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    EWNCW Inferno

    Bob Daniels: Good evening Ladies and Gentleman and welcome to Thursday Night Inferno! We come to you live, from beautiful Detroit, Michigan, and we are just four days separated from what was a magnificent PPV in Vendetta. Here joining me to watch the backlash, it’s Pierce Kingmaker.

    Pierce Kingmaker: I would never call Detroit beautiful, but thanks Bob. We had one hell of a PPV, there is so many questions that need answers. What did Lansdale mean at the end of his match with Mike Hawk? Can Mark Dimensions even walk? And the biggest of all, what the hell was Tommy Thunder thinking in our main event!?

    BD: Hopefully some of those questions will be answered tonight Pierce, or maybe more questions will be posed!

    PK: Well here’s someone who would like some serious answers!

    BD: Yes and it is new EWNCW Champion, Krystian Krysys! Now, Krysys might be wearing the gold, but he won in controversial circumstances, when Tommy Thunder was the only man standing, he dragged Krysys over Gillz to get the win.

    PK: It was so strange, almost like time stood still, and Tommy seemed to be saying something as he did it. I just was in utter shock, he needs to come out and explain his actions!

    BD: I hope he will!

    PK: I hope he does too, for the sake of my sanity!

    *Krysys walks out carrying the EWNCW Championship, he stops at the ramp and does the "X" as fireworks go off, they conclude with XXX fireworks going off before Krysys walks down to the ring saying hi to all the kids. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic, he goes to say something but lifts the title in the air as the fan cheer*

    Krysys: Man, that is a feeling I am not used to at all! I have gotta tell ya, the events of Vendetta are a still a blur to me. I don't remember much, I remember getting my ass kicked *laughs* but then I woke up and was being handed the EWNCW Championship!

    *Raises the belts as the crowd cheers*

    So after the match I went backstage and people everywhere were congratulating me on winning this

    *looks down at the championship*

    It wasn't until a couple hours later that I learned what happened.

    *crowd is silent*

    Krysys: It seems Thunder is the reason I have this shiny new belt, and while I am thrilled to be EWNCW Champion, and more importantly the only Straight Edge Champion in EWNCW history! I am a bit confused as to why Thunder would do this.

    *Krysys walks around a bit as the crowd cheers and he just smiles*

    Krysys: I think you guys are happier than I am! Well anyways, I thought long and hard about why Thunder would do this, but I just can't figure it out, so I wanna hear it from the man himself, so Tommy, get out here bro. Let’s talk about this.

    *Krysys waits to see, before looking at the announce table and smiling before looking back at the entrance ramp*

    BD: Not the person who he was asking for, but a person nonetheless!

    Gillz: Krysys, I am angry. You want to know why? I lost my title. I’ll keep this brief.

    You, you low-life scum, will have to face me in my rematch, tonight. So don’t get too attached to the gold.

    PK: Those are fighting words!

    BD: He does have a rematch clause, being a former champion, so he has the right to a return shot!


    PK: He’s here to set the record straight!

    Nathan Staples: I’ll address both of your problems one at a time gentlemen. Krysys, you want Tommy to explain? Well, I think we all want answers to what happened this past Sunday. I have sources telling me he is on his way to the arena, and will be with us momentarily.

    Gillz, you are right. As the former champion, you have that classic rematch clause. And if you want it tonight, you can have it tonight. In tonight’s main event, it will be Krysys versus Gillz for the EWNCW Championship!

    BD: What a main event!

    PK: Krysys’ first title defence, can he hold the title longer than a couple of days?!

    BD: I think he can Bob, he’s shown he can beat Gillz twice already!

    PK: Let’s hope that he can do it a third time, or we’d have another Christian on our hands!

    BD: That’s right, his name is Krystian Krysys! But that makes no sense…

    PK: Do you not watch WWE, Bob?

    BD: Watch what?

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    JMcM: This match is set for one fall! Introducing first, Andy Cannon!

    BD: And here comes Andy Cannon, who at Vendetta broke free of all things that had to deal with the surgeon general.

    PK: Yeah he destroyed Surgeon General in the ring and then Surgeon General got destroyed by a hooded figure. Some mysterious things there Bob-O

    BD: I’d say Pierce, and Cannon has a microphone, lets listen in.

    Andy Cannon: Ya know today, like every day since I beat Surgeon General has been amazing. For far too long I was drugged, beaten, tortured, & basically anything else you can do to a man without killing him. Those freaks did things to me I wouldn't wish on al-Qaeda or Hitler. Every day I look in the mirror I see the scars of who they made me. But that's okay, I'm fine with that. No, I really don't look normal any more but I decided there's no normal life, it's just life. Therefore, I've had to get on with it.

