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    *The familiar pyro explodes all over the arena, various colours, red, white, blue, green all mixing together in a cascade of light and noise. The display ends and the crowd erupts into a sea of cheers and chants signalling the start to another Inferno. The new Inferno logo is proudly displayed on the large screen for all to see.*

    Bob Daniels: Welcome to your next installment of the longest running wrestling show on EWN! Tonight we're live from Austin, Texas and in the usual style of everything here in the lonestar state, we've got a big show planned for you! As always i'm Bob Daniels, and as usual my broadcast partner tonight, Pierce Kingmaker!

    Pierce Kingmaker: Thanks, Bob! It's great to be here once again on Inferno, and what a show we've got planned. We'll hear from Tommy Thunder, the new number one contender to the EWNCW title, as well as from the champ himself, Gillz!

    BD: Not to mention we'll be looking to get answers to what took place last week during the Sexiest Alpha Males match against Freak Inc! And we'll see the debut of Mike Mayhem, a regular in the indies!

    PK: All in all we've got a pretty stacked card, but lets not ruin it for the fans at home by spoiling all of our surprises!

    BD: Here comes The Storm now! I'm sure he's on cloud nine after picking up the win last week against Bam and Krysys, making him the number one contender.

    PK: I'd guess you're right Bob, Tommy really put on a great display of power last week, Gillz is gonna have to be at his best if he's to keep a firm grip on his belt.

    BD: Gillz of course came out after Tommy had picked up the win last week, and seemed to be applauding ironically towards him.

    PK: Gillz probably isn't too impressed with the new number one contender, which could be a mistake. However, I gotta say Gillz has been a dominant champ during his reign, and I gotta pick him come Glory To The Brave.

    *As the music hits, the crowd raise up in a rapturous cheer as EWNCW's resident rebel takes to the stage! After striking a pose at the top of the ramp, he makes his way down to the ramp and to the ring. After ascending the turnbuckle, he strikes another pose at the top before dropping down to the ring. He then goes to grab a mic and prepares to speak.*

    TT: MAN what an ovation! Nothing more than the NEW no. 1 contender for the EWNCW title would expect from the best fans in the world!

    *crowd pop big*

    TT: That's right. Last week I defeated that underachieving disappointment Bam and one of the fastest rising stars in EWNCW Krysys, to become the man that WILL be the next EWNCW champion! And mark my words when I say that I WILL be the next champion at Glory to the Brave!!

    *crowd chant "Tommy Thunder!"*

    TT: But in all honesty, last week it was a foregone conclusion that match, since as I said earlier, Bam has continually dissappointed and underachieved here, despite being heralded by Flair as the next big thing here. Not really a good reflection on you there is he Flair, oh, and did I mention, thanks for the assist Naitch! Nice distraction you gave me there!

    *crowd chant "thank you Naitch!"*

    TT: Krystian my man, I'm sorry that it had to end that way, but let's be honest, I think we all know that you would have done the same in my shoes. But the thing is, I had to win that match. Because whoever won that match would go on to Glory to the Brave to face the champion! The man that has held the EWNCW title for longer than anyone else! The man that has...... been so boring that this canvas you see here in the ring under my feet has been more charismatic over the last few months.

    *crowd cheer*

    TT: Gillz, you've had some run as champ my man, you've held it for a very long time, and frankly, I don't think anyone cares for that title anymore since you've been so boring.

    *crowd cheer*

    TT: Your monotone Gillz voice, your robotic walk to the ring, your boring face that looks like it's been slapped by a frying pan, need I go on?!

    *crowd cheer*

    TT: At Glory to the Brave, I'm taking that title from you, I promise you that. And after I do that, I will make it interesting again, and I will make people care about their new EWNCW champion*

    BD: I guess The Champ's heard enough of Thunders voice as here he comes!

    PK: Tommy's gonna have to watch his tongue with Gillz out here now, this could easily turn ugly.

    BD: Indeed Pierce, we could get a preview of what's to come at Glory To The Brave if things end up boiling over here.

    PK: Lets hear what The Champ has to say.

    *Gillz swaggers down to the ring as he is cascaded with boos from the fans*

    Gillz: Well, well, well, look who it is, a man who ive beaten twice before, both times with a title on the line. The title you left with, the title i then gained before both of us had titles, so what happened i hear everyone ask..

    *More boos are heard*

    Gillz: Oh wait i won! Like i had won the title in the first place, then we faced off again for your supposed rematch, and remind me Tommy what happened for the second time? Thats right i WON!

    Tommy dont you understand that you cant beat the first man ever to have had both the titles in this company, the first ever Beat the clock challenge winner and Superstar of the year? Tommy many have tried, SilverCena, Rich Cranium and the list goes on and on.

    Too many people thought they could beat me inside this very ring and each and every one fell at my feet, defeated, knowing that they tried their best and failed so miserably.

    So Tommy its simple, you can leave, give up your phony No 1 contenders spot and live to fight another day or you can do as others have and get in the ring, face to face and fall at the very first hurdle and just be another name on the ever expanding list of people who tried and failed.

    So Tommy, whats it gonna be?
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    1 x IWA World Heavyweight Champion - Malcolm Adonis

    Current WWE World Heavyweight Champion - Dean Ambrose

    1 x EWNCW Tag Team Champion - Malcolm Adonis w/ Kyojin

    Current No 1 Contender to the EWNCW Title - Arthur Lansdale

    I lied, it matters.

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    *Gillz shoves the mic towards Tommy but Tommy slaps the mic out of his hand, Gillz stares at the mic and then his hand before finally glaring into Tommy's face. The two square up, trash talking but Gillz backs away, shaking his head and laughing as Tommy. Gillz looks to turn around and leave but it's a trick as he catches Thunder cold with a sucker punch. Thunder comes back with a right of his own and the two start to trade punches as the crowd begin to cheer. The cheers turn to boos however as officials charge the ring and separate the two, forcing Gillz out of the ring whilst keeping Tommy inside. GM Nathan Staples walks out onto the top of the ramp, looking a little ticked off.*

    Nathan: Alright I had a feeling this was going to happen when I agreed to let you both come out here to start the show, and now i'm regretting my decision. The two of you aren't booked to fight tonight, and i'm not gonna have Inferno's main event at Glory To The Brave ruined because the two of you can't wait a couple of weeks. So enough is enough.

