulk at sacrifice its Immortal vs Fortune if we win this company remains as TNA but if Immortal wins well that is up to you” Hogan excepts its on

    *Sagriento Def Jeremy Buck at 8 mins

    *Up coming tonight its Kurt Angles Challenge + a Fatal Four Way No.1 Contenders Match

    *Abyss Def Crimson at 11 mins to settle there rivalry

    *Backstage- Christy Hemme is with Velvet Sky

    CH: So Velvet What are your thoughts on the Currant situation between Angelina, Winter and yourself?

    VS: well Christy I've been thinking long and hard about how I get My BFF Angelina back for good and I've Thought of a Plan that I might Just Spring into action tonight

    CH; Can I ask what it is?

    VS: Winter that Emo Bitch has been spiking Angelina's drink and I will stop that happening I get my friend back

    CH: well Winter will face a Returning Knockout after the break

    VS: yea I'm gonna get a nice ringside seat for that one


    *Alissa Flash Def Winter after Velvet Sky Decked Winter with a chair

    post Match- Velvet Sky challenges Winter to a Match at Sacrifice and if Sky wins Winter Must agree to leave Angelina alone for 7 days

    *still to Come its Fatal 4 way and angle plus Beer Money & Kazarian vs Matt Hardy, Bully Ray & Jeff Jarrett

    *The British Invasion Def Ink Inc. to become No.1 Contenders at 14 mins

    *Double J says its great to have ended his Feud with Angle so now he can focus on Immortal Battle for Control

    *Kurt Angle Comes out and thanks the fans for there support throughout the Jarrett Feud and says as a Thank you I'm gonna do something for you I'm gonna give you Kurt Angle wrestling in the Middle of this ring Like he's never frekin done before and I know there is only one opponent that I can give you that kind of Match with and that guy is Samoa Joe Come out here (Joe Comes out) and says its on and at sacrifice they will tear down sacrifice

    * No.1 Contenders Match for The TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Sacrifice- Hernandez Def Rvd, Matt Morgan & Brother Devon to earn a shot at Sacrifice

    * Mr Anderson comes Out to Celebrate Regaining The World Title at Lockdown he says finally the A**holes are back on top and this time there is nothing Hogan Bischoff Sting or anybody else can do to take this title from him now this Brings out sting on the stage who says he's Smarter than Anderson that's why he gets his rematch on Anderson Next Week as Sting Leaves Hernandez attacks Anderson from behind

    *Backstage winter is pissed so she takes it out on angelina Love completely Decking her laying her out and leaving her Sky finds Love Layed out and Calls the Medics who take Angelina out on a Stretcher

    * Chris Daniels & Aj are seen with Crow Bars in their hands Backstage

    * Kazarian, Beer Money Def Jeff Jarrett, Matt Hardy & Bully Ray (W/ Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff & Ric Flair) at 21 mins

    Beer Money hit the DWI on Jarrett to end it after the Match has Fortune are Leaving Hogan grabs the Mic Says Beer money and Kazarian have a choice either they Join Immortal and Keep their Titles or Stay with Fortune and he Strips them of those title's right now

    they think about it for a bit as Daniels & Styles Join them on the Ramp in the end they drop their Belts and run back down to attack Immortal

    Hogan slips away up the Ramp and takes the title with him

    Fortune continue the Beat down

    the last thing we see on Impact is Hogan waling into a trashed office

    End of Impact

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    Wednesday NIGHT XPLOSION

    1. Jeremy Borash & Don West

    DW: whats up TNA Fans this is Don West Returning to Comentary for Xplosions 2 hour special Return to Spike and Boy have
    we got a show for you tonight

    JB: Thats Right Don Tonight its Bully Ray vs AJ Styles in a Monsters Ball Match

    (Bischoff) says As You all know Thursday Night on Impact Hulk Hogan stripped
    Beer Money & Kazarian of their Respective Titles and Tournements have been
    set up to Find New Champs and The X-Division Tournement is gonna begin tonight
    on Spike

    DW: Wow what a Bombshell JB the X-Divsion Tournement Tonight

    (Sucicides Music Hits)

    JB Looks as If Were Gonna Kick off Now herws Suicide

    2. Sagreinto def Suicide At 12 mins to advance


    3. Bischoff tells Styles he knows that Styles Vandalized Hogans Office and Hogan wont let that go unpunished

    4. The British Invasion def EY & OJ at 13 mins and then say as we're the New #1 contenders we should be handed the belts

    5. The Tag Tourny Begins Tomorrow on Impact

    6. Mr Anderson Comes Out and Asks If there are Any A**Holes present, Again he Thanks the fans and talks about being
    World Champ again says On Impact he will defeat Sting and Move on to defeat Hernandez at Sacrifice (Matt Morgan comes out)
    and says when I helped you get that Belt the first Time Around I said as a thank you you should give me a shot you
    didn't because you lost it but now you've got it back I Can have my shot and seen as the Xplosion Zone is rocking
    then I say we give them that Match tonight Anderson asks if the A**holes want to see that match he gets a resounding Yes its on

