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    Pierce Kingmaker: And now that we know who Gruber is facing, we can get on with the play off match between Andy Cannon and Mike Hawk to see who will face Sweet Jones!

    Bod Daniels: Well I actually have some information for you Pierce. Following what happened during the 6 man Rage champs vs Inferno champs match earlier, where Jones attacked a fan, we hear that Nathan Staples is in discussions with EWNCW management regarding the incident and he will be coming out to make an announcement regarding the situation later tonight.

    Bodom: He attacked a fan, big deal. Years ago that happened all the time!

    We're not back in the good old days now Bodom. Get with the times!

    Daniels: How about we get back to the action here?

    Jason McManus: The Following matchis a two out of three falls match, introducing first, from Tokyo,Japan, he is “Mr Mayhem” Mike Hawk!

    *The crowd erupts in a chorus ofBoos as Hawk runs down to the ring. Looking angry, he stops rightbefore getting in the ring, spotting a fan in the front row with asign that says “Hawk's getting blasted by the Cannon!” Snarling,he grabs the sign from the fan, and rips it up, throwing the piecesback in his face, before finally hopping in the ring.*

    Bob Daniels: And it is clear thatthe fans here tonight dislike Hawk almost as much as his opponentdoes.

    Bodom: That's because these fans areidiots Bob, just like you. Mr. Mayhem is the future of this company,and these people should be honored to see him win here tonight.

    Pierce Kingmaker: While Hawk isdefinitely the favorite going into this match, he hasn't won it yet.

    Daniels: and he won't if this man has anything to say about it.

    Jason McManus: And his opponent,from Greensboro, North Carolina, he is Andy Cannon!

    *The Crowd erupts as Cannon runsdown to the ring, he circles the ring, slapping the hands of a fewfans before rolling into the ring. As the bell rings, both men startto circle each other.*
    (1:43 - 7:10)

    Daniels: A very impressive showingby both athletes so far, neither man has a clear advantage here, andthe fans are being treated to a great technical matchup.

    Bodom: Hawk needs to go for the kill here, he has no time to waste.

    *As both men get to their feetslowly, the fast pace of the match clearly taking it's toll on them,Hawk grabs Cannon, hitting a snap DDT. He get's up, and immediatelyclimbs a turnbuckle. Looking around, Hawk preens a bit before jumpingoff, and it's the Phoenix Splash! At the last moment however, Cannonis able to roll out of the way, and Hawk crashes hard into the mat.Seeing his opportunity, Cannon quickly grabs hawk and rolls him upfor the pin!*

    Kingmaker: This could be thebeginning of the end here for Mike Hawk


    Daniels: Both shoulders down, herewe go!



    Jason Mcmanus: The winner of the First Fall, Andy Cannon!

    *Hawk gets up and immediately getsin the ref's face, screaming and waving his arms around, backing thereferee into a corner of the ring.*

    Kingmaker: Hawk wasting valuabletime here arguing with the referee over the count.

    Bodom: It was a fast count, wherethe hell did this ref learn to count a pin? It's complete bullshit!

    *Cannon, seeing Hawk distracted,smiles to himself before bouncing off the ropes and running straightfor Hawk. At the last moment Hawk sees him however, and sidesteps,grabbing Cannon and using his own momentum to throw him into thereferee! The crowd is booing heavily, a few people even throwingtheir empty cups at Hawk as he rolls out of the ring and lifts theapron, looking for something.*

    Daniels: And the ref is down,anything could happen here

    Bodom: Serves him right, maybecounting some sheep will help him count pins better.

    Kingmaker: what does that even mean?

    Bodom: It means shut your pie-holebefore I shut it for you, boy.

    Daniels: Hawk is looking all overunder that ring, who knows what he could have had put there beforethe match started.

    *Cannon is still checking on theref, trying to wake him, but it seems hopeless as Hawk seems to findwhat he was looking for, and pulls a Kendo stick out from under thering. With an evil smile, he rolls back into the ring, and takes arunning swing directly at the small of Cannon's back! With a loudcrack, the stick snaps in half from the first hit, and Cannon hitsthe mat hard, screaming in pain. Hawk throws away the half he is leftholding., and walks over to Cannon, stomping hard at his ribs andback, before dragging him to the middle of the ring for a pin. Theref is still out however, so nobody is there to count the pin. Hawk,finally realizing this, angrily jerks Cannon up from the mat, andhits a DDT.*

    Daniels: Hawk caught by his own treachery here, after throwing Cannon into the ref,now he doesn't have one when he needs one

    Kingmaker: He didn't throw anybody, Cannon's dumb ass ran into him

    Daniels: We have the replay, he very clearly grabbed Cannon and threw him into thereferee.

    Bodom: That referee was in the wrong place at the wrong time, what we needis a new ref, maybe one that is out of training.

    *Hawk walks over to the ref, kickinghim to try and wake him. As the ref starts to stir Hawk quickly grabsCannon's legs, twisting them up and locking in the Cloverleaf!. Theref is on his stomach, but seems to be awake, his face inches fromCannon's, as Hawk jerks back hard, putting his foot on the middlerope and pushing back to apply even more pressure to Cannon's injured back. The ref does not see the illegal use of the ropes however, ashe is still on the ground, and Cannon's own body blocks the treachery from view. Cannon tries wildly to escape, but finally is forced totap, unable to escape the hold.*

    Daniels: He's got his foot on the damn rope ref! Look up!

    Bodom: Now that is an intelligent move, about time the incompetence of this refereeactually work for someone.

    Kingmaker: We do need a new ref.

    Jason McManus: The Winner of theSecond Fall. Mike Hawk!

    Daniels: Regardless of how, at thispoint it is really anyone's match to win.

    Bodom: This is where you separatethe Men from the boys, this is where you see who really has the heartof a Champion. This is Hawk's time to pull out all the stops and takethis match to the next level. This is the time to climb to the top ofthe mountain, and proclaim to all that you are the King of theJungle!

    Kingmaker: Where do you come up withthis stuff? I never see you read anything.

    Daniels: It's like he channels deadcrazy people.

    Kingmaker: Think it's a cry forhelp?

