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    Jason McMagnus: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, entering the ring, first,Warsaw, Poland, Istvan Gretzky!

    Bodom: Well, these two both debuted in EWNCW around the same time, and they've really had a good run since.

    Kingmaker: Yeah, Istvan and Andy are two of EWNCW's top talents, and have proved that by going head to head against each other the whole time. They've both had their moments, and they put it all on the line tonight at Pain for Treasure.

    JMcM: And now introducing, his opponent, from Chicago, Illinois, Andy AMMAAZZZIINNMG

    Bodom: Andy Amazing is someone who might be confident, but he always backs it up in the ring, every night.

    Daniels: Andy is a top talent in EWNCW. Ever since coming I've felt he's on his way to the top, and he's a very nice guy too having talked to him a few times backstage.

    Kingmaer: Well, we all know where nice guys finish Bob!

    *It appears Istvan has now out smarted Andy here on the outside of the ring. He pounds Andy Amazing's head into the barricade two times, when the referee begins his count.


    Istvan now picks Andy up on his shoulders, and drops him face first into the barricade


    Istvan gets Amazing by the head, and then does an over the shoulder takedown on Amazing

    3......... 4

    Istvan gets up, and begins to walk into the ring, but Andy Amazing grabs his foot, and trips him, with him landing face first into the ring apron.


    Amazing pulls him up, and hits a Vertabreaker on the outside of the ring! Then, rolls back in the ring.

    6....7....8....9.... It looked like Istcan was lifeless, but then, out of nowhere, he jumps up and sprints back in the ring at the last second. He gets up and connects with a clothesline to Amazing. Now, lifting him up, Amazing pushes him and he Istvan almost hits the referee, but is able to stop himself. As Gretzky turns back into the ring, he goes straight into another Vertabreaker! Into the pin


    JMcM: Here is your winner: ANDY AMAZING!

    Daniels: A Great win for Andy Amazing!! A well fought mathc, but Amazing, was just too, well, amazing for Gretzky in the end!!

    Bodom: A good showing from both men. you could watch these 2 going at it over and over, and the result would vary every time, but tonight, it's Amazing's win.

    Kingmaker: The question I want answered; is this feud finally over? Will Gretzky take this?

    Daniels: Who know's, but we'll find out on the next edition of Rage I'm sure!!
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    Henry Watson: This match is a Triple Threat Match for the EWNCW Internet Championships!!!!!. On there way to the ring at this time, the team The Heartbreaker and Mitch O'Connor..........The Upstarts!!!

    *The Upstarts come to the ring to a few nice sets of boos and cheers as they get set for action.*

    Robert Goodman: A team that impressed a bit as of late and that's why they're here tonight fighting for the gold

    Henry Watson: the second team in this contest is the team of Michael Gates and Gabriel Christ; they are..........The Gates of Christ.

    *The Gates of Christ walk to the ring. Boo'd mercilessly as they walk out and calls people Sinners and that they will be champions tonight.*

    Luke Douglas: I like these guys they went and challenged the champs directly and their confrontations have been a sight to see.

    Henry Watson: and their final opponents, they are current reigning and defending EWNCW Internet Championships, Sean and Criz Dimension....The New Assault Program!!!!!

    *The New Assault Program walk to the ring to mixed reaction that is dominated by boos as they enter the ring and hold the gold up high.*

    Terry Murdock: The champions of the Internet voted in by the fans and won the gold at War is the Answer.

    Nick Newman: Which is they will do what it takes to retain the gold here tonight.

    *Craig Stevens is the referee for this match and calls for the bell (the bell rings) as the rules were stated beforehand backstage that one member from each team will be in the ring at the same time so Sean Dimension, The Heartbreaker and Gabriel Christ start things off each looking strike first but none are successful. Gabriel Christ soon strikes first and hits The Heartbreaker hard before doing the same to Sean Dimension.*

    Nick Newman: Is this match off to a great start or what? Christ is showing his lack of fear and strikes first.

    Robert Goodman: Yeah, you know it. Let's see what happens next.

    *Christ continues the attack until a thumb to eye by Sean Dimension allows him and The Heartbreaker to team up beat up Christ and take him out the ring before The Heartbreaker and Sean Dimension before to exchange shots in the center of the ring.*

    Luke Douglas: These 2 wanna kill each other. I love it.

    *Sean Dimension hits The Heartbreaker with an earringer before taking him down with a big dropkick and tagging in Criz Dimension who applies a chinlock on The Heartbreaker but Mitch O'Connor quickly enters the ring to break the hold before Gabriel Christ comes in and hits Mitch O'Connor with a boot to the face that puts him out before trying to go for a chokeslam on Criz Dimension, who avoids it and hits Christ with the Defaced (X Factor) and goes for the cover.........1..................2.............Chr ist kicks out.*

    Terry Murdock: I wish every match could be like this! Non stop mayhem from these for the gold.

    *Michael Gates looks to get the tag but Christ is still out of it as Criz Dimension stomps him before The Heartbreaker comes out of nowhere and lands The Heartbreaker Driver (swinging neckbreaker) on Criz Dimension. He covers.......1............2......Criz Dimension kicks out as Christ finally makes the much needed tag to Gates.*

    Robert Goodman: Don't even think of switching the channel. Now the action is heating more than ever.

