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    *Dingo’s music hits and the crowd erupts with joy having seen his brutal attack on Doom! They anticipate his arrival, but are left waiting as Dingo’s music plays through until the second chorus before he finally walks out through the curtain. With a smirk on his face he strides out wearing Ano Doom’s Blood covered jacket. He walks down to the ring and grabs a microphone from Isabelle Ringing, sitting in her spot as timekeeper.*

    Dingo: Doesn’t she look lovely tonight folks, our timekeeper Miss Isabelle Ringing.

    *Isabelle blushes as Dingo turns towards the ring and rolls inside. He goes to the corner and leans back in it as he lifts the microphone up to speak.*

    Dingo: Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Blokes, Babes and Rugrats of all ages, last week I made my debut in this company. I was in a tournament for a shot at a title. I lost to AJ Dixon…

    *The crowd starts booing… *

    Dingo: Hey guys, it’s okay, I didn’t come here for title shots anyway, I came here to do one thing. I came here to end the path of destruction being left by one monster. I mean, Crickey, Ano Doom has been on a tear as of late, he has taken out so many men and up until an hour or so ago, it looked like there was nobody who was gonna stop the Demon Cyborg. Like I said, I didn’t come here to play games and chase titles. No I’m here to put an end to ridiculous idea that Ano Doom is unstoppable. I said last week it was time to go Demon Hunting and I have to say I’m a little disappointed.

    Ano Doom has the reputation of being a machine, he is suppose to be a man who can’t be kept down. I came here to save you from a man who refused to be stopped. I came to Inferno to get rid of the monster, but I didn’t expect to get rid of him so easily. In one night I did what so many have failed before me to do. I ended Doom and left him laying back there. I did this for all of you. No longer will you have to put up with Ano Doom and his claims of being untouchable. He’s done for. You see this coat I’m wearing?

    *Dingo takes the coat of and holds it high in the air and the crowd cheer.*

    Dingo: This is more important to me than any title ever could. Me holding this Jacket out here in front of all of you right here right now represents the end of Ano Doom and a start to a new Era in Inferno history. The Demon is done and now it’s time for us to drink to that.

    *Dingo pulls out a can of XXXX Gold from his pocket and opens it up.*

    Dingo: To a Demon free future here on …

    *Just then, right out of nowhere...before Mac can finish the toast...A strange sounding familiar whispering chant begins to play, getting gradually louder and louder as the words become genuinely chilling...*

    *They are then followed by the words* "So potent is the star under which I was born...That I have what no one in the world has done...Nor can ever do" *hit the arena speakers like a shotgun blast with great surprise to Mac and everyone in the crowd...Dingo Mac looks like he can't believe it at all and immediately looks to the stage with somewhat disbelief on his face.*

    *Ano Doom, slowly as usual, looking no worse for wear at all, walks out onto the stage. He may not look it but is def ever so slightly walking a bit slower, favoring the leg that was struck. He stretches it a little with a somewhat stomping motion, getting his (Presumably) black blood flowing. He looks as insanely intense and determined as ever. With him ,to make matters even worse, is the gurney from the ambulance with the driver on it no less...Beat to what looks like hell and back. The man's obviously been knocked out then kicked in the head as he looks terrible.

    Doom is slowly pushing it onto the stage some, staring straight through Dingo with burning intensity the entire time...He grabs a microphone from the back pocket of his blood stained, white, somewhat long shorts. He continues to look him in the face directly.*

    Ano Doom: Dingo mac...You were incredibly foolish to think something so small could put me down and out for good. That is simply not possible and could not ever be, Nothing can keep The Demon Cyborg down, especially not a foolhardy man such as you with such great arrogance. That's the only thing in your body, mind, and soul, that really thinks you could get rid me of and end me in any fashion. Its obvious your ego is bigger than your brain, for if you knew any better, you would realize and know I simply can't be stopped. No man or force whatsoever is capable of doing any suitable damage to me as I simply am the new force of Inferno that can not and will not be stopped... I'm every bit a machine as my reputation says I am, and I'm going to continue to run complete roughshod over Inferno, week in, and week out, always, as usual. It keeps going with you tonight, as you become the next casualty of war....Just as soon as I do this.

    *They then approach the left hand side of the edge of the stage...Where to EVERYONE'S surprise...Doom grabs the ends of the stretcher with both hands on either side, then with massive, scary strength, Military Presses it right over head with the driver strapped on still like its second nature to him. The Demon Cyborg stands here like this for fifteen to twenty seconds, muscles actually rippling all through his upper shirtless body from the truly impressive physical feat, as sweat is practically glistening on him all over from focus and determination. The arena is in hushed shock when suddenly, as if tossing a lawn dart, he throws the whole stretcher off the stage horizontally, somewhat bad leg and all, and it hits the floor very roughly and violently, even taking a horrific, devastating bounce on impact as it crashes to the concrete down below. The crowd lets out a collective roar of shock and then Ano Doom turns his attention back to the ring and Dingo Mac, making his way down the ramp, entering the ring.

    He wastes no time at all, as he is clearly intent on immediately going after Dingo. Quickly he's in front of him before he can react, and then as quick as he got there, Doom swings forward with out of this world energy as he reaches for The Devil's Flame Knockout Shot on Dingo, Lunging with monstrous, unbelievable intensity. But somehow, someway, luckily, Mac is able to get away though as he quickly ducks and rolls out of the ring and jumps through the crowd, going over the barricade, as it appears he now realizes just what he's got up against him...Doom was laid out with a lead pipe to the leg and never missed a step. The blood stained coat was left behind in the exit and Doom reaches down and puts it back on as he stares out at Dingo with burning focus and intensity. Doom can also be heard yelling out to Dingo "Do you now know I'm nothing for you to f*ck with?"*

    Daniels: Wow! Ano Doom is scary when it comes to strength! Dingo Mac's stint here may be short!

    Kingmaker: And it may end as soon as next week, or In Violence We Trust, if Ano doom can get his hand on him!
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