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    EWNCW War Games III
    Verizon Centre, Washington DC

    Bob Daniels: Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to War Games III!!! My name is Bob Daniels and joining me as always, Peirce Kingmaker and EWNCW legend, Bodom.

    Peirce Kingmaker: Great to be back again for another round of War Games!!!

    Bod: Indeed it is, and we invade the nations’ capital as the election battle between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney heats up, I wonder what would happen if they spun the War Games wheel.

    BD: Interesting thought, I guess we’ll never know. But in a week of debates, our superstars are going to let the action do the talking.

    PK: Damn straight and that’s how we love it.

    Bodom: The excitement level is going to go up another noch tonight, 8 new stipulations on the War Games Wheel, and they get more extreme every week.

    BD: It was a great night last week, we saw the leaders really emerge, talking mainly about Ronaldo Romulus getting 9 points on the Main Event class.

    PK: Indeed, Ronaldo Romulus has shocked many with his performance in the War Games; Victories over TBOZ, McCoy and Krysys thus far.

    Bodom: However JMan got a big win over Gillz in that violent No Holds Barred Main Event, that keeps JMan right in the hunt.

    PK: Jman though, only on 6 points, with a cluster of superstars on 3 points, If Jman doesn’t win tonight, he may be in big trouble.

    BD: What about the Mid Card, impressive wins for Mark Dimensions, Istvan Gretzky, Seth Farrell and Raiden Blaine, who are all going strong but only two will receive championship matches at No Guts No Glory.

    PK: And what about the Ignition Division, Bodom who do you think has the advantage at this stage?

    Bod: Hanz Gruber may not be running away with it points wise but form wise he looks the man to beat.

    BD: I think two men you’ve got to keep your eyes on are Kyojin and VanHooliganX two new superstars that have really hit the ground running with the War Games.

    PK: I don’t know, don’t forget about Andy Cannon, “Mr Mayhem” Mike Hawk, Ano Doom, The Blue Flash, Mikkel Gunnar-Freyr all still have a chance to get a title shot, some big names there.

    BD: Let’s take it to the ring with Jason McManus and let’s kick off this night of action.

    Jason McManus: The following contest, as decided by the War Games Wheel, is a Weapons of Choice match, introducing first standing to my right, this is ANOOO DOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!

    *The crowd boo’s Doom*

    BD: We’ve talked about the talk, Ano Doom is very vocal about winning War Games and making an impact in EWNCW.

    PK: Indeed, but overall ,a win and a loss, Doom has done ok, and a win here could see him challenge for a Contendership spot.

    Jason McManus: And his opponent standing in the corner to my left, from Harlem, New York, DJ Williams!!!

    BD: Williams has had a turbulent ride thus far in the War Games.

    PK: We’ve seem some impressive fight from Williams can he turn that around and get a victory here tonight?

    Ano Doom/Liger vs DJ Williams/Dream

    stop at 7:06

    *Doom and Williams both get up as they are both literally busted open! Doom hits a Clothesline from Hell which knocks Williams down! He runs out of the ring and grabs a barbed wire hammer! He slides back in the ring and is about to scrape it on his head, but Williams hits a Bayle Kick! Doom gets up and Williams strikes with a massive dropkick! Doom gets up and SPEA-BUT NO! Doom picks Williams up and counters the Spear into a Cold Blooded Murderer! He goes for the cover




    Winner: Ano Doom (6 points in total)

    BD: It’s a win for Ano Doom and that has really put the cat amongst the pigeons, Ano Doom suddenly a very REAL threat.

    PK: Doom could come out of the pack to take a title shot no doubt.

    Bod: Well at this point Doom is in a strong position but it wouldn’t hurt him for someone of the top superstars points wise to drop a few points here tonight.

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    *Krysys bumps into TBOZ backstage and grins*

    Krysys: Well, if it isn't the man who's ass I will be kicking later tonight. How ya doin TBOZ? On second thought don't answer that. I want to discuss our match, I hear it a "Fans bring the Weapons Match" a bit inconvenient that I have to hope the fans bring good weapons for me to pound your skull in with, but what can you do, right BOZ?? Hope you don't mind I called you that.


    Krysys: Anyways, just know that you stand no chance tonight, I will beat the holy hell out of you and continue my path to No Gut No Glory to regain MY EWNCW Championship.

    TBOZ: You just go on and run your mouth Krysys. We both know that when it comes down to it all, I will be the one with my hand raised, and you will be the one lying flat on your back. Nothing will stop me from getting my World Championship back from K-Jammin.

