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    *A big pyro blast goes off around the stage area as the Pauley Pavilion erupts in a huge cheer*

    Bob Daniels: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to EWNCW Supershow, the final show before our main event of the year; Destiny's Calling! We are at a sold out Pauley Pavilion here in Los Angeles California, and we're in for an action pack night as we come to the end of the road to the grandest stage of them all that is Destiny's Calling.

    Pierce Kingmaker: You can feel the excitement radiating off these fans, and you could certainly feel it in the back, because the roster knows that tonight is their last chance to make an impression, their last chance to get one up on their opponents, and for some, the last chance they'll get to book their ticket to Destiny's Calling.

    Bodom: And speaking of which, our opening contest here tonight is going to to be just that; 5 men from inferno fighting it out in an elimination match. The final 2 will go on to face each other at Destiny's Calling for the right to become #1 contender for the EWNCW Championship. For the other three, it'll simply be tough luck.

    Lily Morgan: This match is a Five Man Elimination Match. Upon the elimination of the third opponent, the match will be stopped with the final two going to Destiny's Calling to face each other to determine the #1 Contender to the EWNCW Championship!

    Mr. Smyth!

    Lilly Morgan:
    Introducing first, from Birmingham, England, weighing 222 lbs, Mr Smyth!

    Bodom: I enjoy watching this man go. Had he been around when I was forming God Money, then he could well have been offered a place in the group. Because in my opinion, that would have been best for business!

    Kingmaker: Mr Smyth has a big opportunity here, having shed his tag team partner some time ago. Can he grab the proverbial brass ring?

    Krystian Krysys!

    Lily Morgan:
    From the City of Evil, weighing 223 lbs, Krystian Krysys!

    Krysys, a guy who has tasted EWNCW glory before, is looking to jump back in the spotlight again. Does his journey back to the top start here, or is it halted by one of the four opponents he has to face today?

    Shuriken Blade!

    Lily Morgan:
    From Los Angeles, California, weighing 210 lbs, Shuriken Blade!

    Kingmaker: Shuriken, a man of many realms, a man of many championships.

    Bodom: A former two time World Heavyweight Champion, but he's never won the EWNCW Championship. He wants that shot.

    Daniels: Does his history favor him tonight? Only time and talent will tell.

    Arthur Lansdale!

    Lily Morgan: From Manchester, England, Arthur Lansdale!

    Lansdale proving last week that he can hang with the champion, beating Tommy Thunder.

    Kingmaker: An impressive win, possibly helped by Mike Hawks distraction.

    Grind Bastard!

    Lily Morgan:
    And lastly, from Arkham Asylum, weighing 290 lbs, Grind Bastard!!

    Kingmaker: Another guy who has been around the block here in EWNCW Grind Bastard is willing to do whatever it takes to get that Championship.

    Bodom: He's had plenty of success as part of a tag team, but he's not had the desired success as a singles competitor.

    Daniels: All the men in the ring are prepared to do that and we will see which two will get that chance at Destiny's Calling right now!

    Smyth (represented by Black Trunks) vs Krysys (represented by Green Trunks ) vs Shuriken
    (represented by Masked Wrestler) vs Lansdale (represented by Blue Trunks) vs Grind (represented by Large Man in Black)

    Start at 5:05 - Stop at 12:47

    Daniels: He just slammed him into the mat. What power by Grind Bastard. and all five men have to be at the ends of their ropes.

    Kingmaker: He caught him in mid air and went back first into the mat again. Shuriken's back has to be killing him.

    Grind glances down at Shuriken and starts to get up when Krysys runs the ropes and drop kicks Grind in the head. Grind's body flies under the bottom rope and hits the outside. Krysys goes for the cover on Serra.

    Ref: 1...



    Serra manages to get his shoulder up. Krysys stands up and kicks Shuriken in the gut before being blind sided by Arthur Lansdale with a big boot to the skull. Lansdale picks up Krysys who is grabbing his head in pain and throws him at the ropes. Krysys bounces back and is hit with a nasty scoop slam. Lansdale locks in a side head lock.

    Daniels: A close near fall for Krysys who is now being worked on by Lansdale. Meanwhile the other three are nursing themselves waiting for an opportunity to strike.

    Bodom: Lansdale doing well here, you have to admit. He's clearly got a game plan that he's executing to good effect.

    Lansdale starts to rise with Krysys, who is spun around into a front head lock and is lifted up into the air. Lansdale turns around, with Krysys still in the air to see Shurkien on the top turnbuckle. Shuriken jumps at Lansdale and Krysys hitting them both with a drop kick, sending Lansdale in to a vertical suplex on Krysys.

    Lansdale lands on the mat while Krysys bounces off the mat in to the corner, facing the middle of the ring. Lansdale starts to stir when Shuriken runs at Krysys in the corner and hits him with his signature Boma Ye, a knee right to the face of Krysys and folds like a paper towel. Shuriken rolls Krysys into the center of the ring and goes for the pin.

    Kingmaker: This could be our first elimination here Bob!

    Ref: 1...



    Lilly Morgan: Krystian Krysys has been Eliminated!