    *Gates connects a clothesline on The Heartbreaker before striking Sean Dimension on the corner with a big left hand and grabs Criz Dimension and powerbombs him hard and goes for the cover.....1.........2......O'Connor has recovered and tries to break things up but Gates sees him and moves as O'Connor drops a big elbow on Criz Dimension that forces him to roll out of the ring and Michael hits O'Connor with a back fist to the face that makes even the crowd wince at the impact.*

    Nick Newman: O'Connor takes a back fist from Gates and I feel the pain from right here, that hit with great force.

    *Sean Dimension checks on his brother Criz Dimension on the outside but Gates is hot and rebounds off the ropes to do a plancha over the the ropes onto The New Assault Program before The Heartbreaker again out of nowhere connects the Heartbreak Driver this time on Gates but Christ comes in to the scene and delivers a spine buster to The Heartbreaker on the outside and stand tall for a moment before soon O'Connor is up on the top turnbuckle and deliver a huge Missile Dropkick on Christ and now all 6 men and are down and out on the outside.*

    Luke Douglas: Come on ref! Do something!! Who the hell is gonna win this with all 6 men being effectively out for now on the outside?!

    *Michael Gates is the first to reach his feet and drags The Heartbreaker in to the ring.*

    Nick Newman: Michael Gates look to end this now.

    Terry Murdock: He'll have no better chance at it at this point in the match. He needs to strike fast.

    *The Heartbreaker is dazed and set up for a powerbomb by Gates but he wiggles out and kicks Gates in the gut and connects The Heartbroken (Canadian Destroyer).*

    Nick Newman: The Upstarts could steal this! No!!!!

    *The Heartbreaker celebrates but that was his most critical mistake as Criz Dimension comes in and connect the Criz Cutter (Ace Crusher) and covers The Heartbreaker.............1.................2...... ...................3!!!!!!!*

    Henry Watson: The winners of this match and still the EWNCW Internet Champions!!!!!!! The New Assault Program!!!!!!!!!!

    Robert Goodman: They stole this one and remain champions.

    Terry Murdock: you gotta do what you gotta to remain at the top and The New Assault Program, I feel are gonna be on top for a very long time.
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    Jason McManus: This contest is schedule for one fall, on his way to the ring, Nightmare

    Bob Daniels: Talk about a nightmare, this guy first appeared and destroyed The Surgeon General, and hasn't look back since.

    Pierce Kingmaker: You got that right, picking up some wins, including one on Tommy Thunder, this guy will be a menace to everyone on Inferno

    JMcM: And his Opponent...

    From Stockholm, Sweden, Mikkel Gunnar-Freyr!

    BD: Hm, I don't know too much about this guy, can anyone help?

    Bodom: I got this one, Mikkel was recently on Brutality, teaming with Ryan Wells. It seems like he is now going to try his hand at singles competition.


    stop at 8:34

    *Mikkel turns away from the ref just as Nightmare pulls out a huge chokebomb*

    BD: Wow what a huge chokebomb by nightmare, and straight into the pin!!

    *Ref goes for the count




    PK: Ohhhhh, nice try Mikkel, see you next time.

    Bodom: I bet that one will "Haunt" him...get it? Because his name is Nightmare and he beat Mikkel, haunting dreams are nightmares? huh?

    BD: Just stop Bodom

    PK: I liked it

    Bodom: Thanks man.

    BD: *sigh* Well Nightmare picks up the win here folks, as he continues his domination of EWNCW here!
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    Jason McMcmanus: The following contest, is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Sao Paulo Brazil, he is the Evolution Champion, Ronald Romulus!

    Bodom: And this could easily end up being match of the night.

    Bob Daniels: You got that right Bodom. They're both 2 very talented individuals, and this is easily one of the most intense rivalries going on in EWNCW right now.

    Kingmaker: Anyway, you are right. These two are very talented, newer talent here in EWNCW, and we'll see who can get the better of the other here tonight.

    BD: Romulus has held that title for about 3 months now, after beating Markus Beerstein just one week after the title was introduced!

    JMcM: And the challenger, from Boston, Massachusetts, Ryan "The Freak" Wells!

    BD: And in comes Ryan Wells, who has been so close to winning both the Ignition Championship and more recntly the Evolution Championship here in EWNCW.

    Bod: But he's still waiting for that first title. He's been here around a year now but still hasn't won that illusive first title. How much longer are the fans going to have to wait for him to deliver on his promises. I'll be honest, I don't fancy his chances against Romulus.

    Kingmaker: Well, Ryan Wells has been able to stay in EWNCW for a good bit of time, and it doesn't look like he's leaving here any time soon. He's persistent. He gets knocked down, but he keeps coming back. You never know, this might be his night.

    Daniels: Well, Wells and Romulus have had an excellent rivalry, but it all ends tonight. Both of these guys are ready to end this, and one of them will be walking out of here tonight as a winner, the other a loser. We'll see who is who here.

    *As Wells is half way through the ropes, Ronaldo attacks him, and the match is under way*

    (Edge = Ronaldo Romulus vs Batista = Ryan Wells)

    (stop at 9:00)

    BD: I don't believe it!! Wells wiNS VIA DQ, but the title cant' change hands because of that disqualification!! Ronaldo knew that and took advantage of it!!

    Bod: Very canny of him. That's the sign of a real champion, someone who knows what he's doing, someone who's well educated in the rules of the game, and someone who can utilize those rules to his advantage!! Brilliant from Ronaldo there!!

