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    *The show starts with a video recap of events concerning Inferno from Day of Reckoning. Grind winning over Doom and Abel, Juarez having to leave Inferno after being defeated by Hawk, Jameson once again winning over King Strem and recovering his International Championship and more importantly Tommy Thunder retaining the EWNCW Championship to continue his over year long reign before the camera comes back and focuses on Bob Daniels and Pierce Kingmaker.*

    Daniels: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen and welcome to EWNCW's Inferno live from the Staples Center, in Los Angeles, California. With m is Pierce Kingmaker and I am Bob Daniels. If you saw Day of Reckoning. you saw the kickoff for the most exciting time in EWNCW. The Road to Destiny's Calling.

    Kingmaker: That's correct we got a fantastic show tonight, really make the Road to Destiny's Calling very exciting especially since a lot things happened at Day of Reckoning as the recap video earlier showed.

    Daniels: Including event directly to our EWNCW Champion Tommy Thunder....

    *Thunder leads Hawk and DJ out to the ring as the audience goes throws a fit. Thunder holds up the world title and flaunts it to the fans as Hawk secures mics for the group. As they enter the ring, Hawk takes the mic and shushes the crowd before he speaks.*

    Hawk: Day of Reckoning, we hit the big time and proved to everyone that we mean business. We are not only heralds for a brighter future, but we are the defenders of the only entity in this company that has any honor. As you can see, DJ did his job and Thunder is still the man to beat around here but that is nothing new.

    What is new however, is that Inferno is one man short but since I'm standing in the ring, you know exactly who I'm talking about. Heaven and Earth collided that night and now everyone in the back knows who the most dangerous force on roster is. The World's Most Dangerous Predator, that title is my prize now and Eddie Juarez is out of our hair for good, just like I promised. He can talk all he wants and say he beat me, but it's the winner of the war not the battle that writes the history books around here.

    Tommy told us to step up that night and I did more than that, I took charge. Last year when the big show came rolling into town, I was at the bottom doing absolutely nothing. No one wanted to give me a chance and they used me to improve the status of their own obscure talents. But this year, it will take a turn for the better. I am where I belong, at the doors of greatness. But I'm not knocking or waiting for someone to answer. no I am barging in and taking what is mine now. I learned from my mistakes and this year is the year of the Hawk.

    *Hawk passes the mic to DJ after upsetting the crowd greatly. Hawk backs up and lets DJ handle to angry mob.*

    *DJ looks at the crowd with a grin on his face before beginning to speak*

    DJ: Fuck you, your kids and fuck the people who gave birth to ya!

    *The crowd rains down boos on DJ while a “You Suck!” chant breaks out*

    DJ: Hahaha, too easy, anyway, Hawk has made a great point. We do mean business, we are not to be fucked with, and that was all proven at King of The Cage. Also we are not the damn Shield, even if we do fight for the same type of cause, which is injustice, we aight them! Stupid niggas keep asking me dumbass questions on if we are them or not. Let’s get this shit straight right now, do you see us walking through the crowd every night, hell no. We wouldn’t be caught dead surrounded by you low lives, do we triple power bomb mofos, no, that’s dumb. Why do that when we can separately beat anyone’s ass one on one and make a bigger statement!

    *Crowd boos*

    DJ: Last but not least.. do we wear damn protective vests?? Fuck no! We don’t need damn protection and plus that’s a sign of a bitch since your ass is scared to get hurt. If anything the other wrestlers and you guys need protection from us. We don’t play when it comes to disrespecting us, best believe it! Anyway let’s get back to what happen at the PPV, did you guys see what happen?! My boy Hawk took out the self proclaim “World’s Dangerous Man” or whatever the hell he calls himself, his ass is gone. I showed out in the elimination chamber, and Tommy kept his title…granted he did me dirty but, I would have done the same thing in his position.

    Inside that chamber I showed the world that not only do I belong in the main event, I also can hold the EWNCW title. I got put through 2 chamber pods and a nigga still lasted longer than the bums who put him through it. That right there shows straight heart and talent that you damn people can’t even boo at! I will become champion one day *looks toward Tommy* I just hope I fight you to do it! *Looks back to the crowd* I am going to be one of the greatest in this damn industry and based on what happen at the PPV, that’s one hell of a way to start!

    *The crowd boos as DJ smirks before handing the mic to Tommy as he pats him on the back..*

    Thunder: What's the matter? Can't take that we're just too damn good? Can't bear the mere fact that these two guys have had enough of you people cheering for your Shuriken's, and your Lansdale's? Can't accept that these two are two of the best talents on Inferno?

    *the crowd continue to boo*

    Thudner: That's right, you can't.

    Mike Hawk here worked one hell of a match and he beat Eddie Juarez. That's right. In a match where each man's place here on Inferno was on the line, where both men HAD to bring out their best, Mike Hawk won. Eddie Juarez' best wasn't good enough to beat Mike Hawk's best. But you people can't take that. You people can't acknowledge that Mike Hawk is better than Eddie Juarez.

    *An "Eddie Juarez" chant breaks out, as Thunder turns his head to Hawk and gestures to the crowd while shaking his head, as Hawk does the same*

    Thunder: But moving on to talk about the Inferno King of the Cage match. I've seen what all you people have been saying. I've read what you've all been writing on your social media outlets. Those little things that you use to vent your frustrations and say how things should have turned out. I've sen you all say that I somehow stuck a knife in the back of DJ Williams by taking him out and pinning him. But you heard it straight from his mouth; he'd have done the exact same thing had he been in my shoes.

    *the crowd boo*

    Thunder: As the champion it is my duty to do whatever it takes to keep this title. What kind of champion would I be if I just laid down and let someone pin me? Ask yourself that question!.

