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    Thursday Night Inferno.........5.5.11

    BD - “Whats up EWN, I’m Bob Daniels and what a show we have in store for you, We’re only 10 days away from “Bred for Combat”.and things are really starting to heat up. Tonight We’re going to see the Debut of Andy Cannon going 1 on 1 with The Great Cobra, Billy McCoy will put challenge The Heartbreakers good fried TJ Hawkes in a non Title match, Captain Charisma will face off against 1 half of the Tag Team champs Matt “The Force” Elder, Tommy Thunder will finally try and put his issues with The Pharaoh Seth Ferrell inside a steel cage, and we shall also see the EWNCW Heavyweight Champion Shruiken will team with Nightwolf to take on the team of Gillz and Silvercena!”

    “Here comes Andy Cannon for his 1st match up here in EWNCW”

    “I’ve heard promising things about Cannon from the Indy circuit but it’s a well known fact he doesn’t care much for the fans!”

    BD - “Here’s The Great Cobra, He’s been going back wards and forwards with The Albino Rhino Solla Mafoi lately and the he’s obviously starting to grow on the crowd”

    BD - “ Andy Cannon gave a great showing of himself here tonight but The Great Cobra Just got the better of him! Wait what’s this?”

    BD : “Whats this.....Its Herbert Birdsfoot.....thats Solla's personal reporter, I wonder what he has to say about this situation”

    HB: “Umm...Mister Cobra”

    Cobra: “Yes ssss sssss ssss”

    HB: “Gulp.....p p p please.....d d d dont talk to me like that”

    Cobra: “You snivelling little worm.....what do you want?”

    HB: “Its not what I want Mister Cobra.....its what Solla wants....i am only the messenger”

    Cobra: “Messenger??? What are you talking about??”

    HB: “Gulp.....I really d d d dont wanna do this, but I have n n n no alternative.”

    Cobra: “DO WHAT!!!”

    HB: “Feast your eyes on this....Gulp (By this point Herbie has wet his pants)”

    Videotron comes to life with Solla's Promo on Cobra
    “Well well the great Cobra wants to antagonize me, well I say NO MORE. “

    “Now I am the one doing the antagonizing, but this is only the beginning.”

    Camera fades back revealing Cobras parents dangling profusely over a huge pit of pissed off and hungry snakes
    “How precious is life to you Cobra......because it is meaningless to me.”

    “Before see.....oh wait......IS THAT YOUR PARENTS!!!! Are those snakes in that pit hungry??? Oh I say they are.......just watch this”

    Solla tosses in a couple rats and the snakes go into a crazed frenzy of eating
    “Now....Cobra.....tonight, and any other night you decide you want to cross my path, this hunter will be sure to hunt you down and do what he does best.....HE KILLS without remorse.....and you are going to be no different Cobra....No different”

    Solla throws a switch which slowly lowers Momma and poppa into the pit of crazed snakes
    “Can you hear those screams.....oh how I love that sound.....its music to my ears”

    “You want to save your momma and is your alternative”

    “You either face me at “Bred for combat“ you either to decide to end …………….or I decide to......and your folks will never see the light of day again......NEVER”

    “The choice is yours!!!”
    HB: “See, I told you I didn’t want to bring this to you.”

    Cobra: “You rotten little.…”

    HB: “Cobra please....dont.....I just”

    Cobra: “JUST WHAT?????”

    HB: “Just have the contract in hand for you to sign.”

    Cobra: “Fine.....I will sign anyrthing.....anything to get this psychotic Samoan off my back”

    Cobra signs the contract
    HB: “Oh C c c c Cobra.....Solla wanted me to tell you what was in the fine print”

    Cobra: “FINE PRINT....WHAT DID YOU..…”

    HB: “Not me Cobra......Solla did......In the fine the PPV you will participate in a Hardcore match…..but not any, your snivelling fan will bring the weapons..!!

    Cobra: !What in gods name???!

    HB: “I will explain.....At Bred for combat all of the disgusting people coming to watch the PPV will fetch a weapon, which are all legal to be used!”

