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    Thursday Night Inferno.........5.5.11

    BD - “Whats up EWN, I’m Bob Daniels and what a show we have in store for you, We’re only 10 days away from “Bred for Combat”.and things are really starting to heat up. Tonight We’re going to see the Debut of Andy Cannon going 1 on 1 with The Great Cobra, Billy McCoy will put challenge The Heartbreakers good fried TJ Hawkes in a non Title match, Captain Charisma will face off against 1 half of the Tag Team champs Matt “The Force” Elder, Tommy Thunder will finally try and put his issues with The Pharaoh Seth Ferrell inside a steel cage, and we shall also see the EWNCW Heavyweight Champion Shruiken will team with Nightwolf to take on the team of Gillz and Silvercena!”

    “Here comes Andy Cannon for his 1st match up here in EWNCW”

    “I’ve heard promising things about Cannon from the Indy circuit but it’s a well known fact he doesn’t care much for the fans!”

    BD - “Here’s The Great Cobra, He’s been going back wards and forwards with The Albino Rhino Solla Mafoi lately and the he’s obviously starting to grow on the crowd”

    BD - “ Andy Cannon gave a great showing of himself here tonight but The Great Cobra Just got the better of him! Wait what’s this?”

    BD : “Whats this.....Its Herbert Birdsfoot.....thats Solla's personal reporter, I wonder what he has to say about this situation”

    HB: “Umm...Mister Cobra”

    Cobra: “Yes ssss sssss ssss”

    HB: “Gulp.....p p p please.....d d d dont talk to me like that”

    Cobra: “You snivelling little worm.....what do you want?”

    HB: “Its not what I want Mister Cobra.....its what Solla wants....i am only the messenger”

    Cobra: “Messenger??? What are you talking about??”

    HB: “Gulp.....I really d d d dont wanna do this, but I have n n n no alternative.”

    Cobra: “DO WHAT!!!”

    HB: “Feast your eyes on this....Gulp (By this point Herbie has wet his pants)”

    Videotron comes to life with Solla's Promo on Cobra
    “Well well the great Cobra wants to antagonize me, well I say NO MORE. “

    “Now I am the one doing the antagonizing, but this is only the beginning.”

    Camera fades back revealing Cobras parents dangling profusely over a huge pit of pissed off and hungry snakes
    “How precious is life to you Cobra......because it is meaningless to me.”

    “Before see.....oh wait......IS THAT YOUR PARENTS!!!! Are those snakes in that pit hungry??? Oh I say they are.......just watch this”

    Solla tosses in a couple rats and the snakes go into a crazed frenzy of eating
    “Now....Cobra.....tonight, and any other night you decide you want to cross my path, this hunter will be sure to hunt you down and do what he does best.....HE KILLS without remorse.....and you are going to be no different Cobra....No different”

    Solla throws a switch which slowly lowers Momma and poppa into the pit of crazed snakes
    “Can you hear those screams.....oh how I love that sound.....its music to my ears”

    “You want to save your momma and is your alternative”

    “You either face me at “Bred for combat“ you either to decide to end …………….or I decide to......and your folks will never see the light of day again......NEVER”

    “The choice is yours!!!”
    HB: “See, I told you I didn’t want to bring this to you.”

    Cobra: “You rotten little.…”

    HB: “Cobra please....dont.....I just”

    Cobra: “JUST WHAT?????”

    HB: “Just have the contract in hand for you to sign.”

    Cobra: “Fine.....I will sign anyrthing.....anything to get this psychotic Samoan off my back”

    Cobra signs the contract
    HB: “Oh C c c c Cobra.....Solla wanted me to tell you what was in the fine print”

    Cobra: “FINE PRINT....WHAT DID YOU..…”

    HB: “Not me Cobra......Solla did......In the fine the PPV you will participate in a Hardcore match…..but not any, your snivelling fan will bring the weapons..!!

    Cobra: !What in gods name???!

    HB: “I will explain.....At Bred for combat all of the disgusting people coming to watch the PPV will fetch a weapon, which are all legal to be used!”

    Cobra: “Why you sneaky little bastard...Im gonna…”

    With that....Solla sprints to the ring and beats the living hell out of Cobra sending a message in the process.....

    “Dont mess with the hunter......You will fall prey to the sickness”

    HB: “Solla....I have the contract.....the sucker signed it.......We did it my friend”

    Solla: “HA HA HA HA HA HA”
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