    *TBOZ gets nose to nose with Krysys*

    TBOZ: And I refuse to let some nobody who's best moments were a fluke title reign, stand in my way. You got me Krysys?

    *Krysys pushes TBOZ away*

    Krysys: A nobody? This coming from the guy who's best remembered as being a member of a Tag Team! You'll never be able to get out of the shadow of GodMoney and you know it. Tonight I will destroy your hopes and dreams and you will bow down to King Zero!

    *Smirks before walking away*

    Bob Daniels: And up next, it’s time for our next Ignition Championship class match!

    Bodom: KJ Punk taking on Bill Richards!

    Pierce Kingsmaker: Punk has been pretty impressive since he debuted.

    BD: I know Pierce. And the wheel has made this match a Parking Lot Brawl!

    Bod: Oh we’re about to see something amazing!

    PK: You should never write off Bill Richards!

    Jason McManus: The following is an Ignition Championship class match, and is a Parking Lot Brawl! Introducing first, weighing in at 265 pounds, from the Woods of Mississippi, KJ Punk!

    BD: This guy has a hell of a lot of talent!

    Bod: That’s for sure, but Bill Richards will be a stern test!

    PK: You can say that again Bodom!

    Jason McManus: And his opponent, from Blackpool, England- Bill ‘The Eagle’ Richards!

    BD: Richards has yet to get a point here in the War Games but this could be his chance!

    Bod: He has a tough ask, to beat an upcoming youngster, but it can be done!

    PK: It can easily be done!

    KJ Punk (Eddie) vs. Bill Richards (Cena) in a Parking Lot Brawl

    (stop at 9:09)

    BD: What a reversal! Richards just drove Punk into the bonnet of that car!

    Bod: This could be it!

    PK: What a match!

    *Richards turns around and elbows Punk in the head. He grabs Punk’s face and drives it into the car, causing Punk to slide to the floor. Richards quickly drops down and covers Punk.



    Punk kicks out as Richards slams the floor in anger. He grabs Punk by the hair and drags him up. He pushes Punk back and runs at him but Punk ducks under and on the rebound, goes for the Southern (Dis)Comfort, but Richards ducks under and hits a back body drop onto the car! He quickly covers Punk!




    Punk powers out and rolls to the opposite side of the car. As Richards goes around, Punk punches him in the stomach and slams the door into Richards’ gut. He grabs Richards’ head and smashes it against the open door.

    Richards falls backwards, Punk runs forwards and connects with the Southern (Dis)Comfort! He drops down and covers Richards.




    Winner: KJ Punk (3 points in total)

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    ‘Cowboy’ Bill Buxley: Please join me in welcoming my guest at this time, fresh from beating Bill ‘The Eagle’ Richards, KJ Punk!

    *The camera pulls back to reveal a sweaty KJ Punk standing next to Buxley, still catching his breath from his match*

    Punk: It’s good to be here Billy.

    Buxley: Punk, that was a tough match against a tough opponent, how did you feel when you knew you were going to be facing Richards in a parking lot brawl?

    Punk: Well, I knew I was going to get my money’s worth because The Eagle is a helluva competitor. The parking lot brawl didn’t bother me that much because I came from the land of hardcore so I’m always mentally prepared for that kind of fight. But I’m really glad that I could come out here and put on a great show for this great EWNCW fans!

    *The crowd pops as Punk cracks a smile*

    Buxley: You’re now finally off the mark and have 3 points in the Ignition class of the War Games, is it too little too late to think that you can catch up to those in front of you?

    Punk: If there’s one thing I’ve learned in this business is that you can never count someone out. And I haven’t stopped trying or caring and I never will. I will never stop. I’m going to put everything I have into the rest of the War Games and get myself to the top of the leaderboards. But everyone can rest assure that I’m going to be coming. Everyone that’s ahead of me on the leaderboards had better be looking over their shoulders, because I’m going to rocket to the top of the leaderboard.

    Buxley: If you were to somehow win the Ignition Class, would you challenge Sweet Jones for the Inferno Ignition title or would you face Rage Ignition Champion Shaz?

    Punk: Hmm, I haven’t quite decided yet. But the one thing for sure I know, is that I will be taking one of those titles. I’m going to be the champion that these fans deserve, one that they can look up to and say that’s MY champion. A champion to be proud of.

    Buxley: Thank you for your time, Punk.

    Punk: Oh, one more thing, WINNER WINNER!!!! CHICKEN DINNER!!!!!

