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    Daniels: Hello, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Bridgestone Arena, in the ever lovely Nashville, Tennessee! As the people at home can clearly tell, the building is packed to capacity! Anymore people in here and the fire marshall would be all over our asses for numerous fire safety violations!

    PK: We’d like to thank Shinedown for letting us use Devour, as the theme of War Games so far.

    Bodom: Welcome, folks, to the Finale of War Games, it is here that you’ll see Tables Matches, Submissions Count Anywhere Matches, Hardcore Matches, and a myriad of other matches that if you watched anywhere but EWNCW, would not be as good!

    Daniels: Couldn’t have said it better myself!

    Bodom: I know!

    PK: Ladies, ladies, ladies, these people came to see a fight, and by god, our first match is sure to set the stage for what is sure to be a finale worthy event! That’s right folks, you heard it here! Tonight, we are starting off with a Tables Match, but not one that is done normally, no, this match shall feature. One.

    Daniels: Two!

    Bodom: Three!

    All three: FOUR!

    PK: Men, a Fatal Four Way, Tables Match! It shall include The Blue Flash, Ano Doom, Mike Hawk, and KJ Punk!

    Bodom: Instead of giving a run down on each man individually we’re going to let them do their talking in the ring!

    *The camera heads towards Jason, who pulls the microphone towards his lips*

    Jason: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Finale of WAR GAMES! Our first match is a Fatal Four Way Tables Match! The only way to win is to successfully put your opponent through the table. In this case, only one person has to go through, and the wrestler who put that man through the table shall be declared the victor! Introducing first, from the Netherworld, it’s the Demon Cyborg, ANO DOOM!

    *The lights go out*

    *Doom appears at the top of the ramp and heads down, as the lights come back on*

    Bodom: Ano Doom, a physical specimen that is proven difficult to stop. A tables match seems strongly in his favor, because from what I’ve seen of him, he will have no problem having his way with anyone who steps into the ring to face him.

    Jason: Introducing next, from Toyko, Japan, MR. MAYHEM! MIKE! HAWK!

    #Mike Mayhem#

    PK: He’s from Japan, and that place puts the ‘Tough’ in tough. This man is going to bring a strong style to the fight that many of our competitors may not be entirely familiar with, and that may give him the edge in this match.

    Jason: Following him, from The Woods of Mississippi, KJ PUNK!

    #KJ Punk#

    Daniels: I wouldn’t be so sure, this man here promises to show the world what he’s made of and tonight could be the perfect time for him to do it. What can’t this man do? Tonight, we’ll find out if that list includes utilizing a table.

    Jason: And finally, from The Justice League, it’s THE BLUE FLASH!

    #The Blue Flash#

    Bodom: This superhero wannabe is in this match, I hope he’s the one that gets put through the table! Ano Doom is going to crush this man, the Demon Cyborg, is going to show this Justice League who the REAL hero is!

    Daniels: Don’t be so down on him, he made it this far, so he obviously has something special about him to make it this far!

    PK: Boys, let’s get to the match!

    Rock(Hawk) vs. Jericho(Flash) vs. Show(Ano) vs. Beniot(Punk)

    (ignore pins, stop at 6:00)

    *Ano Doom lifts KJ Punk up and slamming him hard into the canvas. Hawk and Flash exchange monstrous blows on the outside of the ring, both standing on one of the pre-set up tables. Hawk dodges one of Flash’s punches and grabs on to his waist, dropping him on his back; the table remaining sturdy. Using his superior positioning, he starts stomping down on Flash, trying to force him through the table. Seeing this, Ano rushes over and grabs Punk, tossing him off Flash and off the table. Punk rolls off into the barricade, but pops back up. Flash rolls off the table as Ano sets up on the top rope, presumably for a top rope move to put an end to the match. Ano hit’s the breaks, but has his legs swept from under him by Hawk, forcing him down on the apron roughly. Punk pushes Ano off the edge and onto the floor, leaving himself as the only person in the ring. Looking over, he sees a table on the empty side and goes for it, determined to set it up before being distracted. Being successful in this, he sneaks around the apron and surprises Hawk with a vicious clothesline while he stomps away at Flash. Hawk stumbles towards the table, that Flash had previously been on, doubled over it. Punk begins slamming his head down into it viciously, until Hawk’s slumps off, and falls on the ground. Picking up the weakest link, Flash, he rolls him in the ring.*

    Bodom: Look at that! These men are going to maim each other before it’s all over with, and Punk is currently the one in the driver’s seat. The man with little recognition is currently showing his mettle against some of the best we have to offer!