    *The reffinally gets to his feet, as Hawk removes his boot from the ropes,the ref breaks up the hold, and Hawk rolls out of the ring once more.Andy rolls into a turnbuckle, using it to help him get to his feet,as he is holding his back and seems to be in a great deal of pain.Hawk smirks, and hops up on the ring apron, opposite of where Cannonis standing. Cannon angrily runs at him, as Hawk jumps up,spring-boarding off of the top rope, trying for a cross body. Cannonsees it coming however, and is able to catch him, dropping him with the Samoan Drop! He immediately goes for the pin!*

    Daniels: Here it is!!


    Bodom: C'mon Hawk! You're better than this!


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    Th NO!

    *Hawk is ableto kick out just before the ref's hand hits the mat for the thirdtime, breaking the count. Cannon stands up, grabbing Hawk to lift him to his feet as Hawk thumbs Cannon in the eye! Cannon is reeling,temporarily blinded as Hawk kicks him hard in the gut, doubling him over, before hitting the Mayhem Driver!*

    Bodom: Cannon is finished now!Nobody get's up from that move

    Daniels: A devastating maneuver tobe certain, just a shame he had to go with the cheap shot first, he'sa great athlete, and would be even better without taking thoseshortcuts!

    Kingmaker: All I see is a winner here, he does what works!

    *Cannon hits the mat hard on his head, and as he falls on his back, he seems to becompletely unconscious. Hawk rolls him up for the pin.*


    Bodom: Here it is!


    Kingmaker: This one is over


    Jason Mcmanus: The Winner of thematch, “Mr Mayhem”, Mike Hawk!

    *Hawk gets tohis feet to a loud chorus of boos, he rolls out of the ring, looking pleased with himself as the crowd seems to be vacillating between rage and shock at what just happened. As Hawk is walking up the ramp,one angry fan spits at him, hitting him on the arm! Hawk loses his mind at this, jumping for the fan before Security pulls him off andforces him to the back*

    Bodom: He did it!! Hawk did it!! He's going to face sweet Jones for the Inferno Ignition title at No Guts No Glory!!

    Daniels: Well we nearly had another fan incident there, and who can blame the fans really. Winning in that manner isn't right at all, and Cannon is clearly devastated as he's recovering here. He was out of it for a bit there I think.

    Kingmaker: A thumb to the eye is indeed illegal but.....

    Bodom: Only if you're caught folks, only if you're caught. Perhaps the referee should have been doing his job better.

    Daniels: Well I think that's unfair, but Hawk is indeed the winner, and pending that announcement from Staples regarding Jones later, Hawk will be facing Jones for the Inferno Ignition title at the ppv!

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    *We cut backstage to see Arius furiously walking down the corridor as if he's looking for someone... He approaches a member of the production team and grabs him by his collar*

    Arius: Have you seen Flair? I'm looking for Ric flair. I need to talk to him. Do you know where he is?!

    Production man: Woah take it easy man, I haven't seen him for the best part of an hour!

    Arius: DAMNIT!!

    *Arius furiously slams a black production box with his fist and continues down the hall.
    He seen Ms Ravensdell standing outside a door, and approaches her...*

    Where's Alice?! Have you seen her?! Where the hell is she!! TELL ME!!

    Ravensdell: Excuse me, but I won't tell you a thing if c=you continue with that ton....

    Arius: JUST TELL ME!!!!!

    *Ravensdell looks slightly scared*

    Ravensdell: I don't know!!

    *Arius looks at the door*

    Arius: Is this the female locker room?!?!

    Ravensdell: Yes... But....

    Arius: GOOD. Excuse me!!!

    *Arius barges in*

    Ravensdell: Hey!! You can't go in there!!! CREEP!!

    *Arius goes in anyway and looks around, and he sees Alice wrapped in a towel, having just come out of the shower, she looks shocked to see him.*

    Alice: Arius! I... uhhhh....

    Ric Flair: WOOOOOO!! Baby that was a good nice long shower!! Space Mountain hasn't had a ride like that in a while!!!..... Oh, hi Arius, what's up man?!

    *Flair comes out of a steam filled shower room with a bath robe on*

    Arius: FLAIR!!!!!

    Flair: Now Arius, what have I told you?! You need to channel that anger, that energy into your matches boy!! That's why you keep losing!!
    Just like I've been channeling my energy into Alice here, that's why, for the last few weeks, I've been WINNING if you catch my drift!!

    Arius: YOU BASTARD!!!! COME HERE!!!

    *Arius goes for Flair and tackles him into some lockers, knocking the wind out of the 16 time World Champion. Flair crumbles to the floor where Arius goes on to kick him relentlessly as Alice watches on in horror.*

    Arius: You think you could do this to me and get away with it?!?! You think I'm a fool?!?! Sending me out there to lose matches week after week while you steal MY girl here!! She's MINE Flair!!! MY property!!!

    *Arius lays in with more kicks, before picking up a bench and dropping that on top of Flair*

    Arius: I don't need you!! You've been holding me back throughout these War Games!! You've done NOTHING for me, just like you've done NOTHING yourself!!! You pathetic old man!!!

    *Arius backs off to admire his handiwork as Alice rushes to try and help Flair*

    Arius: Look at you!!! You're just as pathetic as him, you little whore!!! You want to be with him?!?! You want to be with that old thing?!?! Not a chance!!! Come here you little bitch!!!

    *Arius grabs Alice by the waist and hoists here over his shoulder as she screams*

    Arius: No chance in hell do you hear me?! Do you hear me Flair?!?!?! You're coming with me Alice, and we're getting out of here. As for you Flair, I WILL be seeing you at No Guts, No Glory!!!

    *Arius goes out of the locker room with Alice kicking and screaming on his shoulder as Flair is left on the floor writhing in pain. Ms Ravensdell comes in after she's sure Arius is gone and immediately calls for help from down the hall as the screen cuts to commercials*

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    Bob Daniels: Woah! Some real trouble going down backstage as we saw Arius there taking out his manager Ric Flair!!

    Pierce Kingmaker:
    Well Flair had it coming!! It's been suspected for weeks that Flair and Arius' girlfriend have had a little something going on backstage when they should have been out here helping Arius, and it's finally come to a head!!