    DJ Williams outlasted 3 other men in that match. He outlasted Mr Smyth. He outlasted former EWNCW Champion Krystian Krysys, and he outlasted 2 time former World Heavyweight Champion Shuriken Blade. So before passing judgment on the way I won the match, and how we performed in the match, how about you take a look at your own performance, and the way you didn't win the match after you were pinned by a rookie *looks into camera* Shuriken.

    *the crowd boo*

    Thunder: I defended my EWNCW Championship inside that steel chamber against 5 other men, and I emerged victorious. I won. And now I'm on the way to Destiny's Calling, where I won't be putting this title on the line against Shuriken Blade. I won't be putting this title on the line against Krystian Krysys. I won't be putting this title on the line against any of those men inside that were inside that chamber with me, no offense DJ, but I do know of one man that does deserve, who has earned his chance to face me, and that man is.......
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    *Lights go out in the arena and a message flickers in the Titantron on red letters*


    *Lights return to the arena and Grind Bastard is in the middle of the ring, barb wire baseball bat in hand.. He points it to Tommy, who remains unimpressed, then the bat points to the tron, Lights go out again and Cathedral explodes in the arena.*

    *The Tron shows us a badly illuminated corridor. It focuses on a door with the name “Tommy Thunder” on it. The cameraman is pushed aside, then the shot turns to the left to show Grind Bastard with a parchment on one hand, and an ornate dagger in the other. Grind places the parchment on the door, then stabs it to it before leaving. Cameraman shows what is written*

    Quote Originally Posted by Written Grind
    At Day of Reckoning, I proved what I really am. The Monster of EWNCW. I said I was going to take Abel and Doom down, and as I dais, I did. Doom may cry about never pinning him, but if he took his head out of Sasha's tits he would have known that he goals justify the means, like Machiavelli said. In an anything goes match, using the excuse of being attacked from behind is pretty asinine. Whatever pleases him. The name of the record books is and will be mine. I was out to massacre those two. I did.

    But now I have to move on. Find me a new challenge. The only option is obvious. At Threat of the Net I was picked up by the fans to face Tommy Thunder for the EWNCW championship. I came close. But I failed. This time I won't have wrestled a TLC match. At Destiny's Calling I would be perfectly rested. One hundred per cent. If back at Threat of the Net I gave Thunder a hell of a match without being in full condition, this time I won't fail.

    So, Thunder, consider this a challenge. I want the EWNCW title. There's no other more deserving than the true Monster. The one who took two crazed behemoths in a Monster's Ball match. The Age of Grind Bastard is here, no one can stop it, and at Destiny's Calling, my reign of dominance and terror will begin.
    *Lights return to the arena and Grind goes to nose with a hieratical Tommy Thunder*

    *Thunder just stares at the titantron in amazement before turning to Williams and Hawk asking "did you see that?"*

    Thunder: Did any of you see that?

    *the crowd cheer*

    Thunder: Oh you liked that, did you? Well guess what I like? I like the fact that he pointed out a very important fact there; he NEARLY ended my reign. He didn't actually do it. I beat him, I won, I retained my title. Nut of course, a big dumb guy like that isn't able to process that information is he? So if he thinks that he's eligible for another shot at this title, then he can think again.

    *the crowd boo*

    Thunder: But as I was saying, there is one man on the inferno roster that does deserve to face me. A man that won his match at Day of Reckoning. A man who's been waiting for his chance for months on end. A man who's been pushed down in favor of the same old crap being pushed for all this time. And that man's name , is this man right here; Mike Hawk.

    *the crowd boo*

    Thunder: Oh it's true. He beat Eddie Juarez at Day of Reckoning. He's been waiting patiently for his chance at the big time, and with that huge win at Day of Reckoning, he now deserves a title shot in my book. So at Destiny's Calling, it shouldn't be Tommy Thunder vs Shuriken. It shouldn't be Tommy Thunder vs Krystian Krysys. It shouldn't be Tommy Thunder vs Arthur Lansdale. It shouldn't be Tommy Thunder vs Grind Bastard. No. It should be Tommy Thunder vs Mike Hawk. Because he's earned his chance, he's worked for it, and he deserves it, whether you people like it or not.

    *The Titantron lights with Staples appearing as the crowd cheers*

    Staples: Well gentlemen, I like it. I like both arguments. I feel both Hawk and Grind would give Thunder a good run for money and he needs a #1 contender for Destiny's Calling, so tonight's main event will be Grind Bastard vs Mike Hawk, the winner goes on to face Thunder at Destiny's Calling for the EWNCW Championship. You destinies are calling, gentlemen. Will you answer the call?

    Kingmaker: What a main event. Grind vs Mike Hawk. The winner faces Tommy Thunder at Destiny's Calling with the EWNCW Championship on the line. Thunder is going to have to have quite the challenge in either man.

    Daniels: Yes he will. This time of the year is ound to bring out the best of out of both the champion and challenger. So this main event will be huge but up next, upon losing Damaged Goods, we got a brand new team debuting tonight and that match will begin right after this commercial break.


    *The cameras cut back to the ring where The Coke Boyz are waiting for their opponents as their theme French Montana's Move that Cane plays.*

    Lily Morgan: The following is a tag team match set for one fall! Already in the ring, The Coke Boyz!

    *The fans pop for The Coke Boyz as they pose.*

    Kingmaker: They look ready to make a name for themselves in route to Destiny's Calling

    Daniels: Let's see if they can against....

    Lily Morgan: And their opponents, from London, England, weighing in at a combined weight of 420 lbs, the team of Jerome and Tyler Jones, they are....The Wrecking Crew!!!

    *The crowd gives a mixed reaction to The Wrecking Crew as they make their way from the back, down the ramp and into the ring. The four men stare each other down then the bell rings!*

    Kingmaker: This match, like this team will be ... Interesting.