    Cobra: “Why you sneaky little bastard...Im gonna…”

    With that....Solla sprints to the ring and beats the living hell out of Cobra sending a message in the process.....

    “Dont mess with the hunter......You will fall prey to the sickness”

    HB: “Solla....I have the contract.....the sucker signed it.......We did it my friend”

    Solla: “HA HA HA HA HA HA”
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    Thursday Night Inferno......................continued

    BD - “We return to see Billy McCoy in the ring awaiting his opponent TJ Hawkes, Billy has had a real chip on his shoulder has of late, and he is dead set on taking out The Heartbreakers best friend tonight”

    BD - “it always amazes me how the crowd always get behind TJ! They’re goin crazy right about now!!!”

    BD - “Billy McCoy picks up a convincing victory, oh man he’s now grabbing a mic….I guess we have to hear him on drown on……again”

    “Well its always nice to be in front of the EWNCW Fans, because looking at you, fat slobs makes me look even bigger better badder and more intellgent you see thats what sets me apart from everybody else in EWNCW! I'm Clever I know the business I Know that the Heartbreaker will be sitting at home seething at the fact I Took him out last week. Now Heartbreaker, Everybody’s Hero, The Heartbreaker if you do want to step back into my Den then I'm offering up the chance to do it at “BRED FOR COMBAT” Heartbreaker vs McCoy. But I'm Warning you Heartbreaker you come back at “BRED FOR COMBAT” I Wont Just Take you, out I'll end your career.”

    BD - “Well I Billy McCoy as issued The Heartbreaker a challenge for “Bred for Combat”. I think I know how he’ll respond to that!”

    Captain Charisma makes his way to the ring.

    BD - “Here come’s The Force, looking to pick up a win, leading up to Bred for combat!”
    BD - “Matt Picks up the win on this one, but how will A Force of Greatness fare at Bred for Glory?”

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    Thursday Night Inferno part 2

    After commercial break, Bodom and SDreams are in the ring
    Bodom: We are here to let you all know that GodMoney may now be two but we are still going strong, right Dreams?

    Dreams: Right boss!

    Bodom: We are looking for 2 new members to join our elite club. If you have the talent and are worthy, step up to the plate and prove yourself.

    Dreams: Yeah, prove yourself!

    Bodom: As the leader of GodMo..

    *R&Zeus's song hits*

    Rich: Wait, wait just a minute. We were GodMoney before you two joined! If anyone is going to call themselves GodMoney, it'll be Zeus and myself.
    Tell them Zeus.

    Zeus: You see, GodMoney wasn't a spur of the moment thing, it was something we knew would define a generation. But, GodMoney is synonymous with us. I'm Zeus, he's Rich, and that makes GodMoney. Simple as that.

    In fact, we will be fair, we will give you a name that personifies you two. BodDreams, SplatteredBod, or whatever fancy-dancy name you can think of. But that is our name, and we will be the ones left drenched in it's legacy.

    Bodom: Seems to me that no one owned the rights to that name so I took it upon myself and had an official document filled out with my name as the owner of the GodMoney name! Furthermore, my attorney was present and can vouch for this!

    Rich: If you really want the name, you will put your money where your mouth is and fight us for it!

    Zeus: And I think that to deny us that just shows how much of a coward you really are, and how much it pays to be the real GodMoney.

    Bodom: Okay, ok. I tell you what. How about one of you fight my man Dreams next week and the winner gets to choose the stipulation for the PPV with the winner being able to officially call themselves GodMoney forever! At the PPV, we will have ourselves a tag match, Dreams and I vs you two clowns for the rights to the name of GodMoney. We choose a ladder match.

    Rich: We choose a Steel Cage match!

    *Zeus nods in approval

    Dreams: Since you idiots interrupted us, here is one for you! Next weeks match will be a cage match! Which one of you will fight for your loss?

    Zeus: I will take that challenge!

    Bodom: Good luck next week because your going to need it! Hahahaha!

    BD - “Wowsers , next week it will be Splattered Dreams vs. Beard of Zeus in a cage match to decide the stipulation for their match at Bred for Combat.”