    *The crowd begin to chant 'Let Them Fight! Let Them Fight!'*

    NS: Now you two listen to me, because here's what we're going to do. You both want to fight, and you both want to harm the other? Well you're gonna get your chance.. Tonight!

    *There's a huge cheer from the crowd as they believe the two have just been booked in a match*

    NS: Now wait a minute, i'm not finished. You will NOT be facing each other tonight. What I'm going to do is ask each of you to pick the others poison so to speak, Tommy you will be choosing the opponent for Gillz later on tonight. And Gillz, you will get to choose Tommy's opponent too. And just to make sure there's no more of this funny business, I am invoking a no contact clause between the two of you before Glory To The Brave! That's right, and if either of you break this rule, there are going to be serious consequences... now get out of my ring and get ready for your matches!

    *Staples disappears to the back and the crowd seem satisfied with the decision as both men stare each other down.*

    BD: Inspired words from Nathan Staples there! Two pick your poison matches to take place later tonight and a no contact clause on their match at Glory To The Brave!

    PK: Ahh i'm pretty disappointed with that Bob, I was looking forward to Gillz getting him a piece of Thunder right here, right now.

    BD: Oh well, we'll have to wait now, we'll find out their opponents later on tonight. We'll be back after these commercial messages!
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    1 x IWA World Heavyweight Champion - Malcolm Adonis

    Current WWE World Heavyweight Champion - Dean Ambrose

    1 x EWNCW Tag Team Champion - Malcolm Adonis w/ Kyojin

    Current No 1 Contender to the EWNCW Title - Arthur Lansdale

    I lied, it matters.

    "Tell me.. what is insane about wanting to create perfection? I'd be crazy not to." - Jarvis Cole

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    BD: After that chaotic opening segment with Tommy Thunder and Gillz we're gonna get down to some good old Ignition action!

    PK: That's right Bob, we've got a triple threat to get the action rolling, with Sweet Jones, Johnny Rose and Mint Berry Crunch!

    BD: MBC's not been getting the victories lately, I wonder if the attack by crazed psycho Russo Swerve all those months back has knocked him out of his comfort zone.

    PK: Lets be honest for a second, MBC never was a great wrestler, but he has been worse than usual lately.

    JM: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first from Las Vegas, Nevada, Sweet Jones!

    BD: Well enough about MBC for the moment as here comes Sweet Jones! This guy shows a lot of promise, but he's not had the results to back it up.

    PK: That's right, he's got a lot of attitude, and he's a bit of a ladies man, maybe i'll ask him for a few tips later on.

    BD: You sure you wouldn't rather talk to SAM about that?

    PK: Oh hell no, those guys are as likely to steal your girl than help you get one.

    *Sweet Jones walks out onto the stage with two smoking hot girls on either arm. He gives them both kisses on the cheek then they all walk to the ring together. Jones gets in the ring while the two girls sit in chairs outside the ring looking on in awe*

    Jones: Last week I was screwed out of the Ignition Title! I am the best wrestler that this company has, I should've received a one on one match for the title!

    *Crowd Boos*

    Jones: You idiots can boo me all you want, you know that every word I'm saying is true!

    *Crowd Boos Louder*

    Jones: If last week's match had bee n a singles match, right now I would be Ignition Champion, and I'd be raising this company even further! Me just being here in EWNCW raises the company's status, but if I was the champion just imagine the ratings, the ticket sales, and the merch sales- they'd all be through the roof! But no, EWNCW Management decided to be idiotic and make it a Fatal Fourway. And now look who we have for a champion: An antisocial goth who believes he's a real monster! You want that representing your company? You want that on Jimmy Fallon, Lopez Tonight, or Conan O'Brian? No? I didn't think so. Now look at me- good looking, charismatic, body like a Greek God. I am the man who should be out representing EWNCW!

    *Crowd Boos Even Louder Than Before*

    Jones: You may not like me, but you have to respect me. I'm the next EWNCW Ignition Champion! Ano, you may scare a lot of people but you don't scare me. I am the man who will look you in the eyes and tell you that I am better than you. Even these doofuses in the audience know that! Even the dumbasses in the back no that! I deserve it Ano, an not if, but when I get my title shot, I will be the NEXT IGNITION CHAMPION!!

    *The crowd is totally frenzied now, booing and screaming at Jones. Jones is just smiling and jumps on the turnbuckle. He begins to taunt while his two valets are clapping and staring at him lovingly*

    JM: Introducing next, all the way from Texas, Johnny Rose!

    BD: If i'm not mistaken, Rose is carrying the SWWF Heavyweight Title with him!

    PK: That sure is a nice piece of gold right there Bob, is he really the SWWF champion?

    BD: Not anymore, or at least I don't think so. His contract there ran out a while ago and he never relinquished the belt, pretty arrogant behaviour.

    PK: Not at all, he's still the SWWF Champ if he never dropped the belt, thems be the rules dawg.

    BD: Wait.. What?

    *Rose spins around from his starting position of having his back turned to the ring and smiles smugly. He begins walking to the ring as the crowd give him a cold reception, he waves dismissingly at them which serves to raise their ire a little. Rose hits the ring and shakes his head at Jones, patting his SWWF belt and raising it for everyone to see. He grabs the mic from Jones aggressively and shrugs his shoulders at him arrogantly.*

    Rose: Last week I came out here and put down a diseased animal by the name of The Crying Dutchman! I proclaimed to every one of you, that I am the future and I am the one thing that makes Inferno worth watching, and you know why? Because it's true..