    *Buxley looks on amused as Punk walks away again*

    Jason McManus: The following contest, as decided by the War Games Wheel, is a Stretcher Match, introducing first from Jerusalem, Israel, “The Unholy Saviour” Raiden Blaine!!!!!

    BD: Here comes big Raiden Blaine, he has been impressive thus far in the War Games, picking up two wins.

    PK: Victories over, Seth Farrell and “The Best of British” Rob Rage.

    Bod: Let’s not forget it was barely a month ago that Raiden Blaine beat Mark Dimensions in order to have him leave Inferno, Raiden’s a dangerous beast, but so is his opponent.

    BD: Nightmare WAS on a tear these past few months, he was focused and destructive and quite frankly ripping his way through EWNCW. However Nightmare is yet to win in the War Games, perhaps some unfinished business is throwing him off his game.

    Bod: Do you know what I think is worse than a focused monster, and un-focused monster, one who has been growing in frustration over the past few weeks, Blaine needs to be careful here.

    PK: We’ve heard Wigbert saying “Focus on the Target.” What the hell does that mean?

    Raiden Blaine/Brock Lesnar vs Nightmare/Big Show

    Stop at 16:20

    BD: Raiden Blaine uses all of his energy to knock Nightmare off the apron, sending Nightmare back first into the Stretcher.

    *Raiden rolls to the outside, he picks up Nightmare and throws him head first into the ringpost, then again and a third time. Raiden Blaine postions the stretcher and allows Nightmare to get back to his feet as Nightmare stumbles towards him, Blaine manages to get Nightmare into the Military Press slam and place him down face first onto the Stretcher*

    BD: Blaine lifts the giant Nightmare onto a stretcher, now all he has to do is wheel him across the line.

    PK: That’s not going to be easy, Imagine how heavy Nightmare must be.

    *Blaine starts to push the Stretcher, up the entrance way, he gets within 5-10 feet of the red line, but Nightmare starts to stir. Blaine, in a desperate attempt to keep Nightmare on the stretcher, stops the push and delivers repeated head shots to Nightmare, Blaine then climbs upon the guardrail and leaps onto Nightmare with a huge splash, the stretcher visibly bends under the pressure.*

    BD: My god how that stretcher is still intact is beyond me.

    Bod: Hang on what is Blaine doing?

    *Blaine goes under the ring and pulls out some chains and a padlock, Blaine starts to chain Nightmare to the stretcher. When the padlock is done, Blaine pushes Nightmare towards the line and PUSHES HIM OVER.*

    Winner: Raiden Blaine (9 points in total)

    BD: Another huge win for Raiden Blaine and as things stand he is in poll position in the Mid Card Division, with just one week of War Games action to go, can he pull it off and get a Title shot at either King Strem or Ryan Wells?

    PK: I don’t know, the thing with the Mid Card class is that it’s so close, Raiden is going to have to keep it going right until the very last.

    *As trainers try to unstrap a livid and vivid Nightmare from the stretcher, Wigbert keeps shouting “Focus on the Target!!!” *

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    Bob Daniels: Alright ladies and gentlemen we’re going to move right into the next match of War Games. A bout featuring TBOZ, a man whose gone over several top talents, and has been getting the fans behind him; and ‘King Zero’ Krystian Krysys!

    Bodom: That’s not all, this match features the stipulation of Weapon of Choice. PK, mind telling them what that exactly entails?

    PK: Why no, no I don’t. In this match, each participant picks one weapon, and one weapon only, and that is the weapon they are allowed to use during this match!

    Bodom: This is going to be one helluva match. TBOZ is a former champion, as well as Krysys, so, this will be an interesting bout between the two for War Games.

    PK: Yes it could, but now, it’s about time to get into the match and see where it takes us!

    Jason: The next match is a War Games ‘Weapon of Choice’ match scheduled for one -fall. Introducing first, from Nottingham, England, T.B.O.Z. TBOZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~

    *TBOZ heads towards the ring, the crowd roaring in approval as he saunters down the ramp - a thick, heavy chain hanging from his neck. It rattles as he approaches the ring. Once he enters, he lifts the chain up, almost effortless and lets it hang towards the ground.*

    Bob: Don’t be fooled by the crowd’s response to him. This man is brutal in the ring, despite his demeanor outside of it. You do not want to be the guy walking down an alley when TBOZ is doing the same, while in a bad mood!

