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    Lily Morgan: This match is a one fall Tag Team Match! Introducing first, the team of Luke Jameson and KJ Punk!

    A Large roar from the crowd as Jameson and Punk walk out on to the ramp and give love to the fans on the way down to the ring. They go to climb the steps and both try and walk up at the same time. Jameson concedes and offers the steps to Punk who walks up and in to the ring.

    Daniels: And here we go, a tag team match, one set up by Jameson's Destiny's Calling opponent, Primetime AJ Dixon. And lucky for Jameson, Dixon only got to pick his opponents.

    Kingmaker: That's right Dan. Jameson had his choice of the locker room and he pick KJ Punk. Will his choice pay off tonight? We will see here shortly.

    Lily Morgan: And introducing already in the ring... the team of DJ Williams and Mike Hawk!

    Boos fill the arena as Thunder's minions, Williams and Hawk are set for great action.

    Kingmaker: And here are the guys that Dixon thinks can give Jameson the beating he deserves. But will this match go the way that Dixon hopes it does?

    Daniels: Well Dixon thought that these two mad men will punish Jameson, giving Dixon an advantage that he hopes will lead to a win at Destiny's Calling. How will Jameson get through this match and how will Williams and Hawk flourish as a tag team?

    Jameson & Punk (represented by Orton & Morrison) vs Hawk & Williams (represented by Christian & R-Truth)

    Start at 1:03 - Stop at 5:50

    Daniels: And there is the hot tag to both men. Here comes Jameson and Hawk!

    [I]Both men get into the ring and run at each other. They trade rights in the middle of the ring until Hawk gets the upper hand on Jameson and clobbers him with rights. Hawk grabs the back of a hunched over Jameson and starts laying in kicks to his midsection/

    Hawk lets go of Jameson and runs at the ropes. Hawk springboards off the middle rope and flies at Jameson, grabbing him by the neck and hitting a deviating springboard DDT.[I]

    Kingmaker: What a series of events by Hawk, he is all over the ring.

    Daniels: Hawk is circling his prey and he is looking to fly.

    Hawk walks over to the turnbuckle and is looking to climb and hit the Phoenix Splash. Hawk takes flight, but hits the matt, as Punk has pulled Jameson out of the way. Punk starts smacking Jameson in the face, trying to wake him up. Jameson comes to and climbs back in the ring to pin Hawk




    Hawk manages to kick out! Punk has climbed back on to the apron and has his arm stretched out for Jameson. Jameson finds the strength to get the tag to Punk, who climbs the turnbuckle. Punk stretches his arms out wide and flies of the top, hitting hawk right in the sternum with an elbow drop.

    Kingmaker: What a drop from that height, an elbow right to the chest, that has got to be it!




    Williams broke up the pin. Punk goes to beat down Williams who has already climbed out of the ring and is taunting Punk from outside. Punk is yelling at Williams who is still taunting him. Punk turns back around to see Hawk stammering up in the middle of the ring. Punk walks over to Hawk and is met by an elbow to the gut from Hawk.

    Hawk continues to lay elbows into Punk until he stands all the way up. Hawk punches punk in the head and whips him into the ropes. The two run at each other and as Hawk goes for a clothesline, Punk goes for one of his own. both men hit at the same time and both men are laid out. The ref starts to count both men down.





    Hawk starts to stir as does Punk.



    Hawk makes it to a knee as Punk moves to all fours.


    Daniels: Hawk and Punk up at the same time! Who will strike first?

    Punk takes a swing that Hawk ducks. Hawk counters, picking up Punk and hitting the Mayhem Driver. Upon impact,with Punk laying out on the matt, Hawk ricochets off the matt and back to his corner, where he lays as well. Williams, see a moment to capitalize, tags himself in.

    Daniels: Well this is interesting Williams has tagged himself in.

    Kingmaker: I think that DJ wants to finish the Job himself.

    Williams climbs the turnbuckle and eyes Punk in the middle of the ring. Williams rotates around and leaps form the top rope and tries hits the J-Smooth, a Double Moonsault however Punk moves at the last second leaving DH to crash and burn. Punk raises himself up and so does DJ holding his chest in pain before turining into a Rolling Elbow from Punk who immediately covers.




    Lily Morgan: Here are your winners, Luke Jameson and KJ Punk

    Daniels: And there it is folks.