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    *Punk pushes Flash into the corner and catches him with a brutal looking Enzuigiri, causing Flash to simply crumble to the floor. Punk looks around and notices his table still set up and decides to go for the kill. He drags the carcass that is Flash towards the opposite side of the ring, but finds himself face to fist. Ano had climbed back into the ring while Punk was carrying Flash across the canvas, and captured him with a move known as the ‘Devil’s Flame’. Punk goes rigid and falls over, as Flash groans and begins to stir on the ground. Hawk draws himself up on the edge of the ring and starts to crawl in. As he slides in, he and Ano start exchanging blows, with intense ferocity - Flash joining in the fray. As the three men exchange quick shots, Hawk ducks under Ano, and pushes him towards Flash, who catches him with a mean right hand. Ano stumbles back, but it caught by Hawk with a quick flurry of low martial arts kicks. He turns him around and he, and Flash, lift him in a suplex type move. They toss start to drop him forward, but the ropes ricochet him back - effectively making the move a slingshot suplex. As Ano lifts his back in pain, Flash tackles Hawk, both men wrestling towards the outside of the ring. Hawk lands back first and finds himself on the bad end of a flurry of punches.

    Flash gets up and moves towards the table he had been laid on, moving it to set it up on the barricade. As he does so, Hawk starts to stir, but it’s too little, too late. Flash is on him and tossing him towards the table. Hawk, getting his wits about him, stops himself before he goes through. He does this by running up the table, so to speak, and turning it into a springboard cross body, which catches Flash unaware. Hawk rolls off him and poses for the crowd, who start to vehemently boo him. Waving them off, he goes to Flash, letting theatrics guide each well placed boot. He picks Flash up and tosses him in the ring, towards Punk who is starting to stir. For the first time, he really notices the second table that’s set up. Punk runs and bounces off the ropes, catching a moving Hawk with a suicide dive; as he comes up, he argues with one of the patrons sitting ringside.*

    Daniels: This match is getting out of hand! We promised you a good match to start things off, but by god, we did not expect this! These men are going all out to set the tone for the rest of the evening!

    Bodom: Yes they are, look how good Hawk is doing! What did I tell you all about Flash? He’s nothing but a joke and Hawk and Punk have been proving that all night!

    *Ano Doom stalks around the corner and decapitates Hawk with a vicious clothesline. Bending over, he scoops him up and whips him into the barricade, before picking him up again and tossing him towards the table set up against the barricade. Hawk spins off and stumbles up the ramp, before collapsing. Ano climbs back in the ring, seeing Flash laying there for the easy pickings. He picks him up and catches him with a killer German Suplex, following it up with his signature Annihilator. He beats his chest and uses a signal to proclaim the end. As he turns around he sees Punk getting up, so he exit’s the ring and starts in on him. After a couple of punches, he chokelams him down to the ground, weakening him sufficiently and then whips him onto the table and prepares to finish him off. However, Punk has come back, calling away Ano’s attention. As the two battle, Flash picks himself up. Seeing his opportunity, he goes for a jump, but is caught by Ano! Ano turns around and kicks Punk away his focus turning back to Flash.*


    *The crowd goes crazy! Before, however, Ano wants to punish Flash. He grabs his neck with both hands and begins to pick up Flash for a two handed choke slam! As he lifts him, Flash aids it by bending his knees and jumping. This allows him to use Ano’s monstrous strength and his own leaping ability to send him higher. Ano, caught unaware, becomes Flash’s springboard so to speak, as Flash kicks off Ano, which knocks him back and pushes Flash into a picture perfect Moonsault, unto the table prone Punk! The table shatters as Flash lands squarely on him.*