    Bodom: Right you are there, but has his recent change in persona affected his ability in ring? We’ve seen TBOZ, presumably, at his best - is he still there, or is Krysys going to come out here and beat his ass and show him that a new king has come to lay claim to the land?

    Bob: Only time will tell!

    Jason: Out next, from Sin City - ‘King Zero’ KRYSTIAN KRYSYS!

    *Krysys appears at the top of the ramp, a cocky grin on his face. He lifts up a Steel Chair, signaling what it’s main purpose would be used for. The Zero Driver. He heads towards the ring, ignoring the sounds of the fans. Good or bad, they don’t matter - TBOZ, however, does. He eyes the steel chain wearily as he climbs into the ring.*

    PK: Will you look at this? These two men are about to go at it like a pack of rabid dogs fighting to secure territory. This match is going to end in a brutal fashion, I can feel it!

    Bodom: Oh yes it will; both of these men are crafty, and former champions, plus they are being allowed to use a weapon that they can personally pick? Something heavy is going to go down.

    Bob: Yes sir, it is. And I cannot wait to call this match!

    TBOZ(Undertaker vs. Krysys(Cena)

    (Stop at 6:30)

    Bodom: Oh god! This match has broken down, the referee better get out of there, these two men have no intentions of stopping anything due to a referee being in the way!

    Bob: You have that right; these two men have put each other through unimaginable pain. How does TBOZ keep fighting after that shot?

    Bodom: Who cares? He needs to go ahead and lay it down. Krysys is going to break him if he keeps this up.

    PK: God, this match may just be the most brutal we’ve seen in War Games, and some of these matches have been hellish!

    *TBOZ lays out fresh from the brutal assault by Krysys, in which his own chosen weapon had been turned against him. Struggling to get to his feet, TBOZ reaches for the ropes. Krysys stands behind him, licking the blood off his lips and smearing it on his chest. “I AM KING ZERO!” Krysys leans down and lifts TBOZ, slipping his head under one of the man’s legs.*

    Bodom: Oh god, it’s over! You all know this move, he’s going for the Brock Lock!

    *Slapping on the devastating maneuver, Krysys moves away from the ropes, using his leverage to apply more pressure to the leg of TBOZ, which had been previously injured when he was thrown against the steel steps a little bit ago.“I AM THE KING! TAP OUT, TBOZ! TAP OUT!” Krysys spits towards TBOZ, as he bounces with the move, pulling down harder on the man’s leg. At the current, the man’s leg is on the verge of being stretched beyond humanly proportions.“TAP OUT, YOU STUPID SON OF A BITCH!” Using one of his own legs, he slides his steel chair towards him and pushes TBOZ’s leg off his neck, in such a manner that it flips out and lands on the chair. “YOU WANT TO STAY IN THIS MATCH? YOU ARE GOING TO PAY FOR THAT!” A crazed look gathers in Krysys’ eyes, as he grabs the steel chain and pulls it around the neck of TBOZ. Twisting the hunk of heavy metal, he locks it on with one hand and attempts to pull TBOZ’s leg back up into the Brock Lock! *

    Bob: God, someone stop this match!

    *TBOZ fights for his right to live, clawing at the ropes and attempting to manuever himself into a more favorable position. Pain rips through his legs and upper body; yet he fights to hold on to consciousness. It doesn’t work. His eyes close, and the ref goes to lift his arm. In haste, he stops it from falling and fights to stay awake.*


    *Hearing the live crowd blow the roof off the place by screaming his name, he rallies himself one more time; reaching the ropes, forcing Krysys to let go. When Krysys backs up, TBOZ fights to his feet; his chain left laying on the mat. Krysys readies his chair and comes in for a swing, prompting TBOZ to duck and roll forward. The chair ricochets off the ropes and out of Krysys’ hand. TBOZ begins to lay into him with Punch Drunk, his signature cache of punches to the head and midsection, forcing Krysys back into a corner, where the punishment continues. As he goes for another punch, Krysys parries it and spins behind him, pulling him down into a Orton-esque backbreaker!*


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    *TBOZ smartly rolls out of the ring, forcing Krysys to follow him. As soon as Krysys touches the ground, TBOZ executes Crumbling Olympus, onto the matted ground below. For a few seconds, he lays there regaining his strength. Satisfied, he pushes Krysys back into the ring, and picks him up. The crowd is going nuts over this match. The blood and sweat is just crazy. TBOZ pushes Krysys into the ropes, but is too fatigued to get into the proper position. Krysys takes full advantage of this and catches him with a desperation spear- yet, that is not all! TBOZ falls right into the prone chair, back first. The pain forces him to roll over, revealing the weapon to Krysys.