    Kingmaker: Jameson and Punk win tonight.
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    We cut back to the arena and Arthur Lansdale makes his way out to the ring, unaccompanied by his theme music. The fans react in a confused manner as Lansdale marches to the ring, his eyes fixed forwards, not acknowledging the crowd in any way. Lansdale slides into the ring and stomps over to the other side of the ring, asking for a microphone. He steps back into the middle of the ring and takes a deep breath before beginning.

    Lansdale: Here I am again, making some bull statement about some bull elimination match which i've been placed in. Let me tell you a story EWNCW, let me tell you what's annoying Arthur Lansdale at the moment. That's right, i'm breaking the fourth wall.

    Lansdale removes the microphone casing that displays the Inferno logo and throws it out of the ring. The din of the fans dies down, unsure what to make of the more troubled Lansdale.

    Lansdale: See, i'm really starting to get annoyed with the lack of initiative around this place. I'm getting sick and damn tired of people like Nathan Staples swaggering around the back there, telling me to come out here and state my case for a title shot with not so much as a hint of direction. Telling me I'm in a match with four guys i've already beaten at some point or another. Hello? I like more flavours than vanilla folks. How about we mix things up a little around here once in a while.. hah, elimination match my arse.. I just competed in one of those a few weeks back and nearly won the EWNCW Title.

    Look, we're entertainers, we're supposed to come out here week in, week out and put smiles on all of your faces, send you home happy and give you something to talk about at work the next day. But how in the hell are we supposed to do that when there's not a damn plan in place? How are you gonna tell me to come out here and entertain people when you ain't got a damn clue how to do it yourself?

    Lansdale looks out into the crowd who remain quiet, he shrugs and shakes his head before he continues.

    Lansdale: See i'm happy swinging my fists, throwing out kicks and making morons like Krysys, Mike Hawk and Tommy Thunder tap out, but can anyone tell me the fuckin' point? *gasp* Arthur Lansdale swore. I'm tired of sugar coating it, i'm tired of proving myself and telling everyone that Arthur Lansdale is ready for the next step only to be told.. nah this week we're going with Grind Bastard. Nah this week we're going with Mike Hawk. Well Mike Hawk can suck my cock and get in line for a title shot, it's my turn and Nathan Staples knows it.

    So i'll play along and dance and smile along to Staples tune for now, and i'll keep on putting people down and knocking them out and maybe just maybe someone might actually have something to say that's a little worth my time around here. And who knows, maybe we might get ourselves a main event at Destiny's Calling that would be worth watching?

    Lansdale throws his microphone away and converses with members of the front row. One fan shouts out "That was bullshit!" to which Lansdale replies "Yeah, I know!".

    The music hits and Shuriken comes out with a serious look on his face, ignoring the fan's cheers. He sees Lansdale across the ring and tells him "You are right." Shuriken gets in the ring and asks for the mic.

    Mr. Lansdale, you are absolutely right. You know, for the time I have been this business....I have never seen such low behavior. And I am not talking about Tommy Thunder and his group of asskissers. No.....

    Shuriken looks at the camera.

    Shuriken: Management, I hope you aren't the whole "Best for Business" crap on us. Because clearly, this is not good. This is not best for business. Such behaviors and no say from management except putting the guys who want to rip Tommy, DJ, and Mike in more matches. Conspiracy? I don't know but if there is anyone I would put in the hot seat, it would have to be our EWNCW Management. So this is what I will do: Staples, I'm going to give you want you want. I'll give you the matches that you and everyone else wants. BUT! But...if this charade continues.....Staples, you'll be hearing from me.

    The crowd cheers as Shuriken looks at Lansdale.

    Shuriken: You'll get your fun, Lansdale. When this is over and Tommy isn't Champion, you and I have to face each other for the Championship. Give these people what they want.

    The crowd cheers loud.

    Shuriken: And Tommy. DJ. Mike. Your stupidity is coming to an end. Tommy, you don't care about the future. You are only out for yourself. But I cannot wait to get my hands on you and your crew. You've tarnished that Championship for far too long and you earned to have your arm snapped in TWO!

    The crowd goes wild as Shuriken drops the mic.
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    Daniels: Big things are gonna happen when Lansdale and Shurikn Blade clash next Inferno.

    Kingmaker: That is true and when we return the main event of the evening will grace your screens so be sure to miss it.