    Krysys rolls out of the ring and onto the floor still clinching his head. Shuriken gets up and celebrates a little before being rolled up from behind by Mr. Smyth, who had been lurking on the outside.

    Ref: 1...



    Lilly Morgan: Shuriken Blade has been Eliminated!

    Daniels: Wow and just like that, two men have been eliminated! We are down to our final three.

    Bodom: There won't be anyone more disappointed in that locker room for sure. But one of EWNCW's veterans won't be going to Destiny's Calling. That's just how the cookie crumbles.

    Kingmaker: Shuriken dug his own grave right there. He celebrated a little too early and took his eyes off the prize, allowing for a sneaky Mr. Smyth to come in and make the pin.

    Smyth kicks Shuriken out of the ring, who is still in shock at his quick demise. Mr. Smyth taunts him from inside the ring as Grind Bastard makes his way back into the ring. Lansdale stands all the way up and the three men stand together in the ring, eye one another.

    Daniels: Arthur Lansdale, Mr. Smyth, and Grind Bastard. Two of these men will get a chance at Destiny's Calling to gain the #1 contendership spot! Who will it be?

    Mr. Smyth looks over at Lansdale. They lock eyes and Smyth gives a nod over at Grind. Lansdale nods back and both men swig at Grind at the same time... but they are both blocked . Both men stopped by Grind have a look of fear in their eyes as Grind lowers their arms. Grind shakes his head and delivers a head but to Smyth who falls to the mat. Grind twists the arm of Lansdale and drops down for an arm drag.

    Kingmaker: Well that didn't seem to work for Smyth or Lansdale. Grind saw it coming a mile away and took care of both of them.

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    Smyth (represented by Triple H) vs Lansdale (represented by Rock) vs Grind (represented by Big Show)

    Start at 4:44 - Stop at 9:00

    Daniels: A back and forth match between these three as none of them want to give up there spot at DC.

    Kingmaker: And with good reason. One more elimination and this is over. No one wants to come this far just to be the last one eliminated.
    Bodom: Look at em go!

    Grind runs at Smyth in the corner, but Smyth raises his legs. Grind runs into Smyth and falters back into a rising Lansdale who hits Grind with a German suplex. Smyth moves from the corner and runs over and hits a swinging neck breaker on a stirring Grind Bastard. Smyth rolls away as Lansdale delivers a senton to Grind. Grind is on the ground as Smyth and Lansdale rise to their feet.

    Kingmaker: This maybe it for Grind Bastard. On the ground here with Lansdale and Smyth hovering him.

    Daniels: Not a good spot for Grind but he has made it through tougher instances.

    Grind is picked up by Lansdale and Smyth who put Grind's arms over their heads. Smyth and Lansdale lift Grind up in the air and bring him slamming down into the mat face first.

    Lansdale and Smyth get up quickly. Lansdale goes toward Grind for the pin, but Smyth pushes him out of the way and goes for an ankle lock on Grind's right leg. Lansdale is not pleased by the shove and goes and puts the Lansdale lock on Grind as well! Grind, who seems to be in an insane amount of pain, is riving in agony as the Lansdale Lock and the ankle lock are clinched in tighter and tighter.

    Grind holds on for as long as he can, but eventually gives in and taps.

    Lily Morgan:
    Grind Bastard is Eliminated!
    And here are your finalists Arthur Lansdale and Mr. Smyth.

    Lansdale and Smyth keep their holds in, staring each other down as Grind cries out in pain. It takes two refs to force the two superstars to let go. Smyth and Lansdale stand up and get in each others faces as the refs tend to Grind.

    Daniels: A double tap out gives us our two Finalist. Lansdale and Smyth are heading to Destiny's Calling.

    Bodom: That's a huge win for both these men here. And it'll mean a lot to Lansdale who's been working hard for months. I'm shocked that Smyth has made this immediate impact he's made since arriving here on Inferno, but he clearly knows what he's doing.

    Kingmaker: One of these two will be in line for the EWNCW Championship, and seeing how these two are acting toward each other, it is going to be a brawl.

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    *Cameras cut to backstage, where we see TBOZ entering the GM's office and taking a seat*

    Cleverly: TBOZ? What the hell do you want? I don't think I even heard you knock? Never mind, look, I'm short on time with running the SuperShow, so if this isn't important, it'll have to wait.

    TBOZ: Cleverly, I know you don't usually listen but, here me out. Ryan Wells has to be in the match at Destiny's Calling, now I know I asked you to do this last week but, I just see something in him, alright? He's that kinda kid people can rally behind and not only that, he's got the skills to put up a big test for me and Shaz. I know that you're y'know, ignorant, but I thought you liked making money, so what do you say?

    Cleverly: TBOZ I've told you, he had his chance last week. He failed. It'll be you and Shaz at Destiny's Calling. final decision.

    TBOZ: Now hold on a second, he got that chance last week yeah, only because you put him in an idiotic situation that turned into a complete mess. You did that to spite him, you don't want him in because you only care about one thing and that's Shaz's untouched, unpolished butt-hole. I thought you were a fair guy, give him a one-on-one shot and I bet he takes it.

