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    McManus: This contest is scheduled for one fall. introducing first, from Oakland, California. Luke Jameson!

    Daniels: And Jameson is walking out with quite a big grin on his face and he must feel pretty good right now.

    He should be scared, he came out and attacked Seth Ferrell like a wild animal. How dare him.

    Daniels: He came out to help DJ Williams because Ferrell was out of control. None the less, those two are about to lose it on each other.

    McManus: And his opponent, Bam!

    (Rollins-Jameson, Novak-Bam) (Stop at 6:50)

    Daniels: Jameson looks to be in top gear here, taunting Bam with the big boot

    *Ferrell is out on the stage*

    Kingmaker: Ferrell is back out here, and I bet looking to cost Jameson the match.

    Daniels: That is completely uncalled for, Jameson did not cost him his match.

    *Jameson sees Ferrell, they begin to mouth words back and forth, Bam rises up and goes for an attack. Jameson catches Bam out of the corner of his eye in time to turn and connect with a big boot*




    *As the ref counts 3, Ferrell takes off for the ring, just as he enters Jameson jumps to his feet and the two men are seen standing in the ring staring each other down*

    Kingmaker: You can feel the intensity of these two from ringside!

    *After an exchange of words, Ferrell backs out of the ring and up the ramp, Jameson celebrates in the ring*

    Daniels: We are going to see some fireworks when these two collide at Bred For Combat

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