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    Jason: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the EWNCW Inferno General Manager Nathan Staples!

    *Staples come out to the ring with a microphone in hand; the crowd loudly applauding him as he walks back and forth across the stage.*

    Staples: Since Bred for Combat, we have seen a number of different stipulations having a whole show dedicated them. Well, tonight is no different! Tonight, I want to talk to you about another set of match types. Often, we see matches start and end in that very ring down there. *Points down the ramp at the ring.* But what about the matches that well, may start there, but don’t finish? What about some of the matches that don’t even make it to the ring? Some of the matches that don’t require a ring to begin with? Tonight, the entire show will be dedicated to matches like that. Tonight the entire show will be dedicated to things like the Last Man Standing Matches, the Parking Lot Brawls, the Broiler Room matches, things that well, hell, you don’t need a walled in squared circle to compete in! You need a two fighters and their willingness to fight any and every where they are asked!

    *The crowd is electric for these match types. Some of the more storied events took place outside of the ring. The tron behind Staples shows some of the major matches that took place outside of the ring. The video package is about a minute and a half long. Staples is shown headed towards the ring and getting into it as the cameras come back to the stadium.*

    Staples: As you all heard last week, a returning Shuriken challenged Gillz to a Last Man Standing match after his match with Bam. Well, I am here to confirm, here and now, that that match will definitely take place! Also noted last week, Ano Doom will face Dingo Mac in a Stretcher match following the assault that took place at the top of the show!

    *The crowd cheers loudly as the two matches are made official.*

    Staples: But I want to now talk about the END of the show!

    *The titantron shows the ending of Inferno last week with Tommy Thunder being left incapacitated in the ring, after a vicious assault from Krysys. The shocked faces of the crowd is shown as Tommy has his arm trapped in the cage, and a belt being slammed across his back. It’s sickening to watch.*

    Staples: Now, Krystian Krysys is not here. Not because he is afraid of what Tommy Thunder might do to him if he is caught, but because I do not want to have to deal with another ending like that tonight. So Krysys has been given the night off. I can ensure you he is not in the building, or even in town here tonight. Now last week, we all saw King Strem, our International Champion, put his nose in business that doesn’t belong to him and then put his opponent through a table; as an update Istvan is also not here this evening. With all the action going on around here, I’ve decided to make a block buster announcement tonight at the end of the show. I want you all to tune in, if you’re watching at home, because this match is sure to be one for the ages.

    *Staples makes to leave*

    Staples: Oh, and keep a look out for someone coming to Inferno tonight!

    *Staples goes to leave again*

    *Tommy Thunder comes out,mic in hand and blocks Staples dead in his path. He instantly begins to speak*

    Thunder: Woah woah woah. Where the hell do you think you're going?

    Now let's get a few things straight. ONE. Krystian Krysys IS scared of me, because he knows that I can beat his ass down.

    *Thunder prods Staples in the chest as he makes this point, pushing him back*

    Thunder: TWO. Krystian Krysys isn't here tonight for his own protection, not for my protection, because if he was here tonight, you would be dealing with a situation much worse than last weeks situation, that I can guarantee.

    *Thunder prods Staples again as he's making this point*

    Thunder: THREE. Krystian Krysys is a coward, and I bet your weekly pay packet Staples that he was the one that requested to be away from here tonight.

    *Another prod*

    Thunder: FOUR. I am going to make a very simple and very straight forward request of you here, and it'll be in your best interest for you to oblige me here. I want a match tonight, and I want it to be against Krystian Krysys. If he's not here, then you get his ass here, and you tell him to march his pretty little self out to that ring to meet me.

    Staples: But Tommy, as I said....

    *Thunder slaps Staples' mic from his hand and grabs him by his tie and stares him in the eye. He then stuffs the tie into Staples' mouth much to the delight of the crowd.*

    Thunder: Nobody cares what you said Staples, I don't care what you said. I care about what I said, and I said I want a match tonight and I want it against Krystian Krysys!

    *The crowd cheer*

    Thunder: And if you don't oblige me Staples, then I'm going to make good on that promise I made, and I will drag you out here, take you to the middle of that ring, and I will put you in the Anaconda Vice until you do oblige us all and give the fans what they want.
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    McManus: This contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from the woods of Mississippi, KJ Punk!