    Cleverly: Do you not understand the words that are coming out of my mouth? No means no. You won't convince me, TBOZ, so stop harping on it. Otherwise, I may have to take some action against yo for trying to make me give preferential treatment to Ryan Wells.

    *TBOZ gets up from his chair, and paces around the office before walking up to Cleverly*

    TBOZ: Well I don't think a match like that should happen. You damn well know Wells should be in the match and I'm willing to do something a little crazy to prove just how much he wants it and how much I believe in him. He gets a shot tonight, one-on-one. He wins, he makes it a three-way dance at DC. He loses, I vacate the title. There would be no point to me defending the title against Shaz alone, so if Wells isn't in the match, there is no point in defending the Evolution Title. So how about that Cleverly, that juicy enough for your fangs, Dracula?

    *Cleverly is taken aback by this offer, scratches his chin, and then sits up in his chair, hands folded*

    You know what TBOZ, since you're stupid enough to do it, I accept your offer. Ryan Wells will have one more shot at earning his way into the Evolution Title match at Destiny's Calling. But I guarantee you, it's not going to be easy for him. And you know what, I really hope he proves you wrong.

    *The crowd can be heard cheering like crazy at the news as TBOZ leaves his office, passing Nathan Staples who's walking in, with a smile on his face, but a hidden look of worry as well*

    Nathan Staples: What was that all about?

    Cleverly: Nathan, great timing! I need your help in setting up a match...

    *the camera fades to black as Staples and Cleverly enter a deep conversation*

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    Daniels: Well TBOZ there really going to bat for Ryan Wells isn't he Bodom?

    Bodom: I don't know what's gotten into him. Shaz has earned that match against TBOZ, and Wells failed to earn his place in the match. I don't really see why he's gong to bat for him like this.

    Kingmaker: It looked as if John Cleverly had something up his sleeve though given his eagerness to talk to Nathan Staples there about arranging a match...

    Jason McManus: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, weighing in at 215 lbs from Brixton, London...please welcome ..."The Rapid King" Shaz!!!

    The fans boo the arrival of the one and only Shaz as he heads and prepares for action.

    Daniels: What a match up we're set to have as Shaz face Luke Jameson.

    Bodom: This is gonna be an easy W for. No question.

    Jason McManus: and his opponent from Oakland, California....he is the EWNCW International Champion.....Luke Jameson!!!

    The fans cheer the EWNCW International Champions as he to the ring and stretches getting ready for the challenge Shaz will bring.

    Kingmaker: This will not only Shaz's fortitude against one of EWNCW's premiere talents as he gets set to face TBOZ at DC but also Jameson fight and resolve as he gets ready to take on....

    Bodom: ...the future EWNCW International Champion! "Primetime" AJ Dixon. Jameson better get to have his ass handed to him twice here tonight by the future EWNCW Evolution Champion Shaz and then to lose the title to Primetime cause he is nothing but a loser.

    Jameson (Jericho) vs Shaz (Bryan)

    Start at 3:06 - Stop at 4:58

    Daniels: Shaz off the neckbreaker gains control of the match.

    Kingmaker: Can he keep it up?

    Shaz uses his momentum to Jameson to his feet and drives knees to the gut of Jameson. He goes for a suplex but Jameson reverses it and looks for a suplex of his own but till Shaz has momentum on his side and reverses Jameson's suplex attempt and connect a vicious Brainbuster before going for the cover.....1.................2............- Jameson kicks out.

    Bodom: Great display of intensity by Shaz with the Brainbuster, he almost had it. You can see why TBOZ doesn't stand a chance against him at DC.

    Shaz remains in control lifting Shaz of the canvas before driving Jameson to the nearest corner and looks to drive an elbow to the side of skull but at the last second misses as Jameson avoids contact and now uses this chance to get the edge delivering some big backhand chops lighting up Shaz's chest before grabbing Shaz's wrist pulling him right out of the corner and right into a big Powerslam, hooking the leg off the slam and going for the cover.....1..................2...........- Shaz powers out.

    Kingmaker: Jameson ith comebak and the near, can th International ontinue to be in control?

    Jameson stalks Shaz as he gets up off the canvas. With his back facing Jameson, Shaz is exposed to the German Suplex Jameson looks to connect but as the release comes, Shaz uses his speed to land on his feet and catch Jameson completely off guard the Shaz-Mission (Rear Naked Choke)

    Daniels: Caught by surprise now Jameson is in trouble

    Bodom: He was in trouble the second he agreed to this match.

    Shaz has the Shaz-Mission locked in tight but he's near the ropes and Jameson manages to reach them forcing the ref to tell Shaz to release the hold before the ount of 5 or be dq'd. The count reaches reaches 3 before Shaz releases the hold and Jameson breathes hard trying to catch his breath.

    Shaz looks to clothesline Jameson out of the ring while he's near the ropes but Jameson is able to back body drop Shaz over the ropes but Shaz lands on the apron. Jameson grabs Shaz on the apron and pulls him by the neck back into the ring and Shaz land hard on back before rising to his feet and turns right into a big German Suplex from Jameson.

    Kingmaker: What a hit and now Jameson needs to keep up the momentum on his side.

    Daniels: and look to finish things quickly.