    I turned up for work today, expecting to be placed in a match for the Ignition Title, because lets face it, there is no one, and I mean no one else who could carry themselves as well as I did last week. And yet, I have been denied what is rightfully mine, I have been told that tonight, instead of facing Anus Dumb for his title, I am facing this abomination instead? As well as the ass hat that is Mint Berry Crunch!?

    Are you kidding me? I am a wrestling GOD, I deserve better than to be placed in matches with buffoons.. but no, I will play your games for now. I will destroy the slugs and the slimes that inhabit the lower reaches of EWNCW. But know this, Johnny Rose is here, and he won't be leaving any time soon.. so get use to this face, and this arm, because you'll be seeing it raised a hell of a lot.

    JM: And finally, from South Park, Colorado! Mint Berry Crrrrrrunch!

    *MBC comes out with a gang of berry colored women, all of them tossing berries into the crowd as MBC gets on the mic*

    MBC: It doesn't matter what either of you have to say, because at the end of the night, you both will be berried and then I'll go on to face Ano Doom for his newly won title! He shall be berried as well! Come on boys, time to meet the berrymaker!

    BD: Uhhh.. MBC as.. literate as always..?

    PK: I choose not to say anything on the matter...

    Sweet Jones(Red) vs Berry(Super Crazy) vs Jones(Tajiri)

    BD: Sweet Jones picks up the victory! That'll send a message to GM Staples who'll be looking for a number one contender to Ano Doom!

    PK: Well, Ano is gonna have the easiest first title defense in the history of EWNCW if that's the case, that guy's a monster..

    BD: We'll have to wait and see, speaking of Doom, where is he?

    PK: Not got a clue, but I prefer it this way, he always was a bit of an over the top freak.
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    1 x IWA World Heavyweight Champion - Malcolm Adonis

    Current WWE World Heavyweight Champion - Dean Ambrose

    1 x EWNCW Tag Team Champion - Malcolm Adonis w/ Kyojin

    Current No 1 Contender to the EWNCW Title - Arthur Lansdale

    I lied, it matters.

    "Tell me.. what is insane about wanting to create perfection? I'd be crazy not to." - Jarvis Cole

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    BD: Welcome back to Inferno. I'm hearing that next up we'll be hearing from the group of men that attacked both the Sexiest Alpha Males and Freak Inc last week. It'll be interesting to find out just what the motives for the attack were.

    PK: It was a gutsy move, i'll tell you that, to have three complete unknowns here in EWNCW come out and make a statement like that, it shows that they really mean business here.

    BD: I agree with you there Pierce, their assault was as brutal as it was swift, attacking both teams with chairs and leaving them lying in the ring.

    PK: Who knows what's gonna happen, if they can garner some sort of momentum from what happened last week, then surely these guys could storm EWNCW.

    BD: Looks like we won't be waiting any longer as here they come! Shane Jackson, Aurelio Mendoza and Leonicas!

    PK: Any idea on what these three guys call themselves Bob? A stable name I mean, you just read out their names.

    BD: Word around the back is that they call themselves the Jaws of Men.

    PK: That's a pretty cryptic name, or maybe i'm just not getting the reference.

    *Kanye west Stronger plays in the ewncw building for the first time ever which brings out the Jaws of Men

    Aurelio Mendoza is the first to grab a mic, hes about to speak then absorbs the boos.*


    The longer he waits the louder they get until the booos turn into a you suck chant

    You Suck.... You Suck.... You Suck....

    *Aurelio Mendoza just looks around and smiles*

    *The boos start again*

    Aurelio: You started this... We have been good enough to enter this piece of crap company for a long long time

    Chants of EWNCW start

    Aurelio: Yeah go ahead chant EWNCW, here well do it with you

    *Leonicas and shane jackson grabs microphones and all three start chanting EWNCW for a while*

    Aurelio: Nah didnt work i thought if i started convincing myself that EWNCW is any good id actually believe it but it didnt work because we are different to you.


    Aurelio: Why are you booing??? we didnt say you were worse..... You are but we didnt say it what we said was we are different because we are driven and motivated to achieve success all around the world and we have achieved success and prestige world wide.


    Aurelio: Everytime you booo i will get louder and louder WE ARE 47 TIMES TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS, I AM A 13 TIMES AMATUAR WORLD CHAMPION and still we get asked... what if you had to face Mark Dimension? or... are you to scared to face Billy McCoy? and the worst one one them all.... Do you think you could hang with Tommy Thunder?

    Ill answer them right now then you can all shut up and admire our true greatness, if i had to face Mark Dimension... it be a pretty easy week, i fear no one and as for Hanging with Thunder.. well youll have to ask if he thinks he could hang with Aurelio Mendoza

    *You Suck, You Suck, You Suck*

    Shane Jackson: Aurelio Mendoza is right in everything he speaks, but there are a couple of things i am going to go through which will change the Dimension of EWNCW forever.

    And before you come out here Mark we are not talking aout your twisted thought of Dimension... we are talking about what it means to be the best.... really the best. Now last week we took out two teams that have both been challenging for the EWNCW Tag Team Titles and the three of us took them out... and Leonicas isnt even a wrestler, so imagine what we are capable of doing in this company in one on one matches but then i hear you all crying why did you do what you did?

    The reason is we were sick of being stuck in amatuer land watching the "sarcastic tone" Very best compete in this company and get all the accolades, so we took matters into our own hands now to the guys we attacked last week, we have nothing against you.... we are just making our Mark on this company.

    Leonicas: These guys are the best Wrestlers, they are great Mic workers and i promise you when i say that not one EWNCW Roster member is safe. We are the Jaws of Men - Deal With IT!

    *Jackson and Mendoza jump on the ropes flexing their muscles as Leonicas claps and then they walk of the stage as calmly as they walked on*

    BD: Well, these guys are a bit full of themselves aren't they? I wonder if they came up against Lansdale during their time in Amateur Wrestling.

    PK: Well if they did, i'm sure they lost, Arthur claims to have never been beaten on the amateur circuit during his four years there.

