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    Tursday Night Inferno...........12/05/11

    BD - “Whats up EWN, I’m Bob Daniels and what a show we have in store for you, Tonight is the final show before “Bred for Combat”and we have a lot to sort out!!!. We’re going to see A Godmoney vs. Godmoney steel cage match to decide the stipulation at Bred for Combat, Solla’s personal Interviewer Erbie vs. Andy Cannon. And a huge 6 man tag pitting Tommy Thunder with A Force of Greatness against Seth Ferrell, Captain Charisma and Cooper Hawkins. We also have the contract signing for the main event at Bred for Combat. ”

    BD - “We kick tonights show off with Andy Cannon stood in the ring awaiting Herbies arrival…whats this?”

    Camera cuts backstage where we see Solla and Erbie

    Solla: Herbie, your match with Andy Cannon is up, get your ass out there

    Herbie: B b b but Solla, he's going to kick my ass

    Solla: Herbie if you had not stuck your nose into business that wasnt yours to stick it wouldnt be in this situation.

    Herbie: Solla, you know no matter how much abuse I take from you, I am sworn to be your.....

    Solla: Yeah yeah whatever Herbie, now get your scrawny ass out there for your match

    Herbie: O o g g g gonna wish me l l luck?

    Solla: For what? Your the luckiest man in the federation.....lucky to still be GET OUT THERE and impress me.

    Herbie: Okay S S S Solla.

    BD - "Herbie looks pretty confident, but lets see how well a non wrestler fares against EWNCW newcomer Andy Cannon"

    BD - “THATS IT!!! THATS IT!!! Herbie has been beaten in record time, that has got to be the fastest match in EWNCW.”

    “WAIT.....Its Solla's mystery men.......what are they doing with Andy Cannon!!!”

    BD - “It appears that Andy Cannon has been taken hostage by Solla's warriors.

    Is Solla sending a statement to the Great Cobra?

    Does Solla have bigger plans?

    And what exactly is going on in that "Torture Chamber" compound of Solla's

    We have a feeling that Cobra is going to be in for the fight of his life at Bred For Combat, it looks as if Solla will stop at nothing to make his presence felt.

    Will Andy Cannon make it back?

    Only Time will tell.”

    “We now cut backstage where Cowboy Bill Buxley is standing by with The Great Cobra….over to you BB.”

    CB: I have with me The Great Cobra! He is a mysterious man who coils up when threatened. Now Cobra, what is going through your mind at the moment?

    GC: Many terrifying things. I think the Cobra inside has fangs out!

    CB: Relax partner, now how are your parents doing after last week's ordeal?

    GC: I had to commit them for 72 hours.

    CB: Sorry to hear that. How do you feel about the contract you signed for the next match with Solla?

    GC: Feel fine and very happy to finally put an end to Solla. He is a bad man and he has pissed of the venomous Cobra!

    CB: So, it looks like fans can bring weapons, what ideas do you have?

    GC: I want my fans to help me destroy Solla so bring anything you have lying around the house, check the tool shed, whatever you have, bring it. I don't care if it's a steel chair, a rusted pipe, a lawnmower, just bring it!

    CB: A lawnmower? Why not a weed wacker too?

    GC: Good idea, if you have them, bring it~

    CB: Any last words for us?

    GC: Not for you but for Solla. Solla, you embarrased me and my family. I have no choice but to break apart every bone in your body. I will have no remorse for you!

    CB: “Menacing words for The Great Cobra, he’s obviously pumped up ready for Sunday. Back to you Bob.”

    BD - “After what we just witnessed with Andy Cannon, I think The Great Cobra should be more worried about what the sick Solla has instore for him atr Bred for Combat.”

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    Thursday Night Inferno.........Part 2

    We return to see Splattered Dreams stood inside a cage

    BD - “It look’s like its now time for Cage match which will pit Splattered Dreams against The Beard of Zeus, and here he comes.”