    Jameson call for the boot and rallies the crowd behind as Shaz reaches his feet. Jameson goes for That Size 13! but Shaz ducks under the boot before rising up, turning Jameson around, planting a kick to the gut and connects The Souvenir from the Ghetto (Flipping Piledriver) and covers Jameson immediately.....1.........2................#!!!!

    Jason McManus: Here is your winner.....Shaz!!!

    Shaz celebrates his win and gestures that TBOZ will suffer the same fate and that he will be the next Evolution Champion.

    Bodom: You damn you do, no one deserves it better than him, except maybe me but certainly not TBOZ or steroid junkie Wells should qualify i he survives the Gauntlet Cleverly has planned for him.

    Daniels: We've heard Jameson's opponent at DC, AJ Dixon will be part of the Gauntlet. You know he's gonna wanna put on a show to show Jameson what he'll endure come DC when they fight with the gold on the line.

    Kingmaker: Indeed. We'll continue the action right after this.

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    -Earlier in the week Cameras followed Mark Dimension at his Request-

    *Helicopter view of Mark Dimension is seen on the screen as he walks up what is Mount Everest. Starts to speak as he almost reaches the top. *mic check/camera zooms in*

    MD: Seraphim can only do what is allowed. *walks with Ease upward*
    What more can one do if possession of power is something he must ask for ,and be granted. He must ask. *sinister grin* who?
    *looks up*

    *reaches mountain top 29,029 ft. High*

    *on peak ,speaks towards the sky*

    GOD is who seraphim must turn to , as I stand here ,oh as I stand here alone the closest to the Heavens anyone can while on solid surface. I stand Alone before Everything, before Everyone...As I will when Nothing else exists. I am the last alive.

    Seraphim, I .am. your. God. You will Open your Eyes. Seraphim, I sometimes find myself hearing prayer's. I HEAR YOURS!
    The G.o.d is who you turn to , what you look for when Devastation is in the thoughts of your mind. The Mind that takes you to your Highest level should be thankful for I am the way to the Nature of the Beast.

    Without me , your Nothing. And before I inflict the Pain and Punishment as initiation to let you Evolve. I shall Warn you. Jesus Christ himself wouldn't look at the Decimation you'll receive. Your throat cut, you wont speak but speech replaced with expression's of agony. Kill or be killed, but seraphim will be sacrificed to .....

    * Dark cloud formation, glimpses of Destruction*
    *sound and image shuts off, broadcast system interrupted*

    ---NOW LIVE--

    *MD is seen sitting in a dark room surrounded by tall mirrors*

    Seraphim: MD. You make such empty threats, we all know you don't have the physical prowess to put down the voices. No, no, no, instead all your prowess can put down is those lesser than myself. You see, MD, I am comfortably nestled in your mind, watching as your moments flash before your eyes. Can you feel them? Here, watch them with me.

    *mirrors begin to show best career highlights, each mirror one at a time. As they do, Seraphim can be seen in them, almost out of camera shot.*

    Seraphim: I am seeing everything, I am living the life of MD, because this is the life I have infilitrated. Unlike Ano Doom, you will become you will be forced to start anew. Everythingoaround you will come crumbling down, leaving you as a shell of your former self - from which you must rebuild.

    *suddenly his career downfalls, and MD screaming in pain as if tortured*

    Seraphim: Look at the pain! Look into the mirrors and see the pain that you run from with each step you take, with each ounce of pain you inflict on another. By the end of our match at Destiny's Calling, this is the only thing you will know! Pain. Agony. The G.O.D of Destruction will be destroyed, and will be forced to look up to the man who defeated him, the emissary of the voices.

    *Mark Dimension stands up kicking away the chair and punches the mirror showing his bloody face, punches another image and another mirror. Just before he destroys each mirror, Seraphim appears in them.*

    MD: TiMe will Tell. This .... what is This. * MD is Angry* I Dont See you in my presence. You dont Exist without your God. I am Your God of Destruction * now start's laughing* ....I Am.

    Seraphim: You claim to be the G.O.D of Destruction, but you can only destroy mirrors amd furniture. I stand deep within the recesses of your mind, while you valiantly attempt to expell me. You claim that I must turn to God, but there is no God above me, only the voices. You cannot destroy them, because they know they are what you fear. What you run from when you hear even a whisper of their commands. You hide it behind your destruction, just as the rest hide it behind their conscious. I will free you, Mark Dimension, and when I do, you will be more than you are now.

    *Dimension turns around towards the voice, but is met with a superkick to the face. Before he can fall, Seraphim grabs him and whips him into one of the broken mirrors, before drilling him with another powerful kick. Mark Dimension slumps down, and Seraphim grabs one of the mirrors from the wall and sets it down in front of Dimension. He kneels and looks at his prey.*

    Seraphim: I've always been here and I always will be. If you want me gone, you must expell me at Destiny's Calling, you must defeat what you fear. *Seraphim grabs his head and forces him to look at the mirror.* But I don't think you'll be able to do that.

    *Seraphim stands and slams the mirror down on Dimension. It falls over and Dimension seems to be out. The lights flash and when they return, Seraphim is gone.*

    Daniels: Wow. Seraphim has returned and laid out the man who he has been playing mind games with for the past couple of weeks.