    Bodom: How DARE you Pierce!! That is Ric Flair you're talking about!! The wrestling GAWD!!!! The 16 time World Champion!!! The Nature Boy!!!! And you say he had it coming?!?!?! Flair's going to destroy that jumped up little son of a bitch at No Guts No Glory!!!

    Daniels: Well it did indeed seem as if Arius challenged Flair to meet him at the ppv, so we'll see if Flair shows up and accepts!!

    Bodom: If?! IF?!?! Of course he'll show up!!!! He's Ric Flair Bob!!!! Ric motherfucking Flair!!!!!!!!

    Daniels: Alright, calm down man!!

    Kingmaker: I'm just going to keep my mouth shut about the chances of him showing up, and I dare not say what I think will happen IF he shows up!!


    Daniels: Well let's gat back to the ring here, because here comes another big announcement for tonight's show!!

    Kingmaker: Oh ho hooo!! Looks like we're now going to find out who 'Red Hot' Istvan Gretzky's going to be facing after winning the mid card War Games series!!

    Daniels: That's right, Gretzky finished on 12 points, 3 points clear of Raden Blain and Mark Dimension, and he now has a choice between Evolution Champion Ryan Wells and International Champion King Strem as to who he will face at No Guts No Glory!!

    It's a tough choice. Both champions have held their respective titles for a while now, but Gretzky does have the advantage having faced Wells before. But let's find out from the man himself shall we?

    *Gretzky makes it to the ring to a mixed reaction with a towel in the colors of the Polish national flag around his neck. He grabs a mic and steadies himself in the middle of the ring*

    Istvan Gretzky: Thank you one, thank you all. Istvan now sealed to official ECWN War Games Champion! Was there ever any doubt, kurwa. That was rhetorical question. There was never any doubt, kurwa! You see, moment like this has been long times coming for Istvan, and too long by Isty-baby's estimation.

    It seems forever and half ago that Istvan announce his presence to Enraged Roster, and Istvan has been on roller coaster ride since! It go up, and Istvan beat asses, and it go down, and Istvan beat more asses! And all the while Istvan putting on a show like nobody else in ECWN or elsewhere! But it never go where Istvan want, until now.

    Istvan run over many men like Pinky-Size Damn Bloodystones when he first arrive here and prove himself, and then he get hung up, and you might be asking Istvan now how that was, and Istvan tell you. First, there was fiasco surrounding Evolution Champions where Istvan in silly situations with many weak pissant men because booking had shit in eye and put half the roster to the same match.

    Then Rodney Well-boy cause Istvan frustration and annoyance when he retain title through silliness thanks to novel match stipulation. Terrible shit in eye of booker. Well-Boy like bad rash after night of shake-a-leg with four Prostitute! Make that six! Istvan have his fill of desperate Whiny-Boy Rash on Crotch born to a well Wellboy!

    So Istvan come to WarGames Tournament with new focus. Istvan shove silly Nightmare back into closet when he squish all the crap out of him and drop him into casket! And then Istvan knock out Lansdales lights with one clothesline from VASCULAR ARMS MADE FROM FALLEN STAR, KURWA! And next, this so called force of nature, this GODLY Mark Dimensions. In truth, this was greatest test of Istvan's tenure here in ECWN. This Mark Dimensions is welcome to come to Mother Poland with Istvan and drink real stuff for real man! Hah but I kid, kurwa! Jumping off of Skybox! Who would do that! Match was unbelievable!

    These not normal match! These casket match, falls count anywhere and Fans Bring Weapons match, which by the way Istvan thank fellow Pole for fantastic bat, you only get those kind in Mother Poland, and Istvan take these match with no complain because Istvan is REAL MAN. And Istvan WIN these match. Istvan WIN because he is CHAMPION.

    And now Istvan announce his Champions Title Match. This time, Istvan no be hung up, or lost in crowd of pissant. And while it would be so easy for Istvan to say Rodney Ryans and give him beating he finally deserve, Istvan won't be picking him.


    *Gretzky drops the mic and lifts his arms up into the air before striking a pose to show off his vascular arms.
    He then exits the ring before marching up the ramp. After reaching the top, a few American milfs come to greet him. He stops to fact the audience again before striking some more poses as the milfs admire him, the crowd now giving him more love.
    He eventually lifts the Polish flag towel before exiting*

    Kingmaker: What a man!! And you believed every word he said!! King Strem is in trouble I think!!

    Bodom: I think he's made a bad decision. Clearly having faced Wells before he would have had an advantage going into that match.

    Daniels: But it is what it is, and 'Red Hot' Istvan Gretzky has made his choice!! He will face International Champpion King Strem at No Guts No Glory!! What a match added to our card!! Another match we've never seen before!!
    We'll be right back after the break with more folks!

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    Daniels: Welcome back folks, and now that we know whoo Istvan Gretzky is facing at No Guts No Glory, we're now going to have the play off match between Mark Dimension and Raden Blain to see who will face Evolution Champion Ryan Wells!!

    Ladies and Gentlemen, thenext match is a TLC Match! Introducing first, from the Future! He is,“The G.O.D.” Mark Dimension!!!

    *Dimension comes out to a mixedreaction, posing for the crowd he walks around the ring, beforeclimbing up one of the ladders at ringside, raising one hand high inthe air like he already won the match, before climbing back down andgetting into the ring.*

    Daniels: Dimension looking very confident heading into this match, does hehave what it takes to survive?

    Bodom: We'll see, he's lacking the killer instinct in my view. He's very much gone off the boil since dropping the International title to King Strem a while back.

    Kingmaker: You're right, Blain has this match won. The guy's a monster1

    Bodom: well you do realize that Dimension is also a machine? He's from the future you know!!

    McManus: And his opponent, from Jerusalem Israel, he is “The Unholy Savior”,Raden Blain!!!

    *Blain runs out, not bothering to pose for the fans, who seem to be unsurewhether or not to cheer him as he runs straight into the ring andcharges Dimension, setting him down with a Big Boot!*

    Daniels: Blain wasting no time in taking the fight to Dimension here

    Bodom: You see,that is the killer instinct, never let your opponent get comfortable,strike at him with all you have and show him that you are the King ofthe Jungle

    Kingmaker: Seriously, lately you have been saying some really random shit Bodom, you ok?