    Krysys pays no attention to the weapon, instead going for the pin.*

    Ref and crowd:




    *Much to Krysys’ dismay, TBOZ kicks out just before the count. “SHIT! STAY DOWN!” Krysys turns around and sees the chair, and proceeds to set it up. As he returns his attention to TBOZ, he pulls him into a standing position. The groggy body of the man easily complies. Both men are at their limit; the match has to end soon, or by god, they are going to pass out in the middle of the ring. Krysys slaps TBOZ and sets him up for the Zero Driver unto the Steel Chair. But! TBOZ Blocks it and pushes him off the ropes; executing a beautiful Divine Intervention onto the aforementioned chair.*

    Ref and Crowd, loud:




    *TBOZ is forced off Krysys as the latter kicks out from the brutal move. Without wasting any time, TBOZ lays into him with brutal shots; a horizontal adaptation of Punch Drunk. When he finishes, he spots something he has yet to be able to make good use of. His steel chain. Breathing comes hard to him now, as he reaches for the chain. Out of instinct, he kicks the mangled chair out of the way and lifts Krysys. He makes the legendary sign for the God Complex and positions the steel chain. He wraps it appropriately around Krysys and applies the brutal lock. Combined with the natural strength of the steel chain on the human body, TBOZ’s own move is magnified to extents never seen before.*

    Bodom: Oh GOD! It’s over! He’s going to tap here! NO! NO! NO!

    *True to the prophecy spoken by Bodom, Krysys can no longer continue; after almost a full minute in the hold, he starts to frantically tap out. TBOZ relinquishes the move and falls flat on his back, the referee trying to rouse him to his feet. After a minute of laying there, he picks himself up and is declared the winner of the ‘Weapon of Choice’ Main-Event Class War Games match. Krysys rolls out of the ring and lays there, until trainers can get there and help him to the back. His entire body aches; and he knows TBOZ’s body does too - the only reason TBOZ walked away under his own power was due to the excitement of winning. Later on, it would be discovered that TBOZ went to the back and collapsed on one of the benches, entirely safe, but completely worn out.*

    Bob: Wow; that is all I can say. Wow.

    PK: That match really delivered. The amount of punishment those men took was unreal, you have to wonder if they’ll be able to continue to hold up in those conditions and finish out War Games.

    Bodom: If they do, those men will truly become legends. The amount of damage they took could put down a lesser man for months on end, if not outright end their career.

    PK: I agree, I don’t think we’ll see another match of that caliber ever again, at least not, in the near future. TBOZ picked up the victory, but at what cost? Will he and Krysys be in any condition to continue in this? Knowing them, they will damn sure try!

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    Jason McManus: The following contest as decided by the War Games Wheel is a Parking Lot Brawl, introducing first standing to my left from Blue Mountains, New South Wales, “The Prodigy” Arius!!!

    BD: It appears Ric Flair has told Arius to fly solo yet again.

    PK: Well Arius is yet to pick up a single point flying solo!

    Bod: It might not be paying off yet, but Ric Flair is GGAAAAWDD!
    and I am SURE he knows what he’s doing.

    JMcM: And standing to my right, this is RAIN!!!!!!!

    PK: Well here comes the Rain!

    “The Prodigy” Arius/JBL vs Rain/John Cena

    stop at 7:50

    *Rain picks Arius up and sends him to the ring. Arius turns around and he ducks an Enzuigiri from Rain and turns around. He nails Rain with a top rope Butterfly Suplex! He goes for the cover




    *Arius gets frustrated as he moans to the ref. Arius turns around and MOONSAULT! Rain hits another Moonsault off the top rope! Arius slowly gets up and SUPERKICK! He picks Arius up and nails him with a Shining Wizard! He goes for the cover




    Winner: Rain (4 points in total)

    JMcM: The following contest, as decided by the War Games Wheel is an Extreme Lumberjack Match, introducing first from Germany, Hanz Gruber!!!!!!!!

    BD: Like we said earlier on, Hanz Gruber in the form of his life right now, tearing right through the competition in War Games.

    PK: Indeed he is, perhaps it was his prior altercations with Shaz that have lit this fire.

    Bod: Yes, Hanz Gruber and Shaz were once alliances, they teamed up in particular to attack The Blue Flash, but since Gruber has set his eyes on the Ignition Championship for himself, Shaz has pushed him away and the two have been at each others throats culminating in Hanz Gruber as the guest referee for Shaz vs Flash, and Gruber refusing to count both men down and have it end a draw, he told them to fight!