    Kingmaker: I didn't expect to see him back for awhile! His return was in epic fasion.

    Bodom: Neither did I, but I wouldn't like to be him in that ring come next Sunday!

    Daniels: Yes, you have to wonder, was it worth it? Dimension is not the forgiving type and come Destiny's Calling, he will be looking for revenge.

    Kingmaker: Then that will make two of them.

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    Jason McManus: The following is a tag team match, scheduled for one fall. Introducing first the team of Abel and #TheBlueFlash#

    The fans cheer the duo of Abel and The Blue as they head to the ring set to take on their DC rivals.

    Daniels: We learned not long that Staples has declared the match between Slayde and Abel to be a Last Man Standing in order to let them have no boundaries come DC

    Bodom: Like that can rival Bloodstone beating the Blue Flash at DC? Bloodstone has been amazing as of late and you can feel it in the air big things are coming his way.

    Jason McManus: and their opponents, the team of Orion Slayde and Daymian Bloodstone

    Boos reign down on Slayde and Bloodstone as they head to the ring. They stare dwn with their DC opponent and get ready or the match to begin.

    Kingmaker: This should be a good one.

    Bodom: Thanks to Rage.

    Abel and Flash (Orton and Bryan) vs Slayde and Bloodstone (Reigns and Rollins)

    Start at 0:14 - Stop at 7:33

    Daniels: Dear Lord after that flurry of kicks from The Blue how as Bloodstone able to kick out?

    Kingmaker: Your guess is as good as mine and with and Slayde seemingly out of of action for the tim being it's all coming to the men in the ring.

    Flash picks up Daymian off the canvas immediately rocks with a european uppercut but Bloodstone he cannot allow Blue Flash the chance to gain more momentum and uses what measure of strength he has and the element of surprise to connect a picture perfect dropkick that leaves both out in the center of the ring as both Abel and Slayde are now in their respective corners and eager for the tag.

    Bodom: That was a desperate but smart move by Bloodstone. He needs to make the tag.

    It's Flash who's able to make the tag first to Abel and the near 500 pounder climbs into the ring over the top rope and grabs Bloodstone by the ankle as he's just about to reach Slayde. Abel drags Daymian up delivering a powerful punch to get of Bloodstone. Abel proceeds to place Bloodstone between his legs and looks to connect the Abelbomb (Sitout Powerbomb)

    Kingmaker: If he hits this it's as good as over.

    But he get caught off mid move by a chop block to the knee by Slayde that forces Abel to a knee and to drop "The Pint Sized Rocker" before confident in believing he has the upper hand smirks like an asshole only to turn to face The Blue Flash and get caught in The Blue Moon Knee (Belly to back suplex lift flipped into a high knee) and Slayde is seemingly out as he rolls out of the ring and Blue Flash exit the ring.

    Daniels: Wow what a hit! Slayde manages to keep the match alive but gets a vicious knee to the face from The Blue Flash.

    Bodom: The Blue Flash, vicious? Hahaha you Inferno guys are too much.

    Abel begins to gets up and looks to waste no time as he sees Bloodstone also getting up and looks to grab Daymian by the throat to connect the Children's Chokeslam but gets distracted as the crowd boos seeing Slayde on the outside pull The Blue Flash's legs out from under him forcing him to his head off the apron before receiving a kick to the gut and being driven head first to concrete floor via The Dark Veil (Double Underhook Piledriver) to The Blue Flash before Slayde makes a cutthroat gesture at Abel.

    Kingmaker: Holy crap, The Blue Flash may be out of this match altogether

    Daniels: An Slayde is showing no fear towards Abel.

    Abel releases Daymian and leans over the ropes to tell Slayde to get in the ring if he feels brave enough but in doing he leaves himself for an enziguiri to the back of the head that leaves Abel stumbling. Slayde enters the ring and joins Bloodstone in delivering a double dose of roundhouse kicks to the head that knock the big man down and finally as Slayde exits the ring, Bloodstone heads up top in a single bound (RVD style) and quickly goes for and connects the Reverse 450 Splash. He covers..........1.................2............... 3!!!

    Jason McManus: Here are your winners Orion Slayde and Daymian Bloodstone.

    Slayde and Bloodstone have their hands raised in victory a the crowd boo them mercilessly

    Bodom: Why do you ignorant people boo greatness. Their teamwork led to their victory. They're showing they'll do anything to win and I know they will at DC

    Daniels: The despicable actions of Slayde towards The Blue Flash were the key to their victory, you gotta wonder if that was Slayde's preview of what he plans to do to Abel in their Last Man Standing Match and what effect this will have on The Blue Flash when he faces Daymian Bloodstone.

    Kingmaker: We'll find out at DC

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    Bodom: Last week this Jimmy got lucky and beat Wildheart after a great exhibition from Alex. I hope this week gets what he really deserves.

    Daniels: Whoever answers the challenge must bring their A game to defeat Juarez.

    Kingmaker: They'll bring it, win or lose.