    BD: Oh hell yes it's SAM! It's about time someone came out here to shut these boastful ego maniacs up!

    PK: Three on three this week and the lights are on!

    *The Sexiest Alpha Males run down to the ring steel chairs in hand! As they enter, the Jaws of Men bail through the crowd. T-Thunda swings for the fences, narrowly missing one of them as they flea through the ropes! Thunda then goes to swipe up a dropped mic.*

    T-Thunda: WHAT DU HEEEEELL!!! Who du hell do you little Jimmys think you are?!

    *crowd pop*

    T-Thunda: You think you can come here? Invade the Sexiest Alpha Males territory? Take out The Sexiest Alpha Males? AND get away with it?! I seen people smoking some strong shit trying to do more sensible things, but you three just MAD!!

    *crowd cheer as Thunda makes a crazy face*

    T-Thunda: And you know what else? You three just made us mad! And right now, I'm gonna hit you three with some hard hittin' TROOF!

    See, troof is, nobody here cares about you three. Nobody here knows you. And nobody here likes you! And right now, you three have pissed me off!! So right here, tonight, somebody, is gonna get got by 'The Pimp' T-Thunda!!

    *crowd cheer as Thunda makes a crazy face again and nods*

    T-Thunda: So, I want little Jimmy, big Jimmy, or Senor Jimmy to get their ass down to this ring so that 'The Pimp' can hand the gettin' to the one that's gonna get got! And DAT'S, da TROOF! Du WHOLE TROOF! And nuthin' BUT da TROOF!!

    *T-Thunda passes the mic to Miguel Tenorio*

    Miguel Tenorio: YOU BETCHA!

    Let me get this straight: I don’t care if you three try to knock some sense into the Twilight Twins, good luck with that, although I think it’s not worth the effort!

    *Crowd cheers*

    MT: But if you think you can come to EWNCW, mess with the Sexiest Alpha Males and think you’re gonna be victorious, you are even more stupid than Twisty and Slithy!

    *Fans are backing the SAM*

    MT: You see, if you think you can knock sense into somebody by destroying a chair on them, I’ve got a deal for you: I’m giving you some extra brains by superkicking you!

    *Fans laugh*

    MT: Or maybe even better: I’m adding some more. Not only I’m superkicking you, I’m also delivering some free sense by making the three of you a dragon suplex, baby!

    *A “Suplex, baby” chant erupts*

    MT: You have to learn a lesson, kids, and that’s nobody is faster, skillful and charismatic than the Sexiest Alpha Males! And you’re gonna learn that the hard way, we’re kick your fat asses in the ring, we’re get the victory and we’re celebrating with the ladies afterwards! Mark my words!

    *People keep cheering as Miguel hands the mic to Big Chief*

    Big Chief: You said it Miquel, theres nothing that pisses the Big Chief off more than 3 no balls nobodys comin into the SAM territory.

    But theres nothing the Big Chief enjoys more than sending all 3 of them back home cryin to their fat mommas

    *The fans are in hysterics*

    BC: So boys which one of you 3 wants to be the first to taste the Big Chiefs back hand across there face.

    Infact it doesnt matter, my hands big enough for all 3 of you lackys,

    Comon boys dont keep the Big Chief.

    Aww dont you guys wanna play, nevermind rest assured The Sexiest Alpha Males will put the hurtin on you, so keep one eye open boys

    *Big Chief puts the mic down and gestures to the fans and to the Jaws of Men*

    BD: The challenge has been laid down! T-Thunda wants one of those guys in the ring tonight!

    PK: Who's it gonna be!? Leonicas isn't a wrestler, so it's out of the other two I guess!
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    1 x IWA World Heavyweight Champion - Malcolm Adonis

    Current WWE World Heavyweight Champion - Dean Ambrose

    1 x EWNCW Tag Team Champion - Malcolm Adonis w/ Kyojin

    Current No 1 Contender to the EWNCW Title - Arthur Lansdale

    I lied, it matters.

    "Tell me.. what is insane about wanting to create perfection? I'd be crazy not to." - Jarvis Cole

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    BD: Finally we've had a bit of order restored out here and The Sexiest Alpha Males have headed to the back with their chairs.

    PK: Someone really could have been hurt if The Jaws of Men hadn't gotten out of dodge like they did.

    BD: I think that's the point Pierce.

    PK: Fair enough, so what's Flying Dutchman doing out here again?

    BD: I'm hearing he's going to be facing yet another EWNCW debutant, 'Mr Mayhem' Mike Hawk!

    *Dutchman awaits his opponent on the far side of the ring*

    BD: Welcome to EWNCW Mike Hawk!

    PK: The crowd don't even know who this guy is, hell I don't know who he is.

    BD: I'm sure all will become clear soon enough, looks like he's got a microphone with him.

    *The crowd don't really react to Hawk, unsure what to make of him, though he seems to be attempting to get them on his side with a few high fives.*

    Mayhem: I expected to hear silence now since I am new but I gurantee that when this match is over all of you will be on your feet. I am "Mr. Mayhem" Mike Hawk. Like the phoenix, I will set myself ablaze and take out my opponents with a fast paced offence, but I always rise back up from the fire ready to do it all over again. I will sacrifice my body and do whatever it takes in the ring to get the job done. Flying Dutchman, when you or anyone else get in the ring with me, the only advice I can give you on what to expect is pure Mayhem!

    *The fans give him a bit of a pop, always happy to see someone who's willing to do what it takes to win their affections.*

    BD: Sounds like a genuinely nice guy there, hopefully he'll give us a good idea of what he's capable of.

    PK: Nice guys tend to finish last Bob, look at Ryan Wells on Rage..

    BD: A little unfair that Pierce..

    Mike(Antonio Cesero) vs Dutchman(CJ Parker)

    (Ignore finish)

    JM: Here is your winner, Mike Hawk!

    BD: A great first showing from Mike Hawk! Finishing the Dutchman off with the Mayhem Driver, a pretty classy move right there!