    BD - “And this one’s underway”

    *After match, Rich grabs a mic*

    RC: Now that we have won the match which lets us determine the stipulation at Bred for Combat, we choose a Ladder Match! The document containing the rights to the GodMoney name will be placed in a breifcase and suspended above the ring. The only way to retrieve it is with the use of a ladder!

    Bodom: *Who is on the outside of ring* Fine, fine; With my brains and Dream's stature, it's a sure win for us. Right Dreams?

    Dreams: Right Boss!

    Bodom: After we defeat you two, you will never have any rights to use GodMoney's name again! Tell em Dreams!

    Dreams: No more GodMoney dreams for you, only Splattered ones! HAhahahahahahaa!

    Zeus: You think that you have the talent to win? You certainly didn't tonight.

    And your brains have failed you more than once Bodom, and Dreams' Stature has not proven anything tonight! We are superior in every way, and we both share the cunning and the skill to get the job done.

    So ask yourselves this, when we are in our match this Sunday, who will be able to climb the ladder for your team, when you are both out cold? Well, at least when you awake, you will see why it pays to be the New GodMoney.

    Bodom: It is you two that will be out cold! I am the master and architect of all things in regards to stipulations! While I use my strategies and Splattered's muscle, you guys will be staggering around like a couple of drunk zombies! Right Dreams?

    Dreams: Right, drunk zombies FTW! Hahahahahaha!

    Bodom: So what will you guys do without a name? I hear McDonalds is hiring, right Dreams?

    Dreams: Yeah, Mcdonald's, Flipping burgers! Hahahahaha!

    Rich: Enough of the mouthful of diarrhea! Come Bred for Combat, we will see who laughs last! Right Dreams?

    Dreams: Righ....huh?

    *Bodom smacks Dreams in back of head as they head to the back**

    ************************************************** ***************************

    Gillz makes his way to the ring to a chorus of blues

    G: Cut the music

    So Nightwolf you seem to think you can just challenge me and try to bounce above me like every other newbie in this fed. Not this time buddy but anyway
    onto another point I AM NOT WORKING FOR IRKEN!
    i am taking you out for my own personal benefit and NOTHING ELSE but since you want irken to take part on behalf of our trusted GM i Accept your pathetic challenge on one condition..

    *Irkens Music hits*
    Irk: “Woah woah woah Gillz with all due respect your not the one making decisions here and i will make a decision now I am not accepting this challenge.”

    G: “Wait a minute Irk think about it, this is a golden chance to get rid of that piece of crap for good.”
    Irk i wil do all the work you need to do nothing at all, just accept and ill kick his ass out of this roster,
    I: No…..I don’t need to prove anyth……….

    The Titan tron fires up.

    We see a figure in the shadows not showing his face.

    “Irken Invader…….for to long you have dodged the work load at EWNCW, you have mocked the roster, you have mocked the fans and more importantly, you have mocked ME!!! I PAY YOUR GOD DAMN WAGES! AND WHAT? YOU LAUGH AT ME?
    I own EWNCW and I make the decisions!
    You shall fight on Sunday, because if you don’t it will be you leaving EWNCW with your tail between your legs.

    Now I know you all want to know who I am, well I shall reveal myself on Sunday! But to keep you guessing here is some clues……

    I have graced the pages of JBW
    I am a true great
    I am P.S!!!”

    BD - “PS? JBW? Who the hell is this guy? ! Thing I do know is I like his style making Irken Fight for his job!!!”

    Titan Tron Lights up

    When the Promo finishes the image D-I-M-E-N-S-I-O-N appears then disappears on the screen.

    BD - “What the fcuk was that? Who is it, what does it mean?”
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    Thursday Night Inferno...................Part 3

    BD- The Time has Come to Find out if The Heartbreaker will accept Billy McCoy's Challenge for a Match at Bred For Combat

    Billy McCoy walks down the ramp to the Heartbreaker Music

    Billy McCoy: Well Heartbreaker people have tried to get me to Explain why I'm so hell bent on Ending your Career and its simply because I was Sitting in the Backstage area twiddling my thumbs while you were out here being a Freak its seems to me EWNCW is full of Nothing but Freaks anyway you were being a freak and stinking this ring up with your awful style of wrestling and all the while these fans bought it they cheered for you and it made me sick so i decided it was time to take what's mine the Spotlight Because I am the biggest baddest most intelligent Athlete in this company and I know there is about 15 newbies saying there that but to truly prove that your gonna have to get in the ring with me and Just ask the Heartbreaker cause he knows what it feels like anyway time to get down to Business So HeartBreaker will you face me at Bred For Combat?