    *John Cleverly comes out wagging his finger, mic in hand*

    John Cleverly: No, no, no, no, no!! That's not going to happen. I want a clear cut winner in this match tonight. One of you is going to get pinned or one of you is going to submit tonight. There are a hell of a lot of EWNCW fans here tonight that have come specifically to see your match, and I'm not going to disappoint them by letting the match end like that. So Ronaldo, get your ass back in that ring, ring the bell, and restart the match right NOW!!

    PK: What a great decision! This feud deserves better than to end with a measly DQ like that!!

    Bod: This is a travesty! An outrage!! Ronaldo won that match! Yeah, he bent the rules, but he didn't break any rules!!

    BD: Well I think that what GM Cleverly said was right. I don't think the fans can be left disappointed like that by having the match end in that manner!! Wells is still in this!!

    (Edge = Ronaldo Romulus vs Batista = Ryan wells)

    (stop at 2:10)

    *Wells rolls into the ring and covers Ronaldo*

    BD: Wells has him here after that huge powerbomb on the outside!!




    BD: Ronaldo kicks out!! And this match continues!!

    *Wells looks at the referee in dissbelief*

    Bod: That's the look of a man who's given his all. Does he have anything else to give here?!

    *Wells waits for Ronaldo to get up and nails him with a clothesline. He then picks him up, and attempts another power bomb on Romulus. Romulus counters it into a sunset flip roll up into the cover.*

    1...2.... but Wells powers out.

    *now Romulus is on the offense as he hits a picture perfect drop kick to the upper chest of Wells, leaning him on the ropes. Romulus runs at him, but Wells flips him over his shoulders, and Romulus lands on the apron. Wells, thinking he landed outside, looks away for a second. He turns around to a punch to the face by Romulus. Romulus re-enters the ring, and attempts a clothesline, but Wells ducks, and Ronaldo with a huge Freak Buster, planting Ronaldo in the middle of the ring!!*


    1 .....




    JMcM: Here is your winner, and NEW Evolution Champion...... RYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNN 'The Freak' WELLLLLLLLLLLSSSSSSS!

    Daniels: What a match!! What a victory for Ryan Wells!! He's finally done it!!

    Bodom: I have to give it to him. I thought he'd used it all up there, but he came back with that one extra hit that was able to put away Ronaldo Romulus.

    PK: It sure has been a long time coming for Wells, but now I'm sure he'll make a great champion and look to hold onto that title for quite some time!

    BD: Congratulations to Ryan Wells here tonight, the new Evolution champion!!
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    Henry Watson: This match is set one one fall and it is for the EWNCW Grand Championships!!!!!. On there way to the ring at this time, the challengers representing Cirque de Freak; Payne and Torcher!!!

    *Payne and Torcher come to the ring to a mix of cheers and boos as they enter the ring and headbutt each other to bleed and soon lick their own faces enjoying the taste of their "red juice"*

    Robert Goodman: Wow.....that was an interesting way to get pumped up for a match.

    Terry Murdock: They're Cirque de Freak, did you expect anything less?

    Henry Watson: and their opponents, they are the current reigning and defending EWNCW Grand Champions the team of Prince Chamberlain and Prince Alex Foyt.......The Blacklist Royalty.

    *Blacklist Royalty walk to the ring to boos with a few scattered cheers as they enter the ring.*

    Terry Murdock: They've been a force to be reckoned with to say the least often using shady methods to win their matches.

    Robert Goodman: They do what they need to do to win, I can respet that and with the newly acquired gold let's see how they plan to walk out of here still champions.

    *Mitch Sanders is the referee for this match and calls for the bell (the bell rings) and things start off as Payne gets nailed with a charging bodyblock from Prince Foyt who then proceeds to stomp Payne's head.*

    Terry Murdock: What a vicious series of kicks to Payne's head.

    *Payne soon leg sweeps Foyt to stop the stomping and reaches his feet as does Foyt and they trade blows until Payne gets the edge and tries to send Foyt towards the ropes but Foyt reverses and launches Payne towards and awaits him to do a back body drop but gets kicked in the face by Payne who follows it up with a big DDT and goes for for the cover......1..........2.......Foyt kicks out.*

    Luke Douglas: A nice way to come back from Payne.

    *Payne tags in Torcher who goes after Foyt and kicks his midsection driving him back to the nearest corner where Torcher proceeds to stomp away at Foyt as the ref's count reaches 3 and backs away. Foyt is gasping for air before Torcher tries to continue his attack but gets knocked on the ground by Prince Foyt after a swift kick to the chest and quickly makes the tag to Prince Chamberlain.*

    Robert Goodman: Smart tag by Foyt, this is why they make a great team.

    *Prince Chamberlain hits Torcher square in the chest with his boot and locks in a figure four lock, applying great pressure as the ref checks on Torcher and asks if Torcher wants to give up.*

    Robert Goodman: If Chamberlain crank on the pressure this could be over.

    *Torcher fights the hold for a while but soon begins to fade and the ref lifts Torcher's arm and it drops down....(1)...the ref does this once more to the same effect......(2)..........the third time comes around but we see Payne enter the ring to break the submission hold. Prince Foyt soon enters the ring as well and all hell has broken loose as all 4 men in the ring battle it out.*

    Luke Douglas: Holy shit, this is a match no one can say lacked intensity, my goodness.