    See that mirror does me a lot more good than it does harm because I've realized that mirror don't tell the whole story. It can't tell you what I've overcome, but I can. I defeated those demons I never thought I'd get away from. When I look in the mirror I can see the remains of Captain Howdy but more & more I see Andy Cannon. The scars on my body give me proof that I can be victorious over ANYTHING.

    So today I stand in front of you people a free man. Nothing or no one to hold me back & I'm loving it. It's about time everybody got to see who I really am. I'm not that heartless freak the Collective wanted you to think I am. I got morals, I'm a real person. I did what I had to do & now I can do what I want to do.

    All I've wanted to do since I got here was wrestle some real talent & put some gold around my waist. Starting right now, I'm on my way to the top. Speed bumps don't exist to me. I'm ready to face anybody because I know there's some real talent here in EWNCW. Not gonna lie, I can be dangerous & a free, dangerous Andy Cannon is not what you want. Sooner rather than later I will be a champion. So mark it on ya calendar or put it in ya notebook, I'm on my way. Make no mistake...

    BD: WOW, what inspirational and strong words from Andy Cannon, he sounds like he knows what he wants here in EWNCW

    PK: He is looking to go to the top, and he won’t let anyone stop him.

    JMcM: And his opponent, Bill Richards!

    BD: And here comes Bill Richards, who now seems to be part of a faction with Arthur Lansdale. What you think of that Pierce?

    PK: I think it is going to be slow to catch on, I mean there is only two of them right now but these two young men are strong, charismatic, and can dish out an beating you will never forget, it will be exciting to watch.

    (Cannon = Gabriel / Richards = Slater)

    Ignore Interference stop at 4:11

    BD: A huge kick to Richards on the top rope as he comes crashing down hard

    PK: That sounded like it knocked a few teeth loose

    BD: And what is this, Cannon is going to the top rope, he looks like he is going to do something big here.

    PK Of course he is, he is on the top rope, HE'S GONNA FLY

    BD: And Cannon hits an inverted swanton like dive on Richards

    PK: I'm gonna call it the "Cannon Bomb"

    BD: Here is the cover 1...2...3! It's over! Cannon pulling out the win with the impressive "Cannon Bomb" as Pierce calls it

    PK: I am trade marking it Bob

    BD: And you would think lansdale would be mad at Richards losing but he seems to have a grin on his face like something pleased him

    PK: Look out for Lansdale, something may be up his sleeve.
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    BD: Well, here he is, no doubt to complain again, it’s Johnny Rose!

    PK: He looks irate to me; he’s going to blow a gasket here tonight!

    Johnny Rose: "Let me tell you guys a little story... When I was younger and growing up on a farm I was taught by my Father to tough it out no-matter what. The only time a tear should fall from your eye is when somebody in your family has moved on to a place in the sky above. I was taught to grit my teeth and throw some punches. It was all apart of his plan to help me become a better man when I got old like him. I used those lessons to push my career forward. All of you may spit on the sheer thought of my choices through the existing parts of my well-documented life, but I view them simply as intelligent FORTUNES. I do not give a damn about anyone but myself. You fans mean nothing to me, and everyone backstage means nothing to me.

    ~Johnny Rose smiles while his eyes dawned over his two championships.~

    These two purrdy things right here?! Oh hell yes!!! These mean the world to me; More than any of you will ever come to understand or realize how tremendous the feeling of holding THIS MUCH gold can feel to one man. Sweet Jones is only holding on to half of the weight I have to lug around over my own two shoulders day after day. He might have the ability to humiliate me, but I have the ability to finish the War. Screw winning the battle!! I am going after the big grand daddy of it all!! ... You guessed it... The other half of the Ignition Championship. Now you all might be sick and tired of Jones and I facing off but I could give two shits less about what you all think.. I will keep facing off against Jones until' he finally drops to his knees in a losing effort.

    Now this brings my mind to another fortunate thing that had happened to me recently. I woke up in my hotel room this morning, and just as I went to go leave my room for a day full of adventures I stepped on a crumbled piece of a 50 dollar bill. Now these are very rare. There actually aren't that many of them around and they look very beautiful to the eyes. So I pick up this dollar bill and I hold it in my hand as I leave the hotel ONLY to run into a homeless man on the streets. He begged me for my money and I felt urged to help him out. But then I noticed he was wearing a torn up Sweet Jones T-Shirt and I decided to ram my foot into his throat instead, and took his small little can of money so I could buy a subway sandwhich on my way to the arena here tonight. Sweet Jones.... You should take a lesson from your FAN and fork over that other half of the Ignition Championship before somebody else gets hurt."

    ??: Woah, woah, woah. Hold up there a minute "Jo Ro"!