    BD - “Here's Silver Ass Tool”

    “McCoy my good friend the Heartbreaker and indeed I can see you for what you truly are a No good Rookie who's stepping in to a mans world so your saying that your gonna end Heartbreaker's career well he's so pumped he might just end your life Dude”

    McCoy sucker punches Silver and Starts beating on him but here's HeartBreaker to make the save

    McCoy scrapers to the Ramp Heartbreaker has the Mic

    “McCoy you want to know if I'm gonna accept your challenge damn right I am

    (Fans Irrupt at the thought of seeing these two go)
    you see I've been sitting at home this whole time just wanting to beat the god damn holy hell out of you and it's gonna happen this Sunday in front of these fans at Bred For Combat you better bring your game boy”

    BD - “There we have it, The Heartbreaker accept’s Billy McCoy’s challenge for Bred for Glory this is going to 1 hell of a battle!”

    BD - “I’ve just gotten word That Greenday will performing live at Bred for Combat! “

    Seth Ferrell makes his way to the ring with Captain Charisma and Cooper Hawkins!

    The Tag Team Champions a Force of Greatness make there way to the ring

    BD - “Listen to the crowd erupt as The Forum champ Tommy Thunder appears at the top of the ramp!”

    Tommy raises his hand and his gold custom made mic is lowered to him
    "Let me ask you something. Am I fat? Am I fat?! NO!! I'm not!! Last time I checked, I weighed 227 pounds, so let's clear that up straight off!! Now, you guys here see this title? You see it? This is your title, the Very Important People's title!! I hold it on your behalf!! Now, last week Seth Ferrell, 'The Great Phony', challenged myself and my good friend and International champion TJ Hawks to a triple threat match at 'Bred For Combat'. AND, he wanted BOTH of us to put our titles on the line!! Now let's get one thing straight. When you're new around here, you have to EARN title shots, not demand them!! Secondly, asking for 2 titles to be on the line, is asking a lot. I mean, the title holders would have to be fighting champions, daring and courageous. TJ is unable to be here tonight due to his flight being delayed, but I have been in constant communication with him through the week, and we have both decided to, with great regret, decline the offer of seth Ferrell........
    LOL Just Kidding!!!!! Me and TJ would relish the chance to humiliate you at 'Bred for Combat' Ferrell!! We would love the chance to gain revenge on your attacks on us!! We would love the chance to send you packing back to Egypt in a sarcophagus!! We will mummify you, and destroy you, because this match won't be a triple threat match, in reality it will be a 2 on 1!! TJ and I will do everything in our power to keep our titles!! And here's our stipulation for the match, the first pinfal will be for my Forum title, and the second will be for TJ's International, but be sure to know Ferrell, you ain't walking out with either!! Because there will only be one winner and his name is, TOMMYYYYYYYYYYY THUNNNNNNNDEEEEEER............"

    *holds mic up for crowd to answer*

    The scream in unison…………….THUNDER

    With that Tommy runs down the ramp and attacks Seth Ferrell

    BD - “Seth Ferrell picks up the win for his team with a school boy on Tommy Thunder! Tommy looks in disbelief. Ferrell has beat him again…..Will this be the image awaiting us at Bred for Combat?”
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    Thursday Night Inferno.....................Part 4

    BD - “Its now time for the contract signing for the main event at Bred for Combat, First the Champion signs, then the challanger then the referee, to make it official.”

    The Challanger SilverCena makes his way to the ring

    BD - “Heres come The EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion Shruiken Blade accompanied by his Valet Panda Massacre, He looks as focused as ever!”