    *Foyt soon manages to dominate Payne and looks to send him towards the rope but gets reversed and sent to the rope himself but he uses the speed he gains to strike Payne with a running knee that knock Payne out of the ring and helps his partner complete The Royal Treatment as Chamberlain picks up Torcher in a Belly-to-back inverted mat slam aka Styles Clash Position as Foyt hits Torcher a dropkick. Chamberlain makes the cover and Mitch Sanders counts....1.......2.........3!!!!!!*

    Henry Watson: The winners of this match and still EWNCW Grand Champions..........The Blacklist Royalty!!!

    Nick Newman: YES!!!!!! That's the way you you get shit done. Solid teamwork.

    Luke Douglas: They have to be content with this win here tonight.
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    JMcM: This match is a fatal-four-way match, and it is for the EWNCW International Championship! Introducing first, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Broc Flucker!

    Bob Daniels: It’s time for this highly anticipated fatal-four-way, out first is Broc, gentleman, do you think he’s been a little bit ignored in this? I mean, he got through to this in a 6-man tag match, and all he’s done is interrupt others?

    Bodom: I think that’s his huge advantage. He’s still newish here in EWNCW, and only Billy knows this guy inside and out, and he’s beat him. I’m plucking for Broc tonight, he’s the dark horse.

    Pierce Kingmaker: Bodom has a great point, but I just don’t see it. He hasn’t got any real momentum, and there are truly dangerous opponents here tonight.

    JMcM: Entering now, from the interior of the exterior, Mark Dimensions!

    BD: Now, Mark only got in to this at the Supershow, what do you think of his chances?

    PK: He’s mental, he’ll rampage around, cause destruction, but end up losing. I’m sorry, but that’s how it is.

    Bod: He’s always going to be a danger, and he’s volatile, but I have to agree with Pierce. At the moment, I just don’t see Mark winning, I’m not sure why, because he has the talent, that’s for sure.

    JMcM: And now, from Devon, England, Billy McCoy!

    BD: Here is my pick, because better is bigger, and bigger is Billy McCoy. He’s been on a bit of a roll, granted, he would have a much better opportunity one-on-one, but Billy has this one in the bag!

    PK: He’s good, but yet again it’s a no from me. I think he’ll get close, but not quite close enough to snatch the gold out of the clutches of King Strem.

    Bod: I sincerely hope Broc crushes his skull.

    JMcM: And their opponent, from Spring Grove, Pennsylvania, he is the EWNCW International Champion, King Strem!

    PK: Out in his ceremonial pay per view theme tune, this guy is an enigma! You know, King is a top, top competitor. Long may his reign continue! Long live the King!

    *Standing to salute*

    BD: Sit down Pierce! We all know his qualities, but tonight should be the night he is dethroned.

    Bod: Again, I’m plucking for Broc, and since you are tongue-wagging, let’s get this one underway!

    (King = Orton / Billy = Cena / Broc = HHH / Mark = Show)

    (Stop at 8:17)

    BD: Mark has just stopped King, here’s a great chance!

    *He sets his sights on Broc, who is in the corner. Mark bounces his head off the turnbuckle, leading him in to a chokeslam, but Broc uses his momentum to roll out of the ring to safety*

    Bod: Yes!

    BD: My that’s unlucky for Mark, he had a real chance there!

    PK: Wait a minute!

    *As Mark stops staring at the outside, he turns straight in to Billy McCoy, who hits a big spinebuster on Mark*

    BD: Oh that was huge!

    PK: That could be a turning point!

    *He lifts Mark back up, sets him up, and hits a last ride! A last ride!*

    BD: OH MY GOD!


    BD: HE HAS IT!



    *Broc pulls Billy from out of the ring, and they have a flurry of punches. King comes back in to the ring, sees Mark on the floor, and places him in a quick armbar*

    PK: Quick thinking from the champ!

    Bod: This could be all over with!

    *Mark can barely take the pain, but hope comes in the form of McCoy, who won his exchange with Broc. However, just as Billy splits it up, Mark taps and King takes the victory*

    JMcM: Here is your winner and still, EWNCW International Champion, King Strem!

    BD: What a hard fought battle, Billy almost had a chance, Mark almost had a chance, but it is the cunning King Strem who keeps the title!

    PK: What did I tell you!? King is simply unbeatable, unbeatable I tell you.
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    Bodom: And here comes the challenger, he is ready tonight. This guy wants it. The only question is, how much more does his opponent want it? Seraphim has been working his entire life to get here, and now he's got the chance of a lifetime against TBOZ right here tonight.

    Daniels: It all comes down to if he is ready or not. TBOZ has been having a fine title run, and Seraphim is looking to have his first starting tonight. We'll see how it goes.

    Kingmaker: Ir will be a very interesting match for sure, I'm just excited to get this match started. You've got the long term veteran going up against the new, up and coming rookie. This should be fun.

    Bodom: Speaking of the up and coming rookie, here he is now! Ready for a chance to win his first ever world title here in EWNCW

    Jason McManus: The following contest set for one fall, if for the World. Heavyweight. Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, from Straight Down in Heaven, SERAPHIM!

    And his opponent, from Nottingham, England, he is the current, EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion, THE BEARD OF ZEUS!

