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    Bob Daniels: Ladies and Gentlemen we welcome you to the event of the season, The EWNCW Supershow!! A HUGE thanks to AC/DC there for opening us up, and for providing us with the brand new theme for EWNCW Supershow; ‘Shoot to Thrill’, and that’s exactly what we’re hoping to do tonight!! I'm joined by fellow commentator; EWNCW Legened Bodom from Rage and Pierce Kingmaker!

    Bodom: Tonight the best wrestlers from Rage and Inferno will get in the ring and I for one can't wait!

    Pierce Kingmaker: That's Right Bodom, we will see a preview of things to come at Pain For Treasure.

    Bob Daniels: Also joining us for the first time ever tonight are the Brutality team! Hello guys!!

    Terry Murdock: Thanks Bob and tonight for the firt time Brutality will join Rage and Inferno for the biggest show around!

    Luke Douglas: Very true Terry! I know Nick and Robert will be out here later to call matches but for now back to you Bob!

    Bob Daniels: Thanks guys, good to have you here! Well we go to the ring where Nathan Staples and John Cleverly are now!

    Staples: Hello ladies and gentleman, and welcome to mine and Cleverly's child, known as the EWNCW Supershow! First of all, a big thank you to AC/DC for opening proceedings here tonight, and for providing us with 'Shoot to Thrill' which will be the theme for all EWNCW Supershows from here on in!!

    Every so often, we feel that the brand as a whole could do with a big get-together, and we bring over the biggest superstars of Inferno and Rage in to one big extravaganza, with this one falling just before our next pay per view event, Pain for Treasure.

    Cleverly: That's right! We have a huge show lined up for you guys tonight. All the big names from Rage and Inferno are here, and there's room for some huge matches to be set between the mountain of talent we have on board here in EWNCW

    Staples: And that's something we shall conjure up later this evening but, for a few announcements on the Inferno side. Tonight, we shall see both of the Inferno Ignition Champions duke it out in a non-title contest! Also, the dangerous Mark Dimensions will get his chance to join the International Championship match at Pain for Treasure, but he will have to survive a gauntlet match!

    Cleverly: Staples, please! What Rage already has announced for this show dwarfs that! For tonight ladies and gentlemen, we will see the contract signing between Silver Cena and the MVP of EWNCW K-Jammin, as they seal each other's fate and put pen to paper for their unsanctioned match that will go down at Pain for Treasure!!

    Staples: Well, at least for the time being, I have something that dwarfs what we can spiel about. Because tonight, this will be the first supershow to involve the newest members of the EWNCW family. Oh yes, it's not just Inferno and Rage on display tonight, we also are having a bit of Brutality. So, without further ado, it is my pleasure to introduce the general manager of Brutality, Lucas Grant!

    *Grant walks out to mixed but positive reaction as he enters the ring and asks for a mic*

    Grant: Actually, that's COO to you and everyone here. One thing I do is carry my title with pride and to be called a general manager is something I dont quite appreciate but moving on.....*

    *Crowd boos Grant for his arrogant comments*

    Grant: Not too long ago you all saw a massacre as 6 teams fought on the top and collapsed through the Hell in a Cell structure on Brutality. They beaten, bloodied, bruised, hell they even broke some bones but that comes with the business and they did it all to bring you people quality entertainment the way only Brutality can. Now thankfully I care for my talents enought to provide them with the utmost care money can buy and because of it I can present to you here live tonight, one of the premiere tag teams to ever hit the wrestling world, The Shadows of Madness!!!!!

    *Slayde walks out first noticeably limping and in visible pain but appears to be healthy as he makes his way out the ring alongside Abel who too looks battered and bruised but in great shape. Slayde is soon handed a mic by Grant.*

    Slayde: Thank you, Mr. Grant.

    *Shakes Grant's hand*

    Slayde: Now we have been told we had to be here but we asked ourselves why?

    *Crowds begins to boo at Slayde's comment*

    Slayde: See we didn't like the idea of this merger in the first place since we knew any old EWNCW team would try to unfairly claim the spot of being the #1 Tag Team in the World from us, a spot we earned through actual competition and fighting in this ring with the likes of The Force of Greatness and High Voltage.

    If The Jesting Madness is what you people think is the best, then you frankly make me sick. This whole arena makes me sick, this Supershow makes me want to throw up to make it better than it is but even that wont be enough to make this show any good, isn't that right, Abel?

    *Abel shakes his head in agreement*

    Abel: Jesting Madness, you have pissed off The Children. The Children, they ask why we are here. Why we are apart of this charade that is Brutality. The Children, they remember the days of DAMNATION. They remember the days where tag teams were the only thing that mattered!