    *Flash picks himself up, the victor of a brutal match. Hawk sits up on the ramp, a dejectred look on his face, - Ano stares at Flash, a look of intense anger nearly burning a proverbial hole into Flash’s soul. KJ lays down, unable to move as medical personnel come down to check on him and his health. Flash walks around the ring, posing, painfully, with the fans and keeping an eye on Ano Doom who is stalking the ring. Flash walks past Hawk and flashes a thumbs up sign to Bodom before heading to the back.*


    Daniels: Flash went out there and showed what he was made of, at the expense of KJ PUNK, and the assist from Ano Doom! He is not going to take kindly to that! We’ll have to see what is going to happen now!

    PK: That was one helluva opening match, Flash, Ano KJ, Hawk all deserve a round of applause! That match was nothing short of amazing and really sets the bar high for what’s to come. Can the rest of the card match it? I believe they can! No Guts, No Glory, is really going to set the bar for Pay Per Views to come!

    Bodom: That it is! Luckily, the next couple of matches won’t include characters from the Justice League!

    Daniels: Now, let’s get ready for our next match!

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    Daniels: Ladies and Gentleman, our next match is going to be one helluva match, I can promise you that. A Hardcore Submissions Count Anywhere match with some household names involved!

    PK: Right you are, up next we’ll see Billy McCoy, face Daymian Bloodstone, and Kayden James. All of these men are great in their own right, but Kayden and Bloodstone are going to need to step their game up, if they want to catch up to the third place Billy.

    Bodom: I feel that Kayden is going to have his standout performance here, barring any major setbacks; he is primed and ready. He’s tied for last place with Bloodstone, so he has the motivation to take out the ‘ top dog’ in this match.

    PK: You know Bodom, I can agree with that. Bloodstone and McCoy may be a bit too friendly with each other in this match and Kayden can definitely take advantage.

    Daniels: While I see where you two are coming from, let’s be honest here. McCoy is clearly the favorite, and from where he’s sitting, he’s gonna want to prove that that’s where he belongs.

    Bodom: Tonight is the night we’ll find out!

    Jason: The next match is a War Games Match - Triple Threat Hardcore Submissions Count anywhere! Introducing first, from Devon, England - “The British Excellence” BILLLY! MCCOY!!!!

    *Billy McCoy walks out to a loud pop - the crowd chanting Mc-Coy. He looks around at the fans, before heading down towards the ring, an air of superiority surrounding him. The crowd eats it up. He’s their guy now. He slaps hands with some of the fans with outstretched hands, before sliding into the ring and posing in the middle of it. He moves off to one side and leans against one of the turnbuckles.*

    Daniels: There is he, the man of the hour. Billy McCoy, he’s going to go in and handle work. We could see the rise of McCoy from third to second place, if not first here.

    Bodom: He’s going up against James and Bloodstone, his luck may run out here.

    Jason: Introducing next, from Boulder Nevada, “The Pint Sized Rocker” DAYMIAN BLOODSTONE!

    #Daymian Bloodstone#

    *Bloodstone comes down to a pop equal to McCoy’s, he stands at the top of the ramp for a moment, soaking up the cheers from the crowd before heading down to the ring, feeling like a rock star. He jumps into the ring and scales a turnbuckle, standing there like a rock star at the height of his career. For a moment, he turns back to McCoy and nods, before hopping down and focusing on the next man to come out.*

    PK: A show of respect from those two men there, but will it last in the match? This match is all about putting your opponent in an excruciating amount of pain, in order to make them tap out. Will these two fan favorites be able to do that to each other and still be favorites of the crowd?

    Bodom: I doubt it, these two men know they need to win this match and it won’t do for them to ignore the fact that, at the end of the day, they may be friends, but right now, they are opponents. If they can’t get that through their heads, Kayden is going to have a walk through the park.

    Jason: And finally, from Ider, Alabama; “The Archangel” KAYDEN JAMES!

