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    *Nathan Staples is standing in the middle of the ring, the crowd uproariously loud around him. He soaks it in for a moment, and points to the titantron - where highlights of IVWT are shown. AJ Dixon kneeing Cannon in the face, while he was pressed against a wall by a trunk. DJ going down by way of Mug Shot. Ferrell going through a car window headfirst via Jameson’s That Size 13. Sasha coming out for Ano Doom, the UltraKrusher through table, and more - all capped off by Tommy Thunder driving his knee into the face of Krysys through a table - securing his title! The crowd pops loudly for the video package before the scene turns back to Staples.*

    Staples: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Thursday Night Inferno, live from Kansas City, Kansas! We’re fresh off the heels of In Violence We Trust, where the finest wrestlers in the world put their bodies on the line! We saw Tommy Thunder retain their titles, we saw Andy Cannon go through a brutal Falls Count Anywhere match, and we’re not even SURE Michael Archangel was able to survive the hellish Monster’s Ball Match we saw him go through with Grind Bastard, who - as it seems, has introduced the Age of Grind Bastard - we’re hoping to get more on that tonight! I want to give a round of applause to the Inferno, hell, the EWNCW roster for putting on one helluva show!

    *The crowd stands and begins to applaud for a minute or two before settling down*

    Staples: However, there is something I want to talk about. As you can all see, up there the stage is dark and that’s because I have something I want to announce to you all here tonight! As well all know, Brutality, EWNCW’s Tag-Team Show has come to a close. Now, I won’t get into details, but I can tell you this - once people heard, me and cleverly were blown up with emails, tweets, wall posts, and all kinds of communications to do something about it! While we couldn’t save the show, we decided to do something better! Now, if you watched IVWT, which I’m hoping you all did, you’d have seen a masterful match between Jesting Madness, which features our very own Grind Bastard, and Hot Wasabi! Now, seeing that match made my decision all the more correct!

    *He motions towards the stage, where the lights coming on revealing several of the tag teams from Brutality! From Left to Right… Hostile Takeover, Jesting Madness, New Assault Program, Hot Wasabi, Coke Boyz! The crowd pops loudly, and NAP walks forward displaying the EWNCW Tag-Team Championships.*

    Staples: Inferno and Rage split the teams, but I’m here to tell you, that I think we got the best of the lot! Now, a moment ago, I was talking about Jesting Madness and Hot Wasabi’s epic encounter - well, tonight, we get to see it again! In the main event, it will be the team of Hot Wasabi vs. Jesting Madness in a rematch from IVWT!

    *The crowd pops loudly!*

    Staples: Yet there is one other thing we need to talk about. Threat of the Net, our annual Pay-Per-View where you, the fans, get to decide matches or stipulations! For the next few weeks, you might see some of these pop up! In a few weeks, the voting will be opened, and the final week leading up to Threat of the Net, the results will be revealed! So, I hope you enjoy tonight’s broadcast, because it is packed full of actions, explanations, and maybe a surprise or two!
    Kaige Chamberlain
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    Current EWNCW Tag-Team Champion (Solo; 3/30/14) [1]
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    I'm trying to be number one, why would I settle?
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