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    When do you think the undertaker will come back?

    i would want him to come back at Summer Slam hope he doesn't leave it till survivor series

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    I would like it if he came back Survivor Series. It'll just feel right.

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    I'd like to see him back ASAP.
    Either way, I just don't want him to take up HHH's " when you get back, I'll be waiting" line. I don't want him to turn into, I just wrestle the old guys now. Besides, there aren't any, except Christian, now that Edge is gone.
    He needs to wrestle these younger guys and make them up their levels of intensity. Make The Miz perform a match equalling his and HHH or HBK's Mania matches. I use Miz as just an example. He has too much to offer, injured or not, old or not, too these young guys. I believe he will because he is the last of a generation that respects the business and follows the code of putting people over and passing the torch.

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    I'd like him to come back at SurvivorSeries and continue his feud with HHH till RoyalRumble if he is going to retire this WM.

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    I agree with others about Undertaker returning at next year's Road to Wrestlemania. I don't like the fact that he's doing it, but I guess it's needed for a streak match. The next person Undertaker is going against at Wrestlemania could be a rematch with Triple H(They've done the same thing with HBK) or a rematch with Randy Orton(I like this one better). Legend vs. Legend Killer 2nd coming would be quite nice. Also, like a person said, maybe Chris Jericho can go against him. I'm in favor of the Legend vs. Legend Killer match.


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