    *Seraphim finally makes it to the ropes to break the submission. TBOZ wants to stay in the attack though, as he attempts to lock in his signature Guillotine Choke on Seraphim. It looks like he's almost got it lcked in, when somehow, Seraphim lifts him up and counters into a spine buster! Seraphim goes for the pin

    1....2.... But TBOZ kicks out at the last second possible.

    Seraphim will stay on the attack though, as he gets on one knee, grabs the head of TBOZ, and begins punching him in the face repeatedly. Over and over, strike after strike, and he just won't stop. Well, eventually, he finally does. Now he gets up to two feet, and hits TBOZ with a leg drop to the neck, landing in a pin.

    1...2..... but TBOZ kicks out once more.

    Seraphim, now getting frustrated, gets back on the attack. He picks up TBOZ and throws him into the turnbuckle. he climbs over him on the seconds rope on the turnbuckle, and then starts hitting some right hands, as the fans chant how many he's hitting.

    1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! 7! 8!

    But right then is where TBOZ has had enough, and counters Seraphim's punches, into a huge power bomb! Now TBOZ waits for Seraphim to get on both knees as we know what he'll be going for, and he locks it in! The signature Guillotine Choke is now locked in the center of the ring. Nowhere to go for Seraphim.

    A good 2 minutes goes by with Seraphim just struggling. Forcing himself not to tap, when finally, he attempts to lift TBOZ. He lifts to the point where he's on one knee, but TBOZ then applies more pressure and Seraphim goes back down. Another minute and a half goes by before Seraphim just starts trying to push himself to the ropes. Another minute and he's already almost arm's length to the ropes, but then, TBOZ applies more pressure. TBOZ's face is turning red by how much pressure he's applying, and now, it finally looks like this one is over, as Seraphim looks unconscious.

    The ref raises Seraphim's hand..... and drops it


    He does this again


    He once more, lifts Seraphim's hand in the air and drops it

    But Seraphim keeps his arm up! This one's not over!

    Seraphim is really struggling to stay alive now, but he has a plan. He pushes hands down on TBOZ's shoulders and puts both shoulders to the mat in a pinning situation. By the time the ref notices, it would have been long enough for a 7 count, but he finally counts.

    1.....2.... But TBOz gets his shoulder the mat, and keeps the submission alive. Seraphim is furious, but it can't really show by his face, as he tries to once more grab the ropes. 30 seconds go by of this, and Seraphim tries just one more time to reach the ropes. He is literally less than an inch, with his arm fully extended, when TBOZ puts MAX pressure on the submission, He has it in so hard that it looks like his veins are about to pop right out of his neck, and finally, Seraphim taps out!*

    JMcM: Here is your winner, by the result of a submission, and still EWNCW World Heavyweight Cheampion: THE BEARD OF ZEUS!

    Bodom: And what a match that was! For a good majority of the match, it looked like Seraphim was going to win the strap, but in the end, TBOZ was once again able to retain on his great championship regin.

    Daniels: I can;t take anything away from either of these guys. Great match by both, but in the end, TBOZ was just a BIT better. Great match.

    Kingmaker: Excellent match by both, and you couldn't call who would win the whole win the whole way through. Excellent match, and congrats to TBOZ.
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    Jason McManus: Ladies and gentleman, the following is an Unsanctioned match. Entering the ring first, from London, England, K-JAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMIIIIIINNNNN!!!

    Bodom: This man here, is the future of this company. Since signing with us, he's done nothing but win, and it's shown. Just look at how he took out Markus Beerstein, just two weeks ago. I admit that he's dangerous, but if he can be contained...

    Kingmaker: Come on Bodom, he's involved in an unsanctioned match here!! There's no cosequences to his actions!! You call that containing him?! He attacked Beerstein, and already had an unfair advantage. You can't seriously put that in his favor, can you?

    Bodom: He did what he needed to make his mark in this company. You would have done the same thing.

    Daniels: Well, there's no denying that K-Jam has made an impact here, but how he's gotten there is what I question. It seems as though he's taken every short cut possible to get here. Not to take away from him, because he is a great talent. I just wish he would succeed using his talent, but not taking shortcuts.

    JMcM: and his opponent, from Silversbury, Silverado, "The Rapping Hyena" SILLLVVVEERRRRRR CEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNAAAAAAAAAA

    Kingmaker: And here comes the rapping hyena, Silver Cena, and he looks ready to slow the roll of K-Jammin.

    Daniels: Well Cena is a former world champion and an experienced veteran here in EWNCW, so he definitely has the experience edge, but we'll see if he's able to match the athleticism and dominance of K-Jam

    *Things aren't looking good for Silver Cena at this point. K-Jam just finished whipping him in the back with his belt, and now he's in complete control. He attempts to whip him once more, but Cena is able to reverse it and hit a drop toe hold on K-Jam. Cena getsup, and then picks up the belt that K-Jam was just using and begins to whip K-Jam repeatedly with the belt. whack after whack after whack on K-Jam. 5 whips later, K-Jam finally decides to just roll out of the ring.

    Cena comes out of the ring as well, ready to get K-Jam with another whip to the back. But instead, he comes out of ring and gets hit with a steel chair. Now K-Jam is back in control, with Cena on his hands and knees, slowly trying to get up. Another chair shot by Jam, this time to the back. now K-Jam drags Cena up to his feet, slowly gets him in the ring, and attempts a cover.*

    1.....2..... But Cena kicks out.

