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    Prt 1 continued

    BD - “The Great Cobra looks confident and why shouldn’t he after his debut here in EWNCW, But if I’ve learnt 1 thing about The Albino Ryhno its he’s a nut job!!!It look’s like he’s got something to say!!"

    “As I showed you last week, you can fight with a cobra but in the end unless you are a mongoose, you will be defeated. I will keep coming and attacking those who stand in my path. My near future goal is to take on Tommy Thunder for his TV title! Tommy, you have been warned”

    Solla Sprints to the ring

    BD - “By Gawdddd the match never even got started and Solla has destroyed The Great Cobra…it look like this one is over before it even started!! Literrally!!!

    We cut back stage to see Rich Cranium beating down Splattered Dreams in the back

    Bodom is with Zeus in the Ring.

    Bodom: Now we have the best stable in all of EWNCW! Where is Dreams? Anyways..

    RC makes his way down the aisle.

    RC: Did you guys see what I did with Splattered Dreams? One of you is next! Bodom, ,you think your a bigshot? I never trusted you for one minute! Zeus, you were my partner and betrayed me!

    Bodom: Zeus, get him!

    Zeus instead attacks Bodom beating him down and then joins Rich in the aisle.

    Zeus asks Rich for the mic:

    Zeus: Bodom..Bodom...

    “You see, for months now we have protected you and stood infront of every attack you ordered, and for what? to be insulted infront of capacity crowds? to convince you that you should kick out my best friend? Well not anymore. You finally have pushed your power over the edge. Where's your gold? When were you last fighting for a championship? Why do you have to use others for your dirty work? Because your weak. And now, after we have stood up against you, everyone can see exactly the coward you are. And your word-smithery and your hoodoo will not save you from the beating you will receive from me and Rich.”

    “Rich, from the bottom of my heart man, I'm sorry. I should have never attacked you, and I woud love to align with you again. We were a team, the best of teams, and to me, it didn't matter who got the pin or who got pinned, it is always the team effort, a pair of equals, and you are my only friend, and I will not turn on you again.”

    Rich and Zeus strut to the back with a huge grin on their faces!

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