    BD: I like that attitude, but Hanz Gruber since has been focused completely on competition and you’ve got to believe should he finish in that top spot he’ll choose Shaz!

    JMcM: And his opponent from Stockholm Sweden, Mikkel Gunnar-Freyr!!!!!!!

    BD: Here comes another man who has been close to Ignition glory before, Freyr just coming up short recently on PPV against Sweet Jones.

    PK: Freyr doesn’t seem to have as much momentum as Hanz Gruber, but a win here and who knows what might happen, he’d certainly be in contention.

    Hanz Gruber/Chris Jericho vs Mikkel Gunnar-Freyr/Triple H

    stop at 9:40

    BD: What the hell!? A lumberjack just got involved!

    PK: That’s what an EXTREME lumberjack match is about, and it’s put Hanz Gruber on the back foot.

    *Mikkel Gunnar Freyr goes for a Dropkick but Gruber grabs his legs and counters it into a Sharpshooter! He uses all his strength and adds more pressure to the hold! Freyr still doesn't wanna tap out! Gruber shockingly breaks the hold and punts him in the head showing a more aggressive side. Gruber picks Gunnar Freyr up and headbutts him! He picks him up again but Gunnar Freyr ducks a Clothesline and hits a Bayle Kick! But Gruber reverses it into a Flipping Piledriver! He goes for the cover




    Winner: Hanz Gruber (9 points in total)

    BD: Tremendous fight there from Hanz Gruber, it means he keeps his 100% record in the War Games, and Hanz continues to look very strong indeed.

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    BD: Well coming up next is a last ride match between The Prophecy and Arthur Lansdale, and a treat for you folks, joining us on commentary, he is the Current EWNCW International Champion, The King, King Strem. Welcome King, it is great to have you here

    KS: Pretty damn good to be here. This is nice, I like it here, pretty comfortable.

    PK: Well...that's because you requested a Laz-e-boy leather sofa chair for your commentary.

    KS: Hey, the King demands the finest things for everything

    Bodom: Yeah shut up Pierce, let the man do what he wants

    KS: Thank you Bods

    Bodom: No problem King

    JMcM: This match is a War Games match scheduled for one fall and is a last ride match! Introducing first, from Manchester, England, Arthur Lansdale!

    PK: And out comes Arthur Lansdale, who has not earned any points yet in these games.

    Bodom: He has been coming up on the short end of the stick but I feel his day is coming.

    KS: I agree, he isn't as good as I am, nor will he ever be, however, he is a very sharp witted man and I am sure he can pull a win off sometime.

    JMcM: And his opponent, from the darkest reaches of England, The Prophecy

    KS: This guy kinda scares the shit out of me on how weird he is, but he is a talented guy and to be honest, this match is a toss up, it all comes down to who wants a title more.

    PK: You put that so well king

    KS: Shut...up...Pierce

    The Prophecy/Undertaker vs Arthur Lansdale/Mr Kennedy…Kennedy

    (Stop at 25:27)

    BD: Lansdale looks like he is about to keel over

    KS: Yeah he doesn't look healthy I will say that

    *Prophecy picks Lansdale for a tombstone*

    KS: I knew thee well Lansdale

    Bodom: Boom!!! what a tombstone piledriver!!!

    *Prophecy shoves lansdale in the hearst and this one is over*

    Winner: Prophecy (6 points in total)

    PK: Prophecy took Lansdale to hell and back

    KS: Yeah and now he is taking Lansdale back in style, what a nice thing he is doing

    PK: Well King it was an treat to commentate with you tonight

    KS: I wish I could say the same to you Pierce...but I can't. Bods, Bob, stay classy and ALL HAIL

    BD and Bodom: ALL HAIL KING!

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    Bob Daniels: And up next, it’s time for our next Main Event Class match!

    Bodom: What two stars are set to face off?

    Pierce Kingsmaker: Gillz and Daymien Bloodstone!

    BD: This could be a great match!

    Bod: Knowing these two, this will be!

    PK: And it will be a Ladder match!

    Jason McManus: The following is a Main Event Class Ladder match! Introducing first, from Glasgow Scotland, Gillz!

    BD: Gillz has been on a role since he returned!

    Bod: Very true! He picked up a great win at Rise from the Ashes over Nightmare.

    PK: Gillz is good, but his attitude change hasn’t really done him many favours!