    Seth Ferrell makes his way to the ring

    Bd - “Here comes the Forum Champ Tommy Thunder and man he can’t wait to get his hands on Ferrell. And this ones underway…..”

    BD - “Ferrell has done it again!!! it’s a good job the title wasn’t on line!!! Lets hear what ferrell has to say”

    “Ha ha you see? Are you all ready to admit your inferiority to me? Chant my name. Go ahead. /I spread my arms and wait/ Despite lowering myself to your peasant ways and entertainments by putting myself into a cage like a common beast, like everything, it just gave me the advantage, allowed me to attack from all angles, allowed me to move faster, allowed me to soar even higher!”

    “I have just taken victory from both your International Champion and Forum Champion brutes! And it was easy! two brutes down... but not quite. two brutes, two matches, is two stones. I insist for one. Expecting me to be happy with beating two of these guys in two matches is just setting expectations pretty low. Pathetically low. Peasant low. Not good enough. I said I would take these two brutes out with one stone I intend to do it right. I intend to do it in a way to be remembered! I intend to do it at Bred For Combat in a Triple Threat Match. Triple Threat being the three of us, the fated and glorious threat, and two brutes... with two titles, two pinfalls, and one victorious Pharaoh.”

    BD - “Has “The Pharoah” Seth Ferrell just challenged both The Forum and International champs to a match at Bread for Combat? Both titles on the line at the same time? This guy is crazy!!!”

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    Thursday Night Inferno.....The Main event

    We Return to see Nightwolf in the Ring with a mic

    "So! Bred For Combat is just around the corner, eh? Well I am certaintly Bred For Combat an I honestly believe that I should be apart of this up-coming Pay Per View. Irkster.. The main man.. THE BOSS!! You have hid behind one guy after the next to try your hand at taking me down, but every time I emerge from the wreckage surprisingly with my ability to walk left in tact. The only person that managed to even ALMOST end my Career was a beast of a man named Gillz. I would love to have my pay back on the both of you. That is why I am out here Tonight to issue a challenge.. I want Gillz AND IrkenInvader in a Hadicap match at Bred For Combat. I will put my Career on the line in this match.... If you or Gillz manage to pin me then my release will be announced in some form the following day. However, if I manage to beat either of you then I want your office, Irkster. I wan to spin around in your chair! I want to hand the posters from my favorite bands on the wall... But most importantly.. I want to see what EWNCW would be like without an authority figure around.. Then an only then.. Is when I will welcome EVERYBODY to the jungle."

    BD - “Will Irk accept is offer? I cant believe Nightwolf is prepared to put his career on the line!!!”

    Shruiken makes his way to the ring with Panda Massacre

    BD - “The crowd go absolutely nuts as the champ makes his way to the squared circle! Shruiken has something to prove tonight after Silvercena drew the battle lines in the sand last week. And he looks as focused has ever, and I must say Panda Massacre is looking as beautiful as ever ”

    SilverCena and Gillz make their way to the ring

    BD - “Shruiken and Nightwolf really stamped their authority on this one, picking up while they were at it! Oh no that was uncalled for!”

    Whilst Gillz makes his way to the back Silvercena attacks Shruiken from behind

    Nightwolf makes his way to the back with out helping his partner.

    BD - “This is just uncalled for and shows no respect what so ever towards the champ! And why is Nightwolf just walking away?!

    "Give me a damn mic, I got something to say!
    Better yet, I am going to my street ways!"

    "I just hit you like a bowling pin,
    and left you with a toothless grin,
    send yo ass to the looney bin
    then again that's home to Shuriken"

    "I be sharper than your Samurai swords
    While all you got is your ninja words
    Clean the mat with your fat skull
    leave ya lookin for Bin Laden with the sea gulls"

    "Cut you down like a pair of scissors
    You see Panda, be lucky if I let you leave with her
    I’m colder than a Dairy Queen Blizzard,
    This is Lord of the Rings, you’re the hobbit, I’m the wizard"

    "Bread for Combat be your last ride
    take your belt as it's seen worldwide
    I'll take your pride and crush yo ego,
    I'm like CM Punk and your Santino"