    Daniels: And we got a semi final match for the ignition tournament. Out first is KJ Punk who had an impressive win last week against Johnny Rose.

    Kingmaker: He is doing well in the tournament and looks to be one of the best candidates for the number contender spot.

    McManus: And his opponent, from Atlanta, Georgia, AJ Dixon!

    Daniels: And out comes Dixon who has been great since coming to EWNCW.

    Kingmaker: How great would it be for him to come in here and win the title in his first month here?

    Daniels: Pretty impressive

    (JTG-Dixon,Dibiase-Punk) (Stop at 6:07)

    Daniels: What a great drop kick from punk, buying himself sometime to recoup.

    *Punk and Dixon to their feet, exchange blows left and right. Dixon goes for a clothesline, punk ducks it and hits a back body drop. Punk quickly slaps on a southern dicomfort anaconda vice*

    Daniels: Southern discomfort right in the middle of the ring!

    Kingmaker: Dixon looks trapped

    *Dixon squirms around until he finally rolls on top of punk and gets a cover*




    *Punk quickly breaks out and back to his feet, he begins to stomp down on Dixon. He signals for a rolling elbow*

    Daniels: Punk is looking to end it with a bulldog bash.

    *Punk goes for the elbow but is flipped over Dixon's shoulder, Punk is out on the ground. Dixon looks at the turnbuckle and starts to climb to the top. He sets up for a drive by, his shooting star press, but Punk is up to knock down to a seated position, Punk grabs Dixon and throws him on the ground and throws another southern discomfort in*

    Kingmaker: this has to be it.

    *As Punk has the southern discomfort in, Antonyo Angelo comes down to the ring and is on the apron yelling at Punk. Punk breaks it and goes over and knocks Angelo off the apron.*

    Daniels: Serves him right sticking his nose where it doesn't belong.

    *As Punk turns back to Dixon he is met with a superkick that knocks him out*

    Daniels: Good lord he almost took his head off, he goes for the cover.





    McManus: Here is your winner, AJ Dixon!

    Daniels: Punk had this match won then that damn Angelo came down and cost him the match

    Kingmaker: Angelo didn't do anything, if Punk would have worried about the match instead of Angelo he would have won this match.
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    McManus: This contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Oakland, California, Luke Jameson!

    Daniels: And Pierce Luke is on his way to the ring and last week he came out and showed a change of heart if you will.

    Kingmaker: Yeah he came out and played to the crowd, he had the crowd on his side. I don't like it, makes Luke look soft.

    Daniels: Oh Pierce

    McManus: And his opponent, from Springfield, Massachusetts, Rain

    Daniels: And out comes Rain he had a victory last week against Raden Blaine, he'll look to continue the winning streak here tonight.

    (Christian-Jameson,Rhodes-Rain) (Stop at 9:54 and ignore title.)

    Daniels: And Rain talking some smack after that takedown

    Kingmaker: he better watch it though, he is underestimating Luke Jameson.

    *Rain pick Jameson up and looks for a Devil's lock DDT, but Luke reverses out of it, Rain turns to hit a clothesline, but Luke ducks and hits a big boot*

    Daniels: And there is that thunderous boot Luke Jameson has

    Kingmaker: He calls that boot the size 13

    Daniels: I like it, here's the cover.




    McManus: Here is your winner, Luke Jameson

    Daniels: Another big win for Luke Jameson, can he be stopped.

    Kingmaker: I don't think so Bob, I...
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    *The lighting in the arena starts flickering. The titantron turns to static as the arena lights go out completely. A picture comes on screen with music playing behind it.*

    *As the first picture fades out… blurry pictures start coming on the screen with voices being heard with it while the song keeps playing…*

    Herb: Not like this





    Herb: What the hell? Why was Croft even out here? Why did he have to come out here and ruin this fantastic match? He just cost Phenix his title!

    Rich: I know, great isn’t it?
    Gerald clambers into the ring, with his Butler Brutus holding the ropes open for him, as Eclipse’s music blares through the arena. Eclipse is celebrating in the corner, clearly jubilant that he’s won his first title here in EWA. He turns around to see Croft entering the ring, and immediately jumps down and stares at him warily

    Herb: You know what, I don’t think Artemis knew anything about what just happened

    Rich: Why does he care? He’s the new champion!