    *Abel soon increases his speaking volume, the crowd not enjoying this at all*

    Abel: Now! We are forced to share the ring with these individuals who care only for themselves, who know nothing of what it means to forge an alliance! The Children, they hate it here, they constantly scream to leave! Slayde! Slayde! Slayde! Let me destroy the individuals!

    *Slayde speaks even as the crowd boos mercilessly*

    Slayde: Soon, Abel. We still have the chance to face them to reclaim what is ours, the EWNCW Blacklist Championships.

    The one thing that solidifies that you are #1. No other belts should matter more in any tag team's career because if you cant hack it in Brutality, you don't deserve to even call yourselves a true tag team much less the best.

    But seeing as how we aren't the ones who currently hold the gold and those laughable excuses of so called men Carlin and Grind do, let's see if they got anything to say...if you don't like what they say feel free to rip their heads off, does that sound fair to you Abel?

    *Abel grins and nods*

    Abel: Oh yes! I love the idea of ripping their heads off!

    *The familiar sound of the champs bursts louder than hell in the arena and the fans don’t hesitate to boo them, despite that Shadows of Madness seem to have turned. This time there are no shenanigans, as they immediately come down the ramp, with a couple of different details: Carlin is maskless and also carries a second barb wire bat! Grind has a velvet-looking, black bag with him. They both run down the ramp and enter the ring, going face to face with them as both teams trash talk each other. Finally, JM retreat so Carlin can get a mic*

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    William Carlin: As you can see, we are ready in case you want to rip our heads off, because you won’t like what I’m going to say, right? So, come and get us if you can!

    *Boos for the declaration of intentions. Carlin addresses the fans:*

    Carlin: Wow, I thought you’d like the idea of the four of us fighting; we’re here for that, not for tea and cookies, right?

    *This gets a mixed reaction, as there are still boos but some people chant “We want a fight!”*

    Carlin: A fight you’ll get, l promise, the problem is, in the end, you know the champs are gonna win!

    *Boos all around*

    Carlin: But now allow me to go straight to business. It is said that Albert Einstein once said that only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and he wasn’t sure about the first. Well, tonight, we have had a lot of stupidity coming from the mouths of the Shadows of Madness and it’s making me sick!

    *Boos follow*

    Carlin: First, you call us excuses of men, when you two are laughable! A man that needs a mask to be considered “sane” and invokes what he calls “The Children” as the reason of his madness? You are making me laugh! Why don’t you grow a pair and admit you just need a straight jacket instead of a horrible looking mask? And by the way, I always wondered who The Children are… Are they the Children of the Corn? Or maybe the Children of the Grave? Or how about my favorites, the Children of the Damned?

    *He then proceeds to make a passable imitation of Bruce Dickinson*

    Carlin: You're Children of the Damned
    Your back's against the wall
    You turn into the light
    You're burning in the night
    You're Children of the Damned
    Like candles watch them burn
    Burning in the light
    You'll burn again tonight
    You're Children of the Damned

    And be sure you’re gonna burn tonight!

    *Crowd dislikes this*

    Carlin: Then you say, and I quote, like Michael Cole, “still have the chance to face them to reclaim what is ours”. Ours indicate possession, and how can you claim possession on something you have never grasped, bought or inherited? Can you give me a rational reason?

    *Silence follows*

    Carlin: Of course you can’t. You may have the feeling that the title belongs to you, that’s legitimate, but it doesn’t make the title “yours”, as you never won it. And I vow that you never will!!!

    *Still, JM are booed like mad*

    Carlin: But the worst thing of them all is that you come out here and bitch about the merger with EWNCW, and how you miss Damnation. Well, let me tell you something: I always said that BWA was a great company, deserved a hell lot of respect, but since you merged with EWNCW, you’ve had a great show only for tag teams like Brutality, and you have been exposed to fans all around the world, taking the BWA legacy beyond itself, thanks to the exposure you’ve get, and without missing a single bit of integrity, so what’s the problem?

    *Surprisingly, there are cheers for this*

    Carlin: You have the chance to further your own legacy at the same time than increasing the levels of greatness achieved by teams like GodMoney and you still have the balls to come out here and bitch about it? To be main eventing in the best e-fed around? Then you don’t deserve to be in a EWNCW ring! So, get the fuck out of here and go rot yourselves as independent circuit jobbers!!! That’s what you deserve!!

    *Incredible, JM get a massive pop!*

    Carlin: You know, this company has been, is, and will be the greatest around. It oozes talent all around, puts great feuds, entertaining matches, and the crowd is freaking electric! Let’s face it, they may not like us, we may not like them, but they cheer and boo all day long, making every weekly show look like MITB 2011 main event!