    Daniels: Yes, it will be. Coke Boyz better be ready.

    The Wrecking Crew (THB) vs. The Coke Boyz (MVP/Kendrick, ignore Zeke)
    (Start 3:05, End 4:05)

    *The Wrecking Crew takes Demonic down with brilliant team work, then they charge Diamondz and knock him down from the apron! Jerome rolls out of the ring as Tyler goes back to Demonic to continue the assault.

    Tyler picks Demonic up to his feet, then whips him into the ropes. Demonic rebounds from the ropes and is taken out by a spear from Tyler! Tyler kips up back to his feet, runs to the ropes, springboards and connects with a body splash!

    Tyler rolls off from Demonic, gets to his feet and drags Demonic over to Jerome's corner. Tyler tags Jerome in, then holds Demonic down as Jerome climbs onto the top rope. Jerome then dives from the top and connects with a frog splash!

    Tyler gets into the ring as Jerome picks Demonic up to his feet. Both men kick Demonic in the gut, then hoist him up and plant him to the mat with a double suplex!*

    Kingmaker: These brothers work together like bread and butter!

    Daniels: Yes they do and it looks like Diamondz wants to stop that!

    *Diamondz runs at The Wrecking Crew, but Tyler throws Diamondz to Jerome so Jerome is able to dropkick Diamondz! Tyler catches Diamondz before he falls down, then pushes him into the turnbuckle. Tyler runs at Diamondz, jumps up and drives his knees into Diamondz's back!

    Diamondz starts to fall back, but Jerome jumps into frame and connects with a super kick to Diamondz's jaw! Diamondz's eyes roll to the back of his head slowly as he stumbles backwards and ...

    Diamondz falls backwards and lands onto Demonic, so Jerome holds them down as Tyler jumps up onto the top rope, then flies from the top with a body splash, landing on both men!*

    Daniels: What a move! The Wrecking Crew living up to their name sake

    *Jerome pulls Diamondz off from Demonic and rolls him under the bottom rope and to the floor below. Jerome picks Demonic up to his feet, hoists him up and plants him with a Brainbuster! Jerome goes for the cover!




    Lily Morgan: Here are your winners, The Wrecking Crew!

    Kingmaker: Well that was ... Quick.

    Daniels: They made quick work of The Coke Boyz. Right now we've received word there is a big meeting of sorts backstage. We'll take you there now.
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    *The camera shows Mr. Smyth's room and Shuriken is standing outside with an invitation. Shuriken, showing some pain and stitches on his head, enters the room and the camera follows. Shuriken sees Lansdale, Krysys, and Smyth.*

    Shuriken: Lansdale, Krysys.....Smyth....what is this about?

    *The camera pans around to show Mr. Smyth seated at the head of a table in a large, black leather chair. Krysys is leaning against the table at the other, whilst Arthur Lansdale looks out of the window. Both Smyth and Krysys look up at the entering Shuriken Blade, but Lansdale remains staring out onto the world outside.*

    Mr. Smyth: Late, unprofessional and insubordinate. Can’t say as I am too surprised really considering how many second chances you’ve had at Thomas Thunder. Not too dissimilar to a spoilt child.

    But it is about Thomas that I have invited you all here for. You saw what happened at Day of Reckoning. You’ve seen the strides he’s made in building up the egos and confidence of his new associates. What they don’t see is what we see though, and that this is a play. We don’t know what the game is yet – and there are many theories – but we know that Thomas Thunder is only out for Thomas Thunder.

    *Mr. Smyth leans back in his chair.*

    Mr. Smyth: I think we can all agree gentlemen that Thomas as our champion is bad for business. Since we are four of the men that bought their ‘A’ game to Day of Reckoning, I see this as an opportunity to have a round table discussion about possible opportunities we can exploit to right a wrong that happened at-

    Shuriken: We already know what was exploited in the match: Tommy doesn't care about his "teammates". He goes on and on about "the future" but we already know what that maniac is all about: staying champion. If he was talking about said future, Williams SHOULD have been champion that night. Bigger picture? What a ruse, set up by Tommy. A ruse that he set up himself to convince himself that we are after the championship for ourselves. Let me make this clear to all of you: as resilient as we are, we can't stop a beat down by ourselves. Tommy gets the last laugh in the end. I don't know if you noticed but that infuriates me.

    So Smyth, since we know that there is no "team" in Tommy, what do you propose we do?

    *Mr. Smyth leans forwards and places his arms on the table, interlacing his fingers.*

    Mr. Smyth: Simple. The three of you stay out of my way.

    *Blade looks at Smyth with disdain, Krysys turns his head towards Smyth and even Lansdale stops looking out of the window in disbelief.*

    Mr. Smyth: Well let’s face it, gentlemen – with the possible exception of Arthur over here, none of you were actually any use at Day of Reckoning, even with your best efforts. When I was finally released from the pod, I took the fight to anyone who was in my way and I even eliminated you, Shuriken. Quite frankly, were it not for a double team effort from Thomas and his chosen one, Arthur and I would have been almost certain to finish the match as the final two.

    With me going over victorious, of course.

    *Lansdale chuckles to himself at the window, looking back over his shoulder towards Mr Smyth and Shuriken. He turns around 180 degrees and leans back against the wall whilst wrinkling his nose towards Smyth.*

    Lansdale: Calm down mate, I think you’re getting a little bit too excited. Wouldn’t want you to crease your suit or anything, if you’re anything like I used to be that’s pretty much the end of the world. You talk a big game Dave.. Steve.. Roger? My apologies I don’t actually know your first name… you talk a big game but as we saw at Day of Reckoning, the only man who brought the big game was yours truly. The man who was seconds away from wiping that smug little satisfied smirk off of Thunders fist magnet of a face. You want Thunder, Smyth, then you’re going to have to earn it the hard way, I don’t think there’s a man in this room willing to step aside whilst you make a fool of yourself.