    As Gerald approaches, Eclipse stares him down apprehensively. As the ref comes over to hand the title over to the new champion, Gerald shoves him back causing him to fall on his ass and drop the title. Artemis takes and an aggressive step forward, but Gerald quickly backpedals holding his palms up telling him to calm down

    After a few tense seconds, with the crowd chanting to “Kick Croft’s Ass, Kick Croft’s Ass”, Artemis slowly lowers his guard and then Croft reaches out his hand for a handshake.

    Herb: Don’t do it Artemis. Don’t do it. You’re better than this.

    For a couple of seconds that feel like an age, Artemis just stared at Gerald’s hand with Brutus Smith standing on ready to act at a moment’s notice. Then, Artemis grasps Gerald hand and shakes it, receiving an absolute tirade of boos from the disapproving fans

    Herb: Noooooo!

    Rich: Good choice Artemis. You now not only are the Television Champion, but you now also have the top manager in the business at your side

    Gerald then transitions the handshake into raising Eclipse’s hand into the air. Brutus then snatches the title from the ref and positions it on the waist of the new champion Artemis Eclipse…

    *While the pictures are fading and the voices from the past get done, another voice emerges over the loudspeakers.*

    My time in EWA was short. But, that’s the first place Gold was obtained. EWA would go on to close and I would only defend my FURY TV CHAMPIONSHIP one time before they did. It retired in my grasps as they closed their doors forever. My path was stopped again. I never got the chance to be the “it” guy of that company… that all ends soon enough. Bank on it…

    *The lights come back on as everything fully fades away. The crowd is going crazy.*

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    We cut away again to Manchester, England. This time the camera is inside the Lansdale household, a quaint three bedroom terrace, far from the manor the fans would believe Lansdale to have grown up in. The camera fades out and then back in, now inside a bedroom decorated with trophies of varying sizes, ribbons and wrestling memorabilia, both amateur and professional. Up on the wall is another poster of a young Arthur Lansdale, however this one isn't an amateur wrestling promotional piece. This poster depicts Lansdale in amateur boxing gear, gloves, helmet and all other garments.

    The door to the room opens and Lansdales junior and senior enter, the older of the two clearly continuing his 'three ghosts of christmas' style plan to alter the ways of his son. Arthur looks about the room and almost cracks a smile as memories flood back of his past pursuits, but regains his composure as quickly as he lost it. His dad looks around the room with pride, a big smile on his face as he picks up a few of the prizes Arthur had won in the past, he looks at the boxing poster and taps on it with a grin.

    Dave: I remember when you knew how to fight, not that rubbish you've been up to in America, an' you used to do it on your own, you didn't need three people to jump in the ring to 'elp you.

    Arthur: Things were different back then.

    Dave: Yeah, you used to be a lot 'arder than you are now soft lad. Look at all this stuff, look at this one right 'ere. Your Grandad was bloody proud the day he watched you win that, he'd knock seven shades of shite outta ya now if he could see you fight now. You remember that night?

    Arthur looks at his Dad and then down at the small trophy, the first of his collection and actually cracks a full smile this time.

    Arthur: I remember it. That Hanson lad.. I, uhh.. boy.. Hanson boy tried to get into my head before the fight, so I put my fist right into his face.. multiple times.

    Dave: Aye, and I remember having to make sure you didn't give him any before the first bell, but it was all worth it in the end when he went off cryin' to his daddy that you hit too hard. I remember you offering a handshake at the end of the fight and like a little spoiled bastard he refused. You swore you'd never end up like that little prick.. he works as a bin man these days ya know.

    Arthur looks down at his feet, as if shamed once again by his Dad.

    Arthur: I'm not like him.. I.. do what has to be done.. you don't know how it feels when you know so many people depend on you to..

    Dave: Depend on you to do what? Tell 'em how shite they are? Tell 'em that they ain't worth nothin' because you says so? No one's depending on you for that Arty, all people ever want from you is to put on a good show and not be a dick about it afterwards if ya win.

    Arthur: I.. I just.. I know I can make a difference to these people.. if they see how successful I am then maybe..

    Dave: Maybe what? Maybe they'll become little Arty Lansdale clones who don't think for themselves? Who are ashamed to have fun? Who are afraid that people will judge them for being different? I didn't raise my son to be a bigot..