    *Kayden comes out to a throng of boos, and a small amount of cheers. He spreads his arms as the noises of the crowd wash over him; his eyes looking down the ramp and into the ring at his opponents. Slowly, his head bends back and he stares upward, beginning to walk down the ramp towards the ring where his opponents await him. He climbs in and gets ready for what could very well be the fight of his life.*

    Daniels: The Archangel is going to have to really try hard if he wants to overcome both Bloodstone and McCoy. I’m not entirely sure that’s going to be possible for him. Overcoming one is a difficult task, but both of these men? They are going to need to have a bad day!

    PK: We’re going to find out right now if he has what it takes to overcome these two monsters of the ring!

    Matt Stone(Kayden) vs CJ O'Doyle(McCoy) vs London Vice(Bloodstone)

    Stop at: 7:05

    *Bloodstone releases both men from the submission when they reach the ropes. He looks at McCoy and pushes him out of the ring, turning his attention to stomping Kayden. He lifts Kayden up and Irish Whips him into the ropes, before catching him with a monstrous clothesline much to the delight of the crowd. Seeing that McCoy is still outside the ring, he moves to set Kayden up for a Sharpshooter, but finds himself on the wrong end of an upward kick. Kayden quickly gathers himself and hit’s the kick again, knocking Bloodstone to the mat. Leaning down, Kayden pulls himself into position for the Texas Cloverleaf, slapping it on and screaming at the crowd. If one could understand him over the boo’s of the crowd, they’d see he was putting himself over as the Archangel, the most beloved of God’s creatures. James pulls back, adding more pressure to the submission*

    Bodom: Look at him, he’s ready for this; he came prepared and is now well on the way to winning this match! Look at that masterfully applied Cloverleaf! Bloodstone has nowhere to go, almost smack-dab in the middle of the ring!

    *McCoy rouses himself from the ground, and pulls himself towards the ring. As he peers over, he seems Bloodstone in the Texas Cloverleaf. Mouthing, “Shit’, he hops into the ring and runs towards Kayden. Wait! Kayden seemed to have suspected this, as he quickly releases the Cloverleaf and catches the oncoming McCoy.*


    *McCoy, as he was rushing towards James, was caught and hit with a T-Bone Suplex out of nowhere. His landing position? Right on the back of Bloodstone. Kayden’s move was smooth, as he captured the man, step forward and brutally tossed him on the damaged back of Bloodstone. “I’M GOING TO MAKE BLOODSTONE TAP OUT!” The bold words from Kayden caused the crowd to nearly riot, as the boo’s shook strategically placed cameras. Rushing out of the ring, he orders one of the attendants to give up their chair, which they hurriedly do. He Slides back into the ring and slams it down on the back of Bloodstone. He moves into position and pulls McCoy up into a power bomb position and slams him down on the chair, which was left on Bloodstone’s back, not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES!*


    *The crowd is dead silent at the impact of the power bombs to both McCoy and Bloodstone. All that can be heard during the duration of them is Kayden James’ voice piercing through the silence. “YOU WILL TAP OUT! YOU WILL FALL! I AM THE ARCH ANGEL! I AM YOUR SUPERIOR!” When he finally finishes, he heaves McCoy off, and looks at the broken bodies of his two opponents. He notices both men rolling towards the ropes, and falling out of the ring. He crawls from the ring and reaches under it, pulling free a kendo stick; using it to bludgeon McCoy with it for roughly 8 shots. He picks him up and tosses him into the steel steps, causing them to be pushed over around six inches. Picking him up again, he runs forward with him, rocketing him into the barricade up near the ramp. Bloodstone is situated towards the ramp, prompting him to follow him out and kick him up the ramp. The humiliation continues as he drops elbows on the man’s back, before kicking him further up the ramp. He looks back to make sure McCoy is still out of the picture; and finding that he is, he picks up Bloodstone and slams him down with a body slam, further damaging his back.*

    Bodom: Kayden James is now playing with his food - he’s the sure-fired winner and he wants Bloodstone to remember this day! McCoy is out, McCoy was hit with that killer Alpha and Omega drop, and now, he is in no position to matter in this match anymore.

    Daniels: Never count out the British Excellence, if there is a will, there’s a way, and I’ll be damned if McCoy won’t find a way!