    *Lansdale approaches the table, taking a seat next to Krysys before tapping his fingers against the wooden surface impatiently.*

    Lansdale: I lasted from start to finish, bell to bell and I took every single blow from every single one of you.. and then some. And yet I outlasted the lot of you. None of you can make a better claim to a title shot than I can.. but other than Smythy here I’m not going to demand you step aside and let me waltz on through, I’ll gladly knock you all down if you form an orderly line. And if any of you are actually good enough to beat me.. well then feel free to move onto Thunder. So who’s first then? Who’s first in line for a sharp dose of reality? Smyth? Shuriken?

    *Lansdale turns towards Krysys and shoots him a glare.*

    Lansdale: How about you Krysys? We’ve tangled before and you unfortunately ended up looking like a loser. Sorry, that was a bit mean of me.. you didn’t look like a loser.. you just simply were the loser. Now don’t get me wrong, you can go as well as anyone in this room and I’m always willing to give someone a second shot at glory. I do have a reservation though.. you see ever since I came back and changed things up, this has all been about bringing about some sort of positive change to EWNCW.. having you as number one contender just smells a lot like the same old sh.. tuff. So I’ll be damned if I let you get another chance to bring the place down with your straight edged rhetoric..

    [QUOTE=Krysys][QUOTE=Torphy]Lansdale chuckles to himself at the window, looking back over his shoulder towards Mr Smyth and Shuriken. He turns around 180 degrees and leans back against the wall whilst wrinkling his nose towards Smyth.

    Lansdale: Calm down mate, I think you’re getting a little bit too excited. Wouldn’t want you to crease your suit or anything, if you’re anything like I used to be that’s pretty much the end of the world. You talk a big game Dave.. Steve.. Roger? My apologies I don’t actually know your first name… you talk a big game but as we saw at Day of Reckoning, the only man who brought the big game was yours truly. The man who was seconds away from wiping that smug little satisfied smirk off of Thunders fist magnet of a face. You want Thunder, Smyth, then you’re going to have to earn it the hard way, I don’t think there’s a man in this room willing to step aside whilst you make a fool of yourself.

    [I][B]Lansdale approaches the table, taking a seat next to Krysys before tapping his fingers against the wooden surface impatiently.

    Krysys turns to meet Lansdale's eyes, and simply smiles. He shakes his head and places his hand upon Lansdale's shoulder

    My dear man, you know not of what you speak. I can see that your mind is clouded by thoughts of glory, and hopes of realizing a dream, that for myself, and Shruiken, have already been achieved. You speak of past events, and truth is when last we met, you did in fact defeat me. I am not one to hide from my past or try to rewrite it. I have no problem stepping into the ring with you once again, just as I would have no problem doing so with any of you.

    Krysys removes his hand and brings it into his other, and looks as though he is praying

    You see, I still have a need for that Championship. I wish to use it in my work of cleansing you all of your afflictions, of your addictions. Lansdale, yours is showing ever so brightly tonight, so I will accept your invitation of a match. I will do tonight, what I failed to do at Day of Reckoning, and that is help your fragile soul. However, I do not want you to mistake my kind words. While I do wish to help you recover, I must prove to the powers that be, that I do in fact deserve a match against the man I have labeled as a False Prophet. I need to win tonight to stake my claim.

    Krysys stands up and lowers the hood to his jacket as the look on his face has changed, he is showing a stern serious look, his fists are clenched now

    Tonight, I will cleanse your soul, and that at Destiny's Calling, I will defeat Tommy Thunder, and become the EWNCW Champion. Because it is what is best for everyone involved. You're Welcome.

    Daniels: So these men are still going to be on the hunt for the gold. Staples may wanna keep an eye on them all. He's matched them in action tonight. Shuriken will take on Mr. Smyth later tonight.

    Kingmaker: But when we return, Krysys and Lansdale will clash. That should be quite the matchup.

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    Lansdale vs Krysys would've been written by King

    Daniels: That was as close as they come. They fought hard to show why they deserve another shot at the gold.

    Kingmaker: Much like guys, like Cannon have been trying to do for some time. You earn your place in EWNCW. We're going to be taking a quick commercial. We'll see Ano Doom in action we return.

    *We return from the commercial break to Andy Cannon is in the hallway alone. He paces back & forth nervously and finally looks into the camera. Cannon is looking down as he talks.*

    Cannon: 4 months, it's been almost 4 months since I lost my world. The Inferno Ignition Championship meant more to me than anything, and I mean ANYTHING. You know, I used to say it was most important behind my wife & little boy, but I was wrong! I've become consumed by this & it's wrecked my life. I can't get any sort of hold on anything anymore & that kills me. I look in my little boy's face & the pride I once saw has been overtaken by shame. He used to tell his friends about how great is daddy was, but he acts like I'm dead to him now. They'd all pile up in front of my TV on Thursday night to watch Adam's dad defend his title. But now, I've failed him.

    There's something I've been trying to refrain myself from saying, but I might as well put it out there. About a month ago my wife walked out on me & took my little boy with her. I've seen them one time since. That loving home I used to come home to is just a cold living quarters now. I'm all alone & there's no life in there, just like there's no life in my career right now.

    It's no secret, I've struggled personally & professionally. It seems that no matter where I turn, failure is slapping me in the face. Lately, I couldn't beat a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest. I've been pathetic, there's no other word for it. I'm just a shell of what I used to be. I walk outside & it feels like vultures are circling me, suspecting that I'm dead. Well I've got news for all of you literal & figurative vultures out there, I'm not dead yet.