    Arthur looks up at his Dad, he takes a deep breath and almost has tears welling up in his eyes as he Dad speaks the truth.

    Arthur: What can I do Dad? I can't just abandon everything I stand for.. I can't just change who I am because my opinions make for uncomfortable viewing.

    Dave: Why not? You changed into this arsehole easy enough, why can't you change out of it? Why can't you inspire people to better themselves whilst not being a pratt about it? If you can't do it for me.. do it for yourself before everyone in the world hates ya. And if you can't do it for yourself.. do it for your mam who sits up every Thursday night hopin' you're gonna sort yaself out.

    Arthur: I.. I don't know.

    Arthur looks out at the trophies again and sits down on his old bed with his eyes to the floor, Dave sits down next to him and puts an arm around his son.

    Dave: Come on lad, lets go say hello to your mam, she's been dying to see ya since you got back.

    The two Lansdales leave the room together as the scene fades to black.
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    Daniels: Dingo Mac. That crazy Australian bastard that has been trying to get under the skin of Ano Doom for the past few weeks now, ever since losing the Ignition Tournament first round! What is going through his mind, Kingmaker?!

    Kingmaker: Well, he’s from Australia. And you know what’s in Australia, Bob?

    Daniels: What?

    Kingmaker: Big Spiders. Kangaroos. Steve Irwin killers. And all sorts of other dangerous things. And do you know what those crazy bastards Down Under do? They make it their personal business to hunt those psychotic monsters down!

    Daniels: You don’t mean…

    Kingmaker: Yes I do! Why do you think Dingo Mac came to the number one fed? He came here to go to WAR with the monsters we have here and boy, do we have two of the biggest, most destructive creatures in the e-fed world. Grind Bastard, and the Demon Cyborg, his current prey, Ano Doom!

    Daniels: And my God, his opponent coming up… it’s… it’s… NIGHTMARE! Who is already in the ring. And he looks pissed! Dingo Mac personally requested this match. Is this his way of telling Ano Doom anything he can do… he can do better?

    Kingmaker: You can bet your ass it is! Dingo Mac is one crazy motherfucker and if Ano Doom can put Nightmare down, then in Dingo’s mind, ‘Why can’t he?’

    Jason: Ladies and gentlemen, this next match is scheduled for one fall! Already in the ring, accompanied there by Sir Gunther, Nightmare! And his opponent, from the Land Down Under! Dingo MAC!

    *Dingo Mac makes his way to the stage and down the ramp, Bazza on his shoulder. He looks into the ring and sees Nightmare, pausing for just a moment! He walks around the ring and hands Bazza off to Isabelle Ringing, who puts the Koala on her shoulder. He psyches himself up and climbs into the ring, ready to go to war with a monster.*

    Daniels: Was that a look of fear in his eyes a moment ago?

    Kingmaker: Even the best hunters get a little afraid of big game sometimes. It’s nothing to a man like Dingo though, especially when he has to look forward to the more dominant monster in Ano Doom, come In Violence We Trust.

    Dingo Mac(Jun Akiyama) vs Nightmare(Takeshi Morishima)

    (Stop at 19:01)

    *Nightmare uncharacteristically takes to the top rope, at the behest of Sir Gunther, who is wearing a neck brace. As Nightmare reaches the top, he goes for a senton, but Dingo moves out of the way. The crowd cheers for Dingo as he makes it back to his feet, and goes on the offensive. Nightmare, being the monster that he is, is slow to make it to his feet falling his fall, allowing Dingo Mac to catch him with big stomps. Nightmare manages make it to his feet, but Dingo Mac hits him with his patented Kangaroo Dropkick! Nightmare is down! Nightmare is down! Dingo Mac sets up for his Emu Dropkick, walking between the ropes in the fashion of a emu before hitting Nightmare with a big elbow drop! The crowd pops loudly for the move, and even louder when Dingo goes for the pin.*

    Daniels: Oh god! Nightmare could lose here!



    Kingmaker: It’s not over yet! Nightmare has kicked out of the pin attempt!