    *Crowd Boos and Sweet Jones Steps Out Onto The Stage With a Mic in Hand*

    Jones: Are you seriously trying to say that you were the better man in that match? News flash bud- who was the one left laying motionless in the ring, and who was the man lifting the Ignition Title in the air? If memory serves me correctly you were the one laying there in pain while I was celebrating, I was holding my title, I was showing once again why I deserve this title!

    *Crowd Boos*

    Jones: Rose, you keep claiming that you were "almost back into the ring"... But you didn't make it. Close doesn't cut it when you're fighting for a championship. And just know- if it was me in that position I would've gotten into the ring no problem. I wouldn't have let an opportunity like that slip through my fingers! But then again I'm no normal man. I am the most charismatic, athletic, entertaining, naturally gifted man in this entire industry. My matches are works of art. I am just so damn sick of being so damn sick.

    *Crowd Chants "YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!"*

    Jones: I suck? Oh, so now I suck? Is that why I have this!?!

    *Jones raises the Ignition Title high over his head but the crowd just boos louder*

    Jones: Rose, we need to settle this once and for all. I'm so done with fighting you, done with having to constantly wrestle such a mediocre talent, and done with "sharing" the title that belongs around this chiseled waist! We need to finish this!

    *Crowd Pops*

    Jones: And this time I guaran-damn-tee I will walk out the undisputed, unquestioned and unbeatable EWNCW Inferno Ignition Champion!!!

    *Mixed Reaction*

    Jones: This time you won't get some fluke double count out, or some stupid crap like that. I will not stop fighting, I will not stop beating on you, and I will not stop hurting you until that bell rings, my hand is raised, and I am handed the one true Inferno Ignition Title. I deserve this title- I know it, you know it, and the entire world knows it. I work my ass off every damn week, I put on show after show, I am an artist in this ring. I honestly hate the fact that I am compared to you. We're just not in the same league. My moves are beautiful, devastating and professional. You are just sloppy and reckless. You don't deserve any title, let alone my title. So be ready Rose. Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock. Your time with that title belt is coming to a close.

    *Jones smirks and the crowd gives a mixed reaction, not sure who to support in this situation*

    PK: Why is he out here!?

    BD: There must be a reason, he did win an opportunity at Vendetta to challenge for the Ignition Title, maybe he is to make his intentions clear.

    *As his music hits Ali Kazam appears standing on the announce table holding a microphone. Meanwhile in the ring, Jones and Rose have stopped their bitching and are staring at the stage waiting for Ali to appear*

    Ali: Hey champ, over here.

    *Both Jones and Rose turn to face Ali. Jones turns back to Rose*

    Jones: I’m the champ, he was talking to me, chump.

    *Rose turns back to Jones*

    Rose: No, He was talking to me!

    Jones: No, M---

    *Jones is suddenly unable to open his mouth because as if by magic his lips now stuck together, Rose starts laughing.*

    Rose: Y---

    *His mouth too is now forced shut. Ali is laughing and the crowd is cheering as Jones and Rose mumble strange sounds through their closed mouths.*

    Ali: Sorry about that boys but, I didn’t come out here just to listen to you two continue arguing. No, I’m out here to remind you of what I accomplished at Vendetta. You see I managed to somehow “convince” our GM to give me a chance. He gave me a chance and I wasn’t about to waste it. I won the open challenge and have magically been granted a shot at the Ignition title.

    *The crowd love this kid and are chanting his name*

    Ali: I could wait to see which one of you beats the other for the belt, but where’s the fun in that? No I don’t want to wait, I want to challenge for the title next week. Obviously I can only challenge one of you for the gold and since you two can’t decide who I should face I’m going to let the crowd decide who I face. Here’s how it is gonna work I’ll say each of your names and my wonderful fans will boo each of you in turn. Whoever gets booed the loudest, well I’m going to make their title reign disappear next week. So let’s see who I’m facing, shall we?

    *The crowd give Ali a massive cheer*

    Ali: Should I face Lolly Jones?

    *The crowd erupt in boos for Jones who jumps around and throws a fit in the ring unable to argue with what Ali has said*

    Ali: Well Jones that was some pretty loud boos there, they must really hate you. So that’s Jones, what about the other title holder? Should I face Jo Ro next week?

    *Again the crowd roars it’s boos, this time in Rose’s direction.*

    Ali: Well, they were both pretty loud. I couldn’t tell the difference by ear. Oh well, I guess that was a bad idea. It seems the crowd just doesn’t like either of you. But who do they hate more? Okay, now I have an idea. I need each member of the audience to think of whom they want me to face. Don’t say a word, just think it. I’ll give you a few more seconds to think of it........... okay that should be long enough I think. Now If I could direct your attention to the screen, your thoughts have been counted up and the results should appear any moment.