    Eventually, every storm runs out of rain. There's light at the end of every tunnel & I think I can see just a flicker. They say the definition on insanity is repeating the same action, but expecting a different result. That's just what I've been doing & something has to change. In order for there to be a change though, I must make it. As much as love all of my fans, this isn't for you anymore, it's a lot more personal.

    *Andy finally looks into the camera. Tears are streaming down his face as he speaks.*

    Cannon: Rachel darlin', Adam, I don't know if y'all are watching, but I want y'all to know that I want my family back. I want us back & in order to fix us I've gotta fix me. I'm making a turning point in my life & career, and I promise from here on out, it's about us.

    *Cannon turns to walk down the hallway, when he bumps into Sasha, who's hobbling along on crutches.*

    Sasha: Watch where you're going asshole!

    Cannon: My bad.

    *He drops his head & walks away as Sasha looks pissed.*

    Daniels: Cannon looks to be spiraling down and Sasha sems iate at gim bumping into her. She seemed on her way to meet Doom who will be in action next.

    Kingmaker: Against the man known as Michael, The Archangel

    *We hear Skillet's Whispers In The Dark as Michael, The Archangel is in the ring already awaiting his opponent*

    Lily Morgan: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, already in the ring from Washington D.C., Michael Archangel!

    *The crowd gives Michael a lukewarm applause, as he psyches himself up for the match ahead.*

    Daniels: looks like Michael has returned to action here on inferno! But I don't think he'll like who his return match will be against.

    Kingmaker: I don't think anyone will like it when them match is against this next man.

    *The lights go out and we hear....*

    *When they return...*

    Lily Morgan: and his opponent, from the Netherlands, being accompanied by Sasha Panzer, Ano Doom.

    *As the lights come on, Sasha makes her way out to the stage, on crutches and in a neckbrace. Doom comes out just seconds later, looking angrier than usual. Sasha slaps his chest with the crutch to get his attention, and then points to Michael. "Him." Doom wastes no time getting to and into the ring.*

    Kingmaker: Cannon bumped into Sasha earlier in the evening, and you can bet she has either told Doom or will soon.

    Daniels: Michael better go with the stick and move strategy then. Get the big man off his feet, and keep him off his feet.

    *The match gets started and Michael eyes Doom cautiously. Sasha is still making her way down from the stage. Michael immediately goes after Doom, peppering him with kicks and punches, but the big man doesn't falter. Michael runs the ropes and goes for a momentum filled forearm to the face, but he is caught and tossed into the ropes with a startling amount of power.*

    Daniels: That had to hurt! Looks like the run and gun strategy won't work here!

    *Doom drives his shoulder into Michael's stomach and pulls him up to the top rope using his upper body strength to move him. Michael bashes his arm into Doom's back, but doom answers him with a stiff slap to be chest. The crowd woooos but then boos Doom as Michael topples and nearly falls off the top turnbuckle. Doom catches him and climbs to the top. He drives a vicious European uppercut into the jaw of Michael. Michael is knocked for a loop, and Doom continues with his advantage. He remorselessly pulls Michael into his shoulder and turns to face the ring.*

    Kingmaker: This can't end well for Michael, not from that height on those mammoth shoulders.

    *Doom looks at the crowd and then leaps. He comes down with the Cold Blooded Murder, a Horizontal Muscle Buster, slamming Michael hard into the mat below. He twists into a pin.*


    Lily Morgan: Here is your winner.....Ano Doom!!!

    Daniels: Nice win for Doom. It will help build his momentum again after losing at Day of Reckoning.

    Kingmaker: It should but wait....

    *We see the referee quickly raises Doom's hand for to victory, but Doom pulls it away. He goes to the edge of the ring and leans through the second rope, picking up Sasha and putting her on the apron. He then pulls her over the top rope before Sasha demands a microphone from the ringside attendant, who gives her one.*


    Massive boos begin to ring out as Sasha stands in the middle of the ring over Michael on crutches, along with the gigantic Ano Doom standing beside her.

    Sasha: Now listen up swine and sheep, I've got something to say! As all of you know, I have JUST returned from an injury that took precious weeks off my managing career! '

    *The crowd begins starting a loud chant of "GRIND KILLED YOU!, at her as she begins fuming at their disdain for her.*

    Sasha: Shut up! Shut up! You people aren't funny, laughing at an injured woman like me! Have you no respect, have you no class?!? I'm lucky to still be out here, letting alone standing up-But oh, I'm not going anywhere, don't worry!

    *More boos now pipe in as Sasha wipes her hair from her face with one hand.*
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    Sasha: That deed of callousness didn't go unpunished though, Ano Doom kicked the living hell out of Grind all night long! The physicality against me doesn't stop though, as I have already been assaulted again on my very first night back on Inferno...Andy Cannon, who is nothing but the absolute biggest loser on the roster, actually had the foolishness to bump into me- An injured woman on crutches, and just says: "Oh sorry.", and keeps on walking right past! I could have been extremely hurt if I'd fallen after that jerk ran into me like that!

    *The crowd now boos at the insults directed towards Cannon.*

    Sasha: That all being said, One week. One week. One week Cannon! I'm going to tell you right now, and I'm going to tell all these people too! I don't care at all, about your damn family problems and personal nonsense one bit! All I can say to you is, If you don't formally and properly apologize to me publicly live on Inferno in this ring next Thursday...well then the same thing that's about to happen to going to happen to you! Get him up now come on Ano!

    *The crowd begins booing very loudly as Ano Doom grabs Michael up around the neck and by the face powerfully and intensely, and looks Sasha dead in the eyes fiercely as she points to the heavens and then back down again swiftly. The people in attendance watch in disgust as Doom levels him with a sickening thud after marching across the ring with Cold Blooded Murder!

    Sasha: That's enough! Remember Cannon...One week, or that's you.