    *Nightmare kicks out with force, sending Dingo Mac damn near through the ropes! The referee goes to check on him while Nightmare makes it to his feet. He climbs out of the ring and begins kicking and stomping Dingo Mac against the barricade. Gunther is right along side him, issuing order after order! The referee gets to the count of six before Dingo Mac is gorilla pressed and tossed back into the ring. Nightmare grabs the top rope and climbs back into the ring, going over the top rope to do it. As he gets back in the ring, Dingo wraps his arms around him and goes for the KoalaHug, a bear hug. He brings Nightmare out to the middle of the ring and applies more pressure. Nightmare looks down at Dingo Mac and hits him in the shoulder, to break the hold. Dingo Mac stumbles backwards and hit’s the turnbuckles. Nightmare charges him, but Dingo Mac moves out of the way! Nightmare hit the turnbuckle too hard! He bounces off and turns around, right into a HUGE ‘The Bite’ a monster killing spear by Dingo Mac! Nightmare id dropped instantly, writhing in pain! Dingo Mac goes for the quick pin!*



    Daniels: Dingo Mac has done it! He took out the monster! The Bite, a huge spear, put Nightmare down! Is this a sign of things to come for the monster, Ano Doom?!

    Kingmaker: Only time will tell, but if it is anything like this, then Ano Doom’s reign of terror here in Inferno may be over!

    *The bell rings and Dingo Mac has his arm raised in victory!*

    Jason: And your winner as a result of a pin! Dingo! Mac!
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    A Land Down Under starts to play (We'll edit this later to the real thing.), and the bell has already rung. Dingo stands in the middle of the ring, with the ref alongside him, as he is about to be announced the winner. But before this can happen, his arm isn't even raised towards the ceiling, it appears something is going on, obviously something's afoot. The reason for this is the lights just fell, the darkness resembling what it looks like outside at midnight, as darkness envelopes the entire ringside area and stage, everywhere. Not a light is seen anywhere. Then, as they come back on about ten seconds later, as quickly as they went out no less, Ano Doom is shown behind Dingo near the apron, somewhat crouching, ready and waiting. He is already without the blood stained sleeveless jacket he took back last week after nearly knocking Dingo flat out with the Devils's Flame, its clear he means business here, ready to go on the offensive. Ano Doom can be seen saying, "There' turning back." But low enough to not give his position away to Dingo in the ring. Just like a snake in the night, The Demon Cyborg slides in slowly, but agilely. Again, jumping onto the apron as normal would give away that he's there. Ano Doom rises to his feet, standing behind Dingo .

    Dingo looks confused... His hand is grabbed and raised up from behind him. He turns around and sees Ano is the one holding up his hand. Ano grins in an evil fashion before trying to pull Dingo in for an attack. Dingo stomps on Anos foot hard and Doom let's go in surprise as Dingo falls to the mat and rolls out of the ring. He quickly reaches under the ring and pulls out a bloody pipe. The pipe he used last week to put Ano away for a short time. Doom has followed Dingo to the outside and stalls for an instant at the sight of the pipe. He sees it and instantly has a fit of rage. He rushes at Dingo, who sees his chance, he swings hard and fast and connects with Dooms knee. He swings at his knee again and Ano falls momentarily. It gives Dingo enough time to jump under the ropes into the ring. He stands and raises the pipe in the air before pointing at Doom who is now back on his feet.

    Dingo takes the pipe and draws a line in the middle of the ring with it as if to say,
    "come at me mate" Dingo smiles and looks at Doom. Dooms frustration is becoming evident...

    That frustration quickly turns into mounting intensity and it becomes painfully obviously Dingo just challenged the worst possible choice to come along and continue the fight. Ano Doom appears to be gearing up to go after him, as he throws a faux punch into the air, as if signifying he's about to knock Dingo out. He cracks his neck hard, side to side, then beats his chest with his fist a couple of time, and smacks his self in the back of the head, continuing to prepare himself. As he steps forward, clearly the time has come to advance upon what he hopes to be his next prey, he says to Dingo
    "That match was nothing...I will show you...the GREATEST nightmare!" Doom grabs the middle ring rope with one hand, yanking his self onto the apron as he grabs the top rope with the other to help finish pulling himself up.