    *K-Jam is going to try to stay on the attack though, as he goes to the outside of the ring. he goes under the ring and picks up not 1, but 2 tables. He then slides each of them into the ring separately. He's still under the ring, and pulls out a trash can, and throws that in as well. K-Jam slides back into the ring, sets up one of the tables right next to a turnbuckle, and turns towards Cena. Cena is just starting to get up, when K-jam hits a devastating big boot to the head. K-Jam then picks up the trash can and puts it on top of the table. He then picks up the second table, and sets it up on top of the other table. So now we have 2 tables on top of each other, and a trash can in between them. Quite the contraption here by Mr. Jammin.

    K-Jam takes a minute, just to look at this contraption, when he turns around to a drop kick to the face by Silver Cena. Jam falls backwards, into his new made contraption, almost knocking it over, but it stays up, with K-Jam leaning on it. Cena comes running at him. About half way there, K-Jam rolls out of the way, forcing Silver Cena to put the breaks on. he stops right before hitting the tables. K-Jam will take advantage of this though, as he comes behind Cena and hits a neck breaker. K-jam goes into the pin.*

    1...2... Kick out by Cena

    *With that, K-Jam gets up, and pulls up Silver Cena as well. he attempts a suplex, but Silver Cena counters it with a suplex of his own. Now, he puts Jammin back first against the 2 tables on the same side the turnbuckle is on. He then climbs up the turnbuckle, and just before he jumps, K-Jam had the awareness to push the ropes closest to him with full force. Making Cena fall with his legs in between the turnbuckle. Now K-Jam is going to test his luck on the turnbuckle as well. He climbs up but Cena gives him a good right hand,followed by an elbow to the stomach. Then Jammin fights back, grabbing the head of Cena and bashing it off of the turnbuckle. K-Jam is now setting up for the finish as he's going to try to superplex Silver Cena off of the turnbuckle, into 2 tables with a trash can in between. Luckily for Cena, he counters with a low blow to K-Jam.

    K-Jam would have fallen off, but Silver Cena pulled him to stay on. Now Cena is putting K-Jam in a power bomb position! He lifts him up a few inches, but out of nowhere, K-Jam counters it with back body drop, off the turnbuckle, into the two tables with a trash can in between!!! K-Jam, tired as hell, gets off the turnbuckle, and falls into the pin*



    Bodom: Admit it guys, K-Jam won this one fair, and that was one of the most gruesome matches I've seen in awhile.

    Daniels: I'll give him credit, he won this one fairly, but it was still a very nice effort by Silver Cena, and an all around entertaining match for the fans in attendance.

    *just then, K-Jam pulls Cena to his feet. It's obvious that K-Jam isn't done as he throws cena into a corner, and begins punching him down with numerous right hands to the head. Endless, rights, and lefts, over and over.*

    Daniels: You see, this is what I don't like about this guy. You have the match won, just go to the back and celebrate, there's no need for this.

    Bodom: He's making his mark, Bob.

    *while Bodom is busy putting on deodorant, we still have a beat down going on. K-Jam finally finished with his punching to Cena, and throws him out of the ring. We get a good shot of the face of Cena as he's struggling to get up. He was bleeding earlier, but now it just looks horrible. Now K-Jam picks up a steel chair, and sizes up Silver Cena, aiming at his. K-Jam winds back, and nails the chair to the back of the Cena. Now K-Jam looks around for a minute, then stares right at the Steel Steps to the left of him. He stares at them for a few seconds, and then gets a huge grin.*

    Daniels: Oh no, not this. Cena, get out of there!

    *Unfortunately, Cena can't hear Bob for 2 reasons. 1. He's knocked out. 2. Even if he was conscious he couldn't hear him because he's too far away. But that's besides the point. K-Jam picks up the hand of Cena, and begins to drag him towards the steps, placing his head on the top of it. K-Jam steps on the top of the steps, right next to the unconscious head of Silver Cena. K-Jam looks around a minute, looking at all of the fans. He then slowly raises his foot, and SMASHES it into the head of Silver Cena. The fans are in shock, and there's blood everywhere, as K-Jam finally begins to leave the arena.*

    Daniels: This might be the darkest day in EWNCW history

    Bodom: Shut the fuck up Jerr- I mean, Bob.
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    Terry Murdock: It is now time for the Blacklist Title match and folks there is pure hate between these men.

    Nick Newman: You're not lying Terry. These two teams are set on destroying each other

    Henry Watson: This match is a Tag Team Ladder Match match for the EWNCW Blacklist Championships! On there way to the ring at this time, Abel and Orion Slayde The Shadows of Madness!!!

    *The two men look extremely confident.*

    Terry Murdock: These men look to regain the titles here tonight.

    Robert Goodman: They feel like Jesting Madness never should have had a shot and tonight they look to right a wrong.

    Nick Newman: Well this will be one hell of a match, that's for sure.

    Henry Watson: and their opponents, They are the EWNCW Blacklist Champions, the team of Grind Bastard and William Carlin, Jesting Madness.

    Luke Douglas: The Champs seem to look relaxed.

    Terry Murdock: This is not a match to be calm about.