    "I told ya it was in the scrolls
    My future is set and safe as birth control
    At the PPV, yours is a minor role
    hiding behind your boytoy, Mr. Michael Cole"

    "See you at the next arena,
    I'm that baddass hyena, SilverCena

    *Throws down mic and leaves*

    End of Broadcast
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    Lineup for next weeks show

    ****check in for updates****
    The Heartbreaker answers Billy McCoys challange for Bred for Combat

    Godmoney vs Godmoney cage match (winner to choose stip for ppv)

    Soll'a personal Interviewer Erbie vs Andy Cannon

    TJ Hawkes and Tommy Thunder answer Seth Ferrells challange

    Irken Invader & Gillz answer Nightwolf's challange

    EWNCW Heavyweight Championship Contract signing

    Also what will happen between A Force of Greatness and Captain Charisma and Cooper Hawkins?

    How will The Great Cobra respond to Solla's attack on his family?

    And for the first time ever the owner of EWNCW speaks out

    Find out next week on EWNCW Inferno!!!
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    EWNCW reporter Dick Thompson:

    Well folks, just as we anticipated, that was one red hot Inferno!! We just saw The Great Cobra forced into signing a contract for a hardcore match against EWNCW's psychopathic monster, Solla Mafoai!! And the bait? Cobra's parents!! Billy McCoY challenging The Heartbreaker to a match, and promising to end his career at 'Bred for Combat'!! We saw a monumental point in the saga of GodMoney. A tag team match between the original GodMoney of Rich Cranium and Beard of Zeus and the new GodMoney of Bodom and Splattered Dreams for the rights to the GodMoney name!! But what type of match will it be?! We saw Seth Ferrell beating Tommy Thunder inside a steel cage, and then challenging Thunder and TJ Hawks for the Forum title and the International title!! How will 'The Storm' and 'The Rockstar' respond to this challenge?! Nightwolf will be putting his career on the line at Bred for Combat against Gillz and our GM, yes, Irken Invader has been challenged to a match, and if Nightwolf wins, then Irken will have to leave his post as GM!! Will he accept?! And finally, SilverCena disrespecting Shuriken after the main event with a brutal attack, and Nightwolf not hanging around to help his tag partner for the night. Shuriken will surely not stand for any more disrespect!!
    Be sure to tune in next week to find the answers and final chapters in these feuds before our next ppv, 'Bred for Combat'!!
    Want to join EWN's original e-fed? Join EWNCW NOW!
    Want details? Just ask me!

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    Jonathan Sanchez, who was sent to find NightWolf after the show found him after hours of looking. Nightwolf was inside of a dark alley with his back leaned up against a brick wall. Through the black shades that covered his face, NightWolf shifted his attention to the slightly anxious Jonathan Sanchez who was standing at the opening of the alley. NightWolf knowing very well what he wanted pushed his arms out behind himself an shifted his frame away from the wall an walked over to Jonathan Sanchez. The echoing footsteps of his black wrestling boots was like a melodic tone to the ears of Night wolf. His black trench coat flew behind him as it was grasped by the strong breeze that brushed against him. It was almost reminiscent of a horror movie.

    JS: "You walked away from Shuriken after he was being beat down by SilverCena. Why? I thought you guys shared a mutual respect for eachother? You must have been scared."

    *Jonathan said to NightWolf as they finally stood toe to toe.*

    NW: "Let me tell ya' something..." *NightWolf picked Jonathan up by the collars of his shirt.* "I was never scared.. It was all about using intelligence. If Irken an Gillz accept my challenge then I will need all of my strength being put on reserve for that match. I do not plan on taking any unecessary risks to further harm my body."

    JS: "A-Alright then. What will you do if Shuriken plans on calling you out for bailing on him after that beatdown from SilverCena?"

    NW: "I am pretty sure that his main focus will be on SilverCena. I do not mind if Shuriken wants to have a match with me somewhere down the line. I respect the hell out of the guy, despite my direspectful actions last night. My judgements have been swayed slightly by my obvious on-going feud with Irken."

    *Nightwolf eases off on JS's collar.*

    JS: "You are a former World Champion, but after joining EWNCW you showed no interest at all in chasing after any of the belts. Will we see this change in the near future?"

