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    Tursday Night Inferno...........12/05/11

    BD - “Whats up EWN, I’m Bob Daniels and what a show we have in store for you, Tonight is the final show before “Bred for Combat”and we have a lot to sort out!!!. We’re going to see A Godmoney vs. Godmoney steel cage match to decide the stipulation at Bred for Combat, Solla’s personal Interviewer Erbie vs. Andy Cannon. And a huge 6 man tag pitting Tommy Thunder with A Force of Greatness against Seth Ferrell, Captain Charisma and Cooper Hawkins. We also have the contract signing for the main event at Bred for Combat. ”

    BD - “We kick tonights show off with Andy Cannon stood in the ring awaiting Herbies arrival…whats this?”

    Camera cuts backstage where we see Solla and Erbie

    Solla: Herbie, your match with Andy Cannon is up, get your ass out there

    Herbie: B b b but Solla, he's going to kick my ass

    Solla: Herbie if you had not stuck your nose into business that wasnt yours to stick it wouldnt be in this situation.

    Herbie: Solla, you know no matter how much abuse I take from you, I am sworn to be your.....

    Solla: Yeah yeah whatever Herbie, now get your scrawny ass out there for your match

    Herbie: O o g g g gonna wish me l l luck?

    Solla: For what? Your the luckiest man in the federation.....lucky to still be GET OUT THERE and impress me.

    Herbie: Okay S S S Solla.

    BD - "Herbie looks pretty confident, but lets see how well a non wrestler fares against EWNCW newcomer Andy Cannon"

    BD - “THATS IT!!! THATS IT!!! Herbie has been beaten in record time, that has got to be the fastest match in EWNCW.”

    “WAIT.....Its Solla's mystery men.......what are they doing with Andy Cannon!!!”

    BD - “It appears that Andy Cannon has been taken hostage by Solla's warriors.

    Is Solla sending a statement to the Great Cobra?

    Does Solla have bigger plans?

    And what exactly is going on in that "Torture Chamber" compound of Solla's

    We have a feeling that Cobra is going to be in for the fight of his life at Bred For Combat, it looks as if Solla will stop at nothing to make his presence felt.

    Will Andy Cannon make it back?

    Only Time will tell.”

    “We now cut backstage where Cowboy Bill Buxley is standing by with The Great Cobra….over to you BB.”

    CB: I have with me The Great Cobra! He is a mysterious man who coils up when threatened. Now Cobra, what is going through your mind at the moment?

    GC: Many terrifying things. I think the Cobra inside has fangs out!

    CB: Relax partner, now how are your parents doing after last week's ordeal?

    GC: I had to commit them for 72 hours.

    CB: Sorry to hear that. How do you feel about the contract you signed for the next match with Solla?

    GC: Feel fine and very happy to finally put an end to Solla. He is a bad man and he has pissed of the venomous Cobra!

    CB: So, it looks like fans can bring weapons, what ideas do you have?

    GC: I want my fans to help me destroy Solla so bring anything you have lying around the house, check the tool shed, whatever you have, bring it. I don't care if it's a steel chair, a rusted pipe, a lawnmower, just bring it!

    CB: A lawnmower? Why not a weed wacker too?

    GC: Good idea, if you have them, bring it~

    CB: Any last words for us?

    GC: Not for you but for Solla. Solla, you embarrased me and my family. I have no choice but to break apart every bone in your body. I will have no remorse for you!

    CB: “Menacing words for The Great Cobra, he’s obviously pumped up ready for Sunday. Back to you Bob.”

    BD - “After what we just witnessed with Andy Cannon, I think The Great Cobra should be more worried about what the sick Solla has instore for him atr Bred for Combat.”

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