    *Jesting Madness walk to the ring. Mitch Sanders is the referee for this match. The four men look up at the Blacklist Titles that hang high above the ring. Ladders are placed all over the place. The Ref rings the bell and this match is now under way. The men just stand there looking at each other. Carlin slides out of the ring as does Slayde while Able and Grind stare each other down their eyes not lookig away.*

    Robert Goodman: The looks on their faces can only be described as cold and grim.

    Nick Newman: Sometimes a look says more than words.

    *Grind and Abel walk to the center of the ring still staring each other down. Outside the ring Carlin and Slayde are tied up. Carlin gets the upper hand and hits Slayde with a snap suplex. Carlin grabs a chair and smiles before cracking Slayde in the gut with it. Abel turns his head and thats when Grind takes his shot hit Abel with a massive boot. Carlin stands Slayde up and sits him in the chair. Carlin backs up and runs hitting a dropkick on Slayde who in the chair. In the ring Grind has Abel on his shoulders applying the a torture rack.*

    Nick Newman: Holy Shit! He has Abel, ABEL in a Torture Rack!

    *Carlin hits Abel with a Reverse Death Valley Driver. Carlin slides into the ring and he and Grind begin stomping on Abel's ribs. Grind motions to Carlin who slides out of the ring and grabs a ladder. Ladder in the ring now as Grind stands up Abel and begins throwing punches. Carlin sets up the ladder in the corner, sliding in between the ropes. Grind lfts up Abel for a powerbomb and launches him onto the ladder causing Abel in let out a painful scream. Grind tells Carlin to grab Slayde and carlin does. Grind lifts Slayde up for a powerbomb but this time Slayde fights back throwing punch after punch causing Grind to drop Slayde. Slayde quickly tackles the left leg of Grind taking him off his feet. Carlin quickly goes after Slayde throwing a roundhouse kick only to have caught. Slayde pulls Carlin Close and hits a snap spinebuster!*

    Terry Murdock: Quick thinking by Slayde.

    Robert Goodman: Very True Teryy but he needs to go for the title sooner rather than later.

    *Slayde slides out and grabs another ladder and slides it in the ring. Slayde sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring and starts the climb. Carlin gets up and quickly goes up the ladder. The two meet at the top and starts slugging it out. Carlin grabs Slayde's head and slams it on the ladder. Carlin tries to suplex Slayde off the ladder but Slayde holds on. The big Abel is up and Manages to get under Carlin and sets him up for a Powerbomb while Salyde hits and Leg drop at the same time!*

    Luke Douglas: Holy Hell! Carlin's neck could be serious messed up after that!

    Nick Newman: He needs help and soon!

    *Grind is up as is Slayde and Abel and the two men start at Grind who is out numbered at the moment. Abel and Grind tie up but Abel gets the upper hand after a well placed kick to Grind's kidney. Abel lifts Grind up and Stalls. Slayde drops to a knee and Abel drops Grind on Slayde's knee. Abel stands Grind up and throws him into the ladder set up in the corner. Grind bounces out and gets hit by and jumping neckbreaker from Slayde.*

    Nick Newman: Grind Bastard is being double teamed!

    Terry Murdock: This match seems to be a handicap match rght now.

    Luke Douglas: Carlin is moving but barely. This doesn't look good for the champs.

    *Abel walks over and stands up Carlin only to get hit in the balls. Slayde quickly kicks Carlin in the temple knocking him back to the mat. Slayde looks around and sees that he is the only one up. He quickly goes up the ladder to get the titles down. The sneaky Grind Bastard spears the ladder knocking it over and sending Slayde to the mat. Grind pulls himself up and looks at the chaos around the ring and smiles. Grind picks up the ladder and smashes it into Slayde repeatedly while laughing about it.*

    Nick Newman: Is Grind laughing?

    Terry Murdock: Uhhh yeah, yeah he is...

    Luke Douglas: That's uhhh cool..

    *Grind lays the ladder on the ground and turns his attention back to Slayde. Grind lifts Slayde up and hits a running powerslam onto the ladder, smashing Slayde. Grind turns around and eats a massive spear from Abel. Abel stands up Grind and hits a hard right which causes Grind to stumble, Grind comes back with a right of his own which causes Abel to wabble. Abel comes back with another right but quickly follows it up with a left and another right and a quick but hard clotesline knocking Grind down. Abel walks over to the corner where the ladder is set up and goes to grab it but is stopped bu Carlin. Carlin rams his shoulder into Abel's back a few times before turning Abel around and kneeing him in the gut. Carlin backs up and runs at Abel who catches Carlin in his tracks. Able lifts Carlin up on to his shoulders turns around and drives Carlin into the ladder with a sickening Powerbomb which actual breaks the ladder in two.*

    Terry Murdock: Oh dear lord!

    Robert Goodman: The power behind that must have been massive!

    Nick Newman: His ribs must be broken or hell his back could be broken.
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    *Abel looks at Carlin who looks out of it and starts laughing and screaming at him. He starts screaming that the childern are pleased and that his blood will fill the childern. Abel turns around and goes towardsthe outside. He grabs nother ladder from under the ring. He slides it into the ring and goes to get in. He sets up the ladder in the middle off the ring. He turns around and eats one half of the broken ladder being swong by Grind. The jagged edges crack Able's head open as blood pours out. Grind wipes Abel's blood all over his body and smiles as Abel lays in his own blood. Grind starts to climb the ladder but when he gets to the top it's knocked down by Slayde who flys off the top ropes, drop kicking the ladder.*

    Luke Douglas: When the hell is the match going to end? When one of them dies?