    We return to see Abel seen backstage, his menacing figure covered is all but a shadow as he stand in a dimly lit room. He raises his head up and smiles.

    Abel: I know you are there Slayde. I can feel your presence lingering, like the smell of death, a decomposing rotting corpse, it stinks. So, we have been granted at match at Destiny's Calling, how fitting a place for me to destroy the man I once knew as a friend.

    Abel turns and faces the wall and shouts

    Abel: But I do not want to wait! I want to punish you now, I want you to fell my hate, feel my rage. I want you to taste your own blood as I beat you lifeless! No, we will not wait until than to battle.. No, we will do this tonight, we will do this next! I will go out there and I will call you out, and if you are a menacing and dangerous as you think you are, than you will answer my challenge, and you will face me tonight.

    It is true, that we saw one another already tonight.. However it was not a solo encounter, we teamed with others to do battle, and while my side was victorious, I leave with a bitter taste in my mouth.. Like dried blood.. You, you and your "partner" were disqualified and that does not suit my needs, that proves nothing.. So.. Orion.. Will you emerge from the shadows, will you show yourself now, will we finish this tonight!?

    The lights disappear and Slayde's booming voice resonates in the darkness

    Slayde: No. Not tonight. I aim to push more. The signs of the old Abel are showing but you're still far from the man I called my partner and friend. Do not worry for the wait will not be long, next week I want us to meet in the ring. I warn you though, do not let a victory over me tonight give you false hope because in no way are you ready for what what's coming at Destiny's calling.

    This is my mission. To make you embrace the shadows of the dark being inside you. To make you give in to twisted pleasure of being a rampaging beast of a man that cared only for the mayhem and destruction he caused and the glories that came with it. To be yourself. To be "The Mad One" and at Destiny's Calling....

    The lights return to show Slayde and Abel in front of another...

    Slayde: ....I will....

    The rest of his sentence is cut as Abel lands a big hit and now the two begin to trade blows backstage, hitting each other with ferocious hits that show the intensity between the two and that time is the only obstacle between them and their destined encounter.
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    Kingmaker: What an encounter between Slayde and Abel. They cannot wait till Destiny's Calling and who knows what will happen next week.

    Daniels: That we'll have to tune in to see but the match everyone has been waiting for Tommy Thunder vs Grind Bastard. What a Main Event.

    Lily Morgan: The following contest is your Inferno Main Event of the evening and it is a non-title match, scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, "The Monster of EWNCW" Grind Bastard!!!

    The Monster of EWNCW heads to the ring. His intensity level strong as he enter the ring and soon awaits his opponent.

    Daniels: Grind is set to make the champ see what he would be in for if things had gone his way just a few weeks ago.

    Kingmaker: I'd be disappointed if he didn't had it not been for Thunder himself, perhaps Hawk would win where he is now but alas seems it was meant to be this way.

    Lily Morgan: and his opponent being accompanied to the ring by Mike Hawk and DJ Williams, he is the EWNCW Champion....Tommy Thunder!!!

    Thunder and crew head to the ring. The champraises his title in the ring to a mass of boos before facing Grind Bastard, ready to bring down The Monster of EWNCW.

    Kingmaker: Tommy and company looking look confident in this match, you think they're up to something?

    Daniels: When are they not? It still may not be enough against the likes of Grind Bastard.

    Thunder (Punk) vs Grind Bastard (Kane) (Ignore Bryan)

    Start at 1:28 - Stop at 5:59

    Daniels: Thunder is on the outside in pain holding his back, you know Grind Batard is gonna look to capitalize off that.

    Kingmaker: Who wouldn't?

    Grind goes to the outside floor and picks up Thunder before ramming him back first to the nearest ring post, sending new waves of pain to Thunder's back before tossing him into the ring and entering to make the cover.....1.................2.............- Thunder kicks out and the crowd boos.

    Daniels: That's "The Storm" foryou. Thunder has great resiliency that makes one of thetop star in EWNCW that's why he's the champ. A task Hawk will need to live up to.

    Grind picks Thunder up but the champion shows some signs of life by kicking at Grind's left leg but Grind uses the right one to knee Thunder in the gut and get him in position for a picture perfect back breaker across his knee that has Thunder on the ropes and in clear visible pain. Grind shows a look of pleasure in seeing Thunder in the pain he is.