    JMcM: And his opponent, from Boulder, Nevada- ‘The Pint Sized Rocker’ Daymien Bloodstone!

    BD: Here we go! This guy has been working his way up well.

    Bod: He beat both Andy Amazing and The Prophecy at Rise from the Ashes, and this should be a great match!

    PK: Two highfliers in a ladder match is always great!

    Gillz (Shawn Michaels) vs. Daymien Bloodstone (Chris Jericho) in a Ladder Match

    BD: And Bloodstone slides into the ring with the ladder!

    Bod: Gillz is down after that vicious shot!

    PK: Bloodstone in prime position here.

    *Bloodstone picks the ladder up and begins to set it up in the centre of the ring as Gillz is still holding his ribs in the corner. He begins to use the ropes to get up, before running at Bloodstone, who has begun to climb the ladder, but he turns around and kicks Gillz in the shoulder, dropping him down to the canvas. Bloodstone continues up the ladder, before stopping halfway, and jumps, going for a moonsault, but Gillz moves out of the way and Bloodstone hits the canvas!

    Gillz rolls the ropes and gets up using their help. He stumbles across to Bloodstone, who is on his knees, and grabs him, going for Dead Memories, but Bloodstone twists out and hits a dropkick, sending Gillz back to the ropes. Bloodstone runs forwards and goes for an Enzigueri but Gillz catches him and lands a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker!

    Gillz finally reaches his feet and crawls to the ladder, knowing the contract worth 3 points is hanging high above. He grasps at the metal, before beginning to climb, but Bloodstone is right on his back, landing a big right hand to Gillz’s ribs. He grabs Gillz by the neck and hits a huge neckbreaker off the ladder! Both men are once again down as the fans applaud their efforts.

    The first man up is Bloodstone and he stumbles across to the ladder. He begins to climb, and as he reaches the halfway point, Gillz is back to his feet. He heads across to the ladder and hits Bloodstone in the back, causing him to stop climbing. Gillz begins to climb the opposite side as Bloodstone also manages to continue climbing.

    Both men reach the top of the ladder and begin to trade shots.


    The final shot sends Gillz down a few rungs and Bloodstone reaches up but Gillz kicks out into Bloodstone’s ribs, sending him to the floor! Gillz climbs back up and unhooks the contract for the points!*

    Winner: Gillz (6 points in total)

    BD: An amazing ladder match but it’s Gillz who catapults himself back into contention with this win.

    PK: It’s a tough break for Bloodstone, he could still qualify but it’s out of his hands at this point.

    Bod: I truly believe Gillz is a world class talent and he showed us that here tonight.

    BD: Well plenty more War Games to come after these messages.

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    Jason McManus: The following contest is, as decided by the War Games Wheel, a Weapon of Choice match, Introducing first from Mississippi, Mike Muir!!!!!!!!

    *Mike Muir makes his way out with a Wooden Club*

    BD: Here comes Mike Muir, only has three points so far in the War Games, but a second win tonight could see this fresh superstar, catapulted into contention.

    PK: Mike Muir has had a tough job with all the new superstars we’ve seen in these War Games trying to get himself known he certainly raised a few eye-brows when he beat fellow Mississippian KJ Punk last week in a Falls count anywhere match.

    Bod: I still don’t think we’ve seen enough from Mike Muir but he brought some intensity last time out against KJ Punk, he’ll have to repeat that tonight in order to get past The Blue Flash.

    PK: It looks like Mike Muir has brought a thick wooden club, a good choice it will do some serious damage.

    JMcM: And his opponent from The Justice League, The Blue Flash.

    *Flash comes out without a weapon*

    BD: Um gentleman first thing I notice The Blue Flash is coming unarmed.

    Bod: It’s not noble to come without a weapon it’s damn stupid, The Blue Flash is an idiot, we are about to see Mike Muir rip him apart.

    BD: You know Bod wherever we go The Blue Flash has the most young fans perhaps he doesn't want them to see him brandishing a weapon.

    Bod: Again not commendable, STUPID!!!

    PK: I have to agree The Blue Flash placing himself on the back foot from the get go, let’s not remember he is yet to gain ANY points in the War Games, he needs a big win here tonight and he’s going to have to do it without a weapon.

    The Blue Flash/Rey Mysterio vs Mike Muir/Finlay

    stop at 7:32

    *The Blue Flash whips Mike Muir across the ring and follows it up by connecting with a dropkick, Muir is quickly back to his feet and stops Flash’ momentum dead by dropping him with a clothesline.*

    BD: And Muir cuts The Blue Flash off just as he was building some momentum following that near fall.

