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    BD: I’ll tell you one thing ladies and gentleman, if you have only just tuned in, you have been missing a real treat. That King Strem/Mark Dimensions match, might just go down in history.

    Bod: How about Jesting Madness retaining their titles? The tag division is looking immensely strong again!

    PK: I think we started the show with a bang, Rose and Jones pulled off an absolute slobberknocker, that was huge!

    Bod: Then how about the Rage Ignition three-way? Shaz pulled off a momentous win in a match between 3 rising superstars!

    PK: How about the introduction of the mystery assailant? He looked so familiar, but he looked like he’d come straight out of a nightmare!

    BD: Now, getting back the action, this next one promises to probably steal the show, it's Billy McCoy versus Broc Flucker.

    PK: I love this feud! I mean, these two just plain don’t like each other, and that’s what you love to see. One always tries to get the upper hand, but they have been relatively even

    Bod: Bar the fact that McCoy beat Broc last time around, I fancy Broc to even the score tonight.

    JMcM: This contest is schedule for one fall, on his way to the ring, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Broc Flucker!

    Bodom: Now here is a guy you can get behind, Broc burst onto the scene and went straight after McCoy.

    PK: I'd say. He is doing a great job putting McCoy down to if I would say so.

    JMcM: And his opponent, from Devon, England, he is the British Excellence, Billy McCoy!!

    BD: And here comes Billy McCoy, and I have to tell you, he looks ready to rip Broc's head off. Which he should considering all the blind siding attacks Broc did to him.

    PK: Shut up Bob, Broc had his number since day one.

    BD: keep in mind Broc lost his first match in EWNCW to McCoy which is why we are having this match.

    (Broc/Orton, Benoit/McCoy) IGNORE TITLE STO AT 23:19

    BD: Both men slow to their feet, Broc first up, they both start to send punches back and forth

    PK: These two are just trying to beat each other to a pulp

    BD: McCoy misses wildly and Broc connects with a powerbomb!!!



    Bod: Kick out McCoy!


    JMcM: Here is your winner, Broc Flucker!

    BD: What a huge back and forth battle, and what a pull out win by Broc

    PK: I knew it! But that was one hell of a fight, give both of them credit.
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