    *Kayden looks down and sees the wooden table off the edge of the stage; a sinister grin ripping across his face. As if he forgets that this is a submissions match, he lifts Bloodstone up for a Brainbuster DDT. He doesn’t notice that McCoy has started getting closer and closer. Just as he’s about to drop him off the stage and through the table, music hits*

    *Kayden pushes Bloodstone off of him, and awaits the Superior Technician, Carlin.....

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    However, it’s just a ruse, but now it’s too late! McCoy uses the table to hop up to the stage and grabs Kayden.*


    *McCoy sets up, and hit’s The Real McCoy, using the elbow as a driving force. But they don’t hit the stage, no, they fly clean off, and James if forced through the table. The crowd goes bananas over the spot and the announcers are left speechless, except PK.*

    PK: Never in my announcing career, have I seen something as beautifully done as that spot. McCoy drove James through that table like a sledgehammer through concrete. By the looks of it, he’s not done!

    *McCoy pulls James over and smacks on the DBT - Double Bill Thrill. James screams in pain, and attempts to break the hold, but the lock is tight. As James’ finally manages to break his way from it, his movements find him locked in the Cross Arm-Breaker of the DBT, something that James cannot find his way out of. The look on his face is one of pure pain and anguish; and the one on McCoy’s face is one of pure determination. One can tell he’s fighting through pain himself, yet one release the hold. Kayden does what he can to keep from tapping but his options are fading fast. Blood pours from his knuckles from where he was biting them to keep himself from tapping out. McCoy wrenches back on the move. Bloodstone drags himself to the edge of the stage, just in time to see James tap out to the DBT, sheer pain riddling his face.*

    *The bell rings and McCoy forces himself to his feet, where a ref lifts his hand. He stumbles back and slides down the corner of the stage and ramp, exhausted. He looks over at Bloodstone, whose face is dripping blood, yet he’s still aware enough to give McCoy a thumbs up sign.*

    Daniels: I told you, where there’s a will, McCoy would find a way! The Real McCoy was perfectly executed despite the damage that he endured through that match. Bloodstone is going to need some rest and so is Kayden.

    Bodom: That match was grade A, but the ending was bullshit! Carlin distracted James just as he was about to get the win! And where did McCoy come from? Either he is really resilient or he took advantage of a distracted James. Either way, this might not be the end between these two, but Carlin is going to have to pay!

    PK: What matters is, these three men put on one helluva match, and now everyone is going to have to follow that. Where McCoy goes next from here is only up, after that performance, he’d have to mess up real bad to have to go the other way.

    Daniels: I agree, man that match was great and these three men did a phenomenal job!

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    *Back from the commercial break, we cut backstage to see Kayden James lying on a treatment table backstage. His arm is being attended to having been locked in the DBT, but he looks far away, almost as if in a dream, and he doesn't seem to feel the pain as another doctor is tending to cuts on him.

    Jonathan Sanchez:
    Please join me in welcoming my guest at this time, Kayden James.
    Kayden, we just saw you miss out on another win in that submissions count anywhere match, and it was again thanks to one William Carlin. What's your reaction to not being able to qualify for a title show?

    *Kayden has a far off look in his eyes, almost blank, and he doesn't say anything*

    Sanchez: Uhhh....Mr. James?

    Kayden: The time...

    Sanchez: Excuse me? What time?

    *Kayden slowly turns his head and looks down at Sanchez*

    Kayden: The close.

    Sanchez: Ummm alrighty then.....moving on. How would you rate your performance during these War Games? We've seen some great matches and all sorts of stipulations.

    *Kayden by this time has turned his head back away from Sanchez. His eyes are almost glazed over*

    Sanchez: Mr. James, are you okay?

    Kayden: The end.....

    Sanchez: Right so....uhhh....As previously mentioned, William Carlin was again the source of your inability to win tonight. How much longer are you going to take this? Carlin's been getting in your head for weeks now.

    *Kayden is silent, his bright green eyes beginning to light up at the sound of Carlin's name*

    Sanchez: Mr. James?

    Kayden: Mr.....James

    Sanchez: Yes. Mr. James, a response?

