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    Bob Daniels: Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to another episode of the longest running EWN wrestling show, Inferno! We're coming to you live all the way from Salt Lake City, Utah! We are now just three days away from Glory To The Brave and it's shaping up to be a huge show. I'm Bob Daniels and with me as always, Pierce Kingmaker.

    Pierce Kingmaker: Thanks Bob! It's great to be here once again, i'm getting excited because this Sunday is going to be phenomenal. We've got Tommy Thunder facing Gillz for the EWNCW Championship, King Strem taking on Mark Dimension for the International title and many more matches to be revealed tonight on Inferno!

    BD: That's right Pierce, we've got a number one contenders match for the Inferno Ignition Title between Johnny Rose and Sweet Jones. We'll also be seeing Krysys take on Bam and The Jaws of Men face Freak Inc, this show is gonna be packed.

    PK: And no doubt we'll hear from Gillz and Tommy Thunder once more Bob. Gillz has got to be fuming about what happened last week, both men have been trying to goad the other into breaking the no contact clause, and it all nearly boiled over last week.

    BD: Speaking of Gillz here comes the champ now, and boy does he look unhappy.

    PK: I would be too after what happened last week, Tommy Thunder not only cost him a match last week, but also had the nerve to wear the belt around Gillz' waist.

    BD: It was a bold statement of intent from Thunder who by all descriptions has been a thorn in Gillz side for some weeks now.

    PK: It works both ways of course because Gillz has done everything in his power to make sure Tommy hasn't had it easy either.

    *Gillz enters and walks to ring with an obvoius annoyance at last week*

    Gillz: Tommy!!! You think you can bait me into hitting you? Do you honestly believe i am that stupid, infact i think you do believe that i wouldnt put it passed a guy like you.

    But it doesnt matter, im the calmest man on the planet when i need to be like last week so theres nothing you can do to make me hit, nothing at all.

    Sure you coming down to the ring and practically stealing what is mine would make me pissed, but it doesnt matter. I may not be able to make you pay for wearing MY BELT!! But there is one man who can and should punish you for that.

    I think we all know who it is, but for the braindead in the audience, so for the audiences sake Staples! Get your scrawney ass down to my ring and tell what the hell you are going to do with Tomy for what he tried to last week

    *There is nothing for a while*

    Gillz: Staples! im not asking you to do it, im demanding you get down here, comon little man come here and tell me to my face what Tommy will get for trying to steal what is rightfully mine.

    *Nothing again*

    *Gillz puts the mic up to his mouth*

    BD: Ask and you shall receive, here comes the Baws!

    PK: I don't think he was asking, that was more of a demand, Gillz is furious!

    *Nathan Staples appears and walks down the ramp to a good pop from the crowd, he has his own mic in his hand and steps through the ropes.*

    Staples: Now you listen to me, Champ. I'm not too happy with your tone, I think you forget sometimes who signs your pay cheques.

    *The crowd cheers as Staples stands up for himself*

    Staples: First of all, the next time you come out here and make demands from me, you better remember that I can do whatever the hell I want. I could put you in a match against 6 men if I feel like it, so you better calm yourself down!

    *Another big pop for Staples.*

    Staples: Secondly, you got a taste of your own medicine last week as far as i'm concerned! Two weeks ago you interfered in Tommy's match and turn about is fair play! So as far as what i'm going to do to Tommy? Absolutely nothing!

    *The crowd cheer again as Gillz gets visibly annoyed.*

    Staples: Now thirdly..

    BD: King Strem!? What's he doing out here!?

    PK: All this talk about Tommy must have reminded him that Tommy managed to beat him last week.

    BD: If I remember, Strem wasn't happy that Staples put Tommy in a match against him.

    PK: And rightly so, Tommy didn't need to get involved with Strem, he had nothing to do with his disagreements with Billy McCoy.

    *Strem storms down to the ring, clearly unhappy as well, he takes the mic from Gillz and turns his attention to the GM.*

    Strem: So Nate, it seems like Gillz and I agree upon something. Yes, we both have a problem with Tommy, but that is not the point. We both think you are an inbreed that is incapable of doing a simple task of keeping things fair and just and simple here.

    *The crowd boos Strem*

    Strem: You cannot doing any of these three things Nate, and something has to change. Either you need to put a sack on yourself and start doing your god damn job, or I will start a completely chaotic riot here. I will burn this place to the ground, I will start an unholy war of hell here. I am ready to bring this foundation down if I am not going to get what I want.

    *Strem Sucks! Strem Sucks!*

    Strem: Granted I got a small piece of "I Want Cake" when Billy lost and did not get into the title match at Glory to the Brave. Billy is just a annoying itch that needs scratched. I cannot stand him or his new little buddy Tommy. Tommy, you have no reason to be a bodyguard for anyone. You keep your noise in your business, I'll keep my nose in mine. As for this sunday, well it is the same song I have been singing. I will destroy the person that is Mark Dimension and take the title. And like I said, if all is not Fair and Just, expect an anarchy in EWNCW, led by The King. I have spoken...

    *Staples looks at Strem, and then to Gillz and back to Strem.*

    Staples: Alright listen up, because I just had a great idea. Seeing as the two of you are best friends forever all of a sudden.

    *Laughter from the crowd*

    Staples: I'm going to put you both into a tag team match, in tonights main event! And as for your opponents, well, you can wait and find out because i'm not gonna tell ya! Now both of ya get the hell out of my ring because we've got a match coming up.

    *Staples drops his mic and exits the ring leaving Gillz and Strem angry, shouting after him. The crowd cheer and Staples waves to the crowd as he walks away.*

    BD: Wow! So we're gonna have Gillz and Strem team up to face a mystery team later on tonight!

    PK: And they aren't happy about that one bit, they both really wanted Tommy punished for his actions last week, and well, Nathan wasn't in the mood.

    BD: Staples was right on the money, Gillz and Strem both got what was coming last week. Coming up in a few moments we've got Alex Kidd vs Mike Hawk, don't go anywhere!
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