    *Crowd may not like JM, but they are pleased with the comparison and cheer like mad. Carlin gets advantage and keeps going*

    This is the best fucking company around, and if you have a problem with them, you have a problem with the fans and with us! Since we were competing as individuals, Grind and I have bled EWNCW and now it’s no different. We can be hated by the crowd here and at home, but we’ll defend our company from BS till we die, and now there’s a ton of BS coming from you! We won’t allow it here in EWNCW, and the fans here won’t too, so let me hear it, guys! E-W-N-C-W! E-W-N-C-W!

    *Carlin knows how to work the crowd, as they are fully behind him*

    Carlin: Now, if you have a problem with either the company or us, I suggest you to grow a pair and face us if you dare! Come on!!

    *JM are ready to face SoM, bats in hand. Grind has reached into the bag and spread some tacks between them and SoM before grabbing the bat*

    Grant: You four just can't keep to yourselves! That's it. Tonight you will be going at it in a sneak peak of the Brutality main event for Pain for Treasure. Tonight Jesting Madness will go againts The Shadows of Madness!! At Pain for Treasure you will step in the ring again but this time for the EWNCW Blacklist Championships only this time it will be a Ladder Match!

    Bodom: Well that sounds like a good match! The Jesting Madness of course will have the upper hand, given that they’ve been in a ladder match recently back at Vendetta, when they beat The Jaws of Men to retain their titles.

    Pierce Kingmaker: Sure, but The Shadows of Madness are tough SOB’s, they won’t have a problem dealing with a ladder match!

    Bob Daniels: Looks like that little war from a month ago is still going on! Come back after the break folks for some more action!!

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    Bob Daniels: We’re back here live on EWNCW Supershow folks, and next up, we’re going to get some tag team action, but not from Brutality, but from Rage. Bodom, care to enlighten us as to what this match is all about?

    Bodom: Well we’re going to be seeing The Blue Flash and Chris king teaming up to face Shaz and Arius. Now Arius has been having trouble with The Blue Flash as of late, for example after he started getting involved in his business as he was trying to make a name for himself here. Flash eventually kidknaped Arius’s girl last week and held her ransom until Arius eventually accepted his challenge to a match at Pain for Treasure.

    Pierce Kingmaker: Sounds to me as if Arius might have been scared of Flash until he was forced t accept thatmatch.

    Bod: What? No way!!
    Now King, is finally going to be facing Rage Ignition Champion Shaz at Pain for Treasure anfter Shaz ignored him for weeks. And not only that, but it’s going to be a street fight. A foolish move on the part of ing as he’s the one who proposed this, since we all know about Shaz’s violent background.

    BD: Indeed, a street thug, and a man that’s been to jail as recently as a few weeks ago when he pulled a knife on an EWNCW fan in a nightclub and cut the guy open!!

    Jason McManus: This match is a tag team match scheduled for one fall!! Introducing first, the team of The Blue Flash and Chris King!!

    BD: Here come King and Flash, an exciting and dynamic duo that like to fly around the ring!!

    Bod: I’m confident in saying that they’ll be grounded here tonight, that’s for sure.

    JMcM: And their opponents, being accompanied to the ring by Alice, the team of Arius, and the Rage Ignition Champion, Shaz!!

    PK: As much of a thug that Shaz has been, I like the way he’s held that title you know. He must have something if he’s still the champ!!

    Bod: Arius has also proven to be a very able competitor. After honing his skills in Japan, he’s a very skilled competitor in the ring.

    BD: Well let’s see how this one plays out!!

    Matt- Blue Flash and Jeff- Chris King vs. Edge- Arius and Christian- Shaz
    Start @ 3:00

    End @ 13:27

    *Shaz somehow kicks out, but the Blue Flash sets him up for the Blue Moon running knee. Suddenly, Arius comes out of nowhere with a chair, aiming for the side of Flash's skull, but the superhero sees it coming, ducking and hitting him with a Hostile Termination facebreaker, but Shaz nails him from behind with a Pele Kick! Then, King hits Shaz with massive roundhouse kick to the head. He then grabs him and puts him in to the Figure Four Lock. Shaz struggles for about 25 seconds before giving up and passing out. King then drags a half consious Flash on top of Shaz, for the cover!*


    *King picks Flash up and raises his arm up, and they go to the top of the ramp, where a pained Shaz looks on furiously while Arius is on the outside floor, holding his mouth, being attended to by his lover Alice.*

    BD: King and Flash do it!! They gain some much eeded momentum going into Pain for Treasure there!!

    Bod: That was a fluke, you won’t see thempulling any tricks like that on the ppv!!

    PK: They certainly showed some guts here tonight! A very good match from all 4 competitors there!!