    Nick Newman: I know you're being sarcastic but that sounds about right.

    Luke Douglas: Who said I was being sarcastic?

    *Terry, Robert and Nick stare at Luke*

    *Slayde climbs on top of Grind and starts pounding away throwing lefts and right. From behind a very out of it Carlin kicks Slayde in the spine. Slayde falls over in pain allowing Grind to get up. Grind grabs Slayde by the throat and picks him up. He pushes him against the ropes and starts choking Slayde with his bare hands. Slayde struggles to get free as he starts to turn a purpleish color. Grind looks like a mad man dead set on choking the life out of Slayde. Slayde starts to fade as he is now a dark purple and looks lifeless. From out of no where a blood covered Abel hits a running big boot connecting with Grind and breaking the choke hold. Slayde lays on the mat weezing and coughing trying to catch his breath.*

    Robert Goodman: Was Grind going to let go?

    Nick Newman: I am honestly not sure if he was or not.

    Luke Douglas: Think he heard my comment about dying?

    Terry Murdock: Lets hope not.

    *Carlin looks at Abel who is barely standing from the loss of blood. Carlin walks over and tells him its over. The childern are about to die and there is nothing he can do about it. Abel's expression changes from tired to enraged. He lifts Carlin up and hits a quick chokeslam. He grabs one half of the broken ladder and smiles. He screams "The Childern Will be pleased!" He smashes the broken side across Carlins back repeatedly, ripping his back open. Abel grabs the ladder that is set up and lays it next to Carlin. He opens the ladder and slides Carlin's Mid section into the ladder. He then grabs Slayde and lifts him up and slams him on the ladder, smashing Carlin inside.*

    Luke Douglas: Your partner is not a damn weapon!

    Terry Murdock: I don't think he heard you. Get in there and tell him again.

    Luke Douglas: Ya, I'm good.

    *Abel looks over at Slayde who is out cold and Carlin who also looks to be out of it. He turns his attention to the monster, Grind Bastard. Abel walks ovr to Grind who is starting to get to his feet. Abel smacks Grind across the face and grabs his face. He screams "You killed them! You killed them all! He lifts Grind up to his feet and starts choking him.*

    Luke Douglas: Oh damn, looks like Abel has snapped.

    Terry Murdock: Seeing his partner in such a state must have triggered some psychotic break.

    Nick Newman: Looks like he may try and do the same to Grind.

    *Abel continues to choke Grind but Grind is not as out of it as Abel is and manages to break the hold. Grind lifts up Abel and hits a small spinebuster. He rolls out of the ring and grabs a bag from under the ring.*

    Robert Goodman: What the hell does Grind have?

    Nick Newman: How the hell should we know?

    *Grind reaches in the bag and pulls out...ABEL'S MASK!!! Grind smiles looking at the mask. He yells at Abel " Time for your world, your life, time for it all to burn! He takes out a light and sets fire to the mask and drops it next to Abel. Grind walks over and pulls Carlin up to his feet and smacks him, waking him up.*

    Luke Douglas: The Mask! Its been burned!

    Terry Murdock: Oh no, Abel is getting up. This may end bad for Jesting Madness.

    *Grind walks over and knees Abel in the face. Grind stands Abel up and holds him while a bloody Carlin chops Abel reapeatedly. From off the top ropes Slayde hits Grind in the back with a dropkick. Grind drops to a knee. Carlin goes up to Slayde and gets him to his feet. Carlin backs up and gos for a superkick but it gets dodge by Slayde. Slayde throws chop after chop after chop before hitting an atomic drop and a clothesline.*

    Nick Newman: Slayde is actually starting to show life again!

    Luke Douglas: I thought he was out for good.

    Terry Murdock: It would appear he has a small amount of fight left in him. But for how long is the question.

    *Slayde goes after Grind next and starts throwing kicks and punches. He trys for a knee to the gut but his knee is stopped by Grind. Grind smiles and lifts Slayde up on his shoulders. Carlin sees this and hurries over and on the turnbuckle. Carlin flys as the hit The Doomsday Device!*

    Luke Douglas: Well that's one man out. Now to deak with the big man.

    Nick Newman: I think he is pretty much out.

    Robert Goodman: I wouldn't be so sure. He's up to one knee.

    *Grind sees Abel on one knee and looks at Carlin. Carlin smiles and nods. The two circle Abel before Grind hits an Enzuigiri while Carlin connects with a Superkick also known as The Beheading! Blood is once again pouring from Abel's head. Grind sets up a Ladder and goes for the titles. Slayde sees this and starts to climb the ladder. Grind is at the top and working on the titles. Slayde reaches the top just as Grind pulls the titles down.*

    Henry Watson: The winners of this match and still EWNCW Blacklist Champions, Jesting Madness!!!

    *After the match Slayde grabs ahold of Grind trying to pull himself up. Grind grabs Slayde and Slams his throat againt the top of the ladder before chockingslamming him to the mat.*

    Terry Murdock: What in the hell! Grind had no reason to attack Slayde! The Match was over!

    Nick Newman: Slayde grabbed him. He was just defending himself.

    Luke Douglas: Well lets just hope these men are done with each other.

    Robert Goodman: I doubt it but I guess one can hope. We will be back with more action next!
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