    *Everyone turns to look at the Titantron and a thought meter appears

    ROSE – 5%
    JONES – 4%

    Ali: Really? That’s what you thought? Well, I gotta do what the crowd wants. Next week here on Inferno Ali Kazam goes one on one with Stacy Keibler!

    *The crowd erupt in cheers!*

    Ali: I’m sorry guys, but we can’t do that I’m sorry. However Rose did have more votes than Jones so next week on Inferno I want to face Rose for the title, see you next week Jo Ro!

    *Ali Kazam vanishes and suddenly Jones and Rose can use their mouths again and they both start rubbing their jaws.*

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    BD: Well, you heard it from Kazam, next week he cashes in his title opportunity to face Johnny Rose for his Ignition Title!

    PK: He should have waited his turn, they still haven’t sorted who is the proper champion yet, why murky the waters?

    BD: He must think his best chance is now! Up now though, Johnny Rose is still in the ring ready for a match!

    PK: Is this guy ever going to prove something to us?

    BD: Well, Kryptonite certainly has a chance to do so tonight against Rose, who must still be trying to comprehend defending his title next week. Can he seize on the chance?

    (Rose = Morrison / Kryptonite = R-Truth)

    (Stop at 12:51)

    BD: Rose has knocked Kryptonite off the top rope!

    *Rose turns around, and delivers a perfect moonsault*





    JMcM: Here is your winner, Johnny Rose!

    BD: He picks up the win tonight, but can he do it next week and keep his Ignition Title!

    PK: Of course he can, the fact that Kazam thinks he can is preposterous. It should be a nice beating handed to the magician!

    BD: We shall see next week Pierce, it’s something to look forward to!


    Erica Generica: Ladies and gentleman, I welcome with me at this time, Broc Flucker.

    *boos as Broc enters*

    EG: Broc, what's your reaction to winning at Vendetta?

    *Broc takes the mike from Erica*

    Broc: My reaction? My reaction is, I told you so... I told you all from day one what my intentions were ever since walking into this company, but you all ignored me. You ignored me as if I were some Mint Berry Crunch, or Ram Jam or something. I warned all of you that I would be on the rise, but yet you all decided to focus on "the bigger is better is badder is bigger is a piece of shit wrestler"- Billy McCoy. Well I can guarantee you, no one will be ignoring me from this point forward.

    Especially Billy McCoy. You see, ever since I came in, just like you folks, Billy McCoy has doubted me. He picked up a cheap win against a guy who hadn't wrestled in over 4 months, and thought he was the baddest thing on earth. Well Billy, I've had my time to regain my god gifted athleticism, greatness, power, speed, and any other cool little positive adjective you can think of since then, and ever since then, you haven't beaten me once.

    Like I've told you Billy, I will be a world champion in EWNCW, I will not stop until I am the supremacy of EWNCW. I am the motor that never stops running, the light that keeps flicking, the athlete who keeps running, the unstoppable force in EWNCW, Broc Flucker. You will all remember the name.

    BD: Big words from Broc!
    TBOZ - Current EWNCW Evolution Champion - 28/05/2013

    Former EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion - 06/03/2012 - 04/07/2012

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    BD: Looking forward to later tonight, we have Krysys vs Gillz for the EWNCW Championship!

    PK: I can’t wait, Krysys could be the shortest title holder ever!

    BD: I doubt it, but we have still plenty to go through this evening!

    BD: Better is getting bigger, it’s Billy McCoy!

    PK: He took a hard loss on Sunday, but he is a fighter, and I’m starting to see a little comeback from this kid.

    BD: Agreed, some will say he stalled for a while, but he looks to be moving back into top McCoy gear!

    *McCoy's video plays on the titontron as the fans cheer simply at his music hitting McCoy walks onto the stage the camera shot is low angle and from behind to show McCoy's 6ft 3inch frame walk towards the sea of excited humanity, at the top of the arena the lights makes glareing "x's" in the air. McCoy shows the effects of his match with Broc, a almost invisible limp and pausing to grab his quadraceps. McCoy stops at the top of the ramp looks out at his crowd slightly rolling his shoulders,
    and churning his wrists. McCoy is wearing a pair of brown chinos, some nike designer trainers, a EWNCW T-Shirt and a dinner jacket, think; CM Punk smart casual. McCoy tenses his biceps two young ladies in the front scream and do a little jump of excitement, McCoy gives them a smile. McCoy walks up the steps, stops with his left hand on the ringpost and surveys the pulstating crowed. McCoy steps through the ropes walks directly to the corner facing the crowed mounts it and salutes his audience McCoy walks diagonaly across the ring to retrieve the microphone, clapping the found crowed. McCoy walks to the centre of the ring and stops!*

    BMcC: Thursday Night Inferno!!!!