    NW: "Possibly, but for now my main focus is on putting on some of the greatest matches that the audience will ever lay their eyes on. If the time comes that I finally decide to fling myself back into the title picture then I will give it my all to make sure that I would be a valuable Champion or challenger."

    JS: "Now back to Irken.. You put your Career on the line inside of this possible match-up against Irken an Gillz. Do you think that this is a bit outrageous?"

    NW: "No. I believe that it is fair to be entirely honest with you, Jon. Irken has never respected me, and he does not want me to be apart of his Company. I am simply giving him what he wants, but at the sametime I want to gain something in return that would end his torturous behavior toward me."

    JS: "I see! Well the fans are dying to know.. What will you do if you lose this match an ultimately be releashed afterward?"

    NW: "If I end up losing then I will plan on doing other projects. However, I don't plan on losing Jonathan. Your eyes will be opened up for a new future soon enough. I promise you this."

    NightWolf's lips curled into a smile as his long slender arms rose up to his face. He pulled his black shades away from his face an placed them on Jonathan Sanchez. Jonathan was excited at this as he realized that the shades made him cooler an more mysterious. NightWolf simply popped Jons collar an turned away from him an walked off into the middle of the night.

    Leaving the alley after interviewing NightWolf not too long ago was the suit wearing, shade styling, and stache enthusiast, Jonathan Sanchez. While walking along the side walk on his way back to the reporter squad retreat he bumped into a masked man. At first he thought that he was going to get mugged so he showed a face of terror as his teeth were visably shown grinding together like a beaver, but then as he took a closer look at the man he noticed that it was Shuriken. Jonathan figured that this could be his huge break. Jonathan quickly dug around inside of his suit pocket before pulling out his microphone an holding it up for Shuriken to speak into.

    JS: "Shuriken! It must be my lucky day to have found you. I have a series of Questions I want to ask you. Firstly, what do you have planned for SilverCena after his hellaceous assault on you following your main event Tag Team match?"

    Shuriken: " I will make SilverCena pay.....I was growing some respect for him but he blew it. In our match, I will show absolutely NO MERCY on the loud mouth rapper!!! I will make him suffer...."

    JS: "I like suffering! I once went to a tanning salon an turned up the heat an extra degree. I felt so rebellious until' I started feeling like a lobster. Blah! So much sun burn! Anyway.. You have held on to the EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship for a very long time now. Are you learning anything new that will possibly secure your victory on the day you will defend your Championship?"

    *Not taking a liking to Jonathan Sanchez's rambling, Shuriken picked Jonathan up by his collars..*

    Shuriken: "Mr. Sanchez.....your job is to ask questions.....not ramble."

    *Shuriken slowly returned Jonathan Sanchez back to his feet*

    Shuriken: I only have my focus. That focus is to keep the EWNCW Heavyweight Championship for a long while. I will lose the title one day.....that would only mean that the challenger is better than me. SilverCena is NOT better than ME! I am going to retain the the title and I will still look forward to new challenges!

    *Taking a large gulp, Jonathan Sanchez straightened out his collar. The threading on his collar was already starting to tear after being picked up twice by his collars by both NightWolf an Shuriken.*

    JS: "In one of SilverCena's raps he claimed that he would take Panda with him. Are you worried about losing her her amongst this madness? "

    Shuriken: He must be some sort of a fool! Panda is a beautiful woman, that is true but to say something like know what can try to take her but I can tell you this for a will not succeed. Why? Because Panda and I have trained under puroresu. We may not look like it but we spar with each other too. As I said.....if you lay a hand on her.....even I cannot save you. Panda is way more than just a pretty face.

    JS: "I see that you an Panda have become close over time since working together. This should be very, very interesting. I will catch you again for another Interview so that we break down your on-going feud for the fans."