    *Boos get louder as Sasha drops the microphone and briefly looks down at the lifeless body of Michael at her feet, simply mouthing "One week, into the camera. Ano Doom merely stares ferociously straight ahead unblinkingly.*

    Daniels: My God, Cannon is already down on his luck! This won't be good for him, he better fix this and fix it fast.

    Kingmaker: Doom isn't exactly the forgiving type. You saw what he just did to Michael Archangel, who was just making his in-ring return!

    Daniels: Cannon better have one damn good apology! Sasha won't accept anything less than an apology that is really just him begging at her feet, even then, she might have Doom kill him! We're to see from the #1 contender to EWNCW International Championship...AJ Dixon, when we return.


    *The show return to see the lights go out in the arena and a single follow spot flickers on, illuminating the stage and top of the ramp. Natural Born Killaz plays out as AJ Dixon swaggers out onto the stage. Dixon is met by a roar of boos, but is not phased as he continues out onto the stage and stand underneath the spot light. Dixon looks up at the spotlight and points. At the climax of his point as his arm is fully extended, pyros go off around him and the lights come back on.

    The spotlight stays on Primetime as he swaggers the full way down to the ring and leaps up onto the apron. Dixon smiles one last time before getting into the ring and grabbing a mic from the corner. Dixon walks back into the middle of the ring and claps twice and the spotlight goes out. Primeitme starts to speak.*

    Dixon: How did you like that? Seems like a proper enterance for the Primetime star. The spotlight, fireworks, the whole shebang. that is what I bring to you EWNCW, I am the whole shebang, the whole package, the whole show. I am AJ Dixon, I am Primetime, and I am your #1 Contender for the International Championship.

    *The crowd boos, but Dixon remains stagnate in the ring.*

    Dixon: That's right, I'm more than just a pretty face and the smooth voice, I am that good. I am the talent and I am the star attraction, the main event. I proved that at Raging Inferno when I won the Battle of the Newcomers. I beat three others to get to Destiny's Calling. And now the finish line is in sight. The big one, the one everyone is talking about and will be talking about for the rest of the year.

    This is what everything boils down to, your one shot at greatness, on the grandest stage. The goal? The International Championship. And while Jameson and King were having their fun the past few weeks, I have been waiting patiently knowing that soon one of them would be giving me that title.

    *Dixon takes a step toward the stage and stands by the ropes.*

    Dixon: Not only did Jameson just barely retain that title of his, but he couldn't even keep track of it while he had it. King stole it from him. he didn't win it, oh no, he just stole it. And while his thievery is frowned upon, the more astounding thing, to me, is the shear disregard Luke had for his own title. Your negligence was appalling and a disgrace. You thing you deserve to hold a title that you physically can't keep?

    *Dixon smirks and turns away from the stage as the crowd boos again at Dixon's remarks toward the fan favorite.*

    Dixon: But don't you worry Jameson, cause while these people may love you, Primetime doesn't play favorites. Primetime doesn't give passes to the lucky and the adored. Primetime is ruthless... cutthroat. Primetime is for the great and the worthy, not the lame and the lousy. At Destiny's Calling, I won't have to steal the title from you, Jameson. But I will be taking it from you. Destiny is indeed calling and it seems that you got a date to meet your maker, and that is Primetime himself, who is going to make you look like a fool. so keep calm and carry on Jameson, cause the world around you is going to be getting real dark real soon.

    *Dixon drops the mic and points back up and the ceiling, signaling his light to come back on, but nothing happens. He smiles and tries to laugh it off. He points back up at the sky with a little more force and still nothing. Dixon gets more frustrated and goes to leave when...*

    (Jameson counters how he's going to continue giving everyone a taste of That Size 13! if they think they can think this title away from him so easily. End with Staples putting both men in action together against Hot Wasabi)

    Kingmaker: Great match up seeig rivals team up to fae the one and only team that is Hot Wasabi!

    Daniels: Seems we'll get it right now actually.
    S.E. Zero is now Luizero. Look him up

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    Lily Morgan: Already in the ring at this time for the following non title tag team contest...the team of AJ Dixon and the EWNCW International Champion, Luke Jameson and Dixon

    *Though arguing right now they go over the game plan to get the win.*

    Daniels: How will they coexist?

    Kingmaker: As best they can against Hot Wasabi.

    Lily Morgan: and their opponents the current EWNCW Tag Team Champions....the team of Malcolm Adonis and Kyojin they are....Hot Wasabi!!!!!

    *The fans erupt cheering at seeing Adonis and Kyojin come out wearing the EWNCW Tag Team Championships around their waists as they head to and enter the ring."

    Kingmaker: Long over due seeing them with the gold, The New Assault Program lost to them just before Day of Reckoning.

    Daniels: And they've not been happy since, much like Jameson and Dixon are about teaming up but here they are. Let's see how they fare against Hot Wasabi.

    *Dixon and Adonis start things off in a collar and elbow tie up in which Dixon twists the arm of Adonis and sends him to the canvas.*

    Jameson (Cena) and Dixon (Miz) vs Hot Wasabi (Kyojin/Slater and Adonis/Gabriel)

    Start at 5:32 - Stop at 9:56 (Ignore heelish HW)

    Daniels: What a counter by Dixon, he has to make the tag now.

    Kingmaker: So Adonis, who will make it first?

    *Dixon makes the tag to Jameson as Adonis tags in Kyojin and the crowd is on their feet seeing Jameson and Kyojin clash.


    Both men are eual until a hard right from Jameson drives Kyojin back towards the ropes and so off the rebound and connects a big powerslam before he covers....1............2...........*

    Daniels:Kyojin kicks out. He's always a great warrior's spirit. We're going to take a quicmmerial break everyone, before to come right back after this quick commercial break..


    We return to see Kyojin climbing to the top rope.