    In the ring he goes, staring intensely through Dingo, as he stands back a a few feet, merely allowing him to keep waiting for him. Doom steps forward a slight bit, then leaps and bounds with a large step, right over the imaginary line just drawn, as if to say
    "I crossed that line, now what are you gonna do to me? Dingo says "Alright mate, you asked for it!" As he takes a full force swing with the pipe, as if going for the home run if he was playing baseball. Doom will have none of it though, as he parries it with one hand, deflecting it to the side with a wave of the hand. Dingo appears somewhat stunned at the fact he just knocked away a lead pipe with nothing but his hand, and its this little bit of waiting that allows Doom to take the pipe right out of his hand and throw it to the mat.

    The equalizer is gone, and Doom is prepared to strike now. He spins around quickly, hitting a 360 as he cracks Dingo with A sharp Discus Uppercut, right in the underside of the jaw. This wobbles him some, then he whips him off the ropes and drops him with a headbutt to the chest. It appears Ano Doom is gaining power from these attacks, The Demon Cyborg truly does need to hurt others to maintain his energy. He gets him back on his feet, then lifts him high overhead, in a Military Press.

    This is eerily reminiscent of last week with the stretcher. He then toss flips him over his right shoulder, running across the ring and Dingo is floored with a Powerslam. Doom drags him up, then hooks him under his right arm, then wraps Dingo's left arm around his own multi-colored ink covered neck. He grabs Dingo's left leg as well, and God no...Its clearly evident what time it is, Cold-Blooded Murder. With a last ditch effort though, seemingly with a second wind, Dingo comes out of nowheres with a stiff, quick kick to the same knee he's hit with the pipe before.

    This doesn't cause him to release Dingo, But it stuns him slightly, and stops him from going fully into the Cold-Blooded Murder. Before Doom can react, and further continue to lift him, Dingo makes a desperation move, knowing fully where he's at, kicking Doom right in the groin hard as he can, with all of his mite. This drops Doom, and allows Dingo to get away from him as he's released fully. He quickly rolls out of the ring again, knowing full well discretion is the better part of valor. Dingo jumps the barrier and heads through the crowd, just like before.

    He smiles and shouts,
    "Not this time mate!" After a few minutes Doom starts to get up, rising to one knee as he holds the nether area slightly. He looks at Dingo as he half crouches, half kneels in the ring, with one fist on the mat as well, shaking wildly with rage and intensity.
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    Daniels: Earlier in the night we saw AJ Dixon advance to the finals of the Ignition Tournament. Now, we get to see Briefcase Holder, DJ Williams, take on Antonyo Angelo, in an effort to do the same.

    Kingmaker: Angelo must have his mind full. He not only has to worry about this tournament, but he also has to worry about KJ Punk, the man he has been running amok of his Bred for Combat, or even longer! And now, he is going up against a man with a already guaranteed title shot!

    Daniels: It’s almost as if, he shouldn’t even be in this match! He already has a shot! If he wants to cash it in, he can!

    Kingmaker: Look at it this way! He wins the title from Andy Cannon, he then holds the title! If he should happen to lose it, and his fabled automatic rematch clause! Guess what?! He has another shot at the title! Even in losing, this match is win. Win. Win. For him.

    Jason: Introducing first, from Harlem, New York, being accompanied to the ring by the ever lovely Rosita! D! J! Williams!

    *DJ Williams comes out, Rosita in his left arm, his right holding up his briefcase. The pair walk down to the ring, the crowd cheering him as he heads towards it. He promises the crowd he is going to win, and then slides into the ring. Rosita hops on the apron, and takes the case, holding it up, as DJ Williams kisses her deeply. She winks at him, turns and shakes her ass before hopping down.*

    Jason: And his opponent, from Italy, the Italian Stallion! Antonyo Angelo!

    *Angelo comes out, the crowd on their feet booing him for his earlier actions! He smiles and takes it, heading down towards the ring and looking towards, and seemingly through, DJ Williams. He looks at Rosita and mouthes, “Pure Stallion, baby. If you know what I mean.” Before winking, and climbing into the ring.*

    Daniels: Wow, he is not going to make any friends that way!