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    Heartbreaker: Cut the music! Cut it! Mitch O'Connor and I have been working our fingers to the bone for EWNCW, we have toiled and toiled away in the dark abyss that is the midcard scene. And Mitchell and I want *Mitch snatches the mic* We DESERVE a title match. We will finally give the tag titles some actual prestige for once, the new assault program has nothing on us. We may be called 'The Upstarts' but believe you me, we are no newbies. The Heartbreaker and I have wrestled in Japan. We have wrestled in Mexico. We have wrestled in the USA. We have wrestled on a trampoline in my childhood back garden, and we still put on a better worked match than the New Assault Program! As a 14 year old kid, I used to run my own wrestling fed. TNW. My little brother and I used to wrestle on an 8 foot trampoline. I used to book the matches, and if I was the booker right now, I would definitely have a match at Pain for Treasure With the headline 'Tag Team Championship Match. The Upstarts vs. New Assault Program (c).

    *Mitch O'Connor takes the mic*

    Mitch: And we all know what the result would be... don't we? *Mimics announcer* Here are your winners AND THE NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS Mitchell O'Connor And The Heartbreaker.... The Upstarts! New Assault Program? Watch. Your. Backs.

    *The Gates of Christ come out interrupting The Upstarts*

    Gates: You sinners deserve nothing but to burn in hell. The Holy Father has foreseen that we will win the Internet Championship from the damned souls known as New Assault Program. It is our destiny to use those titles to spread the word of our lord and savior and rid this place on the sin that lays wake here.

    Christ: Neither of you have what it takes to beat Sean and Criz so leave now and leave that job to the holy prophets. Me and Gates will destroy them and take what is rightfully ours. At Pain for Treasure The Gates of Christ will rid this world of the sinful souls New Assault Program and bring forth a dawn of religious purity.

    D:Hold up and let's cut the craaapp.. oh what ya didn't expect for The Internet Champs to Come out Here and put ya lowlifes in place. Let Me Get tHis Straight The Gates of The Holy Christ are gonna stump our Reign.Nope Don't Think Sooo!

    Just One Time would be needed and those Gates Will Be Locked and All Religious Beliefs Will Stop as you would know it ,Just like The Internet so Was Your Religion and Thoughts created by Man. And Well What Does The New Assault Program Do?..Dominate Every Single man especially those who compete in tag team action. So I Ask Myself If Beating you wouldn't even be a difficult task, Then Even a Easier Feat would be The upstarts that are always upstarting and amounting to nothing!.. it was wonderful hearing the pointless facts of life said by That First untalented upstart ,but the second guy is even worst then him.Thank God (wink,wink), he didn't get on the mic

    *crowd is irate*

    Please Don't Tell Me Those young punks are crowd favorites because as far as I'm concerned the New assault program are the hottest thing going in eWrestling Today!..its Simple Stuff Competition unworthy of a Title ...

    SD: You 4!

    CD: Try to Go against The Superior ...

    SD: US 2!

    CD: So While The Upstart Story was Heartwarming and The Gates of Christ Warning was Whatever you would like to Call it..You 2 Tag Team Duds of EwncW Are Witnessing The Forever InTernet Cham-piooonnnnsss!!!!

    SD: ...And there is Nothing Any of You Could Do About It.

    *gives them a smirk look
    Criz waves them off
    Shines The Belts There Way

    Grant Appears on screen*

    Grant: Here's the deal guys! Upstarts, I have been very impressed with you guys as of late. The Same with The Gates of Christ. So at Pain For Treasure The New Assault Program will take on The Gates of Christ and The Upstarts in a triple threat tag match! But tonight Upstarts, you will take on The Gates of Christ with....Sean Dimension as the special guest referee!

    Terry Murdock: Well we've barely had a chance to speak here and already a match for us here Nick!! And what a match it is!

    Nick Newman: This will be great. We will be right back after this break to see how this one turns out!!

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    Henry Watson: This match is a Tag Team Match set for one fall. The Referee for this match is One half of the EWNCW Internet Champions, Sean Dimension!!

    Terry Murdock: I wonder if he will be able to call this match down the middle.

    Nick Newman: Of course he can!

    Robert Goodman: I guess we will soon find out.

    Henry Watson: On there way to the ring at this time, The Upstarts!!!

    *The Upstarts come to the ring.*

    Henry Watson: and their opponents, the team of Gates of Christ.

    *The Gates of Christ come to the ring spraying the fans with holy water. Gates and The Heartbreaker will start this one off. Both man look at Sean Dimension who is relaxing in a corner. Gates grabs The Heartbreaker by the head and smacks him around. The Heartbreaker throws a few punches but Gates kicks low hitting below the belt. Sean Dimension sees it but couldn't care less.*

    Robert Goodman: What The Hell! That was a low blow plain and simple but Sean doesn't seem to care!

    Nick Newman: Good! He doesn't care because he wants them both to beat the holy hell out of each other.