    PK: Pretty impressive stuff, but the Dutchman had too much offence in my opinion, he'll have to prove himself next week.

    BD: One for the future anyway, I look forward to seeing more of Mike Hawk!
    Efed stuff that doesn't matter

    1 x IWA World Heavyweight Champion - Malcolm Adonis

    Current WWE World Heavyweight Champion - Dean Ambrose

    1 x EWNCW Tag Team Champion - Malcolm Adonis w/ Kyojin

    Current No 1 Contender to the EWNCW Title - Arthur Lansdale

    I lied, it matters.

    "Tell me.. what is insane about wanting to create perfection? I'd be crazy not to." - Jarvis Cole

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    BD: Ahh, Arthur Lansdale.. everyone's favourite egomaniac. To what do we owe the pleasure I wonder.

    PK: Ignoring the sarcasm there Bob it really is a treat to have Lansdale out here. As stated last week he's been helping me get my life back on track recently!

    BD: Oh Pierce really? Come on buddy, don't tell me you've bought into this guy, he's one of the most self absorbed and insulting wrestlers we've ever had here.

    PK: You've got it all wrong Bob! Arthur's a saint, he's really got some great ideas about how everyone could become just like him!

    *The crowd erupts into an ocean of boo's as Lansdale makes his way out from the back, waving a flag with the Lansdale Crest on as he did last week. Ms Ravensdell follows him out, looking upon him with admiration and awe before yelling a tirade of abuse at the booing fans. Lansdale hands the flag to his female companion before mouthing 'Pathetic' into a camera. People in the arena hold up various anti-Lansdale signs, one of them in reach of lansdale. He grabs the sign and tears it to pieces right in front of the child that was holding it, causing the poor young fella to cry. The kids parent takes a swing but Lansdale dodges and shakes his head and smiles arrogantly as security drag the man away. The pair continue to the ring, Lansdale as usual holding the ropes apart for Ravensdell, he pulls his trademark microphone from his jacket pocket and begins to address the fans who continue to boo him.*

    Lansdale: It strikes me.. just how ungrateful each and every one of you really is. I come out here, week after week and put on class after class of phenomenal wrestling, and yet this is the thanks I get?

    *The noises in the arena gets louder as the jeers and angry shouts from the crowd multiply in number.*

    Lansdale: Last week.. I destroyed a man by the name of Harley McCartney, I sent him to the hospital, for his crimes against wrestling. No longer will any of you have to suffer his wretched excuse for in ring ability, and it is all thanks to yours truly, Mr Arthur Lansdale. Once again, I have protected you from mind numbing boredom, by removing a cancer from EWNCW, trust me you will not be seeing him for a long time.

    *The crowd give a token chant of 'Harley! Harley! Harley!' as Lansdale extends his arms and shrugs, shaking his head once more.*

    Lansdale: You see, I live strongly by the ideal that ones impurities and inadequacies can be purged through pain, and that through this pain any of you can emerge on the other side, a better person, a wiser person, a more obedient person..

    *Another chant breaks out, this time it's directed at Lansdale 'Go home Lansdale! Go home Lansdale!'*

    Lansdale: Harley will return.. eventually, when his wounds have healed. But I am sure that when he does.. he will be a changed man, altered forever, and for the better, by Arthur Lansdale.

    *The crowd let out another chorus of boos directed towards Lansdale, Ravensdell yells back at the crowd in a desperate attempt to shut them up, no success, as they begin to yell abuse at her too.*

    Lansdale: Silence your fool mouths you disgusting little vermin! All of you! You will treat us with the respect and admiration that we deserve! We are your superiors, you should look to us for leadership, for guidance!

    *The crowd refuse to give in and continue to abuse the pair*

    Landale: Ugh.. all of you are nothing! The words pride and dignity mean nothing to you! You stuff your faces with garbage, you dress your children like clowns and you idolise side shows and circus freaks! None of you deserve to be in my presence! Enough of this! Send the next fool who would dare to stand in my ring...

    *Lansdale rips his jacket off angrily and hands it and the mic to Ravensdell who leaves the ring, rage washing over her face as the fans in the front row continue to target her.*

    BD: Looks like Lansdale is finding out the hard way that it's not nice to belittle others and criticise their ways of life.

    PK: These people just don't understand his greatness Bob, they'll see the truth one day though. Speaking of which, looks like it's Captain Amazing that's being thrown to the proverbial Lion.

    BD: I've not seen him on Inferno for a long time, I wonder where he's been?

    PK: The employment line would be my guess, he vanished into obscurity a long time ago.

    BD: Regardless, he's here now, and a win over Lansdale would do wonders to get his career back on track.. however unlikely that may be.

    *Captain Amazing makes his way to the ring to no pop, the crowd having forgotten who he is. He enters the ring and Lansdale goes on the attack straight away*

    (Stop at 1:50)

    BD: This has been completely one sided, you just gotta feel sorry for this guy, the ref needs to ring the bell!

    PK: Looks like the bell's about to be rung anyway Bob, Lansdale's going for the kill!

    *Lansdale picks Amazing up and slaps him in the face, and again, the crowd going crazy with hatred for his disrespect to another competitor. Lansdale grabs hold of his opponents left arms and knocks him to the ground face first. Looks like he's locking him into...*

    BD: Lebell Lock! There's going to be no escape from this one i'm afraid!

    PK: He's tapping already, Lansdale wins again!

    *The ref calls for the bell but Lansdale refuses to release the hold as he did last week against Harley, keeping a hold of Captain Amazing to ramp up the pain. The ref calls for the bell again and begins to pull Lansdale away from him and he finally released the hold after a few seconds, kicking his fallen opponent before Ravensdell enters the ring to raise his hand.*

    BD: This man is just so incredibly distasteful, he doesn't know the meaning of sportsmanship!

    PK: Just admit it Bob, he looked dominant tonight!

    BD: I won't argue with that, I could just do without his attitude. Inferno will be back after this commercial break.
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    JM: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, From across the street of the Playboy Mansion, T-Thunda!