    *The fans begin to give a mixed reaction to the music of Eddie Juarez, mostly cheers with a few boos in there as The Most Dangerous Man in the World swaggers his way out to the stage. He looks at the crowd, before smirking slightly. He makes his way down the ramp, rolling into the ring, before asking for and receiving a microphone.*

    Eddie Juarez:
    You know, for a long time- there have been many names for the young stars of this company. Now, there’s an entire brand devoted to just those people, the so called future of EWNCW. Ready To Evolve.

    *The fans give a nice cheer for RTE.*

    Eddie Juarez: The problem is, none of the people in RTE are actually ready to evolve. EWNCW management, and all of you people, give them all hope by tuning in each and every single week to their show, cheering them on as they try to prove their worth to this company.

    Right now, they’re worthless.

    *The fans boo loudly as Eddie laughs.*

    Eddie Juarez: The fact you react like that seems to think you disagree- why don’t we cast our minds back to last week’s Rage? The night where I gave the star of RTE, the brightest star of the bunch, Alex Wildheart a chance to prove his ground, to prove his worth and to prove all of you right that he is indeed the future of EWNCW.

    And I cut him down to size. I gave him a reality check and made him realise that he still has a long way to go.

    *The fans continue to boo as Eddie begins to pace.*

    Eddie Juarez: I am the Most Dangerous Man in the World, there’s nobody in this company or any other company that is as good as I am. I tried to tell you all last week, I tried to tell everybody last week that was the case and I gave a young upstart the opportunity to prove me wrong.

    And he failed.

    *The fans begin to chant ‘Wildheart’ as Juarez laughs, pointing out at them.*

    Eddie Juarez: And that is the reason for all of these inflated egos, the way you all react to them- you give them false hope that they actually matter. It’s the exact reason I thought I mattered when I first arrived in this industry. When I made my debut in HWA, it only took one search online to read how you all thought I was the next big thing in this company.

    And you were right, but you can’t always be right.

    *The fans give a mixed reaction.*

    Eddie Juarez: Listen esse, there isn’t a single person in RTE good enough to beat me. I proved that last week, and I will gladly prove it again.

    *Juarez walks across to the corner and sits on the top rope, facing the ramp and places his feet on the top rope.*

    Eddie Juarez: I’m waiting!

    Kingmaker: Who is it gonna be?

    McManus: This match is Eddie Juarez RTE challenge, set for one fall! Already in the ring from Juarez, Mexico, weighing in at 233 pounds, Eddie! Juarez! Coming to the ring his opponent, from Wall Street, New York, weighing in at 250 pounds, The Selfish Animal, Amadeus! Frewin!

    Bodom: Wooo hohoho! Amadeus Frewin, ladies and gentleman, The Selfish Animal himself. This is gonna be really good, folks.

    Daniels: Will he make it?

    Bodom: He will.

    (Eddie J. = Eddie G. (did you expect any different, DAWG?) / Frewin = Jericho. Start at 0:31, stop at 12:07, No title on the line, no Chyna around)

    Bodom: This is it!




    Kingmaker: Not enough to keep Eddie down!

    Bodom: Still, Frewin is in the driver's seat, and in the end will nail Juarez down for three.

    *Frewin does not despair. He patiently waits on his knees while Juarez recovers. The Mexican is on his fours when Frewin strikes. Frewin passes his right arm under Juarez's armpit , then around the neck, choking him. Frewin closes the choke not grasping hands, but using the whole arm for pressure, the right hand resting on the left elbow, left hand on Eddie's back. Then Frewin uses his body weight to toss Eddie on his back. There's no chance of pin attempt as Eddie's shoulders are not on the mat, but Frewin is choking him.*

    Daniels: That's a D'arce choke, a jiu-jitsu type of choke.

    Bodom: Ladies and gentleman, mark this moment as historic, Bob Daniels has made his research and called a non usual move right.

    Daniels: Thanks, Bodom.

    Bodom: Don't rest on your laurels, though.

    *Frewin is choking Eddie real hard, but when the ref asks, Juarez manages to whisper no. Eddie is aware he is not far away from the ropes. He struggles, kicking in the air like mad, and after three attempts, he reaches the ropes. Frewin does not let go until the ref counts to four.*

    Bodom: How lucky can you get?

    Daniels: I think he was well aware of where he was, Bodom.

    Bodom: Don't lose the small credit you were building with such silly remarks.

    *Frewin grabs Eddie to lift him to a vertical position, then Irish whips him into the corner. Eddie crashes back first into the corner, stumbles but not falls. When he is back on his feet, Frewin charges, ready to hit a spear, but in the last second, Eddie ducks and Frewin goes shoulder first into the steel post.*

    Daniels: Bad news for Frewin, this can be the opening Juarez needed to end the match.

    Bodom: Like t is gonna be easy to take Frewin down without stabbing him in the back.

    Kingmaker: The lie, cheat and steal thing was not that violent, Bodom.

    Bodom: It would have been on the streets.

    *Eddie takes several seconds to regroup while Frewin nurses his shoulder. Eddie wastes no time and elevates his opponent up in a vertical suplex position and nails the first Amigo. It doesn't take long to hit the second, but the final third is a bit more complicated. When everybody was expecting a pin attempt, Eddie does not go for it. Instead he positions Frewin on his back, so both wrestlers are back to back. Eddie elevates Frewin over his head in a crucifix position and plants him down back first, as Eddie falls on his butt.*

    Kingmaker: Sitout crucifix powerbomb this may be it!



