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    Quote Originally Posted by BevinBoyz View Post
    yes he was.. i thought he was boss.. i'd love to see him back

    The guy even got a victory over some of WWE's top-notch talent at the time. For what I know about the guy he was the true definition of an under dog inside of the WWE. Outside of his feud with Vince Mcmahon I think so many other roles could have been played out with this kid through out the years. An he has been gone for so long. I doubt many people would remember him. It would be nice to see the guy back on wwe television again.


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    Quote Originally Posted by xAzureSkye View Post
    Brett DiBiase..
    It is likely that it could be Brett as well. But after all of the names we have laid down we will find out who made the correct guess this monday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WilliamJames View Post
    The guy even got a victory over some of WWE's top-notch talent at the
    yes he did even tho with help he has some type of victory over people- Roddy piper & Sean O'Haire, BigShow, Brock lesnar(by DQ)... i would like to see him back and win either the IC or US title....

    and no i do not really think it is him.. i juss want him back lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by maddogg336 View Post
    its brett dibiase or mike dibiase for maryse or for ted it will be the maryse look alike on nxt 3
    Aksana is not a Maryse look alike. Aksana is far better looking.


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