    *Mitch gets it the ring and starts yelling at Sean telling him to call the bell. Gates hits Mitch with a boot to the face sending him out of the ring. Gates walks over and grabs The Heartbreaker by the leg and drags him to the corner. He tags in Christ who starts stomping on The Heartbreaker. Christ sets The Heartbreaker on the bottom rope and starts choking him. Sean walks over and pushes Christ off. Christ looks at Sean and goes to swing but Sean points to the referee shirt and Christ stops in his tracks.*

    Terry Murdock: Now he wants to do his job?

    Nick Newman: He's the ref and he makes the rules!

    Luke Douglas: Indeed he does. If he wants to pull Gabriel off than he can.

    *Christ grabs The Heartbreaker but gets caught in a roll up pin. Sean Counts rather quick 1..2..kick out! Sean looks pissed and The Heartbreaker looks frustrated. The Heartbreaker gets up and throws a few kicks into the spine off Christ. The Heartbreaker grabs Christ and gets him to his feet. The Heartbreaker hits a snap suplex on Christ and floats over for a pin. 1........2........Kick out. The Heartbreaker gets in Sean's face telling him to dohis job right!*

    Robert Goodman: That may not be the best thing to do.

    Terry Murdock: Indeed he could easily cost them the match.

    *Heartbreaker walks over and tags in Mitch who flys off the top ropes and hits Christ with a springboard dropkick! Mitch runs over and knocks Gates off the apron. Gates lands on his feet and quickly gets in the ring to attack Mitch but gets hit by The Heartbreaker who spears him. Heartbreaker grabs Christ and sets him up in a reverse neckbreaker. Mitch off the top ropes hitting Christ with a dropikick into The Heartbreak Drive! Mitch goes for the pin.1.........2................3*

    Henry Watson: Here are your winners, The Upstarts!

    *Mitch and The Heartbreaker are celebrating when Sean cracks The Heartbreaker in the head with Brass Knuckles. Out from the back comes Criz and the two beat down The Upstarts. Sean sets Mitch on his shoulders while Criz goes to the top ropes Sean hits The Electric Chair Drop as Cris flys off hits The Dimension!*

    Terry Murdock: What in the blue hell was that for?

    Nick Newman:
    They are sending a message duh.

    Luke Douglas: And That message was we won't be losing our titles any time soon!

    Robert Goodman: We'll be right back!

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    *We cut backstage to see Jonathan Sanchez standing by*

    Jonathan Sanchez: Please join me in welcoming my guest at this time, The International Champion, King Strem!
    Now King, you already have 2 people facing you at Pain for Treasure in the shape of Broc Flucker and Billy McCoy, how do you rate them as competition to your title, and how do you rate their chances at the ppv?

    Strem: Johnathan, this sunday, I am going to be facing two men that I can not stand. One of them being Broc, I do not know much about Broc except that he has no business running in here and starting a ruckus with the king. The other one is an old friend of mine Billy McCoy. Billy and I have been going after each others throats. His reasoning is that he never got his rematch for the title, he says he is sick and tired of the same guys winning and he bitches and moans about it all the time. My reasoning is I want to shut him up. He makes me sick, all the whining, I tell you, I wasn't expecting to be dealing with a kid this early in my life, a sniffling boo hoo baby bitch. How do I rate my chances for Sunday against them? Very high. No way I am losing this match at all.

    JS: That may be the case at this moment in time, but now, with the later gauntlet match that's scheduled, Mark Dimension also has the chance to also enter the match at the ppv. Should he win, that will surely lower your odds of emerging as champ even further!

    Strem: Are you kidding me? Lower my chan....WHERE DID YOU LEARN TO DO INTERVIEWS? Jesus, listen, Mark is a deranged man who lost his mind when he could not grasp the fact that I am the only one to have beat him fair and square, or at all. You think is going to lower my chances of winning? Here is a bit of a spoiler for you, I wanted this. You add Mark into the mix with Billy, Broc, and I, and you have the best solution to this whole situation. I have grown oh so sick and tired of these three fucking low lives trying to take my baby from me and I was wondering what is the best way to handle this, well, the possibility of a fatal four is the best way. I will have all three of them in the ring at the same time, and this time, there will be no running from the king, there will be a judgement day for all three of them, and it comes Sunday.

    JS: Ok, and how about tonight, do you have any plans to compete on the Supershow?

    Strem: I am here ready to compete with anyone from rage, inferno, even brutality. I have...