    Unlike you, who's just been talking plain shit, right, Pierce?

    *The Bell ringsand Dimension immediately rolls out of the ring, trying for some separation to collect himself after the unexpected attack, Blain willhave none of it however, and hops out after him, running straight forhim again. This however proves to be a mistake as Dimension grabs Blain and slams him down hard on the outside with a AA Spinebuster.*

    Kingmaker: Lucky shot there!!

    Daniels: Blain eating a hard spinebuster for his trouble, this match is certainlystarting off in rough fashion

    Bodom: Damn right it is, this isn't Ballet

    *Dimension rolls back into the ring as Blain gets up, wincing at the pain in hisback, before following Dimension into the ring. As he gets to his feet his starts trading rights with Dimension





    Dimension runs back and bounces off the ropes, taking Blain down with a hardshoulder block! As Blain gets back to his feet, Dimension snaps on aheadlock!*

    *Both men are down and slow to get up, the brutality of the match having taken it'stoll. Dimension gets to his feet first and picks up Blain, when out of nowhere Blain hits the Superkick! Dimension drops like a sack offlour and Blain falls on top of him for the pin!

    Kingmaker: This is it, Blain has him here!

    Daniels: He very well might!



    Th NO!!!!!!!

    as Blain lifts his head in disbelief, Seth Ferrell pulls the referee out by his leg,breaking the count!*

    Daniels: What the hell is he doing here?!

    Bodom: Isn't it obvious, he's getting even deeper inside Blains head.

    Kingmaker: He's about to get his ass beat is what is going to happen.

    *Blaine,enraged goes after Ferrell, who runs around the ring and jumps behindthe commentary table, still holding on to a black briefcase. As Blaine moves to try and get around the desk, Ferrell mirrors him,making him change direction while behind him, unseen, two figurescome over the barricade, and walk towards Blain's back. It's BlackBlooded, Mr Black quickly grabs Blain and turns him around, kicking him hard in the gut and hitting the Black Death (Implant buster)sending Blain through the commentary Table!*

    Daniels: HolyShit! What the hell are they doing here?

    Bodom: These guys are known mercenaries, willing to do just about anything for theright price, the question is, who is paying them?

    *Black Blooded lift Blaine up, rolling him into the ring, followed my Mr. Black, asMr. Blood climbs up the turnbuckle. Dimension gets up, and looks likehe may intervene but Mr. Black lays him out with a clothesline beforepicking up Blain and putting him on his shoulders. Mr. Blood smiles,then jumps off with a drop kick, hitting the BBD.*

    Daniels: And there it is, the B.B.D. Blain is out for the count at this point.

    Bodom: Hell he was done as soon as that giant freak in the mask put him through ourdesk,

    Kingmaker: This is bullshit, why the hell isn't anyone stopping them?

    *As Mr. Bloodrolls out of the ring and grabs the referee, Mr. Black grabsDimension and lays him on top of Blain, before getting out of thering. Mr. Blood picks the referee up and rolls him into the ring,yelling at him to count the pin, before both him and Mr. Black joinSeth Ferell on the entrance ramp. The referee, seeming to come to,counts the pin.*

    Daniels: It's pretty much academic at this point

    Bodom: If this jackass ref can get his shit together long enough to count the pin.




    *As The Crowd boos loudly, Seth Ferrell hands the briefcase to Mr. Black, who laysit out on his arms as Mr. Blood opens it, smiles at the contents, and then raises Ferrell's hand as though he had just won the matchhimself. All 3 men smiling, they walk up the ring, where Vivica is waiting. She takes the briefcase from Mr.. Black, giving him a kissbefore they all walk back out of view.*

    Daniels: And Black Blooded hand the victory over to Mark Dimension, in what wasone of the most competitive bouts we have seen all night until thosethugs had to get involved.

    Bodom: It just made it even better, Black Blooded has done two things here tonight,they made an impact, and they made a lot of money. Now they get toride off into the sunset, for them this has been a very successfulnight.

    Kingmaker: Less so for Blain, robbed just when it looked like he had the match won.

    Daniels: I can't believe I am agreeing with you but yes, Blain was robbed here rightat the zero hour, by that Snake in the grass, Seth Ferrell!

    McManus: And your winner, “The G.O.D.” Mark Dimension!!!

    *Dimension gets up, looking confused by what happened, as the ref lifts his arm. Herealizes that he has won the match, and starts celebrating, while Blain is still passed out in the middle of the ring.*

    Daniels: You know? I don't think that he was in on it, I think Mark is just assurprised as the rest of us.

    Bodom: He's the lucky son of a bitch tonight, if I were him, I would be very grateful.

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    *We cut backstage to see Nightmare hulking over someone, beating the crap out of him. as the camera rushes around, we see that it's Gillz on the floor. The big man isn't letting up, raining punches and kicks down on the much smaller Gillz who is trying to protect himself. Eventually a few referees and security guards crowd around and eventually restrain Nightmare and pulls him back.

    Gillz is slowly helped to his feet, but after a few seconds as he regroups himself, he pushes them away, grabs a steel chair from a trolley full of them and rushes at Nightmare, cracking the chair across his head, which drops him to the ground!! He then continues his assault at Nightmare and swings the chair to make the referees and security guards back off. He starts to choke Nightmare on the floor, but Sir Gunther Wigbert suddenly dives and grabs hold of one of his legs!!

    As Gillz tries to get the man off of him, Nightmare recovers and gets up before unleashing an unstoppable knockout punch to the side of Gillz' head. He the pick him up, and drags him towards the trolley of chairs before picking him up, locking in a double handed choke-hold and then lifting and dropping him in a chokebomb on top of the chairs!!

    As the security and referees crowd around again, warning him to back off, he and Wigbert eventually do back off and leave, as the referees check on Gillz.*

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    Bob Daniels: Well a pretty shocking debut for a brand new tag team to EWNCW there. Black Blooded interfering in that match between Dimension and Blain, taking out Blain before being paid off by Seth Ferrell!!

    Bodom: Just an example of Ferrell using his vast wealth to hire someone to do his bidding!! You can't do a damn thing against money!! I know that better than anyone!! Because it PAYS to be G....