    Shuriken: Before I sign the contract that assures SilverCena's defeat....I wanna talk about NightWolf and his actions. are a smart man. You know exactly who to depend on in this business.....yourself. I used to think like that but now....not anymore. I have a partner that makes sure that my matches are fair. NightWolf.....your actions may have been smart but it wasn't a good choice. I will show you the error of your ways after I am done with SilverCena.

    SilverCena.....if you sign the dotted line.....the victory will be mine. It will be assured. When you sign the dotted line.....I will show you, NightWolf and the ENTIRE EWNCW company and fanbase WHY I AM THE CENTER OF RESPECT HERE! That contract might as well be your own death warrant.....

    *Shuriken signs the contract*



    SilverCena: Give me the mic! Now Shuriken, do you realize you just signed your defeat? From now until after the PPV, all of the rapping will be set aside. The scrolls have been laid out and it is proven that I am the creation of the gods. The ancient Egyptians said one day, the great warrior will emerge and take the golden crown. Well Shuriken, that crown is your title and I aim to please those prophets that envisioned this and put it in writing many ages ago.

    Now, I realize there is a rematch clause in the contract but hey, 2 in a row is no problem for me. It will just prove that I am the better man. Nightwolf and McCoy, issuing challenges to Shuirken? Have fun with my leftovers!

    *Turns to the crowd*

    SC: Now give it up for your badass hyena, SilverCena! Ya feel me..*Holds mic in audience direction*

    *Crowd chants "Bo………….*

    BD - “What the hell who this?????”

    Kevin Matthew’s Runs in the ring from the crowd and attacks Shruiken and SilverCena from behind with a lead pipe as the both stare and the entrance Ramp.
    Matthews then grabs the contract and signs it making him the referee for The Main Event at Bred For Combat!!! Kev Grabs the mic…….

    “Did You miss me?”

    BD - “My Gawd, The Future has returned and put himself in the main event!!! After taking out both Shruiken and SilverCena tonight, how will end up on Sunday? He seems like a different guy to the man that left 4 weeks ago!!!

    See y’all on Sunday!!!”
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    Preview for "Bred for Combat"

    The Mystery owner will reveil himself

    Greenday perform live

    The Heartbreaker vs Billy McCoy

    Godmoney vs Godmoney in a ladder match for the rights to the name "Godmoney"

    The Great Cobra vs Solla

    Captain Charisma & Cooper Hawkins vs Force of Greatness (C) for EWNCW Tag Team Titles

    Seth Ferrell vs TJ Hawkes (IC) vs Tommy Thunder (FC) in a 2 pinfall 2 title match for EWNCW Forum & International titles

    Nightwolf vs Gillz & Irken Invader If Nightwolf loses he must leave EWNCW

    SilverCena vs Shruiken (C) with Kevin Matthews as ref for the EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship
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    EWNCW reporter Dick Thompson:

    Well folks, we are just a day away from our ppv 'Bred for Combat', and things are really shaping up here!! I am very lucky to have with me a this time the man who made a monumental return to EWNCW this past Thursday; 'The Future' Kevin Matthews!! First of all Welcome back!!

    KM: Thanks for having me, I really appreciate it!

    DT: Trust me when I say, WE appreciate it!! Now, why have you decided to return to the company?

    KM: I only signed a short term contract with the company a few months ago and as soon as my contract was up I told the boss to remove me from television until a new deal was reched.

    DT: Why choose this past Thursday, and that main event contract signing? And more to the point, you've made yourself the referee for Sunday's main event, why?

    KM: Well I feel that I'm the only guy that's capable to stand in between these two and call this match down the middle, my contract was signed as I said before but they told me to wait until the right time to return. I didn't listen to them, I returned on my own terms.

    DT: Having made yourself the referee, how will you call the match? After attacking both Shuriken and SilverCena, you obviously aren't here to make friends with either!!

    KM: I had to send a message somehow that I was the man in charge, but they will need to learn by tomorrow the acronym DTA, Don't Trust Anybody

    DT: Of course. What are your intentions in EWNCW now that you're back?

    KM: Obvoiusly get into the title picture again, I need that rematch Shruiken owes me.