    2,999999! NO!

    Bodom: Frewin is still on this!

    *Eddie doesn't seem to be worried, as he climbs to the top turnbuckle as the fans cheer. He salutes his hero before flying, a splendid move with a perfect landing on the mat.*

    Daniels: Crash and burn for Juarez this time.

    Bodom: And I bet this is going to be the definitive turn in Frewin's favor.

    *Both men head to the ropes to recover. Frewin gets up first and heads to confront Eddie. Frewin nails a stiff right hook, then a left hook. Then he throws a series of punches following this sequence: right cross,straight left, right uppercut, then finished off with a heavy quick right. Eddie is dazed and confused but doesn't fall. Frewin nails a knee to the gut, then elevates Eddie in a powerbomb position, but instead of smashing the back, he hits a knee to the jaw that sends Juarez down like a ton of bricks.*

    Bodom: 3rd strike and it's over!



    2,99999! Kickout!


    Daniels: A great kickout by Juarez.

    Bodom: A blatant slow count!

    Kingmaker: I think the ref counted right.

    *Frewin does not waste time and locks eddie in the Triple Felony (Jack Swagger's Patriot Lock)*

    Bodom: Come on, Juarez, tap!

    Daniels: Eddie is near the ropes!

    Bodom: He won't make it.

    *But inch by inch, Eddie is trying to contradict Bodom. When he is millimeters away of slavation, he makes a desperate attempt, but fails. A second is tried with the same consequences. But the third is good and grabs the ropes. Frewin is about to be disqualified, but releases the hold in time.*

    Kingmaker: Eddie made, Bodom, what do you have to say?

    Bodom: Lucky skunk.

    *Frewin is ready to end the match and goes for his trademark punch combination, but Juasrez retaliates and it ends in an exchange in the middle of the ring.*

  8. #1308

    *Juarez gains the upper hand. Positioned behind Frewin, Juarez grabs his opponent's right arm over his neck, while his own left arm is loosely around Amadeus's neck. Eddie grabs him right thigh to elevate him up until Frewin is upside down, a moment used by Juarez to drive his opponent's head into the mat, piledriver style.*

    Daniels: The Most Dangerous Move in the World! This is it!



    2,999999999999! NO!

    Bodom: Ha! Once again, not enough!

    *Eddie is pissed off, but wastes little time. He helps Frewin to his feet only to plant him down with a second Most Dangerous Move in the World (Omega Driver)*



    2,99999! NO!

    Daniels: Ain't that a slow count, Bodom!

    Bodom: Nope, a pitch perfect one.

    Daniels: *Facepalms*

    Kingmaker: You're hopeless.

    *Eddie is visibly pissed off. He stomps furiously on a fallen Frewin before climbing up to the top, salute and nail the Frog Splash. There's a cover*




    *Ding, ding, ding!*

    McManus: The winner of this match, the Most Dangerous Man in the World, Eddie! Juarez!

    Bodom: That lucky skunk got lucky again.

    Daniels: He is a great athlete, Bodom, admit it.

    Bodom: Never!

    Kingmaker: Anyway, the match has been fantastic. Frewin has proven he can go toe to toe with the great ones, and I'm betting we'll see him soon on the main roster.

    *Eddie slides out of the ring after the ref rises his arm, then goes to the back, celebrating, all cockiness. Frewin manages to recover on his own, and his face reflects anger and disappointment before we go to commercial.*

  9. #1309
    *We cut backstage to the GM's office to see the two GM's in the office talking*

    Staples: Haha! I can't wait for this match! It was a great idea of yours this!

    Cleverly: Oh I know, and it allows us to have a little fun too, which isn't a bad thing!

    Staples: When I heard that you'd accepted TBOZ' request to give Wells that match, I wasn't sure what you were dong, but, with you being, well, you, you had that ace up your sleeve as usual!

    Cleverly: Ahh, you're too kind! But you're right, I always do! Ryan Wells can have his match tonight alright, he can have another chance to get into that Evolution Championship match at Destiny's Calling, but he's going to have to beat impossible odds! He's going to have to run a 4 man gauntlet!

    Staples: Genius! Give him what he wants, but stack the deck! give him impossible odds of winning! I can't wait to see AJ Dixon or Ano Doom stopping him too. Having an Inferno star beating him will put the cherry on the cake.

    Cleverly: Indeed.... wait, what? You mean, it'll be extra sweet when Matt Elder or Mark Dimension beats him tonight, because it's one of my guys who's gong to do it.

    Staples: Please, you're just jealous that my guys have a better chance of stopping him than yours.

    Cleverly: How about you put your money where your mouth is? Let's place a little wager on this, eh? I'll place $100 down on the 300lbs 'Legend of all Legends' Matt Elder being the one to stop Wells.

    Staples: Alright, then I'll place my $100 on the undefeated Ano Doom. How'd you like that?

    Cleverly: We'll see. It's just a bit of fun remember! Now let's just enjoy the match.