    Pierce Kingmaker: Ok enough about you!! But that was indeed a shocking debut. We weren't expecting any tag team superstars here, but it looks like we have new recruits heading to Brutality!!

    Daniels: Of course, the interference of Black Blooded led to MArk Dimension getting the pinfall in that match, and so he will face Evolution Champion Ryan Wells at No Guts No Glory!!

    Kingmaer: Yet another fresh matchup! You see that's what's so great about these War Games, we're getting to see some matchups that we've never seen before!! It's all so unpredictable!!

    Daniels: And here we go with the big one!! Here comes the king of the roster right now; Ronaldo Romulus!! Having won the War Games main event class, he now has the power to chose EWNCW champion Tommy Thunder or World Heavyweight Champion K-Jammin as his opponent for No Guts No Glory!!

    Bodom: It's a strange position for a champion to be in where his potential opponent has the power and not him. But Ronaldo has performed clinically and efficiently duirng this series and fully deserves that power right now.

    Kingmaker: I can't wait to hear what this man, this beacon of hope that will enlighten us and lead us to a new utopia of heavenly paradise has to say.

    Bodom: What in the hell did you just say? Have you been taking lessons off Romulus?!

    *A weary but elated Ronaldo Romulus gazes up at the ceiling as the tumultuous finale to War Games comes to an end with his name announced as the victor of not only the match but of the main event class. Too engrossed in his state of euphoria to mind the loud booing and cursing being hurled at him, Romulus finally makes an effort to get back up on his feet. Lifting up a sore arm, he grabs the middle rope and attempts to muster up hidden reserves of strength to pull himself up. After about fifteen seconds of effort, he succeeds but is only able to preserve a vertical base for a brief moment as his tired, worn out legs buckle and sends him unceremoniously back on his back. Not even his clumsy exertion can deter his mood as Ronaldo simply gets up again but in a seated position, legs crossed in an Indian-style position. Still breathing heavy, Ronaldo signals for a man, standing at ringside, to toss him a microphone. He catches the small, black projectile with ease and positions it close to his heaving mouth, which is still inhaling bountiful gasps of air and exhaling them in heavy, uneven puffs. The jeering gets even louder as everyone in the arena knows what’s in store for them, whether they’re looking for to it or not.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::

    *Though Ronaldo’s victory cry shocks some of the crowd, as it contrasts his more refined, reserved mannerisms, that still doesn’t restrain them from heckling him and the shit-eating grin plastered to his face that reads, “What was that? I couldn’t hear you over the fucks I don’t give for whatever it is you have to say. Now excuse me while I brag some more.”*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “The hosts of heaven, the angels even God Himself are consecrating in wild abandon as His courteous servant, Ronaldo Romulus, has fissured all obstructions between His unruly “serfs” and their redemption! Peace can mended on a global scale as the caste system of Jehovah is aggrandized as custom for all of mankind to obey ! Prosperity can finally be galvanized amongst all generations, present and future! The “chosen race” will be distinguished as the apex of all creation and be worshipped as the venerable emblems of God’s omnipotent nature!”

    *Ronaldo is able to summon up his slowly peaking stamina to will his body upwards and into a standing position.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “The dream, the vision that I and other amicable “chosen” brethren have conceive in the cold corridors of our temple has but only one obstacle to surpass and said circumstances rest upon me. On the eve of November 1st 2011, I disseminated my objectives and revealed the constitution that God established for all of mankind to abide by, a caste system that define us at birth. The largest and most inept population, of course, is all of you, the “serfs” who’s only agenda consists of paying homage to the elite and paramount class of the caste system, “the chosen race”, the mortal caricatures of God himself who exhibit His will as a reminder of who He is and how He is able to intercede in our lives.”

    *The somber and more familiar Ronaldo emerges as he takes a trip down memory lane of his year in the EWNCW.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “As I predicted, I was met with opposition for my enigmatic beliefs. The first to denounce me and my God was “The Pharoah” Seth Ferrell, a man who’s royal lineage would suggest regality and composure but instead, I was afflicted with blasphemy and mockery from a shrewd but clamorous rebel who sought to demoralize me by defeating me at Destiny’s Calling. I ended his selfish ambitions by vanquishing him and sending the serpent slithering into infamy.

    It wouldn’t be long before a certain drunkard, Markus Beerstein, would reprehensibly invoke his “rights” and plunder the recently crafted Evolution Championship and mismanage its value with his debauched pastimes. I had no choice but to extinguish him and the traces of vile remnants he left behind while securing the Evolution Championship for the purpose of establishing a higher order of demeanor; replicating the true visage of a champion for your cultivation.

    One man, however, deemed my reign as unfit and unethical despite never being defeated by him before and while fortifying the prestige of the belt under a successful defense against him.”

    *Romulus grits his teeth in absolute anger and forces himself to ground out the name of one of his most formidable enemies.*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “Ryan Wells. That debased degenerate robbed me of my championship at Pain for Treasure and proceeded to deface the eminence that it once represented. I knew that the only modus operandi I could embrace was the World Heavyweight Championship, despite the backlash that would arise from hastily decrepitating my tunnel vision and God’s vision. Both fortunately and unfortunately, two obstructions, two very blasphemous, nefarious miscreants, Kayden James and Seraphim, the two other religious radicals that when juxtaposed against my sound doctrine, can only be distinguished as minions of anarchy. Soundly did I vanquish those blasphemers but even then, as the proven, sovereign savior of the EWNCW, I had one more task to dominate, the War Games where I displayed the finesse and skill only a “chosen” individual could possess and now, after nearly a year of toiling, my faith and dedication to a higher, prolific cause has been rewarded with the choice of a lifetime, a world championship match with either the likes of the World Heavyweight Champion, K-Jammin…”

    *loud booing*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “Or the EWNCW Champion, Tommy Thunder!

    *loud pop*

    ::Ronaldo Romulus::
    “Out of all of my adversaries, K-Jammin is the most vile, scornful and nefarious of them all. The very delineation of what God condemns, rebellion and debauchery. But… order to fully inaugurate the order that God wishes, I must defeat another. I must debacle the legendary patriarch of the EWNCW himself, Tommy Thunder! Therefore, I officially challenge you, as the ultimate subjugator of War Games, for the EWNCW Championship!”