    *crowed goes nuts*


    *crowed irrupts again*

    Right now I feel that I have gone through a War, a casam of brutality and that was all at the hands of Broc Flucker, Broc people think we don’t like each other, but I like you a hell of a lot more than most of the other guys in the back, because you say it like it is, Your gonna spear me, Your gonna jump me from behind, your going to spit on me but that’s fine because you tell me that before hand! And that’s a being a man that’s walking around with your guts hanging out. It was an honour my brother. Broc you were right, you are going to go far in this business!

    But I am here tonight for one reason! Because there is a man who is 64 years old, who works in the EWNCW Archives, he wakes up at 7 am and works till 5 pm just to pay the bills he goes home at night has a microwave meal and a cheap beer, he puts his last $2 into the electric meter so he can sit back and watch on VHS, Great INTERNATIONAL Championship matches!

    Seth Farrell vs TJ Hawkes vs Tommy Thunder
    Tommy Thunder vs Billy McCoy
    Billy McCoy vs Krysys vs Seth Farrell vs Mark Dimensions
    Next week he will watch Billy McCoy vs Mark Dimensions from Fallout 2011! God knows that was the last Great International Championship Match!

    Simply because ever since then one man has savaged the reputation of this division, King Strem!. now boy I know you’re a rookie but let me tell you about this championship. Its about Honour, Respect and being a warrior but ABOVE ALL…ABOVE ALL Its about the wrestling.

    *Fans Chant for McCoy*

    Yet all you have done is moan and bitch and try to cause problems and mar the reputation of this organization. And you think nobody is going to stand in your way, well to coin a phrase “I Don’t think so!”

    *McCoy leans on the ropes*

    Strem, EWNCW Universe! I WANT MY TITLE BACK!!!

    *McCoy kicks the bottom rope repeatedly the crowed is in a frenzy*

    Ohh that’s right the blood is rushing around my body once more! I want the EWNCW International Championship!

    So that belt can once again know Honour, It can know Respect, It can know about being a Warrior!

    And the world will know, BETTER IS BIGGER!!!

    Henceforth King Strem I am challenging you to a match, If I win I get a shot at the International Championship!!!

    BD: A big call from the big man, what will the answer be?

    PK: And here comes the champ! He pulled off a feat I thought I would never see this past Sunday!

    BD: It was spectacular, mesmerising, and will be on EWNCW DVD’s and footage for years to come, I’d be surprised if Mark could walk again.

    King Strem: " are going to challenge me? Let me get this straight, since my head is still ringing from Vendetta, but you lose to Broc at Vendetta then you wanna come out here and say you want to challenge me for my title? And I thought Mark lost some brain sells, let me ask you something Billiam, what in the hell makes you think you deserve to challenge me? You are washed up, you been here how long and you haven't done much to make a name for yourself. Unlike me, I came here back in July and since then, I have won two titles, I have defeated a man no one could defeat before not once, but twice...TWICE! and it was so bad that I grew tired of belittling him that I threw his ass through a table and left him there. You don't deserve to ever face me, You don't even deserve to have your name in the same sentence as my name. You are pathetic McCoy, why don't you go back to foggy London town and munch on some fish and chips....

    *McCoy looks angry, about to explode*

    Ok easy mate don't blow a gasket, I tell you what, the one thing good I will say about you is you are not Mark Dimension. I will make a deal with you, I am nice king when I want to be after all. If you can be me tonight, in a non-title match of course, I will consider giving you a shot at the International title, I will consider it...does that tickle your fancies Bill Biil?

    BD: Now that’s another top match for later tonight!

    PK: King Strem is just beginning to fortify his International Championship legacy, this could put the exclamation point on things.

    BD: It could be a huge chance for Billy too!

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    BD: Here comes Mike Hawk! Now, he came so close this Sunday to beating Arthur Lansdale, but he fell inches short.

    PK: Man, it was such a shame, he put up a great performance, but it’s the W that matters, and Lansdale got that win like he usually does.

    BD: But he left Hawk with an odd message, let’s see what Hawk has to say.

    *Hawk comes out with a disappointed look on his face and some bandages on as he makes his way down to the ring with a mic in hand.

    Hawk: Last time you saw me, I lost to Lansdale. I failed to keep my word and disappointed everyone that was rooting for me.

    *The fans start a "You did great chant"

    Hawk: No I lost, but I will make it up to you because Lansdale I want another shot to show you what I can do. You may have won but I got so close I could taste it. Which is why I will not rest until I get one more chance.