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “I doubt this so-called “champion” desiderates any competition. Preserving a session of cowardly opulence would accurately replicate his parsimonious aim. ”

    *There is a sudden rise of tension and suspense in the atmosphere as a wide-eyed Jonathan Sanchez and an irate King Strem turn to their left to see the man who felt obligated to interrupt Strem’s promo, the Evolution Champion, Ronaldo Romulus. Ronaldo has his belt slung over his left shoulder and keeps it in place with the aid of his left hand grasping at the bottom of the strap. When the outspoken Brazilian finally makes his presence in front of the camera, filming the events unfolding, Strem walks right in front of him and glares at him. Ronaldo returns a more stygian gaze but quickly breaks it in favor of looking at Strem’s championship.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “Not even I could solace the masses of their desolation bred from the startling tangibility of such a recreant possessing the International Championship. One, such as I, endorses antagonism. Take for instance, my most recent title defense at Glory to the Brave. A 6 man elimination match would dishearten most but my aplomb never diminished, rather, it………

    Strem: You think you have a harder time over there? You have to deal with an annoying pestering Ryan Wells, I'll give you that. Try having three of them however, try defeating a man who has never been defeated before, oh wait, you can't, because I already beat him. Try taking all of your enemies on at once, coming out the winner, and then you can come talk to me. You know, this gives me an idea, why don't we swap opponents tonight? You can take on Billy McCoy (And his whining if ya know what I mean,) and I will take on Ryan Wells, sounds like a top bill good time eh Ronnie?

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    "I concede to your request."

    *Ronaldo simply walks off down the corridor as King Strem looks oon with an angry look of determination in his face.*

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    BD: Ladies and gentleman, here comes our EWNCW Champion, “The Saint” Krystian Krysys, who last week gave Thunder more punishment after being out-foxed by him again.

    PK: Out-foxed? Out-foxed?! If this was out-foxing I must out-fox the door when I walk through it. Tommy Thunder is such an egotist, he has to keep prying away at the champions confidence just so he has a chance of winning this Sunday!

    Bod: He’s changing, from what I saw at the last PPV, Thunder is confusing him, but not controlling him. He’s setting himself up for a downfall, and Krysys may become a true superhouse.

    *Krysys walks out to a mixture of cheers and a few boos as he smirks. He is now donning a bleach blond hair color, and long shorts. He walks to the ring holding the EWNCW Championship, slightly dragging it across the ring which only serves to annoy the fans more.*

    Krysys: Oh, so now you boo me? Ha! Just a few weeks ago you all cheered for me, celebrated my victory over the fishman and the walking thunderstorm! Now suddenly I have changed? You don't like my attitude? Please.. I am the same person I have always been, you are just to blinded by Thunder to notice!

    *Krysys smirks as a few kids in the first row, wearing Tommy Thunder T-Shirts boo him*

    Krysys: Excuse me ma'am, how can you let your kids wear the clothing of a man as arrogant and manipulative, as Thunder?

    Woman: Well I don't think...

    Krysys: Don't think. That's the problem with all of you, you don't think. You cheer for a man like Thunder, who plays games, a man who uses cheap tricks to get his way, or do I need to remind you all what he did just two weeks ago?

    *The crowd cheers for Tommy Thunder, as "New Champ" chants break out. This seems to anger Krysys as he screams into the mic.*

    Krysys: New Champ!? Who are you kidding? For weeks I have jumped through every damn hoop that jackass has put in front of me! Tommy Thunder will not be walking out of Pain for Treausre as EWNCW Champion! If I have it my way... He won't be walking out of Pain for Treasure at all!

    *Krysys slams the mic down and does the "X" in the center of the ring with a smirk*

    Krysys: *Shouts* He can't beat me!



    Bod: What he said.

    *Thunder emerges at the top of the ramp and poses to the crowd to a big reception! He makes his way down the ramp interacting with some lucky front row patrons of EWNCW. He then climbs the steel steps and poses on the turnbuckle as the crowd pop big! He then drops down to the ring, and goes to get a mic from the other side, smiling at Krysys as he does so. He then stands opposite him and prepares to speak.
    After the music stops, he just stares at Krysys for a while, holding the mic to his mouth, and Krysys can be heard shouting "What?! You wanna say something?!"*

    TT: You ummmm, you seem a little mad there Krystian. Is there something bothering you? Is there something bothering you here? Ohhhh, yeah that's right, there is something bothering you isn't there...... I'm bothering you!!

    *crowd cheer*

    TT: Yeah, I'm bothering you, in the sense that I'm popular, and you're not!! It bothers you that all these fans appreciate me, because I appreciate them!!

    *crowd cheer*

    TT: It bothers you that they're wearing Tommy Thunder t-shirts, and not Krystian Krysys t-shirts. It bothers you that they're chanting for me, and not you. It bothers you that they want me to be the champion and not you!!

    *crowd cheer as Krystian's frown deepens*

    TT: But most of all, it bothers you that I am simply better than you, and it really bothers you that, whether you like it or not, I will walk out of Pain for Treasure as the new EWNCW Champion.