    *Ronaldo drops the microphone from his now limp fingers as he looks upon the stunned audience with conceited satisfaction.*

    Daniels: Wow!! He's gone for Thunder!! The EWNCW Champion!! we've got Ronaldo Romulus vs Tommy Thunder for No Guts No Glory!!

    Kingmaker: I felt sure that he'd for for K-Jammin there, but as Ronaldy said, he must inaugurate the order of God's wishes!! he must debacle the legendary patriarch of EWNCW!!

    Bodom: Care to translate?

    Kingmaker: Read a book, preferably a dictionary!

    Daniels: What is clear to know is that we have a big match lined up for our ppv!! Tommy Thunder vs Ronaldo Romulus!!

  8. #828
    Dick Thompson: Please join me in welcoming my guest at this time, William Carlin.
    William, we saw you miss out on the win earlier in that last man standing match when Kayden James took you out off that stage. With just 3 points, you won't be receiving a title shot at No Guts No Glory. Your reaction to that.

    Carlin: Ashamed. I was ready to have two title matches on the same night, and become a simultaneous singles and tag team champion. Not achieving that goal can only be considered a failure.

    Thompson: How would you rate your performance during these War Games? You're now a full time member of the singles roster again, and you would have wanted to create an impression.

    Carlin: There are two ways to rate my performances. If you look at the numbers, getting only three points is a failure, as stated. However, I came short against some of the best wrestlers in the company, after spending several months without competing in singles matches. It proves that, with a bit of constant work and some more matches, I can earn that WHC or EWNCW title shot and eventually win the bout that makes me champion.

    Thompson: You and James have been at each others throats since you had your match against each other on Warzone a while back. Things are starting to get out of hand now wouldn't you agree?

    Carlin: It was bound to happen. I can’t stand the way he dissed everybody as soon as he became part of the roster, and I can’t stand how he is so sure about being the only one with a direct line to God. I mean, there’s freedom of cult, but according to him, if you don’t follow his beliefs, you’re wrong and deserve to die. Where’s the freedom then? It’s totally preposterous. But it doesn’t have to surprise you, coming from an obnoxius prick…

    *As soon as the insult comes out of Carlin's mouth, James makes his presence felt:*

    Kayden: Enough talking, enough words. It's time....

    *Carlin turns around and is met with a right hand to the jaw, followed by a kick to the gut. Carlin goes down to one knee and James hits Carlin with a double axehandle to the back, right inbetween the shoulderblades. As James goes for another shot, Carlin catches him with an elbow to the gut that catches James off guard and backs him up a couple steps.

    Carlin hits Kayden with a right, followed by a left that has James temporarily reeling. Carlin lands a kick of his own to the gut of Kayden, but before he can land anymore offense, Kayden rakes Carlin in the eyes.

    Carlin steps back and James comes with a flurry of punches raining down Carlin's head. Carlin manages to stop James' momentum with a knee to the gut. Carlin grabs the Archangel's right arm and twists it behind his back. James is screaming in agony, but he manages to hit an elbow to Carlin's head.

    The Superior Technician won't release his opponents arm and twists it even further. James screams even more, but lands another elbow. And a third. A fourth. And after the fifth, Carlin lets go. James wastes no time and hits a big left. Carlin answers with a right, and they trade shots:


    And the Archangel gets the upper hand by smashing his opponent's head into the wall!*

    Kayden: Is this what you wanted Carlin? HUH? IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED?!? This could have ended long ago Carlin. YOU BROUGHT THIS ON YOURSELF!

    *Kayden goes to drive Carlin's head into the wall again, which is countered with an elbow to the stomach. Carlin drives James' head into the wall once, then twice. A bloody smear is shown on the wall where the Archangel's forehead has been busted wide open.

    Both men breathing heavy, Carlin leaves a bloodied James with his head against the wall temporarily in search of a weapon. He returns within seconds with a steel chair. He lines up his shot, wanting to crush Kayden's head between the wall and the chair. He reaches back and SWINGS! At the very last second James moves out of the way, with the impact jarring Carlin's hand and causing him to drop the chair.

    James performs a drop toe hold on Carlin onto the chair busting him open in the process. James staggers back to his feet and drops an elbow, then another.

    James notices Carlin is quite weakened, so he proceeds to lift him up and connects with the Angels Among Us Carlin seems quite dead, but the Archangel doesn’t think it’s enough punishment, therefore he locks into the Texas Cloverleaf! Carlin is yelling in agony, but he still tries topush himself up to relief the pressure applied by James. The EWNCW Blacklist champion manages to get up, and with a great amount of effort, throws his opponent away.

    Both men lay down, but Carlin recovers first, and waits until his opponent is in the middle way to get on his feet to grab James’s arms and connect with with a double underhook powerbomb!. Carlin puts James laying on his stomach in order to lock in the Cattle Mutilation, but James knows it is time for his opponents submission finisher, so he resists the best way he can. That’s the moment the EWNCW security and personnel use to separate both wrestlers. There are medics too, to check on the weakened condition of Carlin and James. Carlin is yelling:

    Carlin: You won’t beat me! I’ll send you to meet your creator! You will surrender, or be dismembered!!!

    *Camera shows James while he’s being attended, and he has a smile on his face. He mutters:*

    James: You wish.

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    Daniels: I, as well as my coworkers here tonight, would like to welcome you to the main event of War Games! Tonight we’ll see Jman go head to head with Billy McCoy! The winner will go on to face World Heavyweight Champion K-Jammin at No Guts No Glory!! And as if that wasn't enough, the War Games Roulette Wheel has decided that we’ll see them participate in a hardcore match! What a fitting match to end War Games!

    Yes it will be. All throughout War Games we’ve been presented with amazing matches, ones that I’ve never even imagined I’d be able to call. And tonight, this match, will be no different! We have two of the top talents in EWNCW, Billy McCoy and Jman, the top of the main event class it seems, and they are facing off in tonight’s main event. There is no greater honor than that right there!

    I can quite honestly say I agree. These men have laid it all on the line, but we have to call into question, how much more can these men take? As far as Billy is concerned, he went through a brutal match with James and Bloodstone. James’ ran ruckshot throughout that whole match, yet Billy found a way. Can we expect the same here tonight, in his condition?