    DJ WIlliams(Tanahashi) vs Angelo(Takahashi)

    (Stop at 27:30)

    *DJ Williams seems to have Angelo right where he wants him now, right after that impressive move to the leg of AA. AA struggles to get to his feet, so he takes him to roll out of the ring, using his good leg for support. He tries to shake some life back into his attacked limb, but is finding it hard to do so. Knowing these are the semi-finals of the tournament, Angelo starts to take his time on the outside of the ring, utilizing the vast majority of the ten count, before sliding back into the ring. Careful to stay on his strong leg, Angelo circles DJ, waiting for the man to make a move. DJ shoots in and uses a double leg takedown to put Angelo on the ground. DJ gets up, and the crowd is hype! He looks out to Rosita, who is holding his briefcase and shoots her a smile. “Yeah, a nigga got this!” He says to the woman, before turning his attention back to towards Angelo. As he walks towards Angelo, Angelo pulls him down into the bottom turnbuckle, gaining the advantage! Angelo wastes no time, in stomping DJ, proving his leg injury has healed sufficiently enough for him to take control.*

    Kingmaker: Smart thinking by Angelo. Keeping DJ in the mindset that his leg is injured!

    Daniels: Indeed it was.

    *Angelo grabs the head of DJ and pull him back, and away from the ropes. He lifts DJ Williams into a backbreaker rack, and begins manhandling him in the air. DJ fights hard not to give up, holding on until Angelo drops him towards the ground. DJ puts his hand on his back, holding it as the pain arches through him. Angelo mocks the crowd and then the injury to DJ’s back. With the crowd sufficiently riled up, Angelo goes back on the offensive, attacking DJ hard and fast. He Irish whips DJ towards the other side of the ring, and waits for him to come back. As he does, he shoots for a Flying Lariat, but DJ Williams ducks it. Angelo lands on the ground hard, but gets up quick. He turns right into a momentum driven Spinebuster! The crowd roars it’s approval! DJ Williams points towards the top rope, and the crowd cheers loudly. He climbs up and blows a kiss to Rosita, before going for a Double Rotation Moonsault, or as it calls it, J-Smooth! Angelo sees it coming, and rolls out of the way! DJ Williams lands safely, rolling back and across the ring! As he comes up, Angelo drills him with a BIG BOOT! But wait! DJ Williams avoids the shot! Angelo’s boot hit’s the turnbuckle! At the top of the ramp, Angelo sees KJ Punk, heading towards the ring! DJ grabs him and turns him around, pulling him into a Vertical Suplex! Everyone knows what’s that is! DJ Williams drops Angelo into a Stunner from the suplex position, hitting him with the Respect Ladies! DJ Williams moves into a pin.*



    Daniels: Williams has done it! He holds the briefcase and is moving on to the finals of the Ignition tournament!
    Kaige Chamberlain
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    I'm trying to be number one, why would I settle?
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    *DJ Williams has his hand raised in victory. He moves and kisses Rosita deep, before heading up the ramp. KJ Punk and Antonyo are in the ring going at it. KJ Punk getting the advantage as Angelo had just been through a match. Angelo hits KJ Punk hard in the chest and knocks him back, before heading back out of the ring and up the ramp!*

    Kingmaker: Where the hell he is going?!

    *Punk is the ring breathing heavy as he asks for a microphone. He looks into the crowd where Angelo has escaped to*

    Punk: Angelo!!!!! This is enough! Turnabout is fair play, my friend! You cost me my match, so I cost you yours! But I’m sick of you being the thorn in my side. We need to settle this between you and me and we need to settle it soon!

    *Punk leans against the ring ropes as he stares out at Angelo*

    Punk: At In Violence We Trust, let’s finish this! But it won’t be in any kind of match…oh no! What do you people think?

    *Punk turns his attention to the crowd*

    Punk: A normal match? *BOOOO* A submission match? *BOOOO* A tables match *Mix of cheers and boos* A hardcore match? *More cheers* Oh, I know what kind of match you people want. A match where Angelo can’t run like the little bitch he is. Like he’s done ever since we started this. A match where he’s locked inside with an animal like me that’s going to rip him, limb from limb, and spill his blood all over the canvas. Angelo, at In Violence We Trust, me and you are gonna fight IN A CAGE MATCH!!!!

    *The crowd goes nuts as KJ smiles as he lowers the microphone*

    Angelo: Good job KJ picking a match based on what these idiots want.

    *Loud boos from the fans. An EWNCW official already handed a mic to Angelo. Antonyo is still in the arena with the fans around him, just under the sky box seats. He pushes a few fans out of his way, to get the cameras a good look of his face.*

    Angelo: I feel disgusted to be surrounded from these idiots. You people suck. You are stupid cagnas just like that idiot in that ring who just fell in my trap.