    *Before Jonathan Sanchez could walk away, Shuriken grabbed Jonathan Sanchez by the shoulder an pulled him back. Jonathan turned around with widened eyes as he heard Shuriken say one last thing.*

    Shuriken: " I haven't forgotten about NightWolf. I respect the man.....I even praised him but his actions were unforgivable! My focus is on SilverCena.....but I want a match against NightWolf to clear some steam! SilverCena....NightWolf....both of you will learn to not take me or my partner lightly.....I CAN AND WILL MAKE YOUR LIVES HELLISH!"

    JS: "There we have it folks. Shuriken is ready to go against SilverCena an NightWolf for their actions. Will we see Shuriken get some sort of revenge on the next episode of Inferno? Find out on EWNCW where we define the word Awetastical every Thursday! It was good talking to you Shuriken!"

    *Shuriken bowed his head as well as Jonathan did in return. Shuriken walked away an Jonathan Sanchez went back home to callaborate with his fellow Reporter buddies.*
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    Solla's In depth profile

    Real Name: Solla Christopher Mafoai
    Age: 27
    Weight: 350 all muscle
    Height: 6'3''
    Hometown: Samoan Islands
    Eye Color: Pink
    Hair Color: Blonde with Black streaks
    Wrestling Style: Pure Brawler

    Background: On October 31st Solla was born to parents Olivia and Paul (Both now deceased) Mafoai. Solla had an older brother Manu Michael Mafoai (also deceased) Solla is now the lone survivior of the Mafoai family.

    Raised by the Islanders, Solla knew as he was growing up that he was different, he didnt look like the other Samoan children, his skin color was very pale compared to the other children, he was almost white, with pink eyes. Not understanding why he was different he decided to investigate futher. Solla managed to track down his birth records, and find the hospital where he was born, He made a trip to the Fiji Islands, and spoke with a Doctor Roger Tamina who revealed to him that he was born an albino (a very rare occurance among Samoan heritage). Hearing this sent Solla into a deep depression which eventaully turned to anger.

    Solla became very Hostile toward everyone that tried to befriend him, eventually people began to make fun of him. This sent Solla over the edge as he began mauling anyone that poked fun at or insulted him in any way. at the age of 16 after brutally murdering his brother, Solla did 10 years in a Samoan prison where he was introduced to boxing. Solla was the prison champion going undefeated with a record of 79-0. But Solla did not like the limitations boxing put on him. He wanted a more hands on contact that he could channel his immense strength to use.

    After serving the 10 years in prison he was released and met Mumord Jones a professional wrestling trainer, Mumford took Solla under his wing and trained him in the arts of professional wrestling, Solla learned very quickly and spent a year on the indpendent circuit, defeating everyone that was put in front of him, nothing was able to control this maniac, until he met a confidant named Herbert Birdsfoot.

    Herbert took Solla to see Wrestling promotor MattElder where he was introduced to the world of EWNCW, Solla has many secrets that only Herbert knows, and uses those secrets to Solla's advantage to make him the success that he is today.

    Solla's career in EWNCW has only begun, but with the past history Solla has, it appears that Solla is in for a nice long career in the federation, With Herberts help of course.
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    Name: SilverCena
    Age: 23
    Weight: 210
    Height: 6'1'
    Hometown: The Streets
    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair Style/Color: Crew Cut, Jet Black

    From the mean streets of Silverbury, Silverado, SilverCena was destined for greatness.
    He first started as rapper battling in many contests. He would chew up his opponents with
    words earning his nickname the badass hyena. After there were no more victims left to
    destroy with his skilled rhymes, he decided to take it to the physical level and opted for the
    world of professional wrestling.

    SilverCena carved a path through the Indies making a name for himself along the way.
    His next stop was JBW where he was the feds first rap star. He was so good that he inspired
    another future rapper to join him as a team mate in a team called SilverMass. This young
    lackey's name was none other than MassDinero.

    After there was nothing for him to accomplish in JBW, SilverCena set his sights on EWNCW.
    Being left alone in an unpredictable environment, MassDinero took great pleasure in uping
    his game by always mentioning the name of SilverCena in each and every promo he does.

    SilverCena is now on a path to claim EWNCW's biggest prize in the world title currently
    owned be the man called Shuriken.

    Stay Tuned as the story unfolds!
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    Coming Soon .......................................JUST WATCH!
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