    *they both sit down on the couch in the office and turn their attention to the tv*

  10. #1310
    Daniels: Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for this highly anticipated match. It is now time for the Gauntlet match to determine whether or not Ryan Wells is going to Destiny’s Calling as a challenger for the Evolution Title, or if TheBeardOfZeus is going to have to forfeit the Evolution Title.

    Bodom: I still don’t agree with this at all. I love TBOZ, he’s one of my oldest friends, but putting his prestigious title on the line for Ryan Wells, the John Cena carbon copy, makes no sense at all. I mean look at the men he is facing for God’s sake: AJ Dixon, Mark Dimension, Ano Doom, and Matt Elder! It’s impossible for him to beat them all, let alone more than one of them!

    Kingmaker: I think you doubt Ryan Wells a little too much Bodom. He is one of the toughest superstars in EWNCW and he has done the impossible before. He wants nothing more than to be in that Evolution Title match, and I think he could really give all four of those guys a run for their money.

    Daniels: Well you saw the GM's there, they both don't think Wells has a chance either, they've even placed wagers on who's gong to stop him!

    Kingmaker: Well there's 4 talented guys in the Wells' way here. AJ Dixon is a very capable competitor, Mark Dimension is a monster, though who knows if he's 100% after his encounter with Seraphim earlier?

    Bodom: It'll take more than one superkick to take Dimension down. but I like the look of Matt Elder. similar in size and stature to Wells, and he's becoming a top star here in EWNCW. But, despite the fact that I'm a Rage guy, I'm with Staples. Ano Doom. He's been on a massive undefeated streak here in EWNCW! There's no way Wells is getting through him!

    *The bell rings as McManus takes the mic*

    Ladies and gentlemen, this match is a gauntlet match!

    McManus: Introducing the participant, from Boston, Massachusetts, he is Ryan “The Freak” Wells!

    *The crowd erupts with cheers as Wells comes out hyped up! He looks energetic but very focused as he walks down to the ring, climbing in, going over to a corner, getting down on one knee, closing his eyes and saying a prayer to himself*

    Bodom: He’s praying he doesn’t get killed tonight!

    Daniels: Not necessarily! This is arguably the most lopsided match in EWNCW ever! He has been in some big matches in his career, but this could be his biggest! But if there is anyone who can come out winning this, Ryan Wells is on my short list of people who could do this.

    McManus: And his first opponent, from Atlanta, Georgia, “Primetime” AJ Dixon!

    *Dixon comes out with a huge cocky smile on his face as he is met with waves of boos from the crowd as he struts down to the ring before climbing the stairs and getting in the ring, waiting for the match to start*

    McManus: Ladies and gentlemen, before the match starts, let’s explain the rules of this match: Ryan Wells will first face AJ Dixon, if he is victorious over him by either pinfall, submission, count-out, or disqualification, he will then face Mark Dimension. If he is victorious again by any of those ways, he will then face Ano Doom. If he again is victorious, he will then face Matt Elder. If he is victorious over all four men, he will be the winner of this match. But if at any time Ryan Wells loses in any of those ways, this match will be over!

    Bodom: This guy is toast….TBOZ is going to lose his title…oh god….

    Wells isn’t out of this until he officially loses!

    *The bell rings as both men go to the middle and lock up*

    (Cena = Wells/Punk = Dixon. Start at 5:04, Stop at 17:44)

    Daniels: What a thunderous powerbomb by Wells! That has been a war between these two!

    Kingmaker: Right you are partner! Now keep in mind, if Wells beats Dixon, he still has potentially 3 other men to fight!

    Bodom: He’s not going to do it; he can’t do it, no way.

    *Wells quickly goes for the pin!*




    *Dixon kicks out at 2 and ½! Wells has a look of exhaustion on his face as he is running his hand through his hair before going over to Dixon, picks him up by his head, and Irish Whips Dixon towards the ropes, he bounces off them, back towards Wells, but ducks Wells’ clothesline, bounces off again as Wells turns around and Dixon spears Wells! Both are down as Wells look to be in serious pain and Dixon is exhausted*

    These two are going back and forth! If Wells has any shot of winning his spot at Destiny’s Calling, he needs to pick up his game!

    Daniels: Very true partner! AJ Dixon could beat him right here and Wells would not have even come close to winning this gauntlet!

    *Dixon starts to sit up, shaking the cobwebs out of his head while Wells isn’t moving too much. Dixon gets up, goes over to Wells, picks him up, starts yelling to the crowd as he underhooks both of Wells arms and then plants him with a huge Double Underhook DDT! He goes for the pin!*




    *Wells somehow kicks out just before the ref’s hand hits the mat for 3! Dixon is pissed off as Wells looks to be almost unconscious. Dixon starts slamming the mat and yelling at the ref arguing that the match is over while Wells is starting to stir as Dixon is still yelling at the ref and Wells starts crawling away trying not to grab the attention of Dixon who is distracted with his arguing. Wells gets up on the other side of ring ad charges at Dixon, who all of a sudden turns around and delivers a precise Roundhouse Kick to the side of the head of Wells as he charges towards him, sending him down hard to the mat! He goes for the pin again!*



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