    *crowd cheer*

    TT: You talk about how you've been jumping through hoops and such, well yeah, of course you have. You've been jumping through my hoops while wearing a dress and to the accompaniment of my flute for all you know!!
    Just to let you know, you didn't actually wear a dress while doing it, but you could have!! Because you would have if I had asked you too!! And you know why? Because of that big piece of gold there in your hand. The EWNCW Championship. You're so blinded by that title, you're blind to the real challenge that lies in front of you!!
    Yeah, you've proven yourself worthy over these past few weeks, but you know what else you've proven? You've proven to all these fans here that you're on ungrateful son of a bitch, and a first class jackass!!

    *crowd pop big*

    You've proven that you've got the skills Krystian, you've proven that you're ready to be a champion, but don't think for one second that that is going to stop me from beating the living hell out of you at the ppv and take back the title that is rightfully mine.

    *Thunder gets in the face of Krysys*

    Bod: Here we go! The one of the greatest of all time, the World Heavyweight Champion, TBOZ!

    BD: It’ll be interesting to see what he thinks about this.

    TBOZ: I’m not interrupting, am I?

    You see, I’ve been looking over this little scuffle of yours and has left me somewhat perplexed. Thunder, I know you are an egotist, almost as much as myself, but I didn’t think of you as a person to attempting playing mind games, as confusing as they may be.

    All you have done is allow poor young Krysys to become deluded of his own worth, when he could be a bigger champion, certainly than you were, yet you can’t bear to set him free.

    But let’s be honest here, I’m the real champion of mind games, I have the finesse and delicacy to simply place an idea, and allow it to grow. Much like I have with Seraphim, who so much believes he can win, yet there is a little doubt seeping through the cracks.

    Double T, it’s all about subtlety. You couldn’t be more subtle if we strapped firework and shot you from a cannon. I can’t wait to see him beat you at Pain for Treasure, and then I can suffocate what life is left in Seraphim, and remain World Heavyweight Champion.

    Because, at the PPV, he will never wake u….

    Bod: Not this guy…

    BD: And here comes Seraphim!


    Seraphim: TBOZ, you come out here with your big bravado here again, and fail to hit the mark.

    First, you complain about Thunder, when that’s Thunder just being Thunder. It’s what he’s famous for, and that’s why he’s so popular.

    Second, you say that you have gotten into the voices in my head. You are wrong, my head and conscious is clear, and the difference between you and Tommy is that his mind games seemed to have worked!

    *Gets in TBOZ’s face*

    And finally, you go on about how I’ll never wake up and you’ll win this Sunday. Well, TBOZ, I think you are in for a rude, and painful, surprise come Sunday when I take that belt from your waist.

    *Appearing on the titantron is both Inferno and Rage GM’s Nathan Staples and John Cleverly*

    NS: Gentleman, I think we’ve heard enough.

    JC: That’s right, and we have come up for a plan for you lot this evening.

    NS: So, Krysys, you will be teaming up with TBOZ.

    JC: And Seraphim, you will be tagging with Tommy Thunder, as you face off in a tag match!

    *Big pop from the crowd*

    NS: Wait a minute John, I have an idea!

    JC: Go on….

    NS: Tonight, the team of Seraphim and Tommy Thunder will join Jesting Madness!

    JC: Ah I see! And TBOZ and Krysys will team up with The Shadows of Darkness!

    NS: To form one hell of a main event!

    JC: I suggest you go to the back, boys, time to put on a show!


    Bod: Get out the popcorn and get ready to sit back and watch!! That’s one hell of a main event right there!!

    PK: I can’t wait!! The top talents from all 3 brand all in one match!! Sparks will fly!!

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    *We cut backstage to see ‘Cowboy’ Bill Buxley standing by*

    'Cowboy' Bill Buxley: Howdy y'all, 'Cowboy' Bill buxley here, and joining me at this time is the number one contender for the Rage Ignition Championship; chris king!!
    So tell me Chris, what were you thinking challenging Shaz to a street fight at Pain for Treasure? I mean we're talking about a guy who's been to jail for assault as recently as a few weeks back here! Surely you're concerned about that?

    King: Not in the very least, his troubles are his troubles and they don't make me question my resolve to defeat him at Pain for Treasure. I work harder than most people realize and because of it I'm often an underdog. I don't care for that, I know I can and will defeat Shaz at Pain for Treasure.

    BB: How will you attempt to combat Shaz's street like, thug like approach to in-ring competition? He's surely well schooled in the use of weapons. Have you been doing any special training?

    King: I learned the right way and the only weapons I need are these fists, which I'll use to knock out Shaz but don't get me wrong with the variety of weapons I'm sure will come into play perhaps a chair shot to the skull of Shaz will be in the foreseeable future.

    BB: What are your thoughts on tonight's tri-brand Supershow?