    I don’t know about you, but I think Jman is going to have to keep his eyes on the ball. His opponent, Billy, is weakened, but how weakened? And how determined is he coming into this main event? For all we know, Billy is going to fight tooth and nail to stay on par with Jman and his ‘Good Match, Let’s go eat’ super kick. However, can we say Jman is also not feeling the effects of past matches?

    Tonight we’ll find out. Once again, ladies and gentlemen, you’re in for a real treat. A hardcore match between two rising stars in EWNCW, to close out a phenomenal War Games! This one is sure to keep you all on the edge of your seats in anticipation of the ending! We promise you, that after tonight, and after this match, War Games is going to be all the buzz and no one is going to be able to stop talking about it!

    Let’s get on to the match!

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to welcome you to the War Games Main Event. Introducing first, hailing from Devon, England, “The British Excellence” BILLY! MCCOY!

    *McCoy’s music hits and for a moment he doesn’t show up, the music plays and the crowd roars in anticipation, though it starts to die down. Just before it fades away, Billy makes his way to the stage and raises up on hand. The crowd revives and pops loud in approval. One can barely hear themselves think. McCoy pumps his fist and walks towards the ring, hiding the fact he’s still feeling the effects from his earlier matches. As he climbs into the ring, he goes to each corner and rouses the crowd.*

    As a trained professional, I can tell that McCoy is taking it slow. His previous matches were borderline massacres, and now he has to go through a full match with Jman? A hardcore match on top of that? He is going to have to end this quick, or risk injuring himself further than he already is!

    I can tell that from here, ‘Mr. Trained Professional’, and you’re right. McCoy is going to want to end this match as fast as he can, so he’s going to have to come out of the gate running, or Jman is going to beat him like they do elephants they need to break in foreign countries. War Games is going to be his biggest test to date, and if he doesn’t pass it, it’s going to be all for naught.

    Introducing next, fighting out of ‘The City of Brotherly Love’ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, it’s J! MAN!

    *Jason swings his arm towards the stage*

    *J Man comes out with a proud smile on his face. Like McCoy he hides the pain he is enduring behind his smile and heads towards the ring. The crowd is split down the middle, with many leaning towards boo’ing him. He doesn’t seem to care, as he stops at the end of the ramp and watches McCoy. After about a minute of this, he climbs into the ring and gets right in McCoy’s face, causing both to start trash-talking each other; threatening to come to blows. As the ref separates them, Jman reaches out and slaps McCoy, forcing the ref to focus solely on keeping Billy back.*

    Blatant disrespect! Did you see that? He slapped him for no reason! He may have just brought himself a whole ‘nother world of hurt!

    PK: He may have just poked the proverbial grizzly bear, or angry lion. He may be hurt, but like a lion, the last thing you want to do is provoke it. McCoy is strong and he’s going to try and make Jman fill every ounce of his strength in order to achieve victory.

    I see nothing wrong with what he did. This is a fight, a hardcore match, and Jman is getting inside the head of McCoy. Can McCoy keep his cool? It’s obvious he cannot and that is going to be his downfall.

    Well, we’re about to find out right here and right now!

    Undertaker(McCoy) vs Mankind(Jman)

    Stop at 6:00

    *McCoy starts stomping Jman in the corner, holding the ropes as leverage. When he finally pulls back, he leans down and picks Jman up, attempting to catch him with a short-arm clothesline. Not one to be caught unaware, Jman ducks under it, and pulls McCoy around; using his momentum to lift and toss McCoy in a modified version of the Saito Suplex. Jman looks around and licks his lips, as his left arm embraces his abdomen, and his right supports his upper body. As McCoy starts to rise up, he finds himself on the wrong end of a punch, knocking him back down to the ground. Jman gets up and climbs out of the ring, coming back up with a steel chain in his hand. The crowd boo’s as they see him slide back into the ring with the weapon. Stalking McCoy, he begins smacking the chain on the ground, urging McCoy to get to his feet. As the man rises up, Jman slams the chain down on his back, taunting him some more. “Get up, Billy!” He smacks the chain on his back again, and then again, and then one more time for good measure before discarding it.*

    Bodom: You see this here? This is what this match is all about, Jman is making a statement, showing how much he studied McCoy before this match! He knows his torso is in a state of pain, and he’s taking advantage of that. Now look! He’s going out for more weapons!

    *Jman lifts up the apron and pulls out a trashcan full that contains a stop sign, two kendo sticks, the top, and another chain. He tosses it into the ring and goes back under, pulling out a steel chair, and then a wooden table. Leaving the table on the ground, he pushes the chair in the ring starts rummaging through the trashcan. McCoy leans against one of the turnbuckles, trying to regain his breath. He eyes the weapons that have been introduced to the ring, and Jman picking through them. As Jman grabs one of the kendo sticks, McCoy attempts to rush him, only to find the stick firmly smacked against his stomach. He falls forward and his back becomes target practice for the stick wielding maniac, Jman!*

    PK: Jman is wearing his back out! It’s like back in the day when our mothers used to hang curtains out on the clothing line and have us beat them to get the dust out!

    *Jman finally relents and goes for the pin.*





  10. #830
    *McCoy kicks out and smartly rolls out of the ring, landing on the ground with a thud. Jman follows him and stomps on his back - kicking him towards the ring. Using the edge of the ring as a prop, he continues to merciless kick the man while he’s down. Stopping he rolls in the ring and grabs the trashcan lid, and heads back out. McCoy, while not sufficiently recovered, reached under the ring during the time Jman was inside it and grabbed a ring bell; smacking it against the left leg of Jman as he slides out of the ring. The pain causes Jman to drop his weapon and then follows to the floor, clutching his leg. McCoy pulls himself up and grabs the trashcan lid, hitting the upper body and head area of Jman until the lid is dented and virtually useless. Realizing he can’t win with Jman outside of the ring, he lifts him and pushes him back in; before crawling in after him and landing punches to the man’s head. Eyeing the trashcan, McCoy goes to retrieve it and slide it over to where him and Jman are. Grabbing the carcass of his opponent, McCoy positions him on top of the trashcan, with his body taking up the most of it. Running, he uses his newfound momentum to jump on the ropes and backwards, twisting and landing a Double Foot Stomp on Jman, driving him straight down into the trashcan. The crowd goes wild from the move as McCoy falls to his knees to catch his breath. Both men are sweaty and blood is pouring from Jman’s head due to the attack with the trashcan lid.*

    PK: It seems McCoy got a second wind and lost it already! He’s going to have to keep up the attack. He may have Jman bleeding, but he’s suffered a lot of punishment himself throughout this match.