    Kingmaker: You gotta feels this is his way of letting know what would've happened to him had he won weeks ago against Hawk for the right to challenge Thunder come Destiny's Calling.

    Grind gestures that the end is coming and pulls Thunder by his hair up to his and has him ready for the Skullkrusher (Package Piledriver) but a timely distraction from DJ Williams allows for Thunder to land a low blow on Grind as the ref's back is turned in dealing with DJ himself, who kicks him out to the back but DJ feeling he's done his job walks away and Thunder confidently goes ovr and pins Grind....1......................2..............- but Grind powers out asthe crowd goes ballistic beliving this mtch may have been over but it will continue.

    Daniels: Grind showing DJ's underhanded tatics ad Thunder's low blow will not keep him down.

    Kingmaker: Hes The Monster of EWNCW for good reason. Thunder may need rethink his strategy.

    Thunder can't believe but goes on the attack and begins to stomp and kick away at Grind Bastard. He heads to the top rope and performs a diving elbow drop that connects and smirks before signaling for the end and the crowd boos heavily. Thunder dismisses them as he stalks Grind, who now begins to get up but as Thunder attempts to go for the Shining Wizard but as it looks to connect, Grind blocks it with his arm and swiftly proceed to catch Thunder off guard, grabbing his throat and gripping with force to deliver a devastating Chokeslam that leave Thunder seemingly out but near the ropes as Grind covers.....1..............2...............- Mike Hawk places Thunder's foot on the ropes without him seeing- .....3!

    Kingmaker: Grind seems to have....wait no, Thunder's foot is on the ropes. I can't believe it.

    Daniels: Neither can Grind, the ref is telling him the match continues.

    The ref tells Grind the match continues after he sees Thunder's foot on the ropes and tells Grind who now sees it himself but also sees the way Hawk is smirking and knows he had something to do with it and steps out of the ring to assault Hawk but Hawk is too agile for The Monster of EWNCW and so he avoids him through the crowd leaving Grind frustrated as he returns to the ring.

    Upon entering he's met with a low dropkick to the knee by Thunder who follows it up immediately with the Shining Wizard for the the 1.......2.........3!

    Lily Morgan: Here is your winner.....Tommy Thunder!!!

    Thunder celebrates as Hawk rejoins him. As a stage look to return the gold to Thunder, Hawk takes it and says he'll give it to Thunder. He hands the title to Thunder but as Thunder grips the gold so does Hawk's grip on it and now the two stand dead center in the ring with the EWNCW in their grasp to paint a crystal clear picture f the matchup in store come Destiny's Calling as EWNCW goes off the air.

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    One filler done, fat boys....
    "For the Druids' legends are true..."

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    In the dark match, Jack "Jackman" Jackson beat Pete 'Pretty Peter' Peterson with a big Jackman Jackhammer.
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    Ronaldo Romulus was seen backstage at Inferno.

    Verbal berating the RTE staff on hand.
    Kaige Chamberlain
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    Former RTE Tag-Team Champion(w/ Xavier Hightower[1])
    Current EWNCW Tag-Team Champion (Solo; 3/30/14) [1]
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    Kaige Chamberlain was seen staring a hole through Mr. Smyth, who was carrying his TWE Ironfist Championship. Smyth was later said to have mocked Kaige.
    Kaige Chamberlain
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    Former RTE Tag-Team Champion(w/ Xavier Hightower[1])
    Current EWNCW Tag-Team Champion (Solo; 3/30/14) [1]
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    Adonis may not be on hand tonight.

    Last word were that some ladies picked him up in a convertible earlier tonight and he has not been seen or heard from since.
    Kaige Chamberlain
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    Former RTE Tag-Team Champion(w/ Xavier Hightower[1])
    Current EWNCW Tag-Team Champion (Solo; 3/30/14) [1]
    'Father' Black Angel:
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    Winner of BotN[Seraphim]

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    ‚ÄčLet's start the show!
    Kaige Chamberlain
    Ballad of an Asshole

    Former RTE Tag-Team Champion(w/ Xavier Hightower[1])
    Current EWNCW Tag-Team Champion (Solo; 3/30/14) [1]
    'Father' Black Angel:
    Preacher of the Voices

    Winner of BotN[Seraphim]

    I'm trying to be number one, why would I settle?
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