    BD: Here comes T-Thunda, i'm sure he's dying to know which of the little jimmy's are gonna be man enough to step up one on one!

    PK: Those guys were far from little Bob, and none of them were called Jimmy!

    BD: Hold on, looks like T-Thunda is on his way out here alone, that could be a bad move after the group attack last week.

    *T-Thunda heads out to the ring and gets his usual big pop from the ladies in the audience, seems he's winning around some of the guys as well. Thunda steps through the ropes and asks for a mic to be handed to him.*

    T-Thunda: Alright you little jimmys! Who's it gonna be to step into the ring with The Pimp!?

    *Thunda drops the mic and awaits his answer*

    JM: And introducing his opponent, one member of The Jaws of Men, Shane Jackson!

    BD: It's Shane Jackson! And to his credit he's coming out here alone as well. Looks like we're gonna get a look at how accurate his earlier claims were.

    PK: He looks the part, i'd say Thunda's got his hands full with this guy tonight.

    BD: Both teams will be watching this match closely i'm sure tonight.

    *Jackson heads to the ring, the crowd booing his as loudly as earlier in the night. He shrugs it off and takes it in his stride and mocks Thunda as he walks down the ramp, clearly not seing him as a viable threat. He steps through the ropes and the referee has to step inbetween the two as the ring hasn't been rung yet.*

    BD: This should be an interesting match, the flair and style of Thunda vs the amateur background and aggression of Jackson.

    PK: I'm gonna jump off the fence and predict a Jackson win here, he's an unknown quantity and Thunda really doesn't know anything about him.

    (T-Thunda/Truth vs Jackson/Swagger)

    (stop at 5.25)

    BD: Great acrobatic kick from T-Thunda!

    PK: He may have knocked Jackson clean out!

    BD: 1..2...NO! Just a two count, Jackon's still alive in this one!

    *T-Thunda stomps on Jackson as he tries to get to his feet, laying a few more kicks into his rib cage for good measure. Jackson staggers up and Thunda cannons off the rope for a shoulder block knocking him back down. Jackson is up again, and then down once more thanks to a flying clothesline from Thunda. Thunda pulls him to his feet and whips him to the corner, following him with another clothesline and thrusting his shoulder into Jacksons gut repeatedly.*

    BD: This one isn't going to be going much longer by the looks of it, Thunda is on top once again!

    PK: Hold on a minute Bob, what's this!?

    *Leonicas and Aurelio storm the ring and begin attacking Thunda relentlessly, Jackson joins in as soon as he's regained his bearings. The ref calls for the bell.*

    BD: What are they doing out here!? This isn't right dammit!

    PK: Here come SAM to even the odds!

    *Big Chief and Miguel Tenorio rush out from the back and attack The Jaws of Men from behind, catching them off guard. An all out brawl ensues and T-Thunda battles to his feet to join his team in the fighting. One by one Jackson, Mendoza and Aurelio are all ejected from the ring as SAM stand tall and yell abuse at them.*

    JM: Here is your winner, by disqualification, T-Thunda!

    BD: This isn't going to be the last time we've heard of this!

    PK: To steal a line from the Spanish Love Machine, You Betcha!

    BD: T-Thunda wins this one by DQ, and I guess a win is a win!

    PK: Sure is Bob, The Jaws of Men are gonna have to rethink their strategy in this one!
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    1 x IWA World Heavyweight Champion - Malcolm Adonis

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    *We return to Inferno and to Nathan Staples office. Billy McCoy is standing next to him.*

    Billy: Sir... Mr Staples, look i knew you saw my match last week and it was clear to all, that King Strem cost a shot at the International Championship, not only that he cost me, my chance to get level with Mark Dimensions, and get a step closer to getting my championship back.

    I dont like Kingstream, OK, the man has got where he is today by moaning and bitching, and with a little help from Billy McCoy.

    Lets not forget how me costing Seth Farrell the Ignition Title, led to him becoming the Ignition Champion, which he then disgracfully disrespected. So I dont mind if you give me a Match against him, or Dimension, I dont care who i gotta beat to get it done, but I am going to do all i can to get myself into the Match at Glory to the Brave. and regain my championship, because in the past i have proven Better is Bigger. and I Might just do it again.

    Staples: Well i'll tell you what Bill. I did see what happened last week, and I agree that you were screwed outta your match by Strems interference.

    *McCoy nods in agreement*

    Staples: So here's what i'm gonna do. Tonight, you'll get one more chance to prove you deserve to me in the match at Glory To The Brave. You'll be facing King Strem himself, one on one. You beat him, you're in the match, how does that sound?

    Billy: Pretty damn good to me boss, thanks I owe you one!

    *McCoy leaves the office and Staples gets back to watching the show. The camera cuts back to the arena*

    BD: So McCoy gets another chance to get himself into the International Title match at Glory To The Brave. It's the least Mr Staples could do for him considering what happened last week.

    PK: Gotta disagree Bob, he had his chance, yeah Strem got involved but this is Pro Wrestling, not baby day care.

    Jason: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, from SPRING GROVE, PENNSYLVANIA, IT'S THE KING, KING STREM!!!!!!!!!!!

    BD: Perhaps the only guy who could rival Arthur Lansdale in the pompous, hateful jerk stakes here in EWNCW, it's King Strem!

    PK: Ahh come on Bob, neither of them are that bad. They've got attitude in abundance, a commodity you really need to succeed in this business.

    BD: He got involved in McCoy's match last week without reason, and in doing so cost McCoy a chance to regain the International Title.

    *Strem heads out to the ring to a hugely negative response from the fans, he shrugs it off and heads down to the ring, clearly unhappy with the match that has just been made.*

    Strem: "Bill, I don't think you fully understand how this business is ran. You win matches, you get title shots. You haven't done shit lately except interrupt and interfere in everything I do. Listen to me clearly Billiam, you had your chance to beat me and get your shot and like I figured, you could not beat me. So do us all a favor, get the hell out of my way, and get to the back of the line, the king has spoken...