    When stacked up with his other matches in War Games, he could be getting to the point where it’s win soon, or lose later.

    *McCoy goes to pin Jman, but the latter kicks out at two. Both of these men are running nearly on E, and using what reserves of will power and sheer determination they have to continue. McCoy spots the chair and goes to set it up while Jman is down, though he doesn’t realize it- he sets it up close to the ring ropes. He motions towards the crowd, signaling ‘The Real McCoy’, and goes to get Jman. He brings him towards the chair, and attempts to hit TRMC, but Jman wiggles out of it. McCoy goes down to a knee, not realizing it. As he raises up, and turns around Jman catches him with a ‘Good Match, Let’s Go Eat’, sitting him down in the chair. The sound of the super kick resonates through the crowd, causing them to nearly blow the roof off the place with cheers and boo’s. After a moment of catching his breath, he grabs McCoy and lifts him up, starting to Irish Whip him towards the other side of the ring. However, he stops short and pulls McCoy back, catching him and hitting a T-Bone Suplex onto the upright chair. McCoy hits it back first, completely making the chair unusable, as far as sitting is concerned. Jman goes to for the pin.*





    **McCoy kicks out and rolls over on his stomach. Jman gets up and argues with the ref, nearly pushing him across the ring. He turns back to McCoy and shakes his head. As he brings the man to his feet, he starts landing wicked forearm shots to Billy’s jaw area. After four of these shots, he jumps back and goes for another ‘Good Match, Let’s Go Eat’ , but McCoy ducks under it. As Jman comes back around, McCoy grabs him and hits him with a big Belly to Belly Suplex. Both men lay in the ring, with the ref checking on them. With all relevant sets of eyes occupied, Krysys jumps over the guardrail, and removes the hoodie that, thus far, concealed his identity. He hides outside of the ring, waiting for his moment to strike. Meanwhile, McCoy gets himself together and heads out of the ring. He glimpses the table and picks it up, pushing it towards the ring. Jman, himself, gets up and picks up one of the loose kendo sticks, hiding it behind his person. He goes back to playing possum. McCoy gets back in the ring and proceeds to set the table up against one of the ring ropes. Catching his breath, he turns back to continuing his attack on Jman, but is met with a brutal shot to his right shoulder. As McCoy reels back, Jman catches him with another two. Roles reversed now, Jman begins to unleash shots on McCoy like a man possessed. The kendo stick splinters and Jman throws it away. Jman falls back against the ropes and watches as McCoy struggles to get to his feet. Jman moves around, setting McCoy between him and the table. Unbeknown to either man, Krysys is right outside the ring, waiting and watching.*

    Daniels: This match is getting hard to watch. McCoy must be broken, his will is going to carry him straight to the E.R if this match doesn’t end soon! I admire his guts, but his body has to be in unimaginable pain!

    *Jman sets up and goes to catch McCoy with another ‘Good Match, Let’s go Eat’, but McCoy catches it and tries to pull him in to another Belly to Belly. Jman, sensing this, allows himself to be pulled closer and head butts McCoy in the face, disorientating him, as well as himself. He hops back and drills McCoy with a second ‘Good Match, Let’s Go Eat’! Jman falls back, but McCoy, although loopy, remains standing. That’s when it strikes! Krysys pops up from outside the ring and slides in. He doesn’t hesitate, he rushes forward and rams straight into McCoy with the most brutal ‘One Last Breath’ spear, that War Games has seen yet. The table breaks into several small pieces, McCoy looks like he’s just been hit with by a bullet train. Krysys rolls out of the ring and heads up the ramp, not caring about his handiwork.*

    PK: My God! Krysys broke him in HALF! The sound, the sound of McCoy going through the table was sickening! If you’ve heard a car-crash before, this sounds one hundred times worse! That was brutal! That was disgusting!

    Bodom: Look at it! Jman is going to take advantage of what just happened!

    *Jman looks around and sees Krysys, then sees McCoy looking broken. He pulls the man towards the center of the ring, pinning him*





    *The bells rings and Jman lifts himself in victory. Blood covering his face and chest. The crowd split between boo’s and cheers. He looks down at McCoy who isn’t stirring, paying no more attention to Krysys, who was a key factor in his victory. Jman climbs out of the ring, and grabs a kendo stick, hoisting it up in the air as he heads off towards the back - the winner of the War Games Main Event.*

    Daniels: I did not think we’d see a match that brutal here tonight, but Jman and McCoy put on a spectacle. This is going to go down in history as one of the greatest matches in EWNCW history. Next year, if War Games is allowed to continue, this match will definitely set the bar high for what they will have to do.

    PK: This match was the personification of a hardcore match. No Rules. Just pure beat down city. There’s something about this match that will make people remember it for years to come. If nothing else people will take from this match that skill can get you to the ballgame, but hard work and determination is what’s going to get you to the top of the proverbial mountain.

    Daniels: No one can argue there. And not only that but he's now got a great prize. He will now face K-Jammin at No Guts no Glory for the World Heavyweight Championship!! The most coveted prize in EWNCW!!

    Bodom: Jman walked in this match with all the swagger in the world, and he proved why. Tonight at War Games, it was his night and he is now on the fast track to the top of the EWNCW Roster.Come the ppv, it'd take a brave man to bet against him. But then again, he's got a tough challenger in K-Jammin, and one he knows all too well for that matter!

    Daniels: That is indeed true. Ladies and Gentlemen, this has been War Games - The Finale. We’ve been pleased to present this wondrous event to you all. Drive Safe and make sure to come out and see us next time we’re in town. And for those watching at home, when we’re in your city, come out and show your support.

    PK: Drive home, and be safe.

    Bodom: Good night, ladies and gentlemen!

    *The camera pans out, showing McCoy still in the middle of the ring; his eyes aimed towards the ceiling.*

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