    *The crowd starts cheering at the thought of another match

    Hawk: One more thing, I don't know what you were trying to do after the match but I am not some mindless puppet like Richards. I am here to win titles for myself not someone else.

    PK: Finally! Answers!

    BD: You’ve waited long enough for some, haven’t you Pierce?

    PK: Damn right Bob! I need some answers dammit, and thank god Lansdale will give some to me!

    *lansdales music hits the arena, followed by the all to familiar sounds of discontent and anger from the fans. Lansdale heads out from the back with Rebecca Ravensdell and Bill Richards close behind as usual, Richards waving Lansdales flag as Ravensdell shouts at the baying fans. Lansdale looks down the ramp to the ring, smiling at Hawk in a sinister manner, shrugging at the fans and almost laughing at their show of distaste for him.*

    BD: Look at his face, he's out here to gloat for sure.

    PK: He got the win on Sunday Bob! He's entitled to be a little happy about it.

    *Lansdale leads his group to the ring, Richards continues to wave the flag as Lansdale knocks a soda out of an overweight mans hands as Ravensdell laughs in delight. Lansdale points at Richards who nods, climbing the steps first and lowering the ropes for Lansdale and Ravensdell to enter before he himself steps through. Hawk stands his ground, refusing to be intimidated by the greater numbers. Lansdale pulls out a microphone and addresses the fans first.*

    Lansdale: Look at you, all of you. Fat, filthy.. and devoid of all intelligence. All of you should be ashamed of yourselves.. what kind of world are you bringing your children into? You make me sick.. but it's still not too late.. submit to the ways of Arthur Lansdale, and you.. and your children could still be saved..

    *The crowd erupts into a louder chorus of booing as Lansdale smiles smugly in their direction, extending his arms as if confused by the negative reaction. Hawk stares silently at Lansdale as he continues.*

    Lansdale: How do you expect me to help you, when you won't even help yourselves.. pathetic..

    BD: This man is everything that's wrong in the world today. Instead of rpeaching his hate, if he was a real teacher he'd be promoting compassion, understanding and equality. Not his own brand of elitism.

    PK: Can you blame him Bob? The man is a living legend and he knows what's best for everyone, he just wants to help, if these people weren't so stubborn they'd see that.

    *Lansdale turns back to Hawk, continuing to smile his sickly grin.*

    Lansdale: Hawk, you cannot be serious, surely? Last Sunday at Vendetta you were bested, not only fairly, but clearly and beyond any doubt. The arm that was raised that night, Arthur Lansdales. You want one more shot at yours truly? Are you completely insane? For your own good, I decline, I have nothing left to gain from defeating you one more time.

    *Lansdale laughs quietly to himself as Richards and Ravensdell laugh wildly, kissing as much arse as they humanly can. Richards turns his attention back to Hawk and gets in his face, feeling like he has something to prove himself. Lansdale steps in however and shakes his head, Richards steps back.*

    Lansdale: I have.. an idea.. Another moment of sheer brilliance. Look at these fans Hawk, take a good hard look at them. They cheer you, they support you.. they enable you.. You see, Hawk, these fans encourage you to continue along your path to self destruction. They push you to the brink, shoving you further into darkness and away from salvation, they are the enemy, every single one of them.

    *Richards and Ravensdell nod along as Hawk listens carefully, Lansdale shakes his head at the crowd as they grow louder.*

    Lansdale: On Sunday night, you proved to me that there is hope yet for you. I saw in you a chance.. an opportunity to turn you into something of use.. something of value. But you have a lot to learn, a long way to go.. but there is someone here to help you.. Arthur Lansdale..

    *Lansdale becomes more serious in tone and expression as the fans shout out telling Hawk not to listen to the honeyed words.*

    Lansdale: You have potential.. the ability to rise above the carrion you see before you.. these vermin belong beneath people like you and I.. they don't know what's best for you.. but I do.. I know how you can become.. the second greatest wrestler to have ever lived.

    *Richards frowns, clearly he's heard the same promise in the past but decides against speaking up, knowing Lansdales fondness for inflicting pain on those who disagree with him. Ravensdell applauds the offer, telling Hawk to accept, telling him that Arthur Lansdale is his only salvation.*

    Lansdale: Make the right choice Hawk.. your entire career.. and life depends upon it..

    *Lansdale stares down Hawk, offering his hand in a respectful gesture.*

    BD: This is ridiculous.. as if preaching to the fans wasn't enough, now he's trying to poison the minds of other rising stars in this company?

    PK: Mike needs to accept this offer, it's the only way he's going to get anywhere in this business!

    BD: I think he would be fine on his own!