    *Kayden's head snaps down to Sanchez, his eyes full of rage. He pulls Sanchez via his tie so that he can be face with him*


    *James lets go and slowly turns back to looking straight ahead as Sanchez slowly backs away and out of the room*

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    Jason McManus: As determined by the War Games roulette wheel, this next match is a triple threat 2/3 falls match! The first man to gain 2 pinfalls will be declared the winner!!

    #Mikkel Gunnar-Freyr#

    McManus: Introducing first, from Stockholm, Sweden, Mikkel Gunnar-Freyr!!

    Bob Daniels: So this match here is a triple threat 2/3 falls match. An innovative match, one we've never seen played out here in EWNCW history!

    Pierce Kingmaker: Absolutely and I can't wait There's so much unpredictability about this match! a normal 2/3 falls match is difficult enough to navigate. You have to time yourself, control the pace of the match, but with a third participant here, it's going to be even more difficult for these guys to make sure they're the one that wins it out!

    Bodom: Well I for one can be sure that this man won't be the one to win it. I mean how many points has this guy got so far in these War Games? I'm glad you asked, it's 3. Just 3 points from 3 shows. He's going to have to win this one just to have an outside chance of making the playoffs!!

    #Mike Muir#

    McManus: And his opponent, from Mississippi, Mike Muir!!

    Bodom: Now here's a good competitor. A real tough guy from the south that knows ow to get the job done!!

    Kingmaker: And can you remind me how many points HE has in the War Games so far? Well I'm glad you asked Bodom, because he also only has 3!

    Daniels: You're right Pierce, so realistically Muir's only got an outside chance here, just like Gunnar-Freyr!

    #DJ Williams#

    McManus: And their opponent, from Harlem, New York, 'The Ladies Man', DJ Williams!!

    Kingmaker: Another newcomer to EWNCW here. We hadn't seen DJ Williams before these War Games, but we've come to see what he can do in the ring. I'm eager to see what he does beyond War Games however, given that he only has 1 point on the board, he won't be making the play offs here tonight, even if he wins.

    Bodom: Well that's the pressure off for him. He can go out there and do his thing now. But in all honesty, is there any point in wasting time with this match? None of these guys are going to be up there come the end of the night!!

    Daniels: We have to show fair play to everyone, and we've been told that even if you fail to secure a title shot at No guts No Glory, you still might be involved on the ppv based on your display during these War Games. So there is still something for these guys to play for!

    (ignore Jeremy Buck, and stop at 3:22)

    *Gunnar-Freyr is poised on the top rope, but Muir makes it to his feet and lunges himself at the top rope, which crotches Gunnar-Freyr on the top*

    Kingmaker: Ohhhhhh!! that's gotta hurt!!

    Daniels: Williams is down on the outside, can Muir capitalize?!

    *Muir quickly makes his way to the turnbuckle where Gunnar-Freyr is bending over feeling the effects of hitting his genitals on the top. Muir promptly grabs him in a gutwrench waistlock and manages to hoist Gunnar-Freyr onto his shoulder. He then moves to the middle of the ring and slips him down into the styles clash position before hitting the move and going for the pin!!*

    The Redneck Ride connects!! Is it enough for the 3 count?!?!




    Kingmaker: There's one!! Muir takes a one pinfall lead!!

    *Muir is on his knees with a smile on his face, elated that he's managed to take an early lead. He then looks down onto Gunnar-Freyr again before slumping down for another cover!!!*





    *DJ Williams makes the save with a double rotation moonsault from the top of the turnbuckle!!*

    Muir forgot about Williams there!! The third man factor comes into play again there!!

    Kingmaker: But look!! Williams going to take advantage here after hitting that J-Smooth double rotation moonsault!!
    *Williams is hurt, but he sees a chance as Muir has rolled away and Gunnar-Freyr is further hurt after sustaining the impact of Muir on top of him as Williams hit the moonsault!! He goes for the pin!!




    Daniels: Williams has drawn level, instantly!!

    Bodom: That was smart, real smart on the part of Williams. He knew that Gunnar-Freyr was still feeling the effects of that Southern ride, so he went and dropped that double rotation moonsault, a beautiful move might I add, right on top of both men, crushing Gunnar Freyr further at the bottom, and then capitalizing by going for the pin.