    King: It's interesting to say the least. A lot people I've wanted to meet and work with are here tonight so I might just ........

    *King is knocked off his feet by the onrushing Shaz, who then goes to mount King and rain down punches upon him. He then gets up and starts stomping the living hell out of him as he whithers in pain on the floor.
    He eventually lets off.*

    Shaz: Ha! Chris King! You have made the biggest mistake of your life! You have challenged me in a Street Fight! A match of my specialty! You will regret everything you have just done! I swear to god I will beat the shit out of you! I'll injure you so bad! That you'll suffer the same fate that Ricky and the other 'Shaz hater' suffered!

    *looks into camera*

    Shaz: And all you people won't be able to stop me! Do you know why? Because I am invincible! I am the best wrestler in the EWNCW! King won't be able to stop me!

    *looks back at the fallen King*

    Shaz: King, at Pain for Treasure, I'll make you regret messing with me! I will retain my EWNCW Rage Ignition Champion! I am the EWNCW Rage Ignition Champion for a reason! This is because I defeated you and that other nobody Damien Bloodstone!

    *looks into camera again*

    Shaz: I promise to all you pricks that I'll defeat THIS nobody! You imbeciles think I'm a criminal? So I'm taking all my anger on King! And now all you imbeciles will also regret messing with the ultimate Shaz! No one can take me down! Not even The Four Horseman! Not even the strongest alliance in wrestling history! I have made this company better than the rest! And I'll prove that by defeating Chris King! Cause I am the Best in the World at what I do! And there is nothing! And I mean NOTHING! That can take that away from me! PUNK!

    *Shaz storms off as some medics finally come to check on King*

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    Bob Daniels: Up next we have Mark Dimensions competing in a gauntlet match! As said earlier by Inferno GM Nathan Staples, if Mark defeats all the opponents, he will go through to fight for the International Championship at Pain for Treasure.

    Jason McManus: This next match is a gauntlet match! The challenger will have to defeat 3 opponents, one after the other, to come out the victor. Introducing the challenger, from the interior of the exterior, Mark Dimensions!

    Pierce Kingmaker: And here comes this monster. You know, what really annoys me about Dimensions is his auora that he still thinks he’s unbeatable. King Strem has killed that pretty quick, he needs to pull his head out.

    Bodom: I see your point, Pierce, but he’s still one hell of a customer to deal with, and dangerous, and I expect him to win tonight.

    JMcM: And his first opponent, from South Park, Colorado, Mint Berry Crunch!

    PK: Well, if this is the calibre of opponent, I think I agree with you Bodom

    (Mark = Ryback / MBC = Slater)

    BD: And he is through to the second opponent!

    PK: That hardly scratched him!

    JMcM: Here comes the second opponent, Captain Amazing!

    Bod: This gets even worse, you might as well gift him the spot!

    (Mark = Kane / Cap Am = Wang Yang)

    BD: Mark advances to the final opponent!

    Bod: Can it at least be a challenge!?

    JMcM: And his final opponent, from Osaka, Japan, Bam!

    PK: This is a little more like it! At least it won’t be a training exercise for Mark to finish with.

    Bod: This guy’s got credentials, he’s a former world title contender and remember, he beat one Tommy Thunder at Destiny’s Calling!! This is a real test!!

    (Mark = Kane / Bam = Ziggler)

    (Stop at 7:11)

    BD: Mark’s energy is sapping, he could lose!

    *Mark struggles, but finds one last bit of strength to fling Bam off his back, into a vicious chokeslam*

    PK: Oh my!

    Bod: Somebody call his momma, he’s fighting on Sunday!




    JMcM: Here is your winner, Mark Dimensions!

    BD: And he has done it! Mark has passed with flying colours and is in the International Title match this Sunday!

    PK: Well, it wasn’t as challenging as first conceived, but he has managed to defeat 3 opponents tonight, and that’s no mean feat.

    Bod: He has a mic in hand! Why? Lord only knows since nobody understands him half the time!!

    Dimension: Did You See Those Duds!...That Was Stremly. That Was Broc. That Was Billy BoB!
    Defeated Have Been Many By MD, G.O.D. at Work Is Not One to Fuck With!
    Because as You Can Seeeee ITS FLATLINE! .. no Test To Pass.
    I Am The Physical Test That My Future 3 Targets Would need to Ace!
    But As I Stand STronger and Angrier Then Before, How Would You Ever Do That Exact.
    Pain and Punishment has Forever Been Here and Its TiMe , TiMe To ReGain What Will Be Mine!...Hence, MARK of The Beast.

    *Veins are bulging and eyes are red
    making the Title Sign around his waist*
    Never have you seen somebody that looks this Crazy*

    BD: I have literally never seen someone look that crazy!

  10. #650
    *We cut backstage to the GM's office*

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