    DT: Finally, can we expect the rafters to be occupied agin?!

    KM: You know it!

    DT: Excellent!! Well it's great to have you back here Kevin, and thanks for taking the time to talk to us!! There yo have it ladies and gentlemen, 'The Future' Kevin Matthews there on his return to EWNCW!! I for one can't wait to see what happens in our main event tomorrow, and I'm sure you can't either!! Stay tuned guys, as myself and my news-team will be very busy between now and tomorrow, bringing you the latest!!
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    Guy Smith here:

    I have Gillz here with me who has a match at Bred for Combat against NightWolf with IrkenInvader in Gillz's corner. If NightWolf loses, he must leave EWNCW!

    GS: So, Gillz, are you looking forward to Bred for Combat?

    Gillz: Yes i am, I am looking forward to ridding that piece of crap from this fed, Just you wait and see what i will do to him

    GS: By that piece of crap, you are referring to NightWolf. How much help will it be knowing IrkenInvader is going into this match with you?

    G: Its hard for me to say knowing That Irk isnt a wrestler, but i dont plan on needing him in the match and he knows the plan.

    GS: Knowing NightWolf has a knack for being able to withstand huge amounts of punishment, how are you going to approach the match?

    G: Simple, keep going, no one is invincible and we all know this so i wont let up at any point in the match, anything that will be of advantage i will use

    GS: If NightWolf loses, he has to leave EWNCW. What do you think of this stipulation?

    G: Well considering my stronng distaste for the guy i am overjoyed, no ecstatic and Being able to also slowly take out the competition and step closer to the grand prize. Hell just because im such a nice guy ill even hold him his own leaving party

    GS: Finally, if you are victorious in this match, what does the future hold for Gillz? Any titles you might be aiming for?

    G: Ofcourse. And because im working with our oh so trusted GM on this one im sure some form of 'reward' is in offer for doing him a favor. soon You will be calling me EWNCW Heavyweght Champion Gillz!

    Thanks a lot for your time and good luck at the PPV.

    There you have it, Gillz is pumped and ready for Bred for Combat!
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    EWNCW reporter Dick Thompson:

    Well, with the monumental news at last weeks Inferno that Green Day would be performing live at the ppv, I'm lucky to now have with me Green Day's front man; Billie Joe Armstrong!! Welcome Billie and many thanks for agreeing to perform at our ppv!!

    BJA: Thanks Dick!! It's great to be here!!

    DT: Tell me, how does it feel to be able to entertain a huge and electrifying crowd like the one that will be here tonight?

    BJA: Oh it's awesome!! It's always good to play to a live crowd!! They always get us pumped up, and I'm hoping that we can do the same to them too!!

    DT: Are you wrestling fans yourselves? Are you looking forward to the ppv itself?

    BJA: Oh sure, wrestling is a good sport here in America, and it's hugely popular all over the world, and to be ale to see it live like tonight is even better, of course we're all looking forward!!

    DT: Excellent,and do you have a favorite superstar?!

    BJA: Personally, I like TJ Hawks!! He reminds me of me, boing a rock-star and the way he lives that lifestyle in real life too!! Mike and Tre also like that Samoan guy, Solla, because he's just crazy!! and we like crazy!!

    DT: Ok great!! We'll let you get on with your soundcheck and setting up, thanks for sharing a few words with us!!

    BJA: No worries man!!

    DT: Well that was Billie Joe Armstrong, the frontman of Green Day there!! I can't wait for their performance tonight, and I know you can't either!! Stay tuned for more updates from me and my news-team guys!!
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    EWNCW reporter 'Cowboy' Bill Buxley:

    Cowboy' Bill Buxley here y'all, and I have here with me young Billy McCoy!! Billy, I'd like to ask you, being new here, how are you settling in? Are you enjoying being here in EWNCW?

    BM: I am glad to be in EWNCW but to be honest with you Bill I thought the compition would be more difficultt its just been too easy you have to ask yourself how long untill i'm holding Gold.