    Daniels: So it's now 2 pins a piece to Muir and Williams, while Gunnar-Freyr is yet to score one pinfall.

    (start at 1:50)

    Daniels: And Gunnar-Freyr has pulled one back!! Just when it seemed that the odds were stacked against him, he's drawn level!!

    Kingmaker: Very lucky for Gunnar-Freyr!! He was down a pin against 2 guys!! Can he complete the ultimate comeback and get the winning pinfall?!

    (start at 1:40)

    (stop at 6:00)

    Daniels: Gunnar-Freyr is going for it here!! He wants to finish it!!

    *Gunnar Freyr shoves Muir between his legs as he looks for a powerbomb, but out of nowhere, DJ Williams runs past, springboards off the ropes and hits an enziguri on him sending him to to mat!!*

    Bodom: What a move there, a huge kick off the ropes. He needs to finish this, this is his chance!!

    *Williams then sees Muir struggling to his feet and runs at him and hits a huricanrana, sending Muir out of the ring!!
    He then signals that he wants to finish it!
    He goes to Gunnar-Freyr who's slowly getting up, and lifts him in a vertical suplex before dropping him into a stunner!!*

    Daniels: That's a move he calls Respect Females folks, and respect is indeed what he'll be getting from the females if he gets the pin and the win here!!





    McManus: The winner of this match, 'The Ladies Man', DJ Williams!!

    Daniels: He did it!! Williams despite having only 1 point from the entire series has won and he now has 4 points to his name!!

    Kingmaker: A Much more respectable score, and one he can be proud of. He's taken his first step into EWNCw through these War Games, and this series is about as hard a starting point as you'll get in any company. And you know the ironic thing? Williams actually finishes War Games with more points that both Muir and Gunnar-Freyr!!

    Bodom: For a rookie, he's done good, but I'm far from convinced. He may well have done enough though to get something to work with for the ppv. We'll have to wait and see.

    Daniels: So DJ Williams the winner here, moving to 4 points overall, leaving Mike Muir and Mikkel Gunnar-Freyr on 3 points. None of the men have qualified foor a title shot, but they've all had a good showing during these series.

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    JMcM: The following contest is a War Games match scheduled for one fall and it is a Hell In A Cell match. On his way to the ring, from The Future, Mark Dimension!

    PK: And we have a pretty crazy match up next with a fatal four way hell in a cell match, and out come Mark Dimension who needs a win here to try and pull out in front of his mid-card division.

    Bodom: He is a desperate man right now, and this is the kind of match that can just help him. He is mental enough to pull this out.

    JMcM: And his opponent, from The Darkest Reaches of England, he is The Prophecy

    BD: Now I think Prophecy is the guy to win it, coming off a fantastic win of Arthur Lansdale last week, the man has a chance to big things in this match

    JMcM: And their opponent, From Mongolia, Nightmare!

    PK: Nightmare is coming off a loss last week to Raiden Blane but I feel like that isn't something that will slow him down. He is a sadistic man to hurt people in this match.

    #Rob Rage#

    JMcM: and their opponent, from England, Rob Rage!

    Bodom: Now honestly Rob is the black sheep in this picture, all these other guys are sadistic monsters if you will. But Rob is such a talented competitor that this game is up for anyone.

    (Stop at 7:50)

    PK: Mark is battling Nightmare in one corner as Rob and The prophecy battle in the other...and Rob clotheslines Prophecy to the outside, both men are fighting on the floor

    BD: they are acting like little children scrapping for the last cookie!!

    *Nightmare goes for a knockout punch, Mark ducks it, Nightmare turns into a kick to the gut*

    Bodom: And Mark hits a huge powerbomb, he looks like he is about to go sinister on Nightmare

    *Slaps on the Portal on and Nightmare taps*

    Winner: Mark Dimension

  8. #808

    JMcM: The following contest is a War Games match scheduled for one fall and it is a last man standing match, on his way to the ring, from Sao Paulo, Brazil, Ronaldo Romulus.

    PK: And here we go a huge match in the Main Event class. I gotta tell the Sharp witted Ronaldo has impressed through these games, he is doing a number on the competition.