    Jason: And his opponent, From Devon, England, it's BILLY MCCOY.

    BD: McCoy will be hoping to get the win tonight, he never did get his rematch after shipping the title to Dimension.

    PK: He put his rematch on the line against Strem and lost, he really should just let it go Bob.

    McCoy(Seth) vs Strem(Vance Archer)

    (Ignore ending in video read below

    BD: McCoy might just pull this off! He's going to get a shot at his former title and the streak!

    PK: Strem's not done yet.. oh what the hell!?

    *MD comes through the crowd and clotheslines Strem before starting to beat him with the belt. McCoy watches helplessly in the ring screaming WHY, as he watches his shot at the belt go down as the bell for the ending of the match rings.*

    BD: MD just shot Billy's title dreams in the head! This isn't fair!

    PK: This must be Dimensions revenge for the attack last week, Strem's gotta be regretting that right now!

    BD: That's not the point, McCoy has been screwed again!

    *McCoy can't believe it and slumps to his knees in the ring, the crowd boo the outcome of the match as we cut to commercial.*
    Efed stuff that doesn't matter

    1 x IWA World Heavyweight Champion - Malcolm Adonis

    Current WWE World Heavyweight Champion - Dean Ambrose

    1 x EWNCW Tag Team Champion - Malcolm Adonis w/ Kyojin

    Current No 1 Contender to the EWNCW Title - Arthur Lansdale

    I lied, it matters.

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    *We head to Nathan Staples office next, and he's deep in conversation with Alex Kidd who seems to have recovered from a recent injury.*

    Alex Kidd: So yeah, the doctors have given me the all clear boss, i'm ready to get back in the ring.

    Staples: Alright Alex, it's good to have you back, i'll get you in a match next week.

    *There's a knock at the door and Tommy Thunder walks in, you can hear the crowd in the arena let out a cheer.*

    Staples: Ah, Tommy, it's good of you to drop by, Alex, would you mind?

    *Kidd nods at Staples and leaves the room as Tommy walks up to Staples*

    Tommy: Alright Nathan, I guess it's time I let you know who's going up against Gillz tonight.

    Staples: By all means Tommy, who've you chosen?

    *Tommy motions to the door and Krystian Krysys walks in, another background pop from the crowd.*

    Tommy: Krysys was screwed over last week, I'll admit that, but it wasn't my fault. But hey, this guy is one of the fastest rising stars in EWNCW, and surely a future champ, so who better than him to get the job done tonight?

    Staples: Well Krystian, I wish you luck tonight, and who knows, if you get a win you may find yourself in the title frame much sooner rather than later.

    *Krysys nods and he and Tommy leave the room as the camera cuts back to the arena*


    BD: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen! After that announcement you can bet we're in for a great match up next.

    PK: Krysys vs Gillz, Krysys has gotta be angry with what happened last week, Ric Flair getting involved really screwed Krysys over.

    BD: True enough Pierce, but he's got a great chance to come out here and prove why he should be in the title picture in the near future!

    *Krysys walks down to the ring, obviously still fuming over last week's loss*

    KK: Ok, so as most of you saw, last week I got screwed out of my chance to face Gillz at Glory to the Brave, by Bam and Father Freakin' Time, Ric Flair! So, as you can probably guess I am a little pissed off, but ya know Tommy said some nice stuff about me and picked me to face Gills here tonight. Well Tommy, I like ya, but that was a mistake! Last week you said I wasn't ready for the chance to compete for the biggest title in this company, but tonight I will prove you wrong when I destroy Gillz, and if you can't get the job done when you face him, you can bet your ass I will be right there to do what you couldn't. Hell even if you win, I will be the next challenger for that title!

    *Krysys does the X as the crowd cheers*

    PK: Strong words, but can he get the job done against a living, breathing legend in Gillz? Can't say I think so.

    BD: We'll see Pierce, Krysys earned the right to be in last weeks match, and Tommy clearly thinks highly enough of him.

    BD: I wonder how Gillz reacted when he found out that he's facing Krysys?

    PK: Knowing him he probably didn't think too much of it, he's got a big ego but it's something he's earned really.

    BD: Won't argue with that one Pierce, regardless of whether you like him or not, Gillz is a great wrestler and deserves that belt.

    *Gillz walks out to a huge wave of boo's and jeers from the EWNCW faithful which he shrugs off, fixing his eyes on Krysys before patting the belt around his waist. He walks down to the ring ignoring the out stretched hands of the fans in the front row and slides into the ring, mocking Krysys and trying to provoke him into attacking before the bell rings. Krysys jsut stares him down however and Gillz removes his belt and raises it high above his head as a show of power to everyone. The ref takes the belt and hands it to the outside, and we're ready to begin this match.*

    (Krysys/Punk vs Morrison/Gillz)

    BD: Both men are down on the outside the ref is counting them down!

    PK: No one wants to see a double count-out so they need to come to their senses quickly!

    *Krysys and Gillz both stumble to their feet, and begin trading punches on the outside with Gillz gaining the upper hand. He buries a knee into Krysys' abdomen and pushes his back against the ring apron, knocking him down. Gillz rolls into the ring and then back out again to break the count before pulling Krysys to his feet and whipping him to the steel steps. However Krysys reverses and Gillz himself crashes shoulder first into the cold steel, the crowd give a huge cheer*

    BD: Gillz isn't even going to make it to Glory To The Brave, he could well be injured right there!

    *Krysys pulls him to his feet and rolls him back into the ring before following him. Gillz tries to crawl away from Krysys and grabs a hold of the ropes, Krysys won't let up however and begins punching him once more as Gillz holds the ropes. The referee tries to drag Krysys away but he refuses but Gillz hits a low blow with the ref's view obscured. Krysys doubles over in pain as Gillz stands up and sets up up for..*

    BD: Double-Arm DDT!!! Right after the low blow! This one's over!

    PK: Goodnight, sweetheart!