    7. Higlights of Hogan Name Chnage anouncement

    8. Brian Kenderick def Robbie E to advance at 12 mins


    9. velvet Sky is at the hospital with Angelina

    10. Chris Sabin def Max Buck at 14 mins to advance

    11. Shannan Moore tells Jesse Neal its his Fault there no longer #1 contenders

    12. Amazing Red def Jeremy Buck at 17 mins

    13. Recap of Fortune Immortal War

    14. Mr Anderson def Matt Morgan to retain the World title in a 20 mins thriller neither man can walk after and are helped
    to the back

    15. X-division Brackets So Far

    16. Higlights of The Bully Ray/Styles feud

    17. Monsters Ball Match- Bully Ray def Aj Styles after Abyss Got involved

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    Tna Impact 2

    1. Commentators welcome and announce Tonight it Anderson vs Sting for the Title, the tag tourny gets underway which Joe/Angle will compete in as a tag team
    Fortune Immortal War continues with Daniels facing Jarrett, And Kazarian vs Abyss thats all tonight

    2. Chris Sabin & Amazing Red def Brian Kenderick & Sagriento (Red is not the man underneath Sagriento thats Okado) at 12 mins the X-Division Tourny Continues Next

    3. Backstage Generation Me Put aside their Diffences and Focus on Winnign the Tag Belts Tonight

    4. Tag Tournement Quarter Final- The British Invasion def Scott Steiner & Crimson at 10 mins

    5. Hernandez is Backstage hes says a load of Stuff in Spanish then says the Minority is now the Majority and our Power will rise to new hights when i win the World Title at
    Sacrifice and when anarqia and I Win the Tag Belts aswell

    6.Tag Tournement Quarter Final- Samoa Joe & Kurt Angle def Generation Me at 14 mins

    7. A Man Wearing a Hoody is seen sneaking into the Impact Zone


    Christy Hemme is with Fortune

    Kaz says Abyss you may be the monster but tonight your up against the wave of the future Kazarian and you want to change the Name of the company you help build Abyss
    That Makes you a Traiter abyss and tonight if you can climb out of Hogan ass and come to the ring then yor gonna get Just Whats Coming to you

    8. Kazarian def Abyss at 11 mins after that Jarrett Runs down and smashes a guitar over the head of Kazarian Fortune are Shown Backstage on their way to help but are set up and Ambushed by Immortal and Left Lying their its Daniels/Jarrett Later on

    9. Tag Tournement Quarter Finals- Eric Young & Orlando Jordon def Hernandez & Anarqia to advance at 8 mins Hernandez is Pissed and Lays Out Ey & Oj

    10. Immortals Office they are bragging about the beatdown they just Gave Fortune Bischoff Says its time for Jarretts Match up
    as Jarrett leaves the Office we see the Guy in a Hoody Stairing at the Immortal Office

    11. Christopher Daniels def Jeff Jarrett at 13 mins after the Match kaz comes out with a chair We See Immortal making thir way to the ring waiting for the Ambush Meanwhile Jarrett is taking a beating When Immortal Finally Comes out Daniels & Kaz Scarper


    12. Immortal are Walking Backstage when they get to the Office they Go inside and Flair & Bischoff have been Layed Out Pressumably By Fortune Immortal tend to them when Flairs Phone Goes Off Ray Answers and It Hogan who says hes on route ti the impact Zone

    13. RVD Returns Next Week

    14. TNA TV Championship- Gunner Def Tommy Dreamer at 8 mins

    15. Velvet is with Angelina at the hospital angelina asks for a coffee Velvet goes to get her one when she comes back Angelina Is Gone and Velvet is Searching All over the Palce she goes to the Window and Sees Winter Helping Angelina into a Car the Car Speeds off

    Christy Hemme is with Anderson

    Anderson Says Stings Come back to take down Hogan and Sting tonight I'm gonna do you a favour I'm Gonna take something off your mind The TNA Championship

    Christy says how is Anderson Feeling just 24 hours removed from a heelasious match with Matt Morgan

    Anderson says he couldn't feel better hes got the title back the Imoact Zone is Full of Assholes and now The Assholes are Happy cause they get to watch their Favoirte asshole compete tonight and their Favourite asshole Is MR ANDERSON wait for It Wait for it ANDERSON!!!!

    16. Hulk Arrives at the Impact Zone and is Pissed off

    17. Tag Team Tournement quarter Finals- Ink Inc def Brother Devon & Matt Morgan at 12 mins


    18, Tna World Heavyweight Championship- Mr Anderson def Sting at 13 mins to retain the title

    After the Match Hogan Comes out and says its D-Day for you two at Sacrifice Anderson you'll Face Hernandez for the Belt and sting you'll get a title Shot too its gonna be a TV Title Shot Against Gunner at Sacrifice

    at this Point we see the guy in a hoodie walking out the entrance tunnel towards Hogan he taps Hogan on the Shoulder Hulk Looks Shocked The Guy Walks Forward on to the stage and we See his Face its its...

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    Like to see what your cooking up with this!
    "Bring a knife to a fist fight, a gun to a knife fight, and a M134 to anything else."


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