    PK: You would think that.
    TBOZ - Current EWNCW Evolution Champion - 28/05/2013

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    BD: Up now, it is King Strem vs Billy McCoy! Remember, if McCoy wins, he gets a shot at the International Championship!

    JMcM: This match is for a shot at the International Championship! Introducing first, from Devon, England, Better is bigger, Billy McCoy!

    BD: This man has a big opportunity tonight to jump back on the horse straight away.

    PK: I don’t know why he gets a chance, he lost at Vendetta, why does he deserve a chance?

    BD: That’s why he has to beat him. They both want to move on, and this is their best chance to do so.

    PK: He still doesn’t deserve it, I hope King Strem crushes his dreams tonight.

    JMcM: And his opponent, from Spring Grove, Pennsylvania, the International Champion, King Strem!


    BD: Yes he is, but he was put through an epic on Sunday, he has to still be hurting.

    PK: You push through the pain, Bob, and even so, he’s still good enough to pick up the W here tonight, and push McCoy back to the bottom of the pile!

    (McCoy = Cena / Strem = Y2J / Broc = Orton / Dimensions = Show)

    (Stop at 7:37)

    BD: It’s absolute carnage!

    PK: King Strem and McCoy might be done, but Broc isn’t finished, and how is Mark even walking?! Nevermind giving Broc a huge chokeslam!

    BD: He just wants carnage, Pierce, and carnage is what we got, this really needs to be sorted out!

    PK: I can see the baws already mulling this over, he’s going to have to do something to control all of these behemoths of Inferno!
    TBOZ - Current EWNCW Evolution Champion - 28/05/2013

    Former EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion - 06/03/2012 - 04/07/2012

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    BD: Surgeon General is in the ring, waiting for his match against a newcomer!

    ???: In the beginning

    Good always overpowered the evils
    Of all man's sins...
    But in time
    The nations grew weak
    And our cities fell to slums
    While evil stood strong
    In the dusts of hell
    Lurked the blackest of hates
    For he whom they feared
    Awaited them... Now many many lifetimes later
    Lay destroyed, beaten down,
    Only the corpses of rebels
    Ashes of dreams
    And blood stained streets
    It has been written
    "That those who have the youth
    Have the future"
    So come now, children of the beast
    Be strong
    And Shout at the Devil

    *Lights go down and and orange glow remains across the entry ramp and from behind the curtain comes the mystery man dressed in Monk clothing that appeared at the PPV

    Slowly walking to the ring tossing holy water on all the fans to cleanse the evils from their bodies, walks around the ring and repeats the same cleanse to the ringside fans, repeats the same cleansing to the ringside crew and announcers.

    Stepping into the ring he cleanses the ring and grabs a microphone and cleanses it as well.*

    SGW: Allow me to introduce myself....I am Sir Gunther Wigbert, I am an Andorian Monk, some of you may remember me as Herbert Birdsfoot, well that man no longer exists, he was weak and pathetic and a follower. I Sir Gunther Wigbert am a leader, a leader for the cause of ridding the world of all it's impurities.

    With my fellow Andorian Monks blessing to do so, I have been sent out into the world to lead those that have lost their way and need the impurities cleansed from their souls.

    One soul came to me that was so severely tortured, broken, and unpure that he begged for help from the monks, I took it upon myself to bring this man back from the brink of disaster, I trained him in the fine arts of Mui Tai kickboxing, judo, karate, hand to hand combat, and wrestling, making him the finest warrior monk that has ever set foot out of the Andorian Mountains, but with all this training came a price, a price so big it took all he had to be able to finally persevere and commit to it...You see this man has taken a vow of silence, he is to never utter another word. And with his vow to this he has taken it one step further and has hidden himself from the entire world. His scars, his features, EVERYTHING this man was is now hidden from the world, and all you will see before you is my Warrior Monk.

    Ladies and Gentlemen......I give you


    JMcM: Entering the ring now, from parts unknown, Nightmare!

    BD: This guy, is a monster!

    PK: He’s here to do one thing, cause pain, and that’s what is going to happen.

    (Nightmare = Tensai / SG = Riley)

    BD: He just, never stopped.

    PK: It’s, frightening. Really, really frightening.

    BD: WHAT!?!?!?!

    PK: NO WAY!

    *The music stops*

    BD: Is that what, I thought it was!?

    PK: It just might be!
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    JMcM: Ladies and gentleman, this is your main event of the evening, and it is for the EWNCW Championship!

    JMcM: Introducing first, the challenger, from Glasgow, Scotland, Gillz!

    PK: Maaaan, there is a nastiness in the eyes I love to see in Gillz, he’s going to be on it tonight!

    BD: He can’t get carried away though, this is a good chance to get the title back tonight, Krysys is still in confusion about Sunday.