    *The ref calls for the bell and Gillz looks relieved to have gained the win.*

    BD: Gillz just stole one, I can't believe it! Krysys looked to be on top!

    PK: That blow didn't look too low for me, I think you're just imagining things!

    *Gillz slides to the outside and grabs a mic as we fade to commercial*
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    Current WWE World Heavyweight Champion - Dean Ambrose

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    Current No 1 Contender to the EWNCW Title - Arthur Lansdale

    I lied, it matters.

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    *We return to the show with Krysys being forced to the back by officials, he looks angry at the way Gillz got the win but there's nothing he can do about it now.*

    BD: We're back and ready for our main event of the evening, looks like Gillz is about to reveal who Tommy Thunder's gonna be facing.

    PK: I've just had a thought Bob, Gillz could be about to drop a bombshell on us! With Rich Cranium no longer on Rage, it stands to reason he could be about to make his Inferno return!

    *Gillz has taken a seat at ringside next to the announce table and begins to speak.*

    Gillz: Thunder, get your fat ass out here right now! You wanna know who you're facing? I'm gonna tell you to your face!

    BD: Ask and you shall receive Gillz!

    PK: Don't think he was asking.. more demanding i'd say!

    BD: You're right there Pierce, but more to the point, Gillz looks like he's gonna be getting a good look at this match as he's staying at ringside! I smell funny business.

    PK: Ahh come on Bob, i'm sure his motives are clean for staying out here.

    *Tommy explodes out of the back and the crow erupt into a chrous of cheering for him. He walks down to the ring, keeping his eyes fixed on Gillz. He enters the ring walks over to the side that Gillz is on, leaning on the ropes and yelling at him 'Well!? Here I am, so who's it gonna be!?*

    Gillz: You know, it's surprising how alike you and I think. I mean, it's clear that i'm smarter than you by a long way Thunder, but you have your moments. Picking Krysys? Alright i'll hand it to ya, he gave me a decent fight, but like everyone else he got beat. So i'm gonna take a play right outta your book, you wanna choose one of your opponents from last week? Then i'll choose the other, that's right, you're facing Bam!

    BD: Bam! And if i'm not mistaken Ric Flair is coming out here with him!

    PK: Tommy's in for a real fight here tonight, Bam can be a real livewire as seen last week!

    BD: Not to mention he's got Flair and Gillz out here to worry about, the deck's a little stacked here tonight.

    PK: Ahh you're worrying over nothing there Bob, remember Gillz can't lay hands on Tommy or he'll face serious consequences!

    BD: Maybe you're right Tommy, but something just doesn't sit right here.

    *Bam and Flair make their way to the ring, Flair is dressed in yet another tailor made suit, no doubt it cost him a bomb. Flair shouts out 'WOOOOOOO!' and the crowd copy him before they go back to booing Bam. Tommy turns his attention to his opponent as he enters the ring, Flair walks around the ring and takes the mic from Gillz.*

    Flair: Wooooooo! Now listen to me Thunder. You got lucky last week you no class hill billy! You know as well as everyone here that you don't deserve that title shot, and that it should have gone to my boy Bam! Woooooooo!

    *The crowd boos ar Flair*

    Flair: Now Thunder, I'll admit, you made one good choice in life! You chose a pretty decent lookin wife! And let me tell you, she must love rollercoasters because she was on Space Mountain all night long after last weeks show! Yeah, she loves the Nature Boy! Woooooo!

    Now when Bam beats you tonight, I might let him have a few rounds with her if you know what I mean! And after that we'll go straight to Staples and let him know that he's found his new number one contender! Wooooooo!

    *Thunder takes his Tommy Thunder t-shirt off and throws it at Flair and the crowd laughs*

    Flair: Now you listen to me you little punk! I'm Ric Flair! The nature boy! The Stylin', profilin', limousine ridin', kissing stealin' son of a gun! I was beating guys years before you were born!

    *Thunder shouts down to Flair 'Yeah we know Ric, you were beating off guys long before I was born, old man!'*

    Flair: You're lucky Thunder! Lucky that's not me in that ring with you, i'd break your legs and then kiss your wife right in front of you!

    *Flair rips off his jacket and throws it down on the floor.*

    BD: Flair's gonna give himself a heart attack again..

    PK: I hope not.. someone should just ring the bell..

    (Tommy/Austin vs Bam/Hart)

    (stop at 9.40 part 2)

    BD: Tommy's looking great right now, a brilliant display of technical wrestling from him as Bam lays on the outside!

    PK: Bam's looked good tonight too, but Tommy has looked a little better!

    BD: Wait a minute! Gillz is up on the apron and he's trying to distract Tommy!

    *Tommy gets in Gillz's face but neither is willing to throw a punch. The ref jumps in the middle and tries to get Gillz away from the ring. Tommy hasn't seen it yet but Flair has grabbed Gillz' title and is climbing into the ring! Bam slides back into the ring and trades punches with Tommy as the ref deals with Gillz. Flair sneaks up behind Tommy and attempts to smash him in the back of the head with the title but Tommy sees it coming out of the corner of his eye and ducks. The title goes straight into Bams face and Flair drops the belt seeing that he's knocked him out cold!*

    BD: Bam is down and out, Flair got that one completely wrong!

    PK: I can't believe it, Flair's just been thrown out of the ring by Thunder and he's looking to capitalise on the mistake!

    *The referee turns around and sees the pin as Gillz looks on in anger*




    BD: Thunder gets the win! Flair's plan has failed and I wouldn't be surprised if Gillz was in on it either!

    PK: Who knows Bob, all that matters is Tommy just got the job done against the odds!

    BD: That he did Pierce, Gillz is absolutely furious on the outside, and so's Flair!

    *Gillz and Flair yell at each other as Tommy stands victorious in the ring, he raises both middle fingers to the men on the outside before walking back up the ramp. The camera cuts to Gillz who is staring up at Thunder from ringside before starting to fade out*

    BD: That's all we have time for folks, tune in next week for some more explosive Inferno!
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