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    BD: It's time for our main event of the evening folks with Gillz and King Strem taking on Tommy Thunder and Mark Dimension.

    PK: Two people who hate Tommy Thunder and probably hate Mark Dimension too for good measure! I think Gillz and Strem have got what it takes to take an edge into Glory to the Brave.

    BD: Only time will tell, DImension didn't seem to care who he was facing tonight just aslong as Tommy tags him in when Strems in the ring.

    PK: There's no love lost there, Mark Dimension really wants to get a piece of Strem after the latter attacked him a few weeks back.

    JM: The following contest is your main event and is a tag team match. Introducing first, from Glasgow Scotland, The EWNCW Champion, Gillz!

    BD: And Gillz is out first, he'll be looking to exact to swift revenge on Tommy Thunder for wearing his belt last week and costing him a match.

    PK: Lets not forget that Dimensions streak is on the line as always, can you imagine if Gillz was the one to end it tonight?

    BD: I imagine Strem would be rather angry about it, after all he's the one who's been gunning for it for a while now.

    PK: if anyone can end it though, it's the champ.

    *Gills walks to the ring to a hail of boos from the fans awaiting his team mate and his opponents.*

    JM: And his partner, from Spring Grove, Pennsylvania, King Strem!

    BD: And here comes his partner King Strem who many are predicting could be a future EWNCW champion, so GIllz may want to keep an eye on him.

    PK: Well, we've seen a lot of betrayals so far tonight.. so who knows, maybe Strem will send a message to Gillz.

    BD: I think he'll have his hands too full with Tommy and Dimension to even think about it tonight, if he takes his eyes off them then he's gonna be in trouble.

    PK: True enough Bob, and with no Billy McCoy to worry about, Strem must be confident of being on the winning team tonight.

    *Strem walks out to an equally loud reaction from the fans who boo him as well. He steps through the ropes and talks tactics with Gillz as they wait for their opponents.

    JM: And their opponents, introducing first, from the Interior of the Exterior, Mark Dimension!

    BD: Security are in place this week, making sure the crowd can't get out of hand as Dimension makes his entrance.

    PK: What do you suppose it is that drives some people crazy when he appears?

    BD: Drink, Drugs, Mental Instability? Take your pick Pierce.

    PK: I'll take all of the above, and Dimension will take King Strem no doubts about that, he wants to kill him!

    *Dimension heads to the ring and stares down his opponents, he waits for his partner.*

    BD: Boom! Here comes The Storm! And he looks as if he can't wait to get his hands on Gillz!

    PK: They've been waiting for 3 weeks to go at it and this could get ugly Bob.

    BD: Most likely, but it should be a great preview of things to come on Sunday.

    *Thunder charges down to the ring and slides under the bottom rope, making a straight line for Gillz and this match is on.*

    Thunder+Dimension/Punk+Cena vs Gillz+Strem/A-Truth

    BD: Thunder and Dimension have done it! Thunder got the pin over Strem as Gillz and Dimension fought on the outside!

    PK: Tommy's got great momentum going into Sunday then!

    BD: No question about it, that's all we have time for folks, we'll see you on Sunday!
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    Here's the first of many fillers!

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    Don't forget about the huge announcement after the ppv!

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    It's an announcement that will get people very excited!

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    In the mean time, another filler.

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    Another one here.

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    Major announcement after the ppv!

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    Don't miss it!

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    Last but not least.

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    Glory to the Brave is next!

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