    CBB: I see. You haven't taken a liking to one superstar in particular. Why on earth are you so relentless in your quest to end the career of The Heartbreaker?!

    BM: I Hate the Heartbreaker because of what he Embodies. Heartbeaker is a freak Wrestling is full of Freaks and their Ruining the business I Love and yet somehow the fans Cheer him they Cheer for Hearty. So When I Got Here I sat on my ass with nothing to do while Heartbreaker came out and acted like a freak I Decided to tkae what was mine for the Very First time and it Worked People are talking all the time "did you see what McCoy did on Inferno Thursday night" !!

    CBB: Right, well now that The Heartbreaker has accepted your challenge for a match at 'Bred for Combat', what in god's name do you have planned for him?!

    BM: I am Gonna end his career simple as I want that freak out of EWNCW.

    CBB: You seem very confident there boy! What are your plans after 'Bred for Combat'?

    BM: Get my Hands on Some gold wether its TJ, Tommy, Matt & Tai or The Soon to be New EWNCW Champion SilverCena I Will get gold Because I'm the Baddest Most Intelligent Techincally Gifted guy in the World and soon i'll show the world that I'm The Real McCoy.

    CBB: Well thanks for that Billy. He seems confident here tonight folks!! Only one way to find out how this one turns out, tune in tonight!!
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    EWNCW reporter Jonathan Sanchez:

    Hi all, Jonathan Sachez here, and I have here with me, one half of the EWNCW tag team Champions; Matt 'The Force' Elder!! Thanks for joining me Matt, where is Tai right now?

    ME: Watt up Jonny? Tai is at the gym right now preparing for tonight.....I prefer to stay round here eat plenty of chicken and lift some free weights to really pump these guns up a bit....go on Jonny i see you looking, feel those bad boys! eat your vitamins say your pra.......infact screw that Hogan shit! Eat your chicken lift your weights and work till you throw up and you'll get there!
    Seriously though me and Tai tend not to spend to much time together before a big match....Odd i know but too much of a good thing could be our down fall, we're boys but we need our own space too.

    JS: I see, how are you two enjoying being tag champs here in EWNCW?

    ME: How would you feel if you was the best in the world at what you do? On top of the world man, You have the superbowl, The FA cup, Eurovision and Oscars to proove your the best in your field...this weight right here around my waist that says A Force of Greatness is the best Tag Team in the world and we're always here to proove it!

    JS: Of course! With competition being a bit scarce to start off with, it seems the division is picking p slowly. How good do you think are Cooper Hawkins and Captain Charisma, and are they realistic challengers to you?

    ME: To answer the first part of the question, yes competition has been scarce and I'm hearing alot of rumours backstage that guys are forming teams because they think the Tag division is an easy route to gold....well i say watch tonight! Charisma and Hawkins are losers that were put together by chance, now they're here, they only get 1 shot, and i gurantee when they step up to the plate, we shall slap the hair off their Arse and leave them wondering why they didn't take up a safe sport like golf.

    JS: Haha! What's going to happen at 'Bred for Combat' tonight? Are you confident that you can win?

    ME: Tonight we retain our titles, I'm looking forward to the next notch on our belts and moving onto better things, more competition. The highlight for tonight will Greenday singing Boulavard of breaking dreamings to them to morons! Ironic I think!

    JS: One last thing. With The Beard of Zeus and Rich Cranium seemingly on the brink of re-claiming the GodMoney name, they will inevitably come after the titles next. Do you welcome the fact that they're back together as a tag team?

    ME: I'm hoping so!!! We crave, no we need competition! its what we're here for! and tonight ill be in the back secretly rooting for Rich & T-Boz! when you've been in battles like we have you gain a mutual respect for each other, We may not like each other but with our them, the real Godmoney, there would be no Force of Greatness, they ushed us to the next level and I'm sure we'll meet again!

    JS: Great, well thanks for that Matt!!

    ME: Peace Out.

    JS: The Force of Greatness seemingly in good spirits and confident for tonight!! Only one way to find out the outcome of the match though, be sure to tune in tonight for 'Bred for Combat'!!
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