    *Muir goes over the corner and picks up his wooden club type weapon*

    PK: We’ve seen Muir through the course of this match try and use this Wooden object.

    *Muir drills The Blue Flash in the ribs with the wooden club and then Muir sends Flash back down to the mat with a shot across the back.*

    BD: Down goes Flash can Mike Muir get his second three point here now.

    *Muir puts the club on the ground and picks Flash up into Styles Clash position he is going to drop him face first onto the wood.*

    PK: The Redneck Ride!!!...

    *But The Blue Flash rolls into a pinning predicament...*



    *Muir manages to kick out, Flash is quickly to his feet and hits The Blue Flash with a hard knee strike to the cranium*

    Bod: Muir must be out cold after that shot!

    *The Blue Flash lifts Muir into Belly to Back position lifts him up and brings the knee into the face!!*





    Winner: The Blue Flash (3 points in total)

    BD: A big win for The Blue Flash, he gets his first three points in the War Games, it might be too late, but at least The Blue Flash has got himself into the running.

    Bod: WHAT!? This guy comes into a Weapon of Choice match not brandishing a weapon, I know he’s supposed to be the good guy, BUT!?...

    *The Blue Flash removes his right knee pad and taps it against the ringpost it is made clear that the knee pad was LOADED!!!!!*

    BD: Oh I wouldn’t say that Bodom, he brought a loaded knee pad and hit that Blue Moon Knee and obviously Mike Muir was out cold.

    Bod: I god damn cheap move, role model to the children my sweet behind, damn that Blue Flash!!!

    *Cut backstage, two men are brawling, as a camera man rushes towards the scene, it is clear it is “The Prodigy” Arius fighting with his own mentor “The nature boy” Ric Flair! Observing the violence is Alice who wears only a pink towel, road agents and wrestlers try to separate the two but they just won’t stop, Arius breaks free and heads right back on the attack, what could have caused such a malfunction???*
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    BD: Ladies and gentleman before that break we saw Arius brawling with Ric Flair in the back, we are still trying to get the bottom of this, a mentor and his student imploding tonight, we promise to bring you more as the week progresses on this story but in the meantime we will progress on with War Games. Coming next is a War Game match between Seth Ferrell and Rob Rage. But right now, joining us on commentary, he is the current EWNCW Evolution champion, Ryan Wells!

    RW: Hey guys, it's great to be here in front of this amazing crowd.

    JMcM: The falling contest is a War Games match scheduled for one fall, and it is a strap match. Introducing first, from the Nile, "The Great Pharaoh" Seth Ferrell.

    BD: And this looks to be an exciting match between these two experienced men.

    Bodom: It should no doubt be a good one as they both will be linked together by a strap which they can use one one another

    PK: What do you think about Seth's chances Ryan?

    RW: Well, Seth is a very gifted veteran, he hit a little snag in his career and this is the kind of thing he needs to jump back into the spotlight.

    JMcM: And his opponent, from England, Rob Rage!

    PK: Robbie boy is in a bit of a slump in these games right now sitting on a big fat goose egg.

    Bodom: You're right Pierce, Rob isn't doing so well in these games but that doesn't mean he can't turn things around right?

    RW: That is right Bods, Rob is a very talented superstar and he could easily pull a win off here tonight, points do not matter.

    Seth Farrell/CM Punk vs Rob Rage/Umaga

    (Stop at 4:54 in the second video)

    BD: Seth is reaching as hard as he can for the turnbuckle

    RW: He is trying so hard to touch it he may pull his arm out of socket

    *Rob comes running in with a clothesline*

    BD: What a save by Rob Rage

    PK: This is an unbelievable match, these two are literally leaving themselves all over this ring

    RW: Well if you want a shot at the champion Pierce you leave it all out there

    *Rob Sets Seth up for a suplex, Seth reverses it in the air, raps the strap around Rob's neck for an inverted Neckbreaker*

    Bodom: Good god the was deathly looking, what a creative neckbreaker by Ferrell

    RW: Innovation is key in these types of matches

    *Seth Gets up and touches the final turnbuckle*

    Winner: Seth Ferrell (6 points in total)

    BD: And this hellish match is over

    PK: Hellish is an understatement, these guys beat there bodies black and blue

    RW: Like I said that is what it takes to get a shot at a champion. A valiant effort by both men

    PK: Ryan thanks for joining us on commentary tonight

    RW: My pleasure, it was a blast

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