    *More boos from the fans. Antonyo has a cocky smile on his face*

    Angelo: Two weeks ago after our little tag team match, the one I won. Surprise eh? I don't think so.

    Well two weeks ago i said a couple things about you and for the Ignition's title. I said that i was sick and tired of kicking your ass. I said that the only thing that i have in my mind is the Ignition's title. Well KJ boy....I was lying. My plan from the beginning was to stop you, eliminate you not only from winning this tournament but eliminate you from the EWNCW roster. Do you think that a meaningless title like the Ignition championship is a title that i actually care about? I never had any intentions of winning that piece of garbage.

    *The loudest boos for Antonyo so far. KJ seems confused and shocked from the words of Angelo*

    Angelo: Yes KJ that is what i wanted to do since the first time i fought with you. You embarrassed me in my debut i lost from you in my first match here in EWNCW. Do you idiots know how ridiculous is to lose from a guy like him, huh? I wanted to eliminate that image of you getting a win over me. And the best way to do that is to eliminate YOU for good. At In Violence We Trust I will finish this. I will finish you for good. You want a Cage match, well its an early present for me. That stipulation in a match vs you is what wanted to get. So take a good look at KJ because after our cage match you won't gonna see him again in this ring. Nananana nananana hey hey hey Goodbye.... KJ Punk.

    *Antonyo stops for a few seconds and the fans are still booing*

    What is say i do and what i want i get. My name is Antonyo Angelo and I'm the Italian Stallion.

    *Angelo drops the mic. The "Ode to Joy" hits from the sound system while Antonyo poses in the middle of the fans*
    Kaige Chamberlain
    Ballad of an Asshole

    Former RTE Tag-Team Champion(w/ Xavier Hightower[1])
    Current EWNCW Tag-Team Champion (Solo; 3/30/14) [1]
    'Father' Black Angel:
    Preacher of the Voices

    Winner of BotN[Seraphim]

    I'm trying to be number one, why would I settle?
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    *The arena is drowned in boos as the king walks out with a cold, stern look upon his face*

    Kingmaker: That is a face I never want to see staring at me in my life

    Daniels: I couldn't agree more.

    *King pauses at the top of the ramp and looks around and just stares. He shakes his head and continues down the ramp.*

    Daniels: The King has been coming out each week since Bred for Combat and saying how he is sick and tired of Istvan and his title shots.

    Kingmaker: That's right he said that come In Violence We Trust, that will be the end of Istvan.

    Daniels: The King has a microphone and is laid out in the middle of the ring, guess he wants to talk.

    Strem: I am going to try and make this quick because I do not feel like wasting my breath on people like you. People who have no idea what greatness is and could careless when greatness is in their presence. If it wasn't bad enough that day in and day out I have to hear about how great Istvan, it is even worse that people are saying he deserves the title. How do you figure he deserves the title? Because he comes out and says random, stupid things? That he is all buddy buddy with your hero Thomas? I don't know what it is but when I put Istvan through the table at In Violence We Trust, everything you know about Istvan Getzsky will be over, and you will learn to bow down to your god and all hail....your king. Now, apparently there is a huge announcement tonight regarding your champion. To be honest, I am not too worried about it what it is. Come the next In Violence we trust, I will not only win and end Istvan Getzsky, but it will be a year since winning my International title. And I will not be done after that. I will go on to win match after match, pay per view after pay per view. Until finally I meet the EWNCW champion and win that title as well. After that, there is no where but up for your king. And when I am atop my throne, you will all look up to me, you will all BOW DOWN TO YOUR GOD, AND ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL YOUR KINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!

    *Strem throws the mic down and exits the ring*

    Daniels: I tell you what, if there is anyone who is more focused and determined in EWNCW, it's King Strem.

    Kingmaker: I kinda feel bad for Istvan, I have never seen the King this angry.
    Kaige Chamberlain
    Ballad of an Asshole

    Former RTE Tag-Team Champion(w/ Xavier Hightower[1])
    Current EWNCW Tag-Team Champion (Solo; 3/30/14) [1]
    'Father' Black Angel:
    Preacher of the Voices

    Winner of BotN[Seraphim]

    I'm trying to be number one, why would I settle?
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