    Kingmaker: Kyojin has made quite the comeback during that commerial

    *The replay shows that a swit Yakuza kick to the side to th side of the head of Jameson left him seeing and after a brainbuster he heads to th top rope where he motions for the Rising Sun (Double Rotation Moonsault) but Dixon manages to distract Kyojin leading to Jameson recovering to move out of the danger o the Rising Sun but Kyojin decides to fly anyways and performs a shooting star press to reach Jameson and connects covering....1...............2...........*

    Daniels:Dixon interrupts the pin.

    Kingmaker: and here comes Adonis.

    *Adonis gets Dixon out of the ring with a big clothesline that reels Dixon over the ropes and on to the out side but soon we hear the crowd boo as from the barricade we see....*

    Kingmaker: It's The New Assault Program.

    Daniels: They're attacking Hot Wasabi!

    *The ref has no choice but to end the the match.*

    Lily Morgan: Here are your winners as a result of a disqualification....Hot Wasabi!!!

    *The New assault Program and Hot waabi battle it out outside of the ring now before Dixon enters the ring and helps helps Jameson almost in a sign of respect, given how well they actually worked tonight but a low blow followed by and a Mug Shot (Jumping Reverse STO) quickly shows it's all about the title which he picks and shouts out: IT'S MY DESTINY!!! lifting the title high.*

    Daniels: Wow. The New Assault Program show thy still ant the gold. While Dixon stands over Jameson. Jameson just recently retained over King Strem at Day of Reckning and that reminds, after his victory of King Strem at Day Of Reckoning, we saw the king sort just break down in the ring.

    Kingmaker: Well it is safe to say he broke down weeks ago, but I think losing put him over the edge.

    Daniels: He looked like he saw a ghost

    Kingmaker: He may have died inside Bob...

    Daniels: Well either way, earlier today a man gave me a video that he said the King made and wanted play, he said something about a bid farewell Pierce

    Kingmaker: Well let's take a look.

    Kingmaker: I...I don't believe it. He's gone.

    Daniels: Well he had to get his head right. The King wasn't himself and you could see that.

    Kingmaker: But will he return?

    Daniels: I couldn't tell you Pierce, we can only hope. For now the show must go on and we return Shuriken and Mr. Smyth will clash that should be quite the match up folks.

    S.E. Zero is now Luizero. Look him up

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    Shuriken vs Smyth would've been written by King

    Kingmaker: What a great match up.

    Daniels: Much like like KJ Punk's encounter with Van Hooligan X at Destiny's Calling will be. With both as their respective brands Ignition Champion they are set to clash, relinquishing their titles that shot to compete in a match where the winner will be in line for a well deserved World Championship shot. We're set to hear from our Inferno Ignition Champion right after this commercial break.


    *We go backstage, we see Abel is packing his things and ring gear as he was expecting to be part of the show but he hasn't. With not having a match or having an assigned promo to dish he feels it's best he go and hope better for next week.

    However before he leaves his locker room....lights flicker a bit before they go completely out and in thi pitch black darkness, Abel can't help but get a feeling in the air is very familiar to him....

    A pair of.... glow in the dark contact lenses appear behind Abel and as they close....the lights return and no one is in the room but Abel. Instinct tells Abel to look back, when he does, he sees a note on the table that reads:

    See you, next week, old friend.


    Abel ponders about this as we go back to the arena and....*

    *KJ Punk’s music hits as he makes his way down the ramp in jeans and a St. Louis Cardinals t-shirt. He has the Inferno Ignition Championship draped over his shoulder as he makes his way down the ramp. KJ climbs into the ring and is handed a microphone.*

    Punk: From day one that I stepped into this company, I’ve given every one of my opponents an option: tap out or knock out. This past Sunday, Artemis Eclipse chose to tap out. I made one of the most sadistic, arrogant assholes this business has ever seen tap out.

    I know that somewhere, Van Hooligan X is watching this right now. He’s busy doing things and stuff over on Rage and he thinks that he will beat me at Destiny Calling. Well, I’ve got some news for Van: it ain’t gonna happen. Sure, he’s this big shot wrestler who thinks he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, but he cannot and will not beat me. I have two things that Van only wishes he had. One, I have the support of all these EWNCW fans behind me. Two, I have heart. Heart will always prevail in the end Vanny poo. You’ll find that out at Destiny Calling when I’m the winner winner, chicken dinner.

    *KJ drops the mic as his music hits and he leaves the ring*

    *Cameras go backstage where we find DJ in his locker room looking at the TV screen. He has a look of disgust on his face as he watches KJ walk up the ramp*

    DJ: This man better be glad that I don’t have my damn briefcase because a nigga would def be Ignition champion right now. I should be facing that fuck boy named hooligan, who the hell calls himself a hooligan in this day in age, shits wack. Probably thinks he is such a really bad ass with a name like that... pathetic. Once Trey finds my dumbass ex, I can finally get my briefcase back, cash it in and win the Ignition title. I just hope Trey doesn’t have to resort to doing anything dumb as fuck to get it back.

    I will have what's mine, believe that! Now time to help my niggas win this match, its game time!

    *Cameras fade to black as DJ gets up and walks out the room to meet Hawk and Thunder as they head out for the main event next.*

    Kingmaker: Rosita still has DJ's briefcase and soon I have the feeling that issue is gonna more intense than ever. Seems he's looking to make his big impact on the Toad to Destiny's Calling.

    Daniels: Much like his partner in arms Mike Hawk will try to do tonight against "The Monster of EWNCW" Grind Bastard after this our final commercial break of the evening.

    S.E. Zero is now Luizero. Look him up

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    Kingmaker: This is it everyone, the main event. Grind Bastard vs Mike Hawk the winner headlines Destin'y Calling along with Tommy Thunder for the championship he's now held for over a year.