    JMcM: And his opponent, from Toledo, Ohio, William Carlin.

    Bodom: You wanna talk about sharp and witted, I think you are looking at the wrong guy Pierce, Carlin is all that and more, not too bad for a tag team champion eh?

    JMcM: And their opponent, from Glasgow, Scotland, Gillz

    BD: You guys can have wit, this man has been the champion before and that is experience. I will take that any day and I feel that Gillz has this match in the bag, but what do I know? I am just a legend...

    (Ignore Title) (Stop at 9;25)


    BD: He is just overpowering these two men! this may be it.

    *Kayden James Enters from the crowd and hits Carlin with a chair*

    Holly hell James out of no where with a thunderous chair shot. What the hell is he doing

    PK: He has no right being involved in this match, that dirty bastard.

    *James drags Carlin to the top of the stage, standing on the edge of the stage next to a 10 foot drop*

    Now damnit you have done enough don't do this!

    *James delivers and powerbomb that sends Carlin to the ground in a hellish thud*

    Will Carlin may be dead, he hit the pavement so god damn hard. And the EMTS are out helping him now and it looks like his night is done.

    *William Carlin is eliminated*

    Well back to the action in the ring as both Gillz and Romulus are slowly getting back up.

    *Blows back and forth*

    Bodom: Sooner or later one of these men will gain momentum and could very well end this.

    *Romulus goes For a running knee when Gillz flips him over his shoulder into a table*

    Oh dear lord! what a momentum swing for Gillz!! And he is pumping the crowd up.






    *Out of no where, Nightmare attacks Gillz from behind with a lead pipe*

    BD: Another attack? Jesus!

    PK: This is completely uncalled for

    Bodom: It is all fair though. This is bad news for Gillz

    *Nightmare lays a chair on the ground and delivers a DDT to Gillz*

    PK: Gillz is down, both men are out cold, can either one get to their feet?








    *Ronaldo begins to get up*


    *Ronaldo is up on one knee*


    *Romulus finally gets up on both feet*


    Winner: Ronaldo Romulus

    Bodom: A fantastic match! lots of action and suspense

    BD: As unfair as it was it was all legal and exciting as hell. A tip of the hat to Ronaldo for not having enemies that jump him.

  9. #809
    Bill 'The Eagle' Richards def Rain and Arius in a hardcore match.

  10. #810

    JMcM: The following contest is a War Games match scheduled for one fall and it is an Ambulance match, introducing first, from the Nile, Seth Ferrell

    Bodom: That look in Seth's eyes, that is telling me he is hungry, he is determined to do whatever it takes to win this match. That is the kind of man I want to bet money if I was a gambling man

    PK: Istvan has been "Red Hot" through this whole tournament and I have to say, I think he is gonna win it all.

    BD: You did not make a red hot joke....


    BD: Arthur Lansdale shouldn't even be in a barbaric match as this, he is a man of class and does not deserve this.

    #Raden Blain#

    BD: Raden Blain is doing quite well in this tournament and can really boost himself with a win here against these men but more importantly Istvan.

    *Blaine and Lansdale are brawling throughout the crowd, Gretzky and Ferrell are in the ring*

    BD: The Pharaoh has Istvan up against the ropes, he looks gased.

    *Istvan reverse and goes for a running clotheline, buts collapses in exhaustion, Ferrell stands over him laughing*

    Bodom: That must be it, Istvan can't even run he is that winded. And Seth is seizing the moment.

    *Ferrell throws Istvan over the top rope, he takes his time to get out of the ring and open the back of the Ambulance*

    PK: All he has to do is put Istvan in the back and close the doors and Seth Ferrell will be declared the winner.

    *Seth puts Istvan in the back, but as he goes to close the door, Istvan comes running out and tackles Seth and begins to rain fists down of him.


    PK: Talk about a second wind!!

    * Seth keeps up to his feet and runs towards Istvan but Istvan hits him with the Greetings fro Warsaw*


    Bodom: Seth is out cold, this one is over.

    *Istvan picks Seth up and dumps him in the back of the Ambulance and closes the door.*

    Winner: Istvan Gretzky

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