    PK: You know Bob, that’s probably the most sensible piece of analysis I’ve seen you do, good job.

    JMcM: And introducing now, from Las Vegas, Nevada, he is your EWNCW Champion, Krystian Krysys!

    BD: Here he comes for his first title defence!

    PK: He looks distracted Bob, he needed answers before this match, his head isn’t in the game, he needs to focus and quick.

    (Gillz = Eddie / Krysys = Edge)

    (Stop at 13:07)

    PK: Look at the fire in Gillz’ eyes!

    *He walks over to Krysys, and hits his big chokeslam finisher*





    BD: He kicks out! Gillz looks furious!

    *He screams at the referee, who protests his decision, and gets a chokeslam from Gillz. He begins to reign punches left and right on Krysys relentlessly. Extra refs and security run down, the match is called a DQ, and Gillz is pulled screaming to the back*

    JMCM: Here is your winner to do a disqualification, and still your EWNCW Champion, Krysys!

    BD: Gillz lost it tonight!

    PK: He had that fire tonight, but he let it consume him, it’s cost him the EWNCW Championship.

    BD: There could be serious ramifications to this Pierce, it’s gotta worry him soon.


    PK: Tommy Thunder is in the building! Will he finally answer for what he did at Vendetta?

    Thunder: Allow me to cut out the crap and cut to the chase so o speak.

    You look a bit confused Krystian, like you don't know what to do with yourself or why the hell you have that title after I could have so easily won it back on Sunday at Vendetta. Well, it's very simple.

    If we take a trip down memory lane, we can go back to last September, to an episode of Monday night Rage, where I Tommy Thunder was on my last night as a contracted wrestler to EWNCW. And to try and bribe me into signing a new contract, GM Nightwolf decided to book me into an EWNCW World Championship match, where if my opponent, Kevin Matthews lost

    *crowd boo at the namedrop of Matthews*

    Thunder: Oh, sorry, was I not supposed to say that name again? My bad.
    But as I was saying, if Matthews lost, he was set to be fired from EWNCW, as opposed to walking out with the title like he intended. Those were dark days in this company's history. A GM that didn't have the faintest idea how to run a show, backstabbing people left right and centre, and handing bribes out. Did I want to be a champion for that man? Hell no! So when I won that title that night, I scaled those stairs, and left the building, leaving Nightwolf to have his ass handed to him and fired out of EWNCW. And once that was done, I didn't hesitate one bit to sign a new contract.
    I was set on becoming the new face of this company, a face that you people would be proud of. But unfortunately, I failed. Because I lost the right to be called champion when Gillz beat me at Raging Inferno.

    I saved this show from being run by a corrupt man, but I failed to follow through and be the leader that I set out to be for you people. And I'm sorry for that failure.

    *crowd cheer*

    Thunder: And on Sunday, there we were with Gillz still as champ, but with a 2-1 chance of beating him. 2 thirds of a chance that he wasnt' going to walk out as champion. And when I had both men at my mercy in that ring, All I had to do was pin one of you, and I had a chance to become that face that you people wanted. The face of change.
    But, I saw an opportunity to do something else. I saw lying in the ring, on one hand Gillz, the man that's brought down the good name of that title so bad, and on the other hand Krystian Krysys. A man that's hungry and ready to do great things. And I saw an opportunity to give someone else the chance to run with the baton. So I did something that, well, even I can't believe that I did and I handed that EWNCW title to you Krystian. Because I think you are that man that can bring change to the title. I think you are the man that the people can look up to and be proud to call champ.

    *crowd cheer*

    Thunder: But I haven't given you this title for free. No, no. When I gave you that title, I was buying something. I was buying myself the chance to face you one on one for that title. And you're going to give me that whether you like it or not, because simply giving me the chance to face you for the title is a small price to pay back for what I gave you Krystian. Your conscience is telling you that you owe me that much at least, but on top of that, I think I speak on behalf of all these people here when I say that they WANT to see that match.

    *A"YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!" chant breaks out*

    Thunder: *shrugs* Well, I think they agree. So what do you say, Krystian?

    *Krysys looks stunned, and simply walks straight past Thunder, into the back*

    PK: What a revelation, and Krysys just doesn’t want to know!

    BD: It’s a big shock, Pierce, I just don’t think he can handle it tonight. It’s all a lot to consume, for all of us. But that’s all from this week’s Inferno, from Detroit, Michigan, join us next week for another exciting edition of EWNCW Inferno!
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    This thar be a filler, be ready for thy Inferno!
    TBOZ - Current EWNCW Evolution Champion - 28/05/2013

    Former EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion - 06/03/2012 - 04/07/2012

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