    Daniels: Time to see who answer the call and earn a shot at fulfilling their destiny.

    Lily Morgan: The following is your main event of the evening and is for the number one contendership for the EWNCW Championship! Introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by Tommy Thunder and DJ Williams ... Mike Hawk!

    *The crowd explodes with boos as Thunder, Williams, and Hawk make their way onto the stage. The three men look around at the crowd with blank looks on their faces, then make their way down the ramp and to the ring.*

    Kingmaker: I've never heard boos this loud before!

    Daniels: I'm not surprised honestly. The jeers for these men is incredibly loud!

    Lily Morgan: And his opponent, weighing in at 290 lbs ... Grind Bastard!!

    *The fans pop for Grind as he makes his way onto the stage. Grind slowly walks down the ramp, his eyes locked with Hawk's, then he slides into the ring.*

    Kingmaker: There is a lot of tension right now.

    Daniels: Well the number one contendership for Thunder's championship is on the line!

    Mike Hawk (Punk) vs. Grind Bastard (Rock)
    (Start 6:55, End 15:01)

    Kingmaker: What an elbow! Mike Hawk is doing everything he can to take Grind Bastard out!

    Daniels: But will it be enough? It looks like Grind is already recovering!

    *Hawk pulls himself up to his feet with the ring apron while Grind uses the announcers table to pull himself up. Hawk sees Grind get to his feet, so he goes on the offense and takes a swing at Grind's head, but Grind ducks the shot and elbows Hawk in the gut!

    Grind then pulls Hawk forward and smashes his face off from the announcers table! Hawk stumbles backwards, holding his forehead then checking for blood, but then Grind charges Hawk and drives him into the ring apron!

    Grind then grabs Hawk by the head and tosses him into the ring steps hard, sending him over top of them and to the floor below! Grind goes around the steps and back to Hawk, but Thunder and Williams are standing right by Hawk. The hold their hands up and slowly back away, then Grind reaches down to lift Hawk up, his eyes locked on Thunder and Williams. Grind tosses Hawk back into the ring and slides in the ring behind him.*

    Kingmaker: Thunder and Williams knew not to interfere, smart move!

    Daniels: Well if they did, Hawk would have been eliminated and Thunder would be defending his championship against Grind!

    *Grind picks Hawk up to his feet then whips him to the ropes. Hawk rebounds from the ropes and flies at Grind with a forearm, and he connects! Grind falls down to the mat hard, then Hawk starts to wail his fists down onto Grind's face over and over, busting Grind's lip open!

    Hawk jumps back up to his feet and wipes the blood from his knuckles, then kicks Grind on the chest hard, knocking the wind clean out of him. Hawk then picks Grind up to his feet and throws him into the turnbuckle chest first. Grind leans over the top rope, wiping the blood from his lip, but then Hawk jumps up from behind him and brings Grind down with a wicked backstabber!

    Grind falls down to the mat, clutching his back and writhing in pain, but Hawk wastes little time and kicks Grind on the back with authority, applying even more pain to Grind's back. Hawk then stomps on the back of Grind's leg and digs his heel into it, trying to take away Grind's ability to walk!*

    Kingmaker: Hawk is trying to dismantle Grind now!

    *Hawk laughs, then looks to Thunder and Williams, who are applauding Hawk and cheering him on. Hawk then picks Grind up to his feet and begins to smack talk Grind with a grin on his face. Hawk slowly backs into the ropes, bounces from them and flies at Grind with a springboard moonsault ... But Grind catches Hawk and sets him up for the Skullkrusher ...

    And he connects!!!! Grind lays onto Hawk and hooks both legs!!!

    But Thunder jumps up onto the apron and starts screaming in the referee's ear! The referee turns and barks at Thunder, telling him to get down from the ring! Thunder continues to argue with the referee, keeping him distracted. Grind looks up to see Thunder keeping the referee busy, so he gets up from the mat and stands above Hawk, screaming over at Thunder to shut his mouth and get away from the ring!

    Hawk slowly rolls away from Grind without him noticing and over to Williams, who is waiting on the other side of the ring. Hawk is seen smiling as William's slides in a steel chair to him! Hawk slowly takes the chair into his hands, then gets to his knees. Hawk slowly shuffles his way to Grind, then drives the chair into the back of Grind's legs, knocking him down to the mat! Hawk quickly slides the chair off to the side and William's pulls it from the ring, then Thunder drops down from the apron!*

    Daniels: What the hell! This is ridiculous!! Thunder distracted the referee just so Williams and Hawk could attack Grind with the chair! What kind of champion is that?!

    *The referee turns around to see Grind on the ground favoring his legs, and Hawk climbing to the top rope. Hawk then stands tall on the top rope, looks to Thunder and Williams, then flies from the top with a Phoenix Splash ... and he connects! Hawk covers Grind!




    Lily Morgan: Here is your winner and the number one contender for the EWNCW Championship ... Mike Hawk!!!

    *The trio celebrate in the ring as Thunder stands in the middle and raises the arms of Hawk and Williams, but it can be seen that Hawk is eying the EWNCW Championship as that is done as Grind is on the outside looking in furiously and the trio continue their celebration.*

    Kingmaker: What a main event here tonight and even more at Destiny's Calling as Hawk face Thunder with the EWNCW Championship on the line. This is Hawk's greatest match in EWNCW to date. Thunder better not underestimate him, many have and have been decimated by him. Will Hawk fulfill his Destiny?

    Daniels: We'll find out in due time. This will end our time here tonight folk, we'll see you next week.

    S.E. Zero is now Luizero. Look him up

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    Remember to read and review Rage as well as the many feds how like Revolution and Chaos.
    S.E. Zero is now Luizero. Look him up

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    Inferno is up next.
    S.E. Zero is now Luizero. Look him up

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