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    Pierce Kingmaker: And now that we know who Gruber is facing, we can get on with the play off match between Andy Cannon and Mike Hawk to see who will face Sweet Jones!

    Bod Daniels: Well I actually have some information for you Pierce. Following what happened during the 6 man Rage champs vs Inferno champs match earlier, where Jones attacked a fan, we hear that Nathan Staples is in discussions with EWNCW management regarding the incident and he will be coming out to make an announcement regarding the situation later tonight.

    Bodom: He attacked a fan, big deal. Years ago that happened all the time!

    We're not back in the good old days now Bodom. Get with the times!

    Daniels: How about we get back to the action here?

    Jason McManus: The Following matchis a two out of three falls match, introducing first, from Tokyo,Japan, he is “Mr Mayhem” Mike Hawk!

    *The crowd erupts in a chorus ofBoos as Hawk runs down to the ring. Looking angry, he stops rightbefore getting in the ring, spotting a fan in the front row with asign that says “Hawk's getting blasted by the Cannon!” Snarling,he grabs the sign from the fan, and rips it up, throwing the piecesback in his face, before finally hopping in the ring.*

    Bob Daniels: And it is clear thatthe fans here tonight dislike Hawk almost as much as his opponentdoes.

    Bodom: That's because these fans areidiots Bob, just like you. Mr. Mayhem is the future of this company,and these people should be honored to see him win here tonight.

    Pierce Kingmaker: While Hawk isdefinitely the favorite going into this match, he hasn't won it yet.

    Daniels: and he won't if this man has anything to say about it.

    Jason McManus: And his opponent,from Greensboro, North Carolina, he is Andy Cannon!

    *The Crowd erupts as Cannon runsdown to the ring, he circles the ring, slapping the hands of a fewfans before rolling into the ring. As the bell rings, both men startto circle each other.*
    (1:43 - 7:10)

    Daniels: A very impressive showingby both athletes so far, neither man has a clear advantage here, andthe fans are being treated to a great technical matchup.

    Bodom: Hawk needs to go for the kill here, he has no time to waste.

    *As both men get to their feetslowly, the fast pace of the match clearly taking it's toll on them,Hawk grabs Cannon, hitting a snap DDT. He get's up, and immediatelyclimbs a turnbuckle. Looking around, Hawk preens a bit before jumpingoff, and it's the Phoenix Splash! At the last moment however, Cannonis able to roll out of the way, and Hawk crashes hard into the mat.Seeing his opportunity, Cannon quickly grabs hawk and rolls him upfor the pin!*

    Kingmaker: This could be thebeginning of the end here for Mike Hawk


    Daniels: Both shoulders down, herewe go!



    Jason Mcmanus: The winner of the First Fall, Andy Cannon!

    *Hawk gets up and immediately getsin the ref's face, screaming and waving his arms around, backing thereferee into a corner of the ring.*

    Kingmaker: Hawk wasting valuabletime here arguing with the referee over the count.

    Bodom: It was a fast count, wherethe hell did this ref learn to count a pin? It's complete bullshit!

    *Cannon, seeing Hawk distracted,smiles to himself before bouncing off the ropes and running straightfor Hawk. At the last moment Hawk sees him however, and sidesteps,grabbing Cannon and using his own momentum to throw him into thereferee! The crowd is booing heavily, a few people even throwingtheir empty cups at Hawk as he rolls out of the ring and lifts theapron, looking for something.*

    Daniels: And the ref is down,anything could happen here

    Bodom: Serves him right, maybecounting some sheep will help him count pins better.

    Kingmaker: what does that even mean?

    Bodom: It means shut your pie-holebefore I shut it for you, boy.

    Daniels: Hawk is looking all overunder that ring, who knows what he could have had put there beforethe match started.

    *Cannon is still checking on theref, trying to wake him, but it seems hopeless as Hawk seems to findwhat he was looking for, and pulls a Kendo stick out from under thering. With an evil smile, he rolls back into the ring, and takes arunning swing directly at the small of Cannon's back! With a loudcrack, the stick snaps in half from the first hit, and Cannon hitsthe mat hard, screaming in pain. Hawk throws away the half he is leftholding., and walks over to Cannon, stomping hard at his ribs andback, before dragging him to the middle of the ring for a pin. Theref is still out however, so nobody is there to count the pin. Hawk,finally realizing this, angrily jerks Cannon up from the mat, andhits a DDT.*

    Daniels: Hawk caught by his own treachery here, after throwing Cannon into the ref,now he doesn't have one when he needs one

    Kingmaker: He didn't throw anybody, Cannon's dumb ass ran into him

    Daniels: We have the replay, he very clearly grabbed Cannon and threw him into thereferee.

    Bodom: That referee was in the wrong place at the wrong time, what we needis a new ref, maybe one that is out of training.

    *Hawk walks over to the ref, kickinghim to try and wake him. As the ref starts to stir Hawk quickly grabsCannon's legs, twisting them up and locking in the Cloverleaf!. Theref is on his stomach, but seems to be awake, his face inches fromCannon's, as Hawk jerks back hard, putting his foot on the middlerope and pushing back to apply even more pressure to Cannon's injured back. The ref does not see the illegal use of the ropes however, ashe is still on the ground, and Cannon's own body blocks the treachery from view. Cannon tries wildly to escape, but finally is forced totap, unable to escape the hold.*

    Daniels: He's got his foot on the damn rope ref! Look up!

    Bodom: Now that is an intelligent move, about time the incompetence of this refereeactually work for someone.

    Kingmaker: We do need a new ref.

    Jason McManus: The Winner of theSecond Fall. Mike Hawk!

    Daniels: Regardless of how, at thispoint it is really anyone's match to win.

    Bodom: This is where you separatethe Men from the boys, this is where you see who really has the heartof a Champion. This is Hawk's time to pull out all the stops and takethis match to the next level. This is the time to climb to the top ofthe mountain, and proclaim to all that you are the King of theJungle!

    Kingmaker: Where do you come up withthis stuff? I never see you read anything.

    Daniels: It's like he channels deadcrazy people.

    Kingmaker: Think it's a cry forhelp?

    *The reffinally gets to his feet, as Hawk removes his boot from the ropes,the ref breaks up the hold, and Hawk rolls out of the ring once more.Andy rolls into a turnbuckle, using it to help him get to his feet,as he is holding his back and seems to be in a great deal of pain.Hawk smirks, and hops up on the ring apron, opposite of where Cannonis standing. Cannon angrily runs at him, as Hawk jumps up,spring-boarding off of the top rope, trying for a cross body. Cannonsees it coming however, and is able to catch him, dropping him with the Samoan Drop! He immediately goes for the pin!*

    Daniels: Here it is!!


    Bodom: C'mon Hawk! You're better than this!

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